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Unbreakable Investor

Unbreakable Investor

By Austin Lieberman
Join Air Force Veteran turned Portfolio Manager, Austin Lieberman on his behind-the-scenes journey to become an unbreakable investor.

Successful investing requires investors to find the best stocks to invest in and develop the right mindset to hold them long enough to compound their wealth.

In this interactive podcast, Austin will combine more than a decade of military leadership and investing experience to create Unbreakable Investors.

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Kinsey Grant from Morning Brew Interview: Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
This week I sit down with Kinsey Grant (Twitter @KinseyGrant) from Morning Brew (@MorningBrew) and the Business Casual Podcast (@bizcasualpod).I asked Kinsey to be on the podcast because I’m a huge fan of what is doing to spread business and financial literacy to the masses through educational and FUN email newsletters and now podcasts.You can either play the podcast directly in your browser by hitting the play button at the top of this page or find it on your favorite podcast player (links below).This podcast is part of my free investing newsletter. There is an option to pay $5/month or $50/yr if you want to help support the newsletter and podcast. We also appreciate you hitting the heart to “like” this post and sharing it on your favorite social media platforms to help others find us.Subscribe to the podcast, listen, and leave us a review on:Apple iTunesGoogle PlaySpotifyStitcherTopics Discussed & Approximate Timestamps 2:20 Kinsey Intro + How we connected over Twitter + empowering others7:40: Getting over the fear/imposter syndrome of reaching out to high-profile guests9:40: Understanding the importance of hardwork (and a little bit of luck)11:40 How Kinsey got her job at Morning Brew14:40 Why Kinsey started looking for new career opportunities while she was in a job she enjoyed at Thestreet.com19:40 What Kinsey has learned about taking feedback as a journalist/content creator. 21:40 How she’s navigated25:00 Kinsey’s creative process, how she prepares for writing + podcasting and what her week looks like. The best creators are great readers29:40 The origin story of Business Casual Podcast31:40 Kinsey’s Tweetstorm with lessons learned from getting their first 1M podcast downloads.34:40 What’s up next for the business casual podcast36:40 Two things Kinsey is trying to improve on professionally39:00 Obligatory Hot Seat QuestionsKinsey’s favorite episode of morning brewDoes hiring social media people make it feel like you’re in prison?How Kinsey’s mom saved her Instagram life. The Kindest thing anyone has ever done for KinseyMy Key Takeaways Take action - reach out to your idols, the worst thing that can happen is they say noWhen a great opportunity is put in front of you take it! You gotta risk it to get the biscuit.The team at MorningBrew starts creating the next day’s newsletter around 12:00 or 1:00 and covers similar stories to other big magazines. To be successful, we don’t have to invent the next light bulb, but do something meaningful our own way. The team started the podcast without knowing exactly what the format would be and who they would interview (just start!) Get on the email list at
February 4, 2020
Podcast #013 With TripActions Chief Marketing Officer Meagen Eisenberg
Hey Friends, Last year, Sarah and I started a podcast to share our journey investing in Founder-led stocks and hopefully inspire others to get started investing. We took a long hiatus because life got busy, but I’m going to do my absolute best to start publishing a podcast every Monday again. Sarah will be on the show when possible, but it’s tough for us both to get the time to record each week…we will do our best because she truly is the star of the show.This week’s podcast was incredible. I had the opportunity to interview Meagen Eisenberg, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at TripActions. Prior to joining TripActions, Meagen was CMO at Mongo Database (MDB), a company we have owned in our portfolio for more than a year, and before that, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Acquisition at Docusign (DOCU). These are three incredible companies, and in my opinion, Meagen was a big part of what made each of them successful.Here’s a photo of Meagen and one of her daughters which I borrowed from a LinkedIn post of hers.There are two ways you can listen to the podcast. Either directly through this email (above) or on your favorite podcast app (links below). I’d love to know which method you prefer. You can either reply to this email or let me know in the comments below. Apple iTunesSpotifyGoogle PlayCastboxStitcherSoundcloudI really enjoyed talking to Meagen. She is such a talented and authentic leader. Here were my three biggest takeaways. I’d love to know what yours are.Hard work and persistence are key to being successful at anything we do (business, parenting, friendships, etc)Never stop learning. Meagen has 22+ years of experience and has held executive roles at some of the most innovative companies of our time....and she’s still curious/learning every dayParenting (and relationships in general) aren't about quantity (of time), but quality. It's clear that Meagen is a wonderful example for her daughters and other parents as well.And the timestamps for our conversation:0:00 - Intro1:50 - How have you maintained tenacity and work ethic?2:30 - As a leader, how do you know when to push the limits and when to slow down/hold back?5:00 - Explanation of Docusign, MongoDB, and TripActions8:00 - International Women's day10:13 - How have you helped scale such incredible teams/orgs?11:20 - What are you excited about w/TripActions right now?15:12 - Challenges on your radar?17:04 - What makes a successful leader/founder?18:00 - How has the cloud and social changed marketing and your job as a CMO?19:30 - What will be the biggest change in tech and marketing in 5-10 years?20:40 - An area you'd like to see tech improve?22:23 - Your experience as an advisor and how it has made you a better CMO?24:50 - Thoughts on raising your daughters?28:25 - Last time you were late to work?29:20 - Last time you lost an argument with one of your daug
March 25, 2019
FSI 011: Lambda School - A Revolutionary Approach to Education with Co-Founder Austen Allred
I'm honored to have the opportunity to share my conversation with Austen Allred (Twitter @AustenAllred), Co-Founder & CEO of Lambda School (Twitter @LamdaSchool). I walked away from our talk inspired and impressed by what an incredible person Austen is. Check out for complete show notes.If you like the podcast please do us a favor and subscribe, leave a review, and share it on social media. This will really help us grow! Become a supporter of this podcast: Get on the email list at
September 17, 2018
FSI 010: Happiness is the Goal with Brian Stoffel
I really enjoyed my conversation with Brian Stoffel. I am inspired by Brian's approach to prioritizing time with family, how he's aligned his work with his goals, and his ability to apply lessons learned from reading great books to his investing style and life in general. Become a supporter of this podcast: Get on the email list at
September 10, 2018
How To Get Your Kids Started Investing. Jason Moser. The Motley Fool. Founder Stock Investing -- 009
Our guest today is Jason Moser from The Motley Fool (Twitter: @TMFJmo), He's an analyst for The Motley Fool, a grill master, beer enjoyer, and most importantly, a family man. On today's episode we talk about: What three stocks I use to describe Jason, how Jason started investing, how and why he joined The Motley Fool, how he started teaching his daughters about investing, and much more. for the related blog post. Become a supporter of this podcast: Get on the email list at
August 27, 2018
Shopify and Square. Invest In Greatness - 006
During this episode we discuss:1. Our current portfolio value.2. Why I don't worry if people call our stocks "expensive" or "overvalued"3. Earnings reports from two of our companies, Shopify and Square4. What I was missing about Square's growth potential5. Three companies of ours that are reporting their earnings next weekLinks Discussed:Shopify Second Quarter 2018 Earnings ReportSquare Second Quarter 2018 Earnings Report Become a supporter of this podcast: Get on the email list at
August 6, 2018
Why We Invest. Family. Freedom. Fun. - 001
A lot of people make investing sound really complicated. It doesn't have to be. Founder Stock Investing is a show about how our family invests our money. We share our process, our returns, what stocks we own, why we own them, and the emotional aspect of investing. Become a supporter of this podcast: Get on the email list at
July 11, 2018