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Unleash Your Inner Creative with Lauren LoGrasso

Unleash Your Inner Creative with Lauren LoGrasso

By Lauren LoGrasso Productions LLC
The goal of this show is to give you tools to take fear out of the driver’s seat & love yourself enough to go after whatever it is that is on your heart! I'm Lauren LoGrasso (a multi-passionate creative) & I believe repressed creativity causes much of the world's suffering, so I want to help you unleash! This pod lives at the intersection of creativity, spirituality, mental health & self-development. With the help of guests like Julia Cameron (The Artists' Way), Guy Raz (How I built This) & brain coach, Jim Kwik, you'll become expressed & claim your right to take up space & pursue your dream!
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Authenticity & Turning Your Weakness Into Your Strength w/ Taylor Ferber
On The Guest: Taylor Ferber is a Podcaster, YouTuber, freelance journalist, and brilliant host of her podcast series “Cancel Me, Baby!” She’s most famously a red-carpet interviewer with a unique style that’s disarmed huge stars like Oprah, Lady Gaga, Chris Pratt, Kim Kardashian, and Tom Hanks. Playboy has even dubbed her “The Celebrity Whisperer.” From this conversation you’ll learn: Why overnight success does not guarantee longevity The importance of building thick skin How your worst days can define your best days The real reason to stand behind your principles Why being bold means being authentic How hyper vigilance over saying the wrong thing is halting important conversations Why we need to start talking about rejection Why your biggest weakness is actually your strength! The role that clout plays in the Entertainment Industry Why you should embrace the slow climb The reason you can’t find worth in numbers The success stories that should inspire you Reinventing yourself during the pandemic On the other side of trauma is an equal or greater victory The importance of finding fulfillment in the journey How to pick yourself up on a daily basis Why cancel culture isn’t productive & public shaming doesn’t work And so much more! Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
July 28, 2021
The Lessons of Tragedy
Today's episode is a tough one. Over the weekend, someone very special to me died suddenly and tragically in a hit and run accident. His name was Mat George. He was the co-host of She Rates Dogs: The Podcast, which I executive produce. He was also a friend and one of the most special, talented, hilarious and kind human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and producing. Today I share a little about him and about how I am processing the loss and shock. I go through the interesting effect that tragedy can have on your perspective and how it is profoundly altering mine. Ultimately, this episode is about paying tribute to a person who was universally loved and who I adored. It's profoundly rare to meet someone as pure of heart as him ever...Let alone in entertainment. I feel blessed to have known him and his light will be deeply missed. Love you, Mat. Links: Donate to Operation Breakthrough in memory of Mat George:  To buy a ticket to my music show this Wednesday, 07/21 at 7:30pm: - 100% of ticket sales will be donated to Operation Breakthrough in Mat's name Read the New York Times article that was written about Mat after his passing:
July 21, 2021
The Mental Health Benefits Of Creating Your Own Content w/actor & TikToker Michael Judson Berry
On The Guest: Michael Judson Berry is an actor, comedian, and famous TikToker known for his incredible impressions of the characters from Schitt’s Creek. His show “QuaranTea Time” with Moira Rose has gone viral across all social media platforms and resulted in PopSugar dubbing Michael’s as one of the top 15 Best TikToks of 2020. From this conversation you’ll learn: The pros and cons to the path adjacent to your dreams The importance of finding ways to fall back in love with your passion How to put your pride aside and ask for help How to navigate stigma and guilt surrounding mental health The importance of finding people you can open up to The importance of finding hobbies outside of your passion How to work through imposter syndrome Why honesty is the main ingredient in social media success How to leave room for hope when experiencing failure The power in creating your own content The benefit of working solo vs collaborating The power of manifesting and telling others what you want How to use social media for mentorship and acceptance How creating is a form of self-love Creative Arts Therapy vs Traditional Therapy And so much more! Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
July 14, 2021
The Myth of Crowded Spaces, Nice vs. Good + View Your Work w/ Love - Best of Creative Check Ins!
Hi My Babes! Today's episode of Unleash Your Inner Creative is a compilation of some of my favorite past creative check ins. Including a brand new revelation on rest/relaxation and rejuvenation as a part of the creative process! From This Episode You'll Learn:  Why I don't believe in crowded spaces  How to stop asking the wrong people the right questions & Start focusing your energy on people who see you  How to listen to/view your work through loving ears and/or eyes  Why it's more important to be good than nice and the difference between nice and kind  Follow the show:  -Remember to leave us a rating, review and tell a friend about the show! Share it on your instagram, tiktok or twitter! Tag me @LaurenLoGrasso and the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative and I will repost!
July 7, 2021
Heal Trauma Through Art + Why Sad Songs Aren’t Really Sad w/ Mary Gauthier
Today’s guest is Mary Gauthier, she’s a Grammy Nominated Country singer/songwriter, author, and songwriting coach. Her songs have been recorded by huge artists, including Jimmy Buffett, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, and Candi Staton. Her book is called Saved By A Song, it’s out July 6th. Mary wrote her first Song in her 30s, Moved to Nashville at 40 and Got Nominated for her first Grammy in her late 50s. She is proof that creativity has no time or age limits. She's an inspiration!  From this conversation you’ll learn: How to find success in purpose VS success in career Why you should follow ineffable feelings Why reinventing yourself later in life makes more sense than deciding your career at 18 Why you can’t succeed by doing anything halfway Why you can only compare yourself to your younger self How to make your own job description Find your strengths in your creativity The definition of Angsty optimism How to find the hope in sadness How feeling leads to healing The importance of telling others truths through your art Tips on how to work with your significant other Why romantic love won’t save you Why you can only find home in yourself Why committing to your art means committing to yourself Why therapy is crucial as a part of healing How writing a song is like making a movie How having empathy is about bearing witness and losing all judgment How fiction can tell emotional truth How art comes through the artist not from the artist Why recovery is about integrating all parts of yourself And so much more!
June 30, 2021
Allow Your Dreams to Change + Embrace Your Weirdness w/ Christian Bladt
Christian Bladt is a comedy writer, podcaster, and producer, best known for hosting the Bladtcast podcast, writing and and co-hosting on The Dennis Miller Show and The Dennis Miller Option, and executive producing for AfterBuzz TV, and The Tomorrow Show which is actually where we met! He’s a wildly talented comedy writer, an incredible broadcaster and a great friend, husband and Father! From this conversation you’ll learn: Why you should embrace your weirdness! The importance of being yourself in the entertainment industry Why you should allow your dreams to change Why no one is above grunt work How to work for different personalities The importance of figuring out what you REALLY want How you can manifest without even knowing it How to reinvent yourself as an adult How to channel your creativity through other people’s brand The importance of dreaming big AND setting expectations Why it’s not about the size of the audience How having fun can be a career goal The importance of supporting your partner’s dreams Why joy is more valuable than money How kids can inspire your creative output And so much more! Remember, I'm playing a show at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood on Tues, 06/29 at 9pm. Cover is $10 at the door- come on over!  Download My new single, "Therapy" Here: FFM.TO/LaurenLoTherapy  Follow the show @unleashYourInnerCreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
June 23, 2021
If You Don’t Like My Work, Don’t Date Me!
