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Marketers In Capes, hosted by Eytan Buchman, shares rapid-fire practical marketing advice. Each episode asks real marketing heroes, famous or not, how they do what they do so well....and all in under ten minutes.

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Lessons from the BBC on Tech Storytelling with Erica Marcom from Aleph VC E. 17
Show Notes Intercom, Slack, Hubspot, LinkedIn and other phenomenal B2B companies all have a new role. And it has to do with story-telling. In this episode, we talk to Aleph VC’s new head of marketing and messaging, Erica Marom, a BBC journalist gone tech storyteller, about how great brands rely on even better storytellers. Check out the six minute episode in its full glory to hear why video are made for storytelling, what journalists tap into to differentiate with storytelling,  and why some of the best tech inventors in the world fail to tell a goosebump-worthy story. --- About Marketers In Capes Marketers In Capes (formally Two Minute Marketing) shares rapid-fire practical marketing advice. In less than ten minutes, each episode asks real marketing heroes, famous or not, how they do what they do so well. Learn more at
July 8, 2019
How To Build A Funny Brand (Hint: Carefully) with Allie and Lyndsay from Obedient [E. 16]
You know what's worse than a crappy brand that tries to be funny? Nothing. Nothing is worse. Which is why I was intrigued by Obedient, a branding agency specializing in building funny brands.Humor can be one of the best ways to create an emotional connection with a customer (like this awesome Brooklinen ad) or an incredible way to fail. Hard. So how do you develop a funny brand right? Well, that's what Allie LeFevere and Lyndsay Rush explain., touching on: The right way to run a branding process, whether it's funny or not Shaping a funny brand for a fertility clinic (seriously) The nuances of humor And a lot of crappy jokes of mine that show that it's really, really hard to be funny Show Notes --- About Marketers In Capes Marketers In Capes (formally Two Minute Marketing) shares rapid-fire practical marketing advice. In less than ten minutes, each episode asks real marketing heroes, famous or not, how they do what they do so well. Also, in the episode I promised to drop Lindsay's full branding process, which didn't make the entire cut. Here is: First and foremost you need a strategy. So, every brand that we work with, we take them through a multi-layered process. I'll go over just very high level. What we start with is understanding the brands goals, audience, and industry. Really knowing the landscape of their product and their history. Then we identify a point of differentiation. So, how do we creatively position your business in a way that breaks from the noise and breaks from the pack? Essentially what it becomes, is it becomes the focus and direction we take your brand in. What we're doing is we're leading to your position. And in order to develop your position, which is the thing that's really going to hook your audience and make them pay attention to you, we want to understand what does your audience need to be believe? And how is that different from what others are offering?
June 3, 2019
The Ad Your Ad Could Sound Like with Eric Kallman [E. 15]
Hello, Ladies. If you were alive and online in 2010, you know the Old Spice ad. I'm on a horse, right? I grew up with that ad and it was one of my key inspirations for getting into the marketing space.  Which is why I was so pumped to host Eric Kallman, co-founder of Erich&Kallman and one of the main creative brains behind the entire ad campaign. In this episode, I speak to Eric: Why grandiose messaging can be trumped by directness The (very rapid!) creative process behind the Old Spice ad and its 180+ video strong social campaign What creating a breakthrough ad is really all about Tune in, this was a great episode. --- About Marketers In Capes Marketers In Capes (formally Two Minute Marketing) shares rapid-fire practical marketing advice. In less than ten minutes, each episode asks real marketing heroes, famous or not, how they do what they do so well. Learn more at
April 15, 2019
One Million Readers. Website Not Required. With Morning Brew’s Austin Ried [E. 14]
My guest this week is Austin Ried, the COO and Co-Founder of Morning Brew. Morning Brew is an incredible business email newsletter that packs great information with a very unique brand voice (that’s my favorite part). In this episode, Austin explains why Morning Brew’s go-to market strategy relied on email, how a friend attending a Facebook F8 conference gave them a huge first-to-market Instagram advantage, their internal guidance for staying on brand, and more. When you’re done, head over here to sign up for Morning Brew. --- About Marketers In Capes Marketers In Capes (formally Two Minute Marketing) shares rapid-fire practical marketing advice. In less than ten minutes, each episode asks real marketing heroes, famous or not, how they do what they do so well. Learn more at
March 28, 2019
What Wistia’s $111,000 Videos Mean For Marketers.
Mo money, more videos?  What if you could drop over $100,000 to test if video production value  impacts ROI? And if it's not all about production, what else drives views, reads, and sales? I got Andrew Capland, Wistia's marketing director, to dive deep on a  a hella expensive experiment they ran that did just that, how he optimizes growth funnels, some killer video ad distribution tips, and more.  And it's all crammed into 7:30 minutes of pure insights (and another 10 seconds of me goofing off). I'm what you may call a biased audience...but this is good episode.
