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Two Mics Up

Two Mics Up

By Two Mics Up
Two Mics Up is a podcast hosted by Damednydc and featured guest co-host Alisa Middleton.

Two Mics Up will discuss and cover topics ranging from community area news, events, education, to politics. We will be working to bring insightful interviews from small businesses and people who are working hard for the betterment of our communities here in the DMV.

The show's primary goal is to educate, empower and positively impact the community.

Episodes are released every Monday.
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Eps. 18 Talking Vote 2020 with Qasim Rashid

Two Mics Up

Eps. 18 Talking Vote 2020 with Qasim Rashid

Two Mics Up

Eps. 58 "LIVE" Support Small Businesses
Eps. 58: What up to all the listeners of the Two Mics Up podcast!  Today's episode we go "LIVE"!  We talking #blackexcellence tonight! If you are like us and you believe in supporting small businesses in the community then come join this conversation.  We will be highlighting the products and services of the businesses who have been critical to our success! Make sure to subscribe on our website or YouTube Channel to enter in and win one of two prizes we will be giving away "LIVE" at the end of the broadcast. Next Level Keyz Riddick Entertainment & Events Clifton CJ Durham Regina Legette Sheenell Brown Bubbles & Brews Philly
July 23, 2021
Eps. 57 Collaboration Is Key
Eps. 57: The Two Mics Up team sits down with Co-Directors Taneasha White (she/her) and Brooke Taylor (they/them) at the "spot" in Richmond Virginia.  When we say the "spot" - we mean the Collab Spot!  The Collab Spot is Richmond’s new co-working space and social justice community hub. The Collab spot is comprised of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color centered collectives that are committed to racial justice and community through the provision of safe co-working and meeting space, resources, integrative wellness services, and community events.  Tune in and #MEETMEATTHESPOT!  You don't want to miss out on the nuggets, gems and boulders of knowledge and wisdom shared on this amazing episode of Two Mics Up! Featuring: Taneasha White (she/her) and Brooke Taylor (they/them) Co-Directors The Collab Spot
July 19, 2021
Eps. 56 Shining 365
Eps. 56: Today on Two Mics Up, our host damednydc heads out to California and chats things up with Rahbin Shyne.  Rahbin is is an author, marathon runner and host of the 365 Brother's Podcast.  The 365 Brothers Podcast delivers inspiring interviews from diverse black men from all walks of life.  Our host - damednydc has had the pleasure to appear on an episode of the 365 Brothers Podcast, and now we continue our conversation across platforms.  Tune in as Rahbin talks about 365 Brothers podcast, her inspirations, the current Presidential administration our community and so much more...  Featuring: Rahbin Shyne Author and Host of 365 Brothers Podcast 
July 5, 2021
Eps. 55 Saving Innocence
Eps. 55: Today the Two Mics Up team works to educate our audience on human trafficking.  Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry worldwide. According to the Department of State, 2 million women and children are victims of human trafficking every year.   In the United States alone, 300 thousand children are forced into child prostitution and child pornography each year. In Washington DC alone, trafficking innocent children is a $100 million industry.   Tune in as we work to educate our community with this difficult conversation.   Featuring: Deborah Sigmund Founder Innocents at Risk
June 28, 2021
Eps. 54 Mokenstef Music
Eps. 54 Today on Two Mics Up host damednydc heads to California to sit down and chop it up with Mokenstef.  This totally amazing interview with @therealmokenstef is now available on all streaming platforms.  Tune in to hear the ladies discuss the inspiration behind their smash #1995 Billboard hit "He's Mine", life before , during and after Azz Izz, and their upcoming projects. Featuring: Mokenstef
June 21, 2021
Eps. 53 Influential Vibe
Eps. 53: damednydc host of the Two Mics Up podcast travels out to Seattle Washington and chops it with Tyson Robinson host of the TysonVibes Podcast.  Tyson Robinson uses his platform to inspire confidence in our communities businesses by highlighting the knowledge and experience of breakthrough entrepreneurs across our country.  This is a platform crossover conversation show. Check out our YouTube channel as we air the original episode where damednydc joined Tyson Robinson on his show and now we have Tyson here on Two Mics Up.  This is a perfect example of black businesses working together to support and uplift one another. Featuring: Tyson Robinson - Host of the TysonVibe Podcast.
