Life Notes: The Journey

Recovery and Rebirth, Learning Who You Are With Jeff Weist

An episode of Life Notes: The Journey

By Tyler Badham
So much life to live and so much time! It's time to learn, live and grow! Let's talk about our stories and get real! Every story is unique and every journey different!
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Patrick and the Dragon
Dragons, Workouts, Bois and Friends
February 6, 2019
Recovery and Rebirth, Learning Who You Are With Jeff Weist
I dive into a couple of my Boi’s life experiences and what has made him who he is today! Let us know what you think!
February 3, 2019
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January 13, 2019
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January 10, 2019
Patrick Martinez: A Life of Change
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January 5, 2019
What would you do if you died tomorrow?
Friends, Family and Passion. What makes you happy?
December 29, 2018
Crap! It's Monday! Episode One - I Don't Care
You wanna feel fired up for your Monday?! Give us a quick listen and we will dive deep in life to help you understand more about yourself so that you have more energy to rock and roll in your week!
December 14, 2018
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