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Unwinding with Tynia

Unwinding with Tynia

By Tynia Canada
Unwinding with Tynia is for individuals that have an interest in personal development, film, music, healthy eating, veganism, justice, women's issues, miscarriage, domestic violence, child custody, farm to table lifestyle, environment & sustainability, discussions on differences, healthy relationships, and mental health awareness, celebrity guests, and entrepreneurs. Those who desire to gain a wealth of information, while living a happier, healthy, calmer life through mindfulness meditations.
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Conversation with Indie Music Channel Award winning Blues Singer Willie Jackson
Willie Jackson is a Savannah, Georgia native raised by a his parents, the late  Reverend Willie Jackson his mother Annie Pearl Jackson. Willie is the youngest of the 6 children. In addition to Willie being a singer, he is also writer, producer, and a savvy businessman by owning the rights to all of his music!  Willie talks about the importance of family, as he shares the love of his 96 year old mother. He gave her a guitar as a gift about two years ago and she is still strumming her guitar strings. Willie’s original music is in the South Georgia tradition of soul stirring blues with clever lyrics. His new album, All In the Blues, was released in 2021 and has already won 3 Indie Music Channel Awards! The album features 12 original songs written by Willie and features guest performances from Mary Davis from the SOS Band and Jimmy Williams from the band Brick.
November 16, 2021
Bob Baldwin
Bob Baldwin is an international contemporary jazz pianist, producer, music composer, radio host, author, and creator of the NewUrbanJazz Lounge radio show. Baldwin candidly shares the influence of his late father, Robert Garfield Baldwin, Sr. who was a professional musician. He recognized Baldwins "gift" for music which quickly led Baldwin to become a child prodigy at the tender age of 5 years old.  Join us as this Mount Vernon, New Yorker-born individual shares excerpts of his personal and professional musical journey. Baldwin examines the importance of learning the business aspect of music, which explains why he is recognized as the "Ray  Charles of music" owning the rights to most of his masters! He discusses the importance of family values as he is a caretaker for his mother, which allows him to be a guest on Friday, November 12, 2021 at 7:00 PM for AARP. Tune into the AARP Atlanta Couch Concert for his virtual concert with legendary guest artist. Follow Bob Baldwin socially at the links below: Artist Homepage Music Catalog Retail Page NewUrbanJazz Radio Instagram
November 12, 2021
Jerome Preston Bates Presents ~ Ladies in the Life of Jimi Hendrix Electric Lady
The Black Repertory Group Berkeley- Dr. Mona Scott Executive Director and Sean Vaughn Scott Presents Electric Lady. Written and Directed by Jerome Preston Bates. October 1, 2021, 8 PM EST and 5 PM PST. Streamed Live and Free on Rome Neal's Banana Puddin' Jazz YoutubeChannel. A conversation with some of the cast members and affiliates of the Jimi Hendrix Trilogy.  Listen to exciting stories shared by the original Jimi Hendrix singer and songwriter collaborator, Rosa Lee Brooks,Actress Genia Morgan, Rome Neal, spearheaded by Writer and Director Jerome Preston Bates. Be sure to tune in and support this spectacular production, as you will be enlightened by the love interests of Jimi Hendrix. Please feel free to leave a message or comment with Unwinding With Tynia.  Contact Jerome Preston Bates for more info join @jeromeprestonbates Facebook and Instagram
October 01, 2021
This Business of Music with Bodacious One Entertainment CEO~ Bo Sampson
The name Bo Sampson is not new to the entertainment industry, however, as Sampson glides through the room with discreetness, believe that he observes every movement and uses his sense of discernment to decide who he will interact with. This scholar will vacate the location along with enough information to research his evidence before he decides how to move forward creating his next masterpiece.  This Washiningtonian talks about Go-Go music and more. This episode will enlighten you on with the answer to the question asked by so many, "What does he do?" You will discover who he is, and whose he is. A segment you don't want to miss! 
September 29, 2021
An Evening With Jazz Pianist Amir Small
Amir Small is a Bronx-born Jazz Pianist and Berklee School of Music graduate. The son of Music Engineer and Producer Gilbert and Pianist/Vocalist Robin Small is carrying on the legacy of his mother and late father with his debut solo piano disc, Jazz Therapy, which premiered on WCLK in September 2021. Enjoy the music and talents of Mr. Amir Small.
September 17, 2021
Conversing about single motherhood
Carla J. Curtis is not a newbie when it comes to writing. She published her 1st book over 20 years ago, and celebrating the 20th anniversary of her newly released book entitled "A Single Woman's Parenting Journey: Survival Tidbits". Carla is an author, blogger, psychotherapist. This conversation discusses about her experience as a teenage mother and her daughter too, becomes a teenage parent. She speaks very openly about her experiences and how her relationship with God has  always the anchor in her life.  Contact your book club members, church groups, family members and friends. Join in with your cup of organic tea as you listen to this conversation about single parenting tidbits. You will want to have a discussion afterwards. 
August 11, 2021
Celebrity Stylist and Entrepreneur
LeVura Geuka is a member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), Local 798 Hair and Makeup Union who resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Her work can be witnessed by some of the most popular actors on your favorite television show, or movie screen! LeVura's talent and professionalism had landed her to work under the direction of one of there most popular director, screenwriter, and producers.  You will learn how she  successfully used her intellect and entrepreneurial skills to achieve her success, and continues to remain humble giving back to communities, and helping others as she is still flourishing. 
July 16, 2021
Let's Talk Real Estate
Ken Hedrington is an experiencde real estate investor, all around nerd of anything investments related, and holder of the these current titles: Son, Brother, and most important Husband! Follow Ken on Instagram @kenhedrington
May 17, 2021
My appreciation
Tynia reflects on the past interviews of J. Preston Bates, Natasha Daniels, and upcoming Guest LeVura Geuka. Tynia thanks you for your support, and there's much more to come! 
May 04, 2021
How can communities help de-stigmatize mental health?
With the crisis of murders by police officers on individuals with mental health disorders, we must find a solution to assist and inform the communities about seeing mental health as it is-- A health issue. Tynia and Natasha will discuss and examine ways to find some resolutions to this dilemma. Natasha Daniels, MA, LPC, BCC, MAC, is a licensed professional counselor who has presented several trainings on mental health and substance use at various community locations, police departments and courthouses. Over the past years Natasha has worked in a variety of settings in the field including group homes, psychiatric hospitals, counseling centers and private practice.
April 19, 2021
Unwinding with Tynia interviews actor, director, writer & Minister Jerome Preston Bates
J. Preston Bates will have a discussion about his rise to dreams fulfilled.
April 19, 2021
Introducing: Unwinding With Tynia
 Tynia is an Inspirational speaker, Healthy Relationship Strategist, Certified Grief Specialist, Mental Health Counselor, Recording Artist, and Founder of Inspirational Spirit of the Phoenix, Inc. This episode is an introduction of some of the topics I will be discussing, and interviews of special guests. I will be on every other Monday at 7:00pm.  My first guest will be Actor, Director, and Writer Jerome Preston Bates! Bates has appeared in several Broadway shows, creating the role of Floyd Barton opposite Viola Davis in August Wilson’s Seven Guitars, has been featured  in recurring roles on HBO’s OZ and All My Children .Most recently, producer on the radio podcast Creating In A Time of Covid with West Coast and East Coast artist.  Listen in on Monday, April 5, 2021 at 7:00 pm.
April 01, 2021