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An Irish podcast where we discuss our favourite Tweets and Trends from the week. Whether they’re social, political, or from the world of the sports; we love the unpredictable mess that is Twitter.

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54 - Thatcher's Still Dead - 8th April 2022
This week! Twitter remembers Maggie Thatcher on the anniversary of her demise.... fondly? Also; Matthew LeTissier the conspiracy nut, Meta employee's cute nickname for Zuckerberg, and what did Irish Twitter put in the census?
April 08, 2022
Bonus - Big Willie Style - 28th March 2022
So THAT happened at the Oscars and Twitter absolutely exploded! We get together to discuss Twitter's reaction. It's a messy bonus episode for a messy event!
March 28, 2022
53 - Bono's Poem - 20th March 2022
This episode we're a little worse for wear...but we still have the energy to chat about Bono's poem on St Patrick's day and Twitter's unrelenting reaction to it! We also chat about President Zelenskyy's presidential attire and Seán's continuing journey into Dungeons and Dragons.
March 20, 2022
52 - Irish Unionist Party Boy - 19th Feb 2022
This week we chat about a Kilkenny teen making waves on the Irish political Twitter sphere through his set up of the Irish Unionist Party and the #Rethink32 hashtag. Mac talks about Prince Andrew's settlement and Rory McElroy's stance against Saudi Arabian sport washing. Fearghal chats about the news of Tayto Park while Seán hasn't been on Twitter due to his new Dungeon and Dragon's obsession. Oh ye.. and Big Jet TV!!
February 19, 2022
51 - Swift Justice - 29th January 2022
It was a volatile week on Spotify! Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Neil Young, Taylor Swift, & Damon Albarn! Also, more on NFT culture!
January 29, 2022
50 - NFTs & Social Media Extremes - 22nd January 2022
This week we chat about NFTs and social media extremes and opinions on Twitter. We talk about a crowd of NFT bros who recently purchased a rare copy of Dune and their misunderstanding of copyright law. We also discuss the general consensus around NFTs on Twitter and explain what an NFT is. Sean also lists out social media concerns that were laid out in Danish parliament and the most controversial things some folks have experienced on Irish Twitter. @tweetsaheadcast
January 22, 2022
49 - Politics for Some - 15th January 2022
We talk about what's popular on Twitter this week! We break down the Politics For All account and why this seemingly impartial news source was removed from Twitter. Also, Novak Djokovic (again!!), match fixing, and the man who tried to steal internet sensation - Wordle!
January 15, 2022
48 - Irish Twitter's Civil War - 7th Jan 2022
We're back! We go in dept on what Sean calls Irish Twitter's Civil War! Featuring trolls, reporters, and a very elusive Graph-man! Also, Novak Djokovic is doing his thing again!
January 07, 2022
47 - Celtic Films - 30th September 2021
This week on Twitter it's all about Celtic Films! They're an American television studio who are making a show all about 'Celts'... which sounds ok until you realise it's a vehicle for far right views and that they've blocked half of Ireland on Twitter! We also discuss Piers Morgan versus Bond.. again.. and the return of gangland criminal 'Monk' to Ireland.  
October 01, 2021
46 - The Path to Manliness - 24th September 2021
Cormac is back! In a low key episode, we chat about the Super Mario Movie casting and Twitter's reaction to it. Also, we found what is possibly the worst account on Twitter; The Path to Manliness. Do the boys measure up to this account's warped version of manliness? Meh....
September 25, 2021
45 - Hydrocele - 17th September 2021
This week we are Cormacless but Seán and Fearghal have fun nevertheless. Fearghal talks about Nicki Minaj's shit fest on Twitter this week and the #Ballgate controversy. Seán has a massive realisation about her friend's cousin's testicular problem. Seán then speaks about about a mum vlogger who makes a horrendous editing error on youtube, which completely exposes her treatment of her son. We finish speaking about Alfie's bar and restaurant who have a bizarre way they pay leaving staff. We had a really fun episode with this one. #ballsgate #nickiminaj #alfies  
September 17, 2021
44 - Frostbit Boy - 28th August 2021
This week it's just Seán and Fearghal on the show! Seán talks about vile anti-vaxxers using the passing of young Irish people to push their agenda of misinformation. He also chats about the hilarious Frostbit Boy story that took Twitter by storm. Fearghal chats about the Nevermind album cover law suit and has a special surprise for Seán. 
