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Twenty4Social Marketing with AmyLee

Twenty4Social Marketing with AmyLee

By Amy-Lee
Using psychology & marketing to create profitable evergreen income, Amy-Lee takes you on a journey to success through doing the do, walking the walk and living the talk. If you want to be successful and live that life; then listen in as all the tea is about to be spilled, right here & right now. Amy-Lee is a boss babe with a string of successful businesses behind her and over 10 years of marketing expertise + a couple of degrees to back her. Keep your mind open and your ears peeled - Oh and you might want to take notes too.
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Double Your Traffic - Get More Followers And Traffic Like The Pros without paid ads
How To Get More Followers And Traffic: Successful Small Businesses Secrets Revealed. Tonight we talk about how to create an amazing customer experience, the 10 tricks to double your traffic fast and Micro Influencers explained. I’ve written a course called How To Become An Influencer - The Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming An Influencer In Your Industry. Get Recognized. Build Your Tribe. Get Paid For Endorsements. You can grab your copy here: How to Become an Influencer Here are some benefits you’ll get from getting this course: • How to design a personal brand • How to present yourself in a way that inspires and leads • Learn the psychology of brands and followers and understand how to make people LOVE what you have to say • How to create  a mission statement and message that you really believe in and that people can get behind • How to select the right niche for you • Follow a simple step-by-step program to become a powerful influencer • And so much more! How to Become an Influencer To Your Success, Amy Lee xoxo Download your copy of my brand new guide: How to Become an Influencer
July 29, 2020
Where It All Began
Tonight's podcast takes you on a journey of where it all started for me, I get personal and real with you. I hope you enjoy and please send me a message to let me know what your biggest takeaway was or ask me a question about mindset and marketing.  Connect with me on social media @twenty4social or on my website and be sure to stick around until the end as I have a special gift for my listeners! email me: 
June 18, 2020
Twenty4 Social Show Episode 1 - Part 1 of 3 Stages to a Profitable Relationship
Amy-Lee sits down to talk about the three stages to a profitable relationship. The first stage -Curiousty - without it you cannot attract the clients you dream of. Learn the psychology behind what makes a big business successful and how you can implement this into your business no matter what stage you are in. It's time to get your notepad, a glass of your fav red or white, sit back and enjoy the journey.
May 30, 2020