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Unearth You

Unearth You

By Obakam
Discover. Bring to light. Reveal.
Bi/weekly dose of inspiration influencing how you show up in the world and in relation to others.
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Host- @Obakam_

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EP 24- Black History + One Sided Facts ft Showdee

Unearth You

Locally Schooled, Globally Relevant - Ft Jeremiah Ajayi
If you are interested in fearlessly but strategically shooting for international opportunities, Jeremiah is the one you should listen to as he shares some of the strategies he has used to attract some of the international opportunities he’s had, all on a platter of gold! Subscribe | Share | Drop a review 😁☺️ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST WITH A TIP-
October 13, 2021
EP 43 - Coat of Many Colours; On balancing hot girl shit and showing up correct ft Onyeka Nwobu
Onyeka is leaving no stone unturned with how she shows up in her most authentic self! A true Kingdom Queen doing the damn thing unapologetically and balancing it well - albeit imperfectly. In the episode, your resolve will be strengthened that you can lay different beautiful characters on this stage called life. According to Bozoma Saint John, "We have abilities to do more than one thing. We’re complex human beings. I can wear a leather dress and still have an 8-year old and wipe up the eggs that are on her face. Because we can do it all, absolutely.” SUBSCRIBE | SHARE | RATE | REVIEW USEFUL LINKS Connect with Onyeka on Instagram at Follow the podcast on Instagram here Follow Obakam on Instagram at Get access to our music playlist - Unearth You, the playlist here SUPPORT THE PODCAST WITH A TIP-
September 4, 2021
Locally Schooled, Globally Relevant 3.0: From UNILAG to Bank of America ft. Bukola Omokehinde
On this episode, I am joined with Bukola Omokehinde who takes us through her journey of landing a role at BOA, building Growdiance and everything in between. USEFUL LINKS Get all the information you need about GROWDIANCE at Register for Young Wigs Conference at Follow the podcast on Instagram here  Follow Obakam on Instagram at Get access to our music playlist - Unearth You, the playlist here SUPPORT THE PODCAST WITH A TIP-
August 9, 2021
Introducing- UNEARTH YOU, the podcast
Drumrolls!!! Welcome to UNEARTH YOU, the podcast with Obakam Tom-George. After 2+ years of Blue Ribbon Podcast, the podcast has grown up from a suckling child thus the reason for a change and brand refresh. We are bringing you the same {if not more} energy and dope conversations but with a new name and new twist. In this episode, Obakam talks about the struggles of choosing a name, the fears and how her community came through. Excited to Unearth You? Let's get ready to; #Unearthyourcareer #Unearthyoursexuality #Unearthyourfriendships #Unearthyourpurpose #Unearthyourrelationship #Unearthyourbrand Get ready to get out of your comfort zone, self-discover and attain satisfaction. p.s Keep your eyes peeled for the monthly playlist Follow us on Instagram - SUBSCRIBE| DROP A REVIEW| RATE THE PODCAST SUPPORT THE PODCAST WITH A TIP-
July 27, 2021
EP 42- Questions on a roll
On this episode, Obakam answers a bunch of questions sent in by her audience from relationships to more serious stuff. You would love it. Links mentioned on the show; Want to make money off your podcast? Listen to EP 28 here- Sign up on Shukran at Had any insights from this episode? Please share on social media and tag @blueribbonpodcast on Instagram.  Don’t forget to subscribe, share and drop a review of this podcast on your favorite podcast listening app. DROP A TIP-
July 20, 2021
Locally Schooled, Globally Relevant 2.0 ft Olumide Okubadejo, Research Scientist Spotify
Olumide's journey is testament that you can be anything you want to be but you must be willing to give up something good for something better. He takes us through his journey from Federal University of Technology Minna to Southampton and then to Paris, learning a new language, how he landed his role at Spotify...and some of the lessons he’s learned on this journey.  Had any insights from this episode? Please share on social media and tag @blueribbonpodcast on Instagram. Don’t forget to subscribe, share and drop a review of this podcast on your favorite podcast listening app. SUPPORT THE PODCAST WITH A TIP -
June 17, 2021
EXTRA ISH- Count your Blessings
KEY TAKE AWAY Some people are suffering from dehydration and you’re worried about whether your cup is half full or half empty? ____________________________ Check out Dustbin Estate here Get access to the Wins Tracker here SUPPORT THE PODCAST WITH A TIP -
May 15, 2021
EP 41- Toxic Masculinity ft Onyango Otieno
On this episode, we are joined by Oyango Otieno aka Rixpoet. Far from theory is Oyango's experiential knowledge on the subject of masculinity is so enriching such that it gives you enough reason to unlearn and learn about gender dynamics and how you can do better. From coming out with his story of rape and depression and being ridiculed by  men, he has taken it as part of his life's work to disabuse a lot of minds and lead fellow men to healthy masculinity that isn't afraid to speak their truth, treat women better and do things right. From this episode, you will understand that "by far the worst thing we do to males — by making them feel they have to be hard — is that we leave them with very fragile egos. The harder a man feels compelled to be, the weaker his ego is" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. CONNECT WITH OYANGO @rixpoet FOLLOW THE PODCAST ON INSTAGRAM @blueribbonpodcast SUPPORT THIS PODCAST WITH A TIP HERE -
