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By United Task Force
All the latest from United Task Force.
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EP011 Where is the SITREP? Post-COVIDity, Mission Ratings, SOP Portal and Campaign Updates
Listen to the latest episode of TAFFCAST by UNITAF hosted by MSG Zuka and SFC Skullcollector with Commanding Officer Maj James. In this episode we talk about the impact of post-COVIDity on unit operations, demand to know when the SITREP will be out and dive deep on the downward mission rating trends.
March 22, 2022
EP010 2021 in Review, CSIPs, UNISOCIAL and the Role Certification System
After a record-breaking 2021, MSG Zuka, SSG Skullcollector, Maj James and SFC Whitewolf reflect on UNITAFs achievements during 2021, talk about some stand out moments and review some of the changes during the latter parts of 2021 and SITREP 16. We also talked about ongoing works for CSIPs and the recent UNISOCIAL update. Perhaps the biggest topic announced since Tiers and Fatigue; is the news that the roadmap has been updated and UNITAF will launch a Role Certification System (RCS) in SITREP 18 to compliment the Tier system - as it's primary development focus. The system will be launched around the end of this January and Certifications will be created over time - we talk about it in detail and discuss how it will benefit everyone in different ways.
January 08, 2022
EP009 FTXs, Lesson Plans and answering your questions
Welcome to TAFFCAST 9, recorded live and hosted by SSG Zuka and SSG Skullcollector with Guests Maj James and SSG Whitewolf In this episode we talk about upcoming changes to UNITAFs FTXs including Lesson Plans as well as answering live questions on various topics.
November 15, 2021
EP008 Rank Structure, Recruit Retention and a Multi-platform UNITAF
Welcome to TAFFCAST 8, recorded live and hosted by Sgt Zuka, with Guests Maj James, 2Lt Mattjamco and Sgt Skullcollector. In this episode we talk about upcoming changes to UNITAFs rank structure, issues with recruit retention and what the unit is doing to address it and a future where UNITAF becomes a truly multi-platform unit.
October 01, 2021
EP006 Mission Execution, Role-playing, Operation Overture, ROE & Laws of War
Welcome to TAFFCAST 6, recorded live and hosted by Commanding Officer, Maj James with Guests 2Lt Mattjamco, Sgt Zuka, and Pvt JaSmAn.  In this episode, we talk about roleplaying, rules of engagement, laws of war and our latest campaign Operation Overture. As well as prior campaigns in non-conventional scenarios such as Herrick.  This episode focuses on mission execution and we also touch on missions that went wrong though a combination of the above.
July 31, 2021
EP005 Celebrating 2 Years of UNITAF & Looking to the Future
2Lt Zero, Sgt Zuka, PFC Squido and Maj James discuss 2 Years of UNITAF, looking at some of the highlights, the challenges and walk through the strategy for 2022, as well as a live Q&A.
June 22, 2021
EP004 Recruit Experiences, Slot Demand and Upcoming Roadmap Priorities - Apr 21
We talk about some of the current priorities and plans for the unit with a focus on Recruits and Privates and their early experience joining UNITAF. We're joined by Rec Strange talking about how he got into UNITAF and his experience, as well as the live Q&A, with Maj James, 2Lt Zero and Sgt Zuka.
May 21, 2021
EP003 How UNITAF Began, Birthday & Leadership (Live) - Mar 2021
In this live episode of TAFFCAST, we discuss a brief update, plans for UNITAFs 2nd Birthday and move on to discuss how UNITAF started and what makes a good leader and how UNITAF chooses leaders for it's organisation. Followed by questions submitted by the live listeners.
April 14, 2021
EP002 w/SFC Mattjamco (Mission Dev) & TFCO SITREP/9 - Feb 21
In episode 002, UNISTAFF Members Maj James, 2Lt Ben, SFC Zero are joined by long time Zeus turned Field Leader SFC Mattjamco, to talk about the TFCO SITREP 9 and all things Mission Making.
March 07, 2021
TAFFCAST EP001 / TFCO SITREP/8 - January 21
All the latest from United Task Force (UNITAF) from the SITREP/8 January 2021, find out more at
January 08, 2021