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We’re a brother and sister duo that love to talk about the mysterious, unusual, and unknowable.
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Unknowable Episode 69: Ogopogo & Michigan Dogman
This week we're all about cryptids! Justine tells us about Ogopogo, a lake monster that is said to dwell in British Columbia, Canada. Gray talks all about the Michigan Dogman, yet another muscular, mysterious beast that has been freaking people out since at least the 1880's.
December 12, 2021
Unknowable Episode 68: Jim Sullivan & Emanuela Orlandi
This week we talk about missing people! Justine tells us about Jim Sullivan, the psych-folk musician who went into the desert and never came back, and Gray talks about Emanuela Orlandi, the young girl who went missing from Vatican City -- one of the cases with the most diverse and outlandish theories!
November 28, 2021
Unknowable Episode 67: The Vermont Pigman & Norwich University
This episode we have a very new theme for us in what will be a gradually ongoing series of states: Vermont! Gray talks about the Vermont Pigman, a fascinating not-quite-cryptid, and Justine delves into the very haunted history of Norwich University!
November 16, 2021
Unknowable Episode 66: Bael & Moloch
WE'RE BACK!!! And just in time for Halloween, which is clearly a perfect time to discuss some well-known demons. Justine tells us about the Christian demon named Bael, and Gray tells us about Moloch, though unsurprisingly we get a bit off track...
November 15, 2021
Unknowable Episode 65: The Case of Kathy Hobbs
Kathy Hobbs was a teenager who, unfortunately, met an untimely demise. But what's unknowable about her is how strangely prepared she was for such a scenario...
May 02, 2021
Unknowable Episode 64: Oil Pit Squid
A rare Gray episode this week! Back in 1996, workers at a GM bumper manufacturing plant were cleaning a sludge pit when they found some mysterious creatures. So Gray takes a solo dive into a story where life, uh, finds a way...
April 17, 2021
Unknowable Episode 63: The Dark Watchers
If you go for a hike in the Santa Lucia mountains in central coastal California, don't be surprised if you see what appears to be the silhouette of an unusually tall, dark being, maybe with a brimmed hat or even a walking stick in hand. It's probably just one of the Dark Watchers...
March 26, 2021
Unknowable Episode 62: John Titor
In the year 2000, a man purporting to have traveled back in time appeared on online forums. He spoke of many predictions for our timeline, including that of a massive and deadly World War III. Was this man truly on a mission to try to save us from ourselves?
March 06, 2021
Unknowable Episode 61: The Kecksburg UFO Incident
In December 1965, a fireball streaked across at least 8 US states and parts of Canada. It was witnessed by many, including folks in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania -- a small village southeast of Pittsburgh -- who swear the object crash landed in a patch of woods. Nothing was *officially* found, but theories abound. Was it a spy satellite? An extraterrestrial craft? Or something even MORE surprising...
February 14, 2021
Unknowable Episode 60: The Afterlife Part 3: Wrap-Up
Our third and final episode in our afterlife series, in this installment we discuss the few belief systems that don't quite so neatly adhere to a belief in either reincarnation or heaven and hell, as well as some of our own personal beliefs in what happens after we die.
January 27, 2021
Unknowable Episode 59: The Afterlife Part 2: Heaven and Hell
For part 2 of our afterlife series, we talk about HEAVEN AND HELL. The dichotomy has existed as long as religion but the specifics vary so much between cultures and philosophies. Are these truly places we go after we die? Are they merely a state of mind we experience here on Earth? Are they waiting rooms before Judgment Day? Or is there a neuroscientific explanation?
January 15, 2021
Unknowable Episode 58: The Afterlife Part 1: Reincarnation
In a very exciting series, we kick off our first of three parts about THE AFTERLIFE. In this initial episode we discuss reincarnation and whether it seems possible that our souls, our consciousness, our SELVES, live on in some higher plane after our physical body ceases to exist.
December 31, 2020
Unknowable Episode 56: The Boys on the Tracks
It's time for episode 56 and this one is all about the boys on the tracks. Late one night in August of 1987, two teenage boys are run over by a fast-moving train as they lay together on the tracks... but it turns out they were already dead. Who had it out for these kids? And why?