June 14, 2021
Eps. 52 Get Legal
Eps. 52: Are you or anyone you know worrying about a legal problem? Do you need legal advice or legal representation? Well today on the Two Mics Up Podcast you will not have to go much further to find the right person who may have a solution to your problems.  The days of no longer being able to afford an attorney are long gone, tune in as we sit down with Regina Legette an Independent LegalShied Associate and get the legal advice, counsel, or representation you need!  Featuring: Regina Legette LegalShield Independent Associate
June 7, 2021
Eps. 51 The Church and Mental Health
Eps. 51 Today on Two Mics Up as we close out May and National Mental Heath Awareness month - we wanted to speak to the role of The Church and Mental Health.  We are joined by Pastor Al Harris and his wife Co-Pastor Sabrina Harris of Deliverance Headquarters for All People located in Suitland, Maryland and they help to educate us on the spiritual, physical and mental journey involved in an individuals overall health. Most importantly, our guests speakers really shine a light on how the church does and can help our community deal with the stigma and stresses of mental health.  I urge our audience and listeners to tune in as this conversation touches on so many aspects and areas that we need to look at to heal and move forward to better our selves as it relates to the struggles of mental health and more. Featuring: Pastor Al Harris and Co-Pastor Sabrina Harris of Deliverance Headquarters for All People
May 31, 2021
Eps. 50 She Who Honors
Eps. 50: Today the Two Mics Up team heads to Pittsburgh PA, and sits down with Christina Leeman; Author, Blogger, Teacher Ministry, “She Who Honors”!  Christina Leeman, MPH is a Kingdom - centered Spiritual health educator. Christina helps women form a strong spiritual foundation in Jesus towards better wholistic health. This leads to inner healing of ones soul. And assists you to break free from lies and fear to step into your true Kingdom calling!  Tune in for another amazing episode that you won't want to miss. Featuring: Christina Leeman: Author, Blogger, Teacher Ministry
May 17, 2021
Eps. 49 No Support...
Eps. 49: Today on Two Mics Up damednydc has the pleasure to sit down with Kimberly McLemore, Author, Podcast Host, Book Coach, CEO & Founder of WSBI, LLC as well as Rose and Ian Burke - the founders of the Burke Business Consulting Firm.  We discuss an ongoing issue in our community and that is Why don't we support black businesses?  Tune in and enjoy this diverse conversation and knowledge dropped by our guests as we work to change the narrative. Featuring: Kimberly McLemore: Author, Podcast Host, Book Coach and CEO & Founder of WSBI, LLC Rosemarie and Ian Burke: Founders of the Burke Business Consulting Firm (BBC Firm)
May 10, 2021
Eps. 48 Spicy Never Tasted This Good
Eps. 48: Today Two Mics Up heads to California and sits down with "Chef Tico Rico". Tropical land tends to sprout people with vibrant cultures. The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is no exception. From Afro-Latin roots and a childhood spent hovering near his grandmother as she cooked, emerged Chef Richard Taylor a.k.a "Chef Tico Rico". His passion for food and love for all those who share in eating it shines through when making his signature hot sauces.  Tune in and enjoy this vibrant conversation from a one of a kind Chef, creator and innovator of hot sauces.  Make sure you catch the product code at the end to receive 15% of your next purchase of Tico Rico Hot Sauce. Featuring: Chef Richard Taylor a.ka. "Chef Tico Rico"
May 3, 2021
Eps. 47 Black Creativity
Eps. 47: Today on episode 47 of the Two Mics Up Podcast, we have the pleasure of talking with a young man who we feel is symbolic of what our future holds as a black community.  Joe Hughes III - who is currently an undergrad at Virginia Tech University joins Two Mics Up and blesses us with his amazing talents as a writer and poet.  Joe also opens up as it relates to mental health challenges, the role he feels young men and women can play as we move forward as a community and drops some BOMB poetic pieces!  Tune in and enjoy Black Creativity at its finest. Featuring: Joe Hughes III: Virginia Tech Undergrad, Writer and Poet.
