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Undetermined: The Podcast

Undetermined: The Podcast

By Jon and Matt
An irreverent blend of humor, politics, philosophies, music, life, and conversation from a couple of Gen X'ers who are always seeking out interesting discussions.
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Special Guest: Godzillionaire

Undetermined: The Podcast

Special Guest: Scott Splawn of The Mad Kings
Scott and his band have been blowing minds in Lawrence, KS for years! (We're a little embarrassed that it took so long for us to have him on). The guy is fierce with a six-string and a mic! (Really, the whole band is amazing.)  Seriously...if you haven't checked out The Mad Kings, do yourself a huge favor and give 'em a listen.  We had a great time getting to know this truly interesting guy and are thrilled to have the Mad Kings join the Dandy McCandy family. P.S. - Have we mentioned that the Mad Kings rock??
May 2, 2021
Special Guest: Coby Ellison (Part 1)
Coby is one fascinating dude who has lived one Hell of a life!  Thanks to (the also amazing) Seven Black for the recommendation! You were right, man. Coby's awesome! Stay tuned for Part 2!!
April 24, 2021
Special Guest: Nick Batterham
As impressive as carving out his place in the Australian music scene with the likes of Blindside, The Earthmen, and Cordrazine is, this is just the tip of the iceberg for Melbourne's Nick Batterham. With a slew of both solo and collaborative projects (the duo Bell Streets, work with acclaimed visual artist Rone, scoring films...etc.) to call him prolific feels like an understatement.  Nick's a fascinating guy with some great stories. (He's also got some pretty amazing friends.) We are so honored that he was gracious enough to share a bit of his journey with us!
April 16, 2021
Special Guest: John Hastie from Nonagon
When our pal Conan Neutron recommends a guest, we know it's gonna be good! John Hastie is both hilarious and awesome! (His band Nonagon kicks ass as well!) should get to know them. Some great stories and fun conversation in this one, folks! Welcome to the family John!!
April 9, 2021
Special Guest: Jason S. Thompson of Little Teeth
Punk rocker/international working man who marries an artist/roller derby queen/childhood friend of Jon's and moves to Munich where he starts a band of ex-pats and locals? We needed to know more! Turns out the dude and his band Little Teeth are legit. Looking forward to some Bavarian beverage sampling with the latest member of the Dandy McCandy Family, Jason S. Thompson. Thrilled to have you, man!
April 2, 2021
Special Guest: Mike Schulte of The Pork Tornadoes, Dope Walker, The Confused Breakfast podcast...and so much more!
When our buddy Will Whitmore recommends a guest, we know it's gonna be good! To say Mike is "prolific" feels like an understatement. Whether he's playing drums for his band The Pork Tornadoes, keeping the beat with Will in one of his many projects, or podcasting on a variety of topics, he's always engaging and entertaining. He's also funny as hell! We can't wait to grab a drink with this guy! (We think you'll want to too.)  Thanks for the rec, Will!
March 26, 2021
Special Guest: Rich Yarges of Truck Stop Love, Pop Mechanics, and more!
Got to chat it up with our old friend Rich and find out what he's been up to. (Turns out, he's kept busy!) Had a great time sharing stories, swaping smoker recipes, talking gear, and discovering new projects. (Can you NOT check out a project named the Boxed Winos?) You'll also want to catch the tour Rich and company have planned. (It just might include some other friends as well!) Always a pleasure checking in with this guy!
March 19, 2021
Special Guest: Dick Johnson of English Brown
One of the most common complaints we hear during these trying times is that there's just not enough apocalyptic folk music out there. (We couldn't agree more!) So we were absolutely thrilled to be joined by the awesome human that is Dick Johnson of Columbia, Missouri's English Brown. Turns out, he loves talking music and conspiracies as much as we do! Great intellect and a talented artist with some fascinating projects in the works. We had such a good time getting to know him!
March 12, 2021
Special Guests: Fuzz McGee and Chazzeah Bob of Spectrum Static
The guys at Forbidden Place Records just keep delivering! Had a great sit down with guitarist/vocalist Fuzz McGee and drummer/better half Chazzeah Bob of this amazing two-piece unit. As heavy as they are on noise, they are equally light of heart. (C'mon...who doesn't want to find out the meaning behind "dick stick" and "shit kit?") Given 'em some love Dandies!! Check them out:
March 5, 2021
Special Guest: Andy Patalan of Sponge
Hard name to pronounce...easy guy to know. And man does he rock! Guitarist for Detroit's very own Sponge....not to mention some incredible work from other projects Throttlebody and Solid Frog....running his own Studio....recording with Uncle Ted....and having one amazing charity! (Check out We think you'll enjoy this one! Thanks Andy!
