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Package Design Unboxd - with Evelio Mattos

Package Design Unboxd - with Evelio Mattos

By The Packaging Design Podcast
The Packaging podcast that unboxes everything you need to know about packaging from the people in packaging.
Design, engineering, materials, manufacturing, and how to save the planet with sustainable packaging.

Gain insight into the packaging industry from global experts in topics that range from concept development of packaging to material selection and recycling. Learn the trade tricks from experts that live and breathe packaging every day and level-up your own packaging game.

The Package Design Unboxd podcast is hosted by Evelio Mattos, Creative Director of Packaging Design
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Is Plastic Packaging As Bad As You've Heard? | Ep. 44

Package Design Unboxd - with Evelio Mattos

Luxury Papers for Packaging - Fedrigoni | Ep. 46
A good packaging designer will create a beautiful design, a great one will design an experience that includes how materials can make you feel. We speak to Annette Clayton with Fedrigoni paper from Verona Italy where you'll learn what makes a paper luxury and how brands can use paper to brand themselves without graphics. This is episode 1 of the Package Design Unboxd, Paper Trade Show. Watch the full video on our LinkedIn page Connect with Annette on LinkedIn Follow and support our sponsor IDP Direct Connect with me, Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn
May 7, 2021
Product & Packaging Design with Enlisted Design | Ep. 45
Packaging design powerhouse Enlisted Design has designed packaging for brands like All Birds, Fridababy, Linksys, and so many other brands. Beau Oyler CEO of Enlisted shares their approach to designing product and packaging under the same roof. Enlisted isn't just a packaging design agency, they develop and engineer products and establish the branding, delivering the complete turn key product.  We also learn about the power of Enlisted Design's tools for capturing user data from e-commerce interactions essentially give their team X-Ray specs into the minds of consumers. A data collection process that would have previously cost hundred of thousands is now baked into their process.  If you've ever considered launching your own agency, check out how Beau got started and see what the Enlisted team is forecasting as the future of packaging. Follow Enlisted: Connect with Beau Oyler: Support our sponsors: Get factory-direct packaging manufacturing with Download custom Die Cut Templates for over 700 packaging structures and inserts: Connect with Evelio:
April 21, 2021
Is Plastic Packaging As Bad As You've Heard? | Ep. 44
The number one rated plastics material expert, Dr. Chris DeArmitt talks about his research on plastic and plastic packaging waste. We discuss how to reduce waste, recycle more packaging, and what questions to ask when considering paper over plastics. According to Chris, his research shows that plastic is the greenest material available for most cases. Listen and you be the judge. This episode is a real game-changer, everything you thought you knew might not be as you expect when you follow the facts.  Is plastic the right material for your packaging? I don't know, but this episode may help you ask better questions. Links from the show: According to the Engineering Forums Chris is the #1 rated plastics expert: Learn more about Chris' work here: Download the first chapter of Chris DeArmitt's book a Plastic Paradox available at: Connect with Chris on LinkedIn Support our Sponsor the factory direct packaging manufacturer for luxury brands. Connect with Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn
April 8, 2021
What is Seaweed Packaging? It's NOTPLA | Ep.43
NOTPLA is a seaweed based material used for packaging liquids and now is being turned into heatsealable films that are completely biodegradable and edible. The zero plastics movement is growing and NOTPla is helping the packaging industry look at new ways to develop materials and packagign that does not look like anything we've ever seen. Pierre Paslier is the co-founder and CEO of NOTPla, join us as we learn what NOTPla is doing now, that verticals it serves, and what is in the pipeline for future developments. Get a glimpse into how NOT PLA is making the future of packaging and biodegradable packaging, disappear. Learn more about NOTPla: Connect with Pierre Paslier: Connect with Evelio Mattos: Learn More about our Sponsor IDP Direct:
March 22, 2021
McDonald's Packaging Redesign with Pearlfisher | Ep.42
Why did McDonald's need a packaging redesign, what was being solved, or how long ago did this project kick-off? we get into the details with Matt Sia, Creative Director at Pearlfisher. We discuss Matt's sketching, the pitch meeting, how the designers are presented, and really what it feels like to overhaul one of the biggest brands on earth. The good and the bad. In this episode you get to here it straight from the Creative Director behind the McDonald's packaging redesign, so tune in and grab yourself a filet-o-fish sandwich. Connect with Matt's team at Pearlfisher: Follow them on LinkedIn: Support our sponsors: Luxury packaging manufacturer IDP Direct: Download packaging die cut templates in seconds: Connect with Evelio:
