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Suicide Pages with Dr. Lulu. The Podcast

Suicide Pages with Dr. Lulu. The Podcast

By Uchenna Lizmay Umeh
Suicide is second only to accidents as the leading cause of death in our youth. With this podcast, Dr. Lulu is spreading awareness for, and educating the public on suicide. She is interviewing guests who have been touched personally or otherwise by suicide. If you are a suicide loss survivor, have suicidal ideation, attempted suicide or know anyone who has, this podcast is for you. Listen and be encouraged knowing you are not alone, there is help out there. Call 1-800-SUICIDE or
1-800-273-TALK or text HELP to 741741. May you find peace, love, understanding, and support for your hardship. Dr. L
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Dr. Fernandez's Page: The Heart of a Pediatric Psychiatrist

Suicide Pages with Dr. Lulu. The Podcast

Dr. Sonal's Page: The Pediatrician-Mom on a Mission
As a pediatrician and a mom, there are very few times that we are out of character. This week's guest embodies the mom, physician, empath, life-saver all in one. She is a neonatologist on a mission to save moms from the sometimes traumatic events that follow childbirth, that sometimes culminate in self-harm or suicide. Did you know that many moms take their own lives around 9 to 10 months postpartum? I had no idea it was a thing even though after my last baby, I myself had a health scare at exactly 10 months postpartum! Quotables: "Invest in your health, ask for that in your registry" "Expect it: the first month sucks" "Find a support system, reach out" "It's ok to include your partner in your child's care" Where to find: for telehealth and free consults for moms and their babies. Are you a parent struggling with your child who just came out as gay? Check out our brand new website! I am so proud of it, and can't wait to share it with you, especially the resources page. Click on and taste what Dr. Lulu is cooking :) Ciao Bella! Dr. L
March 31, 2021
Bobby's Page: Focus on One Moment at a Time
After he went to sleep next to his wife and woke up at the kitchen window, with his wife dying within minutes...anyone else would have been thrown into a fit of depression, and worthlessness, and despair.  But not Bobby Petrocelli! Defying the odds to become a motivational and inspirational speaker, Bobby reached deep down and found the strength to take life literally one moment at a time. He has written and co-written so many books and has spoken to all places and worked with all people.  His is an incredible story of strength, tenacity, and resiliency. Quotables: "They are allowing the hurt and the pain to define them" "We not only rob ourselves, but we also rob other people of our greatness" "I came to school today to say goodbye" "You either run away from your past or you learn from it" "You don't go to the gym to find a muscle, you go to build it" "A little of something is better than all of nothing" Books: You Matter: It Doesn't  10 Seconds Will Can Change Your Life Forever Where to find:
March 24, 2021
Derek's Story: "My Coping Skill Was Sex"
Derek Butler is a man after my heart! It took us so long to get together to but when we finally did, this episode was DYNAMITE!! He is a survivor, and a sur-thrivor, who has discovered that self-care, healthy connections, and positive affirmations to his inner child are the key to resiliency and success in today's world. Find out his daily affirmations, and how he gets them to work for him. Quotables: "I wrote a letter to sex" "I broke up with sex"  "I tried to muscle my way out" "I tried to motivate my way out" Find out what the acronyms: T.I.M.E and S.E.L.F stand for... Words of Advice: "You don't have to carry that invisible suitcase around" Where to find: LinkedIn @Derek Butler Find him and go support his: Adapt, Recover and Grow formula for a 10% discount off his coaching session and tell him Dr. Lulu sent you! Dr. Lulu
March 11, 2021
Thobeka's Page: "My Son is Now My Daughter"
Our first guest this week is a sister, a friend, a fellow African, a coach, and a fellow mom of an LGBTQ+ kid! We met and clicked right away as was discussed in the show, and our bond and sisterhood have continued to soar! As a coach of parents of LGBTQ+ kids, I am so happy to present her episode to you! I am so proud of her and the strength she exudes during this episode. She allowed the deepest level of vulnerability and is such an inspiration! She shares about her unique position as a Black, African mother of a transwoman, and what it took for her to get to her current position being able to share with no restrictions about her child who is a trans-woman, all while living in Africa! Her story is so inspiring that she will be returning for part 2 of her interview! Where to find her: Facebook as Thobeka Yose. See you in part 2! Dr. Lulu
March 09, 2021
Heather's Page Pt-2: Healing From Betrayal and Moving On
In this concluding part of her interview, Heather tells us about her second suicide attempt and how and when she decided she needed to get better and heal and leave all her troubles behind and start moving forward with her life. She touches on the death of her father, her work in the media, and her second podcast.  Find out the simple advice she gives to all or anyone who finds themselves in similar shoes as hers... Quotables: "I did what I had to do" Where to find her: Facebook, Podcast Thanks for listening... Ciao Bella Dr. L  
February 20, 2021
Heather's Page: When "Betrayal" Rents Space in Your Head Pt-1
Fellow podcaster and childhood trauma survivor Heather joins us this week to tell us her story of pain and betrayal of trust as a child. As you know, I always talk about how the betrayal of children is at the top of the list of reasons why our children hurt themselves.  Listen to her story and let me know your thoughts. Quotable: "I was simply tired of being OK" Where to find: Podcast: You Should Have Asked Me First Hope you and your family are keeping safe, wearing your masks, socially distancing, and using hand sanitizers... Cheers! Dr. L
February 19, 2021
Sade's Page: When You Are Down and Your Job Kneels On Your Neck
This week, we talk with Ms. Sade Cutler. An African American woman who was treated so wrong by her former place of work to add to the list of traumatic events that piled up in her life, ranging from a pulmonary embolus to 8 miscarriages to being laid off from work and everything else in between! Ms. Sade shares her heart-wrenching story in this episode... Find out what she said that made me use some explicit choice words... Thankfully, she is "sur-thriving" today and is even helping others cope with their anxiety and depression through her own work as a mental health counselor.  Quotables:  "God just let me meet him" "Keep the faith and be encouraged" "This is a moment in time" Where to find and follow and support her: Instagram: @ M. E. Impact Website: My Empowering Impact  If you or anyone you know is feeling suicidal, call 1800-273-TALK or 1800-SUICIDE Be safe out there! Dr. L
February 11, 2021
Dr. Kathryn's Page: Motor Vehicle Accidents and PTSD
When we hear of pivoting and changing and rebranding, many of us do not think about what this week's guest did. At 56yr young, she found herself enrolling in medical school! Today, many moons later, she is a successful family practitioner and goes about her day saving lives. She describes suicidality as "a moment of hopelessness" which as we know can spiral into the worst-case scenario. Listen to her thoughts about female physicians and suicide, and what word she uses to describe her life before medicine. :) How did a motor vehicle accident and PTSD combine to create who she is today? Quotables: "I am a mother" "You make a lot of sacrifices to become a physician" "Life throws you good and bad curves" Books:  Healthy in the Campus.  Healthy on the Set. Where to find her: Mercy Personal Physician: Kathryn Boling, MD
February 02, 2021
Bronwen's Page: About Your To-Do List, Are YOU On It?
This week's guest is an author and a speaker who came to visit us from the future! Yes, she really did! She shares about chronic suicidality from early childhood and what finally happened before she figured out that she comes first. Books: 1. Keep it Super Simple 2. The Economy of Enough 3. Beyond Aha 4. Keep it Super Simple for Busy Professional Women Questions to ask yourself: 1. What stresses you out> 2. Create values 3. What am I actually doing? 4. What are the things on your "to-do" list that are for you?  5. Embrace your to-do list. Where to find her: Remember if you or someone you love is struggling with suicidal ideation, call 1800273TALK or text HOME to 741741 or call yours truly @ 802-768-1180. Dr. L
January 29, 2021
Beatrice's Page: Leaning into Healing From Domestic Abuse
What do Betrayal, Marital Infidelity, Depression, Grief, Anguish, Abandonment, and Trauma have in common? Our second guest for the week! Ms. Beatrice shares the pain of marital infidelity and how she barely survived it.  She discusses how a 12-Step program for spouses of sex addicts, great girlfriends, and therapy helped her "see the fruit and the blessing from all the traumas". Find out the book she recommends to all of us that will help with the healing. Quotables: "Don't give up hope, keep seeking and looking for yourself" "Stay on the path" "Don't be afraid to go through difficulty" "They are more than enough" Where to find her: Eunoiatherapysd on IG and FB Eunoiatherapy and self-development Dr. L
January 21, 2021
Coach Benson's Page: When Simply Being a Friend is NOT Enough
In the first episode of this week, Coach Benson Fox, a young Jewish coach with wisdom far beyond his age!  I am so proud of this young man and his insights. He talks candidly about the who, the why, and the what of suicide victims.  A former suicide text line volunteer, he talks about his personal experience doing this, and paints a picture of how:  Hopelessness + Emotional pain = Suicide! Find out the one thing he suggests actively suicidal victims can do to help get them out of the mindset right away... Also, find out the  4 things he says suicide hotline volunteers focus on for each call they make. And also find out why he agrees that hospitalization is NOT always the answer. Quotables "... if you could just get them to go to sleep..." "...ensure there is a psychologist..." "Safety planning must include someone who will give them hope" Where to Find On Facebook and IG: @coachbensonfox Kindly leave me a review if this episode helps you any. Dr. L
January 19, 2021
Dr Lulu's Page: My New year Resolution is All About Self-Care, What About You?
It is with a heavy heart that I write this knowing full well that at this very moment, the United States Congress is voting to impeach a president that has caused so much pain and trauma to people that look like me, to people from countries like mine, to people that have children like mine. I am simply sharing how and why we need to practice self-care in the current uncertain political, financial, racial, and socioeconomic landscape.  There are so much anxiety and vicarious trauma going around. So much suffering and so much pain and anguish in our world today. What are you doing to stay afloat? What are you doing to not sink? If you are like me, you have a brand new resolution and are fighting to keep it. Listen to this episode and tell me your thoughts... I also mention my upcoming free class on parenting an LGBTQ+ kid, as well as my coaching of physicians who are overwhelmed and stressed out. Let me know your thoughts on these, and stay tuned for my class. Dr. L
January 14, 2021
Phebe Naomi's Page: When Disappointments are All Around You, and Still You Stand
Our first guest this week tells such a powerful story of survival! She talks about trauma from a tender age, and generational trauma and pain and suffering and substance abuse, and maternal domestic abuse and parental separation, and sexual abuse by a family member, and absent parent and abuse by her own spouse! How many points are those on the ACEs scale? She is a certified domestic violence counselor who is out on a mission to help others, but who first had to reconcile with all the hurt that was inflicted upon her as a child! Find out what happened that made me call a hard STOP to the interview! Quotables: "My mom and dad would fight all the time" "I felt hopeless because I was so small" "I felt so worthless" "I started smoking and drinking to numb the pain" "Suicide is usually very subtle" Where to find: YouTube: GloryBe2THEMOSTHIGH Forever Email: PS: Our book is off to a great start! If you are reading this and are on social media. Kindly use the hashtag #thewarriorwomenproject to find us and stay tuned for updates on the book! Ciao! Dr. Lulu
January 12, 2021
Stephanie's Page: Social Workers; The Fire Fighters of Mental Health
In this very first episode of Suicide Pages for the Year 2021, we are continuing with what I am dubbing our "trauma series". We have been interviewing social workers, therapists, and the likes in the past several episodes, and so is this one. Today, Stephanie, our guest talks about the effects of a parent AND a sibling suicide. What that is like. Who these people are. What their lives were like. She also sheds much-needed light on the "Life of a Suicide-Loss Survivor".  Find out how she has somehow found a way to turn her pain and sorrow into a passion to help others. What did she do, and more importantly, how is she doing it? What were her own struggles if any with suicidal behavior? And how is her family currently dealing with all that hurt? Quotables: "I was always talked around" "Find a safe space...whatever that looks like" "I really love solitude" Where to find: In Missouri, and online @ On IG; @mohealing2020 We are off to a great start this year.! After a year like 2020 with so much loss and sadness, here is hoping for a fantastic new year for all listeners! Dr. L
January 05, 2021
Dr. Lulu's Page: Happy New Year Musings...
This is an ultrashort episode where I am simply celebrating a fantastic end of the year of a very weird year! 2020 has been that kind of year, what with a new strain of Covid?? I didn't even mention it! I am simply celebrating life. I smiled throughout the recording! Hope you enjoy it. I talk about my new found treatment for my body aches and how my fibromyalgia pains have completely disappeared! Yes! Find out how. Also touched on my 3As and my 3Rs and of course, my new Anthology featuring immigrant women. Know any that wants to share their story? Send them my way! Otherwise, kindly listen to my brand new TEDx talk and spread the word! We just crossed over 1K views in under 2 weeks! Yay!!! Aaight, al see you all next week, oops, I mean, next year! Ciao Bella! Dr. L
December 31, 2020
Gelisa'a Page: When the Loss of a Child is Only The Beginning
Gelisa Lewis thought she had it all. After enduring sexual abuse as a child, she thought trauma was behind her. She thought having a child would close the loop on what was otherwise an extraordinary life. But she was wrong. She was also wrong about thinking child-loss was the worst thing that could happen to her. Listen to find out what other surprises life had for her, but more importantly, what she has done to plant her feet firmly on the ground and even give back through a non-profit. And find out why "a heart of gold" is the phrase that I choose to describe her today. Quotables: "The therapists I had were terrible" "I blame the therapist in me" " life was in reset" Words of advice:  "You must make decisions that make you happy" Where to find: Facebook: Gelisa Lewis IG: @Naturalbeauty_lis Webby:
December 29, 2020
Samantha's Page: Pain is NOT Shameful; How One Family is Dealing With Suicide Grief
Our Second Episode for this week takes a peek at suicide grief in one Black family's life.  Samantha has so bravely shared her family's story of trying to deal with multiple counts of grief in a very short time. With a year like the one we have had, it is hard to imagine that one family could be dealt with so much grief and death in addition. However, as a Licensed Practical Counselor, Samantha shares how she is dealing with it in an unmatched vulnerability I have seen in my days of podcasting.  This episode also sheds a tiny light on "the immigrant's story".   Many times we are unaware of the very hard road immigrants travel, and what it takes to face a day as a Black person in America. Find out how she and her family are truly handling it all, and what she said that literally left me speechless! Quotables: "Pain is not shameful" "I continue to work on it, and not judge myself for it" Where to Find Her: IG: @Iamsamantha.a Webby: I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very safe, happy, and memorable holidays! **CALL FOR AUTHORS! I am publishing an anthology for immigrant women! If you or someone you know is an immigrant and would like to share their story, kindly email me @ Ciao! Dr. L
December 24, 2020
Lolita's Page: When Saying "NO" and Holding Space For Self is Enough
My first guest this week was such a hoot! Coach Lolita Walker and I hit it off right off the bat! She is as energetic and charismatic and witty as I am, and we probably said the word "yaaaaaassssss" fifty-eleven times! She shares about how she felt unheard and unseen and as not adding value at various stages of her life, but she is happy to reflect on the constant affirmations she received from her parents as a child and credits that to her resilience today.  She also shares how she was exposed to a suicidal friend in the not so distant past, and how she has essentially learned to hold space for people in need. Find out what she does now that has truly aligned her with her purpose, and what she said that literally made me hush for the first time in my podcast life... Quotables: "Believe in your strengths..."  Book: (Amazon) The Intersection Of You and Change Webby: Email: Stuck? People like my guest Lolita and I are coaches.  We help you literally get unstuck! Stuck? are wondering what coaching is all about, give us a try. Check her out or check me out MY TEDx TALK IS OUT! YAAAASSSSS!!! Check it out!  My dream come true!  Yaaaassss!!!! Now, share, leave a comment, and let me know what you think! Dr. L
December 22, 2020
Dr. Madhuri's Page: What Our Resident-Doctors Go Through With Their Mental Health
Dr. Madhuri is an infectious disease physician who literally won my heart with her youth and her vision. This episode deals with something I experienced myself. Burnout! Like me, she was also suicidal and one day, she found herself on a road, in a car, and... Find out what she did that is sooooo cool for other residents. Qoutables: "I was scared to get help because I wanted to be the best doctor" "I was kind of in a daze all day" "I started doing things that are pleasurable to me" Where to find her: @madhuri99 on IG, and Do you have a story about trauma?  Would you like to be a guest on my podcast? Simply send an email to or go to Dr. L PS: Interested in a pair of TRIBAL EYES glasses?  Visit, mention DRLULUTRIBE for a 20% off discount or $100 off your first $500 purchase.  Tell them you first heard about it on this podcast, or Dr. Lulu sent you!
