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Turbulence Podcast

Turbulence Podcast

By Tyler Janeé
Dating isn't easy. Especially if you're a jet-setter who has lived in 4 countries and 4 states in the span of 8 years.

The world's ideas of how a single Black millennial woman should be living her life was different than what I envisioned for myself. My lifestyle warranted negative comments on how I could never find love unless I stayed in one place.

The Turbulence Podcast is on a mission to share stories of Black women around the world with a focus on travel, relationships and lifestyle changes.
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When Love Abroad Leads To Marriage: Visas, Babies, and Everything in Between

Turbulence Podcast

Using Waist Beads to Manifest Love, Confidence, and Success
Sexologist Chanel Jaali takes us on a informative journey into the origins of waist beads and explains how they are used by women to manifest success and happiness. IG: chaneljaali
September 03, 2020
An Expat's Choice: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Tune into this  interview with Ja from Traveling with Ja! As a travel specialist living in the Dominican Republic pre Covid-19, she had to make a decision on whether she should go back home to the states or stay and ride out the virus in her new home abroad.   Ja shares her expertise on -choosing where to move - why she decided to become a travel specialist - her decision to self-quarantine abroad - how LOVE found its way to her in DR.  Instagram: @travelingwithja FB: Traveling with Ja 
August 07, 2020
A Look Into Intimacy:Tips for Long Distance Relationships and Self-Exploration
This episode is X-rated.  Discover new ways to communicate in the bedroom to improve your sex life. Sex expert Davia Frost, shares her secrets for keeping the intimacy alive while separated from your partner/s Time Stamps 5:00- Dating as a Sex Educator 11:00- Long Distance Intimacy Tips 14:00- Create Your Sexual Menu
July 11, 2020
Will Using a Travel Agent Become the New Norm Post Covid-19?
Kemi Oshimokun of Travelopolis shares how travel agents may be the safety net for jet-setters who are aching to get the hell out of here but are worried about new Covid-19 regulations for each country. She breaks down the myths about using a travel agent and the perks that may make it worth your while! 2021 is our travel year!! Website:  FB-
June 09, 2020
S2- WTF Is Going On Out Here? A Conversation With A Matchmaker
Mecki the Matchmaker gives insight into dating the scene in LA. Listen to learn more about how love experts connect people together and how you can benefit from using one. IG:MatchedbyMecki
May 27, 2020
S2-Maintaining A Healthy Relationship While Quarantined With Your Partner
Sylvia Muthoni shares her story of how the pandemic changed her relationship with her husband and gives tips on how to communicate with your partner. IG:thetwosidedcoin
May 27, 2020
Quitting Your Corporate Job to Travel the World While Dating in the Process
Adult Gap Year expert Stephanie Perry breaks down how she quit her job to travel , how you can do it too, and where to find people to comfort you along the way. IG:vaycarious
February 04, 2020
A Fairytale Love Story Abroad Turns Into a Toxic Nightmare
Join Chrishonda Benson aka Queen on the Go and Tyler Janeé as they dive into an international love story that wasn’t as it seemed. IG:queenonthego
February 02, 2020
When Love Abroad Leads To Marriage: Visas, Babies, and Everything in Between
Jasmine shares her story on finding love in the Cayman Islands and turning it into a healthy marriage (Plus 1)
February 02, 2020
Using Tinder to Meet People Abroad
We get to chat with Lauren Victoria, a previous expat who used Tinder to meet new people abroad!
February 02, 2020
Traveling with Ya Girls
Kim Hawk, breaks down how to avoid problems and misunderstandings while traveling with friends and associates. IG:workhardtravelwell. Website:
February 02, 2020
29 Year Old Virgin + Middle East = A Good Ass Time
Ms.M a professional international childcare worker, discusses her love affair in the Middle East after never being kissed at 29 years old !
February 02, 2020
Moving Abroad to Heal After a Break-Up
Colby Holiday aka World of A Wanderer shares her story of moving abroad to escape an unhappy relationship. IG:Worldofawanderer
February 02, 2020
Ghana, Ghana, Ghana; Tai Travels Has the Sauce
We get a chance to talk everything Year of the Return, African men, and traveling with a toddler💜 FB:Tai Travels IG:@tripswithtai
February 02, 2020
Baecations: Can your significant other handle it?
Traci and I chat about the baecation trend and what you should do before traveling with your significant other. IG:innerGyoga
February 02, 2020
Travel Blogger Creates A Black Love Commercial in the Caribbean
Hear from Francesca Murray aka Onegrloneworld chat about why she created a commercial that highlights black couples traveling. Learn the Caribbean hotspot of 2020 for lovers❤️ IG:onegrloneworld
February 02, 2020
Singlehood: Dating Apps, F-boys, and Kissing under Jamaican Waterfalls
Getting real with Samantha Everette aka The Queen of Vacations on 10 years single and living your best life. IG:thequeenofvacations
February 02, 2020
Welcome to Turbulence - Launching Feb 2nd.
This is one your one stop shop to travel/dating stories, tips, and wisdom of women who have traveled all across the globe.
January 14, 2020