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By Jason Guillemette & Louis Borges
Are You Paying Attention? UAP Studies is created with the idea of collecting knowledge from the best UFO/UAP Investigators & Researchers, Scientists, Journalists in the world to talk and teach you and me the proper way of handling UAP cases with scientific logic and an analytical approach. From sightings, Abductions, Cattle Mutilations, 5E Contact, and learning everything in between. The class is in session.
Ep 88 Dr. Michael Paul Masters
Are Aliens us in the future? Does time travel explain the UAP Phenomenon, and are their craft time machines? We asked Anthropologist Micheal P. Masters, and his thoughts were amazing to hear.   We discussed evolution and what unique characteristics hominids have developed, and how that relates to E.T. descriptions from thousands of reports. Are we destined to look like Aliens in the future?
August 08, 2022
In this episode, we discussed popular topics trending now on UFO Twitter and Facebook. We learned about the "Mandela Effect", and the newly formed "All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office" (AARO).   We also mentioned some recent viewer comments, and gave shouts out to some of our biggest fans!   Hosted By:  JASON GUILLEMETTE and LOUIS BORGES   Visit our Website:  Check us out on Spotify and Apple Podcasts: Visit our Facebook Page:
July 26, 2022
Ep 86 Kevin D. Randle Capt., U.S.A.F.R
Kevin Douglas Randle is an American Ufologist, science fiction, and historical fiction writer, and a military veteran. Within the UFO community, he is often regarded as one of the preeminent experts on the reported crash of a UFO near Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. A writer with more than 80 books to his credit, Randle is perhaps best known for his books about UFOs and the Roswell story. While the vast majority of his books are science fiction and historical fiction, it's his books on the accounts of the Roswell story, New Mexico in 1947 that have exerted an enormous influence on those interested in the saga. Randle, along with Stanton Friedman, is generally acknowledged as one of the leading researchers into the Roswell story and the UFO question.
July 17, 2022
Ep 85 Jesse Peak
Jesse F. Peak, A Certified MUFON Field Investigator For The State of Pennsylvania, MUFON ERT(Experiencer Resource team), Investigator for the SCU(Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies), with Certifications in Astronomy, Space Exploration, Space Advocacy, Mental Health(Be There Certificate), Case Management, Introduction To Computer Technology, Basic’s of Digital Imaging, PowerPoint, Public Speaking, and Disposition into Investigations. Also a Published Writer in the MUFON Monthly Journal, Ex- 13 Bravo (Artillery Cannon Crew Member) In The Army National Guard, where I did my training at “Fort Sill” Oklahoma, Councilor for 5 Years Teaching Classes To Young Adults, and Eagle Scout.
July 10, 2022
Ep 84 Jonathan Young Ph.D.
Psychologist Jonathan Young Ph.D. joined us on UAP STUDIES Podcast to discuss his many-year career, as well as his interest in mysticism which has led him to star on very popular TV shows such as "Ancient Aliens" and the "UnXplained with William Shatner."   Jonathan is also a history researcher and storyteller, who assisted mythologist Joseph Campbell for several years at seminars and serves as the Founding Curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives and Library.   Dr. Young has been seen on many Television and documentary films, namely the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" and "The Unexplained with William Shatner" He is a contributing producer of the Ancient Aliens series and appears as a featured expert.  His books and articles focus on personal mythology.  Jonathan Young is a professor at the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles and teaches at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. In addition, he teaches screenwriting programs and consults on movie scripts for significant studios. He maintains a private consulting practice in Santa Barbara.  Hosted By:   JASON GUILLEMETTE and LOUIS BORGES
July 03, 2022
Ep 83 Omar Lara
Omar Lara is a 10-year US Navy veteran who witnessed a UAP while serving aboard the Nimitz in 2004, only a few days after the famous Tic Tac incident. In 2017, his story, along with many others, would help shape our current disclosure momentum. Listen to the details of Omar's fascinating sighting and why he recently decided to speak out about what he witnessed while on duty. Now more than ever we need the men and women of the military to come forward with what they've witnessed while serving their country.  We hope you enjoy this episode, Are You Paying Attention!  Jason & Louis 
June 26, 2022
Ep 82 Michai Mathieu Morin
Michai Morin is an Executive Advisor • Guest Speaker • Trend Analyst • Futurist & Media ConsultantTalks about futurism,  technology,  and disruptive technology We touched on the gatekeepers and electrogravitic research. Futurism of UAPs, the interest in the media, the technology behind these crafts, thoughts on the congress hearings, and the sudden wave of intellects getting on the bandwagon.  We had a good time talking with Michai; he is always a wealth of knowledge on many topics. We hope you enjoy this episode of UAPSP  Are you Paying Attention!
