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The Apprentice Entrepreneur

The Apprentice Entrepreneur

By Debbie Adams
What makes a great entrepreneur? It's a million little lessons that we learn from others who have gone down that road.
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038 - Stop Complaining, Start Creating

The Apprentice Entrepreneur

Episode 46 What Napoleon Hill Taught This Newfoundlander
February 03, 2019
045 Monetize Your Wisdom #underthehood
January 06, 2019
043 - Done is better than perfect.
Don't wait to have the ducks lined up - get 'er done. #underthehood
January 03, 2019
042 - Successful Military Transitions
Successful Military Transitions #UnderTheHood
December 23, 2018
041 - Laughter Is Good For The Soul - My Sheep Story
Laughter is good for the soul - my sheep story. #UnderTheHood
December 17, 2018
Ep 040 - It's Neva Too Late
It's Neva Too Late #UnderTheHood
November 30, 2018
039 - Self Employed People Can Get A Mortgage with Guest Earl Smith
Self Employed People Can Get A Mortgage with Guest Earl Smith of Find Earl here: #UnderTheHood
November 26, 2018
038 - Stop Complaining, Start Creating
Stop Complaining, Start Creating #UnderTheHood
November 26, 2018
037 - Plan For Business Success In 2019
Plan For Business Success In 2019 #UnderTheHood
November 22, 2018
036 - Speakers Speak - Guest Dave Carroll
Speakers Speak - Guest Dave Carroll
October 15, 2018
035 - Generous Hearts
Generous Hearts #UnderTheHood
October 15, 2018
034 - Millenial Business Owner - Guest Ashley Butler
Ashley Butler Millenial Business Owner #UnderTheHood
October 15, 2018
033 - Veterans Make Awesome Entrepreneurs
Veterans Make Awesome Entrepeneurs #UnderTheHood
October 13, 2018
001 - Money: The Unconscious Bias
Do you have an unconscious bias towards money. Do you immediately think of those that have made a lot of money, as bad people? Debbie shines a light on this subject today, in podcast number 001. #PeopleCanProfits
October 12, 2018
002 - I Am NOT An Ostrich
Do you regularly review your year to date and course correct where necessary?
October 12, 2018
032 - International Girl Child Day
International Girl Child Day #UnderTheHood
October 11, 2018
031 - Big Dream Entrepreneur
Big Dream Entrepreneur #UnderTheHood
September 30, 2018
028 - You Have The Power To Change Your State Of Mind!
You Have The Power To Change Your State Of Mind #UnderTheHood
September 28, 2018
029 - Customer Service & Brand Storytelling
Customer Service & Brand Storytelling with guest Adam Purcell of #UnderTheHood
September 28, 2018
030- Charge Large
Charge Large #UnderTheHood
September 28, 2018
027 - Does Your Vision For The Future Get U Fired Up Enough?
Does your vision for the future get you fired up enough? #UnderTheHood
September 28, 2018
025 - Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself #UnderTheHood
September 28, 2018
024 - A GREAT BIG dream - am I good enough for this? #UnderTheHood
September 28, 2018
026 - My Story Of Bankruptcy
My Story Of Bankruptcy #UnderTheHood
September 28, 2018
023 - Entrepreneurship and Doormats - are they a good mix? #UnderTheHood
September 28, 2018
022 - Motivation Vison Boards Will Not Get You To 6 Figures
Motivation is driven by what you want, but it also can be driven by what you don't want. #UnderTheHood
September 28, 2018
021 - Forced Entrepreneurs - What's Missing In Most Training
Where's the beef? #UnderTheHood
September 28, 2018
020 - Unconscious Bias Against Making $$ Can Kill Your Biz
My business never had a pulse until I realized this. #UnderTheHood
August 29, 2018
019 - Rant & Roar
Sometimes you just need to Rant & Roar! If you don't know s**t you shouldn't teach it! #UnderTheHood
August 21, 2018
018 - Get Fired Up About The Law Of Attraction
You can do it, put your heart into it! #UnderTheHood #LawOfAttraction
August 17, 2018
017 - Better Together
The most successful businesses are GREAT at collaboration. I, myself, love to brainstorm with about you?
August 17, 2018
016 - Know Your Value
Know your audience, know your value!
August 04, 2018
015 - Show Me The Money!
When you are in business for yourself, it is important to have a proper system for getting paid. Getting a portion up front should be a part of your system.
July 30, 2018
014 - Don't be a doormat!
We all have let it happen from time to time, do not be a doormat!!!
July 17, 2018
013 - Unplug
A break renews initiative!
July 13, 2018
012 - Put It Down On Paper
No matter the situation or the relationship between you, when you start a business relationship, a handshake deal IS NOT recommended.
July 11, 2018
011 - You don't know what you don't know.
We all have to start somewhere, and it is okay to admit that you don't know what you don't know!
July 04, 2018
010 - The Podcastic Duo
I have to say, I just love doing this podcast. Adam of Caring Counts comes in, sets it up I talk for a few minutes, and boom. It is done! Do you have a podcast? If so let me know, I would love to hear it.
June 30, 2018
009 - Double Double
As an entrepreneur you often under price your services when you begin your journey. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as you are still finding out your skill set. As you progress your value increases and thus so should your price!
June 25, 2018
008 - The Shame Game
Entrepreneurship is not easy, and along the way we make mistakes, and gain lots of bumps and bruises. These will make us stronger, but only if we can own them! No Shame!
June 24, 2018
007 - "Peer" Outside Your Market
You have ideas? You have problems? You need inspiration? With the internet and social media, you have an entire world to connect with for support with your business.
June 17, 2018
006 - Crabs In A Bucket
When you are looking for a product or service, before you look elsewhere, look "right here". Support local, support friends, support family.
June 14, 2018
005 - Vulnerability
Entrepreneurs are generally very open about their journey. Sometimes we actually forget how hard it has been, and in reflecting it can be amazing to reflect on how far we have come. Those same stories can help others as well that may be able to identify with the struggles. I love to share my story, because I know that someone needs to hear it.
June 14, 2018
004 - What are you ABLE to do?
As someone with a disability, I can remember a time when I felt that I was unable to do anything. Eventually, I learned to be resourceful and realized that I wasn't going to let it stop me. Stay tuned for a treat at the end, as my creative team and I had a little fun. Btw, you may notice that I am really enjoying my new podcast, and I hope that you are too. Cheers Debbie #Ability
June 07, 2018
003- Why "Under The Hood"?
To get to the heart of what is happening in your business, you have to dig deeper. You have to look under the hood.
June 05, 2018