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UnDeletable Dad

UnDeletable Dad

By Tracy Poizner
Life coach and parenting strategist Tracy Poizner shares how to strike the tone of fatherhood and transform your post-divorce family dynamic. Neutralize parental alienation, loyalty conflicts and toxic energetic bonds that can linger for years after the break up.
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28. Working on your bluff game PLUS - what is "holding tension"?
Get your 50% discount on Reversing Parental Alienation by going to and using the code PODCAST50 at checkout. And, did you know your attorney can offer you *$1000 off* my next live group Mastermind experience?  BEHIND THE RED DOOR is a brand new 4-month incubator designed for serious growth-minded dads only. You'll be activated in powerful codes of fatherhood and experiment with bringing your new power to life within the safety of a small brotherhood of likeminded fathers.  Investment: $4K. **Contact your attorney for a coupon code to save 25%! NOTE: If your attorney hasn't yet received their personalized code from me , simply forward their contact details to and I'll get it all set up for you!
July 30, 2022
27. Here's what your ex is REALLY so mad about.
I'd love to see you in my next small-group mastermind, which will be a 4-month experience starting in September where you'll practise animating fatherly power codes to create the kind of changes you want to see in your family. Shoot me a message at tracy@undeletabledad.dom for more information and to get on the waitlist.
July 25, 2022
26. Stéphane Jutras on what happens when your teens want to live with you all the time.
Check out Stéphane's podcast The Divorced Dad Diaries via or wherever you go to find podcasts. You can reach me at for more information about the evolution of parenting and consciousness.
May 26, 2022
25. Stéphane Jutras: The Divorced Dad Diaries part 1
What happens when the kids get to choose to be with dad all the time? Check out what Stéphane's kids have to say about their experience in these two podcast episodes from The Divorced Dad Diaries: Episode 7: "Interview with my daughter" Episode 12: Interview with my son" You can reach me with questions or comments at Private coaching and mentorship with Tracy is available by invitation or referral - learn more at
May 02, 2022
24. Victim To Hero with Petra Deeter
Please visit Petra's website at where you'll find a trailer for her new feature-length documentary "Parental Alienation: The Aftermath". She has a Facebook page also called Victim To Hero and her workshop on "Future Communication With Your Child" can be accessed with this link: You can reach me for information about courses and 1:1 mentorship at
April 27, 2022
23. Peter Maestrey asks "Where's the gold in this heap of shit?"
This is part 4 and the final installment of my conversation with filmmaker and podcaster Peter Maestrey. Peter's website is and you'll find all his podcast episodes there. It's also available wherever you listen. There's still time to register for "LIONTAMER: Win Back The Love And Loyalty Of Your Alienated Teenager". To learn more or to get on the waitlist for the next time I run this offer, shoot me a message at 1:1 coaching is available by referral or invitation. Visit to request a free discovery call.
April 14, 2022
22. The Magical Apology
I'll be going deeper into how you can leverage the magic of apology to open a door between you and your alienated teenager in my new UnDeletable Dad community inside of Mighty Networks. It's free to join - sign up here: Learn more about the upcoming group training "LIONTAMER: Win Back The Love And Loyalty Of Your Alienated Teen":
March 30, 2022
21. Reversing Parental Alienation - a free livestream challenge!
Want to learn how to break the spell and win back the love of your alienated child? Join my free livestream challenge Reversing Parental Alienation.  We start on March 23 (replays will remain available until March 30)  Sign up at
March 22, 2022
20. The Absent Father: Peter Maestrey in conversation, part 3
Check out Peter Maestrey's wonderful podcast at I'm loving it even 20 years after my divorce! Join my upcoming free livestream challenge Reversing Parental Alienation and discover how to help your kids find their way back to you without relying on the courts, the government or the mental health profession. Click here to register:   You can reach me at If you're enjoying this podcast, do a favor for the other dads who haven't found us yet and go to Apple Podcasts to leave a rating or a review!
March 15, 2022
2. How much does your ex matter?
Register for my free 3-day workshop "Parental Alienation - A Mighty Challenge" happening in our new community on Mighty Networks from  Wednesday March 23 to Friday March 25. Email me at for more info or jump into the UnDeletable Dad network by clicking here: https://mightychallenge Have you accessed my free Restorative Parenting Quickstart Guide? Grab it here:
March 11, 2022
19. Guiding teenagers: Part 2 of Peter Maestrey in conversation.
Check out Peter Maestrey's wonderful podcast at You are cordially invited to join me in our brand new, very private network called UnDeletable Dad on Mighty Networks. Follow this link to RSVP:
March 11, 2022
18. Peter Maestrey on Divorce - The First Six Months
Check out Peter Maestrey's wonderful podcast "Divorce: The First Six Months" at You'll be hearing more about my upcoming free event about Parental Alienation on our new UnDeletable Dad network on the Mighty Networks platform but if you want to be sure not to miss out, join us there right away. Follow this link for an invitation to Mighty Networks:
March 08, 2022
17. The End of Parental Alienation
It ends with a shift in consciousness and mastery of your emotions. Legacy Mastermind is your chance to make that happen for you in 8 short weeks.  It starts Feb. 17th. Message me at for more information.