June 19, 2022
Ep 81 Jimmy Church
Host of Fade to Black, Jimmy Church joins us on UAP Studies. We cover many topics on the subject, his early start in ufology and radio, his career on Coast to Coast, and the current state of ufology and disclosure.  What an honor it was to talk with Jimmy, he is as knowledgeable as he is charismatic. We hope you enjoy this special episode. Check out Jimmy Church @ Jimmy Church is a radio, film, and television host for the Game Changer Network. Church is the host of 'FADE to BLACK' on the Game Changer Network and syndicated on KJCR, KUNX, iHeartRADIO, TSL, TuneIn, and Spreaker. From 2014-to 2020, he was a fill-in host on Coast to Coast AM with Premiere Networks and iHeartRADIO. Jimmy is the producer and co-star of the 2021 feature film 'The Observers and the narrator of the 2021 hit film, 'Extraordinary: The Revelations', both released by 1091 Films. He is also the star of the 2022 4Biddenknowledge film: "The Black Knight Satellite: Beyond the Signal". He co-starred on History Channel's 'Hangar 1: The UFO Files', 'Time Beings', and is the host of 'The Unexplained' and 'Breaking Mysterious'. He has also appeared on 'Expedition X' on the Travel Channel and was featured in the documentary, 'UFO Coverups: Secrets Revealed'. FADE to BLACK is a late-night long-form conversation talk show with a style that is a throwback to the old days of overnight AM radio with hosts like Long John Nebel... open conversation with only the very best and brightest guests covering UFOs, ghosts, lost civilizations, secret governments, agendas, time travel, and alternate realities. FADE to BLACK reaches out to the next generations with a fresh take on the world around us. website: Twitter: Facebook:
June 12, 2022
Ep 80 Erik Schlimmer
Erik Schlimmer is a Colorado-based author and licensed therapist.  He specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder and has a keen interest in UAP history and modern UAP evidence.  He created his UAP Therapist persona to let people know there's at least one mental health professional out there who won't tell them they're insane.
June 05, 2022
Ep 79 Randall Nickerson - Ariel Phenomenon
Randall Nickerson joins us on UAPS to talk about his recent film (years in the making) Ariel Phenomenon (2022). Sometimes acting as an investigative researcher, cinematographer, and co-editor on this project - he wore many hats to make this movie a possibility. Talking with Randall was a joy and we learned a lot from him and some of the difficulties of filming a documentary on a very well-known case, and technical issues while making the documentary. Ariel Phenomenon is a must-watch film.
May 29, 2022
Ep 78 Caroline Cory A Tear in the Sky pt2
Caroline Cory joins us to talk about her life experiences, and her new groundbreaking film A Tear in the Sky  Caroline is an absolute pioneer in the field and this is a great interview. We had a blast talking with her, and we hope you enjoy this special episode of uap studies podcast. 
May 24, 2022
Ep 77 Thomas Winterton
Thomas Winterton joins us again to talk about season 3 of Skinwalker Ranch and his experiences in this amazing land of mystery we call Skinwalker Ranch. We always have a great time with Thomas and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we do. Cheers!  
May 23, 2022
Ep 76 Malcom Robinson
Malcolm Robinson is a well-known Scottish author of books about paranormal and UFO topics. He’s a regular TV and radio guest and an excellent speaker at conferences and public appearances. Malcolm Robinson is the assistant editor of Outer Limits magazine and was the first Scottish person to lecture on UFOs in the following country: The United States of America. (Laughlin Nevada), France: (Strasbourg), Holland: (Utrecht), Ireland: (Carrick on Shannon & Galway). Malcolm Robinson is one of only a handful of people on this planet to have gone down into the murky depths of Loch Ness in a submarine.  He is also a guest speaker for conventions, conferences, clubs, and societies. Malcolm Robinson is the Founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations (1979) and he is an established speaker, presenter, scriptwriter, and author of books about the Paranormal and UFOs.
May 22, 2022
Ep 75 The Convergence Enigma with Josh & Stefan
There are phenomena that exist all around us. Kids playing and above something unknown fly over and disappears. People drive at night, seeing huge creatures cross the road. People wake up to find their kitchen in disarray. Louis and Jason had a great time talking with Josh and Stefan from the Convergence Enigma podcast
May 17, 2022
Ep 74 A Tear in the Sky pt. One
David Altman and Dave Mason join us to talk about their new documentary film, A Tear in the Sky, and their challenges in making the film. The science and gear they used to triangulate their sightings near Catalina Island. We had a great time learning from David and Dave and we hope you enjoy this ep. 
May 15, 2022
Ep 73 Jason Carignan - Mufon Canada
From the 2021 Canadian UFO Survey to sightings in British Columbia, drones, We also cover how to join Mufon or support the organization. Jason is a great guest and we love having him on. Hope you learn something new, we sure did.   
May 01, 2022
Ep 72 UAP Tv
We all have movies and tv shows that are special because they are UAP-related. Louis and I talk about some of our favorite documentaries and tv shows. 
April 29, 2022
2nd Year review
Louis and I look back on 2 years of the podcast and talk all things UAP, we would also like to say a big thank you to all the listeners for their support and kind words. Means a lot and we appreciate it. 
April 18, 2022
Ep 70 Calvin Parker
In October 1973, a quick fishing trip took a nasty turn. Calvin Parker joins us and recounts the events that took place that night in 73 known as the Pascagoula Abductions of Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson. We had a great time talking with Calvin and learned new details we had not heard of previously. What a great person and a great guest.  We hope you enjoy this episode, keep paying attention.
March 27, 2022
Ep 69 Kathleen Marden Forbidden Knowledge
We talk with Kathleen Marden, niece of Betty and Barney Hill. She is a lifelong experiencer and has focused attention on helping countless other abductees. Her recent book Forbidden Knowledge - A personal journey from alien abduction to spiritual transformation - Kathleen takes us along with her to revisit conversations she had with Betty, taking care of her until she passed, her own abductions throughout her life, and her work with over 5000 other experiencers worldwide.
