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By Unclassical
The classic novel, the playground of literary greats such as Austen, Dickens, the Brontë sisters... but have you actually READ these books? Sisters Katy and Marsha take a closer look at classical texts, expect feminist rants, funny anecdotes, coarse language and general silliness! Needless to say, this isn’t a podcast you want to reference in your coursework!
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Emma part 6 - Stalaglite
Final part of Emma! And I think I hear wedding bells! Lovely vague wedding bells, and if you can bear someone's difficult moods, and general mistreatment, maybe one day, you could get married too
September 20, 2022
Emma part 5 - You are getting a spanking
We had lots of fun recording this one! Scottish angst, and everyone being sassy bitches, and who knew strawberry picking could be so eventful? And please! Has anyone kicked someone in the shins? Asking for a friend...
September 12, 2022
Emma part 4 - Priceless
We are back!! Thank you so much for being patient, you guys are the best! So Emma is continuing flitting between groups, but there's a lot being unsaid and who the fuck gifts a piano forte???
September 05, 2022
Emma part 3 - Introductions
I feel there are a lot of introductions in this episode, but here are the main takeaways, never leave your mates alone to travel with strange men, keep an eye on Jane (seems like a wrongun) and fetch Mr Woodhouse a cozy cup of tea!
July 29, 2022
Emma part 2 - Brother help!
Maybe Emma isn't as good at matchmaking as she thought! But at least her dad is a hedgehog, and it's no time to be grumpy - there's a Christmas party to get to! We are aware of the irony of a Christmas theme, but Katy is fucking obsessed, take it up with her and her cottagecore pursuits.
July 22, 2022
Emma part one - She's not bald like that!
We're back! And what a book to kick off with! The queen of gossip and manipulation is here to cause a ruckus - Emma is in the building! We're loving the gentle cottage core vibe of a quintessential Jane Austen book, and of course the sassy drama. So kick back, relax and see if you can recognise our random niche reference at the end!
July 15, 2022
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd part 5 - Who's from Kent?
Double length episode to wrap up this twisty turny murder mystery! Are you from Kent? Hope you enjoyed this season! We've loved the different characters (especially Caroline, what a fucking vibe)! Did you guess who it was? And are you ready for our next season? We'll be reading Emma! Get your matching mini skirt suits ready! It's time to pay homage to the Queen of Gossip!
June 24, 2022
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd part 4 - Phut!
Right, I mean I know we know men can be condescending arseholes, but why do they have to be so brazen about it?! Jesuis! Get your hot choc and get ready for people to talk entirely through their inflated egos, plus there seems to be something up with one of those parlourhousemaids...
June 16, 2022
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - The Poirot
Finally we got Poirot back in the story!! And it's time to do some damn detecting! But are Poirot's detective skills strange or just shit? Again, sorry for the wind noises, last time we record in a storm!
June 09, 2022
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd part 2 - Stabbinses
I fear Roger may not be long for this world, but the plot doth thicken! Not all is as it appears in the Ackroyd household, who might have a motive for wanting Roger out of the way? And lol, are we nuts or are 'Mitchell Butlers' the best idea ever?? And is our family trauma spin-off podcast too niche for even us? :')
June 02, 2022
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd part 1 - The Gay Metropolis
We are back! And we are delving into our first Agatha Christie! Are we meant to find Poirot so adorable? Is it just us? Do you have any theories of whodunnit? No spoilers! Katy genuinely doesn't know!
May 26, 2022
Turn of the Screw part 5 - Hideously Hard
The final part of Turn of the Screw! And what a turn indeed! Join us and spot all the cock metaphors you can, maybe it could be a drinking game! And who else wants to be Miles for Halloween?! Plus who knew hats were such good paranormal indicators? It's all in this week's episode! We'll be taking a two week break to prep for our next season where we'll be reading... drum roll... Agatha Christie's The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - with the infamous Hercule Poirot! Moustaches and dodgy french accents at the ready!
April 29, 2022
Turn of the Screw part 4 - Did that kiss mean nothing?
Just wow, the safe guarding! Serious TW for child abu$e and why is Miles suddenly becoming the voice of reason?? 