Well my babes, I’m fired up! I’m on one in this episode, gotta be honest. I had an interaction with a guy on a dating app who asked to hear my music and his reaction was, well, not ideal...What you’ll hear in this episode is the play-by-play of how our interaction went down and my subsequent thoughts for what it means for you as a dater and/or romantic partner. it’s really an episode about how you can honor someone’s full humanity, and a blatant example of what you can do to not do that. HA. All I can say is protect your creative baby at all costs! Love you. Download My new single, "Therapy" Here: FFM.TO/LaurenLoTherapy  Follow the show @unleashYourInnerCreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
June 16, 2021
Use Sound Healing & Breathwork to Increase Creativity & Lessen Anxiety w/ Shanila Sattar
On The Guest: Shanila Sattar is an integrative wellness leader, 4th generation sound healer, breathwork coach, national speaker, and the founder of AlwaysPlay Studios and The Integrative Healing Academy, where you can get certified in different forms of Eastern healing practices.What makes Shanila such a genius is her background as a scientist. After 12 years of pursuing her science career in tech and women’s research she followed her intuition into the world of mysticism, where she combined her love for the two passions. From this conversation you’ll learn: What to do when you find your purpose in the midst of another career The connection between mind and the physical body How science and mysticism work together How and why you need to take life less seriously Why/how ignoring your gut feelings can result in physical ailments The definition of sound healing and breath work The science behind being in a flow state and how to get there Types of frequencies and what they do for the body The right way to breathe Why a healthy gut is vital to happiness The energetic reason for why thyroid problems are common in women How to release blocked energy in your body How you know you’ve activated your inner healer and creative How to find the source of your fears Why it’s your responsibility to embrace your freedom How to get started as a healing arts practitioner And so much more! Check me out on Shanila's Podcast: Download My new single, "Therapy" Here: FFM.TO/LaurenLoTherapy  Follow the show @unleashYourInnerCreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
June 9, 2021
Learn to Love Your Body/Yourself + Get Comfortable w/ Uncertainty w/ TV Host, Yael Tygiel
On the Guest: Yael Tygiel is an entertainment host, moderator, podcaster, producer, and self-proclaimed nerd. She’s hosted for Fanversation, That Hashtag Show, The Beat, Celebified, and at AfterBuzzTV, which is actually where the two of us met and became friends! She lovingly calls herself “the big host for big fans” - love that - and has a blog called The Fat Girl Show where she talks about all things plus size. From this conversation you’ll learn: The importance of supporting other creators How individual divisiveness is distracting us from systemic problems The true definition of an optimist Why creative industries lack (and NEED) roadmaps How to get comfortable asking for help in your career How to identify a soft No vs a hard No Why there’s no right way to handle the pandemic How powerful storytelling can be a reflection of society How to start tackling self-love & reclaim hurtful words Tools for body positivity Why your social media feed matters Healthy ways to handle creative heartbreak Why it’s ok to mope! Why we need to encourage prioritizing health over showing up to work How to know when a project isn’t worth your time anymore Why there’s no shame in monetizing your hobbies Why you should give the things you don’t want to do a shot How trying everything can help you find your dream vs achieve your goals And so much more! Download My new single, "Therapy" Here: FFM.TO/LaurenLoTherapy  Follow the show @unleashYourInnerCreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
June 2, 2021
Inside My Mental Health Journey: Anxiety, Family History, Body Image & Therapy w/ Lauren LoGrasso
On this episode of the pod, you guessed it: I, your host (Lauren LoGrasso) will be sharing my full mental health journey- from my family history, to childhood, to  how I got to where I am today--in a good place with and most importantly: aware that my mental health is something that needs to be tended to. My hope is that in hearing my story you’ll: 1) Be able to trace the lines of your own mental health journey and gain some new insight about yourself 2) You’ll go onto share your story with someone else so that we can all become part of the destigmatization of mental health and 3) To really share all of who I am - what I am finding is that we cannot fully appreciate the good and the light without acknowledging and owning the dark, too - you must feel it to heal it. Please note: we (My associate producer Emily (who acts as a guide for this episode) and I) talk about some sensitive topics including anxiety and depression, body image and eating disorders and also physical abuse/violence. If any of those topics are tough for you, please keep that in mind before listening. Love you and thank you for holding space for me today as I talk through this vulnerable subject!
May 26, 2021
Heal From Trauma, Empathize With Yourself, & Become A Fighter w/Jillian Barberie
Jillian Barberie is a Canadian-born television host that you may recognize as the former co-host from Good Day L.A., the weather host from Fox NFL Sunday, beauty ambassador for Too Faced at HSN, and many acting roles on TV including: Clueless, Melrose Place, and Yes, Dear. She’s currently the host of her own fascinating podcast called “Ask Jillian” ...She has an amazing story of resilience that I can't wait for you to hear. Warning: This conversation contains adult material including talk about sexual abuse and suicide.  From this conversation you’ll learn: The importance of finding gratitude in your present and your past Why you need to confront your trauma vs normalizing it Ways to start dealing with trauma The healing properties of positivity Finding the humor when life throws everything it has at you Creative ways to apply to jobs Why showing you know how to deal with a crisis is more impressive than showing your best moments The power in being authentic The beauty in fighting for the underdog The importance of supplying the love you didn’t get The person beyond the circumstances How and why to find empathy for yourself The importance of going to therapy Healthy ways to share your kids with your ex And so much more! Get my new single here: 
May 19, 2021
Recover from Heartbreak, Gain Self-Worth & Prioritize Your Dreams w/ Naz Perez
Naz Perez is a TV host, producer, and podcaster. She got her start interning on the Ellen show! After Ellen, Naz, went on to produce for E! Live From The Red Carpet & E! True Hollywood Story, as well as 5 SEASONS of The Bachelor! She eventually left reality TV to follow the biggest dream on her heart: on-camera hosting. Today she is a full time host and has worked for Clevver News, Rotten Tomatoes, Fandango, The Los Angeles Dodgers, T-Mobile AND for E! Live From The Red Carpet- where she had one of her first gigs as a PA at the beginning of her Hollywood journey. From this conversation you’ll learn: Assimilation vs preservation of culture Why we need to start talking about money without shame (and HONESTLY) How to find community through heartbreak Why starting with an internship can be better than a fulltime job The importance of prioritizing your dream over your job How to divorce yourself from the status of a job How traveling alone helps you get to know yourself How to recover from creative heartbreak How to practice radical acceptance The importance of knowing WHEN TO LEAVE How staying in a comfortable situation is stifling your potential The importance of finding self-worth outside of external validation The self-love journey and where to start Detaching happiness from outcome How to find community in heartbreak What your friends DON’T want to hear after a breakup And so much more! Check out Heartbroken Anonymous: Download Therapy Here: FFM.TO/LaurenLoTherapy  Follow the show @unleashYourInnerCreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
May 12, 2021
Mental Health: Therapy vs. Medication + Believe in Yourself & Build Resilience w/ Psychiatrist, Dr. Domenick Sportelli
Our first episode for Mental Health Awareness Month! Dr. Domenick Sportelli is a board certified adult and child psychiatrist and well-known media expert in behavioral health. Aside from having his own medical practice & making tv appearances on shows like “The Doctors” on CBS, he hosts his own amazing podcast, called “Psych Unfiltered” which you should totally check out. And if that wasn’t enough, Dr. Dom is also an actor, producer, and brilliant musician. From this conversation you’ll learn: How to embrace the multi-hyphenate in you and let go of the labels The role culture plays in mental health The importance of resilience & perseverance in achieving your dreams How your pain points can evolve into a passion How to know if you’ve found your calling Why psychiatric meds are a tool, NOT a solution Why your age shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love What we can learn from the terminally ill How to believe in yourself when you’re surrounded by non-believers Why the grades don’t make the student Creative solutions for landing your dream job Art & the mystical experience The link between creativity & mental health Where to start if you’re struggling with your mental health The importance of talk therapy How to deal with irrational fear & why fear is useful How to find a therapist How to differentiate between psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and therapists Tried & true therapy methods that WORK Why you don’t have to be on medication forever And so much more! -- Get my new song, "Therapy" here: Follow the show @unleashYourInnerCreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Remember to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts, Follow on Spotify & tell a friend about the show! Love you!!
May 5, 2021
Tips on Marketing & Branding, Dating & Your Bumble Profile w/ Bumble Exec Priti Joshi
Priti Joshi is the Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Operations for one of the top dating apps in the world: Bumble. Priti had a somewhat untraditional path, prior to Bumble, she worked in consulting---and had no real experience in the tech or startup world, but her belief in Bumble’s mission, the people who built the company, her hard work and care landed her the job. She’s an expert marketer, creative, dynamic personality, fun and funny and has so much wisdom! From this conversation you’ll learn: Marketing tips for creative & entrepreneurs How to figure out your brand’s voice + Creative branding Bumble best practices Conversation starters for online dating How female empowerment plays a role in online dating The importance of impact & finding what makes your job fulfilling The role that your romantic partner plays in your creative career Why being open to small opportunities can help you make big waves The importance of company culture and how it translates to consumers Tips to find your company’s “Why” or thesis statement Which values you need to prioritize in a partner and what qualities you can be flexible with The role your gut plays in matters of the heart Ways to optimize your dating profile Ghosting someone vs being honest How to set boundaries as a woman Cultural differences in online dating Dating during quarantine A guide to answering Bumble prompts Ways to feel safer while online dating And so much more! Follow @Bumble Follow the show @unleashYourInnerCreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Remember to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts, Follow on Spotify & tell a friend about the show! Love you!!
