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'Under The Covers' 
From Westminster Libraries

'Under The Covers' From Westminster Libraries

By Westminster Libraries
Each month a guest will be talking about the books on their bedside table. Are they being read or just sitting there? There will be animated discussion, and reading recommendations, for sure, but so much more. It's just the start of a conversation. What career path have they taken, what are their passions? Has reading contributed to any of this? It will also shine a light on the services available in Libraries: Blood pressure checks, anyone?
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'Under The Covers': Episode Four
Alex Edmans’ book ‘Grow The Pie’, one of the Financial Times ‘Best Books of 2020’, was largely written in the study space at Westminster’s Paddington Library. It shows how companies can make profits AND serve society. The Professor of Finance also speaks of how service dogs help people living with PTSD, talks about holistic education and reveals a life-long affection for Agatha Christie novels. His book recommendations are: 'Endless Night' by Agatha Christie and ‘Until Tuesday’ by Luis Carlos Montalvan with Bret Witter. Our music is "Smile From The Mirror" by Crowander, and can be found on freemusicarchive
September 6, 2021
'Under The Covers': Episode Three
Peter Curran, broadcaster and documentary-maker shares his reading choices and more. He speaks of finding ‘a treasure trove’ in the mobile library of his Belfast childhood, the Soho and Fitzrovia communities, interviewing his heroes, and the power of music. He also talks about 'Bunk Beds', the BBC Radio 4 series he co-created with Patrick Marber, to much acclaim. Peter's book recommendations are 'Mayflies' by Andrew O'Hagan and Charles Dickens' 'Great Expectations'. The theme music is "Smile From the Mirror" by Crowander, and can be found on freemusicarchive.
August 2, 2021
'Under The Covers': Episode 2
The second episode features Susie Johns, author, and therapist. She takes us through her book choices but so much more. Susie guides us through how Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT or tapping) can ease stress, help with smoking cessation and phobias, including fear of pigeons! She also talks about Tarot and Astrology in the 21st century, quantum physics, the Body-Mind connection and the Mayfair library community. She loved  'We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves' by Karen Joy Fowler. Our music is "Smile From the Mirror" by Crowander, and can be found on freemusicarchive.
July 5, 2021
'Under The Covers': Episode 1
This is the launch of a new podcast. The first episode features Sara Ashbourne who works in a Westminster library. She’s speaking about books she loves and so much more: her experience of stereotyping, finding the right career path, BAME heritage, writing her own poetry and help for people living with dementia.  Our music is "Smile From the Mirror" by Crowander, and can be found on freemusicarchive.
June 7, 2021