December 17, 2020
Chantel's Page: How Do You Talk About Suicide? Just Talk About It.
After her own suicide attempt, this week's guest found her calling. She decided to make the necessary changes to begin her healing and helping journey. A 15-yr veteran Licenced Practical Counselor, Chantel shares about her own trials and survival of "overwhelmness". Find out what she did and why.  Quotables: "It's not you if your environment is not enriching you, change jobs" "We all have light in us, we all have greatness" "Trust the process" "Be comfortable reaching out and asking for help" Where to find her: Shaping Minds Therapeutic Services in Delaware, USA: Podcast: Gems To Shape The Mind WHAT'S UP DOC? Are you stressed out and/or overwhelmed? Having a hard time connecting with the honey? Workplace stress got you down? Trouble passing your boards? Lost and all alone for the holidays? Feeling stagnant and not motivated? Not the same "go-getter" you used to be? Feeling unheard, unappreciated, even unloved? You love medicine, but not so sure about your WHY anymore? Let's talk. Let me help you figure out how to move forward, and "find yourself again" (802) 768-1180 See you soon! Dr. Lulu
December 15, 2020
Episode 100!!! Landmark Episode, Milestone Episode: Thanks, Reflections, Musings, More Reflections...More Thank Yous!
December 2020! Some of my favorite guests, my Suicide Pages book! Overview of this year with a focus mostly on the good, and less on the not-so-good. George Floyd. I could use sponsorships, I will work on them. Special guest appearances, MY DOCUMENTARY! TEDxAlief Enjoy! Dr. L
December 08, 2020
Melissa's Page: When Children Should Neither Be Seen Nor Heard
Melissa White was one of those guests. Yup, the ones you never forget! She is beautiful, she is smart, but she has also been severely traumatized in her past.  She shares about parental neglect, sexual assault (incest), absent father syndrome, childhood trauma, domestic abuse, runnings with the police, acting out in school, and of course a SERIOUS suicide attempt! Her story is so deep and so traumatic, that, I can only ask you to please listen and share it. Hmmm Find out what she said that made me finally lose it! Quotables  "They confused aggression for strength" "Self-healing" "Your children are not broken" Where to Find On Facebook and Instagram: TuVida Life Coaching and Therapy Are you a physician and a parent?  Are you overwhelmed? Not feeling good about yourself?  Procrastinating a lot? Not good at setting boundaries? Feeling Stuck? Undecided? Dealing with a lack of motivation or self-belief? Your thoughts hindering you from taking that next step? Needing to reboot and press restart? These are all quotes from my life coaching clients... Do you need someone to talk to, to help you jumpstart your life again? Help you figure out how to move forward? Let's chat. Go to, and schedule a free consult. I guarantee you, you will look at your life with a different pair of lenses...:) Ciao! Dr. L Life Coach
December 03, 2020
Ardena's Page: From the Police Department to the School, Help is on the Way
What are psychic pain and cognitive constriction? This week's guest is one of those smart Black women you would love to keep listening to... As a former police department counselor, she brings a whole different type of insight to our pages this week. Recorded in September (suicide awareness month), she shares her experience working on the front lines of the suicide war.  She tells tales of being the first on the scene for other people's suicides, AS WELL AS her own struggles. Find out what she did that literally took my breath away! Quotables "...acknowledge that vulnerability is considered a weakness and suicide a taboo" "...even having those thoughts is considered a weakness" "Depression is for White people" Takeaways 1/ CONNECTION: Fight the fear to not connect with others 2/ Check in with people 3/ Suicidal thoughts are not taboo! Where to Find  Callery Counseling on Facebook Are you a physician and a parent? Are you overwhelmed? Feeling Stuck? Undecided? Dealing with a lack of motivation or self-belief? Your thoughts hindering you from taking that next step? Needing to reboot and press restart? Do you need someone to talk to, to help you jumpstart your life again? Help you figure out how to move forward? Let's chat. Go to, and schedule a free consult. I guarantee you, you will look at your life with a different pair of lenses...:) Ciao! Dr. L Life Coach
December 01, 2020
Consuela'a Page: What Depression is REALLY Like
Today, she is a licensed clinical social worker, addiction specialist and a certification supervisor. But, she wasn't always that. Once upon a time, she was a woman with a broken heart. A mother who was unable to get up from her bed for over one week. A warrior who finally decided enough is enough and she would get help! Like me, and many of us who have struggled with suicidal ideatios, she was driving on the road one day and found herself wanting to drive off and end it all... with her children in the car! She admits to compartmentalizing her feelings and emotions, something many of us do... She also admits to using "retail therapy" to cope with her circumstances, much like many of us do... And lastly, just like me, she also has a podcast called: The Daily Calm Project, a podcast that explores literally work. Find out what she said that brought out the waterworks and how she navigated herself out of it. Quotables "You can't make sense out of nonsense" "I was compartmentalizing my thoughts and feelings" "I was on autopilot" "Because you have breathe, you have purpose" Where to find her: Podcast: The Daily Calm Website: Facebook: North Carolina Wellness Coach Instagram @Choicesinwellness Feeling Stuck? Undecided? Dealing with a lack of motivation or self-belief? Your thoughts hindering you from taking that next step? Needing to reboot and press restart? Do you need someone to talk to, to help you jumpstart your life again? Help you figure out how to move forward? Let's chat. Go to, and schedule a free consult. I guarantee you, you will look at your life with a different pair of lenses...:) Ciao! Dr. L Life Coach
November 26, 2020
Delora's Page: When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears"
Ladies and Gentlemen, Delora Evans is a Black gurl who SERIOUSLY rocks! She dropped ALL kinds of serious nuggets right from the jump! You will absolutely love her! She talks about REAL life growing up as a Black child, teen, young adult, and much more. Complete with disappointments and broken promises, drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancy, betrayals, abuse, you name it! But she is such a warrior! Today, she works with our most vulnerable; fighting addiction, and hopelessness in both the young and the old. Find out why I was so happy to finally find someone who agrees with me, literally verbatim as to the underlying cause of suicide! Quotables "We set ourselves on fire to warm others" "Fits of despair lead to utter hopelessness" "When a student is ready, the teacher appears" "The best predictor of future performance is past behavior until there is change" "Each one teach one, each one reach one" Check her out at Full Fruit Empowerment Center on Facebook and on the internet. On Instagram and you can send her an email at Feeling Stuck? Undecided? Dealing with a lack of motivation or self-belief? Your thoughts hindering you from taking that next step? Needing to reboot and press restart? Do you need someone to talk to, to help you jumpstart your life again? Help you figure out how to move forward? Let's chat. Go to, and schedule a free consult. I guarantee you, you will look at your life with a different pair of lenses...:) Ciao! Dr. L Life Coach
November 26, 2020
Julia Busby's Page: School Teachers Get Traumatized Too
Julia Bugsby is a woman on a mission! She is a fellow podcaster and fellow "sur-thrivor"! I loooove her story of survival and thriving through domestic violence, suicide attempt, and PTSD! She is also living proof that there is life after trauma, there is life after pain, and life after a serious suicide attempt. Do me a favor and try to count how many times you hear the word trauma or PTSD in this episode. I have told y'all time and time again, that trauma is at the crux of most suicides, I think this episode helps me with that a lot. Join Julia and her listeners in subscribing to Finding Her, her podcast. Are you experiencing life's challenges? Overwhelmed at work or family or life in general? Are you having a hard time moving forward, or have a dream and vision that is somewhat hard to obtain? Are circumstances standing in your way of achieving your goals or moving forward in your life? Do you have big dreams but no confidence or idea of how to make them a reality? Then I would love to tell you how life coaching can finally help you live the life you’ve always imagined! Visit for a FREE 45-minute consult with me, let's talk about it. I CAN help! Dr. Lulu
November 18, 2020
Dr. Karen's Page: Tackling the Issue of Female Physician Wellness...
Dr. Karen was such a delight to interview. She is a retired OBGYN who has found her calling in energy and mindfulness work. She talked about her own private struggles with burnout and shares how she found her way home. Quotables:  "I said YES to myself" "Women tend to be "other-focused" Dr. Karen's freebie: One of the ways to REALLY know what you want and need is to connect DEEPLY to yourself! But for many of us, we don't know HOW to do that on a consistent basis. Here is an 8 minute guided audio to HELP you to connect to YOURSELF. She invites you to try it and see what happens! Free "Be In Your Body" guided audio, and access her freebie HERE. Please join her free FB group:  Driven Women Ready to Unleash Their Luscious Life! Contact her via email at, and check out her 9-month emersion course: "The Embody You More" emersion course. Are you stuck in a place in your life that you can’t get out of? Are circumstances standing in your way of achieving your goals or moving forward in your life? Do you have big dreams but no confidence or idea of how to make them a reality? Then I would love to tell you how life coaching can finally help you live the life you’ve always imagined! Visit for a FREE 45-minute consult with me, let's talk about it. I CAN help! Dr. Lulu
November 18, 2020
Tasha Hunter's Page: The Language of Pain
Tasha Hunter, MSW, LCSW says that the first language ever she learned was pain. Growing up in a mentally, physically, and sexually abusive home, all Tasha ever heard was that she was worthless, unloved, and unwanted. In this episode, Tasha talks about how her traumatic childhood led to her first serious attempt at suicide, how that attempt impacted her life, and her journey to become a clinician that helps others heal from trauma like hers. Tasha’s book What Children Remember can be found at Tasha is also on Facebook at and on Instagram at Are you stuck in a place in your life that you can’t get out of? Are circumstances standing in your way of achieving your goals or moving forward in your life? Do you have big dreams but no confidence or idea of how to make them a reality? Then I would love to tell you how life coaching can finally help you live the life you’ve always imagined! Visit for a FREE 45-minute consult with me, let's talk about it. I CAN help! Dr. Lulu
November 18, 2020
A Psychiatrist With A Message From Our Neighbors
Dr. Araba Chintoh is a Canadian Psychiatrist after my heart! She specializes in research into Schizophrenia, she is smart, poised, and determined to educate the world about mental illness and its consequences. She speaks passionately about all the combinations of issues that lead us down the path of destruction and death by suicide.  Working at a large tertiary center in a Canadian urban area, she sees the "most complex" cases and works hard with her team at CAMH to get her patients better and reunited with their families.  Her institution is a "patient-centered", family-centered, and evidence-based, center for addiction and mental health. Find them at where they currently have a huge anti-suicide campaign called "NOT SUICIDE, NOT TODAY". If you or anyone you know is at a place where they are stuck or in need of some clarity for decision-making.  Click HERE for a FREE 45minute consult with me, let's talk about it. I can help. Dr. Lulu
November 10, 2020
Dr. Felecia's Page: When You Have a Brand New Baby During a Lockdown!
Dr. Felecia Sumner is a superstar as far as I am concerned! She freakin' had a baby girl smack dab in the middle of the Covid-19 Lockdown, had some complications after her baby, and lived to tell it! She and her family have been through it all, and still standing strong! Find out what she told me about her encounter with a police officer that literally knocked the air out of me and left me dumbfounded! YIKES! She and her hubby are on a mission to create a wellness empire with their family medicine practice in Landsdown PA: Synergize DPC Quotable : "Happy Doc Happy Patient" Find her practice on Facebook HERE  If you are in the Pennsylvania area, look them up will ya?  And if you are in need of a good book to read during the holidays, check out her books HERE and HERE And if you are in need of a life coaching session or two, holler at your girl for a free 45-minute session by clicking this link HERE Aaight, Ciao Bella! Dr. Lulu Mindset and Motivational Life Coach
November 06, 2020
Dr. Rhonda's Page: A Psychiatrist Who Recommends You Burn Your Cape!
Of all my guests ever, Dr. Ronda takes the cake with her uniqueness! A Psychiatrist and Integrative Behavioral Health Specialist! She is so smart, she is so smooth, she is so stress-free in her direct approach to preventing suicide. For her, suicide prevention is about giving life and hope to her patients. She uses the scriptures and Bible-based teachings to connect with her patients no matter their religious inclinations. She is the doctor for doctors, the psychiatrist you wish you and your mama could see :) Find out what she thinks about why she said "I don't have to worry about suicides", and "it's not weak to seek help" Other Quotables: "Burn Your Superman and Superwoman Capes" Where to find her: All social media is @DrRhondaMattox, and HERE  Remember, you can sign up for life coaching at And I shall see you on the inside Dr. Lulu Mindset and Motivational Coach 
November 05, 2020
Rajya's Page: Chronic Suicidality, Yes, It's A Thing...