February 26, 2021
Special Guest: Brett Anderson of Ha Ha Tonka
We love Ha Ha Tonka and had a great time getting to know guitar/mandolin player Brett Anderson. (He also rocks a mean Casio!) Brett's amazing with strings. Unfortunately, he's not so great with sports prognostication. (Neither are we.) We really appreciate Brett catching us up and are looking forward to hearing more from the gang at HHT!
February 19, 2021
Special Guests: Shawn and Andrew of Red Kate and Black Site Records
Always a good time talking to Andy and Shawn! Get the latest from KC's very own Red Kate and find out what's going on with the ever growing and amazing line-up with Black Site. (Some great stuff happening!) So ready to "hang together" with these guys again!
February 15, 2021
Special Guest: Chris McGrew
Our old friend Chris stops back by to fill us in on his musical adventures in the pandemic, thoughts on the state of the world and our country...and other fascinating stuff. Always a good time with Chris! 
February 6, 2021
Special Guest: William Elliot Whitmore of Dope Walker (and himself)
Will Whitmore is one of our all time faves at UTP. It was a pleasure to catch up and find out about his most recent endeavors such as his new album I'm With You, his project Dope Walker, becoming a parent and more! Lots of laughs and interesting discussion in this one.  (Already looking forward to next time!) Check out his new stuff:
January 19, 2021
Special Guest: Tom Whitmore
Our friend Tom Whitmore of MUFON stops in to share some fascinating views and insights after witnessing the events of January 6th, 2021 in Washington DC. It's  different kind of episode, but well worth your time. Thanks so much to Tom for this important service and his willingness to share. 
January 10, 2021
Special Guest: Dmitri Mavra
We love the new Dungeon Weed project featuring our old friend drummer Chris McGrew and new friend multi-instrumentalist Dmitri Mavra. Unfortunately, technical issues kept Chris from getting to join us, but we had a blast exploring the brain of a truly fascinating guy in Dmitri.  (We think you'll find him fascinating too!)
January 9, 2021
Special Episode: A Very Nerd Table X-mas!
2020  has been the shiitiest year we have endured in quite some time. That  doesn't mean that Undetermined the Podcast can't have a good time on a  holiday episode, pestering cats from Nerd Table, Young People's  Deathkamp, and Duhl Face Records to make a noizy Christmas. I hope you  all enjoyed Christmas at the Nerd Table, as much as we did. Cheers,  Dandies!
December 30, 2020
Special Guest: Jesse Gillenwalters/ A.K.A. - Basic Printer
 Happy Friday, Dandies!!!       While the Matt's away, Jon will play. Although Matt Langston was moving to his new home the week of this episode's recording, Jon took the opportunity and had the privilege of sitting down and picking the brain of the incomparable Jesse Gillenwalters (AKA Basic Printer.) Basic Printer is the embodiment of endorphin releasing, feel good music out of Nashville TN. It incorporates funk, pop, rock, "synth-y stuff." and all around good music. It slaps, and without a doubt makes you want to shake it. Basic Printer is also one of the most sincere and refreshing new sounds that I have heard on a record in quite some time. We discussed Jesse's musical philosophies, evolution and development, his process, sleep, dreams and much that influences him may surprise you. It's a wonderful episode and we had a great time! Check out his music, accompanied by other amazing artists (including D.C.'s own, Del Florida) at . As a matter of fact, don't just peek through the blinds... BUY IT! you will NOT be disappointed. Enjoy the show Dandies, and as always, thank you for the love and listens.  - Jon "it's worth a shot" Hammond
December 18, 2020
Special Guest: Nathan Calhoun
WATA good time was had getting to know Nathan Calhoun of We Are The Asteroid (spelled correctly!) and Butthole Surfers fame.  We talk everything from the state of the world to the Mexican Shroud of Turin.  He's a really fun and interesting guy.  So glad we got to know him a bit!
December 8, 2020
Special Guest: Betty X
Jon and Matt get political with the incredible Betty X!
November 18, 2020
Special Guest: Scott Randall
Jon and Matt take a trip down memory lane with front man Scott Randall of the St. Louis area's Fragile Porcelain Mice. (Some audio glitches put this on hiatus, but we never forgot!) So glad we could finally present this one!