April 26, 2021
Eps. 46 Candidly Speaking
Eps. 46: Today damednydc and Alisa Middleton talk candidly about the Derrick Chauvin trial and "Breaking the Blue Wall of Silence", Maxine Waters heading out to Minnesota and telling the protestors to "stay in the street", they also touch on the flip side of police brutality while talking about former Buffalo police officer Cariol Horne and her case being overturned and lastly - the Covid 19 pandemic that continues to rage on across America.
April 19, 2021
Eps. 45 Two Mics Up Lost Tape
Eps. 45: As we enter the middle of Season 2, the Two Mics Up team takes a moment to pause and reflect with some of our past conversations that had to be edited, revised or just didn't make the cut.  Today's episode is all in fun, hope you enjoy and see you next week!
April 12, 2021
Eps. 44 Impact Driven
Eps. 44: damednydc Host of the Two Mics Up Podcast heads to Los Angeles and sits down with impact driven entrepreneur, actress and producer Shani Pride.  Shani is one of the most amazing and diverse sisters out here putting in that work.  Listen in and get inspired by Shani's Foundation E, which is committed to justice, diversity, inclusion, equality and equity through its programmatic work. Please take time to watch or listen to this episode. Help support this sister and her work which impacts us globally and serves to advance our community. Featuring  Shani Pride - Entrepreneur, Actress, Producer
April 5, 2021
Eps. 43 We Rise, We Shine!
Eps. 43: Today the Two Mics Up crew has the opportunity to head to New Orleans and We Rise and We Shine with actress, writer, producer and former radio host Samantha Beaulieu.  This sister talks to us about her most recent projects, Black Girl Magic and Samantha also touches on the most recent Golden Globes Awards and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's lack of diversity. This talented sister is such a shining light, with so much to give and we are amazed at this queens authentic energy!  Tune in and enjoy this conversation today.  Featuring  Samantha Beaulieu - Actress, Writer, Producer
March 29, 2021
Eps. 42 Spring Forward
Eps. 42: Spring is in the air, and are you ready to Spring Forward?  Join Two Mics Up as we sit down and prepare to get fit for the summer with Chelsea Shea, proud Owner of Pure Barre Woodbridge.  Pure Barre is more than your traditional fitness place, Pure Barre is rooted in isometric movements that provide big results.  Pure Barre embraces all different levels of fitness, and caters to the modifications and health needs of its members.  Take a moment to listen and subscribe to the Podcast - you will be given an opportunity to take advantage of some tremendous offers from Pure Barre Woodbridge! Featuring: Chelsea Shea - Owner Pure Barre Woodbridge
March 22, 2021
Eps. 41 Lights Camera Adisa!
Eps. 41: Today we have the pleasure of sitting down with actor/writer/producer Lawrence Adisa.  Lawrence gives us some insight on the film industry. We also chop it up as it relates to the state of America, the pandemic and more.  Tune in as we get ready to hit the big screen with this episode: Lights Camera Adisa!   Featuring   Actor/Writer/Producer Lawrence Adisa  Film/Production Credits: Grinding, Clockers, The Love Section
March 15, 2021
Eps. 40 Conversation of the Heart
Eps. 40: Today Two Mics Up has the opportunity to have a Heartfelt conversation with Carl Armstrong the Director of Operations at Heart 4 The Community Initiative and Host of Carlsconversations.  This episode we cover topics from politics,  black men and their role in the family, the role of the church and Carls continued efforts to have open and genuine talks through his Carlsconversations.  We were not only educated, but you could feel and hear the Impact of Carl's dedicated work in the community come through in this episode. Featuring: Carl Armstrong  Director of Operations at Heart 4 The Community Initiative Host of Carlsconversations
