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Rangers Today Baseball Podcast

Rangers Today Baseball Podcast

By Rangers Today Baseball Podcast
Jeff Wilson of Rangers Today ( joins John Moore (The Recliner Nerd) to discuss all things Texas Rangers. From the minor leagues to the show, they will talk with current and former players, front office staff and other media personalities. Jeff has covered the Rangers as a beat writer since 2008. In 2021 he starts the Texas Rangers Baseball Newsletter which eventually converted to Rangers Today. Then.....he wanted to start a podcast. Buckle up and enjoy the ride as Jeff and John host the best Rangers podcast around. Welcome to the Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast.
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Episode #8 Sam Huff

Rangers Today Baseball Podcast

Episode #54 Emily Jones
Rangers dugout reporter Emily Jones joins the Rangers Today Baseball Podcast to discuss the team and the Do It For Durrett Foundation's upcoming event Oct. 14 in Dallas.
October 03, 2022
Episode #53 Thomas Saggese
Jeff and John welcome Texas Rangers minor league infielder Thomas Saggese to the show. Recently promoted to AA he talks about the playoffs and growing up in California. The guys also talk about the big league club and Josh Jung's first two weeks in the big leagues. They also go down in the bus leagues to discuss the Roughriders playoff push. 
September 25, 2022
Episode #52 Jim Callis
Jim Callis of MLB Pipeline joins the guys. This episode goes deeper into the Rangers minor league system and talks about the top performers and biggest climbers. Jim talk about his job and how he got into covering minor league baseball out of college. Jeff and John also talk about Josh Jung's first week in the big leagues. This episode goes and little longer than usual, but there was just too much stuff to talk about. 
September 17, 2022
Episode #51 Evan Carter
Baseball America's #1 Texas Rangers prospect Evan Carter joins Jeff and John for a second time. He is finishing up his first full season and it was a good one. The guys also talk about Josh Jung who is making his major league debut and what that means. Another great show. 
September 10, 2022
Episode #50 Chris Young
The guys welcome Texas Rangers GM Chris Young to the show. He talks about his first couple of weeks running things. He also has some fun with John. Before Chris, Jeff and John answered some questions from the listeners. Another great show. 
September 02, 2022
Episode #49 Mike Rhyner (The Old Grey Wolf)
The guys are joined by Mike Rhyner the former co-host of the Hardline on "The Ticket" sports radio station which he helped start. Rhyner named Globe Life Park, 'The Temple" & considered himself, "The Keeper Of The Great Game".  The guys also talked about the impressive week by the big league club and went 'Down In The Bus Leagues". Fun episode 
August 26, 2022
Episode #48 Tony Beasley
Rangers interim manager Tony Beasley, on the job as of Aug. 15, talks about the changes made -- firing Chris Woodward and Jon Daniels.The guys also discuss all the news from Globe Life Field this week. 
August 20, 2022
Episode #47 Ryan Garcia
The guys welcome Texas Ranger RHP Ryan Garcia to the show. He was an All American and Pac 12 pitcher of the year coming out of college. He was taken in the 2nd round of the 2019 draft #50 overall. After some injuries he is back at it and putting up some impressive numbers.  They also talk about the big league team and go "Down In The Bus Leagues". 
August 13, 2022
Episode #46 Dane Acker
Jeff and John welcome Texas Ranger RHP Dane Acker. Acker was traded to Texas in the deal that sent Elvis Andrus to the Oakland A's. Coming off of TJ surgery, he is healthy and about to leave Arizona and head out to an affiliate. He talks about being drafted and traded and who cooks his favorite home cooked meal. The guys also talk the trade deadline and what is to come moving forward. Another fun one in the can. Enjoy 
August 05, 2022
Episode #45 Nathaniel Lowe
The guys welcome Texas Rangers 1B Nathaniel Lowe from Seattle. First they go over the struggles in the big leagues and possible moves the club might make before the deadline. They also go "Down In The Bus Leagues' to talk all things minor leagues. Jeff talks about his trip to Arizona to check in on Josh Jung and others. Another great episode.  (Big props to Nate Lowe for fighting through the technical difficulties with bad Wifi in Seattle) 
July 29, 2022
Episode #44 Kip Fagg (Senior Director of Amateur Scouting)
The guys pull off a good one. They get Rangers Director of Scouting Kip Fagg to come on ONE day after the 2022 MLB draft where the Rangers got Kumar Rocker and Brock Porter. Kip also talks about scouting and how it works. The guys go into the draft themselves while talking the All-Star game and other big league stuff. Then they go "Down in the Bus Leagues" to discuss all things minor leagues on an off week. What a great show. Enjoy 
July 22, 2022
Episode #43 Sam Huff
Sam Huff makes his second visit on the show. The guys first talk about the latest big league news, the MLB draft and moves the Rangers have made. After Huff talks about his latest call up, he goes into some fun stuff about the funniest player, who he wants next to him in a fight and then he answers some fan question's from nine year old Henry. Then the guys go "Down In The Bus Leagues" and talk about the farm. Great show once again. 