My second guest this week has the most incredible story. She has been depressed and suicidal since the age of 6 or 7! Losing her beloved father as a child was a very difficult life blow for her, and she struggled for years "looking for love in all the wrong places, with a broken heart". Thankfully, she found healing with "inner guidance", and rid herself of all the chronic ailments including thyroid disease, fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome! Today, she is a transformational coach and energy healer. She is helping others cross over to the other side, with minimal pain. She is a shining star and a bright light. Find out how she did it, and what it took. Quotables: "I felt very unloved" "It is possible to thrive" "When you are needy, you try to control things" Where to find her: PS: Join her and some more awesome "sur-thrivors" like you for an awesome event coming up in November by clicking the link below: There are life coaches, there are motivational speakers, but what about motivational life coaches? Well, guess what? I am getting certified as a (motivational) life coach! YAAAASSSS!!!! Are you stuck trying to make a tough life decision? Worried about what the next step in your life would be? Think you cannot move forward? Overwhelmed? Let's talk...I will help you get past that midset... I guarantee it! Coach-Dr. Lulu
October 27, 2020
Dr. Wanda's Page: When Your Ex-Boyfriend Kills Himself...In Front of You
What do you do? What can you do? When your ex-boyfriend kills himself right in front of you! One of this week's guests had to endure seeing that type of horror movie play out before her eyes when she was only 18. Her name is Dr. Wanda, and today, she is a therapist, but once upon a time, she was a victim of domestic abuse and all other kinds of trauma. Listen as she tells the chilling tale of how, and why, and what happened that day. What did she do? How did she overcome the days and nights that followed that event? Find out what she says was her #fuel. Quotable: "You die a thousand deaths" "Stay connected and find a source of strength" Where to find her: She is licensed in Louisiana and Mississippi On Facebook: Uniquely Yours Life 15 There are life coaches, there are motivational speakers, but what about motivational life coaches? Well, guess what? I am getting certified as a (motivational) life coach! YAAAASSSS!!!! Are you stuck trying to make a tough life decision? Worried about what the next step in your life would be? Think you cannot move forward? Overwhelmed? Let's talk...I will help you get past that midset... I guarantee it! Coach-Dr. Lulu
October 27, 2020
Covid - 19 Doctor Chronicles with Dr. Rebecca: When Your Doctor is With Child During a Pandemic
Dr. Berens and I go back a bit in our DPC journeys. She is also a fellow Woman-in-Medicine so, I have a very soft spot for her. Find out how she went from employee to starting her own practice at the New Year, only to be thrown with the curveball called Covid-19! She talks candidly about life in these United States as a Direct Primary Care Physician, offering affordable care in a time of great uncertainty. Her practice is called VIDA Family Medicine located in Houston, TX, so check them out. On social media, where she is very active, you can find her on Instagram as well as Facebook, please like and follow and share all about them. Toodles! Dr. L
October 20, 2020
Covid-19 Dr. Chronicles, Dr. Ball's Page: When Doctors Have Human Experiences
This week's first guest, in the person of Dr. Ball is another Black girl who rocks! In honor of the international day of the girl child that was on 10/11/2020, I am featuring two Black girls who rock, and she is one of them! She talks candidly as one of the 19 physicians I interviewed for my Covid-19 Doctor Chronicles about a serious family health crisis in her own mother during the lockdown and the stress of dealing with that.  Describing herself as an extroverted-introvert, she shares about the need for "adapting", "pivoting", and "camelionizing", as ways to beat this new normal of a pandemic. Focusing on family and togetherness and the need to be each other's keepers, she endorses the role of technology in all of it, and is happy to state that physicians more than any other time, need to be each others' keepers and have multiple streams of income. Quotables "We complain so much about being indoors, but, there are homeless people out there who are simply too happy to just be alive" To reach the good doctor, go to OR call (704) 747-2262 Remember to check out our social media pages and follow us: IG and Facebook: @AskDoctorLulu, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  If our message resonates with you, kindly subscribe and share and leave us a review! Dr. L
October 14, 2020
Covid-19 Dr. Chronicles: Dr. Delicia's Page: A (DPC) Doctor That Cares About Her Employees
Our second girl-child (all grown up) that rocks for this week is Dr. Delicia Haynes, another Direct Primary Care Physician based in Florida. She discusses the changes and transitional processes her practice put in place to help her patients and the people of Florida. No stranger to mental health challenges, Dr. Haynes shares about her own struggles with depression, and how she overcame it with a combination of self-care and making a drastic decision to quit traditional medicine for direct primary care because while she had always loved what she did, she stopped loving the way she did it. Dr. Delicia is a pioneer and an authority in the DPC space and she can be found at and Quotables "We must fill our own cups and serve from a place of overflow" Y'all, don't forget to find and follow her and join in the good work she is doing to save lives in Florida... Dr. L
October 13, 2020
Dr. Ifeanyi's Page: 8 Pillars of Mental Wellness and This Really Smart Nigerian (Igbo-esque) American
Hmmm, you can never miss a Naija fella... "dem no de eva carray last"! (Look that up.) My second interview this week is non-other than a fellow Naija guy, a psychiatrist, a smart, well "edumacated" (6 university degrees later...CHAI!) kinda guy! Dr. Ifeanyi was so awesome to interview! A cool-headed-self-described introvert, but who gets that his young kids will need him to extrovert-up as needed in order to help them survive the much-needed adaptations, and might I add mutations it is going to take to get through COVID. Y'all he was spitting knowledge! I learned a lot and I want you to do the same too! Ever heard of the 8 Pillars of Mental Wellness? Welp, I hadn't until this interview! Listen and learn. Also, interesting are his views on teachers and police brutality. Find out what he says about himself as a Black man in America where said police brutality is concerned. Quotables: About physician suicides: "What is missing in their support system?" We, as physicians, must tell each other "I got your back" "Hospitals must put processes in place to allow doctors decompress" Where to find: Social Media: @TheGPSMindset; GPS Psychiatry Solutions. Thank me later :) Dr. L
October 06, 2020
Dr. Ann Contrucci's Page: When 2 Pediatrician-Twin-Sisters Collide, the Energy is Electric!!
Dear Listener,  If I ever had a twin sister, her name would be Dr. Ann Contrucci, and she would be Italian! This week's first interview took place in May 2020, right in the heat of the lockdown, soon after I had a  virtual parenting program. She is as funny as she is compassionate, she is a pediatrician after all! Non-stop action from the jump! Yes, even if we are talking about mental health challenges, trauma, ADHD, and of course SUICIDE! I love her definition of TRUST and JOY, and the way we both complete each other's sentences in this interview! Al stop at that... Just let me know your thoughts... All I have to say is "She good!" Dr. L
October 06, 2020
Dr. Christine B. L Adams' Page: Everything you DID NOT KNOW about "Emotional Conditioning"
Whoa!! Our second episode this week, the last couple of days in September, the National Suicide Awareness AND Prevention month, is the BOMB! I found me a fairy God-Mother in my thought process and in medicine! A pediatric/child and Adolescent AND Adult psychiatrist for, get this... 40 YEARS! I thought I was BADT, but this here Chica is BADDDTT!! Such a brilliant soul! She is calm, collected, and challenges the norm: my type of girl, minus the "calm" :), cos y'all know I can't keep calm, I am RESTLESSLY RESTLESS! But now I know that I CAN change my personality, thanks to her wisdom. All I gats to do is THINK about what I am about to do...does it serve the greater good of MY BEING? Bestselling author, Award-winning co-author, and Blogger on Psychology Today, Dr. Adams is a rare gem in today's ever-searching-for-medications-world. Her book; "Living on Automatic" is available on Amazon, Wally's, Barnes and Noble, and where ever good books are sold! Find it. Read it. Learn from it! I know I am! This book has 80 years of experience in it, HELLO?! Quotables: "Emotional Illness from relationship problems, CONFLICTS: This is the basis of most human distress" "How a child is emotionally conditioned, determines their adulthood" "This pandemic is an opportunity to learn about yourself" "The antidote of emotional conditioning is thinking" The best book she wants you to read: The one about yourself: "Intense Introspection with the help of a psychotherapist" Where to find her: FB, LI, Twitter Christine B. L. Adams, M.D. 459-0406   LinkedIn: Christine BL Adams, MD Twitter: @BlogAdamsMD Facebook: Christine BL Adams, MD  YouTube: Christine BL Adams, MD—The Emotional Conditioning Expert “Living on Automatic” blog at Co-Author of the Bestselling, Award-Winning book, Living On Automatic: How Emotional Conditioning Shapes Our Lives and Relationships As always, thank you so much for always listening and sharing, and please do consider leaving me a review, it helps the podcast get into more ears... If you did not know, we had the most awesome Suicide Prevention Summit this past weekend! I have recordings of the 3 hours of pawa!! Go to for more information, and join our brand new Facebook group called Stop Suicide Now! Thank you! Dr. L
September 29, 2020
Dr. Lulu's Page: Unpacking Physician Suicides
Hello, dears, This episode was recorded in September of 2019 as a Facebook live episode, so, it might come out in a different mode than the others.  It is a solocast. I am discussing physician suicides in details, in honor of September as suicide awareness month, and in honor of other things that are going on leading to more and more physician suicides daily. We just lost another physician, a pediatrician over Labor Day weekend and I can't think of a better way to honor him, than this way. No, I did not know him, but, I do know that his life mattered. If you haven't heard yet, we held our first-ever Dr. Lulu's StopSuicideNow! Summit for 2020. All I can say is thank you to those that attended. The recordings are available for sale for $49.99 only, just send me an email Now, as usual, please do something today to save someone's life, generally, that means focusing positive thoughts on yourself, and helpfulness towards others. Al see you next week! Ciao! Dr. L
September 29, 2020
Dr. Lulu's Why Our Kids Kill Themselves
This was a talk that I recorded for a virtual event hosted by the United Nations in Ghana earlier this year. It was a pre-recorded event, and I essentially downloaded the audio version for you. I decided it is very relevant for this month and a great segway for my upcoming event on the 26th of September, 2020. Stay tuned for Stop Suicide Now! Summit...  A 3hr event that will also include CEUs for clinicians as well as personal stories and expert lectures from psychiatrists alike. Stay tuned for more info! This also happens to have been the topic of my recent TEDx talk, which took place in Alief, a Houston suburb on 9/5/2020 Stay tuned for more info on that...:)2 In the meantime, enjoy this episode, and don't forget to leave me a message or review. Dr. L
September 21, 2020
Covid - 19 Doctor Chronicles with Dr. Nkiru
The second doctor this week is a pediatrician like me.  A Nigerian like me, and an Igbo woman! She is an ER physician and shares her insights and her thoughts and of course, how she and her family are dealing with the Crisis. She shares a special eagle's eye view of the pediatric emergency room. The 3 questions I ask the doctors are: How are you doing? How is your family doing? How is your practice doing? This was such a fun episode to record! Find Dr. Nkiru on IG and follow all her fun, interactive and insightful videos on TikTok, etc :) Enjoy! Dr. Lulu
September 15, 2020
Covid-19 Doctor Chronicles: Dr. Yashika and Dr. Kay
Dear Listeners, This is a special episode of Suicide Pages. One of two this week. Both dedicated to physician wellness during this pandemic. Just last week another physician lost his life to suicide, bringing the number to about 13 so far that I have become aware during this time! It is the year 2020 and physicians still have the highest rates of suicides in the United States, to the tune of about 1.1 per day or 400 per year! This and the next several episodes are dedicated to doctors. The idea to do it was borne out of sheer desperation on my part and a perceived need to highlight physicians' lives and struggles during the pandemic. I felt pulled to interview them following the suicide of Dr. Lorna Breen earlier this year in the heart of the lockdown. This week's guests are Drs. Yashika Dooley-Chang and Katherine Igah-Phillips, the original idea was to interview 19 doctors for the Covid - 19... :) Y'all, please find these fine ladies and support and follow them. And continue to share this podcast, and thank you for the reviews! Dr. L
September 15, 2020
Dr. Fernandez's Page: The Heart of a Pediatric Psychiatrist
To this date, Dr. Fernandez is the one person that gets me! He is a child and adolescent psychiatrist and he gets it! He talks about the COVID-19 and how he, his practice and his patients and their parents. His voice, his demeanor, and his message as a psychiatric hospitalist truly resonate with me and the work that I do with at-risk youth. I love the originality and authenticity of this interview. He shares about life as a crisis doctor dealing with the most at-risk youth of them all...those who have attempted suicide. He has noticed that the COVID-19 has resulted in increased severity of attempts. He also talks about how they work with these teens to help refocus them and reground them after a suicide attempt. Quotables: "Suicide does not discriminate" "Get help" He can be reached at Remember, if you or anyone you know is struggling with suicidal ideation, please call me @802-768-1180 or 1800SUICIDE Dr. L
September 08, 2020
Nick's Page: Surviving Childhood Trauma, Becoming an Adult Bully, and Learning to Save Yourself
It's officially National Suicide Awareness month! What are you doing to ensure it is going to be a productive one? This week, I present to you: A writer. A video designer.  An author.  A man who admits to childhood trauma, sexual trauma, alcohol, and pills. A man who admits to having had relationships centered around drugs and alcohol. A man who admits to having tried to "run away" from his trauma, but could not. This week's guest, Nick is a Black man that has been through it all but is now standing tall and strong and thriving. He is now an author and to me, he is an inspiration. Quotables: "I got my G.E.D to prove my dad wrong" " At any point, we are called to RISE UP from our situations" "I didn't expect that the thoughts of suicide would be my greatest hope" Parting words: Who you are is very important... your success is already inside of you! Dear listeners, please do support him, and go get his books! And do check out his podcast as well! Until next time...don't forget to hit subscribe, share and please review my podcast, and, grab a copy of my brand new book on Amazon! Here is the link to do so: Dr. Lulu
September 08, 2020
Leo's Page: 10 Things to Do Before You Kill Yourself
Dear listener, Who do you get when you mix a realist with an ardent reader and a comedian who also happens to struggle with depression and suicidal ideation? Leo Flowers, that's who! This week's guest was such a treat, a Las Vegas comedian from Chicago by way of San Diego! I hope you enjoy every moment of the over one hour of none stop talk, laughter, epiphanies, and fun that we had! He singularly brought me out of hibernation for real! I was on a semi break (which I still am), but when his peeps called, I was like...YES'M! This episode was chuck full of nuggets! We talked about everything from anchoring your pain to serve a purpose, to Abe Lincoln, to the opposite of hopelessness, to books, to finding moments in your life that are "depression-free", to the positive lessons the quarantine will teach us and SO MUCH MORE! Quotables "People gravitate towards you when you show them your pain" "No recovery, no gain" "There comes great responsibility with freedom" Find out about the two times he has had to call the suicide hotline, and what he advises us to do to ensure we won't have to call them. And the one single thing he wants us to do before we literally kill ourselves... This was definitely one of the highlights of my quarantine... Find him at, and you can book a coaching call with him at Thrive with Leo. Y'all, I was also a guest on his show, click this LINK to listen to my own interview on his podcast called "Before You Kill Yourself" Need a good book to read this fall? Check out my latest book on "How to Teach Your Children About Racism", number one in 3 different categories on Amazon!
