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Hard talk with Uganze

Hard talk with Uganze

By Uganze Chikezie
I talk Hard
No shades
I keep it real, real enough for us to flow in the same frequency.
I speak your mind, exactly what you are thinking.
Unfiltered Reportage just because you come to me for Hard talk and I’m always ready to proffer solutions as long as I can…
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In this episode,I featured my very first guest KayTyler as she shares her journey so far in fitness and how she overcame excess weight gain. I’m sure you will be inspired by this piece and it would guide you on your fitness journey..
February 07, 2022
Health Insurance
In this episode, I explained why Health insurance should be the new normal in Nigeria.Health insurance exists and are available. You only have to research to find out how you can get one. I also explained the various types of health insurance and trust me they are very affordable. Let me know what you think about this episode
July 28, 2021
Dealing with human behaviors
You know you can’t control how human beings think or act towards you BUT You can control how you react towards them. Also I answered the previous Q&A from my Instagram, I’m sure you would love to know what people think about human beings.
June 12, 2021
Nigeria and insecurities
Nigeria and insecurities is a topic that cannot be overemphasized in our society. Listen as I bring you more HARD TALK.
May 05, 2021
Expect talks about the most outrageous happenings in Nigeria
Crazy societal vices, insecurities and many others that we by pass and don’t look into. That is why you come to me for HARD TALK where I spill the truth raw and hard so you can’t resist.
April 28, 2021