August 28, 2021
43 - Shit Takes & Only Fans - 21st August 2021
It's been a hell of a week on Twitter! Seán takes us through the many shit takes he's seen on Twitter this week. We also discuss Onlyfans and how they've left content creators on the lurch. Plus, does a ghost live inside your child and can you be fashionable in Ireland?
August 21, 2021
42 - Robot Trees? - 13 August 2021
Episode 42 - Seán talks about the #paddypowerleavethekidsalone campaign and gambling in gaming, Mac talks more #Messi and #PrinceAndrewSued while Fearghal tells us about those robot trees in Cork. WTF are they?
August 13, 2021
41 - Project Z - 7th August 2021
We're back to chat about the biggest trends on Irish Twitter this week! There has been uproar online about a government endorsed 'Project X' style party that broke all sorts of health guidelines and there's been serious fallout as a result! We also check out the #FreeLuas trend and the world of sports was tweeting all about Leo Messi and how his time is finally up at Barcalona.
August 07, 2021
40 - Crafty Wank! - 17th July 2021
This week we discuss one of the dodgier sounding recent trends on Twitter; We discuss the Crafty Wank thread! A thread where a conservative commentator threatens legal action against an anonymous account online. We also chat about the HSE using dating apps like Tinder to encourage vaccines in the young folks! Oh yeah, Stephen Donnelly makes a tit of himself again as usual...
July 20, 2021
39 - Scuba Action Batman - June 25th 2021
This week Seán talks about the #Carlowteachers controversy and how a false toxic story about Presentation College went viral on Twitter; damaging the reputation of the school thanks to a few Irish journalists and virtue signalling politicians. Cormac discusses UEFA's terrible PR with regards lighting the Munich Stadium up in Pride colours while Fearghal talks about Batman's potential sexual prowess and the reaction it got on Twitter! Visit
June 26, 2021
38 - Deirdre Conroy's Linen Cupboard - 12th June 2021
We're back! We're also live, in person, like regular people! This week we chat about Deirdre Conroy's disastrous by-election campaign in South Dublin and Twitter's unforgiving reaction! Also, Seán's Conspiracy Corner and Twitter's reaction to the Euros 2020 opening ceremony! Check out
June 12, 2021
Bonus - The best of Seán's Lists - 28th May 2021
No new episode this week but how about the best of Seån's Lists? We showcase 4 of his best, including: The worst Product Updates ever, the worst corporate April Fools day this year, the most horrible things Prince Philip has ever said in public, and Seán's "Ham Children" of the week!  Follow us on Twitter @tweetsaheadcast and check out for more!
May 28, 2021
37 - Gal Gadot Vs Palestine - 14th May 2021
Seån talks about Twitter's reaction to the escalating violence in the Israel - Palestine conflict and then tears into that Gal Gadot Tweet, her Israeli bias and her awful history of performative activism. He then discuss Ireland's affiliation to the Palestine struggle and how Irish Twitter reacted to the Irish governments response. Cormac introduces us to the new DUP leader Edwin Poots through the eyes of Twitter and how a creationist has finally come into power. Meanwhile Fearghal looks at a bizarre Twitter story in Romania, where Dracula's castle is being used to encourage an uptake in Covid Vaccinations.  #Freepalestine #OccupiedTerritoriesBill #BoycottIsrael #Galgodotisatool 
May 15, 2021
Streams Ahead - Invincible Part 2 - 11th May 2021
Originally recorded the day after the finale of 'Invincible' on Amazon Prime! After the first 3 episodes, Invincible 'mega fan' Sean confidently gave the series 10/10 so far... but how does he feel after THAT finale?? Also, Fearghal has a tough time seeing how the show can possibly follow some of the comic's major storylines after that bloody finale. Who did we think gave the best voice performances on the show? What has the show improved from the comics? And where do we see it all going? Spoilers for both the show and the comics! Check out Music by Bill Coleman.
