Home stand recap! Mookie struggling? Sox rotation health.

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Welcome To SoxTalk Podcast where we talk Boston Redsox! Everything you need to know about the current state of the Sox! Email at or text me at 508-431-3403.
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June 5, 2019
Braves series review, postseason roster review, Astros
We review the crazy Braves series, give my postseason roster prediction, and we review the Houston sox series coming up!!! We also have some exciting chris sale news!
September 5, 2018
Sox White Sox series, Sox hot hitters, Eovaldi, and injuries
This episode we cover the Sox recent games, we go over waiver deadline, we give our sox hot hitters, and we provide future series previews!!!
September 4, 2018
Bullpen, Marlins series, injury updates, and NL news
We talk the state of the bullpen headed towards the postseason, we review the marlins series and give our post thoughts, we talk injury status of players, we also talk NL news!!!
August 30, 2018
Sox/yanks debate
Things get heated with callers on the line. We have a Sox fan and yanks fan on the line
August 28, 2018
Panic button 2.0 best/ worst pitchers and hitters!!!
We talk panic button and Sox future games! And we talk best/worst hitter and pitchers!
August 28, 2018
Time to panic!?!!?
Just the mad dog today, are the Sox in trouble? Future schedule, AL East race heating up!!!
August 26, 2018
Home stand recap! Mookie struggling? Sox rotation health.
We talk about the Redsox recent home stand. We review the Indians and Rays series. Question Mookie recent struggles, question starter rotation health, and talk our panic meter!
August 23, 2018
Sox Rays series, Chris Sale DL, Sox Indians preview
Today we talk about the socks rays series we also talked about the Chris sale situation with him being placed on the DL for the second time in two weeks and we also talk about the upcoming series against the Cleveland Indians!
August 20, 2018
Reliever Review/Other League News
We review the Sox bullpen, give them grades, we review the Phillies series, preview Rays series, and give other league news!
August 17, 2018
Starters review!!!!
We talk redsox starters, give them grades, and take hot takes!!!
August 13, 2018
Sox-O’s Preview-Future of Regular Season-Team Grades
We talk Sox O’s, preview, and tonight’s game, we also talk Sox legitimacy, and Give our Batting, Pitching (Starting and Pen) Grades thus far in the season!!!
August 11, 2018
SoxTalk- Season Outlook and postseason
We talk sox future games and postseason matchups also we talk potential help from minor league affiliates!
August 9, 2018
Sox-Jays Recap- stretch Run Comments
This episode we talk game one of sox Jays- give future podcast dates- give hard predictions- and inform you on what the Sox might be up to down the Stretch run of the season- Dan O’Rourk on the line in today’s episode- MAD Dog
August 8, 2018
Sox Yanks series
Talkin Price, Tanaka, Managers, and a Renewed Rivalry, expect better audio and Dan O’Rorke featured in future episodes
August 7, 2018
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