April 15, 2021
EP 40 - Wellness|Fitness|Self Love Ft. Tochi Okafor
On this episode, we are joined by Tochi Okafor a wellness consultant and the Founder of The Excited Living Company. We talk about everything wellness, fitness, body reconstruction, self love/self acceptance, biohacking and all that good stuff. Don't forget to subscribe, drop a  review and share your insights with me on Instagram @blueribbonpodcast Check out The Excited Living Company here-  Instagram and Twitter - @excitedlivingco SUPPORT THIS PODCAST WITH A TIP HERE -
March 8, 2021
EP 39 - Siblings Rivalry ft Ife, Sonayon and Iboro
KEY TAKEAWAYS;  - Sibling relationship outlasts marriages, survives the death of parents and would even resurface after the quarrels that would have sunk any friendship. - As much as lies within you, treat siblings and children fairly and equally depending on the context you are confronted with. - Sibling rivalry is not healthy because nothing good comes out of rivalry.  - Seek to understand the personality type of your siblings to have a better sense of how to relate with them.  - Gift giving is huge. Know their love languages. *PURCHASE A COPY OF A SIBLING'S LOVE For a chance to win the give away, follow us on Instagram @blueribbonpodcast and send a dm stating why you want to win the book. SUPPORT THE PODCAST WITH A TIP -
February 24, 2021
EP 38 - Take up Space! Ft Mrs. Inemesit Dike
Hi there! On this episode, the celebrity lawyer, Mrs. Inemesit Dike (Esq. MCIarb, A.C.I.S) gives us an inside scoop of her journey and shares with us how grit and tenacity has been instrumental in everything she has done - from making it to the New York Bar to taking up space, paying it forward and building a lasting legacy. KEY TAKEAWAYS; - Poverty makes people invisible. Make them seen by lending a helping hand. - Success leaves tracks. Study it.  - If each one can reach one, then each one can teach one. - Be bold. Stand out. Wear bright colours. It gives you the stickiness factor.  - When someone says you can' it twice and take pictures. Connect with the Legal Concierge here Check out the website here - SUPPORT THE PODCAST WITH A TIP - Please don't forget to share, subscribe, rate and drop a review of the podcast.  Follow the podcast on Instagram 
February 9, 2021
EP 37 - Opening the Gratitude Jar ft. The Heptagon (Live Podcast)
2020 in view; the good, the bad and the ugly. Relatable experiences. CONNECT WITH THE HEPTAGON; Firi Fombo, Lydia Effiong , June Ebube , Damola Olawoye . Success, Franklin Follow Blue Ribbon on Instagram here  SUPPORT THIS PODCAST WITH A TIP HERE THROUGH THIS LINK-
December 13, 2020
EP 36 - Outgrowing Friendships (Friendship Breakups) ft Tomilade X David K.
Support the podcast on Shukran here - Follow us on IG here Share your takeways from the episode by using hashtag - #dobettertribe or sending a DM on IG. Thank you.
November 6, 2020
EP 35 - The Social Dilemma ft Pearlé Wae
On this episode, Pearlé and I talk about the new Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma. Pearlé’s educational background and work in tech policy, digital rights & activism and her most recent project, Rated R and Self Care Sundays makes her uniquely positioned to talk about the psychology of social media and the impact of tech companies while proffering practical tips on how to protect our digital well being, curb the spread of fake news and do-better on these digital streets. Rated R- BOOKS Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport What a time to be alone- Chidera Eggerue How to stop worrying- Dale Carnegie ADDITIONAL RESOURCE- CONNECT WITH PEARLÉ Instagram- Twitter- CONNECT WITH ME Instagram- Twitter - SUPPORT THIS PODCAST WITH A TIP ON SHUKRAN-
September 26, 2020
01/ Locally Schooled, Globally Relevant (with Ebenezar Wikina)
On the first episode of Locally Schooled, Globally Relevant, we have the media maven, Ebenezar Wikina share his journey with us. Register for the Next Steps Summit here -
September 12, 2020
EP 34- The pressure of expectations
In this episode of Blue Ribbon, we talk about how much society puts a lot of pressure on people (especially young people) to measure up. Ultimately, a lot of these people get into social anxiety and depression because of their inability to meet up with these expectations. Thanks to Mary and Msurshima for sharing their experiences on expectations and how they are dealing with them.  Have thoughts about the episode? Would love to hear from you. Drop us a voice message or send email.  Also, follow the podcast on Instagram. Support the podcast with a tip on Shukran-
August 26, 2020
Locally Schooled, Globally Relevant (The Series Intro)
A series spotlighting Nigerians who are holding the forte and putting Nigeria on the map. Coming in September.