May 11, 2021
36 - Barbara J Pym! - 7th May 2021
This week we dissect Twitter's sock puppet account of the century; Barbara J Pym! Seán provides background to the man behind the sock puppet account Eoghan Harris, explains what "sock puppetry" is and how Eoghan Harris was uncovered. He then outlines the weirdness of the account, along with the other suspected sock puppet accounts and details the fallout that took place on Twitter this week from the columnist's sacking from the Irish Independent. Fearghal discusses a weird TV show endings thread, while Cormac discusses the #Glazersout protest that took place at Old Trafford and Twitter's reaction to the Lions Rugby Squad unveiling! 
May 07, 2021
Interview - The Beacon on the Far Right in Ireland - 30th April 2021
In this episode we speak to Bryan Wall, founder of, a website that reports on the Far Right in Ireland. We get the Beacon's opinions about the rise of the Far Right in Ireland, how the Far Right is synonymous with conspiracy theories, how social media plays a detrimental part in spreading Far Right ideology and why the Far Right is a threat to be taken seriously in Ireland. For people who do not know much about the Far Right in Ireland or would like to know more, this was a very informative conversation that highlights many important issues. To find out more you can follow the Beacon on Twitter @thebeaconIrl, on their website htttps:// or on their Patreon website :
May 01, 2021
Interview - Not the RTE News - 23rd April 2021
This week we get to chat to the man behind one of our favourite Irish parody accounts on Twitter; Not the RTE News (@NotTheRTENews)! We talk about what it takes to run a popular satire account online, being an Irish comedian on Twitter, what happens when people believe your satire account is real, and how the RTE & others have responded to the account and more!!! Not the RTE News KoFi account:
April 23, 2021
Bonus - European Super Friends - 19th April 2021
12 of the richest football clubs in Europe are threatening to break away from their domestic leagues and form their own super group - The European Super League! This trend has taken over sports Twitter so much it's forced Fearghal, Sean, & Cormac to record a special bonus episode! Also, featuring local Twitch streamer and die hard Liverpool supporter (also a Sean) @ElLocoJalapeno! What was our's and Twitter's reaction to this mess? Has football changed forever? Follow us @TweetsAheadCast
April 19, 2021
35 - Colin the Caterpillar - 16th April 2021
This week without Fearghal, it's Cormac and Seán unhinged. Cormac discusses the deal with Minister of Health Simon Donnelly being unhappy with not being mentioned in Department of Health Tweets. Seán talks more Cancel Culture about Teen Vogue. The Marks and Spencer 'Colin the Caterpillar' debacle has had a great reaction on Twitter which the boys discuss and Seán does a list on his favourite account at the moment @fesshole. 
April 16, 2021
34 - Prince Battenberg - 9th April 2021
It was an action packed week on Twitter and the boys had a lot to discuss. #Teachers was trending due to Irish teacher unions wanting to strike over being refused vaccinations, so Seán added some much need nuance to what was a rather polarised debate on Twitter. Seán's list features responses to Halle Berry's "Tell me something I don't know" Tweet. Today's sudden passing of Prince Philip led to a huge reaction on Twitter to which Cormac takes us through. We also briefly discuss that infamous Arlene Foster Tweet. Finally Fearghal discusses Jordan B Peterson's dismay at being portrayed as the villain Red Skull in a recent Captain America comic, while Seán questions whether Peterson is actually deserving of this portrayal! 
April 09, 2021
33 - Twitter: The Movie! - 2nd April 2021
Seán lists some of the good and bad corporate April Fools Jokes on Twitter this year! We talk Twitter's reaction to West Brit Regina Doherty remarking about 800 years of travel to "mainland" UK. Fearghal discusses Hollywood's move to formulate movie scripts from Twitter threads. Cormac reports on Stephen Kenny's tumultuous week and RTE sports extremely disrespectful tweet about the Ireland manager! 