April 28, 2021
Quit Your Day Job, Master Law of Attraction + Why Hard Work is Overrated w/ Author, Jaclyn Goldis
Jaclyn Goldis is a novelist, but she wasn't always. Though writing was always her dream, she started her career as a Lawyer. She spent almost a decade in that career path. Then, JUST as she was about to be made partner, she quit to travel the world and finally write full-time. She did just that. Her debut novel, When We Were Young, released in February of 2021. Her story will inspire you to gain spiritual and practical tools to manifest your dreams & learn how to detach from the judgement of others to become your full self. More below!  From this conversation you’ll learn: How to deal with the dichotomy of wanting a financially “safe” path and a creative path How your spiritual beliefs can guide your journey The Law of Attraction & tools for manifesting Practical tools to take a career leap Why rest can fuel your creativity How routine might be getting in the way of flow How to commit to your dream on a spiritual level The importance of setting specific goals for yourself to make a change The importance of following your intuition Why you should speak your dreams aloud Why hard work does not breed success The mindset that will stop you from comparing yourself to others in your field A novelist’s writing process How to manage the pressures of societal milestones & doing things on your own time How to make plans AND go with the flow Why you should only share your dreams with people who nurture them Meditation and breathwork practices that will help guide you Life-changing fiction & non-fiction book recommendations from a novelist And so much more! -- Get Jaclyn's book here: Follow the show @unleashYourInnerCreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Remember to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts, Follow on Spotify & tell a friend about the show! Love you!!
April 21, 2021
Why Your 20s Suck, Twisty Paths + Mental Health & Meds w/ Unleash AP, Emily Shulmanovich
Today you'll hear from a producer, DJ and actress who has become vitally important to both me and the show. Her name is Emily Shulmanovich! Emily is my mentee and the associate producer of Unleash Your Inner Creative, as well as a dear friend. I think it's important for you to know the humanity and creative journey of the other person who is pouring her heart into the content each week. This chat is fun/funny, emotional, raunchy (at times), helpful and inspirational. Truly representative of our relationship and a more informal chat than you'd typically hear here week to week, yet with just as much takeaway and info to help you on your creative journey! It's friendship chat and real talk about:  -Why your 20s are not the bliss the media projects (and how to make it through)  -Why "find your passion" can be a trigger phrase  -The art of the twisty path  -The role mental health and medication can play in finding purpose  -Tips for people suffering with anxiety and depression -Why getting fired can be the biggest blessing -What it feels like when you're finally on purpose  -Generational trauma and how it manifests  -Being first generation and how that affects the dreams you'll consider for yourself  -Giving up on your childhood dreams only to have them find you again  -The role romantic relationships can play in finding our creative path -How to embrace change as good and exciting  -And, perhaps most importantly, why you should always use the pelvic floor when trying to project, vocally  All this and so much more! Follow the show @unleashYourInnerCreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Follow Emily @Wecantfindemily Remember to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts, Follow on Spotify & tell a friend about the show! Love you!!
April 14, 2021
Creative Coaching: Find Your Why + A Visualization to Manifest w/ Jeff Leisawitz
Jeff Leisawitz is a life coach for creatives of all types, including writers, artists, musicians & songwriters, filmmakers, and many others. As you may expect, Jeff, himself, is a multi-hyphenate creative. He’s an award winning musician & producer, writer, songwriting professor, and filmmaker. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed book, Not F*ing Around, which is a guide to help creatives get their dreams off the ground. From this conversation you’ll learn: How to persist when your loved ones don’t support your dreams The power of questioning authority How to trust your gut & follow your truth Why you are bigger than your resume Career questions all creatives should ask themselves Why you don’t need as much money as you think you do How facing your mortality can help you do what you love Why your inner critic is your ally How to reframe failure as feedback How creativity can help heal depression The importance of finding your WHY How to FEEL the truth How to create a thesis statement for your life Internal vs external motivations The multitude of ways to express your passion Why you are NOT your work and why that’s a GOOD THING The power of understanding what you actually can and can’t control The power of visualization & a step-by-step guide The importance of recharging & taking time off And so much more!
April 7, 2021
Tune into Your Intuition, Connect with Spirit + Set Intention & Manifest w/ Psychic/Medium, Rebecca Rosen
Today’s guest is psychic-medium, Rebecca Rosen. She is a channel between the spirit world and our world - however, Rebecca’s story is particularly interesting because she, herself grew up as a skeptic. She doubted her own intuitive nature and tried to live the life that she thought she should versus what was authentic and true to her. Her story of discovering this ability is FASCINATING. Since embracing her gift, she’s written 3 books, including 2 international best sellers titled Spirited & Awaken The Spirit Within. She’s also started her own podcast called Small Medium At Large and had appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, Nightline, Dr. Phil, and many more. Whether you're a total beginner to this type of spirituality or a lifelong believer, you will leave this conversation knowing exactly how to listen to spirit, ask for guidance and set intentions for what you truly want and need in your life and creative journey. From this conversation you’ll learn: Tips for tuning into your intuition How to ask for what you need How and why you should surrender to your feelings How to get out of your head and get into your heart The importance of setting intention How to open yourself up to the divine How to access your spirit team for support How your ego blocks your creativity How to recognize signs from the universe The right questions to ask for creative direction Tools for spiritual guidance How to set intention that will help manifest your dreams Misconceptions about psychic mediums Tools to build self-worth and the connection to your inner child The importance of taking accountability for your thoughts, words, and deeds Tools to balance intellect and intuition Why your goals should be feelings-based vs outcome-based And so much more! For more on Rebecca and to attend her events, check out her website: Follow the show @unleashYourInnerCreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Remember to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts, Follow on Spotify & tell a friend about the show! Love you!!
March 31, 2021
Get Unblocked: 12 Tools To Help Creativity Flow with Lauren Lo
On today’s episode I am going to talk about, you guessed it….How to get creatively unblocked! You'll learn some (twelve, to be exact) of my favorite tools to unleash the creative gates and really get into the joy of making something! You'll even hear a quick cameo from my Dad! So sit back, relax and prepare to unblock! Enjoy :)  Also: Did you love my rhyming title? I did!   Follow the show @unleashYourInnerCreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Remember to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts, Follow on Spotify & tell a friend about the show! Love you!!
March 24, 2021
Follow Your Dream At Any Age & Master a Millionaire Mindset w/ Raven The Talk Show Maven
Today you’ll hear from Raven Blair Glover aka Raven The Talk Show Maven: a media, broadcasting, writing, and talkshow maven.  Raven spent the first 55 years of her life not unleashing her inner creative.  In fact, up until age 55 she had never made more 10 dollars an hour at 55 years old when she finally decided to make her own dreams come true. Now she’s interviewed everyone from Fran Drescher, to Montel Williams and she even got Barack Obama’s 2016 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award. From this conversation you’ll learn: The importance of following your dreams AT ANY AGE How to translate your strengths from a job you have to a career you love Why you need a millionaire’s mindset The importance of finding mentors How to BE the client you want to GET Unique ways to manifest your dreams and why it works! The importance of giving back to people like yourself Why no one wants perfection How to reach out to people in an authentic way How to master the art of the ask The importance of quality over quantity in your audience - why you should focus on the people, not the numbers! The art of monetization How to build and nurture a community The keys to prospering on the Clubhouse App How to identify your pain points to help others The importance of learning AND executing And so much more! Work with Raven at:  Follow the show @unleashYourInnerCreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Remember to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts, Follow on Spotify & tell a friend about the show! Love you!!
March 17, 2021
Tips for Setting Boundaries, Communication + Dating On & Off The Spectrum w/ Dr. Ali Arena
Dr. Ali Arena is. a speech-language pathologist and board certified behavior analyst who specializes in working with people who have autism. She  even does what’s called neurodiverse couples counseling, where one partner is on the spectrum and the other is not. Along with her expertise on the dating intricacies of people with autism, she also does counseling for individuals who are not on the spectrum, who just struggle socially. From this conversation you’ll learn: The importance of encouraging creativity in children How to find objectivity in creativity Differences in communication on and off the spectrum Misconceptions about autism How to break down social skills into rules Differences in cultural communication The importance of expressing yourself in an authentic way How to tackle codependency How to analyze recurring feelings The importance of learning the communication patterns of loved ones How to deal with passive aggression The reasons we lie The consequences to people-pleasing The importance of asking yourself what you’re willing to put up with How the pandemic is affecting our communication skills The positives to dating during quarantine How to overcome Zoom fatigue The importance of asking yourself what you’re avoiding How to take baby steps to find a work-life balance that suits you How to find ways to spark joy in the mundane How confronting fear leads to empowerment Why you shouldn’t say “good girl” Society’s negative connotation of the word “creativity” & how to become friends with yours How to handle criticism in the moment And SO MANY MORE communication tips! 40zj4r80kzq4tzPXA3dB 
March 10, 2021
Stop Saying You’re "Aspiring" & Start Owning Your Power!
