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By Stacy Johnston and Cassey Holland
Welcome to Un-caped Heroes – The Podcast. With each episode, we meet ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Every Monday and Friday, we celebrate everyday HEROES through their stories of grit and gratitude. Every Wednesday, we give out Mid Week Mind Candy with words of Character and Integrity to ponder and model.

Sponsors of Un-Caped Heroes- The Podcast are; Enlighten Up - Illuminating the magic of YOU and Guided By Grace -Delivering Grace-driven connections and hope.
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# 309 REDEEM with Tammy Johnston


# 369/244 with Vanessa Neomi
Your Friday will be just a little better if you join us in bringing Vanessa back the spotlight as a gracious contributor to our new book, "If A T-Shirt Could Talk: The Wisdom Of Heroes" coming in just a few weeks. Joining us all the way from Finland, our inspiring guest, Vanessa Noemi, shares some special time with Stacy Johnston. Vanessa delivers hope and inspiration from the most delightful perspective. She believes we should own our own courage and be our own hero. After all, you are you OWN medicine. Vanessa has a beautiful practice as a gifted healer, coach and Homeopathic guide. And.. you don't have to live in Finland to connect with her. Relax with us and be inspired. 
September 30, 2022
#377 INTEGRITY w Eric Bauberger
Travel with us to Southern New Jersey and engage in a great conversation with Stacy, Cassey and our guest Eric Bauberger as we unpack INTEGRITY. In Eris's view, Integrity means to be 'Integrious'; to be aware of what you stand for and to practice what you preach. If you ask Cassey, being a person of Integrity is being comfortable standing even if you are the only one standing. To Stacy, Integrity is the "Who you are" in the what of it all. It is unconditional, so where you are never compromises who you are. Listen in..
September 28, 2022
#366 w Krystal Holm
We have all heard about it but what exactly is Feng Shui decorating ? Take a break and listen in as our guest, Krystal Holm, joins Cassey and Stacy from her home in Denver, Co and explains her concept of Feng Shui and how she utilizes it in her business. Who are her 'Sheroes' in life? All the women that have lifted her up higher to show her a different version of herself. Krystal has a very gentle way of reminding us all that "You are worth the journey!"  and gives you permission to De-Clutter your mind set. You can learn more about Krystal at 
September 26, 2022
Episode 18/ 365 - Chris Robinson
And on this beautiful Friday, we would like  to bring back to the center stage Chris Robinson, Executive Director of the John Maxwell Team and kind contributor to our upcoming book, "If A T-Shirt Could Talk: The Wisdom of Heroes."  Chris is proof that if you set your mind on a goal and believe it is for you to achieve, it can be yours. He is a man filled with experience and gold nuggets of wisdom.  Stacy and Boyd have a great conversation with Chris as he shares his journey and his knowledge. His mantra that keeps him going? "I was built for this moment"! 
September 23, 2022
#364 CHARACTER w Rita Desnoyers Garcia
Character is an equation: your daily traits + your nurturing self + intellect + motives + who you show up as = The Story you tell about who you are. Character is the one "Trait" that should be unwavering. The You that is the same even when no one is watching. We take this word to a descriptive place such as, "Oh, she is such a character!" It also becomes someone we can immerse our self in and become for a moment in time, the characters in the play of our daily lives or on a stage. Spend some time with Stacy, guest-host, DonnaMarie Newkirk, & our guest Rita Desnoyers Garcia, as we define Character from our perspective. 
September 21, 2022
# 363 w/ Amblia Nath
Hello from the UK and welcome Amblia Nath, Alternative Holistic Coach and our illuminating guest for the day. Who are the heroes in her eyes? All the women she works with. They are doing the work and changing their lives as they break through the illusion of what they think life needs to be. Her shared life lesson..? Sometime You are the one that needs to change your perception. Hang out in the UK with us for a bit and be inspired ! 
September 19, 2022
# 362/60 - Darshan Shanti
Ladies and Gentlemen, my we re-introduce Mr. Darshan Shanti. Not only did he contribute his pocket of wisdom for our soon to be released book, "If A T-Shirt Could Talk!',  he also contributed a poem for the beginning. Darshan is the 'Dr. Seuss for grown-ups', inspiring, spreading hope, giving unconditional service, and encouraging everyone he encounters.  His message is simple, yet profound: "Love Yourself 1st! Do that and you can conquer anything!! " Enjoy some precious time with Stacy, Cassey and Darshan. You can contact Darshan at
September 16, 2022
#361 Authentic w Brigitte Michaels
How many time is the last few years have you heard the phrase 'Be your Authentic self.' What does that even mean? According to Cassey, Fake it until you make it is trash advice. Faking it does you no favors and shows you no justice. In the eyes of our guest, Brigitte Michaels, Authentic is being who YOU are in every point in time. To Stacy, authentic is Maintaining the You underneath all the hats we wear. How do you sit with Authentic? 
September 14, 2022
# 360 with Samantha Lander
Hello St. Louis, Mo and welcome Samantha Lander, mom, DJ, and recovery enthusiast. Her definition of a hero: " Someone that is willing to set aside their own shit, not sacrifice themselves, and become a piece of the puzzle of your life." Points to remember: It will get better, you will get better, and you Will get through it ! Hang out with Cassey, Samantha and Stacy for a spell and absorb some beautiful learned wisdom from our guest, Samantha Lander. 
September 12, 2022
# 199 with Mathilde Anglade
Let's take a beautiful Friday opportunity to salute another contributor to our upcoming book, "If A T-Shirt Could Talk", due out late September. My we bring back to the spotlight Mathilde Anglade, actress, producer and contributing author of our recent Amazon # 1 Best Seller, "Caged No More". She dropped by for a chat with Stacy and Cassey, via Arizona.  Mathilde made a decision for her life and energy to be about joy, happiness and love. She separated from Corporate America and found her way to the arts and her "Why". Tune in as she shares Life's lessons learned and gained wisdom.   
September 09, 2022
#358 Time w Jacqui Taylor
Time is the one thing we cannot manage. No matter what classes we take or chart make, time itself is unmanageable. It continues to move forward regardless. All you can manage is you and the choices you make with time. We make time for the things of our heart. But, if you struggle with anxiety, time is a physical effort and can be the reason you procrastinate. Learning to cherish time is a gift. Spend some time with Cassey, Stacy, and our special guest, Jacqui Taylor as we share some cherished time. 
September 07, 2022
# 357 w Colleen Mitchell
"Your half-dead pancreas does not determine how good your life is!" These wise words are brought to you by Colleen Mitchell, Type 1 diabetes and life coach, podcast host of This is Type 1, and author, hailing from Missoula, Montana. She shares the most encouraging information and hope for managing and living alongside your type 1 diabetes.  She brings to light the truth that everything has happened FOR you not TO you. Her one line of truth: The only way to live is to risk living!" Listen in...
September 05, 2022
# 356 w Daisy Paige
Help us welcome our guest, Daisy Paige, author of 'Unexpected Moments'. Joining us from the sweet state of Tx, Daisy is living through MSA ( Multi-System Atrophy) and spends some precious time encouraging others with hope and determination. Daisy believes that heroes are found in our earth angels, those that drop into our lives and add the amazing. Her message to us all: "Life is short. Don't leave mad and always say 'I love you' ." 
September 02, 2022
#355 Obstacle with Joanne Kaminski
Obstacle: A thing that block's ones way or prevents/hinders progress. As the song says," So high you can't get over it, so low you can't get under it, so wide you can't get around it, you have to go in through the heart." Obstacles present us with the opportunity to find a different way and see just how high we can jump. Many times, the presence or appearance of an obstacle is seen as a clear stop when in fact, the obstacle causes us to see it different and guides us to the answer or the path we are seeking. They show us our true power. Spend a minute with Stacy, Cassey and our delightful guest Joanne Kaminski and let's face the obstacle together.   
August 31, 2022
#353/213 with Callie Knapp
Time to highlight another amazing contributor to our uocoming book, Callie Knapp. If you ask Callie Knapp, mom, wife and LISW for an Equine Therapy Center on the San Felipe Pueblo in New Mexico, a hero walks the walk, shows consistently,  and illuminates wisdom. Kick back and relax as Cassey and Stacy visit with Callie about the opportunity she feels she was Given to bridge the gap to true healing by providing the gift of experiential learning utilizing the grace of horsemanship. 
