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Uncle Scotchy's Storytelling Extravaganza

Uncle Scotchy's Storytelling Extravaganza

By Eric Garcia
Live, Miami based, storytellers gather weekly to tell tales. All stories must be true, and have happened to the storyteller. Those are the only two rules.
Anything else goes.
It might get a bit raw and gritty, but your
Uncle Scotchy says it's ok...
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Uncle Scotchy's Birthday Show!!! - Rio Goes Miami Deep / Scotchy's Existential Bday Thoughts / What Color Are Your Nipples / The Difference Between Bob Griese and Muhammad Ali
What a great birthday! To be joined by incredible people/storytellers like Rio Chavarro, Paulie McPaulerson, & Freddie Stebbins was a true honor! Enjoy and stay Scotchy, my friends. ~ U.S. ~
November 11, 2021
Soda & the Nuns / Dick Champ / The Quest that was 80's Porn / Scotchy's Dad's story again, but better
Another phenomenal week at USSE! Soda Gardoki, Brett Morris, Greg Gibbs, and everyone's favorite uncle came super strong. Hope you enjoy listening half as much as well all enjoyed this one! Stay Scotchy, my friends  ~ U.S. ~
November 04, 2021
Cookie's Courageous Battle / I'd Marry Her If She Wasn't My Grandma / Cristian Tupac De La Iglesia & The Häkson House / Alex & "The Blame Box"
Super strong week! Hope you all enjoy these special stories from: Cookie Fleites, Soda Gardoki, Namdev Lisman, & Alexa "The Lasher" Lash. Each week seems more and more epic. Thanks for taking the ride with me. ~ U.S ~
October 27, 2021
I Was In A Cult / Freight Train Junkie Adventures / Abortion, Catholicism, and Astrology
We had a badass, all female lineup of only 3 this week, because Bar Nancy had a Breast Cancer fund raiser right before our Storytelling night. The three ladies did not disappoint! Brittney Gonzalez relived her upbringing in a cult (which she got out of. Listen to her story and find out how to check her podcast on that very subject). Tara Williams told her first story and really crushed it. Her honesty and demeaner mixed well with the subject matter. Comedienne, Brittany Brave, made her return to the USSE stage with another powerful, well told, And funny monster of a story. I hope you all enjoy as much as I did! ~ U.S. ~
October 13, 2021
Guarding the herpes castle / N***** with a hard "r" / The Company You Keep / Chaos can be Beautiful
Thanks a ton to my reoccurring story-star, Mitch Grosverner;  My long time friend, first time storyteller, Greg Gibbs;  My new friend and first time storyteller; Chris Gonzalez;  and to one of my fav storytellers, Roberto Anaya. Really enjoyed this night and I hope you all do too! Stay Scotchy, my friends! ~ U.S. ~
October 13, 2021
Skateboard Generations / Scotchy retells Boxing Love / A Heartfelt Tribute to Uncle Robert / Normality is Subjective,
I know I say this a lot, but this was truly a special week of USSE. Definitely need to thank Joseph Garcia, Andres Garcia Ruiz, and Jonathon Lewis. ALL OF THEM FIRST TIME STORYTELLERS, and they all knocked it out of the park!!! So, sit back, enjoy this one, and of course stay Scotchy, my friends! ~ U.S.~
September 29, 2021
Best Friend True Love / Something has to Matter / Olive Garden Family / Stripper Chores
Hey nieces and nephews! So much thanks to Regina Castañeda, Lemon Brown, Johanna Blaszkiewicz, and Creighton Bayer for their stories. Enjoy, and stay Scotchy, my friends! ~ U.S. ~
September 17, 2021
High School Crush & Slam Poetry / Bag of Shit in Indiana / The Boyfriend Chronicles / The Pantheon which is Ourselves
Hey nieces and nephews! I want to thank this week's storytellers: Nick Saenz, Grant Tolliver, Elli Sharlin, & Orlando Gonzalez Each storyteller took the time to tell a tale unique to themselves, and don't think for a minute that your favorite uncle doesn't appreciate it. So, enjoy and stay Scotchy, my friends! ~ U.S. ~
September 08, 2021
The Thing You're Gonna Miss the Most / Scotchy's Hall of Fame mini story / Mosh Pit, Cuban Style / Drunk in Iowa / Alexa Lash's tribute to her Grandma
What a night of all female storytellers! Thanks so much to: Cookie Fleites, Lili Castillo, Stephanie Wood, & Alexa Lash. It was definitely a night to remember and that you all should enjoy! Stay Scotchy, my friends! ~ U.S. ~
September 01, 2021
Uncle Scotchy shares his love for dogs, dealing with anxiety during the pandemic, and how storytelling saved him.
