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Turning Points

Turning Points

By Tshepo Matjila
Stories that inspire.
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Kea Pitsi-Mawela: Young People Need to Experience Living Outside South Africa to Build their Grit
Kea Pitsi-Mawela is a Brand Consultant for a multinational automative maker. She also is a wife, daughter, friend and sister. A believer in continuous learning, Kea's extreme determination was lit by a painful episode in her childhood which had her vowing to do better for herself and those she loves. In this episode she talks to Tshepo about living in Europe, her new social enterprise and what failing has taught her about winning.
September 4, 2020
Nic Rossouw: Rich People are Obnoxious
South African-born, Florida-based Nicholas Rossouw left South Africa 8-years ago on a 46-foot Catamaran hearding towards Fort Lauderdale, U.S. as a Yatchie newbie after struggling to secure a permanent post his undergraduate degree. What happened thereafter is a whirlwind of sea sailing, living in cabins and the tough of life he experienced living and working for the rich and famous. In this frank talk, he shares what a yatchie-wannabe needs to know about the life and times of a living on a yatch, including lessons captured in his new book "How to become a Yatchie".
August 28, 2020
Nicholas Malete: Covid-19 Accelerated Our eCommerce Transformation
Nicholas Malete is the founder and CEO of the Bela-Group of companies which consists of Bela Delivery, Bela Tuk-Tuk and Bela Laundry. He is a passionate footie, loves 18 wheelers and helping develop others and the community. In this episode he talks about his path to CEO of the fastest growing start-up in Bela Bela and what motivated his turning point to branch out on his own.
July 24, 2020
Adrian Reed: A Cat Saved My Life Once
Adrian Reed is a true advocate of the analysis profession. In his day job, he acts as Principal Consultant and Director at Blackmetric Business Solutions where he provides business analysis consultancy and training solutions to a range of clients in varying industries. He is a Past President of the UK chapter of the IIBA® and he speaks internationally on topics relating to business analysis and business change.  Adrian wrote the 2016 book ‘Be a Great Problem Solver… Now’ and the 2018 book ‘Business Analyst’. In this episode he talks to Tshepo his life in the UK and America, the future of business analysis, his interest in politics and how a cat once saved his life.
July 10, 2020
Andrej Guštin: The Consulting Business Has Good & Bad Times
CREApro & CREAplus' managing director Andrej Guštin shares events that led to his co-founding his two companies, challenges in running a business during COVID-19 lockdown and whether he would be able to retire at 60 given the demand for his skills.
July 8, 2020
Shayne Wirtz: Failure Is Always An Option
Shayne Wirtz is Director for Technical Solutions at Datex, a cybersecurity company in Ontario, Canada who grew up in South Africa. In this episode he talks about his upbringing and the resultant "fear of failure" it left on him, how a big tender he stuffed up let to one of his biggest turning points.
June 26, 2020
Thandiwe Shezi: My parents taught me to work hard for everything
Thandiwe Shezi is the Executive Director for Applied Principle consulting - a cybersecurity and forensics consultancy with offices in South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, and Ghana. She is also a manager for Virtual Services at a leading vehicle asset finance house and is an avid hiker. In this episode, she shares some of the defining moments in her life including her battles with weight, parents losing everything, and an attempted hijacking in which she nearly lost her life.
June 22, 2020
Jaco van den Heever: I only had a month to save my company & staff
Serial and health-techpreneur Jaco van den Heever had a great corporate career before starting three new startups by age 35. In this episode he shares how he got into entrepreneurship, his influencers and the defining moment that led to him quitting corporate.
June 12, 2020
Kaylee Folster: Construction industry conditions slowly changing due to women's influence
Kaylee Folster is a Lead Structural Engineer for LTE Consulting. Kaylee has a MSc degree in Structural Engineering, runs a food blog, loves travelling and is a ballet dancer. In this episode she shares the story about her upbringing, challenges of the construction sector
June 4, 2020
Ryan Folster: "The best innovation is innovation out of necessity"
Ryan Folster is a Business Analyst with a strong focus on innovation. Over many years Ryan has delivered keynote presentations in Africa and Europe on innovation. He is keen runner, loves to travel and is passionate nature photographer. In this episode he talks to Tshepo about the first time he traveled to Cape Town, his upbringing, how he became a business analyst and the type of music he listens to when he runs.
May 25, 2020
Molefe Pooe, "Not all our thoughts are true."
Molefe Pooe is the managing director of Innertia Leadership & Business Coaching. He is also a facilitator and member of the John C. Maxwell Team - passionate about working with business leaders, entrepreneurs and shaping future men. In this deep dialogue, he engages in a candid discussion with Tshepo about the impact of COVID-19 on business, fatherlessness, the difference between coaching and mentoring and the turning points in his life.
May 14, 2020
Edward Ngubane: Boys have stupid egos
Edward Ngubane is a man who has lived the life many could only dream of. A PhD candidate, MBA graduate, President of the IIBA South Africa, former Mathematics teacher, Head of Business Analysis for DVT, father and husband. He epitomises the modern man -- measured, resilient and loves to calibrate before taking his next steps. In this nuggets-filled hang-out, he shares what he fears most and the gender which he sees as the most adaptable.
April 28, 2020
Jean Raath: Growing up on a farm was a privilege
Jean Raath is a product professional, analyst and father who lives in Cape Town and has travelled the world extensively as a speaker and football coach for juniors. Discover what happened to his live in 2015, his fears and what music he prefers to listen to.
April 22, 2020
Sipho Dube, "I am a money-maker"
What do you call someone who hunts for opportunities wherever they exists? Someone who doesnt consider themselves self-employed? Sipho Dube let's us in on the difference between being an entrepreneur and being self-employed, including how to use "other people's money (OPM). Tune in...
