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A podcast from The World Transformed bringing radical political education and utopian thinking to bear on the issues that define our world.

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Bonus: David Goldblatt on the history of football fandom
On Sunday evening the 18th of April, 12 European football clubs shocked the footballing world by announcing plans for a new European Super League. The move by billionaire owners of the ‘dirty dozen’ clubs to create a closed-shop oligopoly would eviscerate grassroots football and destroy any remaining integrity at the top of the sport. As opposition rings out from all quarters, we thought it would be good opportunity to release our extended interview with football writer David Goldblatt, which first aired in our Football Fandom episode. David is a writer, academic, and broadcaster who has written several highly acclaimed books about football including, ‘The Ball is Round: A Global History of Football’ and ‘The Game of Our Live’. Speaking to TWT’s Tom Williams, David traces the transformation of football from an elite aristocratic past-time to a mass working class phenomenon and latterly, a plutocratic plaything for finance capitalism TWT FM is a podcast from The World Transformed. This episode was produced by Tom Williams, Matt Huxley and Aron Keller with contributions from David Goldblatt.
April 19, 2021
S2. Football Fandom
During lockdown, watching football at home has become the only way to enjoy one of the country’s favourite leisure activities. But football fandom simply hasn’t been the same without the camaraderie and collective joy that comes with supporting your team from the terraces or down the pub. In this episode, we explore how, with its aristocratic origins, football grew to be a major part of working class cultural life, and why football fandom remains an important site for socialist transformation. TWT FM is a podcast from The World Transformed. This episode was produced by Tom Williams, Matt Huxley, Aron Keller, Charlie Clarke, Oli Cox and Sam Swann, with contributions from David Goldblatt, Viv Soni, Jane Connor, Joe Kennedy, Juliet Jacques, Viv Soni and Callum Bell.
April 13, 2021
S2. Boredom
Boredom has proliferated under COVID. But the type of boredom we’ve collectively experienced during lockdown is radically different to that of previous generations. Where once boredom was an empty listlessness, today it’s hard to claim that we ever truly have nothing to do. In this mini-episode of TWTFM, we explore boredom in the age of anxiety. TWT FM is a podcast from The World Transformed. This episode was produced by James Roadnight and Aron Keller with contributions from Sam Swann, Marcus Gilroy Ware, Norah Lopez Holden, Hettie Chadwick Dickenson, Rivkah Brown, Oli Cox and Shaira Begum.
March 31, 2021
Kill the Bill
We’re taking a short break from our series on leisure to bring you a mini-episode responding to the wave of protests around the tragic death of Sarah Everard and the government's Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill. You'll hear from activists, lawyers and academics about what this draconian legislation actually entails and how we can effectively mobilise to resist it. TWT FM is a podcast from The World Transformed. This episode was produced by Sarah Vowden, Matt Huxley and Aron Keller with contributions from Seth Wheeler, Hope Worsdale, Zehrah Hasan, Becka Hudson, and Luke Smith.
March 22, 2021
S2. Dance
At TWT we believe a good party is political praxis. But with its enclosed spaces, sweaty bodies and often licentious activities, it seems as if dance-floors will be some of the last places to reopen after lockdown. This episode we go deep on dance: from striking workers shaking their hips to David Mancuso’s perfect house party, we explore how issues like space, time and resistance to commodification come to the fore when we move our bodies together. TWT FM is a podcast from The World Transformed. This episode was produced by Matt Huxley, James Roadnight, Oli Cox, with contributions from Bile and Isabel from United Voices of the World, Dana Mills, Amirah Cole, Sophie and Teegs from Partisan, Liam from the Kazimier, Rhodri from Cube Microplex, Tim Lawrence, Jeremy Gilbert and Chloe Massey. Subscribe to TWT FM to get new episodes in your feed as soon as they’re released.
March 14, 2021
S2. COVID and the Crisis of Leisure
Welcome back to TWT FM. In series 2 we'll be exploring leisure - in particular, the aspects of life we’ve been missing out on during the pandemic - with episodes on our favourite leisure activities, including dance, football, holidays and more. You can think of this episode as an introduction to the concept of leisure. We’ll examine what leisure reveals about our relationship to work under capitalism and how different our lives could be if we had access to more free time. We’re grateful to be partnering with Autonomy for this series - an independent think tank focussing on the future of work and economic planning. You can find their latest research at TWT FM is a podcast from The World Transformed. This episode was produced by Charlie Clarke, Sarah Vowden, Aron Keller, Matt Huxley and James Roadnight. We had contributions from Sarah Jaffe, Rhian E Jones, Joe Ryle, Maria Alvarez, Nadine Holdsworth, with songs by Rob Howat. Subscribe to TWT FM to get new episodes in your feed as soon as they’re released.