September 01, 2020
Dr. Lulu's Sad Weekend Edition
Like most well-meaning adults in today's world, the events of the past several weeks and months have been extremely challenging for me. This past weekend, however, was the worst of them all.  It all started with Mr. Blake's shooting. I knew better than to watch the news. While I did not watch the actual video (I can't), I couldn't help catching a glimpse of the CNN reporter talking about his ordeal and the inhumane way he was treated at the hospital!  Right away, I started hurting inside for him.  What if he had been my son? Would this be his fate? Shoot, arrest, detain, and shackle? What is going on here?? Either way, one thing led to another, and before I knew it, the waterworks filled everywhere! Then came the final straw for the eldest son was profiled and had the police called on him by an elderly White male in Boston, MA for simply being Black! Let's just say, I am doing a lot better now. The outpouring of love from everyone has been mindblowing.   So, thank you all again. Upcoming events: TEDx talk on 9/5/2020 YIPEEEE!!  Get your tickets here... It will be virtual, but I shall be live on the red carpet in Houston!! I have other exciting things coming up, please listen and find out what they are! Don't forget to subscribe and share and of course, leave me a review! Talking about reviews, have you heard about my latest book? It has managed to garner 50, yes fifty 5 STAR reviews on Amazon and yours is missing :)  Here is the link to get your copy, while it is still only $2.99 for the ebook, the paperback is $9.99, the price will go up to its permanent home of $12.99 soon :)  Not only do I ask that you please purchase a copy, please leave a review and share the info with someone! Many thanks! Dr. L
September 01, 2020
Dr. Lulu's: Lean In, Tune In and Talk
In this episode which I publish on my birthday week (yay! welcome to 51!), I am essentially appealing to you my audience. I start by talking briefly about the 9yr old Australian boy who was bullied (to the horror of moms and dads on the internet). The little fella who was so anguished, he was asking his mother for a knife to kill himself. It is bad enough that he was bullied to the point of feeling suicidal, but for the internet to spread rumors about it being a lie is worse. It shows how insensitive we still are to the entire bullying phenomenon. But heaven forbid that he does kill himself, we shall all be quick to send "thoughts and prayers". I talk about leaning in and tuning in to the right radio frequency of our kids in order to talk, which will lead to understanding them better and to communicate easier. This, to me honestly is the key to connecting to our teens and hopefully setting the stage for a decrease in teen suicides.  Most kids are so anxious now about everything from bullying, to Covid, to yelling parents at home, to schoolwork and everything else in between, so eliminating stress at home is paramount to helping nurture them and thus opening the doors to communication. After all, wouldn't any parent's ultimate wish be that their kids come to them before hurting themselves?? If so, what are we doing when the going is good to encourage that? I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it. Do check out my online class on parenting without yelling as well as autographed copies of my parenting and teen suicide awareness books if you are looking for something fun to do this Spring. Al see you on the internet... Ciao! Dr. L
September 01, 2020
Andy Grant Talking to Black People in America (About Racial Disparities)
Ladies and Gentlemen! This is it right here! This is one of the most in-depth conversations I have had this year so far! My White brother, Andy, and two brand new Black Brothers Al and Will and I had an in-depth look into the goings-on in Amerikkka today. This was soon after George Floyd's death...  It is raw, it is real and it is as engaging as it can be. I am so glad I was a part of this much-needed discussion. If you don't know yet, I wrote a book that topped the charts in 3 categories! It is about teaching and talking to your kids about racism.  I think it is a pretty good book (if I may say so myself) Click this LINK to check it out on Amazon! Would you kindly leave me a review when you get done? I would really appreciate it. TY Dr. L
August 20, 2020
Eric's Page: His COVID-19 Chronicles: From Near Death to 38 miles on his Bike!
Ladies and Gentlemen, what happens when your "Flu-like" symptoms in the middle of May turn out to be, umm, COVID 19?! Those of you who know Eric Rishi, know you are in for a treat any time he stops by! Believe it or not, I was looking for him to come and sprinkle some cosmic dust on us from the land of Yogi's, but alas, nothing could have prepared me for his own COVID story! Thankfully, he has been to the mend after struggling with the virus for 2months. And luckily, he is still full of wisdom and compassion from above, AND, he actually still came bearing gifts...! Check out his Quotables from this episode alone: "I walked out of the hospital better than I walked in"  "Breathwork is the gatekeeper to the divine", and "we need stillness to connect" "Our humanity has been hit by a Tsunami" "We need the will and the desire to rise above these things" "Get up, wake up with a great day mentality" "Do not act from fear and hatred" Advice for Teens: "Anchor yourself into something that is positive in your life. Something that makes you feel good and makes you feel whole" Find out what his advice for those of us that are struggling with "frequent trips to the pantry and to the refrigerator" is...  It's a good one! As always find him at  He is the brain behind the website, the online courses, Yin Yoga for Veterans, Breathing Mastery Programs, and so forth. You can also email him at Anywho, continued gratitude to each and every one of you for your downloads and your listens and shares... It is well. Enjoy! Dr. L
August 20, 2020
Dr. Torie Sepah's Page: A Psychiatrist, HIV and Suicide
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is it right here! I am so happy to share this interview with you all! Here is another female doctor with a passion for saving lives, and a woman who cares about suicide! Dr. Torie Sepah is an absolute genius! She is a general psychiatrist with a focus on HIV patients. A woman who deals with suicide on a daily basis. is where she hangs out when she is not on Twitter or saving doctors who themselves are suicidal.  Quotables: "Do the right thing when faced with a challenge. You build yourself how you face your challenges."                      "We are molded during our difficult times" I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Dr. Sepah, she is doing such great work! Let me know what you think in the reviews or comment section! Ciao! Dr. L
August 11, 2020
Dr. Alauna's Page: Working in Trauma, Helping with Trauma: A Day in the Life of a Beautiful Heart
Second Psychiatrist for the week! But this time, with a twist! I present to you a trauma psychiatrist that is "educating the universe about psychological trauma and its impact on our brains, bodies, and behavior" Dr. Alauna is a phenomenal human. As educated as she is beautiful! She is a shiny example of a #Blackgirlwhorocks! A Black gurl who speaks "fluent trauma". Brains, Beauty, and Balls. She dares where no one else dares! I actually knick-named her Zena the warrior princess! As a pediatrician working alongside her in the vineyard, I thank her. As a veteran, I thank her. As a mother of 3 Black males, I thank her. Find out what is T.O.X.I.C or what is S.H.I.T.T.Y I will say no more and allow her tell you the rest. Quotables: "We are not defined by the things that happen to us." "I can understand how you feel this way, here is what to do" "Educate ourselves about our brains, bodies, and behaviors." Find her on Facebook: Dr. Alauna Trauma Psych, and on YouTube, Dr. L
July 28, 2020
Dr. Kuvy's Page part-1: From Generational Trauma to Saving Future Generations
Ladies and Gentlemen, if I ever had a twin, I think I met her the day I interviewed one of this week's guests! Her name is Dr. Kavethra and I absolutely love her! An immigrant like me, she speaks about her childhood and the successive trauma she experienced from pretty much every aspect of her young life into adulthood.  Talk about ACES and Epigenetics and Transgenerational trauma all rolled into one place, and then the trauma of growing up Indian, gay, and a female! Dr. Kuvy was only able to scratch the surface of her incredible story before we had to stop due to time constraints, but not before she promised to return for part 2! Quotables:  "Allow yourself to be who you are, with your impulses" "I felt I was a bud trying my best to burst out of the earth" "Even if it feels like no one cares, somebody does" "Open lines of communication with others, NOW!" Find her on the internet at Cheers! Dr. L
July 28, 2020
Nneka's Page
This week's guest was an absolute delight in SO many ways! Not only is she a fellow "mochalicious" female, but she is also a sister-doc, and most importantly, she is a Naija doc, and she is Igbo! I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing her! She dropped ALL kinds of nuggets and shared so many inspirational stories from her life (childhood to today) From her struggles as a determined Nigerian trying to get into medical school, through married life and birthing, not one, two, or three, but five children! She is indeed a family doc who is not afraid to sweat the hard stuff.  Find out her thoughts on leaning on supportive family, while holding on to hope, and why she declared that her "personal life was underdeveloped", and how she discovered the need for a mind shift. Quotables:  "I had to do continuing education as a parent and as a person" "Life is a journey, be willing to ask for help" "We are in a relationship with ourselves" "Selfcare is not selfish, it is vital" "Be kind and be clear" Her interview was simply awe-inspiring and intriguing. I will allow you to listen to the rest of it, and don't forget to tell me what you think in your comments. Resources: Find Her on Facebook: Dr. Nneka Ichoku DO, MPH As always, I will ask you to please follow my guests and subscribe to this podcast, and leave a review. If you are feeling anxious and need to talk to someone, call Dr. Lulu at 8027681180, or Ciao! Dr. L
July 22, 2020
Dr. Lulu's Page: How to Control Your Anxiety, Book Launch and much more!
In this episode, I talk about my upcoming book launch. My brand new book called "How to Teach Your Children About Racism", is out on Amazon and it is making waves!! So far, it is number 1 in 3 categories and counting! It is available now on Amazon for $0.99 for only a few days more, so grab your preorder now! All I ask is for you to please leave me an HONEST review! Here is the link to preorder, YAY! The party is this Sunday the 26th of July, and you are invited, so let's go! Here is the Calendly link to schedule a time between 10 am and 7 pm CST: In this episode, I also touch on a potpourri of points, particularly how to control your anxiety during this pandemic.  What I do to help me and why it works for me.  I am also teaching masterclasses and coaching on Book-writing, as well as Controlling Your Anxiety. Here are the links to sign up if interested: they come once a month, the next class is on Anxiety and it is on the 31st of July at 6 pm CST. 1/ Book-writing: 2/ Control Your Anxiety: Lastly, I urge you to please listen to my past episodes that you haven't listened to as at yet, and subscribe as you leave me reviews :) On that note, al see you on the inside... Ciao! Dr. L
July 21, 2020
Michelle W's Page 1; Surviving Incest, Betrayal, PTSD, and Still Standing
She is a medical doctor, an entrepreneur, a fashionista, a mom, a daughter, a divorcee, a medical resident, and a Black Woman.  She is also a rape, incest, and sexual abuse survivor. This week's guest has a powerful message, that, cannot be denied. She takes us on a journey that is sure to make even the hardest hearts cry with compassion and empathy. She talks about molestation from the tiny age of KG, a vicious cycle of self-harm, suicide attempts, sexual promiscuity, domestic violence, homelessness, and a divorce, coupled with ostracization by her family, reject, neglect and PTSD, multiple therapists, failed therapy sessions, and mean messages from her family. A story that is indeed made for the movies... "I was always a straight-A honor roll student, but outside of school and work, I was always a mess". She can be found on Facebook, and her fashion line is Taymer Appareil. Listen, learn, and then say a prayer for all those who still suffer as she did. Thanks! Dr. L 
July 07, 2020
Dr. Stem's Page: Life as a Parent and Teen Mental Health Warrior
Have you ever thought about what it means to grow up in a family with polygamy? My second guest for the week did. She has also written 32 books, is a speaker, coach, media personality and so much more. She has sooooo much to share.  I literarily could not keep up with her nuggets as I scribbled away! She. Was. Awesome! I am so thankful that she decided to write on our pages this week. Find Dr. Stem on the internet @ Dr. Dr. Lulu
July 01, 2020
Rebecca's Page: Finding Freedom and Moving On After Your Son's Suicide.
Phew! Have you ever heard about Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome? While listening to this episode again, I was struck by the sheer strength exhibited by this week's guest Mrs. Rebecca Tervo of! She is a woman of extreme courage and determination. A warrior, my "shero." My simple advice is to listen to this episode intently.  Listen to her words. Listen to her explanations. Focus on how we were able to determine that her beloved Trevor actually left up to 6 signs of suicidal behavior in teens. Find Rebecca on the internet, and follow her awesome work with other parents with suicide loss. Her website is Listen as she describes her son and all the adjectives she uses to describe him: intellectual, smart, intelligent, and a high achiever, etc. Quotes: "You can be happy again." "You have to start by thinking it is possible to have happiness again." "I like your podcast because it talks about suicide in a non-shameful way." Find her books: "Shattered", and "After Your Child's Suicide" on Amazon or on her website. UU  
July 01, 2020
Real Talk with Black Men about Racism in America
WARNING! This is a 2hr episode! It is raw, it is real, it is about RACISM and injustice in America. Listen and learn. I pondered about breaking it into 2 halves, had to leave the entire recording because I could not decide at what point to break it up. This episode is so important in our conversation, I ask you to please listen, and do start the conversation. I interview 7 Black men, 7 different energies, 7 different stories. Enjoy! Dr. L
June 26, 2020
Luiza's Page: From Suicidal to Advocate (How to support suicidal persons).
In this week's episode, we listen to Luiza Martin. A multiple suicide attempt survivor. She talks briefly about the trauma she has endured growing up.  She also came bearing gifts from her Facebook community.  She shows a rare and deep kind of vulnerability that I admire as she shares her story and her dos and don'ts when interacting with a suicidal person. Listen, learn, subscribe, and share, and make sure you listen to the second episode for this week.
June 26, 2020
Candid Conversations with Men about Race in America: A MUST Listen!