April 02, 2021
Streams Ahead - Invincible - 29th March 2021
We talk about Invincible; the new animated series to hit Amazon Prime. Seán gives a "Beginners Guide to the Invincible Universe" for those who are new to the series and want to know what to expect. We then review the first 3 episodes where we discuss our favourite characters and voice actors and evaluate performances. We also discuss the negatives of the comic book and demonstrate how the animated show can make significant improvements on these. Finally we summarise why you need to watch this show and how it could be the best thing on streaming services today!!  Follow us @TweetsAheadCast Subscribe for more episodes!
March 29, 2021
32 - Cash Injections - 26th March 2021
The biggest trend on Irish Twitter this week was without question the controversy surrounding the Beacon private clinic in Dublin and it's questionable distribution of vaccines to a linked private school. We also briefly chat about Chrissy Teigen leaving Twitter, Twitters birthday, and a light hearted trend titled #SpermDonorMovies Follow us @TweetsAheadCast Subscribe for more episodes!
March 26, 2021
Streams Ahead - The Snyder Cut - 24th March 2021
This week we discuss the release of the Snyder Cut on streaming services, Snyder Cut fans on Twitter, and was it better than the Whedon cut?  Follow us @TweetsAheadCast Subscribe for more episodes!
March 25, 2021
31 - St.Patrick the Druid Killer - 19th March 2021
The lads start without Cormac, chatting about the anti-lockdown protests in Dublin this week. Then Cormac bursts onto the scene Stone Cold Steve Austin style and we chat about things you would only find in Ireland, courtesy of Dara O'Briain's Twitter. Then the boys critique a very unusual Tik Tok video which claims St. Patrick murdered hundreds of Celtic druids, who were educated by none other than Mary Magdalene herself!  Follow us @TweetsAheadCast Subscribe for more episodes!
March 20, 2021
30 - When Harry met Meghan.... and Oprah! - March 12th 2021
This week the lads discuss the cultural event that was Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah and Twitter's reaction to it. We also have fun over Piers Morgan's storm out of his breakfast show and revisit that story in NUIG,  where students are being disciplined by the college for sharing a meme on Twitter!  Follow us @TweetsAheadCast Subscribe for more episodes!
March 13, 2021
29 - Good God, Lemon - 5th March 2021
This week on Twitter; the Alec Baldwin, the Catholic Church adoption scandal, and live streaming car chases down the M50 motorway... because that's where we are now as a society! We also spend way too much time talking about celebrities picking up unusual accents... Follow us @TweetsAheadCast
March 05, 2021
28 - Student Union Sinners! - 26th February 2021
In this weeks episode Seán talks about religious fundamentalists in Student Union Politics and NUIG trying to control individual students' personal Twitter pages! (#freecian) Cormac chats about Twitter's reaction to the Tiger Woods car crash while Fearghal criticises Twitter's new "Super Follow" feature, which seems like a failed business strategy from the get go!
February 26, 2021
27 - Delete Facebook - 19th February 2021
This week on Twitter! Seán talks about Twitter's reaction to the death of US conservative media titan Rush Limbaugh. Cormac discusses the #DeleteFacebook trend and what's been happening in Australia. Fearghal looks at the lighter side of Twitter and asks what's the worst thing you've seen on your morning commute? Follow us @TweetsAheadCast
February 19, 2021
26 - Weetabix & Beans - 12th February 2021
This week on Twitter! Fearghal checks out the viral mess that is beans on Weetabix and are all corporate Twitter accounts in Kahoots? Seán checks out the Zoom disaster that is Cat Lawyer. Plus Cormac runs through Twitter's reaction to Ireland's 6 Nations loss to Wales and the French media's role in concussion conspiracies! Follow us @TweetsAheadCast
February 12, 2021
25 - Jackie Weaver & Bad Medical Takes - 5th February 2021
This week Seán investigates another case of cancel culture involving one of the world's largest corporations Coca Cola & Innocent Smoothies. Cormac tackles the brilliant viral sensation that is Jackie Weaver and her exploits on the Handfort Parish Council. While Fearghal unveils one of his favourite accounts on Twitter, @BadMedicalTakes. You have to hear some of them to believe them! Follow us @TweetsAheadCast
February 05, 2021
24 - Bebo's Back Baby! - 29th January 2021
What's trending on Twitter this week? Cormac takes us back in time and walks us through Bebo's grand revival! What can you remember about it? Fearghal talks Twitter's reaction to Gamestop's stock market crash. Seán takes us through his list of his 5 worst Twitter idiots of the week and what does Bebo have to do with his love of Cowboys and foreseeing a breakup??