Here's a new one from me that takes a dive into love, loss, grief, heartache,  & dealing with my own anxiety issues during the long days and nights of the pandemic. Please enjoy and I hope this might help someone else. Much love, ~ U.S ~
August 25, 2021
I'm Not Like That Anymore / Rotton Pearls, The Test, & Little Cesar / Uncle Scotchy's Dog & Surviving the Pandemic / Cbas Gets High for the 1st Time!
I keep saying this, but this was a special night:) Much thanks to: John Everyman, Sofia Bodniza, and Cbas Mattar. Telling a new story was great for me, but not as great as hearing all their stories!!! Thanks for listening, and Stay Scotchy, my friends ~ U.S. ~
August 24, 2021
Taylor's pop, the dirt race car driver / Amanda's amends to her mother / Freddie's Leukemia and life outlook / Seetha and how comedy saved his life
Super special episode. That's to these storytelling badasses and all they had to bring on this amazing night!!! Listen and enjoy!!! ~ U.S ~
August 18, 2021
Mitch get hammered, Miami style / Namdev's selfless surfing motivation / Dean loses him mother and finds direction / Rodrigo's journey to sobriety
It really turned into a special night with Mitch, Namdev, Dean, and Rodrigo. Hope you enjoy it, and keep sending me your feedback. Cya at a show soon, too! ~ U.S. ~
August 11, 2021
A Fascination with Space / Teabags & Gongs / LIBERTAD! for Cuba / Kissing Frogs & Drinking Newcastle
Hey Nieces and Nephews!!! We had a late scratch, so Mike Valdez was super enough to lead us off with two stories. Martha then told her first story, which was an amazing cry for freedom in Cuba as she recounted her trip to Washington D.C. to march for her people. Marc Cheever then closed the night with a hilarious tale that involved a six foot tall dominatrix, and stories of his life before he met the love of his life and got married. Enjoy and stay Scotchy, my friends!!! ~ U.S.~
August 03, 2021
Sande's story... Uncle Scotchy retells the tale of the passing of his incredible mother and her battle w Alzheimer's
Hey folks..... So, as I work toward my ultimate goal of my Blues Opera (one man show) in 2022, I find it incredibly useful to continue to workshop some of the main tales that are crucial in my life. I found this one a bit better told, added some tweaks, and I think you'll appreciate, if not enjoy it. There are some great tips for any Alzheimer's Care Givers and/or family members. it's important to be able to discuss and understand this devastation disease. Thanks for listening, ~ U.S.~
July 27, 2021
Rio's in the flow / Homie ends Valeria's virginity / Scotchy's Mom's tale, retold / The story of Rusty Cox
Hey nieces and nephews!!! What a special week this was... Storytelling Allstar - Rio Chavarro, Valeria Nanetti, your favorite Uncle, and the great Lonnie Cox laid it down for ya. All you gotta do is put it in your ears! Stay Scotchy, my friends! ~ U.S.~
July 27, 2021
Death rolls downhill / Fish are friends, not food / The little pyramid of life / Roberto gets sappy
What an awesome week with Orlando Gonzalez, Jack Norris, Shira Weitz, and Roberto Anaya Enjoy and stay Scotchy, my friends!!!!
July 21, 2021
Motherfucking Billy / Ode to Roy / Martha and Meaning / Extacy and You Can't Stay Here
Tony Dark, Zach Bugarin, Carly Dagit, and Danny Fallon told some great ones on a night that went funny/sad/sad/funny. Nice little story sandwich:) Enjoy, and stay Scotchy, my friends!
