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The Fully-Grown Podcast

The Fully-Grown Podcast

By Turner Christian Church
This podcast is a ministry of Turner Christian Church, designed to help our congregation take their faith and spiritual growth beyond Sunday and into every day of the week and every part of their lives. Each week the ministers of TCC will talk about their response to the weekly service, and then dig deeper into Scripture passages, conversations and practices that help us to grow further in our faith in God and love for him and his people. Join us!
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119. Worship, Wisdom and Weird Stories
The whole team is back! This week Jack, Rachel and Matt are talking about how we prepare to participate in a worship service on days when we just don't feel like it. Then they dig into questions from 1 Kings: Why is Solomon's wealth so important? How can we avoid Rehoboam's mistake of listening to the wrong advice? Why did God divide the kingdom? What's going on with the weird story about the prophet from Judah? And how is the division of Israel similar to divisions in the church?
January 20, 2022
118. Stress and Kingdoms
Join Pastor Rachel and Pastor Jack as they discuss the topic of stress; how it affects us and how to combat it. We will also dive into the topic of building up our own kingdoms vs. building up God's kingdom. 
January 13, 2022
117. The Ripples of Sin
Rachel and Matt talk about the ways in which our sins affect the people around us, before digging into the story of how David's sins affected the lives of his children. After all that, why was David described as a righteous man?  --- "David and Bathsheba" by Sara Barton:
January 06, 2022
116. Resolutions
This week Matt and Jack talk about the value of New Year's resolutions, then dig into some questions from 1 Samuel about how God chooses his people.
December 30, 2021
115. What is Love?
The pastors talk about the Advent theme of love--how is Christmas love different from the way our culture talks about love?  Then they dig into some questions from the story of Saul:  Why did God choose Saul? Did God want Saul to succeed? Did God inspire Samuel's tirades?
December 23, 2021
114. What's in a Name?
This week the team talks about the Advent theme of joy, and how we talk about joy in times that are hard. Then they dig into questions from 1 Samuel, including: why did the Israelites give their kids such terrible names?
December 16, 2021
113. Peace, Love and Ruth
This week Jack, Rachel and Matt talk about what it means to find peace in Christ, then they dig into the story of Ruth. What would it look like if we all loved like Ruth? Tune in and join the conversation!
December 09, 2021
112. Texts of Terror
In this episode, Matt, Jack and Rachel talk about the importance of hope during the Christmas season (and experiences with Christmas trees!). Then they deal with some questions about the book of Judges, especially how to read the "texts of terror"--passages of scripture that depict brutality and violence on the part of God's people.
December 02, 2021
111. What's the Deal with Circumcision?
In this episode Jack, Rachel and Matt discuss some questions from the book of Joshua, the biggest one being: why did God choose circumcision as a way to mark out his people? Why choose a symbol that's only for men? Tune in an find out!
November 25, 2021
110. The Book of Reckonings
For this episode, Jack and Rachel are asking Matt questions about the Book of Numbers: Why is the book called Numbers? What is a "nazerite vow?" Why does Aaron's staff sprout almonds? Is Balaam's prophecy about Balaam, or someone else? Remember, you can submit your own questions or comments through the link below!
November 18, 2021
109. Reading the Law
The story of the Bible seems to come to a screeching halt in Exodus when we start getting all these laws. Why are the laws there? How do they support the story? In this episode Matt, Jack and Rachel dig into the significance of the law and how we can get more out of those passages when we read them.
November 11, 2021
108. The God Who Relents
Does God change his mind? Does he change his plans because of our prayers? Today Jack, Rachel and Matt talk about how God relates to his people in the stories of scripture and what that means for how we follow God today. Check it out!
November 04, 2021
107. The Pharaoh's Hard Heart
In this episode, Pastors Matt, Jack and Rachel dig into the Pharaoh's role in the Exodus story. For a long time Christians have let this passage drag them into debates about complex issues of predestination. But is that how we're supposed to read the story? Is that even the point God is trying to make? Listen in to join the conversation!
October 28, 2021
106. Jacob Wrestles w/ God
In his sermon on Sunday, Pastor Jack briefly mentioned a story where Jacob wrestles with God all night. Both Pastor Jack and Pastor Rachel had a great interest in discussing it further! So, join us as we discuss an exciting and interesting addition to the Genesis story. 
October 21, 2021
105. The Others
In this episode pastor Matt and Pastor Jack discuss some of the "other" characters who were not part of God's covenant, and how God treats them--specifically Hagar and Ishmael. Does God only care about people in the Covenant?
October 14, 2021
104. The Family Trees
In this episode Pastors Matt, Jack and Rachel talk about the genealogies in the Bible and how they add meaning to the stories they interrupt.
October 08, 2021
103. The Curse
In this episode, Jack, Rachel and Matt discuss the puzzling story of the Curse of Canaan, when Noah curses his grandson Canaan for something Canaan's father did to Noah. What exactly is going on? What are we supposed to learn from this story? Before that, they discuss the highlights of the Sunday service on September 26th, including the classes and the communion meditation.
September 30, 2021
102. Cain and Abel
In this episode, Matt, Jack and Rachel talk about Sunday's sermon on Adam and Eve, entitled "The Fall" (September 19, 2021), with a special focus on shame--where does it come from? Is it useful? In part 2, they dig into the story of Cain and Abel, looking at how Cain responds to God's instructions and how God treats Cain with special grace. 
September 23, 2021
101. The Beginning
In this first episode of the Fully-Grown Podcast, Matt, Jack and Rachel introduce the vision for the new podcast, dig a bit deeper into Sunday's sermon (September 12, 2021) on Genesis 1, and lastly introduce themselves in more depth by asking each other some personal questions. 
September 16, 2021
The Trailer
Welcome to the Fully-Grown Podcast by Turner Christian Church! In this special trailer episode, Pastor Matt explains the vision we have for this podcast, to take our growth as Christians outside the walls of the church and into our daily lives--basically, wherever you can listen to this podcast! Join us for the journey!
September 09, 2021