November 20, 2020
Unknowable Episode 55: Chicago's Mothman
We are revisiting the phenomenon of Mothman, but this time focusing on the flap (see what we did there?) of recent sightings in the Chicago area. Is it another Mothman similar to the one spotted in Point Pleasant all those years ago? Is it a Thunderbird, a legendary creature from Native American lore? Is it mass hysteria, a giant condor, or an adventurous person with an elaborate costume? See what we think...
November 06, 2020
Unknowable Episode 54: The Abandoned Village of Rastess
What explanation can there be when a village of 88 people is simply... abandoned? Was it something as logical as a lack of resources and necessities? Did mermaids lure them to their watery graves? A government experiment? Or is it something to do with those lights that hover above the tree line...
October 22, 2020
Unknowable Episode 53: Griffith Park & The Devil's Tramping Ground
An odd episode for us -- make sure you listen to both stories! The theme is haunted parks & woods. Justine tells us about Griffith Park in Los Angeles, a massive public space with a wicked curse in its history. Gray tells us about The Devil's Tramping Ground in Bear Creek, North Carolina, a camping site that may be a recreation spot for Satan himself...
October 08, 2020
Unknowable Episode 52: The Solway Firth Spaceman
Imagine having a relaxing day out with your wife and daughter, snapping a few photos to remember the time you had, and then developing the photos only to find what looks like a god dang ASTRONAUT in the background that you KNOW wasn't there on your nature jaunt. That's what happened to Jim Templeton in 1964. Listen to find out what he saw, and what we think the explanation might be...
September 24, 2020
Unknowable Episode 51: The Disappearance of Lars Mittank
When Lars Mittank arrived in Bulgaria with his friends, on vacation from their home in Germany, things were relaxed and carefree. But by the end of the trip, Lars had become paranoid and anxious, leaving his belongings at the airport and hopping a fence to run away from threats unknown, never to be seen again. What on earth happened in the span of those few days?
September 10, 2020
Unknowable Episode 50: The Disappearance of Sneha Anne Philip
Last seen on September 10th, 2001, Sneha Anne Philip was a medical school resident in a happy marriage. But when she never returned home, the questions started to arise: did she perish in the attacks on the World Trade Center? Did she end up at the wrong person's apartment after a few drinks? Or did she, as some suggest, start a whole new life...
August 26, 2020
Unknowable Episode 49: The Axeman of New Orleans
The Axeman, or The Boogeyman as he was also known, was a killer who targeted Italian grocers in New Orleans in the early 20th century. He would pry off a panel of their door, kill or seriously maim them with an axe or straight razor, and then disappear as quickly as he arrived. Who was he? What was his motivation? And what does jazz music have to do with ANY of it? Listen and find out...
August 17, 2020
Unknowable Episode 48: Australia's T. Rex
The idea of a 20-foot T. Rex roaming the Northern Territory of Australia seems both fascinating and fantastic. Is there actually a descendent of the era of dinosaurs mutilating cattle in the Outback, or are people mistaking a present day lizard or bird for something more far-fetched?
July 30, 2020
Unknowable Episode 47: Aphantasia
Can you imagine if your mind's eye was blind? You try to think of your best friend's face or your favorite beach spot or your childhood dog and... nothing materializes. Or maybe that's everyday reality for you and you had no idea there was a name for it or that it wasn't the norm. It's called aphantasia, from the Greek for "no imagination", and it's a damn wild mystery of the brain.
July 16, 2020
Unknowable Episode 46: The Dancing Plague of 1518
In July of 1518 the city of Alsace, in what is now modern day France, saw a woman start dancing... erratically, uncontrollably, for days. Soon others joined her until there were as many as 500 people dancing in the streets, possibly even to their deaths. What started this dance mania? And what ultimately stopped it? Join us to hear our thoughts...
July 02, 2020
Unknowable Episode 45: The Salish Sea Feet
Since August 2007 at least 20 detached human feet have been found on the coasts of the Salish Sea in British Columbia, Canada, and Washington state. I mean, if that's not enough to draw you in, I'M NOT SURE WHAT IS.