January 29, 2021
Streams Ahead - WandaVision - 26th January 2021
On the first of our new bonus series titled "Streams Ahead" - We chat about Marvel's new hit show; WandaVision! We discuss what we think of the format and what some of those pesky easter eggs could be pointing towards. We also debate what the show could mean for the future of the MCU, how does it compare to the comics, and do we actually think this show will have a happily ever after for Wanda? Where's a time stone when you need one? This episode contains spoilers for WandaVision episodes 1-3. Follow us @TweetsAheadCast
January 26, 2021
23 - Bernie Memes & QAnon - 22nd January 2021
This week we ride the glorious wave of Bernie Sanders memes and Seán lists off his top 10 Bernie memes that Twitter produced! He also discusses what the QAnon crowd do now that all of their current conspiracies have evaporated after Joe Biden's swearing into office. What's next for them? Cormac chat about an old foe, NoVaxx Djokovic, and his whacky Covid demands. Plus; Fearghal takes us through a viral thread where a woman gets her own back on a scammer... but was it real? You decide! Follow us @tweetsaheadcast
January 22, 2021
22 - Twitter Censorship & Trump - 15th January 2021
A podcast all about Twitter! This week Seán asks was Twitter right to ban Trump? If so, what are the long term implications? Cormac talks about trending topics such as the Leaving Cert 2021 and Fearghal checks out a fun thread that asks the question; What's the dumbest lie you've ever told? Follow us @TweetsAheadCast
January 15, 2021
Bonus - Twitter bans Trump, sad! - 9th January 2021
Trump has been banned from Twitter! As a podcast centered around Twitter, we'd be amiss if we didn't dedicate a bonus episode to this momentous occasion! We break down what actually happened and what it could potentially mean for the platform moving forward. Seán explains exactly why Trump was taken off Twitter and what rules he broke. Cormac announces the arrival of a new Irish force in journalism as a result and Fearghal checks out the reactions to it on Twitter and asks could large social media platforms have done more, sooner? Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook; @TweetsAheadCast
January 09, 2021
21 - Bean Dad & Doxing - 6th January 2021
Welcome to season 3 and 2021! Where everything is ok again... right? Sadly we have no Cormac this week but Fearghal and Seán are joined by his animatronic replacement; CORMAC-antosh! This week we talk about the Twitter sensation that is Bean Dad; as well as 'doxing' on Twitter and the worrying trend of bigger accounts like Allison Pearson threatening the livelihoods of smaller users on Twitter.  Follow us on Twitter @TweetsAheadCast
January 06, 2021
Bonus - Wee Slim Quiz of the Year - 30th December 2020
Grab a pen and paper!! Join us for an end of year wrap up quiz! Our special guest quizmaster dishes out questions about the trending Twitter topics that we covered throughout the year. We answer questions from Twitter trends that include Trump, Kanye West, Paul Mescal, bad Irish accents, and the Miss Hitler beauty contest.  Catch us on Twitter @tweetsaheadcast
December 30, 2020
20 - Marketing or Aliens? - 4th December 2020
Some sound issues this week but to make up for it, Seán nearly has a panic attack at the end so... This week on Twitter Seán checks out the Monolith phenomenon; Is it a marketing campaign? Is it aliens? What does Twitter think about it? He also lists off his worst marketing campaigns of all time! Cormac has a look at the death of Diego Maradonna and Twitter's reaction to it; good or bad! Follow us on Twitter: @tweetsaheadcast - Music by Bill Coleman
December 05, 2020
19 - The Late Late Toy Show - 28th November 2020
We dedicate this week's episode to one of the biggest Irish Twitter trends of the year... The Late Late Toy Show. One night a year an Irish talk show turns into a toy exhibition with children running amuck and toying with poor presenter Ryan Tubridy. We have a laugh chatting about Irish Twitter's reactions to the kids, Ryan, and the madness that is the Late Late Toy Show. Twitter - @TweetsAheadCast Music by Bill Coleman
November 28, 2020
18 - Fleets Ahead - 20th November 2020
Episode 8 and we check out this week's Twitter trends! Seán examines Twitter's new 'Fleets' update and as a result lists his top 10 worst product updates of all time, Cormac chats about why Bebo of all things is trending and he breaks down the Stephen Kenny controversy, and Fearghal brings the positivity with the takeover of Wrexham AFC by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.  The gang records a podcast.
