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The Selling Sessions - How to sell your business, by the people who could buy it

The Selling Sessions - How to sell your business, by the people who could buy it

By United Capital
The Selling Sessions is an international podcast by the team at UK investment company, United Capital.

Expect expert opinions, practical advice and plenty of real-life examples from the team at United Capital and other business buying experts.

The podcast, which will post a new episode every Thursday, will bring together leaders from all the core areas you should be focussed on when thinking about selling your business; from finance to HR, corporate structure to intellectual property and marketing and everything in between.
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Episode 13 - Doing deals internationally & the emotional side of selling

The Selling Sessions - How to sell your business, by the people who could buy it

Episode 13 - Doing deals internationally & the emotional side of selling

The Selling Sessions - How to sell your business, by the people who could buy it

Episode 35 - The value of sector specific advisors
In this podcast we have discussed at least, the importance of commercially aware advisors, but this episode takes this a step further to discuss the value of working with sector specific advisors with complete and in-depth knowledge of your industry. Louise Fegan, a partner at Morrisons Solicitor, is not only a hugely experience M&A lawyer, but also an expert in the dentistry market and saves her clients time, and money by spotting issues early.
January 06, 2022
Episode 34 - Trusting your gut, and going for it
This episode welcomes David Robbie and David Kennedy, leaders of The McDougall Group, who recently sold their 40 year old facilities management business to United Capital's group company, McGill. The David's discuss the speed at which the deal was done, and why after the first meeting with the team at McGill, they knew it would work. Theirs is a story of trusting your gut, and going for it.
December 23, 2021
Episode 33 - Meet the buyer with Leanne Carling
This week we meet the buyer, as The Selling Sessions welcomes Leanne Carling to the podcast. Leanne is the Mergers and Acquisitions Director at United Capital, and co-owner of one of Scotland’s largest residential landlords Carling Property Group. Leanne is a hugely experienced dealmaker, having worked on both the buy and sell side of many transactions over the years. In her role with United Capital, Leanne manages an acquisition deal pipeline with a value of over £1bn, and over the years as co-owner of Carling Property Group has been involved in over 1000 property acquisition deals with a combined value of over £200m. In this episode Leanne offers an insight into what she looks for in a deal, why not every deal works, and the value of walking away. This is an episode packed full of great insight from one of the most active M&A leaders in the country. We hope you enjoy.
December 16, 2021
Episode 32 - Selling your business, with a warrior mindset
In this episode we welcome the Warrior Entrepreneur, Zachary L. Green, who joins us from South Carolina, USA.  Zach is a Marine Veteran, Firefighter, Entrepreneur, and International Best Selling Author. Zach offers advice and opinion on adopting a warrior mindset can help with the starting, running, and ultimately selling of your business. Having completed Marine corp training, before signing up as a firefighter in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Zach knows a bit about being a warrior. To find out more about Zach and Warrior Entrepreneur visit
December 09, 2021
Episode 31 - The Pros & Cons of different exit options
When it comes to selling your business there are a variety of different ways this can be done. This episode brings the considerable experience of Ian Mitchell and Douglas Roberts to discuss the pros and cons of different exit options. This episode is packed with information and tales from the vast experience of our guests.
November 25, 2021
Episode 30 - Dealing with disputes
With more than 30 years experience in dispute resolution, David Ogilvy, Head of Litigation and Employment Law at Turcan Connell, offers his knowledge and stories so you can learn how best to deal with disputes, and keep your deals on track.
November 18, 2021
Episode 29 - Marketing for the WIN!
Marketing touches every point of your business, or at least it should. The importance of marketing can never be under-played and this episode discusses some of the ways that you can add real value to your business by putting a focus on your company marketing. Thanks to Maria Rygge of AweSM Sales & Marketing who was joined by United Capital's Marketing & Communications Director, Fraser Kirk, BlueLime Marketing's Marketing Manager, Jo Eismont, and regular podcast host and United Capital Legal and Commercial Officer, Paul McGillvery.
November 11, 2021
Episode 28 - What to do after you sell? A look at investment property taxation
