Red, White and Buffalo Blues

Red, White and Buffalo Blues

By UK Bills
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Pre Free Agent Mock Draft

Red, White and Buffalo Blues

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Matt goes solo on this episode as he interviews Supervising Producer of Pegula Sports and Entertainment Michelle Girardi Zumwalt, who produces the Embedded series, going behind the scences at One Bills Drive. Matt and Michelle discuss the ins and outs, favourite moments and challenges in record a popular series, now into its 3rd Season. You can find Embedded on the Buffalo Bills Official Youtube Channel
May 21, 2020
Happy Schedule Day
Bills are Primetime baby. The Schedule is out, and teams are planning there assault on the division as well as the Superbowl. Matt and Alex sit down and discuss the Buffalo Bills NFL Schedule 2020 and give an way to early season prediction 
May 8, 2020
Bills 2020 Draft Review with Anthony Marino
The 2020 NFL draft is in the books, and the next superstar heroes of our beloved Bills have been drafted. Matt and Alex are joined by Buffalo Rumblings Anthony Marino to review and discuss the 7 draft picks It all starts with Kicker talk as the guys break down all the Picks Thank You for your continued support Go Bills
April 26, 2020
Bills Day 2 review
Matt is joined by Rob Newell to discuss the signing of the Superstar Samoan AJ Epeneza and Running Back Zack Moss and there strengths and weakeness. Matt Also goes through the BPA in the later rounds and lists a few prospects to keep an eye on.
April 25, 2020
Pre Draft Mega Episode
Whilst Alex was watching movies and dinner with the other half, Matt is joined by Chris Spencer in this pre draft bumper episode to talk about: The Bills virtual meetings, who were there, what surprised us, does it give us any clues on drafting  The Guys go over a few Fan submitted Mock Drafts and then go through a 7 round mock draft for the Bills. Including players that you will need to know Also Matt announces a Draft Competition for a chance to win a Bills Draft Hat
April 19, 2020
Between the Sticks (Pick 86) with Simon Carroll
Matt and Alex are joined by Simon Carrol from The Touchdown, to discuss the draft for the Bills, his views on the Bills offseason so far and gives us his pick for #86 Matt and Alex then, discuss what they would do with the #86 pick, based on there pick at #54 in the last episode You can follow Simon on twitter @NFLDraftSi and The Touchdown at and @thetouchdown Keep safe and thank you for listening
April 9, 2020
What to do with the Man at the Door(Pick #54)
Hope everyone is staying safe at this time and let Matt and Alex talk everything Bills with a UK twist as the lads discuss: The Signings of EJ Gaines and Daryl Williams The Direction of Brandon Beane and the team with the Bills First Pick at number 54. And we also put a question to the listeners to give Alex some suggestions Keep staying safe and following all guidelines during this time and thankyou for allow us to get you through this time by talking Bills Football
March 31, 2020
Bills Dig(gs) into Free Agency
Matt and Alex are back to help you forget the troubles with another episode of the Red, White and Buffalo Blues as they discuss: The Free Agency haul and there impact on the Roster, find out who we think is the best FA signing and can be a valuable part of the roster We also Dig(gs) into the trade for Stefon Diggs and the impact he can make on the Offence and for Josh Allen. Most importantly please be safe and follow all guidelines given regarding this outbreak, and continue allow Matt and Alex to bring you Bills News and Opinions with a UK Twist
March 22, 2020
Bills News, CBA and Free Agency Preview
Matt & Alex discuss the latest FA moves made by the Bills the past week, including resigning there own Free Agents and the Signing of CB Josh Norman.  Alex talks about the New CBA and what it means not just for the Bills but the NFL Matt names a few under the radar FA options, which the Bills should look to persue
March 16, 2020
Pre Free Agent Mock Draft
We are close to Free Agency and 46 days away from the Draft and Matt and Alex, talk combine, Matt releases his WR Rankings and who impressed and also do a live 7 round mock draft for the Bills, and we would like to hear your views.