March 11, 2021
Packaging Design and Project Management| Ep. 41
Have you ever wondered how packaging designs and brands navigate timelines And manage all of the moving parts of the complex packaging industry? Have you ever tried to manage your own packaging project from design to manufacturing? Well then you know why project managers are the superstars of the packaging industry. Today we speak with the Project Executioner herself, Megan Gamble a packaging project manager based in Atlanta with clients around the globe. We discuss all of the unseen pitfalls you can encounter when launching your first packaging program. Megan knows this industry from all angles and she also shares how to avoid these pitfalls with proper planning and many of the questions you should ask before you begin. Learn more about our sponsor Intl. Direct Packaging Connect with Megan Young Gamble: Connect on LinkedIn: Email Megan Directly: Contact Megan for a Session: Connect with Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn:
February 18, 2021
Paper, Packaging Design's Secret Weapon | Ep.40
A big part in packaging design is selecting materials. Are the materials strong enough, flexible enough, do they produce the right amount of cushion? But beyond the protective properties of packaging, we need packaging to connect with consumers and the fastest way to do that is through touch. Selecting paper is an artform. Selecting paper for its printability, scuff reduction, and texture that can communicate emotion is critical.  In Episode #40 of Package Design Unboxd, we speak to Sabine Lenz of PaperSpecs. The queen of paper breaks down the power of paper, how it works with foil, ink, and how professional designers need to spec paper for production.  One of the defining characteristics of paper is the tactile connection to the physical world, no glass screens, no digital downloads. Paper makes you feel something real through sight, sound, and ultimately touch.  So for everyone that's designing packaging and want to level up your packaging design toolset - Listen in to Package Design Unboxd. **Leave Some Feedback: What would you like to learn more about in future episodes? Who should we interview in the packaging industry? Did you enjoy this episode? If you did, please leave us a review here. Subscribe to Package Design Unboxd on iTunes ** Learn why Factory-Direct Packaging is the future of buying packaging - Connect with Sabine Lenz: Here's her super necessary website: PaperSpecs Connect with Sabine on LinkedIn Connect with Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn
January 21, 2021
Professional Designers in Packaging Education | Ep. 39
When it comes to packaging design education there are many paths to take and many times we're unclear with where those paths can take you. In this episode we discuss packaging education and the program Gerardo Herrera has built at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California.  Art Center focuses on establishing a solid foundation of design, process, and critical thinking in it's to packaging design.  Staffed by professional designers the packaging program walks students through the basics in packaging 1, then into challenging plastic free packaging systems in packaging 2, and continues onward and upwards with Esko, kongsbergs, and teaching the craft and communication of packaging design. Check out for factory-direct packaging manufacturing - Learn more about the Active Intelligent Packaging Industry Association - Connect with Gerardo Herrera on LinkedIn - ORDER Paleoroo Granola: Learn more about Design Studio Nuovo Connect with Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn -
January 18, 2021
Circular Packaging Design | Ep.38
When you hear the term circular packaging design or circular economy, many people confuse it to mean recycling.  Even though the recycling logo is a möbius loop, the process is generally linear, not circular. In this episode we talk with Paul Foulkes-Arellano founder of Circuthon, founder of the Sustainable Design Alliance, and an advisor at A Plastic Planet. A Plastic Planet as of this recording just helped Unilever's Dove launch their first refillable deodorant packaging. Also check out Paul's Circular Footwear Initiative! Learn how to talk to clients and guide them into more sustainable packaging design solutions. Understand how materials are recycled, what materials aren't, and what it truly means to create a circular packaging solution. Check out for factory direct packaging manufacturing. Connect with Paul Foulkes-Arellano on LinkedIn Connect with Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn
January 7, 2021
How to Design Packaging to Overcome Business Challenges | Ep. 37
How does packaging impact transportation, warehousing, inventory, finance, IT, Automation, even systems management? Learn how fill-rate, box size, and distribution can make or break your business. We talk to Joe Fernandez, Senior Packaging Engineer @ Vera Bradley about how his team focuses on the business of packaging before making critical decisions.  Check out for factory direct packaging manufacturing. Connect with Joe Fernandez on LinkedIn Learn more about Vera Bradley Connect with Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn
December 21, 2020
Generating Packaging Leads on TikTok | Ep. 36
Struggling to generate leads, not sure where to go, LinkedIn not doing you any favors? Maybe it's time you gave Tiktok a chance. Today we talk to Cory Connors or CoryGated, as he's known on TikTok. We discuss what the platform actually is, how to set up an account, what type of content performs well, and how to build an audience. By focusing on delivering useful information and educational TikTok posts, Cory has been able to generate a consistent stream of leads for his team at Landsberg Orora.  If you're not ready to launch into the next Tiktok challenge after this episode or aren't convinced it will deliver leads - reach out to Corygated on Tiktok to learn more. Thanks to this episode's Sponsor: Connect with Cory Conors on: LinkedIn TikTok Connect with Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn
December 18, 2020
Making Good Packaging Design Decisions w/ Adam Peek | Ep. 35
We've all heard E. Adam Peek host his packaging podcast The People of Packaging, so intros episode we turn the tables and ask him a few questions. Gain a new perspective on the future of packaging, insight into labels and the world of Fortis Solutions, and how Adam is writing the first children's book about packaging. Adam has based his career and life on making one good decision at a time. Thanks to Diecut Templates for sponsoring today's episode: Listen to The People of Packaging Podcast Connect with Adam on LinkedIn Thanks to Intl. Direct Packaging for sponsoring today's episode: Connect with Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn
December 9, 2020
Guide to Sustainable Packaging Suppliers | Ep. 34
Not sure where to look for a third party reviewed sustainable packaging supplier? Package Design Unboxd speaks to Guacamole Airplane to find out more about their recently launched Sustainable Packaging Suppliers Guide and what they look for when introducing new suppliers.  Guacamole Airplane is a sustainable packaging and structural design agency based in the Bay Area. Ian Montgomery is GA's Creative Director who shares his approach to sustainability, design, and collaboration. Marisa Sanchez-Dunning is GA's Strategic Planner and the face of the Sustainable Packaging Suppliers Guide.  Thanks to Diecut Templates for sponsoring today's episode: Please connect with Ian Montgomery on LinkedIn Learn more about Guacamole Airplane Check out the Sustainable Packaging Suppliers Guide Connect with Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn
November 30, 2020
How 2 Recycle Labeling & Packaging Design | Ep. 33
Kelly Cramer is the Lead @, a team that helps packaging designers, brands, and consumers learn how to recycle packaging and share the responsibility of recycling packaging today. This goes counter to what we as consumers have experienced historically, where consumers have had 100% of the responsibility to understand how to separate and recycle packaging. Today, communicates how to separate packaging components for increased recyclability and guides brands and packaging designers towards best practices and sustainability certification.  Thanks to Intl. Direct Packaging for sponsoring today's episode: In this episode we dive into the costs of becoming a member, what types of brands should join, and how much recycling rates have increased since the inception of How2Recycle. We discuss a variety of materials, the benefits of each, and how packaging design and sustainability have to work together to insure our future. Thanks to Intl. Direct Packaging for sponsoring today's episode: Please connect with Kelly Cramer on LinkedIn Learn more about How2Recycle Learn more about the Sustainable Packaging Coalition Learn more about Green Blue Connect with Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn
November 23, 2020
Consumer Tracking & Packaging Design | Ep. 32
Dr. Andrew Hurley offers the answer to "Will your packaging design changes deliver a measurable ROI?" His platform Package Insight offers an eye into consumer thoughts, emotions, and how they actually interact with your packaging in a real world environment before you go to market.  Do design trends really drive consumer purchasing patterns or are packaging designers allowing their own preferences and biases dictate the results?  Thanks to International Direct Packaging for their sponsorship: Dr. Andrew Hurley is the founder of Package Insight, a research team that can convert their lab into any environment needed to test packaging design to gather real-time consumer data. Their lab can be a Home Depot one day and a Whole Foods Market the next complete with a refrigerated aisle and everything. By recreating the shopper's environment Package Insight is able to capture over 50 bits of data per second using their eye tracking glasses each consumer is outfitted with in their lab.  A/B test your packaging in real-time against your competition on shelf and learn what consumers are actually looking at when they browse the aisle.  Learn more about Package Insight. Connect with Dr. Andrew Hurley Connect with Evelio Mattos Thanks to International Direct Packaging for their sponsorship: Thanks for listening.