What do you do once you have sold your business, and made some money? Many look to the property market for investment options, and our guest, Ian Haynes, Tax Director at Haines Watts Scotland, offers his expert advice on how to make sure you get the most out of your investment and why speaking to a knowledgeable property tax expert is in your best interest. 
November 04, 2021
Episode 27 - Managing your team through a sale
In this episode The Selling Sessions hosts employment law expert, Kate Wyatt, Partner at Lindsays. This episode covers how to manage your people through a sale process to maintain optimum performance of the team. 
October 28, 2021
Episode 26 - Learning to sell your business
In this episode we are joined by David Beveridge, Managing Director at MacDonald Henderson. David, who led the Management Buy Out of MacDonald Henderson in 2009, offers advice on how sellers can support the sale process by taking a bit of time to learn about the process, and get things in order in advance.
October 21, 2021
Episode 25 - Finding an advisor that understands HOW you want to do a deal
Once again, The Selling Sessions goes international as United Capital Legal & Commercial Officer Paul McGillvery and Marketing & Communications Director Fraser Kirk, welcome Scott Schwartz, Partner at Manatt, Phellps & Phillips LLP to join them for a conversation about doing deals.
October 14, 2021
Episode 24 - Getting deals done fast...the fast-quisition way!
This week we invited Fraser Morrison, Managing Director or McKee Campbell Morrison solicitors to discuss doing deals quickly. A couple of weeks ago Fraser worked on our side of a company acquisition deal, a deal that was completed only 1 week after both parties agreed commercial terms, and only 1 month after initial contact was made.
October 07, 2021
Episode 23 - Fast-quisitions with Graeme Carling
Fast-quisitions, a term coined by Graeme and Leanne Carling after completing multiple business acquisitions in under a week. Selling your business is a time consuming process that takes business owner's attention away from running the business. Fast-quisitions cut down the time it takes to complete deals and keeps deals moving, saving both sides money and time. Have a listen, and if you, or a business you know could benefit from a fast-quisition, please get in touch directly via
September 30, 2021
Episode 22 - Merging teams & cultures
Ryan Russell, one of Scotland's leading HR lawyers, Head of Employment at MML Legal, and Non-Executive Director at United Capital, joins Jo Eismont, Marketing Manager at BlueLime Marketing and author of learning and development book, Rediscovering Human, for a conversation with United Capital Marketing & Communications Director Fraser Kirk and merging teams and cultures through the acquisition process.  Ryan offers loads of real-life insight into the effects and cost of getting it wrong, and Jo pulls on her vast knowledge of the topic from research completed for her book, to offer an in-depth discussion around how sellers should be minded to get it right for their people during a sale process.
September 23, 2021
Episode 21 - Understanding finance from the point of view of the buyer
This week Paul McGillvery and Fraser Kirk meet with United Capital CFO Kevan Sturrock to discuss the finance element of doing deals from the point of view of the buyer. As the CFO at United Capital Kevan reviews the finances of many businesses every month and gives listeners an insight into what is important, what the buyers need and how numbers are not the only part of doing deals. 
September 16, 2021
Episode 20 - Understanding the other side
In this episode of The Selling Sessions, United Capital's Legal & Commercial Officer, Paul McGillvery, and Marketing & Communications Director, Fraser Kirk met with Stuart Stepney, owner and Managing Director of Castle Corporate Finance. The conversation covers why many deals never complete, and the importance of understanding the needs, wants, and pressures faced by the other side.  Stuart's person centred approach to deal making offers a look into the psychology of the transaction, the emotions of all parties, and the importance of managing expectations.  To find out more about our expert guest Stuart Stepney, or his business Castle Corporate Finance, and also to check out their great website that we discuss at the end of the episode visit
September 02, 2021
Episode 19: Part 2 - Mid-season review
From building relationships to TUPE, doing deals internationally to keeping your emotions in check, the importance of due diligence to what makes a quality advisor, and much more, The Selling Sessions has covered a lot of topics over the past few months. This episode looks back at the last 8 episodes of The Selling Sessions and summarises the top tips offered by our many expert guests. Special thanks to our podcast guests from the last 8 episodes; Usman Malik, Graeme Bruce, Deborah Miller, Pablo Anderson, Fraser Kirk, Jo Eismont, Greg Vincent, John Morrison and Douglas Roberts.