April 22, 2022
Turn of the Screw part 3 - Quintessentially Quint
So. Massive trigger warning for child abu$e and s£xual abu$e. All the adults in this are scum. Henry James. Just wow. Get ready for major victim blaming. And just, well, it does indeed worse. Enjoy what you can, and scream in horror at the rest with us.
April 08, 2022
Turn of the Screw part 2 - Miles of Muff
Part 2 of this convoluted and mysterious tale, and we're sorry because this is one long tangent with a creepy ending! Hats at the ready, there's serious lack of gentlemen to be found, here, in the place, the podcast, a setting, here, there, everywhere.
April 01, 2022
Turn of the Screw part 1 - Scant toe
Wow, Henry James can meander a sentence hey? One of those situations where the show is better than the book? At least we have owls on dicks, scant toes and flaming dicks flying around space to keep us entertained!
March 25, 2022
Lord of the Flies part 5 - A glancing blow?
What a journey! I feel we've traumatised Katy with this one. Sorry it's a long one but what an end to the story! What did you guys make of this one? We're gonna take a two week break while Katy preps our next ready and it's a spooOOoooky one!! Take care! And we'll be back soon!
March 04, 2022
Lord of the Flies part 4 - They've all gone wrong
I don't even know how to describe this episode, I feel if you don't know the story I want to leave it all as a surprise, a horrid, traumatising surprise. So enjoy!
February 25, 2022
Lord of the Flies part 3 - Giggling and Farting
Ok, things are unraveling on the island, the group is breaking up and Simon is just being weird. What do you think the "one syllable word" is? And have they finally found the beast?   Comedy Literature Lord of the Flies William Golding Feminism  Books 
February 18, 2022
Lord of the Flies part 2 - Too many things!
Oh my god, the sh1t be hitting the proverbial fan! And the sass of these kids is too much! We are loving this book, watch out for beasties and get ready to hate on Jack! Piggy for leader! Lord of Flies Comedy Literature  Feminism 
February 11, 2022
Lord of the Flies part 1 - Paley and fatly naked
Welcome back! We are well and ready to traumatise our dear listeners with this harrowing tale of survival and human (hmmm, male) nature! Please be warned there's lots of fatphobia in this book and lots of kids having a terrible time, but also some "whizzo" times too, so swings and roundabouts!
February 04, 2022
Christmas at Pemberley final part - Not weally!
Thank you for bearing with and a very belated - Happy New Year! Marsha is on the mend and we can finally find out what followed Pemberley's dramatic Christmas Day! And how this book (rather abruptly) ends! Thank you so much for all your support this year and we'll be back in a couple of weeks with our new read! xx
January 10, 2022
Christmas at Pemberley part 3 - You've been winkled
Happy Christmas everyone! It's Christmas time at Pemberley, we have ice skating, we have feuds and... well some snogging I think, oh my god, it's Christmas Day and I don't think anyone banged?! They're all too busy going to church! ...well, that's disappointing... sorry about that, we'll make up for it by revealing a new phrase we want to print on merch, it's a cracker (hehehehe!) Have an awesome Christmas and we'll be back on New Year's Eve!
December 25, 2021
Christmas at Pemberley part 2 - Unprecedented
Part 2! It's a Christmas miracle - Lizzie and Darcy at the lodge are having a wild old time! Mary and Joseph's baby is on the way, will Lizzie be able to help?! And there's romance brewing in their absence at Pemberely! These really are precendented times, no, unprecedented times, unpresidented?
December 17, 2021
Christmas at Pemberley part one - Homeless slug
Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, in the lane, Darcy's fisting! Let's get ready to welcome in the festive season with some good old Georgian smut! Expect tightening groins, problematic power dynamics and some lovely Christmas imagery! Back to Pemberley we go guys!
December 10, 2021
Metamorphosis part 2 - I express myself through being gross
The second part of Franz Kafka's 'Metamorphosis', wow, a mental breakdown, a public appeal and sickening apples, the concluding part of Metamorphosis has all the emotions! We really enjoyed this surreal short story, perfect pit stop before we start getting festive! Hope you enjoy it too! Female comedians take a new look at classical literature.
