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Two Chats Or Not To Chat

Two Chats Or Not To Chat

By Two Bats Or Not To Bat
Follow the travails of one of the UK's worst cricket teams, Two Bats Or Not To Bat (TBONTB), as we gallantly lose every single week, but with smiles on our faces as we go. This is a true underdog story. Recently featured in the 2020 British Podcast Awards!
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Bonus Episode: A Cricket Pitch, Or Rather, A Pitch About Cricket
What better way to avoid "difficult second album syndrome" than to simply release some bonus podcast material instead? These carefully crafted off-cuts come from the very first Two Chats Or Not To Chat recording, held prior to our first official episode. Originally delivered as a podcast pitch to our Two Bats Or Not To Bat (TBONTB) team-mates - a well-meaning but considerably unsuccessful London-based cricket club - we're now unleashing these previously hidden gems to the wider world. There's even an interactive game around five minutes in! Follow us on Twitter at @TBONTB_Official for more cricketing, and general, nonsense.
July 2, 2020
It's Cricket, Jim, But Not As We Know It
Back in 2013, Ollie and Robin created the worst cricket team in the UK, and 7 years later, Ollie is aiming to add 'worst podcast' to that impressive list of achievements. This is an introduction to Two Bats Or Not To Bat, officially the worst team to ever play cricket in this country, and our story so far. The British love an underdog story, and you can't get much more underdog than TBONTB. We lose, cricket wins. Follow us on Twitter at @TBONTB_Official, and subscribe for more cricketing, and general, nonsense. 
April 26, 2020