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Two Peds in a Pod®

Two Peds in a Pod®

By twopedsinapod

Dr. Julie Kardos and Dr. Naline Lai are two board-certified pediatricians who aim to educate, encourage, and entertain parents while providing practical pediatric advice.
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Start Your Baby on Solid Food
Start Your Baby on Solid Food
Wondering how to start feeding your baby solid foods? Set up that high chair, buckle your baby in, and listen to two seasoned pediatricians as they  guide you on how to feed, what to feed, and when to feed your baby food on a spoon for the first time. 
December 28, 2021
Sleep: Newborns to Six Months
Sleep: Newborns to Six Months
Tired parents- does it seem like your newborn never sleeps? In this podcast we explain what to expect about your baby's sleep habits from birth to 6 months of age, and we advise how to gently encourage your baby to sleep longer at night.  
July 09, 2021