August 29, 2022
#353 / 243 with Chris Luehr
   In anticipation of our soon to be released book, "If A T-Shirt Could Talk", welcome back to the stage, Chris Luehr.  If I asked you the question, "What makes an everyday hero?", what would your answer be? To finally get the cape? Or, would it be the title you've worked for or the bank account you've strived for? Or maybe a hero is just an ordinary person that does something extraordinary in the life of someone else. To be honest, there are only 2 things a person needs.. Character and integrity. With those 2, the rest will follow. Your inner hero will show up. Hang out with Stacy, Boyd, and our special guest, Chris Luehr as he shares his HEROE'S JOURNEY.  You can connect with Chris @:
August 26, 2022
# 352 FEAR with Anjum Bhandari
Fear is merely Courage that has not been prayed for yet. It is written: "Fear not! For I am with you to the end of the age." Yet this little 4 letter word is the biggest blessing blocker there is. It shuts down opportunities, relationships, progress and growth. It can stop you in your tracks or motivate toward your goal. Fear can become resolve, power, or determination. The choice is yours. Engage with Cassey, Stacy, and our guest Anjum Bhandari as we sit with our definition of FEAR. 
August 24, 2022
#351 W Tanya Maree
Isn't it funny.. So many times, we know the truth. Yet, we must travel all the way to the other side of the world to be reminded, "You are more than a mom." Meet our heartwarming guest joining us from the land down under, Tanya Maree. Working as a coach to help working moms find time for themselves, Tanya reiterates that mom's don't have to come last, because when you consistently put yourself on the bottom, you show your family that is where you belong. Lift yourself up !! Who are Tanya's heroes... ALL THE MOMS!!  
August 23, 2022
# 350 / 138 - Kyle Spyrides
Sit with Stacy & Boyd as we engage in a great conversation with Kyle Spyrides. Kyle was born in South Africa, is a resident of Perth, Australia and a world citizen. Kyle is a photographer and can be reached at:  Kyle is a blogger, plays rugby, loves family and peace. Kyle has a T-shirt phrase that is also the name of his book, "Decide Your Destiny". Kyle is one of our newest heroes and is making a big difference around the world. We are honored to include Kyle in our new Book, "If A T-Shirt Could Talk." You can connect with Kyle @ 
August 19, 2022
#349 Judgement w Veronica Lamb
Travel with us to beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii and sit with Stacy, Cassey and our special guest, Veronica Lamb as we unpack Judgement from a world perspective. This is a big word in today's chatter. In reality, isn't judgement merely 'What you think you know about a situation'. It can separate us and lead to rash decisions and regretful choices. But judgement also plays a very positive role in our lives. Judgement picks your tribe, connects to your life partner, lands the perfect job, and it manages your safety and decision making. How do you utilize then sit with judgement.  
August 18, 2022
# 348 w Ellen Elizabeth
Ever wondered what it would feel like to transform your demons into dreams? To take those things holding you down and turn them into the power to shine beyond your dreams. Hang out for a bit with us in Colorado Springs, Co and meet Ellen Elizabeth. She is a recovery and family coach that believes everyone has an inner hero. Ellen shares a piece of her inspiring recovery story and reminds us all to 'Never Give Up!'. You can connect to Ellen @  
August 15, 2022
#347 / 177 With Koben Puckett
Let's use this spot this week to re-introduce Mr. Koben Puckett. This young man is living proof that there is more that one way to live your dream. Koben has journeyed from professional bull rider to PBR ProTour Division sponsor of the PBR in Amarillo, Tx. Koben has an incredible story of success, trauma, recovery and service. We are honored to include Koben in our new book, "IF A T-Shirt Could Talk", due to release this fall. Spend some precious time with Stacy Johnston, Cassey Holland and a young man that is a living model for hope and grit. 
August 12, 2022
#346 DIGNITY w Hamish MacDonald
Dignity is defied as 'A sense of pride in oneself; self respect / The state or quality of being worthy of honor and respect.' What is your definition?  Many believe that dignity is a character attribute belonging to those of character and integrity. Others see dignity as a strong sense of self that is not arrogant or boastful. Is dignity as simple as doing the right thing when no one else is around?  Sit for a bit with Cassey, Stacy, and our guest Hamish MacDonald, via New Zealand, as we unpack dignity.   
August 10, 2022
# 345 w Eric Bauberger
What would it be like to remove all the distractions and see what is real underneath? To actually surrender to life, be with yourself, and show up with your own emotions.  How different would it be from what you see every day? Eric Bauberger, Holistic coach, songwriter and artist believes that in the end, people must guide themselves toward what the desire. His vision, A Self-help rock opera. What do you see?  Spend some time with us as we hang out in New Jersey and absorb some wisdom. 
August 08, 2022
# 345 / 229 with Aleksandra pin
Have you ever wondered what shines in the majestic hills of Slovenia, EU ? This dynamic lady right here, for sure ! Aleksandra Pin is a powerful coach that light's up the strength and confidence in new moms and teaches children that they are Creation in action. She will challenge you to accept yourself and realize your true power is already within you. Travel with Stacy and Cassey around the world from you comfort spot and help us celebrate Alex as a contributing author for our upcoming book, "If A T-Shirt Could Talk" due to release in September.   
August 05, 2022
#344 Intuition w Katherine Marie
"Intuition is a knowing from within. It's the little voice that that guides you despite logic." This bit of wisdom was shared by our guest, Katherine Marie of Minneapolis, MI. Our guest co-host for the day, Donnamarie Newkirk shared that to her, Intuition is her "Walk within the spirit". Our intuition is our vast store of knowledge coming into play. How often is your INTUITION correct? Do you listen to it? How does this statement sit with you: "Discernment is knowledge and intuition is the emotions around it."  Listen in and sit with your Intuition
August 03, 2022
#343 W Jacci Turner
Hello from Reno, NV. May we introduce Jacci Turner. Jacci is a teacher turned author and trauma coach and has written books for children, teens and adults. In her candid and inspiring interview, Jacci reminds us that we need each other to survive. Find your people and nurture those relationships! And did you know, unwavering independence can actually be a trauma response. You can connect with Jacci @ 
August 01, 2022
Episode 127/ 342 - Jake Doherty
Welcome to Flash Back Friday ! Today we celebrate another amazing guest that will be featured in our upcoming book, " If AT-Shirt Could Talk". Spending some time in Germany, Stacy and Boyd have a fantastic conversation with Entrepreneur, Jake Doherty. Jake's advice to us is simple: "Keep your options OPEN!" His advice is especially helpful when you feel like you've lost everything. It is in that place that you just might discover a launching pad for something even greater than you had before. So, "Keep your options OPEN!" and, after you've listened in, you'll understand why that's so important in the journey. Jake is doing great things with chef's from around the world creating the mot amazing virtual cooking experiences. Visit this amazing place at 
July 29, 2022
#341 Impression w Spencer Jones
What is the Impression you leave behind in a room? Does it matter? Hang out with Cassey, Stacy and our inspiring guest, Spencer Jones, as we unpack This word. In your opinion, is gauging your next thought or move based on your 1st impression the same as judgement? How do you recognize the difference? They say you only get one shot to make a first impression.. Leave your mark. 
July 27, 2022
# 340 with Rita Desnoyers Garcia
Meet Rita Desnoyers Garcia, a physical being having a spiritual experience as a wife, mom, social worker, and coach. Inside her program, she encourages self-priority and self-compassion. How many of us prioritize the needs of others and offer compassion to strangers but deny those same gifts to ourselves. She quotes a great book, 'A Heroes Journey' by Joseph Campbell, when she shared, " We are all heroes in our own lives. Just keep standing up." Listen in and remember, "You are loved so love yourself!"  
July 25, 2022
# 339/115 - Chris DT Gordon
We are honored to bring back to the spotlight Chris DT Gordon, as we take time to highlight yet another amazing soul that will be featured in our upcoming book, " IF A T-Shirt Could Talk". Chris has the most touching and deep faith perspective on Grace you will ever hear.  Not only does Chris dress up like a superhero to entertain and inspire his community and the world at large, he is dedicated to showing grace and gratitude. Chris has a great story, a positive attitude that is contagious and an energy that gets you moving forward. Like Chris, we hope you will "Pass on perfection and go for greatness." 
July 22, 2022
# 338 Authentic with Trine Hansen
This word, 'AUTHENTIC' has been put out there more and more. Do you feel like you are living your authentic life as your authentic self? What does that even mean in today's world? Is authentic something you purchase or is it the true you under all the titles, badges and hats we can wear in a day? In this age of awareness and new understanding, how do you sit with authentic? Sit with us for a spell and figure it. 
July 20, 2022
Episode 337 - Star Hansen
We would love to bring back to the stage another amazing guest that will be featured in our soon to be released book, "IF A T-Shirt Could Talk", Star Hansen. better known as 'The Clutter Whisperer'. Get a grip on your organizational struggles as Star invites you to "Love Your Chaos". With her help, you can not only organize your home, but confidently come home to self. Star has offers a refreshing perspective on clutter and getting organized in a whole new way. You can connect with Star @
July 18, 2022
# 336 with Tracy Sharp
Travel with us to Treviso, Italy and spend some time in the company of Tracy Sharp. She believes that "Life is to damn short to not tell people how you feel." She reminds us all that we waste so much time waiting for things to happen. Get Involved, Improve for Fun ! Tracy transitioned from an Engineering/ design career to coaching through a 6 month signature teaching. You can connect with Tracy @
July 15, 2022
# 336 GRACE with Sarah K Ramsey
Grace is undoubtedly easier to give others than it is to give ourselves. Most often times, we take ourselves for granted and don't extend the same kindness to ourselves as we do to one others. We forget that we are human too. What is your definition of Grace ? How do you model it? How do you show it to yourself ? Grace is something we all seek, like a form of absolution. What sin?  Listen in as Stacy, Cassey, and our gracious guest, Sarah K. Ramsey unpack grace. 