August 26, 2021
Episode 18: Part 1 - Mid-season review
From IP to indemnities, setting objectives to setting expectations, HR to marketing, and everything in between, The Selling Sessions has covered a lot of topics over the past few months. This episode looks back at the first 9 episodes of The Selling Sessions and summarises the top tips offered by our many expert guests. Special thanks to our podcast guests from our first 9 episodes; Liam McMonagle, Alan Kelly, Graeme Carling, Rod Mathers, Ian McDonald, Louise Shiels, Derek Stroud, Kevan Sturrock, Andrew Fleetwood, Lottie White, Ryan Russell, Gillian McAteer, Satvir Bungar and Stuart Hatcher.
August 26, 2021
Episode 17 - This is going to be a rollercoaster
This week guest Douglas Roberts from Lindsays Solicitors shares his experiences from both sides of the table; as the seller of a family business, and as the trusted advisor guiding other people through their own sale process. With podcast host and legal expert Paul McGillvery.
August 19, 2021
Episode 16 - The importance of due diligence early in the process of a sale
In Episode 16 we discuss the finer points of due diligence, specifically the importance of doing your own due diligence at the earliest stage possible, and taking a solutions-based approach to any issues that arise. With podcast host Paul McGillvery and guest expert John Morrison of Shepherd and Wedderburn.
August 10, 2021
Episode 15 - Managing expectations and keeping your emotions in check
This week's episode is packed full of great information and real-life examples of many of the nuanced points to consider when selling your business and how an expert and experienced advisor will help you to navigate the many potential pit-falls.  Huge thanks to our expert guest this week, Greg Vincent, Partner and Head of Corporate & Commercial at Morrisons Solicitors LLP. Greg offers valuable insight into some of many deals he has completed throughout his many years working in corporate law.
August 05, 2021
Episode 14 - How marketing can help sell your business
This week The Selling Sessions welcomes United Capital's Marketing & Communications Director Fraser Kirk and Jo Eismont, Marketing Manager at BlueLime Marketing to chat about how marketing can help you to sell your business. Fraser offers insight into the research and qualification process at United Capital and just how big a role your marketing can play in the process. This episode is packed with loads of great insight from an experienced Marketer.  The biggest take away...if you're not talking, no-one can listen!
July 29, 2021
Episode 13 - Doing deals internationally & the emotional side of selling
In this episode The Selling Sessions goes international as Paul McGillvery meets with Pablo Anderson of ICCI Capital on a recent business trip to Spain. This episode offers a new perspective as we discuss doing deals overseas. Pablo offers great insight into the more emotional part of selling a business, an often forgotten about element of the sales process. ICCI Capital is a company focussed on real estate consulting and the development of real estate assets. Their platform includes a wide range of services to safeguard efficient market access, professional development and exit solutions for projects in Spain. Their platform enables ICCI to manage the assets, develop them to a bespoke target rate efficiently and to sell the products in the least time. To find out more about ICCI visit
July 22, 2021
Episode 12 - What happens to employees when you sell your business?
When you come to sell your business you want to know that your loyal team will be taken care of, so what happens to employees when you sell your business? It's a question that sellers often ask, as they seek assurances around the long term future of the employees after they sell.  Specialist employment law consultant at Shepherd and Wedderburn, Deborah Miller talks TUPE, as she passes on some of her best tips from her 15-year experience specialising in employment law.
July 15, 2021
Episode 11 - What makes a quality advisor?
This episode welcomes the hugely experienced Graeme Bruce, Partner at CMS, to talk about what makes a really good advisor. Graeme outlines what you should look for when appointing an advisor to support you selling you business and why the team that helped you grow your business, may not have the right experience to help with your sale. Special thanks as always to our podcast sponsors, Affinity Business Centres, for taking take of us in the podcast studio!
July 08, 2021
Episode 10 - Setting expectations and building relationships
This week we are joined by Usman Malik, Head of Business Services at Grant Thornton, to discuss the importance of building relationships and setting expectations when selling your business. 
July 01, 2021
Episode 9 - The lifecycle of selling your business