Today is a creative check in episode where I talk about: My distaste for the word "aspiring": why I don't believe in it/why YOU should strike it from your vocabulary!  Why there's nothing more valuable than a good idea (and why popsicles prove my point!) Plus, tips on redefining failure and why it shouldn't be connected to financial success!  And honestly, so much more!!  Follow the show @unleashYourInnerCreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Remember to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts & tell a friend about the show! Love you!! 
March 3, 2021
Be Your Own Yes, Blaze a Trail & Start a Forbes-Featured Business w/ Jayla Roxx
Jayla Roxx is a television personality, entrepreneur, actress, producer, choreographer, and trailblazer.. She’s made headlines in the likes of Forbes, Entertainment Tonight, Page Six and more, as the first African American Transgender Woman in the country to run her own beauty brand. Her company, called BatMe, celebrates individuality and makes high quality products both affordable and accessible to everyone. From this conversation you’ll learn: How to be your own YES in a world full of NO's How to find happiness with intention Ways to discover your worth The importance of letting go of conditioned thinking How to redefine spirituality for yourself How to create your own definition of self-love How to find a vendor for a small business Why you should choose collaboration over competition! The importance of asking for help How to take on responsibility you didn’t sign up for Tips to be an ally to creatives in the LGBTQIA community Why you should embrace vulnerability The perks of challenging yourself How to manage negativity on social media How to take constructive criticism and ignore the rest How to deal with your inner saboteur Why you should find small activities that bring you joy Why your product should speak to you, not the market How to handle loneliness in the pandemic And More! Shop Batme Cosmetics here:  Watch the Freakshow music video here:
February 24, 2021
Tips for Empaths in Entertainment, Following Yes's + How to Make a Music Video w/ Freakshow Director, Paria Sadighi
Paria Sadighi is one of my favorite people and dearest friends. She is a storyteller, publicist, television producer, and now a music video director. She’s best known for producing and publicizing some of reality TV’s biggest shows and she’s also the director of my latest music video, Freakshow, which you can all check out in the link below! From this conversation you’ll learn: The importance of championing others AND yourself The dangers of being a people pleaser How to check in with yourself & set boundaries in your creative career How to survive as an empath in a brutal industry Why you should pay less attention to the job title The dangers of idealizing your dream job How to work with and for your friends How to dive into something you’ve never done before! Why you should see the potential that others see in you How to quickly adapt when things don’t go as expected How to use fear to evaluate what’s worth your time Why you should admit what you don’t know How to make and direct a music video! The importance of listening to everyone’s suggestions Choosing yourself & sticking to your own path The importance of praising your crew To fight your ego & ask lots of questions And More! Watch the Freakshow music video here:
February 18, 2021
Listen to Your Body, Get Vulnerable & Stealing vs. Inspiration w/ Songwriter Michael Jade
Michael Jade, or Mikey, as I like to call him, is a singer, songwriter, and producer, signed with Warner/Chappell. He’s written songs for huge artists including Ava Max, David Guetta, G-Eazy, Little Big Town, Andy Grammer, Bea Miller, and so many more! He was also a finalist on both American Idol and The Voice Israel. Aside from his music career, he also has a deep curiosity for spirituality and meditation that he’s currently channeling into a fiction novel. From this conversation you’ll learn: The importance of encouraging creativity in children How to find objectivity in creativity The importance of showing yourself compassion when trying something new! Inspiration vs plagiarism & the art of stealing How to conquer the creative slump Why being unproductive is part of the job How to overcome time-investment bias & LET GO How to listen & trust your body over your brain Meditation & the addiction to distraction Why being vulnerable is your superpower Why you should embrace your masculine AND feminine energy The importance of finding humility and humor in the bad days The many sources of creative ideas The transformative power of sleep How new creative projects will reinvigorate old ones How you may be treating your creative job like a corporate job The perks of exploring multiple disciplines How to know when you’re getting good advice The art of collaboration How to prioritize the art over the ego And More! My music video for my song, "Freakshow" comes out this weekend! Subscribe to my youtube page Here so you're one of the first to see it:
February 10, 2021
The Art of Being Yourself: Master Authenticity & Rebellion w/ Chemda of Keith and the Girl
Chemda Khalili is a podcaster, singer/songwriter and incredible human being. She’s known for being a podcasting Hall of Famer (yes that’s an actual thing!) -for co-hosting her hit comedy podcast Keith and The Girl with Keith Malley for over 15 years, which makes them pioneers in the industry. From this conversation you’ll learn: To overcome familial barriers to creativity The importance of surrounding yourself with people that support your path The downside to living in extremes & how to ground yourself Setting boundaries in toxic relationships Why you should look for peace vs happiness Questions to ask yourself to stay present How to forgive yourself Why you should react with curiosity instead of anger The instability of “stable” jobs The long-term perks of being your own boss Choosing your “family” & how to parent yourself How podcasting can be cathartic & give you courage Putting your “creative baby” first & creative co-parenting How collaboration can fast-track your career How to overcome embarrassment How fear can be useful data How to deal with a breakup as a creative The perks of being vulnerable Rebellion & the art of being yourself
February 3, 2021
The Beauty in Breaking, Healing & Learning Self-Trust w/ NY Times Best-Selling Author, Dr. Michele Harper
Dr. Michele Harper is a Harvard grad, ER doctor, author and overall magical, spiritual person. In her recent New York Times Best-selling book, The Beauty in Breaking, she tells her story of healing: from her childhood and into her medical career. The book addresses her journey to understand and heal from her childhood trauma, as well as her experiences of and observations on structural racism in healthcare system...Both in what she has experienced as a Black Woman working in healthcare and how she has seen the system affect her patients...despite the many challenges, she does what she has always felt called to do: heal others and herself, as much as she possibly can. From this conversation you’ll learn: How writing can help you heal Questions to ask yourself when you feel defeated Why growth can look like failure How to cultivate compassion for other people’s scars Ways to process childhood trauma and parent yourself Why healing is a practice, not an event How to help fight racism in healthcare The levels to learning a lesson How to learn self-trust Where fear of commitment comes from and how to bust it The importance of making choices from a place of integrity How to spark change from within the system Creative ways of spiritually expanding during the pandemic Why healthcare may be the barrier between you and your dreams What you can do to demand universal healthcare in America Complacency vs sustainable change Creative activism! The difference between love and co-dependence THE BEAUTY IN BREAKING! And More! You can follow the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative  -You can follow me @LaurenLoGrasso -Please leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your pods!
January 27, 2021
Self-Love: Leave Toxicity Behind, Develop Mindfulness & Prioritize Your Dreams w/ Sarah Fraser
Today’s guest is a professional broadcaster and my friend, Sarah Fraser. If you don’t know her from her podcast: The Sarah Fraser Show, I highly recommend you give it a listen. In her career she’s hosted and co-host of a multitude of radio shows with huge ratings, including the enormously popular iheartradio program, “The Kane Show” of HOT 99.5. Other than her own podcast, Sarah has also written and hosted a 6-part true crime series podcast for Fox 5. And she even appears weekly on Fox 5’s Good Day DC show where she has her own lifestyle segment. She’s currently working on figuring out how to make her dreams of hosting a national on-camera talk show come true. I have every faith that it will happen! I wanted to have Sarah on the show because her creative journey is fascinating, inspiring and winding...Sarah is such an inspiration to me for her bravery, belief and resilience, even in the toughest of situations. From this conversation you’ll learn: How to work toward positive self-talk in negative situations How to look to your childhood self to find who you are and what you want The importance on focusing on your own path How to fight the urge to compare yourself to others How to stay focused in a crowded creative industry Why persistence is key How to make even the smallest opportunities your own Why it’s ok not to be everyone's cup of tea What mindful eating is and how it can help your mental and physical health How to identify your escapist habits The importance of seeking fulfillment vs. money Signs that you’re in a toxic work environment & how to build the courage to LEAVE The difference between good and bad leadership How to find gratitude & acknowledging harm The importance of telling your story Steps to finding your voice How you might be giving away your power How to find self-worth in the entertainment industry Why you should welcome your emotions How to untie your identity from your work How to use fear to push yourself forward What practical sacrifices you have to make for your dreams How you know if you’re fulfilled or just busy Why you should take your personal goals off the back-burner How children affect your creative journey And More! -You can follow the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative  -You can follow me @LaurenLoGrasso -Please leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your pods!
