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Ultimately Melissa

Ultimately Melissa

By Ultimately M
I Probably Should Have Been Hugged More As A Kid.
Exploring life into my 50's as a single, white woman of Hispanic decent--aka I'm a "Fake-xican".
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123 Days Sober! My Thoughts On Alcoholics Anonymous
Does one size fit most? Maybe I'm just an odd-shaped peg. No shade today. Just my honest opinion on a world-wide program that does a lot of good for hurting people.
May 07, 2020
Willoh At The Office
My 3yr old grandawesome, Willoh, stopped by my office. We talk about one of her favorite places to visit, her clothes, and her recent diet choices.
April 17, 2020
Shortest Podcast Ever
Intro. Tater. Outro.
March 21, 2020