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Uncharted Chapter

Uncharted Chapter

By Jared Carter
Uncharted Chapter is an immersive audio experience designed to effectively tell the stories of people living with a mental illness. Hosted by Jared Carter.
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Uncharted Chapter: A Bipolar Story - Part 2
In this episode, Jared explains how his experience living with bipolar disorder was shaped by seasonal affective disorder, how grandiosity plays out in episodes of mania, and what part faith plays in his story.
August 25, 2021
Uncharted Chapter: A Bipolar Story - Part 1
In this inaugural episode of Uncharted Chapter we hear the first segment in the story of Uncharted Chapter's creator and host, Jared Carter. Living with bipolar disorder all of his adult life, but only diagnosed at the age of thirty-three, Jared recounts the experience of trying to lead a normal life while suffering from a severe disorder. 
August 10, 2021