August 20, 2020
EP 33- Authenticity ain’t ugly
On this episode we talk about speaking your truth and embracing your most authentic self.  The central message in this episode is 'Do you!' Check out Shukran  here - To support the podcast, tip me here -  Follow us on social media at Don't forget to subscribe, share and drop a review of the podcast. Thank you!
August 11, 2020
EP 32- An open letter to myself.
I’ve never been too keen about my birthdays but it’s a milestone this year and I need a love letter I can always refer to to reiterate my thoughts anytime life is awesome and even when things are a bit of a roller coaster.
July 28, 2020
EP 31- Rape | Consent (What you need to know)
My nerves failed me but the most I could, I talked about about consent. Can consent be withdrawn? Can children give consent? Listen up.  AS MENTIONED IN SHOW  • Stand to End Rape (S.T.E.R) Initiative - • JusticeBeyondHashtags - •
June 9, 2020
EP 30- Cancel Cancel Culture ft The Akomolafe
If people have done good all their life and there's a little slip up, don' t you think the faux pas should be forgiven? On this episode, we are joined by Olamide Akomolafe and we talk about Cancel Culture. Worth it or not? Listen up!  This episode is sponsored by Shukran. Shukran is a platform that helps you support your favorite content creators by tipping them with at least N100. Check out Shukran here-  Love my content? Please drop a tip to support me here -  Thank you!
May 31, 2020
EP 29 - On connections and vibing ft Kehinde of KetoAfricana
A singular act of connection can create a domino effect but first, you have to be intentional. Listen to this episode featuring Kehinde of Ketoafricana. KEY TAKEAWAYS; - Your vibe determines your tribe - Your voice is your sense of agency.  - For connections to happen, there has to be mental proximity - LISTEN TO THE EPISODE TO GET THE FULL GIST. Don't forget to tap/click on the 'subscribe' button, drop us a review on Apple Podcast and also share with your friends. FOLLOW US N INSTAGRAM ; Blueribbon-  Obakam - Use hashtag - #dobettertribe #blueribbonpodcast
May 13, 2020
EP 28 - Listen if you want to start a podcast
Want to know if starting a podcast is worth it? Listen to this episode and decide for yourself. Want to start a podcast. This course was specially made for you.  Beginner's Guide to Starting a Podcast - Follow on Instagram-
April 18, 2020
EP 27- Checking Up!!! ( Ft. Chuma, Judy, Temi, Nneamaka, Francis)
Hi Do-Better Tribe, we are at a critical time - the lockdown period as the world is facing a global pandemic. I checked up of a couple of people to know how they were faring this period.  🔷EMAIL COURSE ON PODCASTING- 🔷 UN CALL FOR CREATIVES- 🔷 Follow me on Instagram at 🔷 Follow Blue Ribbon on Instagram at
April 11, 2020
EP 26- Media consumption and your Mental Health
In the time of the Covid 19 virus 🦠 plaguing the world, how best are you dealing with it? How much is binging on the news affecting your mental health? On this episode, I bring to you sure fire ways you can be more intentional about your media consumption. On this episode, you’d understand the 3 paths to getting the news, tips and tricks on how to be more intentional with your consumption and what to do to replace the vacuum. Please don’t forget to subscribe, drop us a voice note and share this podcast to your friends and fiends.
March 26, 2020
SMW Lagos- Podcasting as a tool for Mental Health (The Class Prefects ft. Obakam, Tamara and Matiu)
Hi y’all, here’s for those who missed our session at Social Media Week, Lagos. From how we started our journey to podcasting to our experiences, mental health and then some. Enjoy the episode.