November 21, 2020
17 - Wild Mountain Thyme - 13th November 2020
The biggest Twitter trend of the week centered around terrible Irish accents, who would've thought? On this week's episode, Cormac runs through the awfulness that is the Wild Mountain Thyme movie trailer, Seán provides his list of the worst on-screen Irish accents of all time and sorts through the nonsense of Four Season's Landscaping, and Fearghal checks out Irish Twitter's reaction to the government social media surveillance scandal.  Join us for the best Twitter has to offer this week! Twitter: @tweetsaheadcast
November 14, 2020
16 - USA U OK? (Election Special) - 6th November 2020
Only one trend has absolutely dominated Twitter this week; the US Presidential Election. Fearghal, Cormac, and Seán spent the episode diving into Twitter's reaction into Trump vs Biden and the potential fallout. We have a laugh chatting about the ridiculousness of Trump's reaction, his opposition to votes actually being counted, and the funniest related tweets we could find! The US Election has really shown us the best and worst Twitter has to offer us as a platform.
November 06, 2020
15 - Bowie but not Bowie - 30th October 2020
We have a special guest on this week; Mark! He talks about the dreadful looking David Bowie biopic that's been trending on Twitter and Sky's new TV show that got the chop for harbouring a secret Nazi. Seán asks us should Joe Rogan have had conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his podcast and Cormac wants to know why Kanye gave Kim the gift of her dead father in hologram form. Fearghal just decides to host this week and be a bit lazy. Join us for the best Twitter has to offer!
October 30, 2020
14 - Birds Aren't Real - 23rd October 2020
This week on Twitter; Seán checks out the 'cancelation' of Chris Pratt and cancel culture online, Cormac talks about Dundalk FC's disappointment in Europe and what a great fella Marcus Rashford is, & Fearghal asks you... are birds real? 
October 23, 2020
Interview - Troll Hunter: Paddy (@P_Dawg_)
In this bonus episode and interview, we talk to Paddy, a Twitter user who regularly attracts the attention of and also engages with Twitter trolls. He tells us how he ends up in these situations, how he handles them, the most common types of trolls, and the most dedicated troll we've ever heard of!
October 20, 2020
13 - Biden Hunter - 16th October 2020
This week on Twitter: Seán talks about Trump's relationship with QAnon and Hunter Biden's laptop, Cormac brings up Ireland's recent loss to Finland and the hot topic of Champagne Football, and Fearghal talks about.... a missing dolphin. Don't forget to follow Tweets Ahead on Twitter - @TweetsAheadCast
October 17, 2020
Interview - Twitch Streamer: Seán (@ElLocoJalapeno)
In this bonus interview, we talk to Twitch Streamer Seán, aka @ElLocoJalapeno on Twitter! Seán has followed his gaming passion and we have a great conversation about how he got into Twitch, why he loves it & the community so much, his use of Twitter, and the mental health benefits of streaming during COVID. We learn so much about online gaming and Twitch! You can follow him on Twitch using the link -
October 13, 2020
12 - Bono vs The Orangemen - 9th October 2020
This week we check out the Twitter trends about Bon Jovi's description of Bono being tormented by Orangemen as a kid, Mike Pence versus the Fly, the Irish TD World Cup, and corporate tweets gone wrong!