July 13, 2021
Covid saved my life / Bus trip gone sideways / Ring of freedom / This little bitch is a sponge
The stories just keep on flowin!!! This week we had three USSE first timers. Rebecca Marie, Cinda Ann Boisson, Grace Victoria, and Pedro "The Hitman". Thoroughly enjoyed all their stories and super grateful for all the stories and storytellers that have graced my stage. Keep listening. Thank you all, & stay Scotchy, my friends ~ U.S.~
July 07, 2021
Rehab Allstars / Uncle Scotchy's harmonica story / 16 year old devastation / Blowjobs and Mental Health
Hey nieces and nephews!!! Three musicians and a comic walk into a bar...... it's not a joke. That was literally this night's lineup:) Sam Savage, Marcel Salas, and Uncle Scotchy all told their tales and then the dynamic comic, Eli Rodriguez closed the show! Hope you enjoy this week's USSE. Stay Scotchy, my friends.
June 29, 2021
The White Girl Whisperer / Uncle Scotchy's Bluesman Story / Smegma Couch
As they say in Miami, "Pero, Wow!" The Treacherous Three tore shit up this night!!! Mitch Grosverner, Uncle Scotchy, and Danny Benavente told some tales on an actual dark and stormy South Florida night. We hope you enjoy....and stay Scotchy, my friends!
June 22, 2021
Southern Winds / Baby behind bars / Mr. Hope / Nudity sticker
Hell yea... What a loaded potato of stories we had last week! Alex Tarno Mireya Alfonso Johanna Blaszkiewicz & Sharon Pfeiffer ....they all brought the goods that you need in your ear! Till next week...Stay Scotchy, my friends
June 15, 2021
The Rascal / Uncle Scotchy's forgiveness / The little things / Eclair guy
Roberto Anaya kicked the night off with one on how facing his mortality changed everything for him. Uncle Scotchy re-told his story about being heartbroken and learning what it truly is to forgive. Chris Valle recounted his para-triathlon experiences and how he persevered for himself and family. Finally, Brian Powell's life observations and being on both ends of the "namer" game had everyone in stitches. Stay Scotchy, my friends!!! ~ U.S. ~
June 08, 2021
A trip home / Toxic masculinity / The Santos Effect / Making milk in Japan
Hell yea. What a week. Vic Pino recounts his childhood and almost disastrous return home to his native Peru. Salty Sam dives deep on toxic masculinity and what it really means. Kevin Benoit takes us to his fifth grade crush and how it affected the rest of his life existentially. Zach Brugarin talks a trip to Japan, racism, karma, and.....making milk. Enjoy and stay Scotchy, my friends!
June 01, 2021
What's Her Story
On an amazing evening, 5 female storytellers told their unique tales..... Shira Weitz Brittany Brave Carmen Zita Frankie Red Alexa Lash ....All who are to be commended and applauded for their honesty and bravery. Enjoy ~ U.S.
May 24, 2021
1st Storytelling Allstars Extravaganza
So for this very special week, Uncle Scotchy brought back a few of his favorite storytellers to tell some of his favorite stories. He also retold one of his most requested story as well. Susie Krietman Taylor led it off with a great one from her Butts, Boobs, & Botox trilogy. She went "Butt," and did she ever! She even brought in the mold of her ass that the story was built around. Check @unclescotchy on IG for some show pics. Uncle Scotchy followed it up by re-telling the hardships of getting old when a date goes well, bad, well again, really good, and then horribly wrong:) Marcel Salas retold some of the adventures and trepidation he had to endure while being the bassplayer for Mr. 305... Pitbull. Finally, comedian J.P. Kauer came back to re-tell his story of being bullied, what he learned, and even expanded on the original version in a thoughtful and heartfelt way. Next week is "What's Her Story." All females telling their tales. Hope you all check it out!!!