March 21, 2022
Ep 68 Colm Kelleher
Mr. Kelleher joins us today to talk about Skinwalker Ranch and his work and involvement in the studies that took place there.  Bringing 'something' home with you after you visit the ranch isn't unheard of, in fact, its almost guaranteed. We delve into the newest book Skinwalkers at the Pentagon and explore the vast knowledge on the topic that Kelleher has to share. This is a great interview, great guest get the book on Amazon, here:
March 20, 2022
Ep 67 George Knapp
The 2nd Year Anniversary Episode!   George Knapp joins us on this very special episode of UAP Studies. We talk about his book 'Skinwalkers at the Pentagon', his career as an investigative journalist -who has become a very important player in ufology-  Obviously, we had to talk about Bob Lazar as well. Louis and I got to geek out and talk to one of the best people in this field of study and a true legend in our books, seriously had a great time. George is an absolute gentleman and informative. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we do.  Are you Paying Attention?  -Jason Guillemette
March 13, 2022
Ep 66 Vinnie Adams Disclosure Team
Vinnie Adams UFO/UAP Research, writer, social media creator, podcast host, public relations. We had a great time with Vinnie on this episode. I am a fan of his so having him on was on my wish list for some time now.  Disclosure Team podcast is informative and Vinnie is a great host. In this episode, we cover many aspects of ufology and talk about his recent trip to Columbia and the documentary Phenomenology series being released on May 1
March 06, 2022
Ep 65 Sean Cahill
Co-Founder, Strategic Consultant at Skyfort | Think Tank & Strategy Firm Sean Cahill is an investigative filmmaker and retired U.S. Navy Chief Master-at-Arms. He served on various vessels and duty stations abroad; most notably he was part of the bridge crew onboard the USS Princeton during the infamous Tic-Tac UAP incident with the USS Nimitz in 2004. Sean is featured on episode three of the History Channel's Six Part Documentary: Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation. His continuing efforts include projects on consciousness, ancient indigenous culture, and UAP/UFO destigmatization. He resides in San Diego California with his wife and two daughters.
February 27, 2022
Ep 64 Christopher Plain Head Writer at The Debrief
Chris has been writing for over 30 years, ranging from stand-up and sketch for the stage to TV and radio work. Since 2015 Chris has been writing a series of fantasy novels, with the first 3 already available for purchase. The fourth novel is due in 2022, Chris also has a science fiction novel due at the end of 2021, and an action and adventure novel due in 2022. Find out more at For Chris' daily writing about breakthrough science and technology, go to Chris sometimes tweets, too. @plain_fiction
February 20, 2022
Ep 63 The Pentagon UFO Files
For decades, secrets have been kept from us. Kept from us by the powers that be. After years of silence and secrecy, the US government has finally revealed evidence of extra-terrestrial life which could shatter our very perception of mankind's place in the universe. Uncover the shocking truth behind the newly revealed Pentagon UFO files as we go deeper than ever before to scrutinize every detail, with in-depth analysis from scientific and military experts.  Now with military confirmation of unexplainable aerial phenomenon, the debate of alien life invading Earth is becoming a foreseeable possibility. Are we ready for what the future holds? And what questions still remain in the Pentagon UFO files. Join some of Britain's leading UFO researchers as they dissect the most momentous intelligence failure of our generation. Have we been visited by extraterrestrial beings? Are we alone? You decide.
February 13, 2022
Ep 62 Kathleen Marden Kathleen Marden is an author, on-camera expert, consultant, international conference presenter, experiencer advocate, intergenerational experiencer, and hypnosis practitioner. Since 1990, she has researched the perplexing nature of UFOs and the non-human entities associated with highly advanced aerial vehicles via her own groundbreaking research, investigation, and experimentation. She is the 2021 recipient of the International UFO Congress Lifetime Achievement Award. For thirty years, she engaged in scientifically focused research on ET experiencers, the history of government involvement in major UFO studies, and the US Government’s obfuscation of the facts. During this time, she was closely associated with the Mutual UFO Network as its director of the experiencer research team and the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters as a research consultant and advisory board member. This has combined to give her the depth of knowledge that few possess. Her interest in UFOs and contact began in 1961 when her aunt and uncle Betty and Barney Hill had a close encounter and subsequent abduction in New Hampshire’s the White Mountains. She has conducted an extensive, multi-year investigation of their experiences. Her several books and the 60th-anniversary edition of “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience” are available for purchase, in all formats at fine online bookstores everywhere. Autographed copies can be purchased in the USA at
February 06, 2022
Ep 61 Louis Borges
A man after my own heart, Louis Borges joins me on this episode of UAP Studies, We talk about all aspects of ufology, abductions, Bob Lazar, and the human capacity for disclosure. Louis lives in British Columbia Canada and has a great appetite for anything UAP related, I began talking with him about UAP's and the phenomenon as a whole several months ago and his knowledge of the subject makes it easy to get lost in the topic. I hope you enjoy this episode and ....Its good to be back!
January 30, 2022
Ep 60 Daniel Otis from VICE
Canada is no stranger to UFOs and has a history of logging reports from various sources. Investigating Journalist Daniel Otis joins us today to talk about his VICE articles on Canadian UFOs and the private company that owns all of the data. I had a fantastic time talking with Daniel, and hope he comes back on the podcast soon.