July 16, 2022
Episode #42 Brett Martin
The guys welcome Texas Rangers LHP Brett Martin. The day after recording this, he went out and got his first major league save. Brett talks about how he prepares for being ready everyday as opposed to being a starter when he first got drafted. Then he talks about where he grew up and his path to the big leagues. Jeff and John first talk about the bad road trip and they end it by going down in the bus leagues. Enjoy!!
July 10, 2022
Episode #41 Mitch Bratt
Jeff and John are joined by Texas Rangers left handed pitching prospect Mitch Bratt. A Canadian who moved to Georgia for his senior year of high school, talks about leaving home during COVID to help his draft status. First the guys talk about the big league club and after Mitch they go "Down In The Bus Leagues". Another great episode. 
July 01, 2022
Episode #40 Jonathan Ornelas
Jeff and John welcome Texas Rangers infield prospect Jonathan Ornelas who is having a breakout season at AA Frisco. They also talk about the big league club, the demotion of Sam Huff and other roster moves. Then the go down in the bus leagues to talk about the promotions throughout the organization. As's a fun one. 
June 24, 2022
Episode #39 David Murphy
Jeff and John welcome former Texas Ranger and current pre and post game analyst David Murphy. He talks retirement, World Series, working for team and being coach and dad now. Then the guys get into minor league stuff and talking about the big league team. 
June 19, 2022
Episode #38 Bubba Thompson
Jeff and John are joined by Bubba Thompson from Round Rock. Thompson in a Texas Rangers outfield prospect and former 1st round pick. The guys also talk about the Rangers, Josh Smith's big league debut and other things. Then they end it by going "Down In The Bus Leagues" to touch on everything minor leagues. Go Rangers!!
June 06, 2022
Episode #37 Brock Burke
Texas Rangers LHP Brock Burke makes his Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast debut. YES! He talks about the sleep walking along with a lot of other fun stuff. Jeff and John start the show off talking about the big league team and what's good and what's not. Then to end they go down on the "Bus Leagues", to talk about all things at eh minor league level. Another fun one in the can.  
May 30, 2022
Episode #36 Jon Gray
Texas Rangers RHP Jon Gray joins Jeff and John to talk about his first year in Texas, his health and his love for video games. They also talk about high school, junior college and the University of Oklahoma. All of that after the guys talk about the big league team and how things are going. After Gray, they go Down In The Bus Leagues to discuss the minor leagues. Enjoy the best Rangers coverage and podcast there is. As John always says, "See ya at the yard"! 
May 20, 2022
Episode #35 Cole Ragans
Jeff and John welcome Rangers LHP Cole Ragans for a second time to the podcast. They talk about his season so far and the competition between him and his wife in Skipbo. The guys also talk about the Rangers and and their last 10 games and go "Down In The Bus Leagues". Lots of fun
May 14, 2022
Episode #34 Mason Englert
Jeff and John welcome Texas Rangers right handed pitcher Mason Englert who is in the Hickory Crawdads rotation. He talks about his season and coming back from TJ surgery. He also talks about his path to pro baseball and his life outside of baseball including hunting and fishing. The guys also talk about Willie Calhoun and whether or not he has played his last game in a Texas Rangers uniform. 
