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Twenty Somethings Rant

Twenty Somethings Rant

By Jessica Fortunes
Twenty-Somethings Rant is a podcast by Jessica Fortunes, sharing and documenting the stories of Twenties. Here you hear Twenty-somethings talk about their challenges, wins, relationships, day-to-day life and more. Find out more about us, Follow on Instagram @TwentySomethingsRant & Twitter @Twentiesrant.
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How To Care For Your Mental Health with Dr Iyewande Dipeolu-Dada

Twenty Somethings Rant

Twenty Somethings Rant
A podcast for Twenties and those that love them ❤️ 
August 12, 2022
Baby Boy Lifestyle
On today's episode of the podcast, Jessica Fortunes is joined by Cavey who shares his baby boy lifestyle with us. Hopefully this inspires more men to pamper themselves and embrace the baby boy lifestyle. As you listen, make sure you rate, share and leave a comment wherever you listen to the podcast telling us how much you enjoyed the episode! Better ratings means even more people find out about the podcast! Don't forget to use the hashtag #twentysomethingsrant to let us know what you think about the episode, we love hearing from you!
August 10, 2022
Leaving Your Twenties And Turning Thirty
This episode features two of my best people, Bola and Nwanne. With both of them turning 30 this year, I had the honour of speaking to them about their journey so far, leaving their 20s, turning 30 and everything else in between. If like me, you sometimes wonder about the BIG 30, then you don't want to miss this conversation as they share everything, wins, challenges and personal struggles.  As you listen, make sure you rate, share and leave a comment wherever you listen to the podcast telling us how much you enjoyed the episode! Better ratings means even more people find out about the podcast! Don't forget to use the hashtag #twentysomethingsrant to let us know what you think about the episode, we love hearing from you!
August 03, 2022
New me, new season, break-up, new job, travels and more (life update)
We're back!! After what feels like forever, Twenty Somethings Rant is back and available on all your favourite podcast streaming platforms. 🥳  It's back to regular weekly uploads and we're about to take over, okkkrrrrr... lol This episode is a quick catch-up on where I (Jessica Fortunes) have been at, why I took a long break from the podcast and more. My attempt at making up for all the lost time, I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording and creating this.  Love xx 💋
July 27, 2022
Twenty Somethings Rant Season 4 Official Trailer
WE’RE BACCCCKKKKK!!! #TwentySomethingsRant season 4 drops on July 27th 🔥     Join @jessicafortunes, and other Twenties as they discuss topics around being a 20-something in the 21st century. Subscribe to Twenty Somethings Rant on all your favourite podcast platforms 🚀🥳
July 25, 2022
Opinions || In your Early 20s should you date someone in their 30s/40s??
sharing my opinions on issues affecting Twenties 
August 17, 2021
A Story Of Grass To Grace
I got to talk to Testimony about his journey building a profitable business from an unexpected place.
August 09, 2021
Listeners Episode || Reacting To Feedback From Twenties About Twenty Somethings Rant Podcast
To start off the new month, I decided to playback some amazing feedback I have gotten from people who listen to Twenty Somethings Rant podcast. This is my way of saying thank you, I see you and I love you. 
August 02, 2021
Life As A First Born Child In An African Home
Hello, on this episode, myself and a fellow 20something, Goodness get to rant about life as a first born in an African home.  Enjoy
July 26, 2021
10 Things Someone Should Have Taught Me
This episode is inspired by Titilope Sonuga's poem, '10 Things'. I listened to this poem for the first time last week and it spoke to my heart. Most of things she touched on were things I have had to learn on my own along my journey as a twenty-something, things I wish someone had told me. So I decided to share this with fellow twenties on the podcast, so you are well equipped. Enjoy listening! 
July 19, 2021
Twenties Rant || Life After University
This episode features Debby Okoye. Debby is a twenty-something and a pharmacist who graduated university in 2019. Since graduating she has had to look for job placement, gone through series of interviews and rejection, dealt with post university stress and more. On this episode she joins me to rant about the ups and the downs of life after university and the reality shocks she experienced.
July 12, 2021
Navigating Friendships In Your Twenties
On this episode of the podcast, I am joined by Brookes, a fellow twenty-something and we get to talk about friendships as adults. I think making friends as an adult is harder than it was for us a children. What do you think? Listen to this episode and share your thoughts with us.  Also, join our discussion on clubhouse on Saturday by 8pm WAT as we delve more into adult friendships. Follow @twentysomethingsrant on Instagram to be part of the family.