March 8, 2021
Eps. 39 We Talking 'Bout Taxes
Eps. 39: Today on Two Mics Up, We Talking 'Bout Taxes!!!  That's right taxes... just that quick tax season is upon us and we decided to get prepared.  We chat with Jennifer McDuffie of JMIncome Tax Services.  Jennifer breaks it down and educates us and our listeners on the fact that in today's world you need a tax professional not a tax preparer.  Tune in and find out more about Jennifer McDuffie and all the services she provides. Featuring: Jennifer McDuffie - JMIncome Tax Services
March 1, 2021
Eps. 38 History In The Making
Eps. 38: The Two Mics Up crew has the opportunity to sit down with Jennifer Carroll Foy... A sister who is breaking ground as she runs for Governor in the Commonwealth of Virginia!  Jennifer talks to us about her background and history from a young child in Petersburg VA, to her raising the bar while a female cadet in VMI to her rise from the Public Defenders office to running for Governor in Virginia!  This is a true story of "History in the Making" don't miss it - tune in and listen on your favorite streaming platform or our YouTube Channel. Featuring  Jennifer Carroll Foy - Democratic Representative For Governor - Virginia
February 22, 2021
Eps. 37 Talking Black People Sh*t
Eps. 37:  Today the Two Mics Up crew travels to Long Beach California and talks Black People Sh*t with the lovely and phenomenal actress Janora McDuffie.  This conversation take us on a journey as we discuss Janora's early education acting career, the state of America, her relationship and what it is like to have a spouse who is in law enforcement and so much more!  Tune in and listen on your favorite streaming platform or watch on our YouTube channel. Featuring: Actress, Voice Over Artist & Podcast Host: Janora McDuffie Film /TV Credits: Obsessed, Big Ain't Bad / Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Criminal Minds Podcast: Black People Sh*t
February 15, 2021
Eps. 36 A Time For Healing
Eps. 36: Today on Two Mics Up we have the opportunity to sit down with Joseph Mcrae - Content Creator and Co-Host of The Mcrae Kingz Podcast.  Joseph talks to us with one goal in mind.  That is to address the toxic masculinity issues the Black LGBQT+ Community faces from within the Black Community as a whole.  This conversation will be a springboard to educate our people and create a dialogue within the Black Community to build a united foundation, at the end of the day we must understand we are all black - male, female, gay or straight - PERIODT!!! Featuring: Joseph Mcrae Content Creator / Co-Host The Mcrae Kingz Podcast
February 8, 2021
Eps. 35 Discussion with A King
Eps. 35: On today's episode the Two Mics Up team sits down with Actor Travis Raeburn.  This young King wows us not only with his talent, but his knowledge, words of wisdom and very clear views of today's damaged society.  Tune in as we discuss with Travis -  Trump, racism in America, biases against Black Men, the changing of the Presidential guard and Travis's acting career. Featuring Actor Travis Raeburn  Film/Stage Credits: First match, Civic Mind, Soup, Topdog/Underdog
February 1, 2021
Eps. 34 More Than #ENOUGH!
Eps. 34: Today the Two Mics Up team sits down with Gary Holland, a man that is a true inspiration in the community! Gary wears many hats, from his participation and role as a  Associate Pastor, to his role serving as the Chair of the Economic Development Committee for the Stafford NAACP to coordinating events in the community as the Founder and Executive Vice Chair of the #ENOUGH organization and movement. Tune in as we discuss what is the role of both the Church and the NAACP in today's black community and so much more!  This is definitely a conversation that I hope you take time to listen to.  Featuring: Gary Holland - Associate Pastor & Community Leader
January 25, 2021
Eps. 33 A View From The S.P.A.C.E.