November 30, 2021
Metamorphosis part 1 - Everything's terrible, f*ck off
This is disgusting guys. Like, so grim. There's a gross giant bug, the capitalist arseholes are out to get us and Marsha keeps farting!!! Kinda loving revisiting Kafka, the surrealism is just *chef's kiss*!
November 23, 2021
Jamaica Inn final part - Like a candle in the wind
To be fair!!! I did not see this coming!! Am I slow or is Daphne one hell of a sneaky author?!?! No spoilers here! But what a story - and of course lots of problematic misogyny is in there too! We will be taking a short break before coming back with our new season, but will let you know release dates soon! Have a spooOOOooooky halloween!
October 31, 2021
Jamaica Inn part 6 - Plan the plan you're planning to plan
Jesus, we need to get Mary out of Jamaica Inn, she's in danger and she's getting more attracted to Joss/Jem by the minute! And she just needs to get out! But at least she gets to see some lovely water colours, and what a cliffhanger for our penultimate episode!
October 25, 2021
Jamaica Inn part 5 - Would you like a biscuit?
It's Christmas Day and shit is going down! Jos, stop fucking killing people??!?!! Guys, this a rollercoaster! so much drama! Strap in, and then, please tell us, in your opinion, what is the function of a lighthouse?
October 18, 2021
Jamaica Inn part 4 - 5lutty Tw*ts
Part 4 and it's time to get in the Christmas spirit early! Will it be cozy or will everything be terrible? Terrible, come on, we know, it's going to be terrible isn't it? Plus - let's give it our 5lutty tw*ts across the land some love! 5lutty Tw*ts 4 lyf!
October 11, 2021
Jamaica Inn part 3 - Whistle while you're exploited
That Joss Merlyn is not a nice man! This week we meet a new mysterious character, I wonder if he will be of help to Mary Ellen Yellen, and we find out a bit more about the dodgy dealings going on at Jamaica Inn, dun dunn dunnnnn!
October 04, 2021
Jamaica Inn part 2 - What do horses drink?
Part 2 and it's getting sinister! Jos is not a good man! Who knew... and we meet some new characters! Hold tight (hehe) as this creepy and violent tail unfurls. And, what do horses drink?!
September 27, 2021
Jamaica Inn part 1 - Mary is a gangster too
Series 11 and it's getting into spooky season! We are so pumped for some atmospheric and creepy tales, and the sinister backdrop of Daphne du Maurier's Jamaica Inn seems the perfect place to kick-start pumpkin season! Hope you enjoy!
September 20, 2021
To Kill a Mockingbird part 7 - Who's Pork Bradley?
Final part! Thank you for joining us on probably one of the most challenging reads we've tried to tackle. We hope we did an OK job. I've said it before and I'll say it again, that two extremely enlightening books to read in succession about racism are "The Narrative of William W. Brown. A Fugitive Slave" by William W. Brown and "Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race" by Reni Eddo-Lodge; they're written 170 years apart, but it's particularly apparent in the foreword of Brown's text how similar these books are and how much more work we have to do. We are not the voices you need or should be coming to for an education on racism, but in a world where we need to be actively anti-racist we want to do our part to shine a light on problematic thought patterns (i.e. white saviourism and people of colour's stories being told by white people) which have previously been accepted as shining examples of the war on racism. Thank you again, and we can't wait to start our next read and start getting spooky!
September 03, 2021
To Kill a Mockingbird part 6 - Toading Water
The penultimate episode! We look at the second part of the trial today, we thought we might finish to kill a mockingbird this time, but there's too much bullshit to fit into one episode! TW, this is a r@pe trial and although we know Mayella is lying, this is an example of how all rape victims were (and are) treated at trial, and it's not f8cking ok! It is also not ok to be r@cist or to frame people for crimes they didn't do, nothing is ok, burn it all.
August 27, 2021
To Kill a Mockingbird part 5 - Virgin Mary
It's all kicking off guys! We find out what was under Scout's bed, there are angry mobs of white men going around being aggressive, because their scared of angry mobs of black people causing trouble, even though they're the only one causing trouble... I never said this book had much logic, and the trial begins!
August 20, 2021
To Kill a Mockingbird part 4 - Not so high and mighty now!