November 9, 2020
Special Guest: Aaron Ball
Happy Halloween Dandies! Jon and Matt hang out with Matt's old friend Aaron who has some amazing stories about growing up behind the scenes in some cult classics, near death experiences, and nude opera! (And there's more!) Not to be don't!
October 31, 2020
Special Guest: David Geraghty of Bell X1 and Join Me in the Pines.
What a talent! Multi-instrumentalist/singer David Geraghty of Juniper, Bell X1, Join Me in the Pines, and himself braves his first venture into the podcast world by joining Jon and Matt for an engaging and fascinating conversation on music, life and more. If you aren't familiar with him now's the time to change that! Great guy!
October 29, 2020
Special Guest: Conan Neutron
Jon and Matt reconnect with buddy Conan Neutron of Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends to talk about their new record Dark Passengers (it's REALLY good!), mental health, and other stuff. (Who ISN'T interested in Big Trouble in Little China: the musical??)
October 25, 2020
Special Guest: Mike Dillon
Critters Buggin', The Dead Kenny G's, Les Claypool, Ani DiFranco, Stanton Moore, Rickie Lee Jones, Brave Combo, Garage A Trois, Hairy Apes BMX, Billy Goat...and much more! To say that percussionist Mike Dillon is anything short of prolific is making an understatement. This guy bleeds music and it shows in some pretty amazing ways. So glad we had a chance to spend some time with him.
October 17, 2020
Special Guest: Justin Payne of Unmerciful
He's more than just a bad-ass name. He's also a bad-ass on the six (and sometimes seven) string! But don't let that scare you.  He's also a really great guy in a really great band. So glad we took some time to know Justin Payne of Topeka death metal legends Unmerciful!
October 7, 2020
Special Guests: Blood Daubers
We've come across a lot of "Friends" and "Strangers" on the podcast. But never quite so literally! We had a great time getting to know Kansas' own Blood Daubers. This two man unit isn't as interested in any specific musical identity as they are in making good music. It shows!  (It also probably doesn't hurt to get an assist from Godzillionaire's Ben White!) Thanks fellas! We had a "bloody" good time getting to know them and think you will too!
September 29, 2020
Special Guest: Johnny Boyle
Crack a Guinness and enjoy our conversation with the super talented and highly personable Johnny Boyle! Johnny's been a part of the Irish music scene for many years and has played drums with some amazing acts. (Pugwash; Picturehouse; The Frames; Marianne Faithfull...) He's full of great stories and also happens to be a fellow podcaster! We had a great time getting to know him and think you will too. 
September 18, 2020
Special Guests: Vedettes
From our ongoing "Kansas As Fuck" series we bring you Lawrence's own Vedettes! While we already knew Ben and Cody as our brothers from Godzillionaire, we were thrilled to spend some time getting acquainted with our new sisters Heather and Lizz! Lots of laughs and some pretty great stories and insights on the music scene in this one.  Super talented and lots of fun (maybe a little too much fun at times!) we are thrilled to have them in the family and to have been invited into theirs. Check out what they do here:
September 11, 2020
Special Guest: Jace Rogers of DEAD
After being turned on to the Australian power duo DEAD Matt and Jon were immediately impressed and enamored with their music. Their drummer Jem has been a guest on Undetermined and we were honored to have Mr. Jace Rogers (guitar, bass, vox) join us for a conversation about what makes our countries so different, yet the same. That inevitably led to discussions about rock and roll. We made fast friends and hope you all enjoy the conversation as much as we did.
September 3, 2020
Special Guest: Tom Whitmore of MUFON
Cue up the theremin!! Tom Whitmore is a rock star of another sort! Being on the board of Mutual UFO Network, the guy's got a story or two. Really fascinating stuff! So glad we got to know him!
August 29, 2020
Special Guests: The Tunnel
Looking for a breath of fresh air? Check out Sam, Jeff, and Michael (The Tunnel). This bay area trio came highly recommended. As it turns out, it was for very good reason.  Interesting, imaginative and daring...these guys rock! Check 'em out!! 
August 14, 2020
Special Guest: Matt Chamberlain
Let's play a drinking game! For every artist/band mentioned that drummer Matt Chamberlain has played with, take a drink.  On second thought...that's a bad idea. (A very bad idea!!) Matt has an amazing history and was incredibly generous in sharing a bit of it with us. We truly enjoyed really enjoyed getting to know him and think you will too! 
