Two Minute Stories

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By Justin Hastings
Brief tales of fiction in less than two minutes by Justin Hastings.


57 Episodes
"Lasso," a story about a proud, deadly woman
May 18, 201804:29
"Stuck in Light," a story about persistence and adaptation
May 14, 201802:49
"Your Life, in Data," a story about exposing your behavior
Apr 23, 201804:32
"Superman Complex," a story about optimism versus truth
May 7, 201804:05
"Chaos at the White House," a story about an unhinged leader
May 3, 201803:50
"Data Discrimination," a story about privacy as a weapon
May 1, 201804:25
"Money is the Root," a story about searching for purpose
Mar 23, 201803:04
"The Masters," a 12-part miniseries
Mar 20, 201825:05
"Sleeping with My Wife," a story of paranoia and marriage
Mar 19, 201802:30
"The Last Newspaper," a story about human rights and culture
Mar 15, 201803:49
"Snow More," a story about a constant battle with weather
Mar 12, 201802:21
"Immortal," a story of everlasting life
Mar 6, 201803:02
"The Good Book,” a story about the power of stories.
Feb 25, 201802:49
"The Shrinking Tower," a story about going higher
Feb 25, 201802:45
"The New Anxiety," a story about human emotion and intervening
Feb 24, 201803:00
“The Directive,” a story about requirements, rules, and radio
Feb 20, 201801:54
“The Naked Train,” a story about safety and privacy
Feb 16, 201801:15
“The Yoga,” a story about bodies and traditions
Feb 14, 201801:48
“The First Noel,” a story about the beginning of a holiday tradition
Dec 31, 201701:17
“Moving Earth,” a story about global warming and our galaxy
Dec 14, 201701:44
“Devoted,” a story about the power of American elections
Dec 11, 201701:36
“Leaving a Hole," a story about a message delivered through time and space
Dec 6, 201701:53
“The Sprint," a story about a criminal organization with a new weapon
Dec 4, 201700:00
“Waterfall,” a story about a world without water
Nov 27, 201701:23
“Hard Bodies,” a story about humans and tech converging
Oct 16, 201701:11
“Character,” a story about writing in public
Oct 12, 201701:12
“The Masters,” ep. 12/12: "Autonomously" (Series finale)
Oct 3, 201702:13
“The Masters,” ep. 11/12: "Down to Two"
Oct 1, 201701:36
“The Masters,” ep. 10/12: "Mayor Betsy Nyland"
Sep 26, 201701:55
"The Masters," ep. 9/12: "Gina Reynolds"
Sep 21, 201701:41
"Faces," a story about obsession with physical appearance
Sep 21, 201701:32
"The Masters," ep. 8/12: "Jenny Lu"
Sep 19, 201701:47
"Connected," a story about technology bringing us closer together
Sep 15, 201701:12
"The Masters," ep. 7/12: "Deepak Donnelly"
Sep 14, 201702:15
"The Masters," ep. 6/12: "Kenneth Hush"
Sep 12, 201701:44
"The Masters," ep. 5/12: "Danica Fried"
Sep 8, 201701:47
"The Algorithm," a story about how decisions are made
Sep 6, 201701:47
"The Masters," ep. 4/12: "Dorothy Lee"
Sep 4, 201701:57
"The Masters," ep. 3/12: "George Bland"
Aug 29, 201701:41
"The Masters," ep. 2/12: "Benjamin Subbs"
Aug 26, 201702:00
"The Masters," ep. 1/12: "Quail Valley Spelling Bee"
Aug 23, 201701:53
"Chatter," a story about speech and freedom
Aug 14, 201701:30
A fun announcement! Coming soon: a 2MS miniseries
Aug 10, 201701:49
"The Shoemaker," a story about power in art
Aug 10, 201701:53
"Let's Move," a story about the power of gravity
Aug 9, 201701:30
"Senseless Trading," a story about exchanging something valuable
Jul 28, 201701:58
"The Bricklayer," a story about lifelong work
Jul 27, 201701:54
"Last Steps," a story about living on Earth and in space
Jul 26, 201701:26
"Meet Me at the Billboard," a story about the future of living spaces
Jul 25, 201701:09
"Split," a story about bowling and escapism
Jul 21, 201702:00
"Too Far into the Trees," a story about staying close to home
Jul 19, 201702:09
"Rotating Love," a story about a world of procreating challenges
Jul 17, 201702:10
"Train to Nowhere," a story about avoidance and memory
Jul 17, 201702:29
"Digital Assistant," a story of powerful and pervasive technology
Jul 13, 201701:55
"The Show," a story of the future of television
Jul 12, 201702:00
"Space is Bad," a story of the galaxy's possibilities
Jul 7, 201702:44
"Net Loss," a story about the early days of the Web
Jun 30, 201702:11
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