January 20, 2021
Julia Cameron on Getting Unblocked, The Creative/Spiritual Connection, Listening & The Artist’s Way
Julia Cameron, Author of The Artist's Way is a living legend and one of my personal heroes. She has been an inspiration for so many creatives-from Elizabeth Gilbert, to Alicia Keys, to Pete Townsend and me! Julia is an artist, poet, playwright, novelist, filmmaker, journalist, music composer and teacher! She's best known for her revolutionary book on creativity: The Artists’s Way, which has sold over 5 million copies, been translated into 40 different languages and given her the title “The Queen of Change” for starting a movement that brought creativity into the mainstream conversation. She also has a new book, The Listening Path, which is rich with insights and a topic of conversation today. Without Julia, this podcast probably wouldn't exist- she and her teachings have been instrumental in claiming my creativity and wanting to help others claim theirs! I can't wait for you to hear from her!  From this conversation you’ll learn: How to work with your inner critic & miniaturize their voice! Ways to find humor in rejection Why the dreams you find on the way to your dreams are so important How to wake up to your authentic self The importance of listening to your heart over your intellect How to find your source of guidance Why spirituality and creativity are intrinsically connected Why teaching can spread creativity AND improve your own The importance of supporting other creatives, especially those who work for and with you How to pay attention to the soundtrack of your life & your sonic environment How to channel and chat with your heroes Ways to speak and connect to your higher self The difference between your heart and your intellect How to listen to others AND to silence How humanity can evolve through listening How to increase compassion and connection The importance of defining your higher power And MORE! To watch Julia’s play starring Nick, click Here: To get her new book, The Listening Path click Here: -You can follow the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative  -Please leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your pods!
January 13, 2021
Why Your Scars are Sexy: A Journey to Self & Healing w/ Christina Helena
Christina Helena is a true survivor. As you may know, pancreatic cancer has one of the lowest survival rates of any cancer and Christina became one of the youngest survivors at just 19 years old. A second near death experience at age 25 would lead her to finally face both her physical and emotional scars and ignited her purpose to share her story with the world. She currently has a one-woman show about her life, entitled SCAR, where she plays 40 characters, who all tell her story! She’s a keynote speaker, most notably seen speaking at a TEDx and has a talk called My Scar is Sexy that we’ll talk about on the show. She’s also a coach, writer, performer, and overall beautiful human being. Her trauma turned her into a hunger for truth and healing. She turned that pain into a rebirth and that rebirth into art.  From this conversation you’ll learn: How to face your mortality own your full story Why your scars are sexy How to begin to heal Ways to define the human experience The imprint of our scars & how to address it How to take responsibility for our happiness Redefine your trauma Find your authentic self How to handle extreme emotions The importance of letting yourself feel How to move through your emotions and turn them into art How to create from your experience Why there’s a comfort in knowing you’re alone How to shed shame and secrecy And MORE! For more info on Christina, Follow her @IamChristinaHelena Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso & the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative
January 6, 2021
Intentions, Self-Expression, Passion vs. Purpose & Growth in 2021
In my year end show I go over the importance of self-expression and it's ability to help the collective, how to make sure what you're doing lines up with what you want, the important pain in growing and the difference between your passion and your purpose. Enjoy and happy New Year! -Oh reminder that I am doing a show on my Instagram on New Year's Eve at 9:30pm ET. Tune in here: -You can follow the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative  -Please leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your pods!
December 30, 2020
My Parents on Creative Christmas, Santa, Finding Joy & The Unknown Plot of Home Alone - The Unleash Xmas Spectacular!
Hello and Welcome to the Unleash Christmas Spectacular! Today I am talking with the most iconic duo around: My parents! That's right, Jo Ann and Mike LoGrasso make their triumphant return to their adult child's podcast, and they are in ABSOLUTE rare form. Enjoy their most cherished creative Christmas memories both from my childhood and theirs, the stories of how we all found out Santa wasn't real (but how we still keep his spirit alive to this day), my Mom's EXTREMELY creative take on the plot of the movie Home Alone, some deeply emotional and heartwarming thoughts about the meaning of Christmas, family and being human from my Dad and finally, we wrap it out with thoughts on how to find joy during this tough holiday season and a gorgeous Christmas carol. I hope you love our conversation as much as we loved recording it. I also hope you know how important you are to me. If you listen to this show, I consider you a friend and part of my family. You matter to me. I want to thank you for being a part of this community and earnestly say, I believe in you and am so grateful for you. My parents believe in you, too! We love you. Merry Christmas!
December 23, 2020
Reinvent Yourself, Break The Rules & Work With Your Spouse w/ Beth Bice from MAFS
Beth Bice is a content creator, video editor, reality star and beauty professional. She’s best known for her appearance (and marriage) on the hit Lifetime reality show Married at First Sight and for being a personality on Married at First Sight: Couple’s Cam. In addition, she’s a creative spirit, a beauty industry guru, and an expert in authenticity. What you see is what you get with Beth and that’s why I’m so excited to have her on the show. From this conversation you’ll learn: How to take the more difficult path How to play with what you know / find creative ways to express what you already know How to know if your relationship is serving you How to break your own rules How to be vulnerable and open-minded in a relationship & in your work How to reinvent yourself and your career Successfully working on creative projects with your partner Why making a big move can inspire you creatively And more! For more info on me/the show, click here: Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso & the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative Follow Beth: @JustBeth____
December 16, 2020
Learn to Say No, Manage Workaholism & Make it in Music w/ Eric Kalver
Eric Kalver is a music supervisor, drummer, arranger, composer, and even former child-star magician best known for working on music for shows such as Hawaii 5-0, The Talk, the movie Fast-Five and for music supervising a couple recent iterations of Crash Bandicoot, the video game! He was also raised by a professional magician and clown, so he had a VERY unique childhood. He has a fascinating story! From this conversation you’ll learn: The benefits of saying no How to manage workaholism How to handle free time How to go of self-judgment The right and wrong way to pitch your music + Eric takes you inside of a perfect pitch How to build long-term relationships as a creative How to be more present How to reach out to people for gigs during the pandemic What it looks like to be raised by magicians How to get into music supervision Tips for Multi-Passionate creatives For more info on me/the show, click here: Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso & the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative
December 9, 2020
Find Yourself, Take Up Space & Discover Your Funny w/ Caroline Stokes!
Caroline Stokes is a comedian, dancer, visual artist, musician and self-expression expert and I am so thrilled to have her on Unleash Your Inner Creative. She’s best known for getting featured on CTV National News, for a wild and hilarious video collaboration she did with THE Bill Murray as her character, Doug Carl and her Caroline side-by-side posts she does on instagram and tiktok where she comedically dances next to everything and everyone ranging from John Travolta dancing in short shorts to a parakeet with a sexy strut. I wanted to have Caroline on the show because she is fully herself in all she does - and it is that very reason that I believe she is so successful as a comedian and performer. Ever since she really embraced her full self and followed her job, she has been blowing up on social media- climbing by the thousands each week. She is a great example for all of us of the magic that can happen when we own every piece of ourselves - the beautiful, the sexy, the hilarious, the awkward and the mess- that it’s all us, and when we integrate all those pieces, It’s only then and only then, that we can truly unleash our inner creative. She is also a listener of the show, which makes her success that much more meaningful. From this conversation you’ll learn: How to find yourself through movement Own your sensuality How to release familial judgement Her tips to take fear out of the driver’s seat Reward yourself for small wins The power of saying what you want out loud How to find your funny How she got the idea for her viral instagram and tik tok seires How she and Bill Murray became friends on an international flight. Now here she is, Caroline Stokes! For more info on me/the show, click here: Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso & the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative
December 2, 2020
Does Your Relationship Block or Expand You Creatively?