July 13, 2022
# 335 with Jennifer Villamil
Sometimes you just have to 'Give yourself a Break' ! Sounds like sound advice to me. Our dynamic guest, Jennifer Villamil chimed in from Chicago, Il, to remind us that Mid-Life crisis are not specifically reserved for newly retired men. It can happen to any one of us. Her wise advice to us all: Be your own best friend !  Why do we treat others so much better than we treat ourselves? You can connect to Jennifer, her fantastic podcast and her insightful information @:
July 11, 2022
#334 with Daniel Stillman
Welcome to Westfield, NJ. Here you will have the opportunity to meet a bonified change agent for the world, Daniel Stillman. We were delighted to share the mic with Daniel as he shared his journey that has led him to believe that a hero is someone willing to understand how to come along side you as you turn your fear into curiosity. You are capable of so much more. 
July 08, 2022
#333 REST w Ian Pilbeam
 Do you ever just want to take a deep breath, exhale, and then just Rest? I reality, rest does not always equal sleep. Sometimes we need to rest our souls and our minds. It seems that in our oh so busy world, we neglect to schedule time for ourselves to rest. Seems like we need to give ourselves permission or feel we are slacking or wasting time. We forget that peace is not the absence of chaos, but the ability to REST in the middle. Relax with Stacy, Cassey, and our Guest, Ian Pilbeam as we sit with REST. 
July 06, 2022
# 332 with Ryan Rogers
   We are going to honor Independence Day by reaching back to reintroduce Retired US Marine and author of 'Lions of Marjah', Ryan Rogers. Ryan was kind enough to join Cassey and Stacy in an intriguing conversation. We chatted about real heroes, active duty, the importance of taking responsibility for your actions, and the challenge to Do Something Bigger than Yourself !! Ryan also hosts a podcast called "Choices Not Chances" that gives space and voice to active duty and veteran soldiers. Ryan will be on of the guests featured in our upcoming book, " If A T-Shirt Could Talk", due to release this fall. 
July 04, 2022
#331 With Joanne Kaminski
  Do you have a child in your world that struggles with reading? With the current status of our education system, this could be viewed as a problem without viable solution. Enter Joanne Kaminski. Joanne is a reading specialist that works diligently to train on-line tutors to bring children the success they need to move forward. In her eyes, a hero is the person willing to fight for you !! You can connect with Joanne at:
July 01, 2022
# 330 POWER with Richard Powell
POWER.. a sought after trait and a source of both security and fear. Do you feel Powerful? Where does that power come from? Many see power as the corner office, the top rank or the most capitol. Could it be that real power is influence? Is the power actually in you recognizing that you are free to choose? Listen in as Cassey, Stacy, and our very wise guest, Richard Powell, dig into the real source and meaning of POWER. 
June 29, 2022
# 329 With Krystal Holm
Never forget, "You are worth the Journey", says our special guest, Krystal Holm of Denver Colorado. She is a Feng Shui decorator, designer and color expert that works with business owners to design a space they love and to stop swimming upstream. She stated that the 'Sheroes" in her life are women that have lifted her up and shown her a different version of herself. Her advice.. "De-Clutter your mindset. You can connect with Krystal at
June 27, 2022
# 328 with Stephan Neff
May we bring back to the spotlight a gentleman that will be featured in our upcoming book, "If A T-Shirt Could Talk!" , Mr. Stephan Neff. Stephan is joining us from New Zealand where he is a practicing Anesthesiologist, a coach, Podcast host and an author.   - YOU CAN'T DO IT ALONE!! No matter what it is or how hard you try. Have you ever lost sight of yourself in some way? I think we all have! Be encouraged - with the help of others you can find yourself again. As Stephan says, "Your past is not equal to your future". Listen in as Stephan, Boyd and Stacy engage in an enlightening and hope fill conversation. 
June 24, 2022
#327 Conflict with Fred Ruttman
What emotion does the word CONFLICT create for you? Is it fear and anxiety or challenge and opportunity? Is it a positive or negative moment in your life? Cassey believes conflict builds character if you choose to see it as an opportunity instead of an obstacle. To Stacy, conflict is just 'white noise' in your song; just keep singing. And to our special guest, Fred Ruttman, feels that conflict is multi-faceted; both internal and external. How do you sit with CONFLICT? Listen is and explore it. 
June 22, 2022
#326 with Hamish MacDonald
If you have ever spent any time managing a health journey for your child, your spouse, or yourself, then you know the frustration that can come with with trying to manage and locate all your medical data.  And so does our distinguished guest, from New Zealand, Hamish MacDonald. The difference? Hamish is doing something about it. visit  This is the one place you can finally gather it all. Hamish believes that 'A hero is someone who sees a vision of an improved world and then takes the necessary steps to make it a reality.'   
June 20, 2022
# 325 With Veronica Lamb
OK, raise your hand if you have ever wanted to just spend some precious time in Hawaii, absorbing and enjoying the beauty around you. Well, today is your lucky day. Sit back with Cassey, Stacy, and our special guest, Veronica Lamb, sharing space from beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. Veronica is a wife, a mom and a shelter for victims of human tracking. Seems she walks her definition of a hero: " Someone willing to sacrifice or make a stand for someone else." 
June 17, 2022
                                                    1) Compassion is empathy and Love.                                                      2) Compassion is a willingness to step in and pick up the slack.                                                      3) Compassion is loving in spite of not because of      What is your definition of compassion? Does compassion require sacrifice or is it a 'free gift of the soul'?  Sit with Stacy, Cassey, and our inspirational guest, Devin Schubert as we break down the definition and Verbing of Compassion. In the end, we all resonated that Compassion is being willing to meet them there, but not leaving them there. 
June 15, 2022
#323 Spencer Jones
Ladies and Gentlemen, may we present The Prince Of Possibilities, Mr. Spencer Jones, joining us from Neenah, WI. Spencer is a former choir director turned coach that utilizes both music and art to empower men and women around the world to find their passion and live it !! Spencer shared with Cassey & Stacy that a hero is someone who is imperfectly and unapologetically themselves, sharing their light with the world. Listen in and be inspired to believe that You Are Enough. You can connect with Spencer through his website:
June 13, 2022
# 314 With Jacqui Taylor
    " A Hero is someone who is apologetically themselves in any situation. " This pearl of wisdom comes to us from the UK via our special guest, Jacqui Taylor. Jacqui is a Breast Cancer thriver and survivor, author, mom, wife, and coach. She shared with us that one hero in her life is her mother-in-law; always kind, generous and present.  Her final advice... 'Create space to be you !" 
June 10, 2022
# 312 Truth With Paul Kennedy
Is it Your truth or The truth? Is there a difference? Webster's dictionary defines Truth as: The quality or state of being true in accordance with fact or reality. The Bible defines truth as: That which is consistent with the mind, will, character, glory , and being of God. What is your definition of truth? Does your definition of truth change with the situation? Hang out for a minute with Stacy, Cassey and our guest Paul Kennedy as we chat about Truth from Hanoi, Viet Nam.  
June 08, 2022
# 320 with Katherine Marie
Have you ever given a moments thought to the need we have as human beings to find the freedom to embrace the '&'. 'And what' is the appropriate question. Here you stand today as the man or woman you see in the mirror. And?  Meet Katherine Marie; Mom, Daughter, Cancer survivor, Cancer coach, and author. In her humble opinion, a hero is someone who impacts others by being there authentic self and radiating kindness and perseverance. This a great chat with a gentle soul. 
June 06, 2022
#319 with Anjum Bhandari
  "Just do the damn thing and go get it !" These words of power and accomplishment were spoken by our insightful guest, dropping in from India, Anjum Bhandari. Anjum is a social media manager and an Instagram coach by trade, helping folks learn to navigate and utilize Social media to their advantage. Her life lesson..." You have to believe there is a way out." Travel with us, if you will, to meet Anjum in India. 
June 03, 2022
# 318 Family with Raymond Freitas
 Family: Our most intimate lesson in understanding, tolerance, and grace.  Our Family can be the base of your life trauma or the beauty that inspires the life you produce. Family comes in many forms and with many definitions. In your eyes, is family defined by the direct connection of DNA or is the box way bigger? Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone, but none-the-less, miraculously my own. How do you sit with Family? Hang out with us and pick up this piece of mind candy ! 
