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By Geeking out loud
We talk about all things hot in the geek and nerd world from comics movies games anime
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Marvel’s eternals and mcu talk
On geeking out loud we’re talking about marvel’s eternal and little bit about mcu
December 30, 2021
(GOL)justice league throne of atlantis review
this video was alittle late being uploaded supposed to be before the snyder cut review but were reviewing the animated dc movie throne of atlantis and our opinion on it
June 15, 2021
(GOL) godzilla vs kong review
as always Geeking out loud back with another review this time its two monsters goin at it godzilla vs kong movie review on hbo max
May 14, 2021
(Gol) falcon and winter soldier review
on this episode of Geeking out loud were talking about another big marvel tv show and not wanda vision falcon and winter soldier
May 14, 2021
(GOL)Zach Snyder’s justice league review ft blackheroes podcast
You already know what we’re about to talk about that’s right the Zach Snyder’s justice league movie on HBO Max and get our full scoop of opinions we have on the movie but that’s not a special with us. As well go check it out
April 17, 2021
(GOL)Greatest American Hero/Mortal Kombat 2021
were talking about a  classic for superhero fans the greatest American hero which was released in 1981 and were talkin about the Mortal Kombat trailer coming to HBO Max
March 16, 2021
(GOL)the dark knight returns part 1-2
spoiler alert little bit but in this video of geeking out loud were talkin about the batman movie true fans have to watch  frank millers dark knight returns its about batman goin into retirement for 10 years but forced the 55 year old batman back into the cape and cowl where u can watch on HBO Max now!!!
February 27, 2021
(GOL)batman under the red hood/ JL flashpoint paradox
whats up everyone back with another episode on geeking out loud where were reviewing batman under the red hood also justice league flashpoint paradox the OG DC  animated MOVIES You can watch on hbo max now 
February 16, 2021
Godzilla vs Kong trailer/OG wonder woman
were talkin about Godzilla vs Kong trailer and our thoughts and opinions on these two big titans fighting it out and also talkin about Linda carters wonder woman
February 09, 2021
wanda vision review
on geekin out loud were talkin about disney+ new hit tv show wanda vision and givin our thoughts opinions and reviews on it wont wanna miss this
January 22, 2021
(GOL) titans review
today were talkin about the live action teen titans series titans and our thoughts and opinions on it on geeking out loud
January 07, 2021
GOL(dune similarities to the mandalorian/star wars)
were talkin about the similarities between dune and star wars
December 03, 2020
GOL (DEADPOOL 3) speculations talk
KEEP IN MIND we talked literally a week or two ago before the deadpool 3 movie news dropped we discussed our opinions and thoughts and expectations on the deadpool in the mcu 
November 22, 2020
GOL(the boys season 2 review)
were discussing our opinions and thoughts on the boys season 2
November 06, 2020
(GOL)spiderman 3 multiverse rumories theories
were talkin about the whole multiverse theory in general with all the spiderman rumors goin around
October 28, 2020
Dc fandome part 2
We talken about the second part of dc fandome from Snyder cut to Wonder Woman to black Adam
October 03, 2020
Dc fandoms discussions
Talkin everything dc related from movies to games come check us out :)
September 26, 2020
(Gol)Project power review
We’re reviewing a big hit on Netflix right now called project power
September 12, 2020
Aliens and predators future in marvel
On this episode of geekin out loud we’re talkin. About how we feel about marvel buying alien predator franchises
August 01, 2020
(Gol) the boys discussion
We’re talkin to u about all things related to the amazon prime show the boys
July 23, 2020
(GOL)Batman talk/virtual comic cons/X-men cannon episode 3
Talking about on this week’s episode all Batman related news about Michael Keaton Batman coming in to the dc multiverse and Robert Pattinson Batman and then we’re talking about virtual comic cons and sum talk about the X-men
July 13, 2020
Episode 2_Snyder Cut-Mandolorian-ROS-Batwoman
Welcome to geeking out loud source for all things hot in the geek and nerd community this week we’re talkin about Snyder cut mandalorian season 2 rise of skywalker and batwoman leaving
May 25, 2020