March 8, 2020
Reid Ferguson drops in and there is Combine/FA Talk
Matt and Alex are joined by Bills LS Reid Ferguson, as he discusses Soccer, what he does in the off season and his younger brother and the combine. And Matt and Alex then talk about the combine and Free Agency and go through there wish list and ones to watch at the combine. They also break down McDermott and Beanes press conference
February 29, 2020
Offseason Preview with Cover1's Greg Tompsett
Matt and Alex continue there look at the offseason and sit down and Chat with Greg Tompsett of and discuss everything Bills, they dig into the defensive side, and talk Jordan Philips, position of Needs and also answer the burning questions you listeners have regards WR. The guys also talk about FA and the NFL Draft. Join us and enjoy and thank you for your support
February 20, 2020
From Offense to Over the Pond and more
What could top a birthday celebrating 50th Episode, then this episode should push it, we are back with a bumper pack episode with not 1 great interview, but 2 yes 2 great interviews. First Matt and Alex speak to the original UK Bills Backer Nick Manning (2.18) on life in Canada, Bills Season Tickets, Tailgating with Pinto Ron and some home truths and misses. Then Matt interviews Matthew Fairburn of the Athletic(51.37) and discusses the offseason and what we can look forward to seeing from year 3 of Allen and Daboll, the Offense identity and talking Draft WRs and more So please continue to listen and support
February 13, 2020
Nifty, Shifty, Thrifty we scored 50
Would you Adam and Eve it,  we have somehow made it to 50!! Time to drop the ballons, bring out cake and wonder how Matt and Alex are still going haha. On this special Episode: We talk about Sean McDermott and his Coach of the Year nomination, Bills Stadium talk, the Superbowl and Matt and Alex look back over the past 49 episodes and reflect on the podcast and name there favourite episodes. We also have interviews with Bills Wall of Famer Steve Tasker(20.42) where we talk about his last game against the Packers and discuss his teammates and the Bills and also we interview Former Bills WR Stevie Johnson(56.52.) and talk about WRs in the College Draft, talk about Celebrations and if we would collaborate with Cole Beasley. Thank You to everyone who has listened, subscribed, appeared on the podcast and here is to 50 more
February 1, 2020
And the Winner is......
Drum Roll please. Matt and Alex are your Awards host for the annual UK Bills End of Season Award. Did your vote win, listen and find out
January 29, 2020
Looking back with 20-20 Vision
Well the 2019 season is over, so Matt and Alex are joined on the show by Matt Parrino and Ryan Talbot to review the Bills season and give each other there views and also discuss the Best, Worst moments and the Play of the Season. Enjoy
January 14, 2020
Watson(dini) halts Buffalo Stampede
Well it was a great Meetup, the result didn't go our way, but boy was it a run and a game minus the Referee decision. Matt and Alex break down the game and read out your views and opinions and discuss these on air.
January 5, 2020
Leaving on a Jet Plane, Houston do we have a Problem
Well the Bills jet off to Houston for there second playoff game in 3 years under McDermott, so Matt and Alex talk Texans and announce the location of the UK Bills Meet up. They also review the Jets game and ask the questions: Should Duke Williams be called up against the Texans and is Matt Barkley still a serviceable backup. See you all Saturday at the Famous 3 Kings and Happy New Year
December 31, 2019
Bills find themselves up Dawson's Creek
Well its wasn't the Fairytale of Western New York we all wanted, but Merry Christmas Bills Fans. Matt and Alex review the Patriots game, what went wrong, what went right, And we try and bring a bit of Xmas festivity as this is our last episode before Xmas and one of us sings. Merry Xmas to you all
December 22, 2019
Gillette, the best the Bills can get?
Matt and Alex talk, sorry debate the Patriots game and is it a meaningful game and the permutations of a possible number 2 seed. They go into the keys to the games and what the Bills need to do to move to 11-4 and they talk the latest Bills News including Pro Bowl Snubs. Thank You for all your support and keep continuing to listen
December 20, 2019
Bills pull an Early Christmas Quacker
Where were you at 4:24am British Time? Where were you when your Buffalo Bills, your 10-4 Buffalo Bills are heading to the playoffs. Many of you stayed up to the Early hours of Monday morning, so let Matt and Alex take you through with a review of the game that sealed our 2nd Playoff appearance in 3 years under McDermott.