May 17, 2021
A Mexican Vampire Winter
Our first Cinco de Storytelling!!! We kicked it off with Roberto Anaya tale of growing up Mexican, on a border town. Grappling with his identity. Only to come full circle while making tacos in Mexico! It's not a story to be missed. Mitch Grosvenor took the stage second. He explained how the first film he worked on after coming out of a film production university would up being a soft core film with problems up and down! Carly Dagit told a truly heartfelt story next. She opened up about becoming life threateningly sick at a young age and overcoming her fears through the fearlessness of stand up comedy. Gem of a tale. Creighton Bayer is also a comic and closed the show in full suit and tie. The dapper fella told some hilarious stories about ex's and such that will keep you on the hook till the end of this podcast. As always, stay Scotchy, my friends!
May 06, 2021
Do you look with or through your eyes???
This night just keeps getting better and better!!! Salty Sam kicked off the night with an amazing, inspirational, and interactive story about his life and journey to actually becoming "Salty Sam." John Everyman told a super Miami story about banning himself from South Beach due to some sketchy career choices that, while fun, went sideways quickly. Tony Gee recited some of the poetry he used to travel the world reciting and mixed in a fun little boat story in the middle:) Lily is one of Bar Nancy's fav's. She told a for real ghost story that stuck w me till the next day!!! Thanks for listening and stay Scotchy, my friends!!!
May 04, 2021
Uncle Scotchy's Father. A final farewell.
What a great week! 1st time storyteller, Nicky Palmero, sat right down in the leather chair and told us about getting in over his head, a language barrier, and a plane crash he was in. Comedienne, Giovanni Neal, let us know about the behind the scenes goings on with her politically driven podcast/twitter alter-ego, @Blamegirl. Uncle Scotchy was next. He navigated the journey of dealing with his hilarious father's late in life hardships. It's a loving tale that you shouldn't miss. Closing the show was the hilarious Steve Lamm. It was Steve's second USSE story and he did not disappoint. His love for the Grateful Dead and the over 100 shows he's been too definitely gave hims some great story fuel!!! So, enjoy. Tune in again next week. And stay Scotchy, my friends!
April 22, 2021
Rich crackheads and the Reaper
Hi to my nieces and nephews all over the world!!! USSE veteran, Marcel Salas, told a great one about being paid to play in a studio band by a super rich crackhead and their crazy journey to Nashville. Musician/songwriter, Chantel Dukart, was in town and told two mini stories back to back. The first was about some experiences traveling on the road and touring. The second was about living along on the beach and literally tripping out! Another great USSE veteran, Carlos Lopez, was up next. Carlos did not disappoint once again as he told a tale of playing in his high school jazz band and what life lessons it taught him. Comedian, Warren Scott, closed the show with a very well told tale about marriage, divorce, remarriage, getting attacked with an axe, and how to go to a funeral as the Grim Reaper.
April 18, 2021
PETA problems, boxing, & Rio's harrowing tale
Another super fun night in the books! Rebecca Loveless (yes, that's her real name) is a tattoo shop and comedy den owner that recounted her times working for PETA. She needed that insurance and loved animals, but didn't quite know all the rules so she could get her health insurance:) First time storyteller, Aaron Glueckauf, is a professional drummer and up and coming amateur boxer. He takes us through his journey of training to get better while living a, ummmm, musician's lifestyle. Finally, one of our own, Rio Chavarro, did a great job navigating through his story of being a young man in a touring punk band. The pitfalls are deep, so beware. Next week is a stacked lineup as well. So keep listening and stay Scotchy, my friends!!!