September 14, 2021
Ep 59 Dave Scott
Dave Scott is not only a great radio host and paranormal researcher, but he is also an experiencer. In 1994 he had a sighting that changed his view on reality and what is happening globally. He also experienced other sightings in the lower mainland British Columbia. He is now the host' of Spaced Out Radio. And you can visit him @
September 13, 2021
Ep 58 Thiago Luiz Ticchetti (Brazil)
Thiago is an investigator/researcher and no stranger to ufo history, in fact, he writes books on the subject, now available in English and French. He joins us on this episode to talk about the history and current situation with UAP in Brazil. You don't want to skip this episode, I had a blast talking with and learning from him, and you will too.  Social Media
September 05, 2021
Ep 57 Canada's UFOs Declassified
Chris A. Rutkowski is a Canadian science writer and educator. Since the mid-1970s, he’s written about his investigations and research on UFOs, for which he is best known. Canada has had its own UFO projects, too. Science writer Chris Rutkowski has viewed files on these studies, many of which were declassified from higher restrictions. These records demonstrate that many Canadians not only witnessed unusual objects in the sky (and on the ground) but that they overcame their fear of ridicule and possible legal persecution by reporting their remarkable sightings to the Canadian government. What’s more, many of the UFO reports were made by military personnel, and many continue to defy conventional explanations. Publisher: August Night Press Published Autumn 2021 ISBN 978-1-78677-169-8
August 22, 2021
Ep 56 Cristina Gomez
Cristina Gomez is one busy person. She hosts a variety of shows on Youtube, from Mysteries with a History, Paradigm Shift, and working as a producer and content creator for the Debrief, while being a guest on podcasts and other shows. Oh, Did I mention she is doing all of this while still attending school?  Ufology's newest wiz kid is in town.
August 11, 2021
Ep 55 Tiffany Mac
Experiencer Tiffany Mac joins us on UAP Studies to talk about her experience and awareness of what she was living throughout the years.  Now married with children, Tiffany, along with Kevin Hale are the hosts of the podcast  Universal Secrets,  (available on Spotify and YouTube)  in hopes to help and reach out to other experiencers and talk of all things strange.
August 10, 2021
Ep 54 Jacques Vallee and Paola Harris
TRINITY: The Best Kept Secret  Paola and Jacques join us today on a Special Episode on UAP Studies. We discuss their newest book and amazing crashed uap event in San Antonio in 1945, (two years before the famous Roswell crash a few miles east.) Jose Padilla and Reme Baca witnessed one of the most amazing crash landings in history and three survivors recount their experiences. Join us and hear about Paola Harris and Jacques Vallee's groundbreaking research into one of America's best-kept secrets. 
July 26, 2021
Ep 53 Victor Viggiani
Victor Viggiani is currently the News Director of ZlandCommunications an international news service. His study of the anomalous aerial phenomenon, research, and analysis of Extraterrestrial issues span over 30 years. His experience involves UFO sightings report investigation, academic and radio journalism, and a primary focus on UFO/ET government Disclosure. Victor has addressed the media and audiences in Sydney and Brisbane Australia, Washington D.C., at the Washington D.C. National Press Club, Rochester NY, CBC, and CTV Toronto television news programs, and the Convocation Hall University of Toronto. Victor is a regular contributor to the Richard Syrett Show on AM 740 Radio in Toronto. As a former Principal from Toronto Canada, Victor Viggiani utilizes his extensive speaking and leadership skills to advance the exposure of classified and de-classified government UFO documents to engage mainstream media and the public in the political imperatives and implications of the full acknowledgment and Disclosure by the government of the ET/UFO presence now engaging the planet.
July 18, 2021
Ep 52 Marc Dantonio
Marc Dantonio is an Astronomer that focuses on Exoplanets (planets around other stars). In addition, he acts as the Chief Photo and Video Analyst for Mufon, the largest organization in the world that seeks answers to the ultimate question of whether we are alone in the Universe. He is also a Public Speaker and Radio Host on KGRA
July 11, 2021
Ep 51 David Marler
David Marler has had a lifelong interest in the UFO subject and has actively investigated and researched it for 30 years. He joined The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in 1990 as a Field Investigator Trainee. Since then, he has served as Field Investigator, State Section Director, as well as Illinois State Director. David is an internationally recognized independent UFO researcher.​​ During his tenure with MUFON, he had conducted numerous investigations into alleged UFO sightings and related experiences. He has discussed the subject of UFOs on many radio and television news programs over the years. He has also lectured on the subject to various school and adult audiences including at the university level. David has one of the largest personal libraries of UFO books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and case files from around the world that covers the last 75+ years. With this, he has been examining the detailed history of UFO sighting reports and related patterns. Recent evidence of his historical research is his newly-published book, Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation. Here, he has provided a comprehensive analysis of triangular UFOs. He has collected, collated, and analyzed hundreds of reports. In the process, he has created a detailed profile of these objects and written a rich narrative of their history. He tackles the arguments made by skeptics that dismiss these triangular UFO reports outright. He also addresses the claims of so-called insiders who claim these objects are a creation of the U.S. military. He strives to have an open mind regarding the UFO phenomenon. However, he also acknowledges the need for a skeptical approach when examining each individual UFO report.
June 07, 2021
Ep 50 Michai Morin & Deep Prasad
Are these crafts ours? have we discovered how to manipulate gravity? If so what are the implications of that? and how would it work? Our guests today are Michai Morin and Deep Prasad, and it's an episode you don't want to miss.
June 01, 2021
Ep 49 Philip Mantle
Investigator/ book publisher, Philip Mantle joins us from the UK to talk about his journey as an investigator, Calvin Parker, and Charlie Hickson from the Pascagoula abduction case, and much more. You can find Philips publishing at
May 30, 2021
Ep 48 Bill & Josh White
Having served long careers with the US Airforce, Bill White and Josh White know what belongs in the skies and what doesn't. Josh is in active service and hosts Hero Front, a podcast for servicemen and women that covers various subjects related to service experiences, challenges, mental health issues, and suicide prevention.  I had a great time talking with Bill and Josh about their sightings and experiences and I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.  -Jason
May 29, 2021
Ep 47 Krista Alexander
Krista Alexander is the creator of the Documentary Lights in the Sky. She is an Army combat veteran and a research journalist with a graduate degree in Communications from Colorado State University. While not investigating lights in the sky, she gardens, cooks, practices yoga, and enjoys life with her husband and two children in Virginia.