November 16, 2020
Packaging Design for Purpose, Emotion, and Function | Ep. 31
Today’s Guests are Chris Cook & Audra Nebolini, ACDs at CBX. Here's what we discuss and what you can learn more about: Packaging design strategy, what it's like in a major brand strategy session Setting benchmarks for success How brands can communicate purpose using design cues on shelf We discuss how you can take a brand like Clorox who previously was seen as an under the sink product with skull and crossbones for its ability to kill everything and creating a 180 degree turn in the consumer’s perception of purpose. Listen to how packaging and design influences consumers to embrace Clorox today for the safety it delivers. If you’re enjoying the show, please leave us a review whereever you listen to podcasts, it would mean a great deal to me and help others interested in packaging discover the show. Connect with Guests: Audra Nebolini on LinkedIn Chris Cook on LinkedIn Learn more about CBX online Connect with Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn Our Sponsors: Intl. Direct Packaging Because IDP doesn’t source factories, they are the factory. Evelio's number one hidden packaging design productivity hack (shhh nobody looks here so you're the only one I'm telling)
November 9, 2020
The Future of Online Packaging Design Education | Ep. 30
What do professional designers do when they want to learn something new? They can’t always run off to the fanciest packaging design schools. They look for what fits into their busy lives. Online design education, from YouTube to skill share we search for anything to fill those gaps. But what do you do when it’s something as technical as packaging science? You seek out, an online packaging science educational platform that is licensed through Clemson University. Today’s guest is Dr Andrew Hurley - Associate Professor at Clemson University Founder of The Packaging Today Dr Andrew shares how he started The Packaging School, some of the curriculum, and we discuss how this program is the future of packaging education for working professionals worldwide. We also get into packaging sustainability and how to educate yourself when it comes to sustainable materials, certifications, and the questions you should be asking. If you’re enjoying the show, please do leave us a review wherever you listen to podcasts, it would mean a great deal to me and help others interested in packaging discover the show. Follow Dr. Andrew Hurley on LinkedIn Get more information about here Follow Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn Follow the Package Design Unboxd podcast on LinkedIn Evelio's number one hidden packaging design productivity hack (shhh nobody looks here so you're the only one I'm telling)
November 5, 2020
How to Design Packaging for a Smashbrand | Ep. 29
Michael Keplinger joins us to discuss the packaging design and brand building strategies it takes to launch a Smashbrand.  We'll talk about testing, substrates, print processes, and how to view packaging as a start-up or an established brand.  Michael has also launched several of his pwn products bringing that experience to the table when we talk about start-up packaging design and the research you should do before anyone launches a product. Connect with: Michael Keplinger on LinkedIn Smashbrand online Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn Evelio's number one hidden packaging design productivity hack (shhh nobody looks here so you're the only one I'm telling) Listen, Rate, and Review.  Thanks for Listening!
November 2, 2020
Packaging Design Education in Finland's Aalto University | Ep. 28
Markus Joutsela is a Visual Communications lecturer at Finland's famous Aalto University. Markus also founded the Pack-Age program which takes students from every discipline and combines them to create packaging innovation machines that work with some of the world's biggest brands.  Markus and Evelio discuss the types of projects the students collaborate on and how they interact with the brands they work with. We also discuss why there is so much innovation coming from the Nordic region of the world, and the differences in their approach to education.  Connect with Markus Joutsela - LinkedIn Learn more about the Pack-Age program - Aalto University's School of Design & Architecture - Helsinki's Design Week - Connect with Evelio Mattos - LinkedIn Evelio's number one hidden packaging design productivity hack (shhh nobody looks here so you're the only one I'm telling) Thanks to Intl. Direct Packaging for Sponsoring this episode -
October 26, 2020
Print Production for Packaging Design | Ep. 27
With over 35 years of experience in design and print, we only scratch the surface of Lisa’s experience. But lucky for all of us, Lisa has also launched a print production class online to teach you how to design to print and how to successfully translate package design for printing. We discuss the production process, questions every designer should ask, and how to short cut experience by learning production as part of your design education. Lisa's Print Production class at available soon! Connect with Lisa on LinkedIn Connect with Evelio on LinkedIn
October 12, 2020
Rebranding Cannabis Packaging | Ep. 26
In episode 26, we discuss everything you need to know in order to begin designing cannabis packaging.  Our guest Jared Mirsky is one of the most well-known cannabis brand agents in the game today. He's shared his story about growing cannabis brands with his team all over the world and has worked with some of the most notable names in the game.  Whether you're a seasoned packaging designer or just cutting your first box, cannabis if a whole new ballgame. You need to understand the industry and strategies to grow, get noticed, and connect with consumers with experience-driven packaging design. Did you enjoy the show? If you did, let us know and leave a quick review. Connect with Jared Mirsky: LinkedIn Wick&Mortar Instagram Connect with Evelio Mattos: LinkedIn
September 2, 2020
Why You Need Packaging Guidelines | Ep. 25