In honor of George Floyd and all the Black men and women, boys and girls who have been brutally killed by the police who were sworn to serve and protect.  I interview two Black men (Blake Johnson, Lawrence Johnson), and two White men (Andy Grant and Rishi Eric Infanti), and one special guest, my son, Nnamdi Odita-Honnah. We talked about hurt, pain, and the need for us to come from the heart to seek understanding.  To put an end to police brutality, and extend a hand of peace across the race aisles.  A must listen! Please share this particular episode and subscribe for more. I am interviewing 8 Black men next week, stay tuned for that, you sure don't want to miss that! #BLM Dr. L
June 16, 2020
Jeneea Moore: Accepting a Diagnosis of Mental Illness and that Dreaded Concept, Colorism
This week's guest is a true fire starter! She talks about everything from colorism and discrimination to embracing the diagnosis of mental illness in our children and taking medication if needed.  A self-proclaimed fire starter, she talks about her struggles with self-acceptance of her "dark skin coloration" as a child, touches on her own son and his struggles with ADHD, medication, and self-healing. She explains why as Black people, the health disparities and the racism runs deep, much deeper than the surface, and finally ends with some much-needed advice for parents.  She can be found on Facebook as Jeneea Moore, with the Saved Over Success Network.  She also has a book out. Find her, follow her, she will change your life. Dr. L
June 16, 2020
Dr. Tyler's Page: What is Suicidology? and the Power of Kindness
Ladies and gentlemen, you are in for a treat this week! A unicorn of all unicorns came to visit! He is not only a fellow physician, he is also Canadian, a Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatrist who also works in the emergency psychiatric unit where he focuses on suicidal patients in the Intensive Care Unit. In addition, he is also the most soft-spoken person that I know. His voice is so soothing, I can only be thankful for the universe about his chosen field: working with the most vulnerable and broken of the society, and in his own words... giving "a voice to the underrepresented". Dr. Black and I had a great time! We talked about suicide in a way I have not talked about before with anyone. He validates all my assumptions and thought processes. Find out what he said that made me scream out loud! :) He talks about the effects of social injustices: cultural, school, generational trauma, current trauma, chronic illness, racism, and lack of home support. He even touches on the negative effects of the hospital/hospitalization on suicidal patients. Did you know that there were Canadian Aborigines? Me neither. But he draws a parallel with the African Americans in the US and the reason these individuals succumb to suicidal ideations and suicide. His work mostly focuses on risk-factor prevention, which he recommends should be individual. Find out what he means by "de-medicalizing of suicide" Quotables:  "Our medications do not protect us from the insults of stress and anxiety" "Avoiding suicidality is a fool's errand" "Black females have a high suicide risk" As a society, we tend to not "look at what is not, we only look at what is" To prevent suicide, "there is a really simple intervention, focus on kindness to others" Dr. Tyler Randall Black can be reached via email Cheers y'all, Stay safe! UU
June 09, 2020
For My Sons: #RIPGeorgeFloyd
In this bonus episode, I am speaking from my heart as a Black woman living in America, in Texas to be exact. I am talking to listeners about my own personal experience and the experiences of all Black people in America. I share the trauma my own sons experienced and the trauma that I experience daily as their mother. I am asking again, that people should STOP dehumanizing us, and begin to see us as humans, as equals, as people with hopes and dreams and lives that need to be lived to their fullest potentials.  I am essentially saying that #BLACKLIVESMATTER. Dr. L 
June 02, 2020
Andy's Page: When Multiple Suicide Attempts Just Ain't Enough
Yay!! Finally, I get to publish my good friend Andy's episode! Ladies and gentlemen, y'all are in for a treat! Meet #TheAndyGrant, the guest of my first of two episodes this week...  He is a multi-trauma survivor, checking off 8 out of my 13 Reasons Why folks kill themselves.  Andy was so cool, he not only had me on his podcast, he has had me on multiple times since then, and has even dedicated one whole episode to me :) I truly love his story of perseverance and resiliency.  He shares the one thing he did that we have in common (can you guess what it is?) , his love-hate relationship with his "journal", his secret sauce for staying alive, and all the awesome stuff he is up to. Find out what "thought-pivoting", meditation habit, spiritual guidance, his six books, yes,  6-books...and all his hospitalizations along his journey. Quotables  "It gets better" "My ups are higher, and my lows are even higher than in my past" Find him on Facebook @ Andy Grant, and on his webbie for some of his offerings, like coaching, Akashic Records, and other fun stuff. His podcast is called RealMenFeel, please check it out, and support him! PS: I love Andy so much! He was kind enough to write the forward for my second book, "A Teen's Life", available on Amazon and on my website.  See you soon :) Danke shun! Dr. L
June 02, 2020
Margarita's Page: "You Can't Give Something That You Don't Have"
Our second guest this week is none other than Margarita Castro-Zarraga. She is a fellow DPC doc, a foreign grad, a mom, and an entrepreneur holding it all down and making it look easy. She comes to share a personal childhood story of trauma and growing up with a half-sibling she initially didn't like. Today, she is a thriving physician and speaker. She gets along quite well with him (thanks to her angel Mom) is impacting lives and using her message to save souls. Listen as she recounts her story, and follow as she shows us how she eventually got over the "ultra brief" periods of suicidality, stigma, shame, stress, self-doubt, and pain of her childhood: "I walked to the kitchen, picked up a kitchen knife and ... Quotes "Blissipline: Discipline yourself so you can live in bliss" "You can't give something you don't have" Find her at Genera Personal Primary Care or (508)591-0655 On all social media platforms: Margarita Castro-Zarraga As always, thank you for listening, Dr. L
May 27, 2020
Dr. Esther's Page: Suicide is Closer to Us Than We Think
Dr. Esther is on a mission to not only talk real-talk, but also treat real pain. The sort that keeps most of us up at night, the sort that prevents us from saying something, saying anything about it... The sort that prevents us from living our lives out loud, and living to the best of our abilities.  She is a Physical Therapist, and Women's Pelvic Health Specialist, and works through a Wholistic approach. She talks about how we all need support, need to address our pain, and how we need psychotherapy, as well as physiotherapy in order to keep body and soul completely together. She gets a bit personal and shares her own story of suicide within her own circle and how she is still dealing with those memories to this date. This led to the quote in our title today. Quotes: "Just because it is common, doesn't mean it is normal" To find her, you only have to look at On IG; @ ThePelvicplacePT, and on FB The Pelvic Place Physical Therapy. Do find and support her. Don't forget to share this podcast. Enjoy, 
May 27, 2020
McKenzie's Page -2: Growing up Ostracized, Exploited and Feeling All Alone
Our second guest this week is none other than Ms. McKenzie! She is back today with all sorts of real insights and helps us truly look into the lives of our teenage girls and boys in school, especially in middle and high school. She was so gracious with it. She patiently led us through a day, a week, and months in the lives of teens. She painted a clear picture of bullying, both verbally, emotionally, physically, and even sexually to us. And led us on a journey that resulted in self-loathing, low self-esteem, and a negative sense of self that has lasted into adulthood. What a brave girl she is. You can find her or pictures of her cat on Instagram any day. @McKenzieCampanile. She will surely be back for part three of her interview. Please listen to this episode and remember to be kind to each other, and that the 2 most important words during a bullying episode is "STOP IT" This is Dr. Lulu, signing out! Dr. L 
May 20, 2020
Mari's Page: Surviving a Suicide Loss and Traumatic Childhood Tainted by Self-harm.
Ladies and gentlemen, today's guest is Mari, mi hermana, mi amiga que es muy Linda, con un Corazon mas bueno. This is my Spanish for my sister, my very beautiful friend with an even more beautiful heart. As a child, she resorted to self-harm following the worst experience of any childhood. As if that was not enough, as she grew up, she also experienced the death of a friend and colleague through suicide.  This week's guest, Mari, also happens to be a wonderful family nurse practitioner, a US Air Force Veteran, a daughter, sister, wife, mom, and I am proud to call her my personal friend. Indeed she has been through it all, and still standing. She epitomizes what this podcast is about...STRENGTH IN ADVERSITY. Quotables:  "Look for the nonverbals."  "I look into my patient's eyes to see if they are ok, even when they say they are not." "There is life outside the pain." "You never know what a gift you can be to people because of your pain." I can't even add any more to it... this is a perfect place to end.  Dr. Lulu
May 20, 2020
Chris' Page Pt - 1: Smiling, Reaching Out and Saving Lives
Chris our second guest this week was such a fun person to interview, that I dubbed him my White twin brother! Full of nuggets of wisdom and experience. He shares about his humble beginnings and his desire and efforts to help his Mom even before he was a teenager. Today he is a successful businessman, father, husband, mentor, and coach. Find out what he thinks about a glass half full/empty, and why he has the weirdest icons on his LinkedIn profile, or why he sings and serenades his friends on social media. Coming from a past full of self-doubt due to his weight, second-guessing himself, and worrying about what other people's opinions about him, he dared to "allow himself to be," and some of us are extremely thankful he did. Questions: What gets you excited?  What Inspires you?  Quotables: "We are not tigers or leopards, we are humans, we CAN change" "We have to be our own unstoppable heroes" "The best way to fight a bully is to step forward" "It doesn't matter if the glass is half full or half empty, we can always refill it, for ourselves and for others" "One size fits one" ***"You have the power to be the change and make the change in your life, today is the day to do it" You can find him on LinkedIn or @ OR For now, take good care, enjoy your week, and don't forget to wash hands, wear a mask and stay home if you don't have to go outdoors :) Dr. L
May 12, 2020
Mckenzie's Page: Surviving Self Hate
This week's guest is nothing short of a phenom. She is a true example of chronically living with self-hatred and the story she shares today shows how deep the voices inside your head can be. How incapacitating and also, how dangerous it can be. She bravely describes how the ins and outs of living with significant depression, anxiety, and feelings of low self-worth.  Her heart shines through her story though. She is such a trooper that we actually were shared a lot of laughs during this somewhat difficult interview.  From significant body dysmorphism to being diagnosed with depression and taking antidepressants to canceling all social media to adopting two pets, she has so much insight and is able to share the ups and downs with us today. Quotables:  "All you see is staged moments" (with regards to social media) "It's better to feel pain than nothing at all" "The opposite of love is indifference" "You are more than what you think people think you are and you are more than what people think you are" In the end, Mckenzie might have said she likes my podcast as much as she likes her aunt's :), she also promised she will return for part-2, so stay tuned. For now, stay well, stay tuned, and stay frosty... Dr. L
May 12, 2020
Sherna's Page: From "Bastard" to Author and Social Worker
Today's episode is a real treat! My guest is Ms. Sherna Alexander, from the island of Trinidad and Tobago! She shares some really painful gut-renching stories of how she grew up in an era where orphans were called "bastards" and not allowed to live like other children. Her story was a real eye-opener for me.  Listen to her thoughts on the church, God, and trusted family members who betrayed her over and over as a child.  The interview ended abruptly because we lost sound, but she got her message across.  Find out why and when I cried, and what my confession was, and why I asked you to please be more compassionate and sensitive of your thoughts when next you see a pregnant teen, encounter a suicidal person or even hear news about people who made the ultimate decision to end their lives. As always, thanks for listening, please share this and I will see you next week. Ciao Bella! Dr. L 
May 05, 2020
Rishi Eric is Back! This time, he is "riding 39 to 50 miles post Covid-19"
Welcome back to a brand new episode of Suicide Pages! It feels like it has been ages since I recorded a brand new episode, and I am extremely happy to welcome back our guest for this week. He is none other than Rishi Eric Infanti! Unbeknownst to me, he actually is recovering from Covid-19!  This week, he brings his knowledge and wisdom to the airwaves and as always, is here to pour out his love and value into us.  He talks about his experience with the infection and expresses his gratitude to the doctors and nurses and the VA for taking care of him. With quotes like "Breathwork is the gatekeeper to the divine,"  "We need stillness to connect," and "Our humanity has been hit by a tsunami," he is back like a champ and just as soothing as ever.  He advises that we need the will, the desire and, the need to rise above these things, wake up each day with an " I can mentality," put systems and structures like mindfulness in place as a key ingredient in surviving the current situation.  His watchword is "GET MOVING". Move your body, period! For my teenage listeners, he advises that you "anchor into something that is positive in your lives that make you feel good and makes you feel whole." Listen and find out what his advice is for me and those of us like me who are constantly going back and forth to the pantry and refrigerator. Find Eric on the www, on Amazon for his book "Marine on The Mat."  He is offering a Breathing mastery program or his Yin Yoga program to my listeners. You can also email him Please let's support one of our own... thank you. Ciao! Dr. L
May 05, 2020
The Covid - 19 Episode and Other Stories
In this episode, I talk about the obvious elephant in the room, Covid - 19, but not for very long. I feel it is a necessary mention, but only for a moment. Then I talk about other things like the most recent teen suicide: A California 15-year-old African American female. Then I discuss some options for self-care, as well as activities you and your kids/teens can engage in during these times.  If you are in the mood or a good read, hop on to my website or Amazon and grab you a copy of my latest book about teen suicide. It might help enlighten you a bit regarding what our teens are going through now. Most importantly, I would like to encourage everyone to stay strong and stay home. This too shall pass... Cheers! Dr. L
April 16, 2020
Heather's Page Pt-2 The Doctor at the ED
In this concluding episode, Dr. Heather is sharing a bit about her own family's dealing with suicide.  She talks a bit more about emotional and moral injury. Guns, and safety in the home, removing judgment of people who are suicidal with emotional trauma to avoid further stigmatization. She cautions and teaches us about recognizing the signs of suicidal behavior, especially if/when the person has made up their minds about suicide.  She ends by telling us about her plant-based foods business, neuroplasticity, and of course, her BRAND NEW PODCAST centered around her #Wholist Health movement. Quotables: "Food improves cognitive agility". We are looking forward to her coming back to talk about kids and food :) Ciao! Dr. L
April 07, 2020
Heather's Page Pt 1: When you are the doctor the patient sees at the ED
I am so excited about this week's episode which is a 2-part series.  This week, we meet Heather, an ED physician, an entrepreneur, and a woman about her business. She is a petit-framed powerhouse who I have been following on social media and gave me one of my first of many podcast interviews :) She is out to save lives both in the Emergency department as a nocturnist, seeing a very special breed of patients, as well as through her lifestyle medicine business where she coaches her "tribe" on food and mindset. In this episode, she breaks down the life of an ED physician from the standpoint of a suicidal patient (adult or child). She shares intricate details of the day to day reality on a fairly generalized level, but still touches on key issues concerning the who, the how, the when of her patients.  As serious as the topic is, we were still able to find some laughs, especially when she talks about her sons. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed interviewing her.  Tune in for next week for a very special announcement she made for the very first time on here.  Suffice it to say, my prayers are with her and other heroes and sheroes in the field of healthcare, who are currently in the line of fire with Covid-19, please join me in lifting her and her family up in prayers.  Then, don't forget to subscribe to this podcast so you don't miss any new episodes as they drop every Tuesday, then join us next week for part 2 of her interview :) Stay well, and don't forget to wash your hands...again :) Dr. L
March 31, 2020
Meagan's Page Part 1: Handling Sibling Suicide Loss
As a mental health nurse, Meagan knows first hand what it is like to look in the eyes of persons who suffer from various mental health issues in the while trying to help them.  She knows only too well, the pain of being ostracized, isolated and in pain. But when you lose your brother to suicide, the very thing you have tried to prevent in yourself, your family and your patients, the pain comes home to roost.  She is this week's guest, and she is opening up about life as a sibling suicide survivor (an independent risk for suicide), a wife, a mother and a daughter in anguish. She talks about losing her brother, the pain and the effect that had on her, and continues to have on her as well as her extended family.  After reading one of her comments on FB, I knew instantly that I had to interview her.  Listen to: how she describes her encounters with her beloved brother during his last days, what she has to say about a phenomenon that was entirely new to me, called "Upstream Nursing", "Police Wellness Checks", suffering from her own depression while mothering a son struggling with the same, and the unique combination of risk factors that ultimately took her brother's life.  I was super stoked to interview this gentle heart of a woman, I can only hope that I did her interview, justice. Quotables "I am better because I take it" (Lexapro, and antidepressant) "Do not stop caring, never stop intervening" "Every day, think about one thing you love about the person" "Allow yourself to feel the way you feel" "If you help one person, you can change the world" Meagan can be found on Facebook in various suicide bereavement groups, volunteering for Youth Mental First Aid, or reading suicide survival books. Peace Still, Dr. L
March 24, 2020
Papa's Page Part 1: Surviving a Traumatic Childhood as a Gay Black Nigerian American Boy
As a young Black Nigerian American, Nnamdi aka Papa grew up in South Carolina, attended a Christian school, his parents divorced at the age of 9 yrs, and soon after, discovered he is gay. The first of 3 sons, he suddenly found himself fighting to stay alive in a cruel world that made sure he was punished for being born different. For being born gay.  Listen to his emotional interview with his mother, me.  Learn what it feels like to be young, gay and Black in America. Listen to the thoughts of his 11 yr old self and know exactly what your kids are going through when they are bullied.  As the death toll rises (from suicide) amongst LGBTQ youth, I feel that this interview is so timely. Though it took everything in my power to get him to do it :), I know you will agree with me that it was well worth the wait. Quotables: "I felt it was me against the world." "I didn't tell you because I thought if you did something, it would only make the bullying worse, but I am so happy about the outcome". "I was blamed by the bully's friends for getting him kicked out of school (for bullying me)" Join me first in congratulating my first man-child on an awesome interview, so full of enlightenment and nuggets of wisdom. Then congratulate him on nearly finishing up at Stanford later this summer. Then wish him all the very best as he goes on to graduate school and beyond to find and fulfill his destiny! I love you son :) Mom.