December 16, 2019
Duck Hunting Bills need balls of Steel(ers)
Well we are into win and in territory as the 9-4 Bills travel to Heinz Field knowing a win against the 8-5 Steelers will secure a playoff place. Matt and Alex discuss and preview the Game, and are joined by Sky Sports NFL Analyst Jeff Reinebold to discuss the Bills, Beasley, Josh Allen and more. So enjoy and continue your support
December 13, 2019
LaMarvellous Bills D takes Ravens to the Wire
Well there was a blueprint and the Bills D effectively executed it. Matt and Alex review the 1 score loss to the now 11-2 Ravens and discuss the Offence, Defence and even Special Teams. And we mentioned your shoutouts and reviews of the game
December 9, 2019
Quit Raven on and Fear the Buffalo
Matt and Alex ask you, Do you fear the 10-2 Ravens or should they Fear the 9-3 Buffalo Bills. The guys discuss how to stop Lamar if you can and talk about the Keys for a Bills Victory, including a extended talk on the Defence. Keep supporting and Following us, we appreciate all the love
December 6, 2019
Cooking with Cole, nice and Beasley
Its a little late than usual, but Matt and Alex review the Thanksgiving Feast for the 9-3 Bills. Hallowe'en maybe over but that didn't stop the trickery of the Bills play and we ask should the National Media show respect now to the Bills, alongside the praise of Josh Allen and the continual improvement of the offence. And we cannot go without talking about the Defence. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and please continue your support
December 1, 2019
Riding the Broncos to the Lone Star State
Its a Review and Preview show this week as Matt and Alex review the Broncos game, with the best offensive performance this season as the Bills move to 8-3 and closer to the playoffs. With a short week ahead and the Bills travelling to Dallas for Thanksgiving, Matt and Alex explore the keys to the game and preview the 8-3 Bills taking on the 6-5 Cowboys Please continue to support us and subscribe and review
November 25, 2019
Its Neigh time to Horse around for the Bills
We are getting closer now as the 7-3 Bills return home to face the 3-7 Broncos looking for that win to take them a game closer to the playoffs. Matt and Alex preview the game, and look at the keys to the game. The Lads are also joined by a returning Joe Buscaglia to talk Josh Allen, the improved offence and touch of the Bills defence.
November 23, 2019
Allen serves a Fillet of Fish
The Bills squish the fish and do the season sweep over the Dolphins to improve to 7-3 and have the playoffs in there own hands. Matt and Alex break down all the Good, Good and Good about the offence and the Defence and give there opinion on the game including there highlights and views on the offence, should Daboll stay in the booth, overview on the offensive personal and talk Defence as well. Tune in and continue all your support
November 18, 2019
Its Somefin about Nofin about the Offence
Matt and Alex return to the studio and talk about Daboll and the offence is there change afoot in the philopshy? Stat man Alex is back at it to give you all the details. And we are not forgetting the Bills travelling to the Dolphins as the guys discuss the keys to the game #GoBills
November 15, 2019
No Brown(ie) Points for the Bills
Well what can you say as the now 6-3 Bills took on and lost to the Browns by 19-16? Well Matt and Alex will find something to say as they review the game, and go back and forth with who was to blame, what went right and wrong and we also interact with fans. So follow us @RWBB_Podcast and continue subscribing and please interact with us and who knows you may be mentioned on the show Go Bills
November 11, 2019
The Great Bills Bake-r Off
With Alex in Sweden watching the Buffalo Sabres, Matt takes the show solo as he previews the 6-2 Bills travelling to Cleveland to face the 2-6 Browns. Matt talks about the Browns Roster strength, the schedule and the All important Baker vs Josh battle. He also identifies the key matchups and key to the game So tune in and follow us on twitter @RWBB_Podcast Go Bills
November 7, 2019
Singletary 'Skins Washington
Matt and Alex review the now 6-2 Bills as they comfortably win 24-9 against the Redskins. They discuss the Run Defence, the break out of Devin 'motor' Singletary and Josh Allen and the Offense. And Alex hits you listeners with more exciting stats. Tune him and spread the word of the UK Bills and the Red, White and Buffalo Blues
November 4, 2019
Its Redskins Week, The Gore-y Preview
Happy Halloween everyone and we enter week 9 of the season and the 5-2 Bills host the 1-7 Redskins.  Join Matt and Alex as they preview the game and talk about the offence.