February 14, 2022
16. My grandfather's legacy
Here's what I got from my father, and from his father. No way either of them saw this coming! Legacy Mastermind is an executive-coaching level experience for a limited group of dads interested in liberating trapped power, charisma and magnetism so they can rise to the challenge of being a strong, confident leader for their family. Apply for one of only 6 spots available by contacting The investment for this program is $5K, payable in full before the start date of Feb. 15.
February 10, 2022
15. Dismantling the Myth of Modern Fatherhood
Legacy Mastermind is for you if you're ready to stop settling for table scraps and take your place at the head of your family table as the unreachable, legendary father your kids deserve. This 8 week container is limited to 6 participants and it begins on Feb. 15th. Message me at for details.
February 01, 2022
14. On rolling your kayak
Join me for a 3-day training Jan 26-28 on Facebook or off-social if you prefer: Stepfamily Dynamics Bootcamp: Chaos Mastery for Divorced Dads  Sign up free at Looking for a premium 1:1 UnDeletable Dad mentorship experience? Go to and fill out the application form to book a discovery call.
January 21, 2022
13. Merry Xmas, and tell your ego to shove it!
Merry Christmas to you and yours, and I wish you a massive life upgrade for 2022 and beyond!
December 25, 2021
12. Do they really love the stepdad more than you?
If you're stuck spinning on how to get your kids turned back in your direction, do yourself a favor and buy my video course, Restorative Parenting. You'll be back in the drivers' seat in no time. You can even get optional 1:1 support from me as you go through the program! Here's the link: For information about my 1:1 mentorship, reach out to
December 13, 2021
11 Becoming More Magnetic
The Sigma masculine is the one who holds the key to being a magnetic presence for your children. It involves undertaking a journey through your worst fears - your "worst-case scenario" - but the prize is getting to live life with no second-guessing yourself and not allowing anyone else to undermine your power. Contact me at for information about courses and 1:1 private consultancy. Power vs. Force is by David. R Hawkins, MD, PhD.
December 08, 2021
10 Jeff Hoffman
"I'll give you room to fail, but I'm right there". More sage advice from Jeffrey Hoffman in this third part of our conversation about fatherhood after divorce. Jeff is the originator and co-host of the Visible Man discord server, which you can find at If you love this podcast, take a hot second to leave a rating or a review so others can find us! That's an Apple podcast thing - if you're not already listening on Apple or iTunes, you can find it here: You can reach me at with questions or comments. Private clients are accepted by invitation and referral.
November 30, 2021
9 Jeff Hoffman Part 2
With apologies to Jeff Hoffman who was pretty much shut out of this bit of our chat by my non-stop rant! He'll be back with more air time in the next episode.  Subscribe to get bonus member-only content for just $3.99/month! Go to for details. The Visible Man discord server can be accessed at Reach Tracy at for information about courses and 1:1 coaching availability.
November 25, 2021
008 Jeffrey Hoffman of Visible Man (Part 1)
Jeffrey Hoffman: "If I disappeared tomorrow, what do you need to know?" Be sure to check out the Visible Man discord server: Contact me at
November 18, 2021
007 Here's My Take On Fathers' Rights
You might not like it. Well, I hope you like it but it doesn't matter! Reach me to rant (or politely comment) at I'd be glad to add you to the waitlist for the next round of Restorative Parenting, my online program for divorced dads.
November 09, 2021
005 Untangling Parental Alienation
This week I'm sharing a few excerpts from my recent online workshop, Reversing Parental Alienation. I'll focus on how alienation happens and what keeps it going despite all your efforts to make it stop. My upcoming program, Restorative Parenting is designed to put you back in the driver's seat with your kids - to restore your relationships and the family dynamic that got turned upside down from divorce or separation. Register at If you're finding this podcast helpful, do another dad a solid and give us a rating or a review. That will help other divorced fathers get the supportive space and solid advice they deserve.
October 31, 2021
001 Welcome to Undeletable Dad!
To grab my Restorative Parenting Quckstart Guide, click here: To sign up for the Restorative Parenting Online Program (November/December 2021), click here; You can always reach me at Personal coaching is by invitation and referral only. Visit to access the application form.
October 19, 2021