March 17, 2020
Joanne's Page part 1: Sharing secrets to set us free
Ladies and Gentlemen, To date, this is one of my favorite episodes! My guest this week is my sister in so many ways: she is funny, smart, has been through depression, is a family physician-turned blogger and podcaster, and has the funniest wittiest niece ever! Dr. Joanne Jarrett comes along with all the vulnerability of a schoolgirl. She shares the story of a letter she wrote at the peak of her struggles, that launched her blogging career. I enjoyed interviewing her so much, I didn't want it to end.  Find out what special thing she did this week that left me wanting more and got her an automatic invite to come back.  Quotables "I hope that knowing my secret will help someone else feel less alone" As always, listen, share, download, subscribe and leave a review (in no special order), and then hop on to her podcast (Fancy-Free Podcast) and listen and cheer her and her funny girlfriends on as they each share stories about their most embarrassing moments. Who knows, you might even hear a certain podcast host share her own moments too...wink wink. Aaight now, run along, and I shall see you all next week for another interesting interview... This time, it is someone truly near and dear to my heart, but you will have to listen to find out...:) Cheers! Dr. L
March 03, 2020
Zaakirah's Page: Living with adversity aka when life gives you lemons
We often hear the phrase "when life gives you lemons...", "when life gives you lemons", but what if life does truly give you lemons?? What if your lemons are in the form of a rare childhood cancer? What if you grew up visually impaired, hearing impaired, struggle with hormonal problems and to crown it all, you were bullied in grade school as a result of them? What would you do? What kind of lemonade would you be making? This week's guest is a phenomenal woman, a cancer survivor, a world traveler, a woman who has looked fear and pain in the eye and is still standing.  Luckily, Zaakirah had a solid support system growing up, from her family, but life was still quite tough. Among other things, she encourages parents to focus on the love languages of their kids, and she discusses her love for photography, and her battles with seasonal depression.  Quotables: "I did not know that the word survivor was a positive thing."  "A photograph saved my life" Also a fellow podcaster, (Living Legacy Podcast) she shares her stories of survival and hope with us.  Join me in supporting a fellow Black Woman of Purpose, sharing her story of resilience this week. Enjoy! Dr. L
February 25, 2020
Eric's Page Part 3: Mindfulness as a tool for Suicide Prevention
In continuation of our mindfulness series, we listen to our teacher and yoga instructor, Eric.  He continues to deconstruct mindfulness in today's episode, and even gives me a private coaching lesson on what to do to become centered and stay present in my relationship with my significant other.  He gives us great examples of ways to incorporate and practice mindfulness daily and in our little spaces and answers my questions about those darn yoga positions. Explains Yin Yoga in a few words and how yoga practitioners can reap the fruits of "shavasana". He ends by introducing his brand new book, which at the time of the recording had not yet been released, but is currently in stores and doing really well. Be sure to pick up your copy ASAP. Quotes "if we are not paying attention, we are not having the presence of mind to change behaviors"..."presence is vital" Ladies and Gentlemen, you can find him on FB as Rishi Eric Infanti, and on his website @
February 11, 2020
Eric's Page Part-2: Mindfulness as a Suicide Prevention Tool
If you have been a listener to my podcast, then you know Mr. Rishi Eric Infanti. The man. The legend. The Yogi. The teacher.  Then you know this episode is going to be as rich as it is deep. And he will not disappoint you. He defines mindfulness as: "the deliberate act of paying attention, the state of being present"... "a connection through the heart", "a process of trying to tap into the energy of another human being", and "the tool to deepen the intuition to allow us to be present with others". Today, he talks to clinicians and family members alike, about Mindfulness as a tool for everything, both those that we know like; for clarity, bias prevention, stress reduction, focus improvement, etc. and even for suicide prevention. This is probably one of the deepest episodes so far, I suggest you find a quiet place and listen to this episode...multiple is that good :) He teaches us that "family members and clinical providers must have the mindfulness to recognize signs of suicidality and the awareness to help others". He goes on to list the benefits of mindfulness and even offers you, listeners, a great deal for listening... Check out his website: MELA for the good deals and tell him Dr. Lulu sent you! Enjoy! Dr. L
February 04, 2020
Kevin's Page: Therapy Shatters. The Mind Remembers. How many masks can one man wear?
Another unicorn in the person of Pastor Kevin Wilson, my first chaplain so far. Kevin comes bearing gifts, gifts of hope and survival and accomplishments. He is a chaplain at Rush Hospital Chicago, and a father of three, with one special needs child.  He shares how at a very young age he started wearing masks, all kinds of masks, and perfected the act. Stemming from being raised in a household where he felt his voice was silenced, he learned how to hibernate and got really good at isolating and hiding his feelings. He is a (Black) man who is unafraid to admit to receiving therapy, and we love that! He says therapy showed him how his issues affect those around him. Find out what masks he wore all through his earlier years until he became a healer of wounded souls at their hospital bedsides.  Quotables: "The mind remembers" "A lot of men are going around with silent cries" "Therapy shattered the glass" "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" "When you are alone, be alone in His presence" He can be found on social media and on Facebook as Kevin Wilson, and on IG as K.Wil83 Ciao bella! Dr. L
January 28, 2020
Corina's Page: "Decide today that YOU ARE ENOUGH..."
What can I say about today's guest? She is absolutely dynamic, full of life, charming, has a megawatt smile, is able to make me laugh out loud while recording a show about suicide, and still shares her story and message of hope and empathy and compassion.  Hailing from just across the pond in Canada, Corina is an energizer bunny who embodies all the -isms of life. She has suffered from depression, deep depression and come out on top. She now empowers others and gets them to change their mindset on many and anything.  She is a parent coach, who knew at the tender age of 4 that there was something wrong with her. She was eventually diagnosed with depression as an adult, but not before she was constantly plagued with suicidal ideation as a preteen and teen, and endured bullying of a certain kind because of her physical height. Find out the daring action she took with one of her bullies.  Preaching a message of hope, she asks listeners to reach out when they are down, and decide that they are enough.  Quotes: "If we don't experience the sadness, we cannot fully embrace the brightness inside"                 "Decide you are enough, then take the necessary steps to be the happiest and best that you can be"                "The fact that you woke up today, is a sign that you need to stay"  She can be found on FB as Corina Metz- Hemming, and on IG simply as @corinahemmings (all lower case) Her exclusive Facebook group is called Decide Tribe. #ICANCHANGE Dr. Lulu
January 21, 2020
Hayley's Page; From crippling social anxiety disorder to director and coach
Social Anxiety Disorder is a clinical phenomenon that does not get its due credit. Many sufferers either don't know they have it, or many around them don't recognize it as a bonafide diagnosis. This week's guest Ms. Hayley is one such sufferer. She, unfortunately, went undiagnosed for long enough to have fairly negative outcomes from her disease.   However, she has conquered her fears and is now at a much better place. Currently, she works to help others who are struggling with SAD like her find answers and hope.  She is currently a director at Quiet Connections, where she helps create awareness for mental illness in schools. Teaching the kids that even though we might sometimes feel we are not good enough, we all must continue to strive to be our best selves.  Quotable quotes: "Choose courage over comfort" ~ Brenne Brown "I believe that I can change" "Choose what is right vs what is easy" "You can do more than you think you can, you just have to try" She can be found online Don't forget to share this podcast and let me know if you or anyone you know would like to come on as a guest. Thanks, Dr. L
January 14, 2020
Regena's Page: The "Gift" of Depression and Suicidal Ideation
What is our purpose in this life?  Do our friends know our innermost minds?  Are we truly living up to our potentials?  How are we all doing in the #selfworth department?  Is it possible for someone to actually "enjoy" being miserable?  Can we truly be transparent, or are we afraid of being judged by others? All these and other questions were tackled and answered eloquently by this week's guest, Ms. Regena. She is a realtor-turned Yogi and Soul coach, international speaker and author. She was kind enough to bare her soul to me during this interview, and I can't wait to share it with you.  No stranger to depression and suicidal ideation, find out how Ms. Regena has transformed her life and her pain to help others with theirs. A self-proclaimed spiritualist, she firmly believes that we are "spiritual beings all living a human experience". She describes the journey out of depression as "simple, but not easy".  Quotable quotes: "Be grateful for the things that cause you pain, so you can learn and grow from them" "When you are in the picture, you can't see the frame" "I thought that by taking my life, I could control the outcome of my life" This final installment for the year, promises to be full of knowledge and wisdom for everyone.  Ms. Regena can be found online @ or (NOTE THE SPELLING), or simply text the word YOGA to 64600. Dr. L
January 07, 2020
End of Year Party, 2019... Celebrating 3000 Downloads and a Huge Thank You!
Today is not only the last day of the year, it is the last day of the decade, and since it is also a Tuesday, we have a special End of the Year episode! It is with great humility, yet pride and joy that I say a TEXAS sized THANK YOU for a beautiful first season and first year! After only 5 months we are at 3000 downloads and counting! Thank you so much for the subscriptions, the shares, and the reviews. Best of thanks to my guests who have kindly shared their stories to help others live. May you all have the very best life can bring this coming year. Ciao Bella! Dr. L
December 31, 2019
Winnie's Page; Living Positively, Learning to live our lives and allowing for frequent edits as we go.
When she discovered she was HIV positive at the tender age of 16, Ms. Mabena had to literarily decide to live or die. She struggled with frequent thoughts of being better off dead until she realized one day that her story might save another person, and that was when she decided to go public with it, and she has never looked back.  She joins us today from Zambia and talks candidly about her life, the work she is doing to raise awareness for living with HIV and other stories. She is an author, international speaker, motivator, mentor and runs a nonprofit called The Knowledge Effect which helps educate children in the rural areas of Zambia. Her online brand aptly called "Living Positively" helps spread awareness for HIV and other challenging life circumstances. She firmly believes in empowering others and scaling challenges. In her work, she mentors women and young adults, ages 20-32yr through her books and speaking engagements. Her Living Positively brand is her vehicle for positive change in the world, and her main focus is self-acceptance, compassion, and love. She currently has authored 2 books both available on Amazon; Living Positively, the Winnie Mabena Story, and Dear Young Woman: an Amazon bestseller. Best Quotes:  "You must have a personal definition of who you are".  "Run with the small pieces of positivity".  "Your life experiences do not take away your value".  "We must edit our life story as we go".  "How can we learn from our pain?" She is on all social media platforms especially FB, Twitter, and IG as Living Positively. She is available for speaking engagements and accepts donations for her works with The Knowledge Effect. Listen, subscribe, share and repeat.  Dr. Lulu
December 24, 2019
My Brand New Book! A Teen's Life.
In this episode, I introduce my brand new baby!! My book titled A Teen's Life, in which we take a critical look at the lives of 12 youngsters, ages ranging from early teens to the early twenties. It is essentially about suicide prevention, but it paints the picture from the teens' perspectives and we get a glimpse of how they might arrive at decisions to inflict self-harm on themselves and even on how they might decide to take it to the next level. They share their struggles and life choices with me (Dr. Lulu) in a Dear Doctor format. I do my very best to respond to their needs and counsel them from a mother's perspective, an empath's corner, and from a professional level as well.  The book is divided into three parts (essentially three books in one). The first part describes the global burden of suicide, the second part chronicles the teens and their struggles, and the third part deals with the next steps. What to do next, and by whom. The electronic version is available on my website and on Kindle for $4.99 now, or for free if you have Kindle unlimited (see links below). I am still awaiting other outlets like Barnes and Nobles Nook, Kobo and IngramSpark.  I plan on having the paperback ready by the end of the time this episode is released. Be on the lookout. I plan on expanding it to a series and adding one about girls and one about just boys to the mix.  I welcome your suggestions, comments, and reviews on the book. You may also email me @ Enjoy, and don't forget to share the info on the book and this podcast :) Ciao!
December 17, 2019
Dr. Leah's Page: Hit the RESET button
When an ER physician has taken care of an 8yr old attempted suicide but has nowhere to send them, what does she do? Dr. Leah shares her heartbreaking story of a suicide attempt that gets sucked into the world of hospital bureaucracy and inadequacies and inefficiencies. She also speaks passionately about her work with physician autonomy called HPAC, a company which she founded to help correct the decay in the present-day hospital systems and the system of "uncompensated administrative burdens" they impose on doctors daily that often lead to burnout and suicidal ideation as well as suicide.  No stranger to depressive and suicidal symptoms herself, she tells us how she found answers by reaching out to online communities of doctors when the going got tough for her.  Her sound advice is "If you are depressed and suicidal, ensure you are not surrounded by a** holes." She also advises us to "change our environments and try something new, shift our ways of thinking, and reconnect with our happy selves" when we find ourselves in a rut... No truer words.   Dr. Leah can be found on most social media platforms. 