July 05, 2021
Twenties Rant || I am having relationship issues with my boyfriend
My goal is to share real life stories of Twenties on the podcast as an avenue for each person to let go, find solace in having someone who can relate and connect. This week’s episode, I sat down with Dami and we got to rant about our relationship issues as Twenties. If you would like to share your story, send an email to
June 28, 2021
Dealing With Insecurities As A Twenty-something
On this episode of the podcast, I sat down with Rosemary, a twenty-something and she shared her journey dealing with insecurities, having to fake it a lot because she felt incompetent and wanted to be liked. She not only shared her journey, she also shared tips that have helped her to deal with the feeling of inadequacy. You should listen!
June 15, 2021
Building & Funding A Multi-Million Dollar Company With Fola Olatunji-David
On this episode of the podcast, I had Startup Investor & Supporter, Fola Olatunji-David share with us from his wealth of experience how Twenties can build the next multi-million dollar company, and how to get funds to scale already existing businesses. This episode is packed with information to help you make the right decisions for your startup. Resources; Here is a link to article Fola mentioned in the episode. Enjoy listening..
May 30, 2021
Life Update || Mental Health, Travelling, Getting A New Job
It's been over a month since the last episode of Twenty Somethings Rant, didn't plan for that to happen, and I figured I owe you an explanation on why I was off here for a while. So, today's episode is a quick life update of what has been going on with me.
April 27, 2021
Don’t Be A Child Birthing A Child || Mother’s Day Edition
In celebration of mother's day, I invited my mom on the show an had her share with us her journey through motherhood. It was a pleasure and honor doing this with her. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording with her. Follow us on Instagram @twentysomethingsrant
March 15, 2021
How To Care For Your Mental Health with Dr Iyewande Dipeolu-Dada
Mental health trauma, Depression, Suicide, these words have sadly become a norm in the lips of Twenties. To help more young people navigate mental health issues, on this episode of the podcast, I speak with a Doctor and licensed psychotherapist on how to care for our mental health, and reduce the rate of Depression. You are guaranteed to learn a lot from this episode. This episode is sponsored by @HairfactorybyChi, a hair brand in Nigeria that specialises in caring for your human hair. Check out the brand on Instagram and be sure to patronise. To sponsor an episode of the podcast, send an email to
February 24, 2021
Valentine's Day Special || Tunmise On Why He Became A Side Guy
For the season of Valentine, I decided to do something different! Lolz. I got my friend Tunmise on the podcast to share his love story, break-ups and why he became a side guy. A story of a young man trying to find love in his Twenties, You will enjoy it! But that's not all, Twenty Somethings Rant collaborated with a few brands to make your valentine's day really special. As a listener of the show, you stand a chance to win an amazing prize from these brands, to win all you need to do is follow @twentysomethingsrant on Instagram so you know when the giveaway starts. Also follow the brands; @amarisnaturel, @anesi_lifestyle, @omabooks1, @thepaperbackplug and @shopdesua to win prices from either of them. If you would love to reach out to me or share your story on the podcast, send an email to Happy Valentine!
February 08, 2021
Fighting Cervical Cancer with Tewa Onasanya|| World Cancer Day!!
Every year on the 4th of February, World Cancer Day is observed globally and is celebrated by WHO to aware people of the disease Cancer and how to cure it. In line with this, this weeks episode of the podcast focuses on raising awareness to the killer disease and how it can be prevented. To do this, I had Tewa Onasanya, founder of Exquisite Magazine and Exquisite Magazine Cervical Cancer Foundation (EMAC) as my guest. Listen to episode for amazing tips and insights. Connect with Tewa on Instagram @tewaonasanya or her website Check out and patronize our sponsor for this week on Instagram @shopdesua Follow us on Instagram @twentysomethingsrant To sponsor an epsiode, send an email to
February 01, 2021
Manifesting The Life Of Your Dreams with Banke Sotomi
After last week's episode on goal setting, I got a few comments from Twenties regarding goal setting, what a vision board is, why it was important and so much more. So, I decided to make today's episode about goal setting, vision board and how to manifest goals. I didn't do this alone, I was joined by a Life and Executive transformational coach, Banke Sotomi who has proven records on setting effective goals, helping her clients reach their goals, and live their best life. This episode is designed to help you set effective goals for the year 2021 and actually achieve them. Don't forget to share with a friend if you find it helpful. Connect with Banke Sotomi our guest on Instagram @bankesotomi or her website Check out and patronize sponsors of this episode on Instagram @poshmarketwoman  Follow us on Instagram @twentysomethingsrant To sponsor an episode, send an email to
January 25, 2021
Goal Setting For 2021 || 5 Episodes To Help You Achieve Your Goals
Happy New Year! I hope the year 2021 has been good to you so far. If you are anything like me, then you have probably been working on your goals, vision boards and strategizing for the new year. This is why, on this episode, I share five episodes to help you ace and achieve your goals this year. You are certain to learn something that will help you! I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed curating! Follow the podcast on Instagram @Twentysomethingsrant or tweet using #Twentysomethingsrant so I can join the conversation. If you would also like to share your story on the podcast, please send an email to Seen you next week!