March 24, 2020
EP 25- Clients from Hell ft. Banke, Sonayon and Showdee
On this episode, we talk about crappy clients and how to deal with them. We are joined by Banke, Sonayon and Showdee who shares their personal experiences as clients and with clients. We trust you would enjoy the episode. Please don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast if you haven’t. We would also appreciate a review on iTunes. Thank you and see you in episode 26 💜💜💜
March 14, 2020
EP 24- Black History + One Sided Facts ft Showdee
Black History Month was started by Historian Carter Woodson from the Negro History Week and has evolved to celebrate the work of blacks and the role of Africans in history. We however need to do better at the way the African diaspora is portrayed by the media. We need to tell better stories of this continent and pay less attention to the stereotypical and one sided stories that the media shoves down our throats. Sounds to me like a conspiracy. Hahaha. Enjoy the episode. (Follow us on Instagram at and Please don’t forget to subscribe and share this podcast with your friends. We would also appreciate a review on ITunes. See you in Episode 25. 💜💜💜💜
February 21, 2020
EP 23 - Love and Relationship (Q&A)
Just because it’s almost Valentine’s Day and we want to keep it real.
February 12, 2020
EP 22– CGI models are taking your influencer jobs ☹️
Hi there! On this episode, we talk about the new rave of computer generated imageries in the fashion industry and how they are taking the jobs of influencers and models. This epsiode is sponsored by Smart Phone Solutions by David Braide.  Want to know the latest applications that will help you take charge of your health? Then this exclusive Whatsapp class, Simple Smartphone Solutions for Health is just for you!On the 25th to 27th of January, 2020 Dr. Nmegbu and David Braide will take you through an intensive health seminar on WhatsApp, Where you’d learn about  1. Preventing and managing vaginal infections. 2. Early mode of identification and prevention of cancers in both male and female. 3. Dealing with erectile dysfunction and sexual functions. 4. Managing convulsions in children at home. 5. Intensive Training on How to Stay Healthy and Fit using the Latest Smartphone Apps and Web Apps. You will be given a free eBooks and you also stand a chance to win prizes, bonus, recharge cards, etc. The fee is N990 only. So click on to grab a seat NOW
January 24, 2020
EP 21- Of Colonic, Royal Wahala and Goals ft Seyi and Showdee
Hey there! Happy New Year! This is the first episode for the year and we’re so delighted to have Seyi and Showdee on the show! If you listened without any Publicity, it means that you just randomly stumbled on us or have subscribed. Show some love by sharing this episode with your friends. Messages should be sent to @Blueribbonpodcast on Instagram. With love, Obakam 💜💜
January 10, 2020
EP 20- Lessons from 2019.
Hello there! Thanks to everyone who dropped in their responses to the question on the lessons they learnt for the year. You’d definitely learn a thing or two on this episode. Thanks for your support as usual. Please don’t forget to subscribe and drop us a review on ITunes. From the hostess with the mostest, Obakam Tom-George, I wish you a good good holiday season. Happy new year in advance!
December 26, 2019
EP 19- Memorable events of the decade ft Oyinkan and Francis
Hello there. On this episode, my guests, Oyinkansola ( ) and Francis ( and I talked about memorable events of the decade and our thoughts for the coming decade. It was a good episode especially as we look forward into what more technology has to offer in the coming years and how far we have to go in Nigeria especially with regards to climate change, waste management and pollution. Watch Ellen's greatest night of giveaways here - Follow me on Instagram at and Twitter at Thanks for listening. 
December 16, 2019
EP 18- Does heartbreak deserve a sick leave at work? Ft Seyi and Kehinde
Hi guys, on this episode, we are joined by my chat buddies and we all talk about whether or not a heartbreak deserves some days off at work. Please don’t forget to subscribe, drop your thoughts, reviews and share. Thank you 💜💜
November 26, 2019
EP 17(Random Thoughts 3) - Keyboard Warriors and Cyber-bullying
Hello there. Welcome to my third random episode where I basically talk off the top of my head dishing out what's on my mind after a fleet of thoughts. On this episode, I'm ranting about keyboard warriors, cyber bullying and the need to do better on the cyber space in that regard. I highlighted Monica Lewinksy's PSA campaign video on cyber-bullying, Tyler Clementi who jumped down Washington bridge to his death, some years back and then some. Also talked about how that we need more Nigeria regulations to prevent cyber bullying and protect victims. I hope you enjoy this episode. Would love to hear from you on your thoughts. Please don't forget to subscribe, rate, and drop your reviews. Follow me on Instagram at and Twitter at Talk to you soon. 💜💜💜
October 28, 2019
EP 16- Coping with Celibacy Ft Vicky Lawz
Hello there. Welcome to episode 16 of the Blue Ribbon Podcast. On this episode, I am joined by Vicky Lawz. We kept it a 100% real as the talked about "Coping with Celibacy" Why the path? How do you communicate it with your significant other? Does celibacy include outercourse? Are we gonna change our minds next week? What does compromise mean? No judgements. No side eyes and definitely no rock hard opinions. Just 2 girls talking about what a lot of people aren't comfortable talking about. Thanks for listening. Talk to you soon. Please don't forget to subscribe, share, drop a review and rate us. Thank you. Talk soon. 💜💜💜
October 16, 2019
EP 15- 12 questions on a wheel
Hey guys, I got your questions and I'm here with my answers. I hope you enjoy it. Talk soon💜
September 28, 2019
EP 14- Xenophobia and Vitriol
The hate had led to the shed of blood. There is a moral obligation on us to stop the hatred.
