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By alex bedrijczuk
The Ukes With Podcast looks at the inner workings of the Ukulele world. Join Alex Bedrijczuk (Manager of the Southern Ukulele Store) as he talks to other stores, builders, artists, teachers and manufacturers.
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Ukes With Podcast - #6 Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel


Ukes With Podcast #10 - Phil from Southern Ukulele Store
Phil may not be a conventional face in the Ukulele world like many of my previous guests but his know how, experiences and enthusiasm for the Ukulele, how they are made and what can be done with them comes across in any conversation he has... We really enjoyed sitting down for an hour after work and just recapping our joint experiences. I have no idea if it makes for a good listen but I love hearing what Phil has to say and I hope you do too. What a guy!
September 17, 2021
Ukes With Podcast #9 - Joe Souza - Kanile'a Master Luthier
Joe is one of the most respected and succesful instrument builders in the world. He began Kanile'a with his wife in 1998 and now more than 20 years later they are considered the most forward thinking of 'the 3 K brands'. Joe and Kristen have recently handed some of the mantle over to Kaimana, Iokepa and Kahiau; their 3 sons and the future of Kanile'a. Listen in to find out what its like to create inspiring things in paradise!
March 24, 2021
Ukes With Podcast #8 - Paul Tucker from the Mother Ukers
Paul and I have an incredibly deep and rich history... He did sound for  me at my first gig at 15, later got me my job at Southern Ukulele Store,  his band played at my wedding and the most crazy thing is that I took  on his role as manager of the Southern Ukulele Store nearly 7 years ago.   To say we are linked is an understatement... Paul took some time out of  his schedule to talk about the Mother Ukers, Pete Howlett Ukuleles, his  favourite ukes, memories of the Southern Ukulele Stores formative years  and more.   You can find Pauls various projects the links below;  Paul offers lessons -    If you want to support my channel; please consider signing up for a  month of Patreon. There are tabs, exclusive performances and lessons as  well as general Ukulele chit chat.
December 21, 2020
Ukes With Podcast - #7 Marc Gallagher
Marc is an up and coming Ukulele soloist who can be seen collaborating with all of your favourite names. He is definitely worth further research if this is your first introduction to him at
November 12, 2020
Ukes With Podcast - #6 Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel
Craig and Sarah are the happiest people in the world; period.
November 12, 2020
Ukes With Podcast - #5 Baz Maz from Got A Ukulele
Got a Ukulele is currently the worlds leading independant resource for Ukulele reviews and information. I've long been in communication with Baz Maz supplying him with instruments for review and information as and when but this was the first time we spoke. What a lovely guy who definitely didn't deserve to be called miserable the moment I met him...
November 12, 2020
Ukes With Podcast - #4 Kaimana Souza of Kanile'a Ukuleles
Kaimana is one of my favourite people in the music industry. He was born into one of the most important families in the Ukulele world today as son of Kristen and Joe Souza at Kanile'a and he has quietly inspired me since I first met him as a teenager how he has taken on more and more of the lead roles at Kanile'a and is guiding it forward side by side with his brothers. It's such an inspiring story and his enthusiasm for music business is something I have always found impressive.
November 12, 2020
Ukes With Podcast - #1 Matt Warnes from World of Ukes
Matt Warnes is the owner of World of Ukes - a Ukulele shop in Carlisle, England that specialises in boutique Ukuleles. Matt is currently responsible for bringing many brands to the attention of Europes Ukulele players including Uluru, AnueNue, and most recently Millar.
November 12, 2020
Ukes With Podcast - #3 Juliana Kaltakhchan (Flight Ukuleles)
Juliana is an impressive person to work with. In the 11 months I have known her and worked with her on Flight Ukuleles; the company has successfuly launched 3 new product lines that have all been massively popular and a fantastic addition to the ukulele world in their own individual way. It was fun getting to know her history and what led to Flight Ukuleles as we know it today.
November 12, 2020
Ukes With Podcast - #2 Pete Howlett Master luthier
Pete Howlett has had one of the most interesting careers in Luthiery that you could imagine... It really was a pleasure to sit down and discuss his career and influences in depth.
November 12, 2020