August 10, 2020
Special Guest: Steve Albini
Wanna know what we talked about with the world renowned audio engineer? (Probably not what you'd think.) You'll just have to listen to find out! Had a great time getting to know this studio legend and founding member of Big Black. 
August 2, 2020
Special Guest: Jordan Sobolew (Reptoid)
This one man band is not the guy on the corner with a bass drum on his back and cymbals strapped to his knees. Jordan is an out of this world talent (both figuratively and "literally"?) who has to taken the art to a new level. He's a brilliant and passionate jack-of-all-trades. So glad we got a chance to know him. 
July 27, 2020
Special Guest: Billy Gould of Faith No More/The Talking Book
Billy Gould a founding member and the bassist of Faith No More. He is also smart, funny, down-to-earth, and our kind of guy! Join us as we reflect on shows, the industry, politics, importing booze...and Billy's latest project The Talking Book. (We are gonna be pinching ourselves for a while over this one!)
July 20, 2020
Special Guest: Page Hamilton of Helmet
Wow!! What a great experience it was getting to know the ulta-talented singer/guitarist of Helmet.  Find out what it was like growing up in Oregon, playing with Bowie, handling the instrument of a jazz legend, making amazing art...and more! Such a fascinating guy!  We think you'll really enjoy this one!
July 9, 2020
Special Guests: Lesley Rankine (And her neighbor Mark)
Always a pleasure "havering" with this amazing talent! (As it turns out, she's got a pretty great neighbor as well. Hi Mark!) Music, politics, pandemics, conspiracies...what more could you ask for? Also...check out Lesley's new singles and support some great causes while you're at it!:
July 2, 2020
Special Guest: Creston Spiers
Creston should start his own show!! It was an honor getting to know the former singer/guitarist for Harvey Milk and talk about everything from music to conspiracy theories with this true icon. (We may stray a bit off the beaten path...) Truly a fascinating episode!  Also, check out his stuff on Patreon to hear what he's doing these days!!
June 26, 2020
Undetermined: The Kidcast!
Jon and Matt actually spawned...scary! Their kids Finn (Matt) and Grace (Jon) take the reigns on this one. Happy Fathers Day!!
June 21, 2020
Special Guest: Joe "Mr. Blonde" Livingston
Time hasn't made this guy any less awesome! It's been a quarter century since Joe (Mr. Blonde) and Matt (Matt Faux) worked together at Springfield, MO's legendary radio station The Planet in the 90s. Catching up was WAY overdue! Some great memories and stories in this one. (Jon's there too!)  Also: Check out Joe's new show on KSMU's "The Roundabout!" Great stuff!
June 18, 2020
Special Guests: Madison and Jennifer Winchell of SolShifter
You know that couple that's almost annoying in how awesome they are as a pair? That's these guys. The lives of newlyweds, viral wiener dogs, political rants, Toadies/Pimpadelic memories...and so much more! (There's something for everyone in this very special episode. )
June 11, 2020
Special Guest: Rob Bochnik of The Frames, Glen Hansard, and Black Space Alloy.
Matt and Rob go back nearly 15 years! Rob's a tremendously talented guy with a wealth of great stories.  Working with legendary record producer Steve Albini, eating apple pie in Levon Helm's kitchen,  touring with Eddie Vedder...and much more. Rob is awesome!  
June 4, 2020
Special Guest: Jem of Australia's DEAD
Such a thrill to make a new connection Down Under! It was great to get to know Jem and learn about his fascinating musical journey.  He's a really great guy and a phenomenal drummer in a band that defies proper description. (You'll just have to give them a listen! Check out their new release on Bandcamp!)
May 28, 2020
Special Guest: Dick Valentine of Electric Six
Fish delivery dreams. Classic marriage proposals. Writing pornographic literature... One never knows where they might go with someone as interesting as Dick Valentine (Tyler Spencer) of Electric Six.  However, one can trust that it will be interesting and entertaining. Check it out!
May 22, 2020
Dick F'ing Valentine
Electric F'ing Six
May 22, 2020
Special Guest: Josh Newton of Shiner
Love Shiner? (We do too!) So thrilled to get Josh on the podcast to talk about Shiner, their new album, life as a big tour guitar tech...and more.  Josh is too modest to tell you what a bad ass he is. (But we'll do it!)  Dude's got stories and we were lucky enough to get a few out of him.  Thanks to Josh for sharing!
