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The UnderMyCap Podcast - A Minecraft Podcast

The UnderMyCap Podcast - A Minecraft Podcast

By UnderMyCap
The Undermycap podcast is a podcast full of pure fun Minecraft content (as well as off topic). Hosting will be Undermycap, a Minecraft command content creator. Each week we will discuss topics such as news, new implementations and yes, answering your questions.

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The UnderMyCap Podcast [Ep 1]: New Minecraft 1.18 Beta Caves And Cliffs Generation
In todays episode I talk about why I want to do podcasting as well as talk about the awesome new caves and cliffs cave generation and how to get your hands on it. I also talk about why I find copper ore interesting and what I think of its future and mechanics. To view this podcast you can visit I hope you enjoy it! also comment what you want me. If you would like to support me you can also visit
August 24, 2021