June 01, 2022
# 317 with Trine Hansen
 Never doubt that 'Life is meant to be enjoyed' ! These powerful words of wisdom were shared with the Stacy & Cassey all the way from Denmark by our special guest, Trine Hansen. She shared her journey from stressed and depressed to happy and finally aligned with her purpose. In her mind, heroes do the right thing because it is the right thing and they keep going even when they don't. Sit for a spell, travel with us to Denmark, and be inspired. 
May 30, 2022
# 316 with Kimberly Kriebel
 We had the most delightful conversation with a talented soul from West Africa, Kimberly Kriebel.  Kimberly works with folks worldwide to launch and manage their podcasts, from identifying your 'Why' to targeting your ideal listeners. She also helps people navigate social media platforms, specifically Instagram. Her best advice," Be unapologetically yourself always." Sit back and travel around the world with us. 
May 27, 2022
# 315 HOPE with Carol Foutz
Have you ever felt void of hope? Let me ask you this: Do you set an alarm clock for work? Do you make an appointment weeks down the road? Do you travel to the store without thought about if there is milk? If your answer to any of these questions is 'YES' then you, in fact, have HOPE. It may go unnoticed but it exists. How do you sit with HOPE? Tune in as we dismantle HOPE with our guest, Carol Foutz.  
May 25, 2022
#313 with Devin Tomiak
The second guest we are re-visiting as a featured contributor to upcoming book is Devin Tomiak. She is the creator of The Biggies Cards. Meeting all the criteria for SEL's, Biggies Cards are designed to help parents teach their children or students emotional stability and resilience. Surviving the suicide of her brother, Devyn reminds all to go out of your way to connect with people and practice true Empathy by taking the time to notice the signals people give off and meet that need.
May 20, 2022
# 312 Drive with Melissa Rohlfs
" You don't have to be driven. You can choose to drive !" These are powerful words. How about you? Are you driven?  Toward what? Are drive and motivation one in the same? Sit back with Stacy, Cassey, and our insightful guest, Melissa Rholfs as we deep -dive into the concept of DRIVE. In Melissa's mind, drive is the Type A persons Go, Go, Go. Cassey sees drive as a therapeutic act of cleansing: to take that long drive and sort it all out. How does DRIVE sit with you? 
May 18, 2022
#311 with Stacy Johnston
Do you ever wonder who it is that your listening to ? Well, today you get a sneak peak into the life of my Co-Host Stacy Johnston. She is the founder and CEO of Enlighten Up, a Podcast co-host, a wife and a mother, the best Gam around, an Author and a light shiner ! In her opinion, sometimes a Hero is someone that shows up in exactly the right moment to walk along side you. She also believes that in order to get the answers you seek you have to be willing to listen to the most unsuspecting things. Write the story, Dance the Dance, Take the bow.. 
May 16, 2022
# 310 with Star Hansen
It is beginning to look a lot like Spring..  And as we all prepare for the yearly spring cleaning, we thought it would be a great time to bring back a special guest and clutter whisperer, Star Hansen. Star invites you to "Love Your Chaos". With her help you can not only organize your home, but confidently come home to self.  After listening to her refreshing take on clutter and organization, you will relax a little. You can connect to her program by going to You can also find her by visiting Star will be one of the interviews featured in our upcoming book, " If My T-Shirt Could Talk" to release this summer. 
May 13, 2022
# 309 REDEEM with Tammy Johnston
When you hear the word Redeem, do you think of cashing in a coupon and utilizing a gift certificate, or do you think of a cleansing of sorts. A chance to come back with a new understanding to obtain a different outcome. A rebuilding of self-grace and acceptance. What are the redeeming qualities you seek out? Which of those qualities do you emulate ? Tune in and enjoy a wisdom filled conversation with Cassey, Stacy, and our guest, Tammy Johnston, as we decipher REDEEM.  
May 11, 2022
# 308 with Sarah K. Ramsey
Like so many folks in our world right now, Our energetic guest, joining us from Tennessee, Sarah K. Ramsey, found herself 'seeking permission' to move forward and become who she was intended to be.  As a coach and the author of 'Becoming Toxic Person Proof', Sarah works with men and women to develop true personal character and integrity and on granting yourself permission to move forward. Engage with us for a time and be encouraged to choose your tribe and seek out those that play be the same rules.  
May 09, 2022
# 307 with Sara and Parisa Amini
Do you think the world would be a better world if could normalize getting better? What would change if there was a place you could engage where personal development, finding you, and identifying your tribe was real? Meet our inspiring guests, Sara and Parisa Amini of Van Cover, British Columbia. Their goal is to do just that; create a social media platform bigger than Facebook where it is cool to get 'OK' again. After all, it is Ok not to be OK. 
May 06, 2022
# 306 RESTORE with Cheri Tomiko
Is to Restore a project or an adventure? Can you restore something to its actual original self or do produce something new? Spend some time with Cassey, Stacy, and our guest, Cheri Tomiko as we deep dive in the word Restore. Restoration is not an instant project but a process of building the new by embracing experience, wisdom, and knowledge. In Cassey's eyes, restore feels like hope, growth and rejuvenation. 
May 04, 2022
#305 with Meggy Houle
" A hero is someone that sends a message of success and love. They stand their ground unshaken." These wise words were shared with Cassey and Stacy by Self hypnosis coach, Meggy Houle of Canada. Meggy works with folks to help them get unstuck and finish what they start. She is the author of 'Finish What You Start'. Her profound life lesson.. "Choose love in the healing and let go of the fear !! 
April 29, 2022
#304 LISTEN with Karen Loftus
 Are you hearing or Listening to the world around you? Is there a difference? What do you hear with your eyes or your heart? Stacy and Cassey were joined this week by special guest, Karen Loftus, to decipher the word Listen. Speaking as a person that has managed congenital hearing loss her whole life, Karen feels that listing is a core skill and requires extreme focus. Cassey sees Listen as the step in communication that is often overlooked. Stacy acknowledges we all hear but listening is a practiced skill. Sit with us and have a Listen. See what you hear. 
April 27, 2022
#303 with Ian Pilbeam
May we introduce husband, father, entrepreneur, and travel author, Ian Pilbeam. Ian chimed in one day from Edinberg, Scotland, and had a fabulous conversation with Cassey and Stacy about the marvels and wonders of traveling the world and learning it all firsthand. Ian believes that a hero inspires you and makes a life long difference in your world. Ian stated, "A hero doesn't have to change The world, just Your world." His life long lesson to share..." What is the worst that can happen? Follow your gut !" 
April 25, 2022
# 302 with Fred Rutman
May we introduce Fred Rutman, BA, CACE, MBA, Certified Marketing Specialist, and Intermittent Faster and Coach. He dropped in from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to shed some light on surviving brain trauma and the benefits of intermittent fasting. Fred brings to light the fact everyone has the ability to be their own hero and save themselves, by showing yourself you can step up. His one line of wisdom.." God doesn't make mistakes!" 
April 22, 2022
# 301 RESPECT with Stefan Jeffrey
Is RESPECT earned or is it given? Can it be taught or is it an intrinsic character trait? Do we give respect to to others in equal measure of our expectation?  We are taught from early on things such as "You must respect your elders !" and  "Everyone deserves respect" but is respect for someone's space or belief the same as respect for their character and integrity? Sit for a minute with Cassey, Stacy, and our insightful guest, Stefan Jeffrey, joining us from the UK. Stefan spends a great deal of time working with young men on this very topic.  
April 20, 2022
# 300 with Paul Kennedy
Do you enjoy stories of fun and adventure? Have you ever been inspired to something outrageous and trusted God with the consequences? That is exactly what our new friend, Paul Kennedy did. He was inspired by a friend, bought a ticket, got a passport, went on a vacation to Greece, and he hasn't returned in 4 years. He currently hangs his hat in Hanoi, Viet Nam, teaching English and loving life. His love of adventure and enthusiasm for life is inspiring. His advice.. Go ahead, Make that one decision. 
April 18, 2022
#299 with Devin Schubert
 When you get a calling and it sticks.. Then we get to meet Coach Grave Digger, Devin Schubert. Coming to us all the way from Iowa, Devin explains that he comes along side of the people he works with to give them the tools they need to dig out and find the light of day. We had the most inspiring conversation about parenting, loss, heroes and scars. Devin's life lesson..." When you feel lost or lonely, go back to the last place you had hope and rediscover it." 
April 15, 2022
# 298 Growth with Christina Smith.
Is growth merely a physical change to you body or does it go deeper that that? Do you associate growth with change? Does this create fear? Sit for a spell with Stacy and my special guest, Christina Smith, as we take a deep dive journey into the concept of growth. In the eye of our guest, growth has 5 stages: Recognizing the need to grow, Talking through the process, preparing for the journey, taking the action and living the transformation.  