Eps. 33: Today on Episode 33, the Two Mics Up crew head up to the Great North!  Toronto to be exact and we chop it up with Linette Doherty -  a truly multi-talented actress, dancer and choreographer.  She is also the Founder and Artistic Director of The S.P.A.C.E. dance studio.  Linette shares her perspective as we discuss the Pandemic, America's Insurrection, Trump and BLM as it relates to Canada and specifically the Black Canadian Community.  We are also pleasantly educated on some very important Black Canadian history.  To be clear these are her views and in no way does Linette speak for the entire Black Canadian community.  Subscribe, like, follow and listen today as we Educate Empower and Impact our communities positively with Linette Doherty. Featuring: Linette Doherty: Actress/Choreographer - Founder & Artistic Director of The S.P.A.C.E. Film/TV Credits: The Cheetah Girls, Molly's Game, Kim's Convenience
January 18, 2021
Eps. 32 Insurrection Day
Eps. 32: Join - Host damednydc and Featured Co-Host Alisa Middleton sit down and discuss one of the darkest days in American History!  January 6, 2021 will forever be known as Insurrection Day!  It has been one week to the day since the insurrection occurred, this is a discussion that needs to be heard.  Enjoy this bonus episode both on our podcast and YouTube Channels!  . Featuring: Two Mics Up Host damednydc Two Mics Up Featured Co-Host Alisa Middleton
January 13, 2021
Eps. 31 New Year New Perspective
Eps. 31: The Two Mics Up team has returned with a New Year, New Perspective for Season 2!  We open up with John Reid the Founder/Editor of the PW Perspective and Langston Carter the Managing Editor of the PW Perspective.  This episode we are educated on how to speak our "voice" and not let silence persist! Take note and use Langston Carter's motto of "causing good trouble".  Listen in and learn more about Northern Virginia's Anti-Racist Newspaper bringing stories to life with impactful stories from the black and brown perspective. Featuring: John Reid - Founder/Editor PW Perspective Langston Carter - Managing Editor PW Perspective
January 11, 2021
Eps. 30 Mics Out - Season 1 Finale
Eps. 30: Y'all, we made it to Episode 30 and the end of Season 1. We can't thank y'all enough for the love and support. Join us for a season 1 recap, what's next for Two Mics Up, and what to look forward to when we return. It's only up from here! Watch the live version on our FB page or Youtube:
November 17, 2020
Eps. 29 Out With The Red, In With The Blue
Eps. 29: Today the Two Mics Up team discusses the selection of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the impact of the Presidential Elections in 2020.  The TMU team also highlights the role that the Black, Brown, and Indigenous Americans as a collective block helped to push the Biden/Harris ticket over the top. TMU touches on Stacey Abrams, her role in Georgia to help with making sure voter suppression did not flare up and raise its ugly head as well as her future moving forward with the Democratic Party, and more... 
November 9, 2020
And The Winner Is...
S1-T2: damednydc host of the Two Mics Up Podcast drops a message to discuss what our listeners can expect in relation to Saturday's announcement of the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election.  Host damednydc also touches on what is will be coming up as the Two Mics Up Podcast prepares to come to an end of a very successful Season One.
November 8, 2020
Eps. 28 Voter's View - Election 2020
Eps. 28:  Today the Two Mics Up crew is joined by Kristopher Riddick and Heather Hutchison to share their views as voters on the upcoming 2020 elections.  We take some time to delve into topics regarding race relations in America.  Is there a possibility for change?  Healthcare and Covid-19 and the stances that both party have taken through out this election cycle.  This episodes intent is to address some of the "CORE" questions that we all face as Americans here in this so called UNITED State of America.  Hope you enjoy... listeners you can also watch this episode and some of our others on our YouTube Channel - Guest Panel:  Kris Riddick Heather Hutchison
November 2, 2020
Eps. 27 Disenfranchised No More
Eps. 27 - Today damednydc, Host of the Two Mics Up Podcast takes a moment to discuss the upcoming Elections.  It is important to note this is directed to the undecided voter and our young Black Kings and Queens.  We need you to show up and show out to break the bonds and chains of disenfranchisement... we are not at the end of the race, it is just the beginning... a new beginning that is fast approaching. We need you to prepare to take the reins as we strategize and mobilize as a united Black Nation. Episode 27 is also available on our YouTube Channel at
October 29, 2020
Eps. 26 I.M.P.A.C.T.
