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By Two Year Break
Say good afternoon to Brad, Charlie, Dan and George from Alternative rock band "Two Year Break".
They're chatting about music, everyday life, taking questions and emails, getting guests and fans on board... and of course going off on tangents every 3 seconds.
Come on board... JOIN THE BREAKERS!
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Ep 3: Lord Clint Murphy


S2 Ep 6 - #bitbright
WE ALL NEARLY DIED - THIS IS NOT A DRILL. This week we chat about #bitbright.. including the intricate shots, all the masks, & where the inspiration came from. We taste our favourite beer EVER. & we play a game which reveals just how out of touch everyone is. (except Chaz, he always wins) Keep your questions & comments coming in to, or message us on Twitter, Insta, or Facebook (all /TwoYearBreak). Dedicated Twitter for the podcast @thetybpodcast.
August 22, 2022
S2 Ep 5 - I'm Over It
I don't mind... I'm Over It! Today we're chatting about donuts, scotch bonnets, marshmallows, balloons, nerf guns and everything else I'm Over It related. We also play a related game where the guys guess whether the TYB troll comments are real or not. "Never heard anything like it before and never want to again"  Is it real? Listen to find out!  Seeya next time x Keep your questions & comments coming in to, or message us on Twitter, Insta, or Facebook (all /TwoYearBreak). Dedicated Twitter for the podcast @thetybpodcast.
August 08, 2022
S2 Ep 4 - Do You Wanna Find Love?
Do You Wanna Find Love? Well, get involved with this episode now! Today we chat about the title track of our debut album, Do You Wanna Find Love? We also go through how tight Dan is, and play a game involving old school pop-punk music videos. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn. LET'S GO! Keep your questions & comments coming in to, or message us on Twitter, Insta, or Facebook (all /TwoYearBreak). Dedicated Twitter for the podcast @thetybpodcast.
July 25, 2022
S2 Ep 3 - Double Life
Today we speak Double Life with special guest Luke from Royals. We go through tour stories, music video chat, and everything in between! It's a double life and it shows
July 11, 2022
DON'T ACT LIKE THIS IS THE END! Today we chat through our song and video for DALTITE, as well as the usual rubbish. As if that wasn't enough we also discuss what would happen if Charlie haunted people, everyones hate for line-cutter & then we end on a game of REAL or no REAL, but with lyrics! Renamed "Don't Act Like This Is Pretend" for this special episode. Are they real or not? Let me take a pi-ka-chu. Keep your questions & comments coming in to, or message us on Twitter, Insta, or Facebook (all /TwoYearBreak). Dedicated Twitter for the podcast @thetybpodcast.
June 26, 2022
S2 Ep 1 - Change My Mind
WE'RE BACK BABY! & This time we're bringing a loose structure with us :O As well as the general tangent tomfoolery, we chat through the song and video for Change My Mind giving away a few secrets and other facts you might not have known. Your questions will be answered too - including "Did Dan keep the fiver from the Change My Mind video?" and "What crazy things did you get up to on tour?" We end with a game that will make sure you know us a little bit better. Questions include... "Which Celeb does Brad most think he looks like?" "What's the thing that most annoys Charlie in the world?" "How attractive would Dan rate himself out of 10?" IT'S ALL GOOD STUFF. SEEYA NEXT TIME! Keep your questions & comments coming in to, or message us on Twitter, Insta, or Facebook (all /TwoYearBreak).
June 12, 2022
Ep 9: Santa! He's Coming For You
WE'RE BACK! & FOR A CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 🎄🎄🎄 This time around we speak about our favourite Christmas songs, films & dinners... along with playing a Christmas game of REAL OR NO REAL and making up Christmas songs on the spot 🤶 MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL! X Thank you for the questions @bailey_kidd101, @caseyjaneclarke & Craig Morris!
December 24, 2021
Ep 8: Bishops Finger
THE SEASON FINALE - before we take a little break, here's one final ramble for you. But what are we rambling about? Well... firstly, 3 quarters of the band have had a brush with COVID-19 :O Then we're moving on to how we make up lyrics, Charlie's ridiculous count in method, warm beers, our death row meals, Brad's cat... and for the game segment Brad, Charlie and Dan make up some American Pop-Punk choruses on the spot! See you again in a few months!!!
August 02, 2021
Ep 7: Toes For Fingers?
Two Year Break are back with a brand new rap. There's no rap. But there is... MAJOR rants, Charlie's tomato soup dream "not much has changed", Dan's tiny wine (& his feet ofc), FEELIN' THIS beer, famous band names from before they were famous... and of course we chat about our now SOLD OUT London gig on 30th October 2021! Joined by Punkio's own Tom Hawkins this time! 
July 18, 2021
Ep 6: The Pregnant Man
WE DO ACTUALLY SPEAK ABOUT MUSIC! HEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM OUR UPCOMING SINGLE "OMG HE'S IN THE HOUSE"! But as always we head off topic too... Join us for a chat about the Euros, George's terrible internet, our fear of the deep blue sea and a game of "Is it a real band or a fake band" against a fan!
July 05, 2021
Ep 5: Paul Blart Mall Cop
Come on board, join us while we chat absolute rubbish yet again. This time around we talk about Paul Blart: Mall Cop, what we'd be doing if we couldn't do music, Brad's hair (again!), Charlie's favourite flower & we play another game of "Japanese band OR ______" but this time with fan & friend of the show Tim (from Punkio!) GET INVOLVEEEDDDD!
June 21, 2021
Ep 4: Going To A Party With Taylor Swift
GOOD AFTERNOOOON, This time on the TYB cruise liner we bring you: -Which one meal we'd survive on for the rest of our lives -Our first impressions of each other -Charlie's love affair with Brad's big hair -Dan's shirtless MySpace photo -Great beer courtesy of Cloudwater -A musical game with 'album 2' potential... -Spice Girls rip offs -TYBeats and most importantly Danny Wrong asks us that age old musical related question... how many types of fish are in the sea? IS IT A GOOGLE? Seeya next time x
June 07, 2021
Ep 3: Lord Clint Murphy
Give a warm welcome to our good friend and producer Clint Murphy! We chat about the making of our debut album "Do You Wanna Find Love?" along with some of Clint's other projects - BUSTED & ENTER SHIKARI! We also throw some of this around: -Which is best - Cats or Dogs? -Did we hate each other by the end of the album recording? -Who has killed their sourdough? -Greats beers, as usual -Old TYB demos & that classic quiz game of "Japanese band or Tesco product?" If you're not getting involved yet, ask yourself - GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME, WHY NOT?!
May 24, 2021
Ep 2: Tweet The Feet
This episode we kick off with old band names and believe us... there's some terrible ones. Also, we throw a bit of this at ya: -Our dream Country, RnB & Pop collaborations -Brad's skating talents -Dan's bare feet -Video game chat -Who would get picked last at a football game? -Great beer -Pop-punk or Rom Com quiz -Our new Spotify playlist TYBeats addition CAPEESH MOTHERF*£$ER?!
May 10, 2021
Ep 1: The Spyro Chronicles
We've decided to meaninglessly ramble to you for an hour every 2 weeks. Fill your ears with the wonderful sounds of:  -Spyro The Dragon  -The origins of the name "Two Year Break"  -The most chaotic music video ever  -Our biggest musical influences  -New great beers  -The best alternative nightclub bangers  -Questionable hosting on a "guess the lyric" quiz  -Our brand new TYBeats spotify playlist    Send your questions/messages/stories over on Two Year Break's facebook, instagram or twitter page... or Our dedicated Twitter is @theTYBpodcast but we will retweet the big bits over on our main twitter.
April 25, 2021