December 10, 2019
Angel's Page Part 2: "From Victim to Victory"
In this second part (I promise I don't cry quite as much), Angel paints the story of how things finally begin to turn around for her, but not before some more drama in true Angel-style.  She shares how she met the love of her life, how she went on to have children and have multiple successful businesses. She now realizes that all her life's traumas have been building blocks for her life today. She also has an amazing giveaway for our listeners: 3 FREE hours of Energy reading for the first listeners to send me an email to telling me why you love my podcast and what your favorite episode has been till date. Her favorite quote: "There is always light at the end of the tunnel". Favorite Book "Conversations with God" by Neal Donald Walsch. Seatback, relax, and enjoy this week's episode.  Dr. Lulu
December 03, 2019
Angel's Page Part 1: "Depression and Suicidal Ideations were my constant companions"
Dear family, What do you do when you are sexually molested by a family member at the age of five? Grow up with a verbally and emotionally abusive father? Are repeatedly sexually assaulted through most of your growing years? Are betrayed by the people you call your friends? And find yourself dealing with pain and suffering most of your life? ... You attempt suicide MULTIPLE times! That's what you do! That is the summary of the life of this week's guest. Ms. Angel Alvaro bares it all in part one of her two-part series.  It promises to be an emotional rollercoaster.  Come with your box of Kleenex and a bag of popcorn. Call your girlfriends and let's have a nice tet-a-tet... A Speaker, Life Activator and Accelerator,  a Life Business Coach and Energy Healer, she has been gracious to offer my listeners a free reading! All you have to do is send an email to Tell me why you listen to the podcast and what your favorite episode is so far :) Hope you win! Join us next week for part 2 and the conclusion of Angel's page. Don't forget to share and subscribe and leave a comment if you can. Dr. Lulu
November 26, 2019
B Lee's Page; Hands to Make, Mold and Mend (and might I add, Motivate) Lives.
Today we are speaking to another unicorn... a Black male, and this one actually endorses psychotherapy when one is hurting and needing to find their way.  Our Guest Mr. B Lee is an educator in every sense of the word. He teaches high schoolers Government and Theatre. He also teaches and mentors his students on life, especially since some of them are Juvenile Offenders, who have had issues with the system due in part to gaps in their education and care. After losing multiple family members in a short time span, he went through the tunnel of darkness and loss but eventually came out on the other side with a firm resolve to continue life's work in molding our teens. He is a truly remarkable man, who gives props to his father as the person who not only molded him but also molded others. He admits that life is still a daily struggle, but he uses the arts to find the motivation to explore his feelings and carry on. He focuses his life on "where the rubber meets the road", because in his words, "the children want someone with a listening ear". An excellent interview for anyone needing some motivation and some inspiration. Find him on Facebook as B Lee, on IG as "Luv to hate B Lee" Dr. L
November 19, 2019
12 Myths About Suicide; Let's bring in dem myth busters
A very happy Veteran's Day to all my fellow Vets out there. To all the servicemen and women in boots, I see ya'll. I appreciate y'all and much love.  Today, we are going to examine some myths about suicide that I came across while researching for my second book about teens and their unique struggles. It is aptly called A Teen's Life. The points are certainly food for thought.  For instance, the fact that prescription antidepressants have quadrupled in the past few years, and if they work (as big Pharma would like us to believe), then why are suicide rates on the rise? Well, I will venture that it is because mental illness is only one of a myriad of reasons people choose to end their lives. Listen, learn, enjoy, and share... Talk to you next week :)
November 13, 2019
Seema's Page; When it takes 12 different doctors to make a diagnosis
Today's guest is special in so many ways to me. We both are immigrants, both are authors and speakers, and we both have fibromyalgia. Seema takes us on a journey through a childhood full of ill health, self-doubt, significant bullying and lots of other kinds of trauma, coupled with a difficult diagnosis.  She attempted suicide 4 times as a result of lots of challenges in her childhood and we are thankful today that she did not end up dying because she is making so much of a difference today in other people's lives as a coach, and an international speaker with her message of survival and thriving.  Notable Quotes "You look perfectly normal on the outside, while a Tsunami is going on inside",  is one of her notable quotes today.  "Go towards the light" "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" Today she combines nutrition, exercise, mindset changes and spirituality to help her clients.  Her book, "The Authorities", which she co-wrote with 3 NYT bestselling authors, can be found on Amazon.
November 05, 2019
Nya's Page; "God uses infections to get your attention"
From the very beginning, I knew Nya was my twin. Bear with me and my croaky voice in this episode, but she paints a picture that parallels mine so much, that I call her my twin! An Author (a Poet), an Internal Medicine Physician, a survivor of childhood trauma, depression and suicidal ideation at the tender age of 11! She now is adding her voice to other guests on my podcast that are speaking up about their personal struggles, and letting everyone know that silence kills and talk saves lives. A child of Congolese diplomats, who "felt ignored" as a child and even cried all night asking for God to take her in her sleep, she shares now how she is dealing with life and her patients, and how she tells them to take it easy, and focus on what is right to avoid in order to not get sick. Her book of poems is called "Letters from God" on Amazon and at Barnes and Nobles. As always, many thanks for your downloads and subscriptions and reviews,,, they are well appreciated. Dr. L
October 29, 2019
Anthony's Page: Life After Losing Your Baby... #keeppushing
As a pediatrician and mother, this interview was hard at times. My guest, another unicorn has suffered the ULTIMATE loss of all, that of a child, and a tiny newborn at that.  He shares his struggles with depression following a preterm delivery, and how support and love from his family, music, meditation, therapy, and blogging saved him from the darkness that followed.  A mortgage company insurance tracker by day, Anthony is on the path of healing through blogging about his son, mental illness and these have led him to even writing a book. He credits therapy so much for his journey back from the pain of the loss, that he mentions it repeatedly during the interview, and declares he will always use therapy as a means to continue healing. "Focus on your focus" and "keep pushing" are his favorite quotes, and his favorite book is "think and grow rich" I absolutely enjoyed speaking with this gentleman, and wish him all the very best. He can be found on FB/IG as Anthony Abrams Jr, and his blog is His book title is "The Voices Behind Mental Health" As always, thank you for your continued support of this podcast, join us next week for another interesting guest on Suicide Pages. Dr. Lulu
October 29, 2019
The Thank You Episode 20!!; #Gratitude - Always remember to give thanks!
This episode is dedicated to you! All of you! Everyone who has made my journey into your hearts and minds possible.  To my guests, I thank you for making my dream to be an interviewer come true. For taking time out to speak about your troubles, your pain, your anguish. For agreeing to put yourselves out there in a world where many are afraid to do just that. For sharing your innermost secrets of insecurity, self-doubt, self-shame, self-hatred and even a willingness to end your life. To the teachers among you, thank you for #becoming a better version of yourselves by sharing knowledge and touching souls. To my listeners, one thing I know for sure is, I could have the loudest voice ever, but if no one is listening or if no one is available to hear my message, then I am only wasting my time. So, I thank you. I love you, I see you. To my family, the shoulders upon which I stand, thank you.  To the universe, for allowing a little girls' dreams come true, thank you, and thank you again. Links to my book; Don't forget to join me on Facebook each Sunday for a FB live on a hot teen topic. Here is the link; 
October 22, 2019
Sydney's Page; There is NO "look" of depression, but there is a "face"...
When you are only 24 yrs old and have attempted suicide 3 times (between the ages of 19 and 21yrs) due to chronic depression, feelings of self-loathing, worthlessness and even admitting to a "stress memory block", you have been through worse than most people your age. That was the case with today's guest.  She admits to growing up with a negative belief system in a toxic environment that culminated in hopelessness and "many days of simply crying and crying".  "There is no look of depression, yet there is a face of depression", and that face was Sydney's for a long time. She admits that depression and suicide are real, and "no joke". She also admits that "depression was once her life", but all those days of pain have now turned into a blessing. A former presidential scholar, you would never know that Sydney had the quadruple diagnoses of; ADHD, Seasonal Depression, Dyslexia and Anxiety all at the same time. Thankfully, she has now found love and is on her way to owning her own business called "The Genuine Ones", where she can put all those feelings of not being good enough to good use by helping others who might be walking the path she has already trodden.  Best quote "just because other people can't see your pain, doesn't mean it is not real..." As always, thank you to my listeners for your patronage. Thank you for your downloads and thank you for your shares, subscriptions, and reviews. If you know anyone who could benefit from this podcast, please tell them about us, and share the love...:) Blessings... Dr. Lulu
October 22, 2019
Torriel's Page; The first of a few Unicorns...
We can all agree that losing a sibling is a very tough thing to deal with, now imagine losing not one, but two siblings, and a couple of other family members in the space of a few years. That is what our guest today had to deal with in his past. The first of my #unicorns (Black males), Mr. Torriel Pauley is writing on our pages today. He is a young man who has dealt with the loss unimaginable by many of us...still he stands.  He is a living legacy of the power of hope in our lives.  He is thriving today as a healthcare IT guru working with radiology software, but it wasn't always easy, like any of us, he had his own personal demons that he battled and won, and we can almost hear the hidden anguish in his voice as he shares his story. He is a fellow brand new podcaster, his podcast is called "Careers in Healthcare", he showcases healthcare professionals and the good work we are doing. Let's find it on our favorite podcast platforms and show him some love, shall we? He also has a YouTube Channel called "Healthcare IT Solutions", again, please give him some love.  With a story like his, it is easy to understand why his favorite quote is "If there is no struggle, there is no progress" by Frederick Douglas. It is important that we share our stories, people, because, in the end, that is what we are connected most by. Thanks again for the many subscriptions and shares... ciao! Dr. Lulu
October 15, 2019
Andrea's Page; Dealing with Grief and Loss
Earlier this year in March, Andrea's daughter's 14yr old friend died by suicide. It had a devastating effect on her daughter. What do you do as a mom to stop the kind of pain that ensues in your child? How do you make it go away? How do you make it stop? How do you get your child to move on with the knowledge that the death was not her fault? These and many more questions are what our brave and courageous guest this week has to try and answer. As a mother, your primary job is to protect your young ones, but can you effectively do that from a place of empty? Faced with her own grief, Andrea pushes it aside and tries to be there for everyone else, but does that strategy really work?  Listen to her powerful testimony, and find out the radical thing she did to finally find herself, those many years ago, and find out what she is doing now to fulfill her purpose and answer God's call to action. As a multibook author, and entrepreneur, Andrea is taking a stand and proving that grief must be faced squarely, and people must be allowed to grieve in their own way. She is the brain behind the "Grief-Me-Not tour and author of a book with the same name as well as other books.  Yours truly is blessed to be working with Andrea in 2020, I shall be joining her on tour for this worthy cause, so stay tuned! Her books are available on Amazon, in Barnes and Nobles and other outlets.  Best quote "I had to do something so unconventional that even my parents said, WOW" As always, thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe, share and leave us a rating and a review. Ciao! Dr. L
October 08, 2019
D'Tondja's Page. Life after Five; the Power of Determination and Prayer
The last time she attempted suicide (her 5th) a few years ago, this week's guest, D'Tondja Foster aka Deedee did not think she would survive it. In fact, something told her it was going to be her last... She made sure she planned it out well, left no stone unturned, swept her house and cleaned up everywhere. However, fate was not done with her, the universe and our world still needed her, and she is here today to tell her story.  After suffering multiple losses of close relatives all within a short time, Deedee started feeling like she was better off not being here, but through the "power of determination and prayers", she still stands and is walking taller than ever!  She shares how on that fateful day, she called everyone in her immediate support group, but no one was available, they were all "busy". It goes to show you-you never know when someone will need you, so always stay ready. After retiring from the healthcare industry,  she is now living her best life as a co-author of multiple books, like Voices Behind Mental Illness (available on Amazon) the bestselling anthology she refers to in her interview, and many other books, like "She Wouldn't Let Me Fall", another co-author work. She is simply enjoying her life as a wife, a mother, and a community activist, dedicated to spreading awareness for mental illness and its complications.  She can be reached on Facebook @ Deedee McCoy Foster and on Instagram as Deafdiva01 Check out her episode, and please remember to share and subscribe, and oh, leave me a review if ya like whatchu hear, aaight? This doc appreciates it...:) Ciao!
October 01, 2019
Suicide and Your Teen, 13 Reasons Why
In this special episode, I am publishing one of my recent Facebook Live videos as a podcast in honor of September being National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. I talk about the top 13 reasons why your teen might end their life through suicide. I also discuss the signs of suicidal behavior and who is at most risk. It is a very special episode more so because my primary focus is teen suicide, and my primary avatar is parents and caregivers and they are the ones I am speaking with directly here.  Suicide is, however, everybody's problem. The sooner we all see that, the better.  For the rest of the month of September (and every day henceforth) do something to help lower the rate of suicide in the world. It is so easy to call someone, text someone, go to lunch with them, and look into their eyes, really ask them how they are doing, and LISTEN. Hug someone, smile at someone and offer to take them to get help in the event that they do confide in you.... Finally, tell them you love them, because, the greatest of the gifts is love. If they ask you why you are being so kind, empathetic and compassionate with them, tell them Dr. Lulu sent you :) I am especially thankful to all the guests, and listeners of this podcast, as well as all my followers on social media and in real life, THANK YOU! Thank you, thank and thank you again for over 1,200 downloads in 10 weeks!
September 24, 2019
Sharon K. Edward's Page - 1; When Grandma is also an Activist!
Y'all, I had SO much fun interviewing Sharon! She is a HOOT! She describes herself as a wife of an Army Veteran, a mother of 2 and a grandmother.  I describe her as a warrior, a survivor, a woman with a golden heart,  on a mission to give voice to the voiceless and the invisible.  With her nonprofit movement, aptly called I AM INVISIBLE (I Am Invisible Bullying and Suicide Movement), she is reaching hearts and breaking barriers and creating awareness for (you guessed it) bullying.  Once called a Cry Baby for crying too much, Sharon has turned her tears into jewels and is making a difference in the world. She travels all over the country spreading her message and changing lives every day.  Her story is one of a kind, it spans decades of sadness, and suffering and survival. Once wanting to "disappear" from this earth, and thinking her "husband was going to save her", she is now keeping people, especially children grounded and saving them from themselves.  Her favorite quotes are "It's OK to admit that I am not strong enough", and "kids actually hurt too". Her take-home message is to first admit that we are not OK, then seek help both emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She can be found on Facebook and on the web @,  Enjoy, and please continue to write your reviews, thank you for the 5star ratings, downloads and subscriptions... Ciao! Dr. Lulu
September 17, 2019
Vicki's Page Part 1; Do you ever feel like YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH?