May 24, 2021
Ep 46 Michael Paul Masters
Are these Entities really Us from the future? It's very possible. Prof Michael Paul Masters from the Scientific Coalition of UAP studies joins us to talk about this thought out theory on the possibility of time travellers from the future.  I had a great time interviewing and asking Prof Masters questions and at times I felt completely out of my league but I learned a lot, I hope you do as well. 
May 17, 2021
Ep. 45 Terry Lovelace
1977 Was a busy year. Star Wars summer craze and Steven Speilberg's Close Encounter of the third kind depicted UFOs in America in a serious tone. It was a year of abductions as well and Terry Lovelace was no exception to the rule, in fact, he and his friend Tobias might have been led to the very spot where their experience would take place. But this wasn't Terry's first encounter with these beings, and after retirement, Terry decided to go public in 2016. 
May 16, 2021
Ep 44 Tim McMillan Journalist/Investigator part Deux
This is our 2nd interview with Tim McMillan from the DEBRIEF, and in this episode, we delve into the investigative relationships and the importance of being a reliable source. We talk about all forms of UAP related topics and Tim is an encyclopedia of knowledge. I always enjoy speaking with him.  -Jason
May 14, 2021
Ep 43 Chrissy Newton
With an eye on the cosmos, it is the world beyond our own that has always been a fascination for Chrissy. From UFOs, secret societies, and ancient civilizations - her curiosity is as limitless as the universe. By day she's an owner of VOCAB Communications and an award-winning PR professional with a knack for getting people talking and by night she co-hosts a podcast called Alt.Pop.Repeat, where she "syncs" counterculture & subculture with pop culture trends and movements. The show can be found on all major streaming platforms or you can listen in every Friday at 3 pm EST and Saturday at 11 pm EST on Dash Radio's Dash Talk X in Los Angeles. With a love for traveling, cultures, fashion, astronomy, counterculture, sci-fi, and surrealistic art, Chrissy wanted to create a podcast that captures both pop and counterculture worlds and conveys how closely they’re synced. With an end goal to show listeners that everyone is connected in some shape or form and differences are merely only perceived by the lexicons and bounders we create for ourselves. When she’s not co-hosting her own podcast, you can find Chrissy creating and hosting tech videos for popular science, technology, and defense media website called The Debrief, along with being a Canadian correspondent on an international UFO podcast called The New Frontier Network. By night Chrissy’s an investigative conversationalist challenging her audience to consider an alternative way of thinking. Over the past 10 years working within the PR industry Chrissy has worked with all different businesses from entertainment, finance, music, consumer brands, technology and so many more. With her head in the clouds and her feet firmly grounded to the floor, Chrissy finds herself searching for passion and creativity in all different forms. Follow Chrissy on Instagram, Clubhouse, and Twitter at @missvocab or on Facebook as Chrissy Newton.
May 14, 2021
Ep 42 Thomas Winterton from Skinwalker Ranch
Thomas Winterton joined me this morning to talk about his research and experience on the ranch for the past 5 years. Learn more about the investigation process and insight on how Thomas and his team have taken a different approach to their actions and changed their opinion on this strange piece of land called Skinwalker Ranch. 
May 10, 2021
Ep 41 Ryan Sprague
Investigator, author, podcast host of Somewhere in the Skies, Ryan Sprague is one busy guy. We delve into his experience, his journey into ufology, and its mysteries, and great advice for the novice sleuths out there waiting to get started.  Somewhere in the skies is a book and a podcast of the same name, which hosts various people from all walks of life who have had a UAP experience worth sharing. Ryan was a blast and a great guest. I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did. 
May 10, 2021
Ep 40 Ronald Kinsella
In this episode, we talk with Ronald Kinsella, author of Digital Demon: Countdown to disaster. In the early 1980's Ronald and his twin brother experienced a close encounter along with their grandmother, a few months later Ronald was abducted. Hear his story and about his research. 
May 02, 2021
Ep 39 Philip Kinsella
Philip and his twin brother have experienced abductions and sightings as far back as their childhood can recall. In 1989 Philip had an abduction apart from his brother. Since the age of 13, Philip has investigated the phenomenon and experienced ridicule from the media because of his experiences and desire to be public. 
April 25, 2021
Ep 37 Rob Freeman & Mark McNabb
Documentary Filmmakers, UAP/UFO investigators/researchers, and happy experiencers, Rob and Mark have formed a friendship unlike any other in this field. They have spent thousands of hours traveling the world and scouting UAP hotspots.  Now with their new documentary series releasing on TUBI soon, Making Contact is a series of documentary series spanning hundreds of hours of recorded content in their global endeavors.  It's hard not to love these guys and their passion behind their motivating movement.  The Series will be released on TUBI.
April 20, 2021
Ep 38 Richard Hoffman of SCU
Richard has been investigating UAP activity since he was 13, and has an incredible story of sharing some cases with Hynek, even though he was considered a fully trained investigator by the age of 15, Hoffman's future within the investigative/scientific process only escalade throughout his life. Fascinating man to talk with. He joins us today to talk about SCU coalition and its endeavors.   June 5-6/2021 Join  will host its 3rd annual Virtual SCU Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena conference a 2-day event packed with insights from within the community of scientists, thinkers, military, and experts
April 20, 2021
Ep 36 Yossi Ronen
It was two experiences involving the same event—one involved his contact with these beings while he was having an Out of Body Experience (OBE) seeing his sleeping body directly above his bed and the second was once he awoke and had physical contact with these same beings. First, like so many other UFO-related Contact Experiencers, this NHI is able to promote OBEs, a fact that was clearly detailed in the Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Experiencer Research Study titled "Beyond UFOs". An even more fascinating detail, which Yossi provides page after page discussion, was how he became ONE MIND with these beings-- he literally joined into their group consciousness. This was absolutely fascinating. This topic was also discussed in my book "Beyond UFOs" but Yossi provides very specific details of this important phenomenon involving Nonlocal Consciousness contact with NHI. I can go on and on with mind-blowing details but to learn more you will have to purchase this priceless book.