April 11, 2021
Uncle Scotchy & the Sheriffs of Noddingham 3/31/21
Hey nieces and nephews!!!  This week, your Uncle Scotchy explains why living with junkies on the beach isn't the worst thing in the world. But when it turns into a poor man's Point Break, it could get a bit sketchy Comedian and 1st time storyteller, Raul Hernandez, told a great one about a love that was not to be; as well as a DWI that fortunately wasn't to be and how it happened! Next up, we had a couple of tandem stories. Ivan Palma and Sam Savage are a couple of professional musicians who have known and played with each other for a loooooooong time. Their story of after hours partying and Sam taking it way too far was straight up hilarious. Closing the show, we had comedian Theodis Samuel (aka. Mr. Goodnight) and musician, Taylor Davis. This super good friends talk about how they met, how they bonded, and the funny assed song that came from it:) Things keep getting better and better, folks! Keep listening and definitely stay Scotchy, my friends:)
April 05, 2021
Uncle Scotchy gets lost in Dale Watson's green eyes 3/24/2021
We had a full house for this one! Uncle Scotchy led the night off with the story of how he got into booking bands and putting on events for a living. All that and how it culminated in a monster event that went sideways and how he handled it. Next up told his story entitled, "The Beastie Boys shaved my head." It was a great one about being 9 years old at camp and basically getting his life forever changed for the better by one bad decision that he made. It was Amarilys' first time even on stage, let alone telling a story in front of strangers, and she did great. She battled through her nerves and recounted her harrowing experience of getting hit in the face with a foul ball at a Miami Marlins baseball game! Master Storyteller, Mitch Grosvenor, closed the night out. His story about his adventures working on the set for the video of the hip hop artist, Goldie, had everyone laughing the night away! Next week we have all tandem storytellers and it should be great. Enjoy this week's stories and stay Scotchy, my friends!!!
March 25, 2021
I Love Breakfast 3/17/2021
St. Paddy's Day proved to be full on interesting stories this year. The Big T returned to the stage to tell a sexy tale not for the faint of heart. Who knew? Comedian, Steve Lamm, sat down and told some fantastic hitchhiking stories from back in the days that that was a thing. Celebrity appearances and colorful characters abound in the well told tale. Another comic, Nadeem Awad, was up next. Everyone loved his story of exploding tacos and getting pulled over while hammered and actually pulling into his own driveway. The back and fourth was awesome, as was the story. Last up, we had the great Brian Powell. As you will come to realize, Brian truly loves breakfast. Find out how much breakfast influenced his life to the point it even led him to his career! That was his first story and we can't wait for the next! Keep on listening, and stay Scotchy, my friends  ~U.S.
March 22, 2021
Ninjas, Pirates, and Sweet Mango 3/10/2021
Hi to all my nieces and nephews out there! A first time story at USSE for Mitch Grosvenor was also first up this Wednesday night and he crushed it. Clearly a natural, Mitch told a great one about a Ninja and Pirate themed party the got busted up by the cops and the hijinx that ensued. Next up, all the way from Lake Worth Florida was Daniel Ferrer. Not only had Daniel not been to a USSE before, he had never been to Bar Nancy! He was a total natural as well. He recounted a story of going shooting with his less than sensible friends and how a near miss cause a potential catastrophe. Thank you Daniel. It was Victoria Bates' first story with us as well. Her story of going to Nebraska to follow dick and getting a tattoo in Omaha. She's a badass bitch, and we loved it. Last up was Roberto Anaya's 3rd USSE story. His sailing story about "executive decisions" at sea go wrong.  Loved this week! Stay Scotchy, my friends!
March 15, 2021
Uncle Scotchy can take a beating with a smile 3/03/2021
We had a tremendous lineup this week and the show was super fun! Uncle Scotchy went up first. He talked about his love for boxing, what he sacrificed, and how it ultimately landed him in the ring with his favorite fighter on the planet. Next up was Carlos Perez telling his second story at USSE. His flow was great as he shared his experience growing up adopted by a very Cuban family and his relationship with the Spanish language. Very Miami! Local comic, Connie Fernandez told an epic adventure story about he travels backpacking thru South America along with all the ups and downs of finally making it to Machu Picchu. Another local comic closed the night out w a great one. Zach Bugarin told a great tale about his love for Japan and Japanese people. Yea, that and how he almost got arrested three times there when he finally went! Hope you enjoy! Until next week, stay Scotchy, my friends!
