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Shower Thoughts

Shower Thoughts

By T Woods PhD
Have you ever just stood in the shower and begun to think about something and suddenly solutions to problems begin to come up in your thoughts as you are standing there, cleansing and relaxing? Join Dr. Tyler Woods, as she explores the many thoughts that happen while relaxed in the shower. Welcome to Shower Thoughts where she has been broadcasting and writing shower thoughts for the past six years. You can find her on local radio, YouTube and now she makes it easy for you to listen to her shower thoughts.
Silence Is Important
Dr Woods believes that there is something out there that is so important that we forget to utilize it. In fact, she believes it can always be there if we desire. Sadly, there are so many times and occasions we do not get it or use it and for some, we know how to access it. She is talking about the power of silence. Join her today as she shares how vital silence can be and how to get it.
September 05, 2022
Being Offened
People are getting very easily offended these days and it is getting worse. We are living in a world where so many take offense to every little thing. Dr Woods talks about why people are offended so easily and how to not be so offended and how to walk in peace.
September 03, 2022
Grielief is Grief and Relief
Grieving is a rite of passage that we as the living need to experience. Grief is part of the sacred ritual of life and death. Grief is love with no place to go! So, the question is how can we feel relief? Dr. Woods tells us that it is natural to feel some relief when someone dies. It is okay to feel relief when the distress you felt because of having to watch your loved one struggle has come to an end. We are experiencing two strong emotions all at once. Grief is the complex emotional reaction to the loss of someone that was meaningful to you. Relief is a feeling of ease, reassurance, or release following the removal of anxiety, distress, or pain. We might not automatically associate relief with the loss of a loved one, however for some, it is natural and normal.
September 02, 2022
Emil Brunner once said, “What oxygen is to the lungs, such is hope to the meaning of life.” Join Dr. Woods today as she talks about hope. Hope is an action that requires us to look at our own attitude on how we see things. To hope means you want an outcome that will improve your life. Hope makes the present difficulties bearable. She believes that hope can be hard work and is a commitment on your part to positively manage your thoughts so that they don’t get the best of you. Learn ways to gain more hope.
September 01, 2022
Patience seems to be many of our skills that never ended up in our lessons of life growing up. Join Dr. Woods as she talks about why people never learned patience and how they can begin to learn it no matter what age they are. She believes patience requires us to pause just for a few seconds and reflect before acting on it. It is that very brief pause we can take that helps us get our thoughts in order and our feelings under control. Learn more in today’s show.
August 30, 2022
Being In The Now
Join Dr Tyler Woods as she talks about either being in the tomorrow or in yesterday, in next week or even spending time in decades ago. She believes our thoughts take us everywhere except for the now. Today she talks about how that can affect us and how we can stay in more in touch with the now.
August 30, 2022
Pushing Buttons
Join Tyler Woods Today as she answers the question, how do you know if your buttons are pushed and what can you do to not be so reactive when they do get pushed? Solutions are difficult to discover when our buttons get pushed so make sure you listen to some simple ways to resolve pushed buttons.
August 27, 2022
Setting Boundaries
People may know what the word boundaries means, but do they know what they are and how to establish them? Join Tyler Woods as she talks about boundaries which are like a guideline that defines how we would like to be treated by people around us and setting healthy boundaries to help us build a good relationship with others and care for ourselves and those we love. 
August 25, 2022
Emotional Pain
Dr. Woods talks today about emotional pain which can include feelings of hurt, anguish, or sorrow. It can come from many different sources. Between the devastating school shootings, price gouging, the war, grief and sorrow, and past unhealed wounds, emotional pain is on the rise. No matter what the cause, this psychological pain can be intense and significantly affect many different areas of your life.
August 24, 2022
Resilience is what allows some people to be knocked down and come back stronger than before. It makes us feel just okay when everything is happening at once and gives us some sort of mental balance when life is unbalanced. Resilience is not a trait that people either have or do not have. It involves behaviors, thoughts, and actions that can be learned and developed. Join Dr. Woods as she talks about resilience not about powering through the storms in life. I think it is more like a toolbox of techniques and behaviors that support us through times of adversity. To be resilient is to come out of life’s trials intact and yep, we might come out a little bruised and bloody but we can come out stronger.