We speak with Logan Steinfeld, Staples' Manager of Product Design who oversees product development and packaging design to understand not only what packaging guidelines are for, but what they entail.  Logan's team recently launched a 300+ page set of packaging guidelines for Coastwide, a facilities solutions company under the Staples umbrella of brands.  Learn what's included in these 300 pages, why they are so important and why a brand would invest this much time and effort into such an in-depth document. Also learn what what are the critical points needed to be conveyed in all packaging guidelines for start-ups and Fortune 500's. Connect with Logan on LinkedIn: Learn more about Coastwide: And connect with Evelio Mattos:
August 24, 2020
5 Unconventional Questions to Ask Before Every Package Design | Ep. 24
1) What is the product and how many skus will there be to start? For example if the product is a pair of sun glasses and it comes in 10 colors, those are 10 SKUs you will be designing packaging for.  2) How Much? What will the product retail for? The retail price is an indicator to how much the brand may invest in the packaging. It also allows you to analyze the appropriate competitive landscape. Having a baseline for retail pricing can help to begin determining materials, processes, and production methods. 3) How many? What will the initial order quantity be? We’ve all heard start ups say their first order is only 500 units but their second order will be millions of units once some influencer gets it in their hands. Don’t let the promise of high quantities tomorrow affect your decision making today. 4) When? Define timelines. When is the launch date, when does it need to be in stores, and when does it need to ship? 5) How will the product be fulfilled? This is important because knowing if a product is fulfilled by hand vs by machine will impact the structural design and material selection of the packaging. Learn More & Connect with Evelio Mattos:
August 13, 2020
Teaching Youth of Color : 6 Foundations of Design | Ep. 23
Deon Mixon, like so many other designers of color have experienced being the the only African American designer in a design class, a design agency, and in front of the client. Deon developed DesignEye | The Graphic Design Education Game to introduce youth of color to design as a way to communicate concepts, ideas, and introduce them to the possibilities design creates for your future. Deon: "But one thing I never failed to notice was: (1) I'm one of a very few Black American graphic designers in my immediate community and (2) no one really knows what graphic design is!" Listen and learn how this game is designed as an introduction to the six disciplines of design including packaging design.  Learn more about the game on Kickstarter: Connect with Deon Mixon on LinkedIn: Deon's Website: Connect with Evelio Mattos
August 10, 2020
Is Your Packaging Prop 67 Compliant? | Ep. 22
Understanding how Prop 67 impacts your business's packaging design and manufacturing. What it means, and what you need to do including these four things: The name of the manufacturer: 1) The manufacturer, not the reseller, the broker, or the agency that designed it, but the name of the actual manufacturer. This is not an opportunity for your broker to market their brand it’s to provide legal documentation as to where the bag was made. Check your bags, and make sure it’s not promoting a reseller that’s not in compliance. 2) Country where the bag was manufactured, easy. To be clear your bag has to say “Bag Made in (Somewhere)” if it doesn’t you’re not compliant. 3) The PCW content, keeping in mind that 40% is the minimum for medium to large bags and 20% for small and mini bags. “This bag contains 40% PCW or Post Consumer Content” 4) Chasing Arrows state that the bag is recyclable. Putting a please recycle this bag wouldn’t hurt either. That’s it for today, if you want to learn more about packaging design, development and manufacturing please rate, review, and subscribe to Package Design Unboxd and follow us on LInkedIn. Connect with Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn
August 5, 2020
Packaging Water with Boxed Water is Better | Ep. 21
We've all seen those Boxed Water is Better milk cartons, but are they really better? Can they be recycled and how much does that packaging design actually reduce the product's carbon footprint? Find out by listening to the latest episode of Package Design Unboxd.  Rob Koenen, CMO of Boxed Water is Better shares a few key stats from the brand as well as the materials used to create the carton and how Boxed Water is looking to the future of sustainability. Contact Boxed Water is Better: Learn about their 1 Million Trees initiative. Connect with Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn:
August 3, 2020
How to Design Packaging WFH Edition | Ep. 20
How do you design packaging while working from home?  After watching the most recent Underdogs video about Apple's project Pandora I thought it was a good time to share how working from home has changed the package design process.  Watch the underdogs video here if you haven't already seen it: We discuss project management, packaging prototypes, and 3D renders for packaging presentations. I share what's worked for me to become more efficient in working from home from software I use to the processes I deploy to maintain constant client communications.  Books and processes on efficiencies: SCRUM: The Toyota Way: Design Sprints: 3D Renders from Yellow Images: Rate, Review, and Subscribe to Package Design Unboxd. Connect with Evelio Mattos:
July 29, 2020
How to Save Money When You Buy Packaging | Ep. 19