April 13, 2020
Paul Benn: South Africa needs Mandela era-type leadership now
Catch this interesting conversation between Paul Benn and Tshepo as they discuss "white privilege" in the former South Africa, challenges in the post-Apartheid era, living in Wellington and his love for calypso music.
April 6, 2020
Samora Nxopho: "You need 40-50% deposit to buy a farm"
Tune in to this light-hearted episode as Tshepo visits Samora Nxopho's home to talk to him about growing up in two provinces, attending an Afrikaans public high school, farm ownership ambitions, surviving on R200 per month only to become a tech lead in one of Africa's biggest banks.
April 2, 2020
Ipeleng "Crazy Legs" Khunou: It's unfair that I can run with able-bodied people but not in the Paralympics
Born with a rare brain deformity called Septo-Optic Dysplasia which affects eye-sight and balance, becoming a runner is not something anyone would have predicted for his future. Affectionately known as ‘The Crutch Runner’ or ‘Crazy Legs’, Ipeleng Psymon Khunou’s running career started when he found himself weighing 120kgs and took up the sport to shed the weight. He shares his incredible journey with us and his wishes of being the first crutch runner at the Paralympics.
March 26, 2020
Eugene Dzunisane Maluleke: I used my rent-money to fund Mofaya
A professional agile servant leader and practitioner, Eugen Dzunisane Maluleke is experienced and enthusiastic about helping business identify and realize customer needs with innovative and sustainable solutions. He chats to Tshepo about his upbringing, love and being part of the Mofaya movement.
March 24, 2020
"RULE #1: Follow yourself first," Arthur Nkuna
In this week's episode, Arthur Nkuna gives us his main advices as: Use failure as the fuel to propel you to your destiny Have a proper plan Be confident in your voice Arthur is passionate about creativity, entrepreneurship and growing the creative economy. He is the Accelerator Programme and Talent Manager at the J&B Hive Johannesburg, where he assists creatives with harnessing their entrepreneurial skills with business acumen. His role also consists of establishing and managing relationships between creative entrepreneurs and the J&B Hive, and to connect the entrepreneurs with external stakeholders, that can create opportunities and access to markets, aimed at moving their businesses forward.
March 21, 2020
"I have never stopped pretending I am a Power Ranger," says Jobox CEO Sbusiso "Bubu" Buna
Bubu is the co-founder and CEO of an EdTech startup called Jobox. Sbusiso has successfully launched and led several ventures, initially through founding and leading the University of Pretoria Consulting Society. He subsequently held the position of Executive Manager of the University of Pretoria Business Incubator, where he redesigned and implemented the business and operating model. He is a former Management Consultant. He focused on organisational effectiveness, investment banking and project management experience at a credit bureau. Sbusiso has dual degrees with a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Law. He is a Brightest Young Minds Alumnus, Kairos Fellow and 500 Startups Alumnus. In this episode he shares his story of success with Randspay.
March 15, 2020
"It's a gentlemen's club", says Bessie Lesabane-Baloyi on the sports broadcasting industry's psyche
Tshepo chats to Bessie Lesabane-Baloyi on the joys, challenges and transformation of the sports broadcasting industry. Bessie also shares her biggest fear with us.
March 12, 2020
"You're not in the room by accident", Leo Ngobeni
Tshepo visits Leo Ngobeni at his home to talk to him about his (dis)ability as a Design Lead, Design Thinking and why he takes his role as a teacher seriously. 
March 10, 2020
Morakane Kekana on being a "deputy parent", quitting her job and polygamy
Morakane Kekana is an HRBP for one of the leading financial institutions in the country, a wife and mother. She talks to us about raising her siblings, conditions that led to her quitting her job and the only conditions in which she will allow her hubby to marry another woman. Send through your comments to
March 6, 2020
"You must demand more from yourself than any other person", Sandile Hogana
Sandile Hogana is a business executive with a passion for solving customer problems. His mission is to delight customers by creating solutions that consistently meet and exceed their expectations. In this episode he chats to Randspay on his childhood, visiting Harvard University and how he treats his team.
March 6, 2020
"My purpose is healing and restoration of hearts" - Boitumelo Cynthia Seemane
In this episode, Boitumelo Cynthia Seemane talks about challenges after quitting work due to a toxi relationship with her line manager and living her purpose.
March 2, 2020
Neziwe Manaka on love, marriage and living your purpose
In this episode we have a chat with Neziwe Manaka a mother, activist and IT project manager.  Nezi shares the story of how her childhood influences her relationship with her children, the challenges she faces in the corporate world and what the president must do if he wants to turn the corner. Don't miss this interesting podcast!
February 24, 2020
Mac Musewe on business, labour brokering and being a sneaker connoisseur
In this episode we have a chat with Mac Musewe,  Founder and Managing Director of Khumasewe Nursing Services.  "Boss Mac" as he is affectionately called, is also an avid sneakers collector, owns an agency that employs close to a 1000 nurses and pharmacists but is still the person who runs the payroll every week. Don't miss this interesting podcast!
February 24, 2020
Karabo Ngoatle on growing up in Alex and leading design in a Tier 1 bank
In this episode we have a chat with Karabo Ngoatle, Head of UX Experience at Nihilent. Karabo's life had many turning points but his will and determination to succeed carried him through.
February 18, 2020
The power of choosing good mentors by Dr. SS Khumalo
Dr. SS Khumalo is a senior lecturer at the University of South Africa, an entrepreneur and a social justice activist born and bred in Bela Bela. He takes us through his difficult childhood and shares with us the importance of having an understanding partner.
February 18, 2020