May 08, 2022
Episode #33 Dave Raymond
The guys welcome Rangers TV play by play analyst Dave Raymond in studio. They talk about the current team and then get into Dave's life and how he ended up a sports broadcaster. He talks about being traded as a broadcaster and when he lived in his car. He also makes his own homemade jelly. After that they go "Down In The Bus Leagues" to discuss the farm and what is happening down there. Very Fun one 
April 29, 2022
Episode #32 Chase Lee (The Viper)
The guys welcome Texas Ranger RHP Chase Lee who has an incredible story of how he is went from a barely starting SS in high school to the closer for University Of Alabama and 6th round pick by the Texas Rangers. His story is for anyone who has been told you weren't big enough or good enough to do ANYTHING. You control your own destiny. Great guy and future big leaguer who "might" make the big leagues this year. Then the guys talk about the big league team and its struggles along with some minor league updates. 
April 21, 2022
Episode #31 Jon Daniels (In Studio)
Jeff and John welcome back Texas Rangers President Of Baseball Operations Jon Daniels. He talks to the guys about the moves made this offseason and where he sees the team 5 games in. He also talks about his job and what that entails, how he annoys his wife and there is even an underwear story. The guys also talk about the season in them bigs along with a little minor league stuff. This is another great show. 
April 14, 2022
Episode #30 Chris Woodward season preview
Texas Rangers manager Chris Woodward joins the guys for their preview show ahead of the 2022 season. First, Jeff and John give their predictions for each division winner, wild cards, World Series champion and Rangers predictions. Then, Woodward jumps on from Toronto, where the Rangers open the season. He talks about what he expects from the team and how the expectation is to win now. Leashes might be short for some on the big-league roster. What a great way to preview the 2022 season, before the guys move to a studio starting next week.
April 06, 2022
Episode #29 Cody Bradford
Jeff and John welcome Texas Ranger LHP Cody Bradford to the show. He will be Frisco's opening day starter for 2022. He talks about Aledo High School, Baylor University and meeting his wife, a Baylor Bear softball player herself. He hunts, he fishes and grandma cooks his favourite meal. He may be on track to make his major league debut in 2022. If he doesn't he is definitely on the radar of the front office. What another great episode for the show. 
April 01, 2022
Episode #28 Blaine Crim
Jeff and John welcome Texas Rangers prospect Blaine Crim to the show. Blaine has EXPLODED onto the scene in the last couple of years by doing one thing and doing it well. He has hit the baseball and hit it hard. He hit 29 HR's last season between High A and AA and then WON the Puerto Rican Winter League batting title this winter. Blaine stopped down to talk with us about Puerto Rico and what he is doing to get ready for 2022.  Then Jeff and John talk about spring training and everything that is happening. Plus some guys who have turned heads and refuse to go away. We also discuss whether or not the Rangers are done this off season. Another fun one. 
March 25, 2022
Episode #27 Zak Kent
Jeff and John welcome Texas Ranger pitcher Zak Kent. He talks about the small town he is from and his football greatness. He also talks about what it was like going to a military academy to play baseball. Zak is a top prospect and he discusses what he needs to do to become a major leaguer. Jeff and John also talk the latest news in free agency and who the Rangers have signed. Another fun one. 
March 17, 2022
Episode #26 Ian Moller
The guys welcome Texas Rangers catcher Ian Moller to the podcast. He joined the boys in Surprise to talk about his career and growing up in Iowa. He talks about being drafted, how good at football he was and his favourite McDonalds meal. Then Jeff and John talk about the the end of the lockout and what is next. This is a fun one. (Excuse the audio, this was done on a concourse without our studio equipment)
March 12, 2022
Episode #25 C.J. Nitkowski
Jeff and John welcome Texas Rangers TV Color Analyst C.J. Nitkowski to the show. They discuss the lockout and why there is not a light at the end of the tunnel right now. They also get into the moves the Rangers made and the possibility of Kershaw  signing. After all the baseball talk they get into C.J's high school, college, draft , MLB years and Japan and Korea. This one flows from the start as Jeff and John prepare to make the trip to Arizona for minor league camp next week. Another fun one is in the books as the guys hit the quarter century mark with Episode #25. 
March 03, 2022
Episode #24 Cameron Cauley
The guys welcome Texas Rangers 3rd round pick from 2021 Cameron Cauley. Cauley was a Texas Tech commit who was the leader of his state championship team at Barber Hills High School. Cam talks about his offseason preparing for his first full spring training. What he has worked on and what to expect this season. He also plays the HR game, the TD game, his favorite food and something nobody knows about him. The guys also talk about Jung's surgery and where the Rangers look to replace him. They also talk about labor issues and when they head to Arizona. Another fun one for the show, take a listen. 