Atticus is a real great father huh? Jesus, someone take these kids away from him! The voices of racist white people being given the spotlight over people of colour in a text that is supposed to anti racist, is beyond frustrating! At least we have children having full blown punch ups with southern drawls... TW as always for rape, sexual assault and discussion on racism
August 13, 2021
To Kill a Mockingbird part 3 - Aunty Guns
No, you have a patchy southern accent, and no, that's not a frog at about 50 minutes in, that's Katy burping. This episode takes a long hard look at the weird adults in this book, why is everyone picking fights with kids and punting them? The good old days eh? No, don't abuse kids, I mean, do we have to say don't abuse kids? Jesus, what a book!
August 06, 2021
To Kill a Mockingbird Part 2 - Strip Poker
Wow, we covered a fair bit in this episode! We have dogs with rabies, lost trousers, house fires and a we talk about why is this book considered to be such an important base for conversations about race... and why we think that's bollocks. Apologies for Katy's coughs, she's a diseased child.
July 30, 2021
To Kill A Mockingbird Part 1 - Judging by his tracks
Are you ready to go back to 1930s Southern America? We're jumping into 'To Kill A Mockingbird', get ready for weirdly adult children, misogyny, compromised hygiene and of course to say this book reflects a problematic view on race would be the understatement of the century. Aaannnddd we've officially hit series 10! It was far too hot to celebrate this week, but next week we'll try and crack out the cake!
July 23, 2021
Alice in Wonderland part 3 - All P Aside
Last part of Alice in Wonderland! We've decided not to look at Alice Through The Looking Glass this time round, because, well, it's just descending into full delirium and will be impossible to follow, and we get weird enough while recording and are worried about getting irretrievably lost in the pits of chaos. You'll get a hint in this haha! From haunted steps to crying turtles, sh1t got weird guys! And we will be back with our next season on 22nd July, thank you!
July 09, 2021
Alice in wonderland part 2 - March Hare Burns
Part 2! And we're all not invited to the Mad Hatters Tea Party, but we're all going anyway! We speak a lot about colonial racism in this episode, seriously, everything is so racist, how history is so bad! I know we know this, but f0ck, we need to do so much better not just because of the inequality we still have today, but to atone for all the horrors of the past! And on a lighter note, listen to the end to hear a little tidbit of Marsha's school days!
July 02, 2021
Alice in Wonderland part 1 - Social distance this pr1ck!
NEW SERIES and we're taking a look at a classic I'm sure we all know, but how well do we actually know it? Alice is eloquent as fuck for a 6 year old, no? Why would a fully grown man depict a child as being more mature than they really - oh ok, right, yeah I see what he's doing there. F*ck sake. Yeah, TW for pedophilia. Enjoy! And Don't yeet lizards!
June 25, 2021
Antigone part 2 - Hymen Scream
Is Hymen Scream the best name for a feminist thrash metal band or what? I'm making an album cover, it's going to be a thing. Anyway - trigger warning! This contains all the suicide references (spoiler? It's a Greek tragedy, what did we think was going to happen?) AND! The erasure of women in this is ridiculous!!! They forget Antigone!!! IT'S F0CKING NAMED AFTER HER!!! Thank you for joining us on our journey through The Theban Plays, we hope they've left you entertained and suitably grossed out! We'll be back here on the 24th June with Alice in Wonderland!
June 11, 2021
Antigone part one - R U god tho?
Why is Antigone sorting out everyone else's shit? Antigone might have had things she wanted to do with her life, but no, she's busy sorting all the men out, making sure they all feel listened to and respected and Ismene, shit, has anyone seen Ismene?!?!
June 04, 2021
Oedipus at Colonus pt 2 - You're Welcome
Greek plays are a bit weird, only one character is blind but they all have blind faith! And again - how is this not a comedy?! Who would you cast in our stage version of Oedipus?
May 28, 2021
Oedipus at Colonus part 1 - Colon Wars
Welcome back! We have missed cackling at ridiculous stories so much! What the fuck are Greek plays? This had us cracking up! Join us as we find out what Oedipus has been up to since he got banished for being gross.