April 13, 2022
#297 with Mr. Thrill / Bill Harris
Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce Bill Harris, aka, MR. THRILL. Bill is a Plainview, Tx native that dedicated his career to education, finally retiring as a teacher. But.. in his off time, he is a DJ , and an entertainer extraordinaire, performing for events around the US.  Mr. Thrill defines a hero as someone who helps others from the background, highlighting your hidden strengths. His life advice.. "Find something you love to do and find a way to get paid to enjoy it." 
April 12, 2022
# 296 with Carol Foutz
This sweet soul, Carol Foutz, dropped by to visit with Cassey and Stacy. Her shared wisdom request?  "Show me your soul !' Carol believes that a hero shows up to fill your empty spaces and lifts you up. For her, her grandmother, her mother and her daughter all fill this space for her. What should you always remember? WE are Never done changing and growing. Check out her new book " Finally Free" released in February and available on Amazon. 
April 08, 2022
# 295 BELIEVE with Leslie Urbas
What do you believe? Does what you believe effect the choices you make or the lens with which you see the world? Do you frown upon another because they believe differently than you? Engage with Cassey, Stacy, and our charming guest, Leslie Urbas, as we engage in a candid conversation about Believe. In Leslie's opinion, what you believe is the core of who you are.  
April 06, 2022
#294 with Cassey Holland
Today, we welcome our special guest, Cassey Holland. Let's get to know her in a new way. She is a small business owner, podcast co-host, a mom, a recovery coach, a connector, and wise beyond her years.  In Cassey opinion, a hero is defined by who they are on the inside, who they show to be, and what they bring to the table. Her thought for the day: "Fail Forward. Be brave enough to suck at something new." You can reach Cassey at 
April 04, 2022
#293 with Melissa Rohlfs
Stopping by for chat from Phoenix, AZ, may we introduce Melissa Rohlfs. Melissa is a holistic health coach that spends her days helping women break free from sugar without deprivation so they can be happy, healthy, and love life. In her opinion, a hero is someone that comes along side and helps you believe in the best you.  Her life lesson? Anything is possible with kindness and compassion to ourselves. You can connect with Melissa @ 
April 01, 2022
# 292 Wealth with David Richman
Do you define Wealth as financial stability or spiritual contentment? How much of your self definition is tied to your perception of Wealth? Let's dive into that question. Take a moment and engage with Stacy, Cassey, and our inspirational guest, David Richman. David is a wealth management specialist turned author with a powerful perspective on Wealth to share. 
March 31, 2022
# 290 with Caroline Buzanko
  "Force the Universe!! It's the risk takers advantage !!" These empowering words were shared with Cassey and Stacy by our fun-filled guest, Dr. Caroline Buzanko, a family and child psychologist from Alberta, Canada. Her life lesson: "Don't take it all so seriously. Find and hold your childhood joy so you can be open to new possibilities." Sit with us for a spell and be inspired !! 
March 30, 2022
#291 with Kriya Lendzion
Hang out with us for a spell with hot mess teenaged turned Teenage whisperer, Kriya Lendzion. She works with teens and families as a prevention specialist to redirect negative thoughts and behaviors and turn life amazing. She believes that heroes sacrifice their space to help others. They also help you recognize ad love the majesty of your own imperfection. You can connect with this powerful lady @ 
March 28, 2022
#280 Restore with Cindy Lish
Do you consider restoration a process beginning from the ground up, a total makeover, or is is tweak on a strong foundation? Does the process of restoring something intimidate you or intrigue you? What does it take to restore something or someone? Hang out with Cassey, Stacy, and our returning guest, Cindy Lish as we deep dive into the meaning and process it takes to Restore. 
March 23, 2022
#288 with Tammy Johnston
Meet Tammy Johnston. Have you ever need a coach that came with a little kick ?  She is a hold your hand and kick your ass business coach joining us from Canada. Teaching us all that first you must survive then thrive. She believes a hero steps up to the plate when needed and does what needs to be done. Sit back with Cassey, Stacy and Tammy as we dive into to definition of Positive Shit distributors. 
March 21, 2022
#287 With Rebekah and Brooke
Meet Rebekah and Brooke, our new Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Therapist friends. They do the coolest things like create Mindfulness Boxes for children. You can find our more about this awesome monthly membership at: In Brooke's opinion, a hero is someone that holds space for you to be the best You possible. Rebekah's life lesson: "Be intentional. Decide if it is what You want, not just what others want or expect. Kick back with us and meet these amazing ladies. 
March 18, 2022
#286 Boundaries with Nidhi Mehta
Are boundaries a road block or a safety net? Do you have strong boundaries you can support and live by or are boundaries a line in the sand to be blown away with the first breeze? Is the act of setting boundaries easy for you or do you struggle with the breaking you own boundaries at the request and whim of others? Is there power in boundaries or do you see it as a shut off switch to growth and learning?  Sit for a bit with Cassey, Stacy and our powerful guest, Nidhi Mehta as we unpack and dive into Boundaries.. 
March 16, 2022
# 285 with Roya Dedeaux
"A hero is a pioneer. They change lives in new areas with love and interest." This statement of truth was shared with Cassey and Stacy by our distinguished guest, Marriage and Family Narrative therapist, Roya Dedeaux. As a play therapist, she shares fabulous and useable information for parents on teaching your children to 'Connect with Courage' by adding attention and riches and by providing an opportunity for them to play, learn, and figure out how to dive into life.  
March 14, 2022
# 284 with Karen Loftus
What does Authenticity really mean? What does it mean to live an authentic life? Spend some time with Cassey, Stacy, and our inspiring guest, Karen Loftus. She helped us remember to never stop paining the picture of your life. It is an endless masterpiece. As you look at your life and your place in this world, stand with hope on the promise that "Perhaps you were born for such a time as this." You can reach Karen at: 
March 11, 2022
# 283 Consequences with Vernita Bowe
Do you think about the consequences before or after the action? Do you believe consequences can be either negative or positive? Every decision we make and every action we take has a consequence, as do the words we speak. The challenge is in how we manage those consequences, good or bad. Spend some time with Stacy, Cassey and our special guest, Vernita Bowe and we unpack CONSEQUENCES. 
March 09, 2022
#282 with Gila Ross
"Appreciate yourself for who you are and shine your special light!" These wise words were shared with Stacy & Cassey by our delightful guest, Gila Ross of Manchester, UK. Gila is the mom of 8 and hosts a podcast for parenting. She believes a hero embodies amazing all around. They have big dreams and they stick with them. Sit with us for a spell and enjoy some sound parenting advice and wisdom from across the ocean. 
March 07, 2022
#281 with Lincoln Kokaram
What is the next cool thing? That is the question our guest, Lincoln Kokaram is looking to answer. Joining us from Atlanta, Ga via Trinidad and Tobago, Lincoln believes" You are the star of your own life! Do an Emmy winning performance !" Kick back with Stacy, Cassey and Lincoln as we hear the story of transition, immigration, challenge, and success. And remember, in all you do, "With Passion !"
March 04, 2022
#281 Willpower with Yvonne Caputo
What drives your Willpower? What does your echo chamber tell you about you ability and willpower to succeed? Is this a character trait or a by-product of self worth?  Our distinguished guest, author and psychotherapist, Yvonne Caputo, believes that willpower is a noun, a thing driven by what is underneath. Spend a few with Cassey, Stacy and Yvonne as we explore the definition and action of WILLPOWER. 
March 02, 2022
#280 With Christina Smith
When you find yourself in a place of decision between bravery and giving in to the discomfort, you have to ask yourself, "Is this unsafe or just uncomfortable?" Invite the shift. Help us welcome our intriguing guest, Christina Smith. As a Shift Coach, Christina works with women on how they want to show up. Her life lesson..."Expect discomfort, life comes with struggles."  Always remember, you have survived 100% of your worst days so far. You got this!! You can connect with Christina at:
February 28, 2022
# 279 with Raymond Freitas
Where do you stand on the importance and true value of relationships? Ladies and gentlemen, meet Raymond Freitas, known to many as 'Ray of Life'. It was very refreshing to talk about the importance and the sanctity of marriage. But beyond that, it is about building and maintaining relationships. Marriages, courtships, families, employees and co-workers.. Who do you show up as in those relationships? Raymond's greatest life lesson: Learn the ability to be patient and wait for things to get better. 
February 25, 2022
#277 DETERMINED with Linda Lang
Today has been a day to verb 'Determined'. Between the battles of COVID, the struggles and needs of friends and family, Mother Nature's touch, and the in's and out's of modern technology, Determined is the armor of the day. Join Cassey, Stacy and our special guest, Linda Lang as we banter the meaning and "verbing" of the word DETRMINED. Are you determined? To do what? Bless your Wednesday.  
