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Unfiltered: The Bachelor Recap Podcast

Unfiltered: The Bachelor Recap Podcast

By Unfiltered
On "Unfiltered" Nick and Marisa discuss the biggest news in pop culture. From recapping "The Bachelor" every week to having exciting celebrity guests, you will never miss the latest tea!

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The Bachelor: Season Premiere with Kirpa Sudick and Sydney Lotuaco

Unfiltered: The Bachelor Recap Podcast

The Bachelor: Episode 6 with Garrett Powell
Episode six is straight fire and you don’t want to miss it. Nick and Kara recap Wednesday’s episode of The Bachelor but with help from a special guest, Garrett Powell from Hannah B’s season! We start out by getting the rundown of how Garrett’s experience was on the bachelor including but not limited to, how he got over Hannah and how he dealt with the notorious...Luke P. We then dive into this past episode where the drama continues. We break down the one on one’s with Hannah Ann and Victoria F and finish out discussing the two-on-one with Mykenna and Tammy and the shocking rose ceremony.  You don’t want to miss this! Four less girls and hopefully less drama for Peter? We will see!
February 7, 2020
The Bachelor: Episode 5 with Kara Hounsell
The most UNIQUE episode of The Final Bros yet - no guest from Bachelor Nation but...A GUEST HOST! One of our best friends, Kara is featured to give her take on the girls thus far and help me break down Monday’s three-hour episode! All kicks off by saying goodbye to Alayah...again. We then transition into the one on one with Sydney and the Cosmo group date to follow. The drama ramps up as we get into the Kelsey vs. Tammy war. Lastly, should Kelley have gotten a rose on her one on one or should she have gotten the boot? Listen in to hear as we recap all the juicy details and finish off with a Q&A! Stay tuned for Thursday’s episode with Garrett from Hannah B’s season!
February 5, 2020
The Bachelor: Episode 4 with Kat Dunn
In this episode of The Final Bros, we recap Episode 4 of The Bachelor with Katt Dun from the hit reality TV show Big Brother and let me tell you, it was our best work yet. We start out with the Chris/Craig/Chase Rice and Victoria F finasco and Nick has a conspiracy theory about the situation that you definitely don’t want to miss. We then transition to the group date, where the girls played a legit game of tackle football, which unfortunately for all the girls, ended in a tie, and that ruffled a few feathers. Lastly, we discuss the return of Alayah and her smackdown with Victoria P. This incident turns the ladies against Peter and will he be able to overcome this or will the ladies just walk out? Tune in next week to find out! Thanks for listening to The Final Bros podcast, please subscribe and leave us a review it always helps us out!
January 29, 2020
The Bachelor: Episode 3 with Revian Chang
The Bachelor Episode 3 In this episode of The Final Bros, we recap Episode 3 of The Bachelor with special guest Revian Chang from Colton’s season and Bachelor In Paradise! Apparently the world is still not over Champagne Gate and we discuss the fallout from last week’s “Finasco”. Also, Victoria P has the only one-on-one of the episode, where her and Peter find love in…. cowboy hats? A new rivalry emerges between Alayah and Sydney and you definitely want to hear what Nick & Josh have to say about it. Let’s just say, we have never seen anyone hate something like Sydney hates Alayah. Join us this week to hear all about The Bachelor tea… oh and our favorite contestant gets sent home @sarah.coffin. Thanks for listening! This is “The Final Bros”.
January 22, 2020
The Bachelor: Episode 2 with Annaliese Puccini
In this episode of The Final Bros, we recap Episode 2 of The Bachelor Season 24 with special guest Annaliese Puccini from Arie’s season and Bachelor In Paradise (twice). We discuss the aftermath of Hannah B’s appearance and how Peter and the other women handle it all. We also dive into the group dates and dissect the winners and losers of each! Did someone say Champagne Gate? Tune in to find out all the drama that was spewed over one champagne bottle, that led to our first real fight of the year, Hannah Ann vs Kelsey. Thanks for listening, love you guys.
January 14, 2020
The Bachelor: Season Premiere with Kirpa Sudick and Sydney Lotuaco
In this episode of The Final Bros, we break down The Bachelor Season 24 Premiere with Kirpa Sudick and Sydney Lotuaco. We go through the insane limo entrances, cocktail hour, the group dates and the coveted one on one! We also go in-depth on Hannah B's return and what that could mean for the rest of the contestants throughout the year. Nick is convinced that Madison has this show in the bag, but Hannah B will have something to say about that! Also, stay tuned for an inside look at Nick's DM's to Kirpa from last year...  Thanks for listening, love you guys!  
January 7, 2020
Bonus Episode: Meet the Contestants
On this Bonus Episode, we dissect all 30 of the women's bios and offer our incredible commentary for every single lady. We hope you enjoy our first episode as much as we did! We look forward to giving you a new episode every Tuesday morning starting January 7th. - The Final Bros
December 22, 2019