March 07, 2021
Double Trouble 2/24/2021
It was an epic week of firsts for the extravaganza this week. We had our first tandem story get told seamlessly by Temple Dent and his girlfriend Kara Nicole Smith. They told a very Miami story (even tho they're from Seattle) about their first time in the magic city for a modeling job that went super sideways. That story happened three years ago, but now they just moved here and we're happy to have them:) Next up, the Miami/Cuban comic Regina Castañeda was up. However, her friend, Mel, was in town from New York so she shared her slot with her. Mel's proudly Nicaraguan and told a hilarious story about now some traditional comfort foods may not be so traditional. Regina went up right after w a hilarious tale of going to Cuba w her family, getting lost, and how the Cuban people really communicate! USSE Allstar, Rio Chavarro, was up next. His story of getting bit as a child by a venomous snake, growing up, taking magic mushrooms with women, and finally staring death down in the form of a snake once more was one of my favorite of all his tales. Lastly, Namdev Lisman, told his very first story on stage. He recounted his roots, culture shock moving here, the struggles of growing up, and how he was given, lost, and regained his name!!! He was a natural and we loved that one. Stay tuned to the podcast and stay Scotchy, my friends!!!
February 26, 2021
Uncle Scotchy gets big leagued 2/17/2021
Loved this last week of stories! A USSE regular, Lily Castillo told her very first story about being a proud daddy's girl and where she got her musical taste from. Uncle Scotchy snuck in a mini story about having a crush of his snatched away by a pro surfer and a rock star. Azarias Daniels had a very revealing, heartfelt, and honest tale about himself and his struggles that everyone truly appreciated. Marcel (one of our storytelling allstars) had a great one about getting beat up, a puppy, and retribution. Finally, comedian Danny Fallon crushed it with one about growing up and doing dumb shit with your friends:) Keep tuning in! Subscribe and follow. It's just gonna keep getting better and better! Stay Scotchy, my friends!
February 20, 2021
Uncle Scotchy goes from Jewban to Bluesman 2/10/21
Really loved this week!!! Gaby started it off with a powerful tale of all the many hardships she had to endure as a child, then into womanhood, and how she's finally in a good place. It was probably one of the bravest stories we've had yet and we were thankful to her for it. Carlos Perez then lightened the mood significantly with his very Miami story of growing up in Kendall and the kind of mischief that shut a whole place down! Musician, Alexa Lash took a unique approach to her story. She talked about her new song, "She's gonna be fine," what inspired it, and even played excerpts from the beautiful tune with an explanation of the lyrics. Great job, Alexa! Finally, Uncle Scotchy closed the show with the story of how his parents met, his Cuban and Jewish roots, and the tragedies that led to him becoming the Bluesman that he is:) Hope you enjoy all of these. Looking forward to next week's stories already! Till then, stay Scotchy my friends!!!
February 12, 2021
A River Runs Through It 2/03/21
Shit hot episode alert! Alex Ferrer told his first story about growing up in Hialeah and what made his father truly "cool". Travis Roig got into his struggles with mental illness and his love for his wife, Paulie, who had told a story with us not long ago. Tommy Strangie aka. Shelley Novak told a great one about hooking up with the Brad Pitt of gay porn Comedian Danny Benavente made a special appearance with a short tale of growing up looking white, but being Nicaraguan in Wisconsin. Finally, Bar Nancy's actual venue owner, Ben Koufopoulos, talked about family and how he got here...with his very own father and brother in the crowd. Everyone had a blast. So glad we can share. Keep listening and ....Stay Scotchy, my friends!
February 05, 2021
Uncle Scotchy joins the Army 01/27/21
Good times and it just keeps getting better! Hey to all my nieces and nephews out there! Your Uncle Scotchy kicked this night off with how he wound up finding himself in the army, and on the other side of the country when Hurricane Andrew destroyed his parent's house. You'll love how he had to make his way home. Next, 2nd time storyteller and musician, Ivan Palma, told one about leaving a gig in Miami Beach and getting into some trouble while trying to be a good samaritan. This story if very typical of some late night, South Beach bullshit:) Dana Dellacamera told a super fun story next about growing up, life decisions, and listening to her very own "little baby Jesus." I loved this one! Finally, another 2nd time story teller, Roberto Anaya, told a heartfelt tale of falling for a girl and taking a chance on love by driving from Miami to New Mexico to surprise her.  Listen to the very end folks. Uncle Scotchy leaves us with some words of wisdom:) Until, next week, stay Scotchy, my friends!!!