September 4, 2019
EP 13 - Hustle oh! ft. Supreme Ndubisi
On this episode, I am joined by Supreme where we talk about the recent Invictus Obi saga and the pressure to conform.
August 20, 2019
EP 12 - The Alt\u00E9 Lifestyle ft. Osahon and Showdee
On this episode, Osahon and Shody talk to the Blue Ribbon on the Alté Lifestyle.
August 16, 2019
EP 11-Transactional Friendships
On this episode, we explore the transactional nature of friendships. How do you deal with people who are there to only take but never give? I hope you enjoy it. Talk soon.
August 3, 2019
EP 10 (Random Thoughts 2) - Travel is fatal to bigotry
Hey I've been MIA and I miss you let my chit chat bless us and yours. Talk to you soon 💜
July 13, 2019
EP 9- Shattering Stereotypes
Granted, Stereotypes are normal but how healthy are they? Should labels be attached to people? This episode explores how stereotypes play out. Please don't forget to subscribe if you haven't, give us your ratings and feedback. If you are listening through the anchor app, you can drop us a message. Would be glad to play them on the show. Thanks for listening and sharing. Also follow us on Instagram at | P.S. We are open to collaborations, partnerships and sponsorships. For details please send us a mail at Talk to you soon.
June 19, 2019
EP 8- Taking your friend for granted? Ft. Feyisola Ologan
On this episode, Feyisola and I gist through friendships and how over familiarity wouldn't let friends support each other. This episode is gems. We trust you enjoy it. Please don't forget to download, share, subscribe and drop your feedback.  Follow Blue Ribbon on Instagram at Email us at Talk to you soon. Love, always.
June 13, 2019
EP7- (Random Thoughts 1) #Unedited Ft. Tochi Obom
Blue Ribbon introduces "Random Thoughts". Random thoughts are basically rants and vocal musings where we spontaneously talk about anything and get it off our minds. Trust that every random musing is gonna be 100% real, unedited and unfiltered thoughts. On this first random episode, we have 2 guests (One of who's a kid) and 5 random thoughts. 
June 13, 2019
EP6- Photographic representation of nudity, Yay or Nah? Ft. Msurshima Ikon
Obakam and Msurshima have a brief chat about #wethenipple campaign. On a more serious note, Msurshima gives an exposé on the sources of negative emotions. Don't forget to subscribe, share and drop your feedback. Talk to you soon. 💕
June 5, 2019
EP5 - What nobody told us about adulting Ft. Khashiya and Sonayon
Hey fam, what's good? On this episode, my friends and I explore our escapades at adulting. Listen , subscribe and share. Love you loads.
May 23, 2019
EP4 - What's on my mind?
Hey buddies, on this episode I talk about re-evaluating your circle of influence and my opinion about the ladies in Abuja that were arrested for prostitution. Please don't forget to subscribe to this podcast. Happy listening.
May 8, 2019
EP3 - Journey to Homecoming
Watched Homecoming yet? If you haven't, we've got you covered on this episode. And when you flaunt like you knew it before, don't forget to tell that it was on Blue Ribbon😎. Please don't forget to subscribe and share. Thank you for listening.
April 24, 2019
EP2 - Body Shaming
Disclaimer: Stay FIT always. My peoples, if you have ever caught yourself or people hating on your body or how you look, this episode is for you. On this episode, you'll hear about my own story and how we can all deal. Please don't fail to subscribe,share and dm me. Thanks for listening.
April 10, 2019
EP1 - Fighting the Impostor Syndrome
Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. Stop sabotaging yourself. Stop self impostor. (If you are listening through a subscribable platform, please don't forget to subscribe.) Thank you darlings.
April 1, 2019
Welcome to Blue Ribbon.
Thank you for listening. Talk to you soon.
March 26, 2019