May 27, 2020
Unknowable Episode 44: The Beebe, Arkansas Bird Deaths
On New Year's Day, two years in a row, a combined thousands of dead red-winged blackbirds were found on the streets and lawns of Beebe, Arkansas. What could have made such a mass death possible? Was it natural or supernatural? Was it linked to the thousands of fish that died in the same area? Listen to what we think in episode 44...
May 13, 2020
Unknowable Episode 43: The Pocomoonshine Lake Monster & Cassie the Casco Bay Sea Serpent
For this episode we decided to not only talk about aquatic cryptids but specifically ones that are believed to live in our home state of Maine. Gray tells us about The Pocomoonshine Lake Monster, a giant, eel-like creature swimming around in the northern part of the state, and Justine talks about Cassie, a sea serpent supposedly spotted in the waters of Casco Bay and beyond.
April 30, 2020
Unknowable Episode 42: The Lead Masks Case
Two men, dressed impeccably in suits, are found dead on a hill in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, wearing rain coats and, bizarrely enough, lead masks covering their eyes. What brought them there? What were the masks meant to protect against? Were their deaths accidental or something more otherwordly? Listen and find out what we think...
April 16, 2020
Unknowable Episode 41: The Disappearance of Carole Baskin's husband, Don Lewis
You had to know we couldn't watch Tiger King and do an episode about the biggest mystery of all (besides how Joe Exotic's eyebrow ring is holding on for dear life): what happened to Carole Baskin's husband, Don Lewis? Did he crash his plan off the Gulf of Mexico? Did he plan his own disappearance? Did Carole feed him to the tigers? Listen and see what we think...
April 01, 2020
Unknowable Episode 40: The Mongolian Death Worm
Out in the vast expanse of the Gobi Desert there is believed to be a creature so devastating it has been dubbed The Mongolian Death Worm. Rarely seen but commonly feared, it has powers not typically known to living creatures... but is it real, or merely an urban legend? Give this episode a listen and hear what we think...
March 18, 2020
Unknowable Episode 39: The Mandela Effect
In episode 39 we tackle the mystery of our own brains. How is it that many of us remember things that never truly happened? We vividly remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison, or seeing a movie starring Sinbad as a genie, or SWEAR the name is spelled Berenstein... but "reality" tells us otherwise. What can explain these discrepancies?
March 06, 2020
Unknowable Episode 38: The Setagaya/Miyazawa Family Murder & The Boy in the Chimney
This week we delve into some unexplained deaths... or are they both murders? Gray talks about the Setagaya/Miyazawa family murders, a family of 4 brutally slain in the Setagaya ward of Tokyo, Japan. Justine talks about Joshua Maddux, aka The Boy in the Chimney... missing for 7 years and found mere blocks from his home in the chimney of a derelict cabin. What happened to these people?
February 20, 2020
Unknowable Episode 37: The Jersey Devil
We finally delve into the mystery that is the Jersey Devil. Is there actually a bizarre creature roaming the Pine Barrens, letting out bloodcurdling shrieks for unfortunate witnesses to hear? Is it simply the result of historical disdain and gossip? Hear what we think in this week's episode...
February 06, 2020
Unknowable Episode 36: The Denver International Airport
A seemingly innocent airport is the hub for ENDLESS conspiracy theories. Sordid ties to the Freemasons, a shadowy underground, UFOs, Nazis, lizard people... this episode has it ALL.
January 22, 2020
Unknowable Episode 35: The Somerton Man
Also known as the Tamám Shud case, the unsolved death of the Somerton Man has confounded law enforcement and amateur sleuths alike for over 70 years now. It's easy to get lost in the myriad of details and hard to know what's relevant and what's not. Was he poisoned? Was he a mysterious spy or simply a scorned lover? What do YOU think?
January 09, 2020
Unknowable Episode 34: The Warminster Thing
Christmas Day of 1965 marked the start of a flap of UFO sightings big enough to earn Warminster -- a sleepy town in western Wiltshire, England -- the title of "the Roswell of the UK". Was it aliens briefly probing the town for information? Military testing from the nearby bases? Or something else entirely...