January 31, 2021
Special Feature: Interview w 'Scotchy and his Storytelling Allstars
Uncle Scotchy sits down on stage before last week's Extravaganza  with Bar Nancy venue owner, Ben Koufopoulos, and some of his Allstars who have told multiple stories, and/or make sure they attend each week cause they enjoy the experience: Alexa Lash Rio Chavarro and Marcel Salas. It's a cool little look behind the curtain of how USSE came to be and is developing. Enjoy!!!
January 23, 2021
Lightning Baby 01/20/21
We've got some seriously great content this week from all kinds of different storytellers:) Azalia Palma (wife of another USSE storyteller Ivan Palma) tells a "shocking" story of getting hit by  lightning and discovering she's pregnant. Next, musician and 1st time story teller, Pete Harris, told a tale of playing in Miami's rock n' roll music scene back in the day and making some bad women choices that laid him out. After that we had another 1st time storyteller who hit it out of the park. Uncle Scotchy's very own friend and drummer for their band "Juke", Korian Hannah. Korian spun a tale of his father's achievements and also many shortcomings as a father. He got into how he's still discovering people in his family all over the country to this day, and how all that has made him the amazing father that he is now. Closing the show, we had local comic JP Kauer. JP crushed it w his stories of growing up and dealing with bullies. That and how that made him the man he is today both personally and professionally!!!! People, if you did USSE, all you have to support is SHARE! We're trying to add video each week and hopefully have a big announcement for you in the next month or so. Until then, stay Scotchy, my friends!!!
January 23, 2021
Uncle Scotchy goes to jail 01/13/21
What a week. Your Uncle Scotchy started the night off w stories of surfing when he lived in San Diego and getting thrown in jail in Rosarita Mexico. Then Heather told her heartfelt tales of her addition to love. Marcel returned to tell stories about growing up with an awesome, lesbian mother....who was there to hear it herself! Finally, Alan told the story of just one of the times he was kidnapped. We're all over the place at USSE! But as long as it's true, and about you, we're game. Cya next week and stay Scotchy, my friends:)
January 18, 2021
Crop Dusting to Freedom 01/06/21
What a great and interesting week we had.... The Big T told some great stories, including being a fan of the Miami Heat and his time working at the famous Tobacco Road. Cbas Mattar told a truly heartfelt about his family and the passing of his father. Rio returned to tell a motion picture worthy tale of how his mother and father got to Miami before they met from Cuba and Columbia. Finally, Chris Valle told the tale of how he lost his ability to walk, how his family got him through it, and how we can all be better. That last one left your Uncle Scotchy in tears.... see how you fare. Till next week, stay Scotchy, my friends!!!
January 10, 2021
Uncle Scotchy's acid trip leads to a career in music 12/30/21
Hey and Happy New Year!!! For the last USSE of the year, Uncle Scotchy himself kicked it off w a tale of acid, heartbreak, and how he learned to master the harmonica. One of the top drummers in Miami, Ivan Palma, told a tale of playing in a women's correctional facility, and then getting arrested later for some shady, Miami bullshit. Local comic, Dano La Spada, got in deep with a story of his affair with a married woman, and the possibilities that he might be a father. Finally. another local comic, Raul Colón, tells a funny one about Miami Motel sex, the third input, and when it's time to end it. I hope you guys have been enjoying these slices of real Miami reality. Looking forward to a great 2021 with you all! Stay Scotchy, my friends: US
January 05, 2021
Sande's Story.... a tribute to Uncle Scotchy's mother in story and song
Hello to my nieces and nephews out there around the world... This is a special story about a special woman. My mother's battle with early onset Alzheimer's Disease and what it did to me and my father is something people should hear. If you have dealt with someone personally and directly who has it, know you are not alone. If you have not, this is a little taste of what it is like. Alzheimer's is treated like the dirty little secret that just about everyone has somewhere in their family. Telling stories about it, crying about it, and even laughing about it brings us all closer together. I hope you all enjoy the story and the song that follows. "Sande's Song."
December 26, 2020
Butts, Boobs, & Botox 12/23/2020
What a special Storytelling Extravaganza we had that night! Enrique Galan killed it w stories about funerals, machetes, and crazy mishaps. Uncle Scotchy recounted his mother’s battle w Alzheimers in an observance to Xmas. Susie K Taylor told part 3 or her Butts, Boobs & Botox trilogy,,,and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Roberto Anaya closed the show w a remarkably strong and well told story about being and living as a Mexican. We can’t wait to have him back.