January 18, 2021
My Year In Review || Lessons I Learnt From Year 2020
Lessons I Learnt From Year 2020!!!!
December 31, 2020
Christmas Special; My Most Memorable Christmas Experience
It's 4 days to Christmas!!! To celebrate this special season, I had fans of Twenty Somethings Rant send in their most memorable Christmas experiences for the podcast. This is an episode you do not want to miss as it gets you in the right mood for Christmas and brings back such sweet childhood memories, plus reminds you what the season is all about. Thank you to everyone who shared their experiences with me, I wish you a merry merry Christmas. Don't forget to follow Twenty Somethings Rant on Instagram, send a email to to rant or be a part of the show,  you can also join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #twentysomethingsrant.
December 21, 2020
I had an extra year because I didn't have money to sort.
On this episode of the podcast, I shared the story of a young lady (Lady B), she pleaded to be anonymous who endured at extra year in the university for reasons beyond her control. It was a rather emotional episode, I lost my manners a few times in between but I am sure you would understand when you listen to her story too. I hope that anyone who listens finds strength from her. Happy listening!
December 13, 2020
END SARS in Nigeria
This is officially the 1st episode of season 3 on the podcast and I am excited to be back here after the break. I am very sorry I didn’t come back on the 8th of November as promised, a lot happened in my home country, Nigeria and I had to take a mental break from work, I talk about it on this episode.  To begin my 100 stories on the podcast, I have a guest who shares his the experience dealing with police brutality in the country. I hope this somehow helps you understand why Nigerian Youths are clamoring for a change. Also, as I mentioned on the season finale of season 2, I added two segments to the show, one sharing victories and sharing resources I find useful, listen to this episode for all the juice and don't forget to tell me what you think after by using the hashtag #twentysomethingsrant on Twitter or leave a voice note on the Anchor app or send a DM on Instagram @twentysomethingsrant.  P.S; If you would like to be part of the 100 stories I will be sharing in this season, please reach out to me via any of the above mentioned platforms. Our victory for this week was from Itunu Taylor, check her out here. Resources for this week; PiggyVest, you can use my link to get started and earn a 1000 naira.   Be part of the family, follow Twenty Somethings Rant on Instagram and join our mailing list to be informed every time a new episode drops. Connect with me personally, follow me on Instagram @jessicafortunes, Twitter @jessicafortunes, visit my blog and watch my Youtube videos.  If you love the podcast, please do well to rate, leave a review, share with friends, and Help Twenty Somethings Rant keep making the content you love, please make a contribution here, thank YOU!
November 16, 2020
Change (Season Finale)
Hey guys, so this is the finale of Season 2. I am really excited to have been able to do this back to back with you all listening and cheering me on. On this episode I express my gratitude, as well as shared some changes that I will be making to the Podcast. I look forward to your feedback. See you soon in November 8, 2020 when Season 3 begins. Love you!
October 06, 2020
Intentional Living (Chadwick Boseman) Live Podcast.
On this episode, we get to talk about living intentionally and purpose using Chadwick Boseman’s life as a case study.
September 13, 2020
Twenty Somethings Rant (Live Podcast)
On this episode, myself and other Twenty-Somethings rant about dealing with Covid, business, work and school. This is a live podcast which happens every Thursday by 1pm. Follow us on Instagram @twentysomethingsrant for details on how to join and be part of the conversation.
August 30, 2020
Having God As The Center (Live Podcast)
Our first Live podcast happened on Thursday, the 20th of August with the amazing Ayo Mairo Ese. A media personality, TV and Radio presenter on some of our favorite shows, most important, a Jesus ambassador. She joined me and other Twenties on the show to talk about God, build a relationship with Him and how important it is for young adults. Here are some highlights from the Live Podcast. If you would like to be part of the Live Podcast, join us every Thursday by 1pm, follow Twenty Somethings Rant on Instagram for more details. Also, feel free to drop a review or feedback on whatever platform you are listening from. Love You!
August 23, 2020
Diagnosed with Fibroid at 24 years old
Fibroid is a medical condition 80% of women battle with. Though there are no known cures and causes, it is has become more rampant in young adults and more women have decided to share their stories. Queen joins me to talk about her journey with Fibroid
July 26, 2020
Lessons on becoming a man!!
This episode features my first 30 something man!!! He is a mediapreneur, Marthins Harrison. We got to chat about growing up as a man, choosing a career path and tap from his wealth of knowledge.
May 21, 2020
Travelled To 60 Countries And Counting
This episode gives an insight into the life of Pelumi Nubi, a Twenty Something, who has travelled to over 60 countries and counting. She shares her experiences, as well as some traveling tips for Twenties.
May 11, 2020
You can invest with $10
This episode I am joined by a finance expert & founder of FinLit Africa, Chidinma Okoli to discuss how to budget and grow money by investing with as little as $10.