February 25, 2022
Episode #23 Fun With Foscue (Justin Foscue)
Jeff and John welcome their first "SECOND" time guest in Rangers infielder and top prospect Justin Foscue. Justin talks about getting ready to head out to Arizona. He also talks about the offseason workouts and getting engaged. Then the fun begins. Learn what he is afraid of, favourite shows he and his fiancé are binge watching, who would play him in a know, important stuff. Justin has fun and gets stumped a few times. He also chooses Jeff to attend his fantasy dinner with Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter. John auditions to be flower girl. This is some funny stuff. 
February 17, 2022
Episode #22 Taylor Hearn
They guys go back to the big leagues and welcome Texas Rangers LHP Taylor Hearn. He talks off-season and getting ready for the spring. He talks about each time he was drafted which is 4 times. Where he was and how he found out. He also talks about his famous grandfather and family history in rodeo. Then we get into food and and he tells us something nobody knows about him. Jeff and John touch on labor deal before discussing the potential rotation with current players in organization along with potential free agents or trade targets. Another fun one for the die hard Ranger fan.
February 03, 2022
Episode #21 Davis Wendzel
The guys welcome 2019 first round draft pick Davis Wendzel to the show. He talks about being Co Big 12 player of the year with fellow first round pick Josh Jung. He discusses how a California kid ended up in Texas playing for Baylor. He talk fishing, hunting and whether or not food gets caught in his beard. Most importantly, he played the HR game and talked about his offseason and what he is doing to get ready or 2022. (He might be guy who makes his major league debut at some point) Then Jeff and John talk labor negotiations before John reveals his WEIRD idea. This is another blast for the guys. Give them a like!! 
January 27, 2022
Episode #20 Evan Carter
Jeff and John welcome another top Rangers prospect in outfielder Evan Carter. The second round pick in the 2020 draft seems to the be a steal for the Rangers that year. They discuss his first pro season and recovery from his back injury in 2021. He is eager to go for 2022. Touted as a possible 5 tool prospect by Kip Fagg (Rangers head of scouting) Carter has comparisons to Cody Bellinger as a tall, slender, fast centerfielder who can hit. They also discuss his favorite foods, best HR's and grandma's home cooking. Eventually the guys get to the new Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus Top 100 prospect list. Last but not least, Jeff and John talk about the lockout and how a delay to the season could impact players. Once again, enjoy listening to the future stars of this organization. 
January 20, 2022
Episode #19 "Getting Smithy With It" Josh Smith
Jeff and John welcome Texas Rangers prospect Josh Smith who they acquired in the Joey Gallo trade in 2021. Josh and his wife Claire have a Youtube Channel called "Getting Smithy With It" that documents their life as newlyweds and minor league baseball. He also talks about being a SS and the fact that the Rangers have a stable young middle infielders and potential position change might be in his future. Then the guys talk about John's Top 20 Prospect list that dropped this week and the fact Josh Smith is in the Top 5. Oh..........and they talk about the labor talks. 
January 13, 2022
Episode #18 Jack Leiter
Jeff and John welcome the Texas Rangers 2021 first round pick Jack Leiter. He was the second overall pick and highest rated pitcher in the organization after a stellar career at Vanderbilt. Jack talks about growing up with a dad who played in the big leagues. He talks about draft day and what that was like. He was ecstatic to know he and the Recliner Nerd share the same high school baseball stat. He talks about his family, favourite food and what mom makes the best. Get to know the Rangers top pitching prospect. Afterwards, Jeff and John talk about the lockout, T.R.s Kenny Rogers 3 part story and their upcoming prospect list. WELCOME TO 2022!! This is great one. 
January 06, 2022
Episode #17 Dustin Harris
Jeff and John do it once again as they welcome the Texas Rangers Minor League Player Of The Year Dustin Harris. He talks about life in Florida, being traded, drafted and how he found out. He talks about his season and even plays the HR Game with John. Listen to the future big leaguer talk about his life as a ballplayer.  Then listen to Jeff and John talk about the year of 2021. They recap the highs and lows of the entire year from last offseason to the big one this year so far. Buckle up for another great podcast. Merry Christmas and have Happy Holidays!!