January 22, 2019
Content. Not Just A Marketing Thing. Guest: Steli Efti,
Content is typically the domain of very, very cool marketers (like us, right?). But Steli Efti, the CEO of, is building a sales-driven CRM machine by leveraging content across the funnel.  This guy gets it; he's written a baker's dozen of sales books and is scaling a Y-Combinator backed powerhouse.  Plus, how often do you hear a sales guy say things like this: I'd rather have like an ideal customer share a blog post that we have with 30 other ideal customers that's much more valuable to me than getting some celebrity to tweet about our content that gets us 100,000 uniques from an audience that could never purchase our product Tune in for the three core ingredients on how Steli built (and is scaling) a huge sales+marketing machine.  And for witty jokes by me. What more could you want?
January 9, 2019
Newsjacking: How Soybeans Make Headlines
In just five'll dive deep into how a combination of data, storytelling, and emotions can take even the most boring story - trade tariffs - and secure press mentions across Quartz, Reuters, and others, all based on real-world experience from the folks at MarineTraffic.
December 17, 2018
Typeform's 240 Second Journey to Google’s Page 1
In episode 10 of Two Minute Marketing (which is actually almost ten minutes long), we dive into customer acquisition with the head of Typeform's acquisition team, Jake Stainer. We hit three-letter acronyms hard, discussing SEO strategies (quick summaries at the top FTW), CRO (qualitative, not just quantitative), and PPC (just listen, okay?). This is the real deal, folks. Enjoy.
December 4, 2018
How The Kings of SEO Do Content with Tim from Ahrefs (TMM E09)
Like Luke and Darth, blue dress or gold dress, SEO vs content is a debate that tends to polarize. But in this interview with Tim Soulo, the head of marketing at, it turns out that it might not be so complicated. Tim shares the content strategy that ahrefs uses to drive decision making, why SEO is really the most customer-friendly acquisition channel, and I summarize four core tips for YouTube content success.
November 20, 2018
The Process That Makes CRO Actually Work
Any monkey can change button colors. But for CRO (conversion rate optimization) to work, it needs a rigorous process. You know who has one? Talia Wolf, the founder of GetUplift. Tune in to learn why you shouldn't listen to your grandfather, what CRO best practices aren't...and how low I'm willing to go for a good(ish) pun.
August 2, 2018
Toilets, Toothpaste, and Don't Open This Email: Matthew Smith, Founder of Really Good Emails
Over 280 billion emails are thought to be sent every single day. Which makes it hard to get yours opened when you need it to be opened.  So I went to the person who clearly knows that makes an email good, Matthew Smith, a design and customer experience wiz show came up with Really Good Emails (RGE), possibly the best email resource in the world. And I trust him, because I open their emails every. Single Time. Give it a listen to hear where emails are going in the future, how they nail their brand voice, and the internal process for creating emails. 
July 2, 2018
How Data Guided Mixpanel To Perfect Homepage Copy (Ep. 06)
This episode happened because Mixpanel's website messaging moved me on a whole other level (the subject line in my email to them was "Your website is poetry.") So I got them on TMM to figure out how they actually did it. Amelia Salyers, who runs corporate marketing at Mixpanel, walks us through the process of merging data and some old-fashioned research to come up with the perfect mix.
June 4, 2018
Nailing the Niche with Todoist’s Brenna Loury (E05)
In this episode, we talk to Brenna Loury about how Toidoist became such a runaway success in the incredibly crowded productivity space. We also talk about real practical manifestations of positioning and early-stage growth, all on a budget.
May 23, 2018
Donuts and Practically Free Super Bowl Ads (Ep. 04)
This episode explores the concept of triggers, internal or external drivers that make us tick. Kicking off with some deliciously smelling donuts, we talk to the former head of Volvo North America and learn how the best car Super Bowl advertisement ever went down...without paying for a Super Bowl ad.
April 2, 2018
Touch Up Paint & Growth Hacks (Or Not) With Rand Fishkin (Ep. 03)
This episode, featuring Rand Fishkin (aka the godfather of SEO), drills down on growth hacks and their role as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Rand also shares the core channels that Moz leveraged to scale. And boy, did those do the trick.
March 16, 2018
Carpenters, Chatbots, and Selling the Result (Ep. 02)
David Cancel, the CEO of Drift, shares how differentiating from thousands of competitors isn't just about your product....and what it is that customers actually want.
March 5, 2018
Two Minute Marketing: License Plates
Two minutes (or so) of marketing insights, inspired by the real world. This first episode focuses on two important marketing concepts to pick up from license plates. Check out for more marketing thoughts
February 26, 2018
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