May 18, 2020
Special Guest: Jesse Hunt of Cyanotic
What's he gonna do with all those t-shirts? Jon and Matt get to know bad ass drummer (and good ass guy) Jesse Hunt.  Get some history...find out how he is  spending his apocalypse...and more! (There might even be a special appearance to catch.)
May 14, 2020
Special Guest: Charles Mooney III
Former Toadies guitarist and current SOLSHIFTER king of feedback, Charles Mooney III joins Matt and Jon to discuss his career and how we are all waiting with baited breath to get back to some live Rock and Roll, when it's safe. A special birthday episode for Charles, as well. Enjoy. We certainly did and had a great night!
May 7, 2020
Special Guest: Conan Neutron
This guy rocks! (Both literally and figuratively.)  A super talented singer/songwriter/guitarist, Conan Neutron seems like he can do it all! He even has a competing podcast!! (Unfortunately for us, his list of gifts also includes "warm", "open" and "funny!") Join us as we talk about music, podcasting, mental health, and more!
May 2, 2020
Special Guests: Ultimate Fakebook
Catch up with Bill McShane and "Mean" Eric Melin of Ultimate Facebook as they discuss life, the music industry, and stuff with Jon and Matt. (Really great guys!)
April 26, 2020
Special Guest: Mark Hennessy of Godzillionaire/Primitive Race
What do you talk about when you've got an amazing new album with one group and just agreed to replace a legendary front-man in another? The state of education and philosophy, of course. (It's called Undetermined for a reason!) There's much more to Mark than growls and screams.  Always an interesting and entertaining conversation! 
April 22, 2020
Special Guest: Chris Kinsley of Arson Class
Get the low down on Kansas City's own Arson Class from front man Chris Kinsley.  If you haven't heard of them, this is your chance to fix that.  Really great stuff! Really fun guy! Also: Stay tuned for the special bonus episode with the full band (sort of) to drop soon!
April 15, 2020
Special Guest: Comedian Andy Hartley
Funny guy and Betty White boy toy Andy Hartley joins Jon and Matt for an evening of laughs.  (How will you celebrate the end of the apocalypse?) P.S. - The audio is a bit wonky, but the laughs are there!
April 12, 2020
Special Guest: Adam Casto of Nerd Table
Adam rejoins the podcast to talk about what has been happening with him. (Turns out to be some pretty amazing stuff!!) Get the scoop on the new Nerd Table vs. Galactic Turkey record (SO GOOD!!) and more in the works! Thrilled and honored to have him back on.
April 8, 2020
Special Guest: Chris McGrew (Part 2)
Did we mention Chris also helps run a legendary studio? (Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco) Love this cat!!
April 1, 2020
Special Guest: Chris McGrew of Griddle
How the hell does one define Griddle? One doesn't. (That's what's so effing cool about them!) Had a great time getting to pick the brain of one cool and immensely talented dude in drummer and studio bad ass Chris McGrew. So good it's in two parts!
March 29, 2020
Special Guests: Don't Mind Dying
So good the local brewery named a beer after them!! (It's possible that one or two might have been consumed for this episode!) Jon and Matt had a fun and memorable evening getting to know Brian Craig and Jason Caton of Columbia, MO's Don't Mind Dying.  As funny as they are talented. If you haven't checked them should!
March 12, 2020
Special Guest: Billy Smith
Jon and Matt relive their glory days with Springfield/Kansas City icon Billy Smith. (Slugworth; Dirtnap; Season To Risk; Roman Numerals; CONOCO...) The guy is prolific....and a lot of fun! So glad for the chance to catch up!
March 7, 2020
Special Guest: Adam Mason
Jon and Matt get to know horror writer/film/video director Adam Mason. (Junkie; Pig; They Come Knocking; I’m Just F*ing With You; Alice In Chains; Korn...and more!)
February 27, 2020
Special Guest: Cody Powell of Counter Balance Magazine
Photographer...editor...publisher...pure Texan.  Cody Powell of Counter Balance Magazine is a man of many talents and many stories. We are so glad he was gracious enough to share a few with us! 
February 22, 2020
Special Guest: Seven Arizona Black of Headlight Rivals (Part 2)
Back for more with one of our faves! Enjoy!
February 17, 2020
Special Guest: Seven Arizona Black of Headlight Rivals
Seven is our kinda guy! Super friendly, super funny, and super talented! From Truck Stop Love to his current band Headlight Rivals (and all the stops in between) he's lived a fascinating life. We loved getting to know him and think you will too.