In this episode we spoke to Stuart Hatcher, Partner at Forsters LLP, a leading Mayfair law firm, about the lifecycle of selling your business. Stuart offers fantastic insight into the twists and turns of selling your business including the often forgotten about bit at the end...what are you going to do with the money! This episode is packed with practical advice from Stuart, an exceptionally experienced Corporate Lawyer. As always, thanks to our podcast sponsors, Affinity Business Centres.
June 24, 2021
Episode 8 - Understanding SPA warranties & indemnities
In this highly informative episode, we speak to BDO Managing Director, Satvir Bungar, and discuss SPA warranties and indemnities. As always, our professional and expert guest highlights the importance and value of knowledgeable and experienced advisors, and discusses the finer details of selling your business.
June 16, 2021
Episode 7 - When selling your business...remember your employees!
This episode brings together Ryan Russell, Partner & Head of Employment at MML Legal and Non-Executive Director at United Capital, Gillian McAteer, Head of Employment Law at Citation. This fantastic episode covers many important considerations from the employees perspective and offers plenty of practical tips.
June 10, 2021
Episode 6 - An in-depth look at the role of contracts in selling your business
In this episode United Capitals Legal & Commercial Officer, Paul McGillvery chats to Andrew Fleetwood and Lottie White, Partner and Solicitor respectively, from the commercial team at Gilson Gray. Paul, Andrew and Lottie delve deeper into the finer details of various contracts and the implications on negotiations, and discuss the best ways to prepare your business for a sale process.
June 03, 2021
Episode 5 - Preparing to sell your business
This week United Capital's Paul McGillvery discusses preparing for the sale process with Louise Sheils and Derek Stroud, both of Brodies LLP. The episode offers great practical advice on some of the steps you should be taking when preparing to sell your business.
May 27, 2021
Episode 4 - Understanding the financial side of selling your business
In this episode we hear from Rod Mathers and Ian McDonald of MHA Henderson Loggie, and Kevan Sturrock (CFO) and Paul McGillvery (Legal & Commercial Officer) at United Capital. The podcast focusses on the financial part of selling your business, what you should consider and why it is important to manage your expectations. Some great points raised by hugely experienced panel, offering insight into what can make or break a deal.
May 20, 2021
Episode 3 - Meet the Buyer with Graeme Carling
In this episode we "meet the buyer", Graeme Carling, CEO of United Capital to discuss what he thinks sellers should be doing when trying to sell their business. As an experienced business buyer Graeme offers insight into his expectations of a seller and explains what you must do, in order to get the deal done. The Selling Sessions - Meet the Buyer episodes curate conversations with experienced and expert business buyers to give any would-be seller, an insight into the mind of the people on the other side of the negotiating table. 
May 13, 2021
Episode 2 - Setting your own business sale objectives
In this episode United Capital's Paul McGillvery catches up with specialist corporate lawyer and Partner at MacRoberts LLP, Alan Kelly, to discuss the importance of setting your own business sale objectives. Do you know what you want out of selling your business? Do you even know how much money you will need to afford the lifestyle you want? Alan offers opinion on what you should be thinking about before you even start the process of selling.
May 06, 2021
Episode 1 - Understanding intellectual property and how it affects the sale of your business
In this episode United Capital Marketing & Communications Director, Fraser Kirk, discusses intellectual property and the steps owners should take to help the sale of their business. Fraser chats to United Capital's Legal & Commercial Officer, Paul McGillvery and Liam McMonagle, a specialist in corporate and commercial law, and Partner at top legal firm, Thorntons. The Selling Sessions podcast is brought to you by specialist construction sector investment firm, United Capital and sponsored by Affinity Business Centres and Storage Solutions. United Capital is an investment group bringing strength and stability back to the construction sector by acquiring well-performing, profitable companies. Joining the United Capital group can unlock the potential of your company, through a combination of investment and business support. Your passion for your business, backed by our experience and expertise, is a path to long-term growth and success.
April 28, 2021
Welcome to The Selling Sessions - How to sell your business, by the people who could buy it
Next week, the team at UK investment company United Capital, will be launching their own podcast, The Selling Sessions, about how to sell your business, by the very people who could buy it. Expect expert opinions, practical advice and plenty of real-life examples from the team at United Capital and other business buying experts.
April 23, 2021