April 06, 2021
Ep 35 SEV TOK Investigator/ Experiencer
Sev joins us in this episode to talk about her work with Mufon and abductees. She joins the organization in order to help others and find some respite in her own experiences in the past and ongoing.  I had a great time talking with her and I look forward to having her on again.
April 01, 2021
Ep 34 Kevin Day UAPX
From his experience of a very personal kind, along with his team on the USS Princeton and his pilots, Kevin Day's life changed in a deeper reality than he previously considered. He has now undertaken the call to answers and has helped formed UAPX along with a plethora of talented men and women.
April 01, 2021
Ep 33 Ralph Blumenthal
Ralph Blumenthal is with us in this episode. He talks about his newest book called The Believer, a John Mack biography 16 years in the making. Learn about this fascinating man and Ralphs's Journey along the way. ..also it is the 1 Year Anniversary episode!!!  You can purchase the Believer on Amazon, B&N, Indigo, Coles, Chapters  Recommended by UAP Studies podcast ( 5/5 Stars ) 
March 30, 2021
EP. 32 Steve Mera
Steve Mera first became interested in the subject of UFO's and the Paranormal at an early age and after leaving secondary school he studied at both South and North Trafford Colleges along with GEC Electrical in the UK for over 10 years and obtained Degree's in Electrical Engineering, Alarm Security Engineering, and Telecommunications. During this time Steve began conducting research which leads to numerous investigations which he carried out on his own, until opening Cheshire UFO Group. In the early '90s, Steve was contracted to work in Essex for NATO - (RAF Weathersfield) as a Telecommunications Engineer. After leaving Essex, Steve took over the running of MAPIT: (Manchester's Aerial Phenomena Investigation Team) formally run by David Reese. Steve went on to join BUFORA: (British UFO Research Association) and became a Regional Investigative Co-ordinator and Tutor. In 2020, Steve constructed the new UFO Investigators Training Course (UITC), the most recognized course of its kind as featured on the MUFON website. Steve is an investigative researcher and journalist. His articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines throughout the world. Should you like to contact Steve, please use our dedicated contact page.
March 22, 2021
EP. 31 Tim McMillan - The Debrief
Lt. Tim McMillan (ret) joins us on this episode to talk about UAP's and  Recently known for his Fast Movers article, McMillan has proven to be a great journalist and writer. Gaining insight on our current position with our visitors. Please check out the Debrief (if you haven't already) as it covers stories you will not find anywhere else. I had an amazing time chatting with him and listening to his insights. He will return on UAP for part 2 ( more detailed lessons on his investigative techniques)
March 13, 2021
Ep 30 Bruce Cornet - Hudson & Wallkill River Valley
Geologist turn ufologist, Bruce Cornet joins us on UAP to talk about his 11-year investigation in the Hudson & Wallkill Valey ufo activity. Listen to his research and mimicry of the crafts and they change their appearance to look like our conventional technologies. Unfortunately, my time with Dr. Cornet was cut short due to connection issues on zoom, but I hope I ended the podcast at a good point.  Please visit Amazon to purchase a copy of Mr. Cornet's book.
March 04, 2021
Ep 29 Gerard Aartsen
In his recent book, Pioneers of Oneness (2020), Gerard reveals how these teachings on the illusory nature of matter and the evolution of consciousness are now corroborated by 21st-century systems science and consciousness research. Presenting his findings in the context of current social and political developments he shows how the advice that the space visitors have shared since the 1950s for the alternative, saner ways of organizing society was the reason for the cover-ups and disinformation campaign that ultimately discredited the accounts of the 1950s contactees. Gerard Aartsen is an author, speaker, researcher, and educator from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He has a Master of Education degree from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences,  in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Gerard is the author of several books about the extraterrestrial presence, which he sees as further evidence of the evolution of consciousness and the universal manifestation of Life. Find out more about Gerard and his books, available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble
February 23, 2021
Ep 28 Prof. Kevin Knuth from UAPx
Prof. Knuth an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at the University at Albany. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Entropy (MDPI).  Knuth is a former NASA research scientist having worked for four years at NASA Ames Research Center in the Intelligent Systems Division. He has over 20 years of experience in applying Bayesian and maximum entropy methods to the design of machine learning algorithms for data analysis applied to the physical sciences.  His current research interests include the foundations of physics, inference and inquiry, autonomous robotics, the search for and characterization of extrasolar planets, and unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs/UFOs).  Knuth has published over 100 peer-reviewed publications and has been invited to give over 80 presentations in 14 countries. Vice President UAPx Science & Technology (Physics)               2019-Present UAPX is focused on obtaining scientific data on UAP phenomena and studying such phenomena openly with the scientific community.
February 09, 2021
Ep. 27 Damien John Nott (pt. Two)
Part 2 of our time with Australian UAP investigator Damien Nott. We cover his work, Implants, imposters, and all things UAP in Australia right now. 