1) The first one that will help you save money is buying packaging directly from manufacturers. What I mean is today most brands are buying through a reseller, sourcing agent, some type of middleman. You’re paying 15 - 25% for the customer service. These resellers also have to source the packaging and find the cheapest factories that allow them to maintain their margins, meaning your packaging isn’t always being produced in the same factory. The risk here is that even your reseller isn’t in control of their supply chain. Save yourself the margin and go factory direct. _________________________________ Number 2: Re-engineer your packaging to find the efficiencies in production. Apple watch for instance comes packed in what feels like a rigid box but is actually a double walled folding sleeve that has a rigid drawer inside. BY not making this drawer box out of the same material for all components they are able to save money on the outer sleeve and apply those savings to the details inside. Anytime you are able to find cost savings, reapply a portion of them back into to the packaging in a way that delights the consumer or makes your packaging more sustainable. These details will deliver an ROI 100% of the time. _________________________________ Numer 3: Resize your packaging. Obviously making your packaging smaller will save money, but it’s not always the solution. What I mean is that you take a look at your product mix and find common sizes that you can combine. A lot of brands out there just have packaging that’s become part of the brand because nobody looks at the system. Take a look at the system and try to reduce your packaging SKU count. Also try to resize your packaging so it works together to deliver efficiencies. There’s been so many brands I’ve worked with that their boxes are meant to be carried out in bags but the bag is 1/2 an inch too narrow so the store associate is forced to have the customer either carry out branded boxes by hand or they fit the boxes into a larger bag. By putting the product in a larger bag, each client is walking out more packaging costs than you may have allotted _________________________________ Number 4: Configure your pallet layout. What? Yes how your master cartons are stacked and fit on a pallet make a huge difference. 1) make sure you evaluate the arrangement on a pallet to enhance cubic efficiency. Things like if your master cartons hang over the pallet will limit how many you can fit into a container. Instead of moving a single container you may require 1 1/2. 2) Calculate carton sizes based on how well they fit on a pallet not how many products fit into the case. Many times brands leave how many items are packed in a carton to the supplier because it’s easiest for them. But by understanding how this impacts your container load you can sometimes save money by determining the best fit and product count inside. Remember size matters. Please Rate, Review, and Subscribe. Connect with me, Evelio Mattos:
July 22, 2020
Packaging Design w/ Liquid Death Mountain Water | Ep. 18
We speak to Mike Cessario about the packaging design for Liquid Death and how they've taken social media haters and made them their biggest source of online marketing featuring Liquid Death's packaging design. We discuss everything from packaging to why so few designers launch their own brands. Designers looking to launch their own brand need to understand the value they bring to the table, where they need help, and how to find it. Mike shares how he launched this brand with Photoshop, a $1500 commercial, and a Facebook page that outperformed all other water brands out there. The iconic can with flaming skull that promises to murder your thirst has more to offer than you may think. Because when you're a scrappy water start up you have to make your packaging design the marketing powerhouse you can't afford not to have. If you're competing in the commodities space this episode is a must! Learn what it takes to get eyeballs on your product before you launch and how to keep the momentum growing. Connect with Mike and sell your soul to Liquid Death: Connect with Evelio Mattos:
July 20, 2020
10 Lessons How To Use Foil In Packaging Design Part 2 | Ep. 17
Part 2 of 10 Lessons for Packaging with Foil. April Lytle or Kurz Transfer Products and I provide key insights into how to use foil when designing packaging.  Be sure to rate, review, and subscribe to the Podcast. If you’ve ever designed packaging with textures and foils, you know there’s a learning curve to doing it right. I want to bring you the opportunity to gain these insights as quickly as possible. I’m joined by April Lytel with Kurz Transfer Products, Kurz has been making foils since the 1800’s so they know a thing or two about foil. Today’s - 10 Lessons for designing with Foil is split into 2 parts to keep it short and actionable. Subscribe, Rate, and Review! Show Links: April Lytle on LinkedIn: Kurz Transfer Products: Kurz Transfer Products Online: Connect with me on LinkedIn:
July 15, 2020
How to Design Packaging for Alcohol Brands - Aether NY | Ep. 16
William Kang and Adrian Ng co-founders of Aether NY talk to us to share their history and celebrate their recent win at the Dieline Awards for clear spirits packaging design. The beautiful bottle for Source One Vodka set a new standard in geometric bottle design, but their not limited to packaging design.  Aether NY has launched many Augmented Reality systems and brand forward apps, Aether NY is moving packaging into whole new territories in user experiences. Listen to learn just how to combine these disciplines under one roof to build the brands of tomorrow. Connect with Aether NY: Web: LinkedIn: Email: Connect with Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn:
July 13, 2020
10 Lessons How to Use Foil in Packaging Design Part 1 | Ep. 15
If you’ve ever designed packaging with textures and foils, you know there’s a learning curve to doing it right. I want to bring you the opportunity to gain these insights as quickly as possible. I’m joined by April Lytel with Kurz Transfer Products, Kurz has been making foils since the 1800’s so they know a thing or two about foil. Today’s - 10 Lessons for designing with Foil is split into 2 parts to keep it short and actionable. Subscribe, Rate, and Review! Show Links: April Lytle on LinkedIn: Kurz Transfer Products: Kurz Transfer Products Online: Connect with me on LinkedIn:
July 8, 2020
Competitive In-Store & Online Packaging Design | Ep. 14
What does it take to design award winning packaging that delivers an ROI for online and in-store packaging? Get a behind the scenes look at Beardwood & Co.'s process for redesigning Hill's Science Diet packaging that spanned over 900 SKUs around the world.  Understand the decisions and strategy that drove the packaging design and how to navigate design for a global online market.  Connect with Sarah Williams: Beardwood: LinkedIn: Connect with Evelio Mattos: Leave some feedback: • What guests should we have on next? • What packaging topic would you like to learn more about? • Did you learn something from this episode? If you did please leave a short review.