Today I do a check in about a recent dating experience I had where I realized the guy I was seeing for a minute blocked me creatively. I just wasn't singing the whole time we were talking. I talk about the warning signs and why I think we need to only bring people into our lives (romantic, or otherwise) who help us expand creatively. You deserve to be seen and honored for all you are and inspired to create from that place. Love you!!  For more info on me/the show, click here: Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso & the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative
November 18, 2020
If It Doesn't Feel Good - Don't Do It!
Hi Babes! Today is a quickie, but rest assured, it's an absolute goodie!  I'm talking about two things: 1) Why sometimes when you have multiple creative projects you need to shift your focus to the one that needs the most immediate attention (The creative infant, if you will)  2) If something doesn't feel good, why you shouldn't do it - even if it's something that normally brings you joy I hope you enjoy the content and that you listen to your intuition and don't do something just because you think you should or you normally enjoy it - we must be flexible in our journey...It's the best way to honor ourselves/creativity!  Lots of love, Lauren :)  For more info on me/the show, click here: Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso & the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative
November 11, 2020
Processing The Election As a Creative + Making Art About The In-Between Parts of Life
Hi Babes! Well, this episode is coming out late, because I, like most Americans last night was on an emotional rollercoaster and couldn't deal with finishing the episode. So here we are, Wednesday morning, still figuring out what's going on. It felt completely wrong to NOT talk about the election as it at the forefront of everyone's mind. So I do spend the first 8 minutes of this episode doing just that. As you know from listening to me for almost two years, I am liberal, so no surprises there! But I try to share in a way that would be helpful, no matter your political ideology...What I talk about today is why shame is not a social justice tool (no matter what side you're on), how to use your angst to make great work and the best way to approach people who are different than you...Why hope is always available as long as we're alive!  After those first 8 minutes I take a deep dive into some of the weird multi-layered feelings I've been having lately about love and life. How I've been having romantic feelings for multiple people, while also knowing none of them are actually right for me and thinking there's someone else out there who IS right for me, but also being scared that he (mystery man) doesn't actually exist. As I've been hacking through these feelings with my emotional toolkit (therapy, writing, meditation, etc.), I couldn't help but start wonder: 'Why THE F does no one talk about how possible it is to feel multiple, seemingly opposing feelings at once?' So I talk about that here.  This is a little preview:  "Why are we not making art about these in-between moments of life about these gray areas of life? If we don't make things that show off the nuanced moments of life, people will never know that they are not alone in them."  LOVE YOU! Take excellent care of yourself and others today. Lead with kindness. No matter what happens, keep fighting for kindness and equality for all. 
November 4, 2020
Dating as a Creative & Big Life Questions w/ Brittany Brave 
Today one of my favorite people, comedians, and Italians, Brittany Brave, returns to Unleash for a friendship chat episode where we discuss DATING in ALL its glory! We talk about:  -What it's like to date on the apps -A couple dating horror stories  -The particular joys of dating during quarantine -Our thoughts on the apps -How to deal with heartbreak as a creative  -How to get your mind back on business after a romantic disappointment -How past heartbreak has affected the way we approach relationships/love -How to approach opening up again after being close off -What we're looking for in a partner -We also talk about Brit's big move back to Miami after being in NYC for seven years -How do deal with not knowing what's on the other side of your career momentum ...It's an action-packed episode, buckle in, baby! Come to my show this Thursday, 10/29 from 7:30-9:30pm at Urban Press Winery in Burbank. To get tickets, go to this link: and buy a ticket via FanFlex & save a table at Urban Press Winery's site. I'd love to sing to you!  Get more info about Brittany Here: 
October 28, 2020
Rotten Tomatoes Editor-in-Chief, Joel Meares on The Best Scary Movies, Why We Love to Be Scared & The Role of the Critic - Unleash SPOOKTACULAR!!!
Hello my little creative goblin! Today I have a very spooky special for you with a cinematic flair! I’ll be chatting with Joel Meares who is the Editor in Chief of Rotten Tomatoes and an overall film and writing aficionado, as well as a delightful human being! I wanted to have Joel on the show for two reasons: 1) Rotten Tomatoes has this really cool editorial section up right now called Scare Central where they basically detail every scary movie you could ever want or need to know about. I thought it would be really fun to do a more themed episode and one where we specifically dive into movies, scary movies and why we, as humans, love to be scared. 2) I think Joel is pretty damn creative and even a rebel. Not only has he really expanded much of rotten tomatoes content, in addition, much of the work Joel has overseen, lovingly pokes fun at the brand with cheeky titles such as the book, “Rotten Movies We Love” and the podcast, Rotten Tomatoes is Wrong. Acknowledging that while it’s nice to know how something holds up critically, it isn’t everything.  In Rotten Tomatoes words, “The Score is just the start of the conversation”. From this Episode, You’ll Learn: How he went from being a little kid in Australia that loved cinema to the editor in chief of Rotten Tomatoes The early rejection that shaped him How to take/recover from rejection How Rotten Tomatoes really works (where the score(s) come from) What he does in his role as EIC day to day How to deal with resistance to new ideas Why I think he’s a rebel What role reviews/critics should serve How should we use reviews in choosing what art to consume The future of filmmaking and film consumption/movie theaters Film’s ability to move us through big life moments Tips for people who want to watch scary movies who live alone His picks for the Best scary movies Best bad scary movies Plus, an amazing story about Midsommar/ the film's director Check out the RT Scare Central Hub Here: Listen to my new single, “Freakshow” here:
October 23, 2020
Seek Answers to Life’s Persistent Questions, Stand in Your Power & Prioritize Authenticity
This is a creative check in episode where I discuss:  -What your most persistent questions are trying to teach you (and how to move them forward) -A visualization to take back your power & not abandon yourself -Why authenticity should be a leading force in our lives  -And more! Get my new single, FREAKSHOW here:
October 21, 2020
Burnout: Why it Happens, How to Spot it & Tools to Stop it w/ Anne Helen Petersen
Anne Helen Petersen is an academic, journalist, and author best known for her work as the former senior culture writer and western correspondent at BuzzFeed, her book Can't Even: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation, and her most recent gig as a writer at Substack. On top of that, She has been featured in publications such as Forbes, The New York Times, Business Insider, The Wallstreet Journal, NPR and many more. As I mentioned, Anne wrote a book on Millennial burnout and is an expert on it. So I wanted to have Anne on the show, because honestly, I am pretty burnt out. And I have been for a while. Reading her book was a revelation of just how much I’ve been living hand to mouth and my out-of-whack priorities have been.The awareness of what burnout looks like, has helped me start to make small changes to rejuvenate myself and get back in touch with the sweetness and simple joys of life. It’s my hope that this interview can be an inciting moment for you to do the same, if you’re feeling similarly. From This Conversation You’ll Learn: What burnout is and how to know if you have it Why she was drawn to the topic  How to form a practice to deal with your burnout & rest Why millennials suffer for burnout more What our boomer parents/history has to do with it What to do if you feel like you never work hard enough How the pandemic is affecting burnout Why you should talk to trees and plants (REALLY) Why a traditional office setting lends itself to burnout Why employers both overwork millennials and criticize them for not being hardworking enough Why Anne believes it’s sometimes better to do what you really like instead of what you love How to get over Creative heartbreak And more! Get Anne's Book Here!  Download my new song, "Freakshow" Here: 
October 14, 2020
If You're Sad, Make Something
Hi Babe! Here with a creative check in. Throughout the years I've always heard people talk about using your pain to create art. And while I've done that before, it's never been more blatantly apparent how useful that tactic is and how it can be employed to take you out of your tough moments. I have found a way to do that this week. I share how you can do the same in this pod and how to get in touch with yourself and your creativity/projects, rather than focusing on other people/things you can't control. 