February 23, 2022
#276 With Stefan Jeffrey
" A Hero is someone that leaves an impression on your heart and understands your story." says Stefan Jeffrey, our engaging guest joining us all the way from the UK. He credits his father with the gift of teaching him without knowing he was being taught. In the middle of this humble man's busy day, he still dedicates his time to helping young boys stay engaged in their education and making quality life choices, encouraging character and integrity. His life lesson: "Do what you can do when you can do it! "  
February 21, 2022
#275 with Cheri Timko
Marriage is more than a piece of paper and a bas-ass party. Marriage is a decision that you make. Meet or inspiring guest, Cheri Timko.  Cheri is a Psychotherapist and relationship coach, focusing of building and maintaining long term relationships. She reminded us how important it is to just Show Up, in your marriage, your relationships and your life. Her challenge, just do one small thing to bring something positive to relationships.  
February 18, 2022
# 274 Build with Roxana Blair
Remember the old saying," Rome was not Built in a day"? How long does it take to build an empire? Is it just the physical creation of a thing or a space or is the concept bigger ? What are you building? Who are you building? Sit with Stacy, Cassey, and our guest, Roxana Blair, as we conversate about the word BUILD. Sometimes, you don't even realize what you understand about a word until you talk about it. 
February 16, 2022
#273 with Leslie Urbas
 Ladies and Gentlemen, may we introduce our delightful guest, Leslie Urbas, creator of 'Margaritas and Abs'. Dropping in from Jacksonville, Florida, she reminds us all that 'No one on the outside can make you feel any better than you do about yourself on the inside ! Think about that for a minute. To Leslie, a hero is someone who is willing to rescue themselves ! After all, how much you love yourself matters most !! 
February 14, 2022
#272 with Olivia Cook
Meet our dynamic guest, Olivia Cook. Olivia is a Powerful Transformational Mindset Coach for women, walking along side them as they work toward being the best version of themselves possible. Joining us from St. Louis, Missouri, she reminds us all that you have to give from your overflow and take care of You underneath. Her Power thought.." Go out and be a Bad Ass ! " 
February 11, 2022
#271 Truth with James Kawainui
Do you believe there is an ultimate truth? Is Your truth The truth? Is your truth shaped and formed by the lens through which you view life? Relax with Stacy, Cassey and our enlightening guest, James Kawainui, as we look at the view points on Truth. James points out that to him, Truth and Integrity stand equal, both inner things. Your power comes from owning your own truth and living it. 
February 09, 2022
# 270 With Yvonne Caputo
 Never, ever let anyone tell you that it is too late or that you are too old to do something new. You are not behind, just growing into your greatness. We had such a beautiful conversation with our new friend Yvonne Caputo. She is the author of "Flying With Dad" and "Dying with Dad", both remarkable and touching stories. To Yvonne, the word 'Hero' is synonymous with 'Integrity'...and that is her dad.. His word was his bond. She asks the question, "What would you hear if your really Listened?"  Try it out..that listening thing and thanks for stopping by. 
February 07, 2022
#269with Cindy Lish
How many stay at home moms or women in general, have a crazy fear about re-entering the work force, after 3 months or 20 yrs? Well, meet Cindy Lish. She helps those women get back to work. She navigates the journey from fear to believing to realizing dreams and erasing the teaching that it is selfish to take care of YOU. Cindy believes that heroes defy the odds and have a positive impact on the world. Sit back.. Listen in... You can connect to Cindy @
February 04, 2022
# 268 with Adam Rhodes
Is Discernment a form of judgement or wisdom? Oxford dictionary defines discernment as: The ability to judge well."  Others see discernment as arrival at the wisdom to make thoughtful and sound decisions based on knowledge acquired and life experience. How do you define it? Relax a minute with Cassey Holland and Stacy Johnston and enjoy an intriguing conversation with our special guest, Adam Rhodes.  
February 02, 2022
# 267 with Nidhi Mehta
This beautiful lady loves her family, her job and her life. She shows it by living it to the fullest. At Expedia, she states, there is no better work environment she could ask for ! Her hope is that everyone understands that you are the only one that can do YOU. In reality, you are, in fact, the Only person you spend every moment of every day with, no exceptions. So Choose you. Do you. Be you. Engage with us for an uplifting conversation. 
January 31, 2022
# 266 with David Richman
One of the most powerful lessons we can carry from the last 2 years is power and importance of human connection.  Meet our inspiring guest, David Richman. David is the author of "Cycle Of Lives". This book details 16 "heroes" he traveled 5000 miles, BY BICYCLE, to meet in person, to share their journey through cancer. Amazing. His thought about heroes..." They know their superpower and use it for good". Kick back with us and enjoy a powerful story. 
January 28, 2022
#265 Possibility with Mary J Held
Have you ever heard the phrase, "The Possibility is endless!" Do you believe it? Do you see a world full of Possibility or a world or of barriers? To Cassey, Possibility opens the door to options. Our guest, Mary J Held, says that" The thinking about it makes it possible. " In Stacy's view, you decide for yourself what your Possibilities are. Thank you for taking a moment to listen in and explore what the Possibilities are for you. 
January 26, 2022
#264 with Vernita Bowe
It is easy to say, "Live your Best Life !" But how? By believing you can and that you deserve it to start with.. Hang out for a bit with Stacy, Cassey, and our guest, Vernita Bowe, and get inspired to do just that ! She reminded us of a few of those tried and true truths such as: Everybody is somebody, Including you! .. And "Meekness is not a form of weakness." Vernita is also the host of 'Restored- A Journey to Healing and Wholeness' Podcast. 
January 24, 2022
#263 Dignity with Dr. Erika Michalski
Oxford dictionary defines Dignity as: " State or quality of being worthy of honor or respect." Does that make Dignity as a composite of your composure, self-esteem, and who you show up as? What does it mean to be seen as a person of real dignity? Is your dignity defined by the company you keep and the words you choose? Relax with Cassey, Stacy and our guest, Dr. Erika Michalski as we lay out 3 concepts of Dignity. 
January 19, 2022
#262 with Larry Blackman
Meet Larry Blackman, the kindest Health Insurance Helper I have ever met. If you need help with your health insurance, you can reach Larry @ 972-217-0987. Larry sees his Momma as his hero. She worked for all she accomplished, maintaining a giving heart all along the way. He also feels like heroes can take pride in their accomplishments because it is all done in the light. While engaged in easy conversation with Stacy and Cassey, Larry pointed out that God loves variety or there would be just one kind of flower. Relax and listen in... 
January 17, 2022
#261 with Linda Lang
Want to explore the mystical side of life? Listen in as Cassey and Stacy have a thought provoking conversation with our special guest, Linda Lang, about your perspective being your navigator though tough situations. Linda also believes we all have the power to be our own hero in this world. Her statement of power ?? " Open your mind to new possibilities ! " 
January 14, 2022
# 260 Challenge with Karen Yates
What is your mind and body reaction to the word Challenge? Does it trigger your instinct to persevere and win or does it call you to retreat? To some, challenge is a call to action, a chance to prove your knowledge and worth. To others, just the thought of another challenge is almost more than they can bear. Kick back with Stacy, Cassey and our special guest, Karen Yates as we Challenge each other to verb this word. 
January 12, 2022
# 259 with James Kawainui
" With love and compassion, all is possible!" Imaging what the world would look like if, even for 1 day, everyone owned this empowering statement.   What an enlightening experience it was to share space with 21st generation Shaman, James Kawainui as he shared his wisdom and knowledge. James shares that his definition of a hero is someone that looks deeper and hold space for you to learn to trust yourself.  
January 10, 2022
# 258 With Roxana Blair
Joining us all the way from London via Amsterdam, our delightful guest, Roxana Blair, shares some sound information and advice. As an On-Line Business Coach who comes along side and shows you how to start and establish your online business, she provides a powerful space for those looking to either make the pivot to business online or those developing multiple streams of income. Relax with us and see the possibilities !! You can connect with Roxana at: 
January 07, 2022
#257 Perspective with Cara Tyrrell
Is your truth The truth or just your perspective? How does Perspective mold the way you see the world? How do you navigate the moment when 2 perspectives on the same moment are polar opposite? Must one be right or wrong? Sit for a spell with us as Cassey, Stacy and our special guest, Cara Tyrrell banter this very topic. 
January 05, 2022
# 256 with Reverend Jeremy Hall
Welcome to 2022 !! May you each find joy and prosperity in the new year. Please listen in as Stacy and guest host, Donna Marie Newkirk, start this new year with a powerful conversation. Meet our guest, Rev. Jeremy Hall. This enlightening chat is focused ethics and the price of conviction. Rev. Hall believes that one of our greatest challenges is deciding who you are and living that truth. After all, you have to know who you are in order to know what you need to do. Don't merely Hope... Decide. 
January 03, 2022
#255 with Ryan Rogers
Retired US Marine and author of 'Lions of Marjah', Ryan Rogers, joined Cassey and Stacy for an intriguing conversation. Ryan also hosts a podcast called "Choices Not Chances" that gives space and voice to active duty and veteran soldiers. We chatted about real heroes, the importance of taking responsibility for your actions, and the challenge to Do Something Bigger than Yourself !!