Eps. 26: Today the Two Mics Up crew heads to Houston Texas and speaks with Shayla Atkins, Founder and CEO of the Atkins Impact Consulting Firm.  This sister educates us on how she works on removing cultural barriers, biases and toxic behaviors that hinders the growth of organizations, as well as explaining how she uses strategic planning to cultivate growth for small to mid-size business owners.  Are you prepared for that change and IMPACT your business and career deserves today?     Featuring: Shayla Atkins Founder/CEO The Atkins Impact Consulting Firm
October 26, 2020
Eps. 25 Hot Mics
Eps. 25 Today on Two Mics Up we jump two knees deep into the current political season, along with the crazy Ice Cube drama and touch on Breona Taylor.  This is gonna be a wild ride as we turn up that FIRE and go live with the Hot Mics.  You ready?  The TMU crew is joined by Teknesha Robinson on today’s live podcast episode.. catch the video on our YouTube Channel - Two Mics Up. Guest Panelist: Teknesha Robinson of Owner EmpowerU Career Coaching LLC
October 19, 2020
Eps. 24 Shots Up
Eps. 24: Today the Two Mics Up podcast travels to the City pf Brotherly Love - Philadelphia, PA!  We had the opportunity to kick back and talk about drinks and getting our Shots Up with J'nelle Lawrence the Owner of Bubbles and Brews Philly.  This is a totally new type of party, events and entertainment style to hit the scene!  Enjoy the fun and energy as we talk about what it's like to celebrate "differently" during these crazy times. Featuring: J'nelle Lawrence - Owner Bubbles and Brews Philly
October 12, 2020
Eps. 23 Let's Dance
Eps. 23: Now that we have entered October, and in honor of Black Art Month we decided to expand  "art" to include art of all forms.  Today the Two Mics Up crew travels to the Stafford/Fredericksburg Virginia area and talks with Khalia Harris, Founder and CEO of the Umbiance Center for the Performing Arts.  The Umbiance Center for the Performing Arts desires to ignites imagination, faith, enthusiasm, persistence and passion in all of their dancers by helping them realize they have something unique to offer the world. Featuring Khalia Harris, Founder/CEO of Umbiance Center for the Performing Arts
October 5, 2020
Eps. 22 Broken America - Part 2
Eps. 22 Part 2: Today the Two Mics Up team continues its candid conversation with Heather Hutchison, Founder of The SoundMind Collective.  We dive further into the broken race relations, education, and work to identify ways to collectively work together to improve our fractured communities.  The ultimate mission of The SoundMind Collective is to create a sustainable culture achieved through education and action that will serve every member of our community with intention and integrity.  This is a must listen episode, so come with an open mind as we discuss issues that are impacting us all here in Broken America. Featuring Heather Hutchison - Founder of The SoundMind Collective
September 28, 2020
Eps. 21 Broken America - Part 1
Eps. 21 Part 1: Today the Two Mics Up team has the opportunity and pleasure to sit down and have a very open and candid talk with Heather Hutchison, Founder of The SoundMind Collective.  We discuss race relations, education, and ways to collectively work together to improve our fractured communities.  The ultimate mission of The SoundMind Collective is to create a sustainable culture achieved through education and action that will serve every member of our community with intention and integrity.  This is a must listen episode, so come with an open mind as we discuss issues that are impacting us all here in Broken America. Featuring Heather Hutchison - Founder of The SoundMind Collective
September 21, 2020
Eps. 20 Maximize Your Potential
Eps. 20: Today the Two Mics Up crew sits down and chops it up with Teknesha Robinson, Owner and CEO of EmpowerU Career Coaching out of Fredericksburg, VA.  Listen as we talk about the ever changing job market and how Teknesha works with various clients from vastly different walks of life that have been impacted by the Covid-19 era.  Teknesha discusses how she helps her clientele maximize their potential to make positive career changes. Featuring: Teknesha Robinson Owner/CEO EmpowerU Career Coaching
September 14, 2020
Eps. 19 Crack Your Back...
Eps. 19: Today the Two Mics Up crew has the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Ndidi Harley, the first Black American female owner and operator of a HealthSource Chiropractic franchise here in the DMV area.  Dr. Harley proudly operates her Healthsource Chiropractic practice out of Crofton, Maryland, and we were educated on the services she provides and the need to rethink about the Chiropractic profession as a whole.  Time to add a chiropractor to your regular medical rotation and crack your back! Featuring: Dr. Ndidi Harley, D.C. - Owner/Operator HealthSource Chiropractic - Crofton, MD
September 7, 2020
Eps. 18 Talking Vote 2020 with Qasim Rashid
Eps. 18 Special Episode Alert to Virginia residents: The Two Mics Up team speaks with Qasim Rashid, Democratic Congressional Candidate for Virginia District #1.  All we can say is WOW!  Please, please, please take a listen, tell your friends and neighbors to listen and get to know the man working for your vote.  This episode is a MUST listen as we prepare for the upcoming November elections.   Also please follow Two Mics Up on social media and the web as we are working to bring the Northern Virginia community a wonderful Vote 2020 event on Saturday September 12, 2020 @ Cecil Garrison Park - Dumfries VA.  Meet Qasim Rashid, talk to him in person and learn more about him. Event brought to you by: Two Mics Up, H4TCI, United Black Council, Riddick Entertainment & Events, PW Perspective Please wear masks and social distancing guidelines are in effect.