May 21, 2021
King Oedipus part 2 - I'll hate you forever
Well, that was... surreal... how is this not comedy?? Well, it all just goes to shit tbh, but in the most weird way, just listen, I think this is one of the most bizarre texts we've looked at. Also! We are going to be taking a short break, but will be resuming the Theban Plays here on 19th May! But don't worry, we will be around before then! Tonight we are doing a livestream on Twitch with N'Calma and we will be doing Instagram lives too! Make sure to keep an eye on our Instagram for those
April 30, 2021
King Oedipus part 1 - it was a cat!
So I (Marsha) read The Theban Plays at school, but fuck, I did not remember how batshit they are! Descend into the surreal with us as we take a look at the festering faeces pile that is Oedipus' life!
April 23, 2021
Rebecca final part - Terrible People
Suicide TW for this episode! Sorry, but how awful are these main characters?! I mean Rebecca is problematic for sure, but DW - you savage!!!! And obviously Maxim is 100% trashy trash, bin, now! That being said, how fun was this book! Thank you so much for listening along with us! We've had so much fun and cant wait to start The Theban Plays!
April 16, 2021
Rebecca part 5 - Goodnight Father Goodman
The world of comedy took a hard hit this week, thank you for all the laughs Paul Ritter, you will be so missed. In the world of Rebecca, Jaysus! It's all kicking off! Danny has properly lost it, what's the deal with the boat in the bay? And also lol, sorry for some reason we spoke about The Amber Spyglass for ages, skip that bit if you don't want spoilers!
April 09, 2021
Rebecca part 4 - Slipper Hands
Slipper hands! Why the fuck are there slipper hands!??? Shit goes down in this episode AND oh my, racism trigger warning! Lots of rants in this one, but also, so much fucking drama!! Strap in guys, put your slippers on your hands - you're in for one hell of a ride!
April 02, 2021
Rebecca part 3 - Cringe on fouckang cringe!
Uggggghhhhh my insides crunch at this episode! DW 2.0, stahhhpppppp!!! Everyone stop, and Maxim jump in the sea, and why do families still need to identify their loved ones bodies when photos are a thing???????
March 26, 2021
Rebecca part 2 - Screaming at rhododendrons
Well DW 2.0 is the house! Manderley to be specific, and it's not smooth sailing at all. Join us as we see what cringe and horrors are awaiting! As we all know, it has been a ridiculous couple of weeks for women, our thoughts are with Sarah Everard's loved ones, she should have been safe and gotten home. And due to that, a lot of this episode is us discussing the police brutality we've seen, the attitudes of men and anything else we needed to get off our chests. Thank you for giving us this platform to discuss these important issues.
March 19, 2021
Rebecca Part One - Island Vanhopping
Ok, I'm a little too proud of that title... Katy is taking us through Rebecca, in this first part we meet the Narrator, aka DW 2.0 (it'll make sense), and the mysterious Maxim, plus the missed opportunity for a book about female empowerment that is Mrs Vanhopper! Hope you enjoy! Sorry if it's a few days late! Let us know what the sound quality is like, however, if it's shit, not sure Marsha knows how to fix it!
March 12, 2021
Little Women Final Part- Rampantly Erect!
What a rollercoaster this episode is! Death, "romance", a bear, more death! Marsha literally cried and then nearly wet herself laughing during this episode. So if you ever wondered what the official voice of  bear sounds like, or want to see how to truly bring the mood down when ending a book - tune in!
February 23, 2021
Little Women Part 6 - For Amy!!
You now Amy was kinda a dick before? Well lol, I guess karma is a thing because it came for her. But seriously, the way Meg's marriage (ooh spoiler) is dealt with with John is f*d! Like, I know it's old but it's hard to believe anyone would put up with this shit! And Laurie is a dick and it's bullshit his character  gets all the best lines, but he is  hilllllaaarrrrioussss in this, furthering the stereotype that white men can do what they want if they're having a good time.....eye rolllllllllllll
February 17, 2021
Little Women Part 5 - The Dark Days
Oh gaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd! It's all happening guys! They're dropping like flies and Jo's got it worst, not really, she just talks more than anyone else. Join us as we see the unravelling of the Marchs' (Marches?), will Marmee save the day? Will Katy drop more spoilers about the whole plot? Time will tell...
