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Tying the Knot Podcast

Tying the Knot Podcast

By BellaDonna Weddings & Events
We share our secrets to planning your perfect wedding, celebration, or event.
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COVID Wedding: How To Plan A Wedding During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Tying The Knot Podcast
COVID-19 has most like brought your wedding planning to a grinding halt! Wedding Venues, Photographers, DJs, Entertainment, Florists, but most importantly, couples getting married, have been devastated by this pandemic! They are no longer Tying The Knot in front of the friends and family, and are looking forward to the future for a day that they will be able too. But when will that day be? New Jersey Governor Murphy extended the stay at home order an additional 30 days from May 6th, 2020, to June 6th, 2020. So, should you postpoine? Should you push your wedding to next year? Will you be able to have all your guests if you are allowed to have your wedding? And if your wedding is this fall, what will it look like with social distancing guidelines? That is what we are discussing this week on Tying The Knot, a Podcast By Bella Donna Weddings & Events. We are going to cover what we think weddings will look like moving forward. What new restrictions venues will be under to comply with social distancing! And, when weddings will finally go back to normal! Follow us here:
May 15, 2020
Small Bridal Party VS Large Bridal Party | Best Bridal Party Size | Tying The Knot
Are you deciding between a small Bridal Party and a Large Bridal Party? Do you know what counts as a small or large Bridal Party? In this week’s podcast Thomas and Alana of Bella Donna Weddings & Events share their secrets to picking the best Bridal Party size for you. There are so many things a person has to think about when they get engaged and start to plan their wedding. Top of the list is a bridesmaids proposal, (or a groomsmen proposal).  You are tasked with picking the people closest to you that are going to stand up with you in front of all of your friends and family on your wedding day. But how many people should you actually ask to stand with you while you marry your best friend. Truth is, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. What’s best for one couple is not going to be right for another. We’ve seen weddings with no bridal party, and we’ve seen weddings with as many as fourteen (seven groomsmen, and seven bridesmaids). Small bridal parties are easy to manage, but inevitably you have to leave someone out. Large Bridal Parties are a lot of fun, but can be tough to just get everyone together for the photo. We want to walk you through how to choose the best size for your wedding, by sharing some of our pros and cons of a Small Bridal Party versus a Large Bridal party. We hope that we can help you with your decision, and that your party is exactly what you need to make the memories of your lifetime. Happy planning, from Bella Donna Weddings & Events
May 08, 2020
Wedding Planning Tips to Pick Your Day of Coordinator
Your Wedding Day is your day to remember, but how is that possible with everything that has to get done? You have to make sure the venue is set up for the ceremony or reception, seating is arranged, flowers are in place, seating cards are out, menus are set, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. How do you get all of this done, by yourself? The simple answer is that you don’t. Hiring a Day of Coordinator for your wedding can be the best decision you make in all of the planning that you do. In this episode Tom and Alana go through what a Day of Coordinator does, and the benefits that come with hiring a Day of Coordinator. Remember, you’re there to make memories, let us worry about the rest! -Bella Donna Weddings & Events Follow Us Here:
May 01, 2020
Podcast #1: COVID-19 & How It Affects Your Wedding Day
In this episode, Thomas talks to Founder and Head Coordinator, Alana, about how couples are being effected by the COVID-19 pandemic when it comes to their big day.  Thomas and Alana talk about their experiences with their couples, and offer some insight into how to best handle your wedding date, especially if it has been postponed, or worse cancelled.  That's this week on Tying The Knot, a Podcast by Bella Donna Weddings & Events.  Find us here
April 25, 2020