September 2, 2020
Eps. 17 The Collective
Eps. 17 - Are you ready to join The Collective?  Today on Two Mics Up we speak with Fatima Smith - Owner and Co-Founder of the Collective 365.  Fatima explains how Collective 365 works to facilitate opportunities for the community.  Collective 365 helps to support the needs of the community through service engagements, and by hosting educational and networking events in order to support the sustainability of communities of color through philanthropic giving. Featuring Fatima Smith - Owner and Co-Founder of Collective 365
August 31, 2020
Eps. 16 Unjustifiable
Eps. 16 Host Damednydc shares his concerns and fears as he discusses the unjustifiable assault and blatant assassination attempt on Jacob Blake. He also addresses the continued downward spiral of humanity as a whole.  We are in a crisis and our "HUMANITY" is at stake... racism has now become the back drop.  When does it end? Bonus Episode
August 28, 2020
Eps. 15 Prepared Mentality
Eps. 15 on Two Mics Up we are joined by Darius Newman who helps to educate us and our listeners about Emergency Preparedness.  The goal and focus is to make sure you, your family and our community are protected and safe from unexpected events.  Are your prepared?  Time to join the PM Tribe and get our emergency preparedness processes in order. Featuring Darius Newman CEO of Prepared Mentality
August 24, 2020
Eps. 14 No Limit With BeUnlimited
Eps. 14 - With August being Black Business Month, the Two Mics Up team begins its Empowerment Series with BeUnlimited Inc., out of Greenbelt, Maryland.  This amazing organization founded and spearheaded by CEO Melissa Mallory is a true diamond in the rough and all I can say is this episode is a must listen!  BeUnlimited really exemplifies empowerment as it engages and helps young members of our community become stronger, more confident and assists in giving them direction to become successful contributors to society and the black community.. Featuring: Melissa Mallory Founder/CEO BeUnlimited Inc. (@beunlmtd)
August 17, 2020
Eps. 13 What Are You Willing To Do?
Eps. 13: Today the Two Mics Up crew examines our black history.  We look through the lens of the unifying and electrifying movements which were led by Marcus Garvey and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.  We highlight the similarities in both the Black Nationalism and Black Lives Matter movements and how we are right back at square one.  We ask you our listeners, how committed are you to the movement?  And specificaly, what are you willing to do to see this movement succeed? Featuring Damednydc & Alisa Middleton
August 10, 2020
EPs. 12 Black At Work
Eps. 12 Black At Work... Today the Two Mics Up team explores and discusses what it is like to be Black At Work.  We are joined by N Cunningham the Executive Producer/Vice President of Two Mics Up and our Marketing and Branding Executives Ana C and Devante of 94 Media House.  These two young bosses join the conversation and share some of their experiences in todays work place environment, and they work to cope with being "Black At Work." Featuring: N. Cunningham VP/EP Two Mics Up podcast Ana C and Devante of 94 Media House
August 3, 2020
Eps. 11 What In The 2020?
Episode 11 on the Two Mics Up podcast we discuss the madness that has been the year 2020 to date!  We cover topics that include the Nick Cannon situation, the lynchings of black men, Covid-19 and more... we are joined on today's podcast by our Executive Producer N. Cunningham as we just chop it up and let things flow. Today's episode is dedicated to the loving memory of Chris Blackwell
July 27, 2020
Eps. 10 Broken
Episode 10 of the Two Mics Up Podcast, Damednydc and Alisa Middleton discuss how the "American system" is broken. And how this broken system continues to be the foundation for the racism and systematic inequality that exists between White and Black America.  Join us and enjoy the ride as we strive to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and IMPACT our communities positively.