January 03, 2020
Unknowable Episode 33: National Park Disappearances
Did you know that the actual number of people who have gone missing in national parks and public land in the United States is unknown? There is no database to keep track of such a thing, and yet some estimate that the number is in the thousands, some of those people disappearing -- or reappearing -- in bizarre ways. Is this merely an example of disorganization within our government? Or is there something more sinister afoot?
January 03, 2020
Unknowable Episode 32: The Mud Flood
In one of the weirder episodes we've done -- and that's saying a lot for us -- we talk about the theory of the "mud flood". Was there a worldwide event devastating enough to have wiped out an entire more advanced civilization? If not, how do you explain the evidence that is all around us, in every city on earth? Listen and find out our thoughts...
January 03, 2020
Unknowable Episode 31: The Devil's Footprint
This week's episode is just a quick little bite about one of Maine's creepier stories: The Devil's Footprint. Did the devil actually strike a deal with a random construction worker to move a boulder in exchange for his soul?
January 03, 2020
Unknowable Episode 30: The Exorcism of Roland Doe
Episode 30 is our annual Halloween episode, and our very first exorcism-related topic! You might not know the name Roland Doe, an anonymous pseudonym for the 13-year-old in question, but you probably know of the book and movie The Exorcist, which is based on his story. If you believe the tale, this boy underwent a series of exorcisms to expel a particularly stubborn demon, with the priests involved sworn to secrecy to protect him...
January 03, 2020
Unknowable Episode 29: The Bloody Pit
Episode 29 deals with a ghostly location right here in New England: The Hoosac Tunnel in western Massachusetts, also known as The Bloody Pit. During its 25 years of construction the tunnel claimed almost 200 lives. Do some of those spirits still wander within the dark walls?
January 03, 2020
Unknowable Episode 28: Black-Eyed Children
This episode deals with the weird little urban legend of black-eyed children. Have they actually been spotted by folks, or was it just innocent kids being misunderstood? Why are they such harbingers of doom? Where do they come from?
January 03, 2020
Unknowable Episode 27: Skinwalker Ranch Part 3
This is our third and final episode about SKINWALKER RANCH -- the property in rural Utah that is absolutely teeming with paranormal weirdness -- and in this installment we share all of our theories on the place. Is it just a bunch of natural phenomena getting everyone worked into hysteria? Is it an elaborate hoax? Is it a thin place, where the border between this dimension and the next is more transparent than we might be used to? Listen in to find out what we think!
January 03, 2020
Unknowable Episode 26: Skinwalker Ranch Part 2
Welcome to Part 2 of our SKINWALKER RANCH series! While the first episode dealt with the family's 18-month experience living at the ranch, this one delves into the scientific investigation that took place shortly after. The National Institute for Discovery Science -- aka NIDS -- team saw some WILD stuff, and we talk all about it!
January 03, 2020
Unknowable Episode 25: Skinwalker Ranch Part 1
In this episode of Unknowable we delve into the first of three parts on SKINWALKER RANCH. This is a plot of land in Utah that has been known to host just about every weird thing you can imagine: UFOs, portals to other dimensions, mysterious orbs, Bigfoot-like creatures, poltergeists, and, of course, the skinwalkers themselves...
January 03, 2020
Unknowable Episode 24: Gloria Ramirez aka "The Toxic Woman"
This week's episode stays on the medical theme with Gloria Ramirez, who was dubbed "The Toxic Woman" after her mere presence in an emergency room caused 23 people to become ill, 5 of which were hospitalized. Was it truly a purely coincidental string of chemical reactions, or is there something more... unknowable at hand?
January 03, 2020
Unknowable Episode 23: Kuru and Fatal Insomnia
This week's episode goes down a more medical path than we're used to... we're talking about prion diseases! Yes, degenerative brain diseases that occur 85% of the time completely sporadically, with no explanation for why or even exactly how. Justine tells us about kuru, the prion disease that spread among the Fore people of Papua New Guinea thanks to their propensity to eat human brains. Gray tells us about fatal insomnia, the prion disease that literally kills you by not letting you sleep. Prepare to be scared, friends.