February 8, 2020
Special Guest: Freddy Herrera of Everclear and The Exies
They don't get much more down to Earth than Freddy Herrera. Super talented, super funny, and super nice. So glad we had a chance to get to know him! (Bonus: Due to a glitch, Jon is now exploring a career doing disclaimer voice-overs!)
February 3, 2020
Special Guests: The Many Colored Death
We had a great time with Columbia MO's Many Colored Death! (A really great up and coming band from Columbia, MO!) Funny, talented, and down to Earth...Brent, Preston, and Shea are worth getting to know. Check 'em out!
January 21, 2020
Special Guest: Lesley Rankine
Jon and Matt get international with proud Scot Lesley Rankine of Ruby, Silverfish, and Pigface. (Warning: It might get a bit political.) She's an amazing artist and a great guest! 
January 19, 2020
Special Guest: Phil "Phildo" Owen
Industrial music icon (RevCo, Skatenigs, and more!) Phil Owen joins Jon and Matt for a fascinating conversation about his experiences, what he's doing now, and views of the world/life.  A great listen!!
January 9, 2020
Orville Kline of Porn and Chicken
What happens when Jon and Matt meet an international club/party icon? (We find out he's a really cool guy!) You should get to know him too!
January 6, 2020
Special Guest: Godzillionaire
Ben White, Cody Romaine,  Mark Hennessy (formerly of Paw), and Mike D make up one of the Midwest's best kept secrets with their band Godzillionaire! Get "Kansas As F*ck" with the guys and find out about their soon to be released album. (It's sooooo good!) Expect to hear more about these guys!
December 17, 2019
Toxic Twins?
What happens when Jon and Matt go without a guest for the night and have no established talking points? Toxic catastrophes....enjoy! 
December 13, 2019
Special Guest: Chris Connelly
Ministry...RevCo...Pigface...Killing Joke....even a Bowie cover band! Chris Connelly is an incredible front man who has lived an amazing life. (Turns out he's also pretty damn nice and a great story teller!) So thrilled to bring this one to you!! Enjoy!!
December 4, 2019
Special Guests: Andrew and Shawn from Red Kate and Black-Site Records
Talented musicians and record "executives". Get to know a couple of class acts in Andrew and Shawn from Black-Site records and the incredible band Red Kate. These guys are an inspiration. Give 'em a listen and you'll quickly see why. So glad to have them join us!
November 27, 2019
Barker Gee Memorial Scholarship
What a great idea!! This is love of art. (And we love it.!) Please check out our brothers (and sisters) at for more info and some amazing artists!! Thanks Andrew and Shaun for giving back in such an amazing way!
November 26, 2019
Gary Lee Conner of Screaming Trees (Episode 2)
We hung around for more. (Because Gary Lee is awesome and first hand "grunge" history lessons rock!)
November 24, 2019
Special Guest: Gary Lee Conner of The Screaming Trees
So this happened.... Get a history lesson on the "Grunge" scene from a true icon of the genre.  As guitarist and songwriter for the Screaming Trees, Gary Lee Conner was there for it all and was gracious enough to share his stories with the guys. Truly a fascinating conversation with a talented and endearing spirit . This one is special folks...
November 19, 2019
Special Guest: Jason Cropper (Part 2)
Because the first part was so much fun!
November 14, 2019
Special Guest: Jason Cropper
Weezer, Chopper One, 22 Jacks, Fliptop...this guy doesn't even realize what a legend he's got in him. (And we love him all the more for that.) Join us for a heartfelt and down to Earth chat with this warm, intelligent, and truly talented guy. So lucky to have him!
November 12, 2019
Special Guest: Tony Willis of Forbidden Place Records
What a cool dude! Hang with Jon and Matt as they get the convo on with Tony Willis of Forbidden Place Records. Find out what it takes to run a label with a gazillion underground artists. (So many to check out!!) Hear creepy stories from our youth. Get the scoop on what's happening in Tony's world...and stay posted for giveaways! (The audio gets a little choppy due to storms in Denver...but the content is there!) We loved getting to know Tony and think you will too!
November 5, 2019
Special Guest: Hamish Cowan of Cordrazine
Austrailia's own Hamish Cowan joins Matt and Jon for a fascinating conversation about the travails of sudden fame and a journey of finding personal balance. As incredible as he is as an artist, he's an even better person. You don't want to miss this one!