December 26, 2020
Uncle Scotchy's Fart of Love 12/16/20
This was an fun one, folks! Uncle Scotchy kicked off the night going a bit low brow with a story about growing old, a first date, and a fart that resulted in love. Next up was musician, Taylor Davis. TD told a great story of being on the road and dealing with booze and a crazy tour manager in Jersey. After that, he capped it off with a little motivational tale involving meeting an idol of his. Paulie Mcpaulerson is a comedienne, and professional voice over person. (not an easy job, I learned). Her stories of her conservative mother, her sister, her amazing husband, and the lengths they went to keep things spicy in the bedroom were amazing! Last up was Travis the Voice. This guy is a truly professional comic and all around performer. Travis gives us a look under the hood at one of his most popular bits, and goes into his unusual upbringing on a farm. We let Travis run a little long that night because we couldn't get enough of his energy and honest insights. Enjoy and stay Scotchy, my friends!!! US
December 18, 2020
Uncle Scotchy likes Coldplay??? 12/09
This week we have ur truly telling the behind the scenes story of what it took to make it like the singer from Coldplay accidentally play at the venue I was working at....even tho I hated Coldplay!!! Then, the amazing Susie K Taylor lets us hear part two of her trilogy Boobs, Butts & Botox! Sergio Mendez is a local comic who tells a harrowing tale of his escape from a cult in the Georgia woods:) Lastly, local legend, Fonzie, lays down the real deal of what Miami is all about! Hope all my nieces and nephews enjoy!!!
December 12, 2020
Daddy made me do it 12/02/20
We've got 4 strong-assed stories this week! Ryan Bauta is a Miami musical who just turned 24 and both discovers and falls in love with going to strip clubs. 'Scotchy loved hearing about his adventures and you will too! Leetah Fay is a Miami comic by way of Missouri. Her stories about breakups, moving to Miami, and even having an addiction to amphetamines are freakin hilarious. Kevin Benoit is also a stand up comic. His story is about growing up coming from Haiti to America, what it means to be black, online porn, and a literally explosive chicken wing situation turned to disaster! Marcel Salas is an extraordinary bass player and all around musician. Marcel tells a touching tale of growing up in the sort of distant shadow as his father, who was a world class, touring drummer who passed away a few years ago. Beautiful stuff... Enjoy and stay scotchy, my friends!
December 05, 2020
The Eternal Butt of Love 11/25/20
This week we had 3 great storytellers! Oski Gonzalez literally IS music/events/promotion. He lives it. He tells a story of shady deals gone down in the Miami music scene... and about how Uncle Scotchy stole his booking job at the world famous venue, Tobacco Road.;) Enrique Galán, or "Reeks" as his friends call him, is an amazing creature. Reeks talks about growing up in a confusing city like Miami and his adventures as a professional python and alligator wrangler! Susie K Taylor is and amazing actress. She is also a loving wife and mother who tries to give her husband an unusual, and very vain present.  Only come back to get her in the ass. Literally!!! Stay tuned to the extravaganza, and stay scotchy, my friends!!!
December 05, 2020
Uncle Scotchy loses his girl to a son of a peach 11/19/20
Hey there nieces and nephews!!! This is our first recorded episode and it was a great one!! First up was the great John Everyman, a Miami standup comic. John tells tales of driving around Miami while smoking weed, getting caught....and getting away with it! Next we had another standup comic, Jack Norris. Jack talks about being in college, going to his first festival, and how it went sideways. Antonio Gutierrez is a man of many trades. He also has his own podcast on Spotify called "Movie Talk News with Antonio Gutierrez".  He tells a great one about growing up with seizures and eventually becoming an unlikely homecoming king. Finally, we have yours truly and your favorite uncle... Uncle Scotchy. 'Scotchy tells everyone about meeting the perfect girl and then getting his heart broken by a rock star. Enjoy and stay scotchy!
December 05, 2020