February 10, 2021
Little Women Part 4 - The Spread Eagle
Part 4! This week is a real mix! We see what awaits Meg when emerges into society, we meet Laurie's tutor Mr Brooke, why taking a break is a bad thing and uncover some childhood trauma for Marsha. It's a blast!
February 03, 2021
Little Women Part 3 - Pickled Limes... wtf?
This episode is all things Amy, who is Katy, Amty? Kamy? Anyway, if you were vibing Amy before, get ready to do a swift 180! And that's not just because her questionable taste in snacks!
January 27, 2021
Little Women Part 2 - Are you crying with a rat?
You know what, with a few lighting  and music changes Little Women would make an excellent horror. Join the debate of who is the creepiest March girl, cringe at Jo in general and decide what games you'd play with a rat friend! Oh it's all going on in Unclassical this week!
January 20, 2021
Little Women part 1 - Beth is Meg
Little Women part one is here!! Well 2021, it's... horrific, escape the traumas of today by reliving the traumas of the past! We had so much fun recording this one, how nice is the March family really? Is Katy the family favourite? (obvs). And how charitable are you with your christmas food?
January 13, 2021
A Christmas Carol Special - (And 78 potatoes)
Marsha and Katy get festive by taking a look at A Christmas Carol! What didn't make it into the TV adaptations and what do we really think of Pandora bracelets? Get festive and give it a listen now!
December 24, 2020
Wuthering Heights part 6 - The Horrible Finale!
Wow, this has been quite the journey guys! Remember how in episode one Marsha was feeling sorry for Heathcliff? What a simpler time! What is wrong with all the men in this book??? (The women aren't great either, but the men really take the biscuit this week). Trigger warnings all round, physical and sexual abuse. Without sounding too psychotic, we have had fun with Wuthering Heights, amidst all the horror we've had a lot of laughs. We hope you've enjoyed it as much as us!
December 07, 2020
Wuthering Heights part 5 - Embrace your kinky destiny
Well, are the kids alright? No. They're not.  It's the next generation, and they're just as fucked up as their parents. Find out what Cathy 2.0 is up to now! And someone give poor Nellie a much needed bitch break!
November 30, 2020
Wuthering Heights part 4 - The Season of Rages
We ummed and ahhed over calling part 4 "the one with all the domestic abuse", so yeah, trigger warning, men are trash, especially Heathcliff. Fuck Heathcliff, seriously, you're going to HATE Heathcliff. Enjoy!
November 23, 2020
Wuthering Heights part 3 - Marsha is literally Cathy
In part 3 Marsha and Katy take a look at Heathcliff as adults, and well, lol, make sure you don't miss the showdown at the end of this episode, it's quite something!
November 16, 2020
Wuthering Heights Part 2 - Grabby Cathy!
Well if we've got to sit at home, might as well do it with an episode of Unclassical! This week everyone is having a shit Christmas and we get a deeper insight into the kinks of Miss Cathy and Master Linton!
November 09, 2020
Wuthering Heights Part One - Literally Haunting!
Ooh! Halloween may be over, but this shit show of horror is far from over for the UK. So we're kicking off second lockdown with Katy taking us through Wuthering Heights! It's actually legit chilling! Get Mr Lockwood a wine and listen here first before public release tomorrow!
November 02, 2020
Halloween Edgar Allan Poe Special
Uploaded raw with no editing, can definitely tell the prosecco was hitting at the end! Enjoy! 
November 01, 2020
Squeefest - Victorian Childhood
Marsha and Katy are guesting at Squeefest's 24 hour podcast-a-thon with Dr Squee talking all things Victorian childhood. At this point Dr Squee has been awake for about 18 hours, things are starting to get surreal! 
October 06, 2020
David Copperfield Episode 5 - Final Episode!
That's right! It's the last episode of David Copperfield! What's everyone going to do? Where's everyone going to go? Will Dora throttle David and finally tell him to stop grooming her? Will anyone stop Mr Murdstone extorting and killing women? Any what is in the recording room with Marsha?!