December 31, 2021
# 254 FOCUS with Alex Pin
Is focus merely a state of readiness for your camera lens or is focus a laser sight on your goal? Could it be that focus is a by-product of your attitude? You have heard it said," Where your focus goes, your energy flows." What is your take on it? Where is your focus going? Listen in as Stacy, Cassey and our special guest joining us all the way from Slovenia, EU, Alex Pin, have a heartfelt conversation about FOCUS.
December 29, 2021
# 253 with Chris Gordon
It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's just Chris Gordon hanging out with us for Episode 115. Not only does Chris dress up like a superhero to entertain his community, he is one simply by what he does daily for others. Chris has a great story, a positive attitude that is contagious and an energy that gets you moving forward. If you need a new perspective on Gratitude and Paying it Forward, this is your moment. Chris's most profound advice .. "Pass on perfection and go for greatness." You can find Chris at:
December 27, 2021
#252 with Dwan Twyford
 On this Christmas Eve,  Remember, " The Truth Is In the Red Letters !!  Please Welcome our Special Guest Dwan Bent Twyford ! What a delightful Lady and a gold filled conversation this turned out to be. It was a truly "Dwanderful" experience. Real Estate expert by day and Queen of the Unicorns by night, she reminds us all the if you succeed or fail you still win. You learned. Dwan is living proof that if you want something, you can find a way.
December 24, 2021
#251 Fear with Tana inskeep
Is FEAR a thing you acknowledge and manage or is it a blessing blocker in your life? Tana Inskeep, our taco and margarita loving mom, stopped back by to engage in a fascinating conversation about just that. Tana sees fear as False Evidence Appearing Real. Another states that fear is merely courage that has not been prayed for yet. What is fear about for you? Hang out with Cassey, Stacy and Tana for an intriguing conversation as they challenge you to sit with the fear and Do It Afraid !! 
December 22, 2021
# 250 with Meaghan Dickinson
You just think you got some challenges.. Meet Meaghan Dickinson, Metastatic Breast Cancer Thriver and creator of She defines the beauty of the concept of a joy list vs a bucket list. In her living wisdom, a hero is someone that shows up, gets it done, faces fear, and sits with the emotions that come. Listen in as she encourages us all not to be afraid to live bigger that yourself.
December 20, 2021
#249 with Jake Doherty
Episode 127 Stacy and Boyd have a fantastic conversation with Jake Doherty. Jake's advice to us is simple: "Keep your options OPEN!" His advice is especially helpful when you feel like you've lost everything. It is in that place that you just might discover a launching pad for something even greater than you had before.  So, "Keep your options OPEN!" and, after you've listened in, you'll understand why that's so important in the journey. Jake is doing great things at!
December 17, 2021
248 Surrender with Angela Quinteros
How much of a pivot would it be for you to see Surrender as a positive vs a negative action? Is surrender the waving of the white flag of defeat or a symbol of peace and salvation? Take a moment in time and engage in a thought provoking conversation with Cassey, Stacy, and our guest for the day, Angela Quinteros, as we banter Surrender and challenge you to define it your own life.
December 15, 2021
# 247 with Tobey Geise
How many of us suffer from body image issues, don't like what you see in the mirror, or have no love for the magnificence of the magic of YOU? Join Cassey, Stacy and special guest, Tobey Geise, as we have a heartfelt and wisdom filled conversation around this very issue. Tobey reiterates and  encourages you to believe you have all the answers you need inside you. Believe.
December 13, 2021
#246 with Koben Puckett
Ladies and Gentlemen, Koben Puckett is living proof that there is more that one way to live your dream. Koben has journeyed from professional bull rider, to critically injured to PBR ProTour Division sponsor of the PBR in Amarillo, Tx. Spend some precious time with Stacy Johnston, Cassey Holland and a young man that is a living model for hope and grit.
December 10, 2021
#245 Gratitude with Kurtis Cross
What is gratitude? Can you say you live a life of gratitude or have a heart of gratitude? Gratitude to many is the base acknowledgement of things we are grateful for. But grateful is a past tense word. Gratitude is owning thanks for the now, the moment. Hang out with Stacy, Boyd and our special guest Kurtis Cross as we banter Gratitude. 
December 08, 2021
#242 Best of 2021 PEACE
Welcome to our 1st episode in our "Best of 2021" series. We hope you will enjoy revisiting some great wisdom and we wish you a very blessed Holiday season.      I have a question for you. Is there peace when you enter a room, or more peace when you leave the room? Do you bring peace to someone's storm? The worst thing to hear when someone sees you coming is, "Here comes chaos!" The best thing to feel when someone sees you coming is, "Here comes peace!" Boyd and Stacy want to encourage you to be a peacemaker wherever you go. Not only does being a peacemaker provide calm in the chaos for others, it gives you a peace of mind as well.
December 01, 2021
#241 with Mary J Held
For those that live each day managing PTSD, the search and need for effective tools is a constant quest. Our recent guest, Mary J Held, is on a mission to share the amazing journey she finally found to manage her PTSD through EMDR therapy. In her wisdom , she reminds us all to 'Never compare your inside to someone else's outside." Come on in, relax, and open a new possibility. 
November 29, 2021
# 240 with Dr. Erika Michalski
We bumped into a self-proclaimed proud, loud, energetic, blonde, Barbie, consultant .. Dr. Erika Michelski, and she had some great wisdom to share. In her mind, a hero is someone who chooses to be useful, sees you as you are, and creates space for who you are. Her life lesson: " Life is hard enough ! Don't make it any harder. Kick back with us and be inspired !! 
November 26, 2021
#239 WILLPOWER with Hope Reger
Do you believe WILLPOWER is a character trait or a product of your attitude? Come hang out with Cassey Stacy, and our guest Hope Reger as we dive into this conversation.  Cassey believes that willpower is a verb to be utilized to move you forward. Hope relates willpower to self discipline, and Stacy puts willpower right next to motivation as a by-product of your approach to life. How about you?
November 24, 2021
# 238 with Aime Hutton
Being bullied is rough. Our special guest, Aime Hutton, can attest to that. On, she coaches teachers, parents and youth mentors to empower young girls to stand strong, learn to be safe from the impact of bullying and carry courage beyond the school grounds. Sit with us and your own experience as we share her acquired knowledge. 
November 22, 2021
#237 Journey with Meaghan Dickinson
The concept of happiness and the joy of life is not a destination, It is a Journey. The magic is in the pieces of grace and wisdom you acquire along the way. In reality, you are on the road you are on. How you navigate the journey and who you become from it is all you can truly control.  Join Cassey, Stacy and our delightful guest, Meaghan Dickinson, as we take a 3 way look at the concept of the Journey.  
November 19, 2021
#236 Focus with Alex Pin
Is focus merely a state of readiness for your camera lens or is focus a laser sight on your goal? Could it be that focus is a by-product of your attitude? You have heard it said," Where your focus goes, your energy flows." What is your take on it? Where is your focus going? Listen in as Stacy, Cassey and our special guest, Alex Pin have a heartfelt conversation about FOCUS. 
November 17, 2021
# 235 with Cara Tyrrell
You know one way we can change the world? Our guest, Cara Tyrrell states that we change the world by raising world ready kids !! Join Stacy Cassey and Cara as she introduces If you connect to this site, you can find a FREE webinar and connection the the Virtual Village  designed for parents and caregivers. Stop by and lets talk raising amazing, whole kids !! 
November 15, 2021
#234 W Dr. Orlena Kerek
In a world bombarded with opinions, schemes, truths, and an overabundance of chatter, we seem to overlook the basics. How do we just stay healthy the simple way ? We have a very delightful guest, Dr. Orlena Kerek, joining us all the way from Spain, to share just that kind of basic yet profound information. As a pediatric physician, she coaches moms, dads, and families how to live healthy to stay healthy. She reminds us:        "The best thing you can give yourself is your happiness... then veggies !!" 
November 12, 2021
# 233 Surrender with Angela Quinteros
How much of a pivot would it be for you to see Surrender as a positive vs a negative action? Is surrender the waving of the white flag of defeat or a symbol of peace and salvation? Take a moment in time and engage in a thought provoking conversation with Cassey, Stacy, and our guest for the day, Angela Quinteros, as we banter Surrender and challenge you to define it your own life. 
November 10, 2021
#232 With Karen Yates
Have you ever wondered what if would be like to just flip the script and do the critically necessary unexpected? Take a real life journey with Stacy, Cassey and our world traveling guest, Karen Yates. She has an incredible tail of transformation from a Pharmaceutical Research Chemist to 4 one way tickets to Bali. She holds to the truth that there is no true, time tested one size fits all path to joy. You have to create the perfect.  