December 23, 2021
Episode #16 Cole Winn
Jeff and John welcome Texas Rangers Minor League Pitcher Of The Year Cole Winn. Cole talks about his season, his path to the big leagues, his high school days and how he is scratch golfer. He also talks about his Pickle Ball skills and moms rice, bell pepper and chicken recipe. Mmmmm     Then Jeff and John proceed with their moves they think the Rangers could make after the lockout is over. They play some Armchair GM. Go listen and enjoy. Another highly touted prospect on the show. 
December 16, 2021
Episode #15 Derek Holland (Dutch Oven)
Jeff and John welcome Derek who goes on over an hour and talks about EVERYTHING!!!!  ##LANGUAGE WARNING## Derek has always had a radiant personalty and proves it here. He talks about his career, his foundation, COVID, vaccines, what pisses him off and what touched his heart. How he found out he was drafted and he even once cussed out and hung up on Jon Daniels. One of the funniest and funnest podcast interviews ever. Go listen and take your hat off to the Dutch Oven. 
December 09, 2021
Episode #14 Owen White
Jeff and John welcome Texas Rangers RHP Owen White who just won MVP of the Arizona Fall League. He talks about his season, his rehab, punching the ground, hunting, fishing, and other stuff he likes to do when not throwing a 98 mph fastball. He has climbed the pitching ranks in the Rangers organization.  Jeff and John talk about the wild week of spending the owners did by signing Marcus Semien, Corey Seager, Kole Calhoun and Jon Gray. They also talk about the lockout and where we go from here. WOW what a week and they discuss it all. 
December 02, 2021
Episode #13 Tekoah (TK) Roby
Jeff and John welcome Rangers RHP prospect Tekoah Roby who explains where his unique name comes from. He also talks about his injury and recovery. They dive into his time in high school, other sports played and his favourite food. Yep, he even plays a smaller version of the HR game.  Jeff and John then reveal their homework from last episode. They had $80 million to spend on free agents. See where they went and what their lineups would look like if they did in fact sign these players. Off-season baseball and Hot Stove is always fun on The Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast. Another great one. 
November 18, 2021
Episode #12 Aaron Zavala
Joining Jeff and John is Texas Rangers second round pick OF Aaron Zavala from the University of Oregon. He was the Pac 12 player of the year in 2021. He talks about the draft, his diagnosis after his physical and playing professional baseball. He also plays the HR game with John.  Jeff and John get into the GM meetings, the players now available after qualifying offers were made by teams. They also talked hot stove and rumours surrounding potential moves the Rangers could make. Go listen and then give them help with their homework for next week. 
November 11, 2021
Episode #11 Chris Young
Texas Rangers General Manager Chris Young joins Jeff and John to talk about the Rangers season, the current team, a year on the job, and the offseason ahead. He also gets personal and talks about his time at Highland Park, Princeton, MLB and even the time he got into a brawl with Derrick Lee of the Cubs. Get to know the Rangers GM.  Jeff and John also talk about the World Series, the first free agents and what to expect moving forward this winter. The is one of the best ones yet. 
November 04, 2021
Episode #10 Justin Foscue
Jeff and John welcome the Rangers No. 4 overall prospect Justin Foscue to the show. The first-round pick in 2020 sat down and talked about his first full season in pro baseball and rehabbing from a freak rib injury early in the season. He talks about his alma mater's College World Series victory and how it was bittersweet.  The guys also talked about the fall instructs tour with DBU and TCU. They update the AFL guys doing well and lay out the winter calendar. Another great time for the TRBP dudes. 
October 29, 2021
Episode #9 "Do It For Durrett" with Emily Jones McCoy
Jeff and John welcome Emily Jones McCoy to talk about the Do It For Durrett foundation event Saturday Oct. 23. They discuss Richard Durrett and his legacy even after he is gone. Go to the to contribute to a great cause or the online auction at to bid on some great items. The money goes to families who have lost someone suddenly.  Jeff and John also discuss Fall Instructs, where Jeff was at this past week. He talks about players he saw and how they looked. Go to the Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast YouTube channel to check out his videos. Great weekend ahead for a great cause. Enjoy and contribute. 