August 22, 2022
Self Acknowledgment
Finding worth in oneself is probably the biggest challenge all of us face. We forget who we are. What if instead of focusing on where we think we should be or worrying about where others think we should be, we focus on celebrating our own progress? Join Dr. Tyler Woods while she explains ways to acknowledge your own self. Remember self-acknowledgment is a muscle. The more you use it, the better you get at it.
August 21, 2022
The Meaning of Life
Join Dr. Tyler Woods today as she talks about the meaning of life. What if the meaning of life was simply about relationships? Our relationship with ourselves, our planet, our enemies, our friends, our family, our beliefs, and what we think? What if we are here to have a relationship with life and to learn virtues like humility, detachment or letting go, integrity, honor, courage, truth, justice, self-control, and the ability to accept. 
August 20, 2022
Walk In Peace
Dr. Woods always ends her show with walk in peace, but what does walk in peace mean? Today she talks about walking in peace as a conscious balanced state of mind. That means awake and present. To be able to feel a sense of calmness and stability in all that you do. You feel balanced and in the moment. If you stop yourself from walking in anger, fear, and resentment, you will discover that you are simply walking in the present and that will direct you to walk in peace.
August 19, 2022
Everybody has an opinion. In fact, people have loads of opinions and they certainly give them to you. Did you know that your self-esteem is tied to what other people think? It's true! First know that self-esteem is the opinion we have of our own selves. Join Dr. Woods today as she talks about the importance of opinions and the dangers and positive solutions.
August 19, 2022
Making Assumptions
When we make assumptions, we believe they are the truth! We invent a whole story that’s the only truth for us and we believe it and get others to believe it. Then like clockwork, one assumption leads to another assumption and we spend our lives jumping to conclusions. Join Dr. Woods as she talks about the consequences of assumptions and solutions to help end the cycle of making assumptions. 
August 18, 2022
Fear and Courage
Fear is a reaction and courage is a decision. When we feel fear, we can choose to act in courage, even with that fear being right in your face. Join Dr. Woods as she talked about the fine balance between fear and courage. Since we all know that fear is an excellent opportunity to become courageous, why not learn ways to embrace our fears and walk in courage.
August 18, 2022
We Are All Going to Die, so Accept It
Death is the destination we all share; no one has ever escaped it and recognizing your mortality can help you take stock of your life and open your eyes to the opportunities in front of you. Dr. Woods talk about how our deaths are simply one of the things that nature demands. We must continue to examine the meaning of death because death is central to the meaning of life. Woods asks you this; Do you ever think death could provide us with a very strong motivation to make sense of the time we do have here? 
July 16, 2022
Forgiveness Comes in Layers
We all think forgiveness is one-dimensional. Like you’re supposed to forgive and then just move on? You know the famous line “forgive and forget.” This is not true! Forgiveness is an interesting thing as it doesn't happen all at once. It comes in layers, like an onion. Join Dr. Woods as she explores forgiveness and how it requires patience,  practice and self-control. You must release a hurt and resentments and allow forgiveness to heal.
July 14, 2022
Gratitude is simply taking time to think about all the positive things in your life. Rather than ruminating on the negatives. Gratitude is powerful and it blocks toxic emotions, such as envy, resentment, greed, demanding and wanting. These emotions can destroy our happiness. Gratitude is a selfless act. When you apply gratitude to your life, you may find that you become aware of far more qualities of yourself, others, and the world. Join Dr. Woods s she makes some suggestions about how to cultivate gratitude. 
July 12, 2022
Comfort Zone
There is an old saying life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Stepping outside one's comfort zone is an important, and almost universal, factor in personal growth. How can we expect to evolve in our lives and careers if we only stick to habit and routine? When we challenge ourselves, we tend to rise to the occasion. Taking risks is what helps us grow so join Dr. Woods today as she talks about comfort Zones.
July 10, 2022
Taking Responsibility
Responsibility is less about what you do and far more about who you are. Having responsibility is looking at yourself and accepting the choices you have made and the actions you have taken and hopefully, if you have emotional competency, your words and behaviors lead to taking responsibility. Join Dr. Woods as she talks about taking responsibility.
July 04, 2022
Positive Anger
Anger can have positive qualities and we all have anger and we all have the right to express it as long s it does not cause harm. This show was recorded in 2020 however the message is strong, so welcome to my shower thoughts on positive anger.
July 01, 2022