January 03, 2020
Unknowable Episode 22: Bigfoot
Oh yes, we did it: A BIGFOOT EPISODE. Probably one of the most well-known mysterious animals to exist. Is Bigfoot an elusive breed of mammal, or something a bit more paranormal? All we know is that they're fascinating!
January 03, 2020
Unknowable Episode 21: Astronauts and Aliens
This week on Unknowable we wanted to investigate what astronauts think of life beyond our planet. There are only 536 people who have been into space and we thought they seemed uniquely qualified to answer the question: are we alone in the universe? And, maybe more importantly: what kind of weird shit have you seen out there in the vast darkness of the void?
January 03, 2020
Unknowable Episode 20: The Zodiac Killer
This week we talk about the yet-to-be-solved case of The Zodiac Killer. He murdered a confirmed 5 people in northern California from 1968-1969 and sent numerous letters to local police stations and newspapers, including many mysterious ciphers (only one of which has been cracked to this day). Was it one man who committed all these crimes, or several unconnected murders that only became linked when a separate entity started sending the letters? Did he kill 5 people or the 37 he claimed? WHO is the Zodiac?
January 02, 2020
Unknowable Episode 19: The Fresno Nightcrawlers & The Beast of Bray Road
This week's episode focuses on some lesser-known cryptids. Gray tells us about The Fresno Nightcrawlers (also more aptly named The Fresno Nightwalkers), some very fabulous and stylish cryptids who strut around the Western United States. Justine tells us about The Beast of Bray Road, Wisconsin's own man-beast that stalks the fields in and near Elkhorn.
January 02, 2020
Unknowable Episode 18: The Bennington Triangle
This week's episode of Unknowable explores our very own creepy New England! We talk about The Bennington Triangle, an area of rural Vermont that seems to have a penchant for unusual flashing lights, cryptid sightings, UFOs flying overhead, and missing people galore...
December 30, 2019
Unknowable Episode 17: Polybius & The Taos Hum
Episode 17 brings two very different, but equally strange, topics. Polybius is a video game that popped up in just a handful of arcades in the 80's before swiftly disappearing... was it used as some kind of mind control device? The Taos Hum -- more generally called The Hum, as it exists all over the world -- is a low-frequency rumbling, whirring, or buzzing that people called "hearers" experience. Is it a result of secret government experiments or equipment? Is it a bizarre natural phenomenon? Or is it all in their heads?
December 30, 2019
Unknowable Episode 16: The Dyatlov Pass Incident
This episode is about the snowy mystery of what the heck happened to a group of nine hikers in the mountains of Russia. The theories are ENDLESS - were they attacked by a Yeti? Did gravity experience a little snafu? Was it a simple avalanche? Are there secret military tests being covered up? Give this episode a listen to hear our thoughts!
December 30, 2019
Unknowable Episode 15: D.B. Cooper
This episode is all about the man, the mystery, the legend: D.B. Cooper. The only person to ever commit air piracy and never be caught. He hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in the Pacific Northwest, acquired a ransom of $200,000, parachuted out... and has never been seen or heard from again. Is he dead? Is he in hiding? Did he do it for the money or for the thrill? Give this episode a listen and hear our theories...
December 30, 2019
Unknowable Episode 14: Tupac & The Notorious B.I.G.
This episode of Unknowable is about maybe the two most memorable deaths in the hip hop world: the assassinations of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. To this day, it is unknown who killed either of them. Were their murders connected? Was it a result of an East Coast/West Coast rivalry? Was it gang retaliation? Or is Tupac still alive somewhere, listening to this episode...
December 30, 2019
Unknowable Episode 13: The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter
This episode of Unknowable is about one of the better known alien encounters in the United States, which took place in Kelly, Kentucky! 12 people in a farmhouse were terrorized for hours by what they were convinced were alien beings -- under 3 feet tall, clawed hands, large glowing yellow eyes, and a strange gait that could only be described as floating. Were these aliens, goblins, gremlins, or...