January 30, 2021
Ep 26 Damien John Nott (pt. One)
42-year-old Australian UAP investigator Damien John Nott joins us for a 2 part interview and talks to us about his struggles with investigating and dealing with people. His health has been affected by the phenomenon that has surrounded him since the age of 9. I had a blast talking with him. He is a brother from another continent, and I hope to meet him someday. I hope you enjoy these episodes and keep Paying Attention. -Jason
January 23, 2021
ep 25 Return of the J guy
Jason Carignan returns to the dark side of the podcast and joins me for a chat on investigations we are currently working on and talking about the Black Triangles of British Columbia and Ontario
January 18, 2021
Ep 24 SkyHub Christopher Cogswell
Join the Science-Based Pursuit of UFOs    A worldwide search for UFOs using a global network of machine learning, smart cameras, and sensor arrays built by you with our open-source software for the largest observational science project in history  I spoke with Christopher Cogswell with Skyhub to talk about this revolutionary UFO tracking system and talk about all things UFO and Science. Christopher is also the podcast host for The Mad Scientist.
January 11, 2021
Ep. 23 Joseph Jordan South Korea N. Director of Mufon
National Director for South Korea, Joseph Jordan joins us to talk about his controversial theory and books on the abduction phenomena, and how it affects the Christian Community as much as the general public. His new book is called:  Piercing the Cosmic Veil: You Shall not be afraid of the terror by night.  Are UAP's related to spirituality? Can Christianity save an abductee from being taken again? Joseph Jordan believes the answer is yes. It has ruffled a few feathers in the community.  He currently resides in South Korea. 
January 03, 2021
Ep 22 Alien Abduction the Controlling Factor
Next on UAP Studies podcast, Jim Bouck and Robert Long on their new book Alien Abductions: The Controlling Factor " Imagine getting into your car and driving to a place you know, but for some reason, you end up at an unintended location. You see something unusual, then you forget all about it. An hour or so later passes and now you don’t remember any of it. There is a controlling factor in abduction cases that allow aliens to abduct any human or control any non-non human object from any location in the world without human permission or knowledge for purposes unknown. Then victims are returned to Earth without memory of the experience. Discover what science is learning about the alien presence and the way they manipulate space and time. Learn the facts about implants, mind control, memory, and why they are here. Find out why some people can see Ufos and some can’t, what a typical abduction scenario is like, and what you can do to prevent being taken."
December 28, 2020
ep 21 Franc Milburn on BESA UAP Taskforce Paper
Having worked in intelligence for most of his career, Franc Milburn recently published his paper on the DOD UAP Taskforce and the ins and outs of the threat(s) it may pose.  Franc joined me from Spain where he is currently isolating. I had a great time meeting him and talking to him about the current events and the big bombshells that we recently heard about.  Click the link below to read Franc Milburn's work.
December 11, 2020
ep 20 Barry Gaunt experiencer/investigator
Barry “Bear” Gaunt, AKA the KY TruthSeeker has been researching and investigating within all paranormal fields since 1976. Barry is the State Director of Kentucky MUFON and is a Certified STAR Team Feld Investigator. He also currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of UFOHA (UFO Hunters Of America, Inc.) and also is UFOHA Co-Director of Investigations, and UFOHA State Director of Kentucky, he is the Managing Director of the NightStalkers Paranormal Research Team, which researches, and investigates Hauntings, UFO Reports, Alien Abductions, and Strange Creature reports on a case by case basis.  He is the Current, he also is the Host of “Into the Fire” radio show, on the Para-House Network, He is a member of the Society of the Supernatural, and Barry is a full-time volunteer at the renowned and haunted Octagon Hall Museum, in Franklin KY. and assist the Museum Director with the daily operations of the Museum, along with hosting the Museum’s popular Novice Hunts with his paranormal team, Nightstalkers Paranormal. In, the past Barry has held several positions such as Director of Investigations Standards and Procedures, Director of Research, Manager and Assistant Manager of STAR Team, State Director of Kentucky, and Assistant State Director of Kentucky, Section Director of Kentucky, and a SIP Field Investigator.  Barry is a staunch supporter of unity, sharing, and working with others throughout all the paranormal communities. As a Paranormal Researcher and Investigator, Barry is highly respected by his peers, for his scientific “boots on the ground” investigative skills and style, and for his constant dedication to the truth. He is also known as a Paranormal Lecturer, on the topics of UFOs, Alien Abductions, Strange Creature, Spirit Activity, Hauntings, and Universal Consciousness. Barry has been featured on Radio, TV, Podcasts, Documentary Films, and in Magazines and Newspaper Articles. Barry remains science-minded but always keeps an open mind, striving to find the truth, while looking for the key to unlock the mysteries of the world we live in, with the hopes of answering humanity’s oldest questions. What happens next, and are we alone in the universe?
October 16, 2020
Ep 19 Beverly
Meet Beverly, Witness and experiencer, now an active investigator with an experiencer response team. Her identity has been kept private and off record. The name changed for anonymity.
October 06, 2020
Ep 18 Christopher O'Brien Researcher, Expert, Author
Christopher O'Brien is a researcher who spent decades investigating animal mutilations in the southwest of the United States. He wrote a book called Stalking the Herd, the most comprehensive work into the mystery of Cattle Mutilations, the impact of human meat consumptions, and a great step by step of How to Investigate your own case. This was my second interview with Mr, O'Brien, as the first interview ended up not being used due to the file being corrupt during download.
September 24, 2020
Ep 17 Chosen Ones
First in the series of people who have been affected, influenced, changed, or made mad after encountering beings that were not human. In this episode, we visit the story of David Hamel and Granger Taylor. Two men, 125km with similar stories of entities interfering with their lives. And led them both into a life that would change both of them. They never met, never will, but their stories should be known. Jason
September 22, 2020
Ep 16 Ryan Stacey Private Investigator & founder of TESA
Ryan is an active private investigator and ufologist who has been investigating UFO activity with MUFON and is known to have closed the most cases out of any other investigator. Currently, co-hosting the Beyond the tin foil hat podcast and forming a unique class for new investigators.  Ryan is also the founding member of TESA. Ryan currently resides in Ontario, Canada.