November 08, 2021
# 231 with Jon Sansone
 How big of a challenge is it for us to live in daily Gratitude and Joy !! Take the challenge and try it !! Joining us from the Dallas, Tx Metroplex is Sales Warrior, Jon Sansone. He believes that heroes impact your life in a positive way !! who is your hero? He reminds us that people will judge you on your voice and your handshake. Kick it with Stacy, Cassey, and Jon as we discuss how short life really is. 
November 05, 2021
#230 Self-Less with Mary Moss
 Writing Coach, and owner of Divinely Designed, LLC, the gracious Mary Moss joined Stacy Johnston for a very enlightening conversation on the act of being Self-Less. We agreed that thinking of yourself less and thinking- less- of- yourself are very different indeed and how easily we confuse the two. How do you sit with Self-Less? Let's talk about it ! 
November 03, 2021
#228 with Dayna Colvin
Have you ever wondered what the term "Green Living" really means? Kick back with Stacy Johnston and our Holistic, God loving, plant medicine, warrior, superhero guest, Dayna Colvin, and she will fill you in. She stands behind the concept that heroes never give up and illuminate bravery. Her shared life lesson..." Listen to your inner voice."   
October 29, 2021
#227 Awareness with Devin Tomiak
Is Awareness about personal safety of the hairs on the back of your neck? How much time do you spend "Aware" of the present moment you are in?  Some say awareness comes with its own level of peace. Relax with Cassey, Stacy, and our welcoming guest, Devin Tomiak, as we explore the definition, meaning and practical application of Awareness. 
October 27, 2021
#226 with Dan Wilkz
Dan Wilkz, Podcast host of Cocre8, stopped by to visit with Cassey and Stacy about heroes, life lessons and powerful words of wisdom.  Dan firmly believes in the process of total recovery, that where your focus goes.. your energy flows, and and that Willpower is a Verb .. not a noun.  Listen in, find some hope and gain some powerful experiential wisdom. 
October 25, 2021
#225 with Mary Moss
Our delightful guest, Mary Moss, owns and operates Divinely Designed, LLC, where she helps writers unfold their stories. In Mary's eyes, a hero is wise, patient, strong and shares their gifts. She gracefully reminds all the we are deserving of Grace. Sit with us a bit !! 
October 22, 2021
#224 with Bridget Sicsko
Destiny is defined as 'the events that will necessarily happen to a person or thing in the future.' Do you believe destiny pre-determined or do you design it by the choices you make along the way? Is it all a part of the Grand Over-all Design? Hang out for a minute or two with Stacy, Cassey, and our gracious guest, Bridget Sicsko, as we deep dive into the meaning and concept of Destiny.  
October 20, 2021
#223 with Dick Powell
Not a second of your time will be wasted if you sit for a spell with Cassey, Stacy and our delightful guest, Richard (Dick) Powell. From daily messages of truth and inspiration to operating Earth, Wind, Fire and Water where Dick teaches people how to help themselves, Dick is filled with wisdom and a vast store of knowledge he loves to share. He also brings home the truth that knowledge is not power !! Shared knowledge is power. You can reach Dick at It is worth the time. 
October 18, 2021
#222 with Boyd Hamlin
A special guest, Boyd Hamlin, Author of ACTITUDE: The Attitudes and Actions of a Positive Life, and creator of The Hero Builder stopped by for a chat. We discussed the vital need to instill positive attributes of character and integrity in our children and all those we connect with. Boyd also reminded us that you have to take action if you want your life to travel in a positive way. Relax with Stacy, Cassey and Boyd for a great chat. 
October 15, 2021
#221 Self- Control with Tobey Geise
Do you consider Self-control a characteristic you own? Do you believe it is learned behavior? How do you control Self? Sit down with Stacy, Cassey and our returning guest, Tobey Geise, as we ponder the definition, application and "verbing" of Self Control. 
October 13, 2021
# 220 with Devin Tomiak
Or guest today, Devin Tomiak, is the creator of The Biggies Cards. Meeting all the criteria for SEL's, Biggies Cards are designed to help parents teach their children or students emotional stability and resilience. Surviving the suicide of her brother, Devyn reminds all to go out of your way to connect with people and practice true Empathy by taking the time to notice the signals people give off and meet that need. 
October 11, 2021
#219 with Ryan Rogers
Retired US Marine and author of 'Lions of Marjah', Ryan Rogers joined Cassey and Stacy or an intriguing conversation. Ryan also hosts a podcast called "Choices Not Chances" that gives space and voice to active duty and veteran soldiers. We chatted about real heroes, the importance of taking responsibility for your actions, and the challenge to Do Something Bigger than Yourself !! 
October 08, 2021
# 218 FEAR with Tana Inskeep
Is FEAR a thing you acknowledge and manage or is it a blessing blocker in your life? Tana Inskeep, our taco and margarita loving mom, stopped back by to engage in a fascinating conversation about just that. Tana sees fear as False Evidence Appearing Real. Another states that fear is merely courage that has not been prayed for yet. What is fear about for you. Hang out with Cassey, Stacy and Tana for a spell, it is the perfect season to dive into fear... 
October 06, 2021
#217 Meet the Hosts
Meet The Hosts takes a deep dive into who the Hosts of Un-Caped Heroes and Mid-Week Mind Candy are, Why we do this podcast and , and What we hope to add by the messages we get to share from All Over the World. Both hosts are Internationally Certified Speakers, Trainers and Teachers by trade that soundly believe We are just walking each other home, so be kind. Enjoy a conversation with Cassey and Stacy. 
October 04, 2021
# 216 with Angela Quinteros
How many of us can honestly claim we own a daily 'Attitude of Gratitude'? Our special guest, Angela Quinteros, teaches women how to reclaim their faith to move forward in their life and in their business. She stopped by for a visit with Stacy and Cassey to remind us all that at any moment you can Flip-the-Script and Choose Joy !! 
October 01, 2021
Determined with Craig Shulze Ep. 215
How does "Determination" fit into your vocabulary? Do you define your self as determined individual ? What does that mean to you ? Join Stacy and Cassey and our very special guest, Craig Shulze, offering his wisdom all the way from the "Land Down Under", as we dive into Determined. 
September 29, 2021
#214 with Jenna Kelland
 How do you define Healthy? True Health looks different for everyone because none of us are the same. When Cassey and Stacy had the opportunity to visit with Jenna Sparks, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, author and mom, she defined the concept of holistic nutrition and hopes to bring new insight and understanding to the concept of proper nutrition for Overall.. Holistic, health. Learn with us. 
September 27, 2021
#212 with Erick Deeter Awareness
Is body awareness the same concept as awareness of your surroundings? Step into a deep dive conversation on the concept of AWARENESS with Stacy, Cassey and our special guest, Eric Deeter. Awareness can be defined as: Perception, Precaution, a kinship with, and deep level of connection. What is your definition? 
September 22, 2021
# 211 with Bridget Sicsko
Fellow Podcast Host host of 'The Gathering MVMT', Bridget Sicsko, stopped by to visit with Cassey and Stacy about heroes, life lessons and statements of true power. She reminds that there is a hero inside everyone ! Bridget also points out that community is of the upmost importance and you should choose your tribe well.  Bridget also runs a FREE group called  "Rock The Mic Online". 
September 20, 2021
#210 with Denise Marshall
As our special guest Denise Marshall stated when she stopped by to visit with us, " A real hero is someone who keeps going no matter what. They use failure to propel them forward and utilize fear as fuel." Who fits into this description for you? How do you define the word HERO? Hang out with us and get inspired by the knowledge shared and the wisdom acquired. 
September 17, 2021
#209 PEACE with Mathilde Anglade
If Peace cannot be seen, only felt, Is peace a destination or a state of mind and being?  Peace is not the absence of chaos my friends, but rest in the middle. Peace says, "It will be ok " Sit with us for a spell as Cassey, Stacy, and our special guest, Mathilde Anglade engage in an inspiring and dynamic conversation around the word PEACE. 
September 15, 2021
# 208 w/ Hope Reger
A beautiful soul, Hope Reger, stopped in to share some space with Stacy and Cassey and dropped some great wisdom. Hope operates a business called Grief to Hope where she assists people through the prosses of grief. We had a great chat about heroes, life lessons, and grand statements. Drop in and get inspired. 
September 13, 2021
#207 with Tana Inskeep
The time spent with this young Taco and margarita loving mom was precious time. Tana Inskeep reminds us that if you are willing to feel, you can heal. In this heartwarming conversation with Stacy and Cassey about love and fear and finding your light, Tana defines a hero as someone that comes along and sees light in you. And remember, "It is all Figure-out-able." 
September 10, 2021
#206 FORGIVE with Kyleellen
Is the act of forgiveness actually and act of self-Love ? Is it for You or for Them? Stop in for a few and enjoy a dep dive conversation with Cassey, Stacy, and our guest, Kyleellen, on the act of forgiveness. Do you find it easy to extend forgiveness to other ? When is the last time you forgave yourself? 
September 08, 2021