October 12, 2020
Guy Raz on Powerful Storytelling, Creativity as Curiosity, Tips for Entrepreneurs & Rebranding Optimism
Guy Raz is a podcaster, producer, journalist, author and entrepreneur, best known for creating  and hosting some of the most popular podcasts of all time, including NPR’s How I Built This (a show where he interviews successful entrepreneurs about their journey to build their company), Wisdom from the Top and The Rewind on Spotify. He’s also the co-creator of the acclaimed podcasts such as TED Radio Hour, the children’s program Wow in the World and he’s received awards such as the Edward R. Murrow Award, and he was even a Nieman journalism fellow at Harvard. From our conversation you’ll learn: Why having a child can help you reclaim your creativity How to focus on your passion when you’re in a toxic situation How to redefine creativity as curiosity Why he almost quit broadcasting and what made him stick with it Tips on dealing with deep rejection How to effectively pivot What compassionate leadership looks like How to rebrand optimism to something more achievable How to know if it’s right to keep going when you’re in a sea of failures The key to truly powerful storytelling And more! Download my new song, "Freakshow" Here: Get Guy's book, How I Built This here: 
October 7, 2020
Lessons Learned from Hysterically Crying
Who else is feeling literally EVERYTHING right now? I know I am. Yesterday (the day I recorded this episode) I was a wreck. Despite the fact that I was so happy that I put my song out and had a good week at work, there were so many other things bogging me down (things I am not even sure I was/am 100% aware of)...Some of it has to do with the pain of the collective, some of it personal/professional, all of it heavy and weird. So I cried a lot yesterday. And I recorded some of it. Don't worry, I'll spare you and not share the audio of that, but I will share the very important realization I had from doing that, and why you may want to consider also audio recording your next Crying session. We can learn something from honestly (and somewhat objectively) reflecting on our down moments. Hope this helps. Love you!  Download my new song, "Freakshow" Here:
October 3, 2020
Playing Big, Reclaiming Your Creativity & The Power of Partnership w/ Lili Taylor & Tara Mohr
Today my guests are Lili Taylor and Tara Mohr. Lili is an Emmy Nominated actress, writer and birder best known for her work on projects such as mystic pizza, The Conjuring, Six Feet Under, American Crime and her one-woman show Birdland. Tara Mohr is an expert on women’s leadership and well-being as well as an author and coach. She’s best known for her book Playing Big, creating the global Playing Big leadership Program, and for appearing on media such as The Today Show and in the New York TImes. Lili and Tara really have a creative mastermind. Together they have  teamed up to share their insights, stories and lessons learned about creativity, personal growth and empowerment through a series of online conversations, which live on Tara’s website. From our conversation, you’ll learn: How to reclaim your creativity after it was stolen or lost How to stop comparing and despairing How to tame the inner critic Why creative partnerships expedite success & what to look for in one How to follow the flow of creativity What playing big is and how you can start to play big in your life today Tips for handling criticism Why you should NEVER read reviews How to recover from creative monsters And more! Pre-Save my new single, “Freakshow” Here: Follow me/The Show: @laurenlograsso & @UnleashYourInnerCreative
September 30, 2020
Legal Advice for Creatives: Copyrights, Contracts, LLCs & Trademarks 101 w/ Legalpreneur, Andrea Sager
Andrea Sager is a lawyer, entrepreneur, podcast host and blogger, best known for the Legalpreneur, podcast and for revolutionizing legal expertise for small business owners and creatives. I wanted to have Andrea on the show because she is an incredibly creative lawyer with real, actionable advice for entrepreneurs and artists. Her innovative law practice offers all access memberships (where you pay a flat monthly fee and can access her expertise at any time), flat fee contracts and you can also pay a flat fee to have her file something like a copyright or trademark. It is such a smart, creative and helpful way of practicing law, that really benefits people like you and me. If you ever wondered how to protect your intellectual property, this is the show for you! From our conversation you’ll learn: How Andrea got the guts to take the leap from her high-paying/soul-sucking law job and start doing what she’s doing now How to be a creative in a usually straight-laced field The TOP legal mistakes creatives make and how to prevent them The importance of LLCs, Copyrights and trademarks + how to file all of them Some facts on contracts Why you should NEVER use Paypal (SHOOT!)  Get out your notebook, because Andrea is coming in HOT with the lawyering - so much helpful information. To work with Andrea visit:  Pre-Save my new single, “Freakshow” Here: Follow me: @laurenlograsso & @UnleashYourInnerCreative
September 23, 2020
Reclaim Your Energy, Lessen Anxiety, Embrace Solitude & Celebrate Your Wins!
On this solo episode I talk about the benefits of being alone and how to work with and through some of the drawbacks of solitude. I share some anxiety I've been dealing with and a great new tool I've found to lessen anxiety's hold. Finally, run through the importance of celebrating your wins/accomplishments and take you through an exercise to fully feel and embody your accomplishments. Love you! 
September 16, 2020
What Your Shame Talk Is REALLY Trying To Teach You
I have been doing a meditation that helps me get in touch with my shame...So I have been thinking about a lot of my recurring shame talk. I brought it up in my therapy session and my therapist and she asked me: "underneath the flawed method it uses, is there something that inner critic voice is trying to teach you...Is there some wisdom underneath?" This is what I ponder in this episode, as well as sharing how you can get in touch with your shame talk's true message and how you can redirect it toward something helpful. 
September 12, 2020
Heal Yourself First, Write Your Own Story & Sing Until They Get It w/ Ledisi
My guest today is a truly special human being, artist, writer, producer, advocate and business woman and I’m so honored to share her story with you. Her name is Ledisi, and some of her accolades include being a twelve-time Grammy nominated powerhouse vocalist, her three Soul Train Music awards, an NAACP Theater Award and 6 NAACP Image Award nominations. Ledisi and I sat down just over two weeks ago, the day before her most recent album, The Wild Card, came out. I wanted to have her on the show because of her incredible talent and unbreakable spirit. She is also one of the warmest people I've ever met and proof that you can have a very successful creative career and maintain your kindness/heart. From our conversation you’ll learn: How to stay true to yourself on your creative path How to recover from creative monsters The importance of healing yourself first How to discover your biggest lesson How to develop stronger boundaries How to keep going when the odds are against you Craft a truly powerful cover song (and some great insider tips about singing, in general) How to take activism into your art The importance of self-care for creatives How to own your greatness The power of “no” & “I am” Recycle your fear! And much more! Get Ledisi’s new Album, “The Wild Card” Here: Pre-Save my new single, “Freakshow” Here: Follow me: @laurenlograsso & @UnleashYourInnerCreative
September 9, 2020
Don't Confuse Being Nice for Being Good
Today's Podcast is inspired by a line I heard in the brilliant Amazon Prime series, The Boys. It goes as follows, “F*ck this world for confusing nice with good.” In this solo episode, I examine the detriments of choosing niceness over goodness for creativity, relationships and humanity, in general. Join me in the quest to choose goodness over niceness, and also in making sure to NOT excuse bad behavior because that person is "nice". Nice doesn't mean a whole lot if there isn't action to back it up! Love you. Also, watch The Boys Here: 
September 4, 2020
She Left Finance for Beekeeping, Then Made Forbes 30 Under 30...Choose Happiness w/ Carly Stein
Today’s guest is Carly Stein. She is a scientist, beekeeper and an entrepreneur, best known for being the founder and CEO of BeeKeepers Naturals and for being named Forbes 30 Under 30. I wanted to have Carly on the show for a multitude of reasons, but mostly because she has a great story of turning pain into purpose and leaving security for happiness. She started her company from a very personal pain point of her own health struggles and was actually an accidental entrepreneur. At the time things started taking off she was working as a trader at Goldman Sachs. She had pretty much everyone tell her she was crazy to do it, but still took the leap and started Beekeepers Naturals. It’s inspiring to anyone who has ever felt handcuffed to their day job or to a title. From our conversation you’ll learn: How to change your personal narrative Strengthen your immune system with bee products Start and build a business Let go of other’s opinions and choose yourself Why if you take care of your spiritual life The rest sometimes falls into place the advantage of not being an expert And the difference between power and control She also has some great tips for Type A creatives And Much More! Follow The show/Me: @laurenlograsso & @UnleashYourInnerCreative Check out Carly’s Company:
September 2, 2020
Life-Saving Creativity, Comedy + A Tale of Two Italian Girls w/ Brittany Brave