November 1, 2019
I'll rise and Fight Again
A little hurt I'am, but not slain. I'll just lie down and bleed a while, then I'll raise and Fight Again - Marv Levy Well the Bills are 5-2 and we should still be happy and not blaming a certain QB. Matt and Alex discuss the Eagles game and some of the negativity following it, and spin it positively. And we ask you to play GM, listen to the podcast to find out how So enjoy and listen 
October 29, 2019
Lets Phill in the Blanks
Its a new Week and Matt and Alex preview the Week 8 game against the Eagles. They talk the Keys to the game and talk about trades and talk about everyone's favourite shorts wearing QB Josh Allen. Join us and please interact with us
October 24, 2019
Ho, Ho, Ho...its not quite FitzMagic
Well the Bills made hard work of going 5-1 with a 31-21 win over the Dolphins, Matt and Alex welcome Rob back for a review of the game, the guys talk, Josh Allen, John Brown, the Defense amongst others and take a few questions as well. So enjoy the discussion as we each give our opinions on the game
October 21, 2019
Alrighty Then....Time to Squish the Fish
Bills Football is back after its bye week, and Matt and Alex preview the Dolphins game. There is an Alex rant, fantasy talk, and talking the Dolphins game and how the Bills should easily beat the spread. Tune in and Enjoy
October 18, 2019
Ain't no Lie...It's bye bye bye week
Well as there is no Bills football to review, We open up the Mailbag and answer your questions, plus we review the Zay Jones trade and discuss some of the games in the NFL games. So tune in and enjoy the episode on your commute to work or at work.
October 13, 2019
NashBill, DUUUUUKE and 4-1 baby
The Bills enter the bye week at 4-1 and Matt and Alex review the 14-7 win against the Titans. We talk about the injuries, the good, bad and ugly(from game MVP Cairo Santos) We answer your questions and we sign off with a hype Bills Anthem from Dom Brown follow him @DomBrown___
October 7, 2019
Remem......Forget the Titans
Its week 5 preview time as Matt is back(just with his croaky voice) to discuss the latest Bills news, including a roster move and the lads discuss the Titans game. We apologise for any bad sound, hopefully the voice will get better, but tune in and Enjoy
October 4, 2019
3-1 maybe, but Deflated we are not
Alex takes the lead on this episode and is joined by Rob Newell a stand in for the broken voice Matt. The Guys discuss the Patriots game, what went well, what went wrong and there maybe a Alex Rant and even a Matt sighting. A 16-10 defeat is in the record books, but the Patriots knew they were in a game #GoBills
September 30, 2019
The Eye of the Tiger....Sorry Bengals
The Kings of New York, my apologises The Kings of New Jersey return to New York and New Era Stadium for the Home opener against the Cincinatti Bengals. Matt and Alex discuss the latest Bills news and Player injuries and Preview the week 3 clash against the 0-2 Bengals. Matt and Alex are joined by Paul from the Bengals UK to help preview the game and talk Bengals Enjoy and #GoBills
September 19, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep21
The Bills are the Kings of New York sorry New Jersey as they went back into MetLife stadium to pick up the W against the Giants Matt and Alex break down the 28-14 win in Week 3 and becoming the 5th team to win back to back away games in the same stadium
September 15, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep20
Its Week 2 and the Bills travel back to New Jersey to face the New York Giants looking to backup the win against the Jets and go 2-0. This Episode Matt and Alex talk Bills News, AFC East news and boy is there a lot of that and we preview the Giants Game. Tune in and listen and please subscribe and review us. #GoBills
September 13, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep19
With the Comeback complete and the Bills rally from 16-0 down with a clutch 4th Quarter performance from Josh Allen to lead the Bills to a 17-16 win. Matt and Alex review the game and answer your questions. Tune in and you may hear another Alex rant
September 9, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep18
Its Game Week and Matt and Alex discuss the Week 1 matchup with the New York Jets.We discuss the Roster cuts and Alex has a Rant. We are also joined by Joe Buscgalia to talk Bills and the roster. We do apologise for any technical issues that may occur. Go Bills
September 3, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep17
Its only 9 days till the Bills Face the Jets in Week 1 and in this episode Matt and Alex review the Vikings games and the Bills going 4-0 for the first time since 1966. We go over the news including Trades/Releases and we talk Punters and Kickers(you all were looking forward to this episode) including the All time 53 man Roster And Matt and Alex give there own 53 man roster with a forfeit determined for the loser by you the listeners
August 30, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep16
Matt and Alex are back in the Studio, recapping the 2 preseason games with wins over the Panthers and Lions. We dive into the Secondary with the 53 man roster and the All time team at Secondary. Join the banter and the laughs and please we appreciate all your support so please continue to subscribe and download and review #Go Bills
August 26, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep15
Matt and Alex are back and talk Training Camp, Alex Rants again, there are technical issues and lots and laughter. We also discuss the Linebacker Position in our Roster preview and discuss the All time Roster at Linebacker. We appreciate all your support and love to hear your reviews. Please keep subscribing #Go Bills
August 11, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep14
So what if its only Pre-Season, football is back and the Bills are 1-0 in Preseason with a 24-16 win over Indianapolis Colts. In this episode Matt and Alex interview the Co-Host of the Bills Beat and Bills Beat report Matthew Fairburn. We talk a bit on training camp, talk about about the Colts game, get his view on Christian Wade and Matt asks the question we all want to know.... You can find Matthew Fairburn on Twitter @matthewfairburn Thank you for your continued support and downloading/listening to our Podcast
August 10, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep13
Its the second of our 2019 opponenets previews as we interview: Paul from the Bengals UK fan group and co-host on their podcast Cincinnati Adam Foxcroft from the Tennessee Titans UK joins Alex  Ben from the Steelers UK fan group joins Matt and Alex for the final section Soo please enjoy the Banter and laughs as we talk Football with fellow UK fans
August 7, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep12
Matt and Alex continue there look at the positional roster and discuss the Defensive Line. They also reveal the results of the All time team at the OL Position as well as give there views and put to you 2 more choices for the All time Defensive Line. They are also joined on the show by Matt Parrino of Syracuse Post Standard and talks training camp. Enjoy the Episode and please continue to subscribe, review, listen and support us.
