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Underrated & Underappreciated

Underrated & Underappreciated

By Underrated Team
This podcast is dedicated to sports legends who we feel have been underrated and underappreciated through the years. Also including live interviews with some of the greats. We will also bring you live sports topics and debates. Make sure you follow up on instagram @underrated_underappreciated_
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Football Friday’s is back!! Dak talks, who’s next to get a Mahomes types deal? And more tune in
Football topics and debates via instagram live with Al and O.J. Follow instagram @underrated_underappreciated_
July 14, 2020
Brandon Ewing interview - Chicago is like the underground Mecca for sure
Interview with Chicago high school basketball legend and former university Wyoming basketball star Brandon Ewing
July 10, 2020
Harvey Thomas Interview- I Just want to tell my side of the story Part 1
This interview is with former Baylor University basketball star Harvey Thomas. Talked about his early beginnings of basketball and a false scandal would seem to be a trending topic wants his name is brought up. This is his first time ever clearing his name. I hope you enjoy
July 10, 2020
Speedy Clayton Interview - To get picked 20th in the NBA draft is like a dream come true
We had a chance to sit down with the nba champion Speedy Clayton. An in depth talk about his basketball career where he’s at today. I hope you enjoy.
June 24, 2020
Patrick Ewing Jr Intervierw
Raw and uncut interview with a Georgetown basketball legend. Good insight on his upbringing and also being the son of a nba legend Patrick Ewing Jr. The highlight the ups and down of his career I how you enjoy 
June 23, 2020