September 07, 2020
David Copperfield Episode 4 - Child wife
We are going to put Davy in the fucking sea! Also, you can play a fun game with this one, how many times can you hear Katy scratching her crotch? #weneedastudio  #doeskatyneedacream Also, Marsha and Katy reveal some worrying truths at the end...
August 30, 2020
David Copperfield Ep 3 - A Lusty Shout
This story gets crazier and crazier, is everyone alright? This week Davey is all grown up but meets people again from his past and his passions are awakened in a new romantic pursuit. Let's see if Davey is attracted to intellect (unlikely) and appreciate Marsha and Katy's lusty shouts!
August 24, 2020
David Copperfield Ep 2 - Fondle the cat
We're loving recording again, and so grateful to everyone tuning in! This week Davey is off to school, which brings up some repressed memories for Marsha... enjoy!
August 17, 2020
David Copperfield Ep 1 - Don't snot on my horse
We're changing the way we do things, we're going to be releasing new episodes weekly but taking slightly longer breaks between books so we can keep bringing hilarious content! Lockdown and isolation hit us hard, and we've struggled with accessing our recording and editing equipment, but now we're back! We're kicking things off by diving into David Copperfield! Join Katy and Marsha as they  look into Davey's disturbing childhood, and find out who snotted on a horse!
August 10, 2020
GUEST APPEARANCE on Knackers in the Breeze
Give her the H! We always have so much fun chatting on Knackers in the Breeze! Check it out to hear if we'd rather be smart or stupid and how we'd stop speeding!  And don't forget to head over to Knackers in the Breeze to rate, review and subscribe! Thanks!  
July 28, 2020
Dorian Gray - pt 5 FINAL Installment!
It's here! The final part of Dorian Gray! While we hope you enjoy this episode, we would like to say that all our content is recorded a few weeks ahead of airing. Therefore, this was scheduled for release before the horrific murder of George Floyd. We are making a conscious effort to include more BAME authors in future episodes and educating ourselves further on racism. Below are some of the podcasts we've been finding helpful. And in the meantime, don't a be a racist prick. About Race Diversity Gap 1619 Code Switch POD Save the People What Matters #BLACKLIVESMATTER Uncomfortable Conversations You're pretty for a... The Intelligence Full thanks and credit for this compilation goes to @betsyfaulkner on Instagram, and obviously everyone who helped create the podcasts.  Thanks and keep safe.
June 10, 2020
Dorian Gray - pt 4 The Evolution of Pernis
Oh Dorian, Dorian, Dorian... you absolute dick. Join Katy and Marsha in their penultimate episode of Dorian Gray as they see Dorian fall into further skirmishes!
May 26, 2020
Dorian Gray - pt 3 Shouting in theatres is rude!
Here it is! Part three of Dorian Gray and it's high time that Dorian introduces his fiance to his besties, what could possibly go wrong...
May 13, 2020
Knackers in the Breeze - Katy and Marsha
Listen to Marsha and Katy answer "would you rather" questions, with Knackers in the Breeze host, Ryan! What has he let himself in for! 
May 06, 2020
Dorian Gray - pt 2 Don't steal my sewing!!
Why are women plants? Why does everyone love incest? And! Don't steal people's sewing!!!!! Join Marsha and Katy as they carry on with their journey through Dorian Gray, we meet truly ridiculous characters in this week's episode, who names a child Sybil?
May 01, 2020
Dorian Gray pt 1 - The We Hate Harry Club
Us being locked up to record this episode seems to be some ridiculously apt plot foreshadowing. Anyhoo, join us as Katy delves into the world of Dorian Gray and we try not to have an aneurysm over the perfect bitch that is Henry-Harry.
April 15, 2020
LIVE SHOW at SuperPod 2020
For a special sport themed episode, Marsha and Katy take a look at the Ancient Olympic Games, victorian swimwear and other sporting oddities throughout history. 
March 30, 2020
Mini Episode- Bleak House
Katy and Marsha are back! This time with a mini episode before their Season 2 launch this spring! Join us on our journey through Charles Dickens’ Bleak House. Can people resist incest? Can people make basic family connections? And will men ever understand the word no?! Follow us on Instagram @unclassical_podcast Email us at And don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe! TW: references to mental health, domestic abuse, murder, imprisonment, sexual assault, incest
February 17, 2020
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! Prepare for 2020 by learning from our cautionary tales! We will be taking a break now but will be back in the spring with new content! Follow us on Instagram @unclassical_podcast Email us at And don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!
