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Universal Playground STORIES

Universal Playground STORIES

By Universal Playground
Stories to inspire, encourage or simply make us smile.

From the moment we begin using language to communicate our message, we tell stories. Stories that help teach lessons, offer guidance, share experiences, entertain crowds.
There are countless wonderful beings whose stories need to be heard, captured and spread to keep this vibrant energy flowing. To inspire, encourage or simply make us smile. Welcome to Universal Playground STORIES.
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STORIES with Paleta CalmQuality
PALETA CalmQuality is a Movement Artist, Choreographer, Yoga Instructor and NIKE Trainer born and raised in Switzerland, based in East London. Her remarkable way of moving created her reputation of the uniquely talented individual working with NIKE, FKA TWIGS, NOWNESS, London real, LONDON FASHION WEEK, RED BULL, TINIE TEMPAH, FREESPIRIT FESTIVAL, to name just a few.  We talked about all of her experiences with life, about her journey as a movement artist and much more. How yoga practice changed her life? What is it like to be a Nike Trainer or what is her secret to life? Find out in 5th episode of Universal PLayground STORIES and let us know what else would you like to know about Paleta for the upcoming part. Paleta CalmQuality: Define Gender | UNBOXING INTERVIEW LONDON REAL
April 8, 2019
STORIES with The Little House Of Soul
The Little House Of Soul is a place where Yoshi from London helps people using Tuina Massage Therapy & Plant-Based Nutrition. Tuina – a form of manual therapy - is one of many methods used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help people heal from illness & injury, improve physical performance & maintain one’s wellbeing. In this over 90 minutes conversation, we have covered also topics like nutrition, benefits of plant-based diet or Time-restricted eating. Why do people need a massage? What is so special about Tuina or what are the overall benefits of plant-based? Jump in and let us know your take on body health. The Little House Of Soul The Jam Movement By Yoshi SBX portfolio. shop. Fixtape Vol.1 Fixtape Vol.2 
March 8, 2019
STORIES with HipHop4Hope
Hip Hop 4 Hope is a charity foundation based in Germany, that uses Hip Hop as a tool to uplift young kids to keep them away from drugs and street violence, to focus their energies on more positive pursuits. With their passion for the five elements of Hip Hop (Dance, Rap, DJ, Graffiti & Knowledge) they cooperate with professional international Hip Hop artists to inspire kids all around the world. Together with carefully selected, social competent, world renowned international Hip Hop dancers and in close cooperation with Onesimo, an aid organization active on the ground, they visit different urban slum areas in Metro Manila giving free dance workshops for hundreds of children inside their neighborhood. To inspire the kids and give as many young people as possible an insight into the friendly and positive hip hop culture. What is the beginning of this unique charity project? How is the life in slums in Manila or what can children teach the world? Find out in our new Universal Playground STORIES with HipHop4Hope. Website: Instagram: Facebook:
February 8, 2019
STORIES with Vilija Art
Vilijas art speaks about human and nature relationships, its spirit, colourfulness, and emotions. Vilijas passion for art comes from nature, music, and stories. She also works about climate change, equal rights through her art projects. She has travelled the world creating different projects with body art, from the mountains in Morocco to the barren landscapes of Lofoten, Norway. Vilija finds inspiration in the world of nature to create her vibrant and colourful body art. We met at Universal Playground Festival in Bratislava where she, along with here colleagues Johannes and Sarah, painted dancers from ÅSA Folkhogskola to perform a piece called Water. It was beautiful and breathtaking performance. I remember the moment when i stopped and stared at the two creatures dancing on the stage so fascinated by the look, that I told myself I had to have a conversation with her one day. What is her most memorable Project, how does she see nudity in art, or what is the World Bodypainting festival? Find out in our second Universal Playground STORIES with Vilija Art. Website: Instagram: Facebook:
January 8, 2019
STORIES with Laloka Styla
For our very first interview, we invited our good friend Lala Salimova. Coming from Yekaterinburg (Russia) as a child of a Fireman (Father) and a Kindergarten Teacher (Mother). She grew up in a loving family surrounded by a lot of nature, playing and creating toys with it, even using leaves as money. Fast forward, Lala and her boyfriend Pasha created a group called LOVANDA:, moved to Moscow and slowly but surely making they way to the world of music.  Besides that, Lala is creating beautiful jewelry called Laloka Styla. We asked her several questions to get to know her art a little deeper. Why does nature play such a big role in her life and what is her jewelry made of? Find it out in our first Universal Playground STORIES with Laloka Styla: Instagram: Facebook:
December 8, 2018