October 09, 2020
11 - Cake is a bread - 2nd October 2020
Our bumper Season 2 premiere! We talk shocking Twitter trends such as Subway's bread being classified as cake in Ireland, Ming Flanagan's Twitter account hacking/questionable Google searches, Dundalk FC's European glory, and of course Donald J. Trump ironically contracting COVID 19. Sad! 
October 02, 2020
10 - McFadden v Chambers - 12th September 2020
Following Bradley Wiggins claiming Sam Bennet and the outrage on Twitter; we delve into the history and psychology of the Brits claiming successful people from Ireland. We talk about tweets following Stephen Kenny's first games in charge of the Irish team , Ronaldo, and the dramatic bust up on Twitter between Brian Mc Fadden and our beloved Richard Chambers. #leavechambersalone  
September 12, 2020
Bonus - Fantasy Football madness - 12/9/2020
#FPL was trending! On the first week of the Premier League we discuss Fantasy Football, starting strategies, share our teams, and give our top picks for the weeks ahead. 
September 12, 2020
9 - The TikTok House - 6th September 2020
We talk about the TikTok house in Dublin, Ireland's first match with Stephen Kenny, the Americanisation of the world through twitter, Messi, and one man's quest to rename boneless chicken wings #SaucyNugs
September 07, 2020
8 - Batman Movie Script Bot - 27th August 2020
We have fun with a Twitter bot who enjoys scripting Batman movies and American Presidential debates! We also delve into the happenings of Golfgate on Twitter, Harry Maguires trial, and those Messi transfer rumours.
August 28, 2020
7 - GolfGate - 21st August 2020
We talk #golfgate, the fractured psyche of Fraiser, Sportswashing, and things that you might hate but everyone else seems to love! Like Nandos?
August 21, 2020
6 - Mormons & Trampolines - 15th August 2020
We talk Twitter trends and topics such as internet rabbit holes, Mormons and trampolines, the dog whisperer, Batman, Laura Whitmore, cancel culture, and Grimace's Irish heritage. Safe to say it's a varied episode to say the least!
August 15, 2020
MiniSode Bonus: Reboot
We take a look back at bite size highlights from Episode 1 &2! That includes Tayto vs Tayto, Miss Hitler, the Tweet of God, and the Simon Cowell adventure thread! 
August 07, 2020
5 - Semen Protein Supplements - 1/8/20
What's been happening on Twitter this week? The Brits are at it with the Emmys, Super Junior Ministers, Stupid Sexy Richard Bruton, and taking semen supplements for your workouts! We also talk about the Argos Catalogue, Eid at Croke Park, and how Trumps wants to ban Tic Tok.
August 01, 2020
4 - Local Karens - 27/7/20
This week we talk hot Twitter topics such as the Covid Tracker App, local Karens, and the best fake Jurassic Park Twitter account you didn't know existed! We also break our own rules and talk a surprising amount of Trump and also discuss a brilliant account that captures weird moments in History. So join us as we talk everything Twitter, whether it's Irish or Global. Also Sean won't stop eating popcorn for the whole thing.
July 27, 2020
3 - Premiere League Step Dads - 6/7/20
*Some mic issues throughout* We're back again to talk about this week's Twitter trends, both Irish and whatever else made us laugh! This week we chat about Niall Horan stans, John Cleese's real name, Twitter's struggles with Irish names, COVID reopening parties, Tesco bags, and Premiere League step-dads.
July 06, 2020
2 - Sir Michael - 26/6/20
We're back to talk about what's trending on Twitter, both in Ireland and just anything else that tickled our fancy! This week we have a laugh talking about one of our favourite Twitter accounts, the amazing Sir Michael. We also discuss Italia '90, THAT Stephen Ireland interview, Tayto vs Tayto, Liverpool's 30 year wait, Batman, and Simon Cowell's super happy fun adventure time!
June 30, 2020
1 - Miss Hitler - 16/6/20
Tweets Ahead Episode One! We talk what's trending on Twitter. Both in Ireland and just in general. Join Fearghal, Sean, and Cormac this week as we talk giant rats, the Tweet of God, and Miss Hitler!
June 23, 2020