August 5, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep11
We start off in the AFC East on another special episode as we start our season preview speaking with Josh Hunter(UK and Ireland Jets Podcast) and after that with Matt Inkster(Patriots Nation UK Podcast). Join in and listen to the friendly banter and discussion between the 3 foes of the AFC East Find the UK Jets at @UKJetsHQ Find Matt and the Patriot Nation at @MattInkster
July 30, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep10
Training Camp is here and the Season is around the corner. Matt and Alex delve into training camp, with the resources we have,  We deleve into the Oline as we continue our Positional Review show and we joust again as we talk All time team and give you our suggestions. We thank you for all your continued support, and would appreciate your reviews. Keep hitting subscribe button and keep listening
July 29, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep9
We turn our attention to the WR and TE group in the next round of Positional Review and Matt and Alex reveal the first inductees to the All Time Bills Team.  ***Spoiler Alert*** someone gets a bit heated in this episode, who is it and why you will need to tune in and listen. We continue to thank you for all your support, and would love to hear all your views and comments, so please leave us ratings and comments.
July 23, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep8
On this episode we break down the Positional groups and give our views and ask for your votes to choose the All time Bills Lineup
July 14, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep7
Its a FAN-tastic Episode(sorry!) in this episode as Matt and Alex, answer your questions and Alex starts a new Segment Interviewing Fans in the UK on why they become Bills fans, first up is Robin Armstrong. Please don't be afraid to leave us a review and subscribe to our podcasts, we appreciate all feedback
June 29, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep6
Its the Josh Allen hype episode, Matt and Alex pick apart the stats behind Josh Allen's rookie season and look to the 2019 season.
June 4, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep5
He is a Big Fan of Josh Allen How does he like his Wings? What nickname has he gone by? Matt and Alex on this podcast, welcome and have a chat with Bills UDFA LB Juwan Foggie, and preview what is to come on the Podcast. If you have listen to the show, please leave a comment and a rating as we appreciate all feedback
May 19, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep4
Matt and Alex talk about and Review the Buffalo Bills 2019 draft haul including a couple of Undrafted Free Agents to look out for. Then the guys answer your questions in Ask the Host. You can get involved in asking the hosts a question by going onto Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and use the hashtag #AsktheUKBills.
May 3, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep3
Host Matt goes solo on this episode as he reviews the 1st Round Pick of Ed Oliver and gives a mock day 2 draft. He also gives a special shoutout to Pancho Billa in his fight against illness
April 26, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep2 Part 2
The second part of episode 2, the boys give there own 4 round mock draft with a pick that possible causes a bit of intrigue
April 21, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep2
Episode 2 of the Red, White and Buffalo Blues is a special 2 part episode. In Part 1 Matt and Alex discuss the schedule game by game giving there final season prediction and then discuss Free Agency and the signing of Christian Wade
April 21, 2019
Red, White and Buffalo Blues Ep1
Welcome to the Pilot Episode of the Red, White and Buffalo Blues, a UK Bills Podcast. Join Alex Penvose and me Matt Swain as well talk, laugh and have fun talking all thing Buffalo Bills
April 21, 2019