September 21, 2020
Ep 15 TED ROE pt2
Part two of my conversation with Ted Roe, ufologist, experiencer and researcher, NARCAP founder 
September 01, 2020
Ep14 TED ROE Narcap Founder/ Experiencer pt1
Ted Roe now resides in Hawaii, but he lived in other States and experienced encounters that defy logic and understanding according to our current knowledge. It made Ted ill physically and mentally, and recovery from the encounters was life-changing.   It led him down a path of Ufology and a drive to make sense of the entities and crafts he experienced. He helped form the organization NARCAP which documents and investigates UFOF related events reported by Air Pilots of commercial flights and even some airforce incidences.  He helped bring the subject to light in congress and the senate. He has been active ever since his life-changing encounter in 1999.
September 01, 2020
Ep 13 Kemila Zsange Abduction Hypnotherapist
Kemila's practice is located in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. She has helped people by taking them to a clear state of mind where regressed memories lie and wait. A great guest and genuinely interested in the phenomena, Kemila has led the way in the field and continues to help abductees find answers.
August 31, 2020
EP. 12 Katie Griboski
Katie is a STAR / SAT Team Investigator for MUFON She is team lead for MUFON’s MARRS Team (MUFON’s Archive Research, Reporting System) serves on the Colorado Board of Directors and is the Assistant State Director for Colorado MUFON. She also conducts her own independent investigations and research outside of MUFON and likes to present her findings. Katie spends a lot of her time traveling to archives for research and to conduct interviews. She has her first book near completion; Letters of Love & Light - Four Decades of UFO Encounters, Experiences & Sightings Shared with Ufologist R. Leo Sprinkle Ph.D.
August 17, 2020
Ep 11 Shane Hurd Author/Investigator
Unidentified objects are seen in the sky on a daily basis. These UFOs are investigated by governments around the world. Several private organizations research these anomalous aerial objects as well, as do countless individuals. This book provides an introduction to the fascinating world of UFOs and provides tips and advice for anybody curious about investigating unidentified aerial phenomena. - Shane Hurd is from Pheonix Arizona. After an incredible event on March 13th 1997, Shane became aware of something he couldn't ignore anymore. Years later he did something about it and started investigating things for himself. Now the assistant director of Mufon Arizona, and new author in the world of ufology, with UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA: A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO RESEARCHING UFOS. Shane brings his knowledge of investigative processes and how to focus on the data, and not get distracted by the need to make something fit when it doesn't. It was great to meet him. Find his book here : 
August 10, 2020
Chuck Zukowski pt2
Part 2 of Chuck Zukowski's stories and lessons on UAP Studies. 
August 02, 2020
Cattle Mutilation expert Chuck Zukowski (pt 1)
Cattle Mutilation expert, Chuck Zukowski joins me today to talk about cattle mutilations, ufos, bigfoot, and investigating throughout the united states. Chuck's website :    It was an honor to meet Chuck and learn from him. He was so generous with his time, that I had to separate the podcast in 2 parts. Enjoy.  Chuck will be on again as he is a wealth of experience and stories. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Zukowski,  -Jason 
July 30, 2020
Ufologist investigator David Palachik
David joined the hunt with MUFON Canada nearly a decade ago and has risen quickly to the title of National Director for the 2nd largest mufon chapter in the world.  Great conversation and truly a good investigator. 
July 27, 2020
Chris Rutkowski Author/Researcher
World renown ufologist and Canadian expert Chris Rutkowski is no stranger to investigating the phenomenon. But how does he stay so calm and collected? His methodical and data-based scientific study is to be admired and copied whenever we can. I had a great time learning from Chris, and I hope you get as much out of it as I did.  
July 12, 2020
Mark McNabb & Rob Freeman
Rob Freeman & Mark McNabb are ufologist-documentary filmmakers from Ontario Canada. They have traveled to over 14 countries and documented thousands of hours of their journeys through to active ufo locations around the globe. Learn about the technology they carry with them, their devotion to this project, and what they have learned throughout their experiences.  This was an amazing interview, and I feel honored to have had these guys on the podcast. Enjoy. -Jason Guillemette
June 29, 2020
Jason Carignan, Mufon Canada Chief Investigator
 Jason Carignan is the Canadian Chief Investigator for MUFON. He joins me from Thunderbay Ontario and shares experienced advice about the importance of good investigation skills and the reputation you will achieve.  Listen up kid, you're learning from some of the best advice. 
June 15, 2020
Jessica Rogge from the Rogge Report
Jessica Rogge is a busy person these days. From podcasting several shows, balancing work and UFO research while being a host to a variety of shows is no easy task and not for the faint of heart. She joins me from California, U.S
June 07, 2020
ep. 3 I stand corrected + Items & apps you'll need
Looks like I was wrong about Manitoba's UAP activity.  What 3 pieces of equipment should you start looking for in your endeavors?
May 26, 2020
ep 2 Essential Information?
Read 2 articles recently on google news.  Articles written on UFO subject and not agreeing with these authors. What is needed in ufology today is bluntly talking about it unapologetically. 
April 06, 2020
ep 1 The Problem with Ufology today
Book Review for Alien Encounters, which took a surprising turn.  The issue facing ufologists today is the infighting and disagreements in theories and or views on the evidence. There is no unity in the community. 
March 30, 2020