July 6, 2020
Ten Commandments of Sustainable Packaging Design w/ Katie Kubrak | Ep. 13
Ever wonder where to get started on sustainable design? Well, this episode of Package Design Unboxd gives you a lot to think about as we dive into sustainable design with Katie Kubrak of Nirvana CPH. Everything from streamlining design for efficiency, understanding material lifecycles, to mono-material design.  Buckle in those ear pods and get ready to take notes.  These Ten Commandments of Sustainable Design are a great way to get started learning how to develop sustainable packaging designs that improve profits and the environment. Learn more about the Ten Commandments of Sustainable Packaging here: Connect directly with Katie on Linked In: And connect with Evelio Mattos on Linked In:
July 1, 2020
How to Win Packaging Design Awards w/ Pentawards | Ep. 12
Ever want to know what it takes to win a packaging competition? Adam Ryan, the Head of Pentawards joins us to discuss exactly what it takes to enter and get noticed by the judges. We get a behind the scenes view of how the judging happens and who some of the judges are.  Connect: Adam Ryan on LinkedIn: Pentawards: Follow us on Facebook: And connect with me, Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn:
June 29, 2020
How CMF and MDD Drive Innovation in Packaging Design | Ep. 11
We speak to Katie Kubrak, Materials and Insights Producer with Nirvana CPH.  Learn how CMF and MDD drive innovation in packaging design, and create consumer connections. Dive into Coatings, Materials, and Finishes before we transition into the Material Driven Design to create a tangible experience for product and packaging.  No matter if you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, this episode will help you rethink the way you consider packaging. Listen, rate, review, and subscribe! Connect with Katie Kubrak: Katie Kubrak Linked In: Katie Kubrak PhD Profile: Katie Kubrak Instagram: Nirvana CPH website: Show Resources: Yuval Noah Harari, 21 Lessons: Nirvana CPH Material Monday articles: Tu Delft University: Politecnico di Milano: Material Experience Lab : MIT Materials Research Lab : Materials Research Science Center : Center for Circular Design: Connect with me, Evelio Mattos on Linked In: Linked In:
June 22, 2020
How Wool is Replacing Polystyrene Packaging | Ep. 10
Woolcool is a new packaging material that's been used for thermal insulation for over 13,000 years. Today it's replacing polystyrene foam insulation one box at a time.  Learn what woolcool is and how this 100% natural material can keep food and pharmaceutical shipments below 40 degrees for days. We speak to  Josie Morris, Managing Director of Woolcool to find out  more about their sustainable mission to replace polystyrene insulation. Learn more about Woolcool here: Connect with Josie Morris on LinkedIn here: Connect with me Evelio Mattos, on LinkedIn:
June 16, 2020
How to Introduce Storytelling into Packaging Design | Ep. 9
We speak to Jess Williams, Founder and Creative Director of Communal Creative in NYC, a branding agency with a passion for storytelling. Learn how the team at Communal Creative immerses itself into each brand to unearth a resonating story that can be supported at every touch point  of the consumer journey.  Jess's experience as Creative Director for Thrillist and early stage Birchbox give her the insight to build startups into brands.  Be prepared to take notes! Connect with Jess: LinkedIn: Studio Site: Or Catch up with me Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn:
June 8, 2020
F&B Packaging Design for Sustainability | Ep. 8
We speak with Valerie Hawks, Head of Production & Sustainability @ Interact Boulder to understand how production supports design in executing at the highest level. We discuss the importance of getting your hands dirty and learning the language of production and manufacturing.  Learn where to begin a career in packaging production. Keep up with Valerie online: LinkedIn: Interact Boulder: Sustainable Packaging Coalition: Lumi: Catch up with me Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn:
June 3, 2020
Packaging Production & Manufacturing w/ Brandi Parker | Ep. 7
We speak with Brandi Parker, Head of Realization @ Pearlfisher where she manages a team that converts designs and ideas into reality. Her extensive knowledge of packaging design and production allows her to know what questions to ask even before a project begins and how to provide designers the direction they need. Learn how to begin your path into a career of production design and packaging as well as how to round out your design knowledge by leaning into packaging manufacturing. Keep up with Brandi online: LinkedIn: Pearlfisher: Catch up with me Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn:
June 1, 2020
Packaging a Brand w/ Alex Center | Ep. 6