May 02, 2020
Employment Realities of COVID || There will be job loses, unpaid leave, pay cut and more
On this episode, we discuss about new employment realities with the COVID 19 situation.
April 15, 2020
My 23rd Birthday || Dealing With Covid As A Twenty-Something.
This is was recorded a day after my birthday! Here I shared things I did and also shared some tips on how I am dealing what seems to be the new normal.
April 04, 2020
I grew my Instagram followers to over 10k in less than a year - Salem King
I am excited about this episode because it marks the beginning of a new era. It’s the era where Twenty-Somethings can request for a guest to join me in the show. This will be called the “Request Show”, for the first segment, Ebose a listener on the show requested to have Salem come on the show and share his experiences building a community and creating awesome content. Thankfully, Salem King was gracious enough to honor this request. I hope you enjoy listening as I enjoyed chatting with him.
March 22, 2020
Career building for Twenty Somethings
On this episode, I get to chat with Abisola, a health data analyst, lifestyle blogger and thirty-something on how to build a career when starting out new in an industry.
February 16, 2020
Social Media is My Job & Passion
This episode is dedicated to everyone who has a question or the other about making money, building a brand and leveraging social media. I chat with Tutu, a digital content & social media consultant & speaker. She shares how she made a move from law to the digital world, the challenges, triumphs and more.
January 28, 2020
Get Scholarship to Study Abroad
On this episode, Aisha a PHD scholar in America shares her experiences as an international student in America and drops some tips & tricks on how Twenty-Somethings interested in studying abroad can get in too.
January 16, 2020
Why I Started Twenty Somethings Rant!
One question most of those who listen to the podcast are always asking; why did you start Twenty Somethings Rant. For this and more reasons, on this episode, I will be answering all questions about how, why and the future of Twenty Somethings Rant.
January 07, 2020
At Age 20 Something, I Became A Widow
On this episode, we get to learn from a Thirty-something who drops tips from her twenties.
September 24, 2019
I Was Diagnosed With Depression & Anxiety Disorder
On this episode, our host Jessica is joined by a fellow Twenty-Something, Teemirah. Teemirah shares her journey through depression, how she dealt with it and shared advice to those dealing with it.
September 13, 2019
Every Organization Should Have A Creative Department!
On this episode, our host, Jessica is joined by Damilola to rant about the hustles of a Twenty Something in the creative industry. Enjoy.
August 04, 2019
I Was Scared Of What People Would Say!
On this episode of Twenty Somethings Rant, our host, Jessica is joined by Lashile to discuss fear. Lashile talks to us about how she deals with fear. She also reveals her new project which is yet to be published because of her fear of what will people say. Listen to find out more and don't forget to also share your experiences with us.
July 19, 2019
Don’t Date A Man That Bends While Walking!!!!
Well, this is an another episode where myself and Tumise give pro tips on some Relationship issues. Stay tuned! 🤗
July 12, 2019
Do Girls Shoot Shots At Guys?
Hiya! This is the beginning of a new segment here on Twenty Somethings Rant. On this segment, our host Jessica is joined by our new co-host, Tumise to discuss relationships hustles Twenty Somethings face. This segment will go up every Wednesday and it promises to be fun. Join the conversation!!!
July 07, 2019
Life After University Is Harder!!!
Congratulations to all our graduating students!!! Welcome to the world outside. Do not be anxious for anything but be prepared. That’s why on this episode we discuss things no one tells about life after university.
June 23, 2019
Explore To Discover Yourself
The word self discovery is not new to us, but the process seems to take for ever. Is it truly possible to discover yourself? On this episode, Taiba, a fellow Twenty Something shares her experience on the journey to self discovery. Tune in ❤️
June 16, 2019
5 Ways to Make Money Online
On the last episode we talked about job hunting and it’s complexities for fresh graduates and TwentySomethings. So, how do we keep our minds and bodies intact while we wait? One great way is to make money for the little things. On this episode we discuss money making.
June 08, 2019
How To Search For A Job!
Hi Twenty Somethings! Today’s episode is even more exciting because we have a guest, Alawaye Adedayo. Together, we get to rant about our lives after university, looking for a job, interview and a lot of other things. Join in on the conversation, as it promises to be fun with so many lessons to learn.
June 01, 2019
Your Family Cannot Make You Rich!!!
With every stage in life comes lessons. On this episode, I share some lessons I have learnt since Twenty something. I do not share because I am perfect and have no flaw. I share because I want to tell stories of how I survive this phase. Most important for me, is that you share your story with me too. Share your story, send a DM to TwentySomethingsRant on Instagram, enjoy!
May 25, 2019
Tales Of A Twenty-Something
Let’s talk about everything twenty somethings.
May 15, 2019