January 06, 2020
Jane Eyre pt 4- Am I a House Elf?
It’s the final instalment of Jane’s story, this week Jane meets a new man, find out what an absolute catch this dreamboat is! Or will she pack it all in and flee back to Mr Rochester? Follow us on Instagram @unclassical_podcast Email us at And don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe! TW: references to mental health, domestic abuse, murder, imprisonment, sexual assault
December 17, 2019
Jane Eyre pt 3- Jane Needs Snacks!
The wedding day approaches! But not all is as it seems! Find out what bullshit is instore for poor Jane and will she ever snack again?! Follow us on Instagram @unclassical_podcast Email us at And don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe! TW: references to mental health, domestic abuse, murder, imprisonment, sexual assault
December 02, 2019
Jane Eyre pt 2 - What the actual fuck
So we've met the main characters now it's time to get this pot bubbling, there are no spoilers here, this is batshit, just listen guys!  Follow us on Instagram: @unclassical_podcast Email us at: And rate, review and subscribe!  TW: references to domestic abuse, rape, violence, sex   
November 18, 2019
Jane Eyre pt 1 - Piss off
Katy and Marsha take their first look at Jane Eyre, in part one we see how apparently child abuse is chill, not having ambitions is even more chill and abrupt bluntness is the chillest of all!  Instagram: @unclassical_podcast Email: Remember to rate, review and subscribe!  TW: child abuse, rape ref, death ref, murder ref 
November 04, 2019
P & P pt 5 - Catherine de Twat
It is the final instalment of our journey through Pride and Prejudice, will the Bennet women be left without a penny to their name? Will Mr Bennet ever leave his fucking study?!!   Follow us @unclassial_podcast  Email us at And don't forget to rate, review, subscribe and tell your friends! 
October 22, 2019
P & P pt 4 - Dick Arse, A Musical
This week we look at part 4 of Pride and Prejudice, is there more to Mr Darcy then his lack of conversation and personality? Should people share their knowledge of known paedophiles? Should Katy and Marsha refrain from singing on future episodes? A solid yes all round there guys!  TW: Grooming, generally problematic men
October 11, 2019
P & P pt 3 - Ultimate G
We are gathered here today to learn about the significance of Ultimate G. Open your hearts, your minds and your shot glasses, Ultimate G hath cometh.  Follow us on Instagram @unclasical_podcast Pop us an email at And subscribe, rate and review!  And check out the boys at Knackers in the Breeze!  TW: Most of these come from us getting tongue tied and saying the wrong thing! Domestic abuse, rape, murder
September 17, 2019
P & P pt 2 - Honey Enterprise
Katy continues to take us through Pride and Prejudice. Cringe and recoil at Mr Collins with us as we find out more about what "society" has in store for the Bennet sisters. And please let us know if we should pack in podcasting and start our own honey business! Follow us on instagram @unclassical_podcast Email us at: And please rate, review and subscribe wherever you pod!  TW: rape mention
September 02, 2019
P & P pt 1 - Tissues for your issues?
Katy takes us back to Pride and Prejudice, where we meet the Bennet sisters as we've never seen them before and we take our own walk down memory lane too.  TW: Generally men not being ale to understand the word no, but on the whole a more light hearted episode :) 
August 18, 2019
Tess of the Dubz pt 2 - Flaccid cheeks
Join us as we conclude Tess's sorry tale. There are milkmaids, problematic family dynamics and girls that are nice to each other... which is a big deal apparently.  Music provided by GlideStreetMusic, see what else they've been working on at:  Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @unclassical_podcast TW and SPOILER ALERT:  We discuss sexual abuse, the death of a baby, murder and execution
August 03, 2019
Tess of the Dubz part 1 - Cats in a jiffy!
Join Katy and Marsha as they delve into part one of Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Is Thomas Hardy ok? Is Tess ok? Are men really ok? Who knows! Well, hopefully Katy and Marsha know... fun listening! 
July 17, 2019