Listening to this episode, one would not believe that Vicki and I just met a few minutes before this recording. We had an awesome time together. Though heavy at times, we still found space to laugh and enjoy the recording, it is obvious that both our passions shine through. She like me, is a firm believer in abolishing bullying.  Vicki was inspired to join the anti-bullying fight after watching her son with special needs get bullied in the very worst way, by kids at school. She has been propelled to do something great for parents and children all over the world. She is an author, international speaker, and business consultant. Her signature book is appropriately called  "Evict The Bully in Your Head"...available on her website @ Whether it is through one of her characters, or the names of said characters, Vicki's unique energy and spirit shines through. She has seen a fair share of sad days and horror from the meanness of kids to her beautiful son. Still, she stands...STRONG! She takes us on a journey from what to do when bullying occurs, to what to say, and even how to think when bullying is taking place. Listen and find out what NES or YANA means.  Do you know what October 09 each year is? Do you know what the two most important words to say when bullying is going on? Listen and find out. Best quotes "hurt people who aren't heard, hurt people",  Best advice to parents  "advocate for your child even when they ask you not to". Please, family, let us find this lovely woman on the internet, buy her books, and support her cause. Link; Thank you. Dr. Lulu
September 10, 2019
Beth's Page; ...Are you feeling like a functionally broken and displaced person? Are you tying your worth to $$?
Beth Lopez, my first guest of Hispanic ancestry, was such a delight to interview. She calls herself a Universal Soul Coach, a Life Transformer, and CEO of Souls Awakening Academy.  Growing up in a religious Hispanic house hold, her parents were very protective and had her life all planned out (who can relate?), and at one point she realized she was "living" her "parents' life".  Unfortunately, no matter how loving and protective we parents are, we cannot protect our children from life, and life did indeed happen to Beth.  She talks about how "looks can be deceiving" and admits to have been a "functional broken person", who felt "displaced", and tied her "worth to" her "paycheck". She struggled with a loss of identity and at one point, drugs became her friend, especially when she felt she had failed in everything she touched, and ideations of suicide became her close companion.  A true story of rising from grass to grace, Beth is now using lots of meditation and nature walks in order to connect with the earth elements, as she helps others find themselves and their purposes in life.  Her quote and advice are "stay true to yourself". "You are loved, you are born whole and complete" Her website is, and her IG handle is @igniteyoursanity  I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed hanging out with Beth, and don't forget to share this podcast with friends and family, subscribe and download. If you find it within your heart, leave us a comment and maybe even sponsor an episode.  Ciao! Dr. Lulu
September 03, 2019
Debbie's Page; "Allowing herself to be a victim"
From a very young age, Debbie knew she was different. She "felt" her bullying was her "fault". She lived in what she calls "victim-hood" from age 8 to age 16 as a result of incessant bullying from the same person as bystanders stood aside, watched, and even cheered on. As a victim, she had never blamed the bully, she always blamed herself. Even after telling her parents and doing some things to change her situation, the bullying continued.  Her life was so difficult living as Debbie, that she became obsessed with living as someone else, so she took up drama in school, so she would not have to "live as herself". As a result of all these stresses, Debbie attempted suicide 3 times!!! She was eventually diagnosed with clinical depression and got help. But she insists that she "allowed herself to be a victim".  Thankfully, she has transformed herself, and now is a holistic counselor and a meditation teacher, who climbed Mount Machu Picchu and raised thousands of dollars for children's charities! So Cool! She is the founder of the "Freedom To Be Me" Movement, and can be found on Facebook; Her favorite quote is "for things to change, you have to change", a very powerful quote if you ask me. She believes that loving yourself first is a different and much better way of loving. She has only two words of encouragement; "REACH OUT" I hope you enjoy listening to Debbie's page as much as I enjoyed interviewing her twice! PS: Please download and spread the word. TY Dr. Lulu
August 27, 2019
Bullying and Suicide, the 411
  Unless you have been living under a huge rock, you must have heard about all the children and young people who have died from self-inflicted injuries lately. You must have heard that suicide is the second leading cause of death for our youth ages 10-34yr. Well, did you know that many of these suicides were as a result of bullying? Yes, a great majority of children who die by suicide are as a result of bullying... nearly 60% This is appalling considering the fact that bullying is so pervasive now. Many people even think bullying is a necessary part of growing up, and think kids actually "deserve" to be bullied to make them somehow stronger. Well, I for one disagree, and I hope that if you are in that school of thought, you will have a change of heart after listening to this episode.  Do you know who is at risk of being bullied? Do you know the different forms bullying can take, or what makes someone become a bully? Do you know that your child, yes, your precious "little angel" could be the bully? Are you aware that the LGBTQ family are at extremely high risk of not only bullying, but also suicide AND homicide? Do you know what role you can play in helping curb all of this? We shall touch on a lot of aspects of bullying especially as it relates to suicide, our children, the schools, our homes and ourselves. We shall discuss characteristics of victims, bullies and even bystanders. We shall delve into the reasons why kids don't tell, and possible consequences of being each of these persons. We shall also discuss what needs to be done, by parents, the schools, the government, our kids, their friends and, you, my listener in order to combat bullying.  Log on to and many other anti-bullying sites out there for more information, and don't forget to subscribe and share this podcast, thank you. Dr. L
August 20, 2019
Eric's Page, Pt 1; A visionary, a friend, lots of overall good man
What does Yoga, Buddhism, PTSD, The Marines, Wellness and Healing have in common? Eric Rishi of course!  This gentle very polite war hero with a soft voice and a warm heart, shares his stories of determination, heartbreak, pain, anguish, and survival. He shares how he has transformed his hurt and pain into a thriving speaking career that has reached the International waters. He shares his work with veterans who have PTSD, his 7-books, his transformation from a boy-child who was looking for answers and a family in the marines, to a man who has conquered tragedy (3times over) and is now thriving as a trailblazer! I am honored and blessed to have crossed paths with him. I hope you enjoy listening to him as much as I enjoyed interviewing him. Please support his work with Veterans suffering from PTSD (a FB group on mindfulness), check out Finally, don't forget to subscribe, download and leave a comment... Thanks! Dr. Lulu
August 13, 2019
Estelle's Page; A story of Heartache, Pain, and Self-destruction, then, TRIUMPH!
With a name like Estelle, one expects a beautiful person, and I was not disappointed. This woman is nothing short of a beautiful soul inside and out. She has the most soothing voice and most calming demeanor. It is extremely hard to reconcile that image with the story of heartache, pain, and self-destruction that she tells. A story so hard to live with that she subconsciously "buries" it deep down in her heart for years.  As a pediatrician and mother, some aspects of Estelle's suicide page were very difficult for me to listen to, yet, she held her composure and went through with it. All the way from Zurich, we can feel her pain and her suffering. Thankfully, she is on a path to recovery and VICTORY! g Notable quotes: "I was afraid of my mother, but in our culture, who isn't?"  As a pediatrician and mother, some aspects of Estelle's suicide page were very difficult for me to listen to, yet, she held her composure and went through with it. All the way from Zurich, we can feel her pain and her suffering. Thankfully, she is on a path to recovery and VICTORY!  Quote of the day by Estelle: "I was afraid of my mother, but in our culture, who isn't?" Estelle's favorite quote by Iyanla Vanzant: "Feelings buried alive don't die" Don't forget to download this episode, share and subscribe, then find it within your generous heart to click the donate button to support this podcast as we spread our message of awareness, and help Habitat for Humanity. Enjoy, Dr. Lu
August 06, 2019
Kristin's Pages - Part 1; A Doctor with A GOOD Heart
Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Kristin Norris, D.O. A fellow ex-lady in boots, a mom, a soft-spoken psychiatrist, entrepreneur, and friend.  She speaks today about military life and suicide, touching on her own personal encounter with the suicide of a patient, a common thread between us...and the guilt that often follows us as doctors and providers when that happens. Did we do everything we could possibly do? Could we have done more? Would it have made a difference? Those are hard questions that may never get answered but will linger forever.  She talks about the Air Force Zero Suicide Pilot program at her base, which was largely successful and is now being implemented Air Force wide. She implores us to "not be afraid to ask" the tough questions, whether we are providers or not, adding that "it is easier to say yes than to say I need help"...indeed it is. Would you consider supporting this podcast? Simply click the link. I can't wait to hear from you! UU
July 30, 2019
Wendy's Pages - Part 1; How early in age can we become aware that we are unhappy?
Describing herself as a "housewife with a GED", a grandmother and a "mathlexic", Wendy is one of those people whom you feel like you have known for a very long time upon first meeting her. She is funny, witty, and full of life. She also has a lot to say and has no problem saying it. Today, she takes us on a personal journey of torment and a mixture of betrayal and distrust as well as survival and a fair dose of hardship. She is smiling these days, but not before she felt all alone in the world as young as the tender age of 4 (Kindergarten), and literally held a gun to her head in her 30s... As she shares her story, one has no choice but to follow her along, cheering her on the entire time.  One of her quotes today is "I did not get any real therapy that worked". Showcasing the need for us to ensure we get our children and family members the proper kind of therapy, and the right therapist as well. In her words, "finding the right therapy is absolutely vital". Join us for another exciting episode of Suicide Pages with Dr. Lulu, the Podcast, and don't forget to subscribe, share, leave a comment and download each episode. You also have an opportunity to donate a small amount of money towards Habitat for Humanity.  Find her on FB; Thank you.
July 30, 2019
What is Suicide?
In this episode, I discuss suicide in a broad overview. The causes and confounding factors. I discuss some statistics briefly, and the fact that the majority of people who die by suicide do not have mental illness, they do so as a result of a triad of Hopelessness, Helplessness, and Despair. Overwhelming anguish coupled with other societal ills like poor governance, racism, non-compliance with meds, etc. Since suicide prevention is a global necessity, we must all roll up our sleeves and join in the fight and the movement to #endthesilenceshameandstigma of suicide.  Indeed, silence kills and talk saves lives.  Suicide is EVERYONE'S problem. Happy listening. Dr. L
July 23, 2019
Khrystine's Page; #stayfrosty
At the young age of 20 yr, my beautiful, smart, articulate and talented niece, Khrystine, has already tasted betrayal, ostracism and learned some life lessons that will shape the rest of her life as an immigrant in the United States. In her interview she touches on a personal story that tested her emotional strength as a college student, a situation early in her Fresh-Man year which pushed her to the edge of depression and hopelessness. She however found strength in fellow immigrants, and has now grown from it. She however bounced back and now always sees "the happy side of things". Her favorite quote is "STAY FROSTY" (don't ask me, listen to her explanation :) She also has some words of advice for fellow Gen-Zeers; "Everything on the Internet is not real", and for Parents; "STOP being in denial where your kids are concerned, listen, listen, listen to your children".  I was inspired by her story, and I think you would too. Enjoy, and don't forget to download and share this podcast. Ciao! Dr. Lulu
July 23, 2019
Lynette Charity, MD, Page 1; Standing at the edge of the bridge, she heard a voice...
At 67yr young, Dr. Lynette, and anesthesiologist and former Lt. Col in the United States Air Force would appear to be living her life out loud. She has gotten her second wind. If you consider the fact that she is a self-proclaimed Humorist (Stand Up Comedian), a TEDx Speaker; winner of a Toastmasters Championship competition in 2014, a budding author, and an all-around beautiful soul, you would never know that she once not only contemplated suicide, but actually climbed on a NY bridge about to jump...but didn't.  In this episode, she shares her story of overcoming a life-long battle with depression, suicidal thoughts, a toxic work environment, medical credentialing boards, and life in general.  She describes our current medical environment as one that forces doctors to become "locked into a persona" that does not reflect our multifaceted natures... "If I jump off this bridge before I call my mother, she is going to kill me" is the quote of the day from this amazing woman, fellow sista-doc and fighter whom I have essentially "voluntold" to become my mentor.  It was a pleasure interviewing her. Enjoy!
July 23, 2019
Antionette Page 1; All about deleting NEGATIVITY
Antoinette is originally from the Caribbean Islands, and currently living in Canada. She tells us a story about trials and survival. Suicide attempts and victory. "I must say, I don't blame anybody" are her words when it comes to her circumstances and the decisions she has made. She is, however, quick to add that the decision to suicide is never one that comes easy or that comes over a short time.  She is thankful and grateful for life, and adds that "life is for the living". Nowadays, she focuses on "DELETING NEGATIVITY" and along with owning a publishing company, her current work is all about that.  Borrowing from her mentor, Dr. Miles Monroe (RIP), she would like to "die empty" and "leave a lighted pathway for others".  I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Antoinette, and I sincerely hope you do too.  Find her on FB at her publishing company ALRP Publishing @ Much Love, Dr. Lulu
July 23, 2019
Melanie, Page 1; attempt to get away from it all...
 Originally from Scotland in the UK, Melanie moved to Australia to "escape her woes", but found out that they followed her-in her words,  "through customs" . She tells her story of coming of age, and survival and making peace with her teenage decisions and overcoming a lifestyle that almost ruined her life. She is now grown and doing the work she "promised" she would do, and living life out loud.  She has a FB group called "Speaking Styles" where she inspires other women/people to be their best...  Link; Enjoy!  Don't forget to subscribe, share and leave a comment. 
July 23, 2019
Dr. Lulu's Page; My Story, My Mission, My Passion, My Why
Hello and welcome to season 1, episode 1 of my brand new podcast, Suicide Pages. Ever since I was introduced to the world of podcasts a few years ago, I have always wanted to have my own. I have multiple ideas for podcasts, but this one idea has won as numero uno. I am thankful that I have been chosen to be a vessel of awareness to the world. My dream is to own my own TV show, be a guest on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, Red Table Talk, Ellen, The Doctors, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, and the grand dream is to be The United Nations Speaker on Child Suicide! I firmly believe that if you dream it, and work at it, it will come. In this episode, I introduce my podcast's mission in full. Why did I decide to do this? What do I want to do with it? Who's stories are we featuring and how can we all benefit from, and be a part of the movement to end suicide in today's world...especially in our youth...enjoy!  Feel free to email me or contact me, my email is:, or check out my website, for more information.  Links; Podcast;
July 19, 2019
Suicide Pages Coming Soon: Trailer!
An ultra-brief intro to the podcast!
July 17, 2019