Speaking with Alex Center founder of Center Brooklyn and former Design Director at a little brand named Coke, is a lesson in how to build confidence and surround yourself with the right people to create opportunities in design.  We discuss how not studying at an art school is a badge of honor many of us in the design world wear as well as the value and craft of creative production. Alex shares how designing based on gut instincts at a start-up named Vitamin Water changed once you level-up to a mammoth brand like Coke where everything is measured by teams.  Great episode for young and seasoned pros alike to gain insight into the process and thought that introduces consumers to product via packaging. For more information about Alex Center: LinkedIn: Instagram: Skillshare: To connect with Evelio via LinkedIn: ...and catch my packaging Skillshare:
May 26, 2020
What is Sustainable Packaging Design? w/ Tom Szaky | Ep. 5
Everyone talks about sustainable packaging, but what exactly is it? Well, that depends, and our guest Tom Szaky agrees as sustainability depends on many factors.   In this episode we discuss what is sustainability, the business of recycling, and most importantly what designers need to know in order to design sustainable packaging. Tom Szaky is globally recognized for his eco-entrepreneurial successes that allowed some of the world's largest brands to partner with him to reduce packaging waste.   If you've ever considered sustainable packaging design, this is the place to start. He'll layout the exact materials you need to work with, minimum sizes, and what questions designers need to ask. I try to pack in as many questions as I can in the brief time with Tom and if you're interested it's also available on YouTube.   To learn more about Tom Szaky here are the links:  And connect with me, Evelio Mattos
May 20, 2020
Building a Structural Packaging Design Agency w/ Think Packaging | Ep. 4
How do you build a packaging design agency when you're not in a big city known for design? Ask Mat Bogust of Think Packaging and he'll tell you to just start posting and the world will notice! Today, New Zealand is known for some amazing design with loads of award winning packaging design emerging from halfway around the world.  Talking with Mat we go through his process, rough setting, how he builds pristine samples from the start, and why he sings to his clients.  We talk the finer points of ISTA testing, why you won't see Think Packaging becoming a brand agency, and how this packaging rockstar got his start in a haunted warehouse somewhere near London. Learn more about Think Packaging: Follow him on Instagram: Connect on Linked In: Connect with Evelio Mattos: Subscribe - Rate - Review
May 19, 2020
What is Recyclable Packaging? | Ep. 3
Beau Peck Director of Marketing and Zero Waste at The Pro Recycling Group, breaks down the value for packaging designers to understand what happens to your packaging once it's discarded.  We talk about the benefits of pre-sorted recycling of packaging and the downsides to closed lid systems. We also touch on the confusion caused by mixed packaging materials, compostable packaging, and film laminates used in pouch packaging. The rising use of mono material packaging is a key finding, and something to consider for packaging designers looking to move into more sustainable packaging.  Recycling isn't a single system operating under a single protocol, depending on where you live you will experience differences in collection. Beau explains source separation recycling popular in rural areas and small towns. Just because you have curbside closed lid recycling in your area, doesn't mean you design for these commingled systems. Packaging designers need to consider the realities of a global recycling systems. Learn more and contact Beau Peck here: Linked In: Interwest Paper: Connect with Evelio Mattos on Linked In: Subscribe - Rate - Review
May 14, 2020
What is Luxury Packaging Design | Ep. 2
Vincent Villeger, former Director of Packaging at Burberry  discusses what makes luxury packaging powerful, and how to follow your creative instincts to make the right decisions. We answer if primary packaging such as fragrance bottles are even to be considered packaging and discover a new point of view in how to design packaging.  Joins us to discuss what packaging is and isn't, what makes package design elevate itself to be considered luxury packaging, and how you design packaging for the world's most prestigious brands. If you are considering bespoke package design you'll want to know Vincent. Resources: Vincent Villeger Consultancy Follow Vincent on LinkedIn Follow Vincent on Instagram Contact me, Evelio Mattos on Linked In
May 11, 2020
Sustainable Packaging Design Materials | Ep. 1
In our first episode we discuss the realities of sustainable packaging design and what to consider when considering sustainable materials. Our guest is Nikki Withington, owner of Square 1 Packaging Solutions and NPD based in New Zealand. We speak to Nikki about how she helps her clients navigate sustainability from product and packaging design to what happens to their packaging materials long after they're gone.  If you're thinking about sustainable packaging, you are going to want to listen to her tips before you get started designing your next package. Show Resources:  Square 1 : Nikki Withington : Additional Resources:  Book to Read:  The Future of Packaging by Tom Szaky Connect with Evelio Mattos:  Evelio on LinkedIn Evelio's number one hidden packaging design productivity hack (shhh nobody looks here so you're the only one I'm telling)
May 6, 2020