December 30, 2019
Unknowable Episode 12: Folie à Deux & The Call of the Void
For episode 12 we've decided to delve into a couple of topics that are a bit more conceptual than cryptids and aliens -- folie à deux (French for "madness of two") and "the call of the void" (also known as the High Place Phenomenon). Two psychological concepts that have never quite been pinned down, but make our brain do some pretty frightening things...
December 28, 2019
Unknowable Episode 11: The Man from Taured
Episode 11 is all about a mysterious traveler. In July 1945, a man arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. All seemed unremarkable until customs officials checked his passport... he was from Taured, a country that didn't exist, at least in our dimension. Where did this man come from... and where did he go?
December 28, 2019
Unknowable Episode 10: Capital Steez & The Sodder Children Disappearance
This is a particularly dark holiday episode! Gray tells us about Capital Steez, the rapper who was convinced he was the Baphomet and jumped off the Cinematic Music Group's headquarters in Manhattan on December 23rd, 2012. Justine tells us about the Sodder children who disappeared after a suspicious house fire on Christmas Eve, 1945.
December 28, 2019
Unknowable Episode 9: The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
This episode of Unknowable centers around the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy and the various conspiracy theories that surround it. We know Sirhan Sirhan was arrested for the crime, but was he acting alone? Was he a Manchurian candidate, brainwashed into the murder by unknown forces? Who was the woman in the polka dot dress? We talk about all of these and more in this historical episode.
December 28, 2019
Unknowable Episode 8: Men in Black
This episode of Unknowable is about the MEN IN BLACK. These beings -- are they human? are they alien? are they something else entirely? -- have been spotted, and interacted with, at sites of UFO and cryptid sightings. Their origin has eluded many for years, but we have a theory or two...
December 27, 2019
Unknowable Episode 7: Spring-Heeled Jack & The Count of St. Germain
This week's episode of Unknowable is hard to sum up, but we talk about two gentleman -- if you can call them yet -- who seem to defy all logic. One is Spring-Heeled Jack, who spent quite a few years pranking residents of London and beyond with his bizarre and sometimes violent antics. The other is The Count of St. Germain, who some believe is immortal...
December 27, 2019
Unknowable Episode 6: Route 2A & The Haynesville Woods
This episode of Unknowable is about "The Most Haunted Place in Aroostook County", Route 2A that runs through Haynesville Woods. This is the first episode that focuses on our home state of Maine, with a road that has a country song written about it called "A Tombstone Every Mile".
December 26, 2019
Unknowable Episode 5: The Hinterkaifeck Murders & Elisa Lam
In this episode of Unknowable we talk about UNSOLVED DEATHS. Justine tells us about the Hinterkaifeck murders -- a family of five and their maid all slaughtered at their farm in rural 1920's Germany -- and Gray tells us about Elisa Lam -- a college student who was found dead inside a water tank atop the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles.
December 26, 2019
Unknowable Episode 4: Aleister Crowley's Lam & Kenneth Arnold
This episode of Unknowable has a very alien vibe to it. Gray tells us about Aleister Crowley, an occultist from the early 20th century who supposedly contacted an entity called Lam. Justine tells us about Kenneth Arnold, an American aviator who is known for what is considered the first widely reported UFO sighting in the United States (and who inadvertently caused the term "flying saucer" to be coined). Join us!
December 26, 2019
Unknowable Episode 3: The Lost Colony of Roanoke
This week's episode of Unknowable is all about the lost colony of ROANOKE. What happened to the 115 colonists who landed there in 1585? It just might be... unknowable.
December 26, 2019
Unknowable Episode 2: Bobby Mackey's Music World & Stull Cemetery
In episode 2, our special HALLOWEEN episode, our theme is PORTALS TO HELL. We talk about Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, KY -- known to also have a "stairway to heaven" -- and Stull Cemetery in Stull, KS -- where the devil supposedly appears twice a year.
December 26, 2019
Unknowable Episode 1: Mothman
This very first episode of Unknowable is all about THE MOTHMAN. He's best known for gallavanting around Point Pleasant, West Virginia, but he's made appearances all over the world (and at many times in history). Listen to us talk about our favorite sightings, the connections to other paranormal phenomena, and our theories on who, or what, Mothman is!
December 26, 2019