October 24, 2019
Special Guests: Truck Stop Love
Rich and Eric from Manhattan KS legends Truck Stop Love share some great road stories, tell us about their experiences in the music industry, fill us in on what's up with them lately. (A MUST for air guitar slingers everywhere!)
October 19, 2019
Special Guest: William Elliott Whitmore
We loved getting to know this guy and you will too! Learn about: being country/punk; legends of one armed men; and coming of age in the 80s and 90s!
October 11, 2019
Special Guest: Jonnie Axtell of Psychefunkapus
For Matt and Jon, The Bay Area was a magical place for music in the 1990's. Jonnie Axtell, guitarist for Psychefunkapus, was a magician, pulling proverbial rabbits out of hats that blew our minds and made us realize that there was something more out there than typical, rock radio garbage. From their first formal gig opening for Primus, to rocketing up through the scene as funk/thrash MTV staples, Psychefunkapus set a standard that made us seek out everything different, as long as it was made with heart. Jonnie has heart... in spades, as well as a ton of great stories to tell. He is a musician's musician, a talented cat, and made a great guest. Enjoy Dandies!
October 3, 2019
Special Guest: Sharp Star (Ethan O'Daniel and Logan Hill)
While the members of the band Sharp Star hail from Paducah, Kentucky, they were never part of a "scene."  Two self-described "aliens," Ethan o'Daniel and Logan Hill birthed their project through a fascinating DIY online presence, as part of a burgeoning revolution in the music industry to go instantly global. Not only has the approach been interesting to say the least, but the music is pretty great, as well!
October 3, 2019
Sittin' at the Nerd Table!
Adam Casto is a rock god! (The world just doesn't know it yet.) Spend some time with Jon and Matt as they get to know the talented and criminally under-recognized lead singer/founding member of Columbus, Ohio's Nerd Table.  
September 24, 2019
Special Guest: Tom Urquhart of Henry the Archer
Jon and Matt get down to "brass" tacks with horn guy (and all around cool dude) Tom Urquhart of Henry the Archer.
September 17, 2019
Jon and Matt rant about the state of society and attempt to pry some level of understanding out of it. (P.S. They might even defend some conservative perspectives.)
August 21, 2019
Shell Shock
Fan favorite Eric Brown returns to share stories with Jon and Matt, Find out about the dangers of seatbelts, how to balance eggs...and more!
August 10, 2019
Rocky Relationship
The guys get back to basics and discuss everything from road trips to beat-boxing.
August 8, 2019
Special Guest: The Amazing Mr. Lifto
Jon and Matt had a chance to talk to an incredible performance artist.       Joe Hermann (AKA The Amazing Mr. Lifto) has been a touring artist with the Jim Rose Circus. Get ready to clutch your junk in empathetic pain and wonder as Joe tells us some incredible stories about lifting things with his penis; however, he's also an incredibly nice and very real guy and was willing to let us into the extreme world of body modification and how he navigates a world of pleasure and pain. We also got a chance to share some funny stories, conspiracy theories, and can't wait to talk to Joe again, in a strictly "bullshitting," sense, as he is our kind of nerd. Enjoy, Dandies! We certainly did!
July 29, 2019
Special Guest: Luke Long of Ha Ha Tonka
Jon and Matt go "home" and meet up with bassist (and aspiring maker of spirits) Luke Long of Ha Ha Tonka.  Learn about growing up in the same small town, the power of the "Disappointed Stare" as delivered by Matt's mom, and the evolution of Ha Ha Tonka.  (The audio quality is a bit rough on this one as it was recorded on location....sorry!)
July 14, 2019
Special Guest: Lisa Papineau
The conversation goes everywhere as Matt and Jon find a kindred spirit in vocalist extraordinaire (and all around great guest) Lisa Papineau. 
July 9, 2019
Special Guest: Martin Atkins
PiL, Ministry, NIN, Killing Joke, Pigface, Invisible Records....our guest! Jon and Matt have a blast getting to know drumming/industrial legend/professor/entrepreneur and all around great guy Martin Atkins. 
June 24, 2019
Halloween In June
Jon and Matt discuss the paranormal and unexplained. CREEPY!!
June 18, 2019
It Came from Outer Space/Happy Father's Day
Jon shares a memory of his father...scaring the bejeezus out of him. 
June 16, 2019
Terry Langston - Rainbows
The quality isn't great...but this is Matt's favorite song of his dad's. 
June 16, 2019
Terry Langston - Cobweb Curtains
One more from Matt's dad.
