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Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup Podcast

Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup Podcast

By Ultimate Sports Travel
Daily recaps, stories and interviews from the Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup.
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UFSC2019 Tournament Recap
The Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup is done for another year and we recap the 10th anniversary of the event with founder and director Bruce Tilt.  We also speak with Fiji Football's leading match official Avinesh Narayan and Manukau United coach Sheik Azeel Saheb.
December 08, 2019
UFSC2019 Day 6
On today's podcast, we speak to IFG NSW girls junior coach Brenton Doyle who guided his side to victory over IFG South Australia this morning. We are also joined by Australian referee and Jack of all trades Luke Di Stefano who discusses his various roles on and off the soccer field.
December 06, 2019
UFSC2019 Day 5
On today's show, we sit down with Nadi women's soccer coach Jiniffah Zia to discuss the issues faced at the grassroots level of the game in Fiji.  We also talk to IFG NSW girls senior coach Ian Worthington who was on a high after his side secured a spot in Saturday's final.
December 05, 2019
UFSC2019 Day 4
We speak to a couple of the coaches of the senior IFG sides on today's show in IFG NSW boys' Andrew Mason and IFG South Australia girls' Daniel Wojciechowski. The two are coaching in the tournament for the seventh and first time respectively and they explained the methods they are using to get their instructions across to their players.
December 04, 2019
UFSC2019 Day 3
Three of the key pillars of the IFG NSW boys junior side join us on the show today in coach Steve Scotti, captain Sam Glinatsis and Tomas Scotti.  The boys discuss how the side is fairing heading into their last group game and Tomas tells us about his aspirations of representing Australia with the Pararoos.  Our second guest, Verity Norris, is also looking figure on the international stage with the young match official rapidly rising through the refereeing ranks in Northern NSW. 
December 03, 2019
UFSC2019 Day 2
On today's podcast, we speak with Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup director Bruce Tilt after the tournament officially kicked off with the opening ceremony at Churchill Park.  We will also hear from Fiji Football's technical director Ravinesh Kumar and IFG NSW Boys Youth coach Daniel Taylor. 
December 02, 2019
UFSC2019 Day 1
On today's podcast, we chat with tournament technical director Greg Hartge about how he plans to assist coaches over the week before hearing from one of those coaches Stefan Blazevic. Stefan is the youngest coach in this year's tournament with the 21-year-old heading the IFG NSW boys development side.
December 01, 2019
UFSC2019 Tournament Eve
With the first competitive games set to kick off in Nadi tomorrow, Dylan Arvela sits down with tournament director and founder Bruce Tilt to talk about the event which marks its 10th anniversary in 2019.
November 30, 2019
UFSC2018 Recap
We talk with competition director, Bruce Tilt, after another successful Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup.
December 13, 2018
UFSC2018 Day 6
Fiji West dominated the last day of the Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup by winning three of the four Youth and Senior finals. On today's show, we chat with hard-working volunteer, Giulio Di Stefano, member of the Fijian National Sports Commission and Fiji women's football advocate, Charline Lockington, and IFG Youth Girls championship winning coach, Gabby Blanch. Giulio Di Stefano - 0 min 30 sec Charlene Lockington - 3 min 45 sec Gabby Blanch - 11 min 34 sec
December 08, 2018
UFSC2018 Day 5
The Boys Development and Junior finals were run and done on day 5 of the Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup with IFG beating Ba in both matches. On the show, we will talk with IFG Junior coach, Daniel Taylor, IFG Development captain and goalkeeper, Sam Glinatsis as well as Fijian FIFA accredited match official, Avinesh Narayan. Daniel Taylor - 0 min 32 sec Sam Glinatsis - 3 min 36 sec Avinesh Narayan - 5 min 56 sec
December 07, 2018
UFSC2018 Day 4
The hunt for a spot in the UFSC finals heated up on Day 4 of the competition. On the show we are joined by the captain of the IFG Girls Senior team, Zoe Anderson, Fiji West Girls Senior coach, Sunil Kumar and Manuakau City Boys Youth coach, Sheik Azeel Saheb. Zoe Anderson - 0 min 36 sec Sunil Kumar - 4 min 47 sec Sheik Azeel Saheb - 8 min 09 sec
December 06, 2018
UFSC2018 Day 3
The games were split between Churchill Park in Lautoka and the National Academy in Ba on day 3 of the 2018 Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup. On the show, we talk with IFG Boys Senior player, Kaan Sengal, Fiji West Boys Senior coach, Timodi Seru, and IFG Boys Youth coach, Andrew Wilson. Kaan Sengal - 0 min 40 sec Timodi Seru - 5 min 32 sec Andrew Mason - 8 min 00 sec
December 05, 2018
UFSC2018 Day 2
Day 2 of the 2018 Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup saw a majority of the matches played out of Prince Charles Park and the Nadi Sangam School. On the show we hear from photographer, Matt Gencevski, Fiji Men's National team coach, Christophe Gamel, and FFSA Girls coaches Chrissa Pavlomanolakos (Senior) and Eleni Vosnakis (Youth). Matt Gencevski - 0 min 30 sec Christohpe Gamel - 7 min 32 sec Chrissa Pavlomanolakos and Eleni Vosnakis - 18 min 10 sec
December 04, 2018
UFSC2018 Day 1
The 2018 Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup kicked off in the AD Patel College in Ba today. On this podcast, we will hear from competition director, Bruce Tilt, CEO of Fiji Football, Mohammed Yusuf, and IFG Boys Development coach, Steve Scotti.
December 03, 2018
UFSC2018 Bruce Tilt Interview
The chief organiser of the Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup Bruce Tilt sits down with us a week out from the competition. We discuss the development of soccer in Fiji, the challenges the Australian teams will have to overcome and much more.
November 25, 2018
UFSC2018 Podcast Promo
Bula! Welcome to the first episode of the Ultimate Fiji Soccer Cup Podcast. The next show will feature an interview with the competition's organiser in chief, Bruce Tilt while the daily shows will begin on Monday, December 3 through to Saturday, December 8. Vinaka! #UFSC2018 Like us on Facebook @
November 21, 2018