July 20, 2020
Eps. 9 Home Sweet Home
Today in Episode 9 the Two Mics Up crew proudly presents our first EDUCATIONAL SERIES episode which focuses on the home buying process.  We are proud to have two of the DMV's finest realtors; LaTricia Sistrunk and Shawn Marrow from Century 21 Realty Envision, located in Upper Marlboro Maryland.  Today they help educate our listeners on the initial steps to take in the home buying process. Featured Guest Realtors LaTricia Sistrunk and Shawn Marrow of Century 21 Envision
July 13, 2020
Eps. 8 Empowered by NIRAY
Today in Eps. 8 The Two Mics Up crew has the pleasure of introducing our BUSINESS SERIES premiere inspired by today's two guests.  These two women have been at the forefront of helping others achieve their online business goals and dreams and have assisted in empowering others to take their ideas from concept to fruition.  It is our honor today to sit and speak with Tracy and Ernisha Hall who are two of the most talented individuals who are positively impacting our communities here in the DMV..   Featuring Tracy and Ernisha Hall of NIRAY LLC.
July 6, 2020
Eps. 7 Eye Opener
EPS. 7 the Two Mics Up crew discuss the inequality issues affecting our communities within Virginia. We also announce The United Black Council. Founded by our Co-Host Alisa Middleton and what role it will play in the black agenda. Sit back, relax and join our movement to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and IMPACT our community positively. Today's episode sponsored by Political Dragon.
June 29, 2020
Eps. 6 - What If We Had An All Black Football League?
Episode 6 on Two Mics Up Podcast is a Father's Day special that talks about sports and asks the question - What If?  What if we could create an all Black Football League?  We discuss steps, and share some ideas on how we can take this dream from concept to reality in principle.  Damednydc and Alisa explore the history of the NFL, how today's social climate and pandemic have allowed us to have a glimpse at the potential of creating an all Black football league.  Shout out to all our dads and sports fanatics on Father's Day 2020! Today's Father's Day episode brought to you by Riddick Entertainment.
June 22, 2020
Eps. 5 Juneteenth - Happy Independence Day!
Today in Episode 5 the Two Mics Up crew celebrates Black Independence Day - Juneteenth!  We discuss what Juneteenth is all about, its meaning, the culture and the history associated with the Holiday as it relates to our black community.  Sit back and enjoy today's celebration of Juneteenth!
June 19, 2020
Eps. 4 Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
Episode 4 This week on Two Mics Up with the current volatile social climate we wanted to change the mood of show and discuss something upbeat.  Today we have the pleasure of interviewing two DJ's who are taking time out of their schedules to provide us with a little happiness through music. Sit back and relax and let's all hear what it is like from a DJ's perspective as they continue to provide us with joy and stress relief during these troubling times. Today’s guest panel: DJ Cocobrownny and DJ_Smove of DJ_Smove Productions
June 15, 2020
Eps. 3 Back to Basics
In Episode 3 of the Two Mics Up Podcast, Damednydc and Alisa speak with guest Saeed and Michelle Riddick of Riddick Entertainment to discuss ideas and way to get the black agenda/black movement Back to Basics.  We discuss ways to positively construct an "action plan" moving forward in and across the black community nationwide with the premise of getting Back to Basics.
June 8, 2020
Eps. 2 - ENOUGH.
In Episode 2 - ENOUGH, the Two Mics Up Podcast is joined for an interview with Bernard L. Turner - a Minneapolis MN area resident. Bernard was also a business associate of Mr. George Floyd, who lost his life last week at the hands of Minneapolis Police Officers. We wanted to follow up as it has now been a little more than a week since his unfortunate death and wanted to discuss the current climate and state of affairs in Minneapolis MN. Our Co-Host, Alisa Middleton, is also on set with us today to give us her perspective and share here experiences over the last week with the rallies and events that took place here locally in Stafford, VA.
June 4, 2020
A Word From Our Co-Host
This is a brief introduction from Alisa Middleton, the Featured Guest Co-Host of the Two Mics Up Podcast.
June 3, 2020
Eps. 1 - Thankful
Episode 1, Thankful... we introduce the show, the show host and featured co-host as well as discuss the show format that we will be working to bring to you each and every work.  Tell your family, tell a friend to join the ride as The Saga Begins on the Two Mics Up Podcast.
May 29, 2020
Eps. 0 - It's Official
This is the official, unofficial launch broadcast of the Two Mics Up Podcast featuring Damednydc and featured guest co-Host Alisa Middleton.  We will be bringing you topics that range from pop culture to politics live and uncut.  We hope you will tune in and join us on our ride as The Saga Begins!!!
May 29, 2020