June 13, 2019
Terry Langston - Too Late Now
More vintage stuff from Matt's dad. 
June 11, 2019
Terry Langston - Factory Hand
A little taste of Matt's dad doing what he loved. (As mentioned in the Mark Bilyeu episode.)
June 10, 2019
Special Guest: Mark Bilyeu
Jon and Matt get to know Ozark folk music legend Mark Bilyeu of Big Smith, The Creek Rocks, and more. Definitely worth it!
June 9, 2019
Special Guest: Mike "That 1 Guy" Silverman
Jon and Matt have a blast getting to know Mike Silverman (aka That 1 Guy). Mike is an accomplished, multi-talented musician who is the best player of The Magic Pipe on the planet. Simply because, he invented it! He has recorded albums with Buckethead, Tom Waits and numerous Bay Area legends. He's also a very nice and down to Earth gentleman, no matter how spectacularly weird the music gets. A MUST listen!!
June 2, 2019
The Ballad of Mikey Two Dicks
That 1 Guy (Mike Silverman) shares his awesome tale of recording with the legendary Tom Waits. Jon and Matt laugh...a lot.
June 1, 2019
Welcome To The 3rd Floor!
Matt catches up with his long time friend Walter and reflects on college hijinx. (Some are regrettable.) Sorry Sam!
May 29, 2019
Being Gen X (Part 2)
Matt and Jon continue exploring the experiences and influences that got them here.
May 26, 2019
Being Gen X
Matt and Jon get "back to basics" discussing the struggle of life in 2019 vs. what it was like to stay cool in our 20's and prior. A very introspective personal psychoanalysis of what made Undetermined the Podcast come to fruition. Enjoy Dandies!
May 22, 2019
Special Guest: C. Michael Lowery
Jon takes a trip down memory lane as he and Matt chat it up with comedian C. Michael Lowery. (Try not to oggle his wife with your ears!)
May 21, 2019
Our friend Lisa Umbarger whets our appetite with details of her exciting new project!
May 20, 2019
Toadies Tour Stories
Our friend Lisa Umbarger shares some of her more memorable stories from the road with the Toadies.
May 14, 2019
Special Guest: Lisa Umbarger
Jon and Matt dig deep(ish) with former Toadies bass player (not bassist!) Lisa Umbarger.  (Cool as F***!!)
May 12, 2019
Near Mrs.
Jon, Eric, and Matt recall "scandalous" moments in marriage. 
May 9, 2019
Captain Swaggart's Underpants
Politics, scandals, birthdays, pornography...and more! (All within 25 minutes!)
May 7, 2019
May The 4th Be With You
For May the 4th (be with you,) Eric and Jon discuss their favorite memories from 1977-79, when Star Wars - Episode 4, " A New Hope," finally landed in middle America. 
May 5, 2019
Undetermined - Episode 6, "The Dark Side."
Eric Brown joins us again at Dandy McCandy Studios to discuss Star Wars and political flaccidity for a special "May the 4th ( Be With You)" episode.
May 5, 2019
Fun With Auto-Tune
Jon brings the (T) Pain.
April 25, 2019
Episode 5.1 - The People Under The Stage (Part 2)
The drama continues!
April 24, 2019
College cuisine at its finest!
April 23, 2019
Episode 5 - The People Under The Stage (Part 1)
Jon and Matt are joined by their old friend Eric Brown and relive the glory days of undergrad theater. 
April 23, 2019
Whiny Dancer
Matt shares a story about an epic dance recital. 
April 22, 2019
Mistress Kitten
The guys discuss their favorite internet mistakes.
April 22, 2019
Live Evil
 Satan oscillate my metallic sonatas!
April 17, 2019
Episode 3.1 - Snowflakes Are Still Fungible
The rest of...the story.   Check out Jerry and Scott at Two Relevant Guys!
April 9, 2019
Episode 4 - Momo and the Zombies
The guys explore beliefs in our society...and Zombies.
April 7, 2019
Episode 3 - Snowflakes Are Fungible
Catch the HOT DNC on GOP action! Jon and Matt take on conservative friends/foes Scott and Jerry of the 2 Relevant Guys podcast.
April 3, 2019
Episode 2 - At Least Ed Gein Had Principals
Comrades discuss fearless leader and blind loyalties!
April 1, 2019
Episode 1 - Death By Fonda
The guys talk about schizophrenia...and other stuff.
March 31, 2019
Legend of Dandy McCandy
Discover the origin of our fiendish mascot!!
March 31, 2019