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Under the Safelight

Under the Safelight

By Under the Safelight
A place for film photography and darkroom discussions
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Episode 5: dry plates
In this episode I talk about my experiences using the Rockland tintype parlor kit for dry plate photography can follow me on Instagram at bryce_Randol or email me at Thanks for listening I'll catch you guys next time
July 2, 2018
Episode 04 the paper comparison
In this episode I discussed briefly the difference between RC paper and fiber-based paper. You can follow me on Instagram at Bryce_Randol or give me an email at
May 9, 2018
Episode 03 Split Filter Printing
In this episode I briefly discuss split filter printing and the benefits of it. If you have any questions regarding this episode please feel free to email me at Or message me on Instagram at bryce_Randol keep on printing! #MakePhotosNotFiles
May 1, 2018
episode 02
In this episode I ramble encourageing Experimentation in the darkroom and overcoming personal road blocks
May 1, 2018
Episode 1 intro
In this episode I learn how to use the anchor app, I talk a little about myself and what you need to start a basic darkroom. I’m sure I left out somethings and rambled for 30 min. However in future episodes I’ll make bulllet points and be more organized with my thought! Thank you for listening! Feel free to call in to the app with suggestions or questions, or just to talk! Instagram: bryce_randol
April 6, 2018