October 22, 2021
Episode #8 Sam Huff
Jeff and John welcome Texas Ranger catcher Sam Huff. He is in Arizona playing in the Arizona Fall League and fall instructs. He talks about getting back to catching and getting his body ready for the spring. He compares his 500-foot bombs to the one he hit in high school, which was his previous long ball. Then Jeff and John take a look at the free-agent market and where the Rangers might turn for help this winter. They also say who they would like to see the Rangers sign. This was one of the most fun ones yet as Jeff prepares to head out to Arizona on Monday. Enjoy!! 
October 16, 2021
Episode #7 Chris Woodward
Jeff and John welcome Chris Woodward to wrap up the season and tall about moving forward. They also talk about his playing days. When he was drafted, made his major league debut and first hit and home run. First, Jeff and John talk about the the best and worst of the 2021 season. Best and worst players, development, trends, etc..... Good end of season wrap up as the Rangers head into the winter. 
October 08, 2021
Episode #6 T.R. Sullivan
Longtime beat writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and T.R. Sullivan joins Jeff and John. He has started writing his memoirs for the Texas Rangers Newsletter and discusses his latest story about the darkest period of Texas Rangers baseball and how it compares to today. Then, Jeff and John talk about the current 40-man roster and the decisions that have to be made by the end of November. 
October 01, 2021
Episode #5 Ricky Vanasco
Jeff and John sit down with one of the top Texas Rangers pitching prospects, RHP Ricky Vanasco. He is almost done rehabbing from Tommy John surgery and slated to pitch in fall instructs starting Oct. 5. Ricky tells us about the process and how he put on 40 pounds during his time away from the field. He's healthy, happy and ready take his four-pitch arsenal back to the field and face hitters again.  Jeff and John also talk about who they think will be in the Opening Day lineup next year. They put a lineup together with players only in the system now, then they play armchair GM and put a lineup together through trade and free agency. This a very fun episode all the way around. Enjoy!!
September 23, 2021
Episode #4 Minor League Wrap Up
Jeff and John try to wrap up the minor league season as three of the teams end their season this weekend. They talk with AA pitcher Cole Ragans and newly promoted Paul Kruger who is the new Director Of Baseball Operations. Paul was the Director of Minor League Operations this season. They talk all things Down In The Bus Leagues, including their picks for player awards. If the minor leagues are your thing, this is the show for you. They also discuss where the term "Down In The Bus Leagues" comes from and what a Sod Poodle is. 
September 16, 2021
Episode #3 A.J. Alexy
Jeff and John sit down with rookie sensation A.J Alexy who is the FIRST major-league pitcher in history to pitch five innings with one hit or less in his first two major-league starts. We talk about his high school days, college commitment, getting drafted and getting the call to major leagues. A.J. is in San Francisco on an off day waiting to play the A's over the weekend. Jeff and John also get into the last 10 games and why the Rangers look impressive. Then they go "Down In The Bus Leagues" and talk about who they each think is the best prospect at each position in the minor leagues. Another great episode. Please like this podcast and give us reviews. Thanks for listening. 
September 09, 2021
Episode #2 Josh Jung
Jeff and John welcome Rangers top prospect playing this season, Josh Jung. They talk about his season, his foot injury, COVID and how he has adjusted at each level. They also talk about his pitching days and team he liked growing up. Jeff and John talk about the Rangers last week and what good things they saw. They also discuss free agency and the possibility of Trevor Bauer being a free agent. Would the Rangers be interested? Last they go Down In The Bus Leagues and discuss the farm system. The Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast wants to wish you all a great holiday weekend and be careful out there. See ya at the yard!! 
September 03, 2021
Episode #1 Jon Daniels
Jeff and John welcome Texas Rangers President of Baseball Operations Jon Daniels. Jon talks about his career, the trade deadline, the assessment of the current team and dealing with COVID. He also talked about the fastest trade he ever made. Jeff and John talk about the current team and what is positive. The also talk about whether they will lose 100 games. They go "Down In The Bus Leagues" and talk about the minor-league system which is deep and the best thing about the Rangers organization. Welcome to the Texas Rangers Baseball Podcast. Buckle Up!! This is going to be fun. 
August 28, 2021