March 7, 2021
A Christmas Special
As 2020 draws to a solitary close, many are struggling to locate the season’s festive cheer. Luckily, the spirit of goodwill and merriment endures at TWT FM and in that giving vein, we are delighted to gift you, our dear listeners, a one-off, non-cancellable, tier-free, stocking-filled-to-the-brim-with-radicalism….TWT FM Christmas Special! In one sense, Christmas is a frenzy of rampant consumerism and excess, but the festive period also offers a brief respite from the endless churn of Capitalism - a short window of time where acts of community and reciprocity abound. A glimpse of the world we want. So settle down into your coziest chair, draped in your ugliest festive jumper with a mince pie to hand, for a classic Dickensian tale with a twenty-first century twist. We follow the fortunes of a notorious pandemic-profiteer, Mr Jeff Bezos, as he is haunted by the ghosts of a socialist Christmas past, present and future. Through his miserly eyes, we will rediscover the history of social solidarity that underpins the holiday in order to imagine, demand and build a Christmas transformed. This episode was produced by the TWT FM team with contributions from Jessica Thorne, Seth Wheeler, Alan Bradshaw, Jonathan Kesselman, Hilary Wainwright, Sophie Lewis, James Butler and Keir Milburn. Special thanks also to the 'A Christmas Carol Transformed' actors: Chloe Massey - Narrator. Enyi Okoronkwo - Jeff Bezos Norah Lopez Holden - Emily Cratchit and Alexa. Sam Swann - Bob Cratchit.
December 22, 2020
S1. Illness
The pandemic has brought public health into focus while also serving as a magnifying glass that clarifies existing inequalities relating to class, race and gender. In this final instalment of the series, we’ll hear about how illness is produced and managed under capitalism while trying to reimagine a world in which care for the ill is a central feature of our politics. This episode was produced by Aron Keller, James Roadnight, Sarah Vowden, Matt Huxley, Penny Grennan, Charlie Clarke, Hanadi Rammu with contributions from Ellen Clifford, Vijay Prashad, Ellie Bradford, Ros Reynolds-Grey, David Tovey, Prof. John Foot and Lynne Segal.
September 28, 2020
S1. Homelessness
As the government has made tentative steps to shelter the unhoused homeless and enacted a temporary eviction ban for renters, the pandemic has made clear that homelessness is a political choice. In this episode we uncover the origins of rentier capitalism, explore the history of squatting and life ‘on the road’, and speak to volunteers dealing with Britain’s spiralling homelessness crisis. This episode was produced by Aron Keller, Penny Grennan, James Roadnight, Sarah Vowden, Tin Hinson, Charlie Clarke and Matt Huxley. It featured contributions from Professor Danny Dorling, Tom, Andrea and Shaunna from Labour Homelessness Campaign, Michelle Langan from Paper Cup, Jane Clendon from Streets Kitchen, Homes For All, Ben Smithies and the Museum of Homelessness, Jeremy Gilbert, Richard King, and Dorothy Allen-Pickard and Breach Theatre.
September 20, 2020
S1. Debt
Debt is a key disciplinary mechanism under capitalism; a power relation that causes financial, cultural and spiritual misery. In this episode we debunk the myths and moralising that surrounds debt, and hear from those developing creative alternatives to an indebted existence. This episode is dedicated to the memory of Professor David Graeber. It was produced by Sarah Vowden, Matt Huxley, Aron Keller, James Roadnight, Penny Grennan, Charlie Clarke and Alex Brent, with contributions from Sarah-Jayne Clifton, Tim Jones and Eva Watkinson from Jubilee Debt Campaign, Hilary Powell and Dan Edelstyn from Hoe Street Central Bank, Alex Macey from Gamvisory, Yao Graham, Lidy Nacpil, Grace Blakeley, Dr. Johnna Montgomery and Ben Beach.
September 13, 2020
S1. Unemployment
As a result of the economic downturn caused by Coronavirus, and with the government's furlough scheme winding down, we stand on the brink of mass joblessness. In this pilot episode of TWT FM, we unpack the function of unemployment under capitalism, hear from trade union organisers leading the fightback against redundancies, and discover how the left can push for a future beyond unemployment. TWT FM is a podcast from The World Transformed. This episode was produced by Matt Huxley, Sarah Vowden, Charlie Clarke, James Roadnight, Penny Grennan, Aron Keller and Sam Swann, with contributions from Keir Milburn, Will Stronge, Ellen Clifford, Andy Mitchell and Denise McKenna from Disabled People Against Cuts, Richard King, Tim Jones and Hilary Wainwright. Go to to find the full TWT festival programme. 
September 5, 2020
Introducing TWT FM
Welcome to TWT FM, a brand new magazine-style podcast from The World Transformed bringing radical political education and utopian thinking to bear on the issues that define our world. For Season 1 we’ll be releasing podcasts across September to coincide with this year’s festival, exploring the subjects of Unemployment, Debt, Homelessness, and Illness with the rich, panoramic lens you’d expect from The World Transformed. Subscribe now to get episode 1 in your feed as soon as it drops. Check out the full TWT festival programme now at: 
August 27, 2020