Brittany Brave is a New York City-based comedian who has been featured on TBS, MTV, The New York Times, ELLE and was named a Best New Talent by the New York Comedy Festival in 2019. She is also the founder of We are Cat Call, a platform for women’s leadership, progress and camaraderie that does female-focused events for all. I wanted to have Brittany on the show because we are really kindred spirits and have a similar path -both Italian Catholic, both only children both huge champions of fellow women and creatives. Brittany started her professional career in PR and did comedy on the side, but her true passion was always calling her. However, it wasn’t until she found herself in a situation of domestic violence that she truly started owning her creativity as a way of admitting what was going on and taking charge of her life again. From Brittany, you will truly learn creativity’s ability to not only help, but even save your life. From our conversation you’ll also learn: How to "come out"  as a creative at your day job Some of the weird quirks of Italian culture The unique and horrifying pressures of being an only child How to make money as a comedian during the pandemic Tips to pivot your career  Hear our open dialogue about mental health  Advice on dating during the pandemic. Also, I want to give a quick trigger warning...This is a very well-rounded conversation that ranges from serious and deeply emotional, to inspiring to rolling on the floor laughing, with that said, it’s important to mention that we do go into Brittany’s experience as a survivor of domestic violence and how comedy helped her through it. So I just think it’s important that you know that. Check out Britany Here!  Listen to my single, "Like a Bomb" Here: Follow me: @laurenlograsso & @UnleashYourInnerCreative
August 26, 2020
Think Big, Use Astrology for Creativity + Build a Scalable Business w/ Spirit Daughter's Jill Wintersteen
My guest today is Jill Wintersteen. She is an entrepreneur, author, blogger, neuroscientist, Yoga teacher, and astrologer.  Jill is best known as the founder of Spirit Daughter, a social media presence, online community and more directly, a practice that involves aligning with the moon, astrology, soul healing, empowerment and getting clear about what our true purpose is in this life. I wanted to have Jill on the show because her journey to claiming her creativity is really inspiring  Here’s a girl who   was reading college textbooks on psychology at age 16 and asking: What makes human beings conscious? This curiosity led to studying neuroscience at John Hopkins University and pursuing a doctoral degree...And in the middle of her doctoral program, she GAVE IT ALL UP! And not with a big answer or opportunity waiting on the other end...All she knew was she needed to start over and reignite her inner child. It’s a real story of bravery and choosing yourself that I think we can all learn from.  From our conversation, you’ll also learn:  How to use astrology to enhance your creativity  The power of curiosity How to grow and scale a business  How to deal with other people’s judgement when you choose yourself  Why knowing yourself is key to success  How getting in touch with the cycles of the moon can better your life Meditation for Manifestation How to set your price and build your self-worth  And tons more!  Listen to "Like a Bomb" Here: Follow me: @laurenlograsso & @UnleashYourInnerCreative
August 19, 2020
Put Your Time Where Your Heart Is + Get Unblocked
On today's creative check in, I discuss the concept of putting our time where our heart is. A lot of the time, we say we want our deepest creative dreams, but are simply not putting in enough work during the week to get the outcome we desire. On today's episode, I talk about a revelation I've had about this in regard to my music, and also, how to trace the lines of where your creative blocks are coming from...Sometimes it's more logical than you think and a simple switch up will help you go toward your creativity instead of avoiding it. Love you! 
August 15, 2020
Build Resilience, Break Imposter Syndrome & Embrace Basic w/ Joey Skladany
My guest today is Joey Skladany.  He is a writer, editor, TV & radio personality, former entertainment publicist, and editor-at-large for Chowhound.  He is best known for his new book, Basic Bitchen and for being featured on outlets such as Food & Wine, SiriusXM, People, InStyle, Travel+Leisure, and BuzzFeed I wanted to have Joey on the show because he is a great example of rolling with the creative punches during covid times...Joey’s book, Basic Bitchen, had a delayed release and he talks about how that experience put him in check. Also, he’s very funny, and I’m excited to share a genuinely fun convo with you! From our conversation, you'll learn: How to use PR to your advantage and what that world is really like The KEY to powerful storytelling How to shut down imposter syndrome Why an underdog mentality can serve you in life How to Fake it until you make it Actionable tips to stay productive and mentally during quarantine How to let go of what we can’t control and redefine our relationship with work Why organization is key to creativity How to expand your vision for your life and career How to multi-task and not burn yourself out! And tons more! Get Basic Bitchen HERE! Follow @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso!
August 12, 2020
Quit Asking The Wrong People The Right Questions
Hi creative babe! It's Lauren back with another check in and yikes, even thinking about it now, this is a hard one for me to grasp. BUT, it is a game-changer. I've come to understand in the past week that not everyone cares about my hopes and dreams, even when it would be super easy to help me make them happen...And instead of asking people who don't really care about my complimentary skillset and just want me for a singular purpose, I need to start asking people who can help and who want to help, even if that person is just little old me. I love you. I also ask that you try to be a see-er out in the world, and help others achieve their dreams when you can. It's an easy way to help make the world a better place! 
August 8, 2020
Tips For Empaths, Revelations on Reinvention & the Sexuality/Creativity Connection w/ Lola Pickett
My guest today is Lola Pickett.  She is an Empath Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Graphic designer, author, podcaster, and Entrepreneur.  Lola is best known for her Empath to Power podcast and for founding an 8 week training course called EMPATH*ology, which helps highly sensitive empaths claim their soul’s purpose. After leaving a decade-long first marriage & dropping her steady corporate job, Lola created her own business and started honoring her true nature. Lola has wise insight on how to turn being an empath into your greatest power. From our conversation, you’ll also learn: What an empath is and how to start owning it if you are one How to tune out others who are against your path to self-discovery! Why Self-Hate is narcissistic The best way for empaths to channel creativity why   sexuality and creativity are deeply connected & how to get in touch with both Tips on how to stay ‘grounded’ in your life! How finding deep love can enhance your creative output How to tune out unhelpful voices And tons more! Lola's Website: Listen to "Like a Bomb" Here: Follow me: @laurenlograsso & @UnleashYourInnerCreative
August 5, 2020
Why The Harder Path is Not Always The Right Path
On today's episode I share a revelation I've had recently about why the harder path is not always the right path. I share how I came to this conclusion and how you can start to look at the choices/paths in your own life, decide why you're engaging with that pattern and whether it's actually beneficial. Also: Would you like would you like to do a zoom creative meet up with other listeners from this show? On the Zoom we can meet, talk about creative projects we’re working on, tell each other how we need support and share work. I am almost thinking of it like an open mic/share/networking event, and, honestly, maybe also a dance party? If you’re interested, either send me a DM on Instagram @UnleashYourInnerCreative or email me at !
July 31, 2020
Tap into Spirituality, Own Your Greatness & Sing w/ Latoya Cooper
My guest today is Latoya Cooper, also known as “The Songstress”. She is an MBA, singer/songwriter, business coach, and podcaster.  She is best known for her eclectic soul music, her podcast and her Company, “Music Meets the Boardroom” which helps educate, teach and empower indie Artists to build strong, business savvy practices, that they can apply throughout their career. I wanted to have Latoya on the show because of her incredible story about her journey back to self and creativity. After pushing away music for ten years, she found her way back to it, and she has some great actionable tips for how you can also rediscover your creative spark. She is also a deeply spiritual person, and has wise insight on how your connection to spirit can guide your path. Her journey blew my mind and I can’t wait for you to hear all about it! From our conversation, you’ll also learn: How to walk your own artistic journey and not compare yourself to others How to tune out unhelpful voices How to accept and rise to the occasion of  a challenge The benefits of ‘letting go’ Tips to find your own “Greatness” How volunteer work can tie into your purpose How to use your voice to create change And tons more! Listen to "Like a Bomb" Here: Follow me: @laurenlograsso & @UnleashYourInnerCreative
July 29, 2020
Serve Your Community & Give Your Energy to the RIGHT People
On today’s bonus episode of Unleash, I discuss why it’s so important to serve your community first when it comes to your creativity, the power of engaging with the people who love you for who you are, why it’s important to give back (and how to do it) and the larger impact your creativity can have. I also hit a recent creative milestone that I am very excited about! Thanks for tuning in - Lauren :)  Read my essay in Maria Shriver's publication, The Sunday Paper, Here:  Listen to my single, "Like a Bomb" Here: Follow me: @laurenlograsso & @UnleashYourInnerCreative
July 24, 2020
Are you an Overthinker? Learn Healthy Mental Practices w/ Meredith Arthur!
Meredith Arthur is a mental health pioneer, author, Emmy-Nominated creative producer, and a content leader at Pinterest. She’s best known for being a founding member of the food site: Chowhound, creating the mental health wellness site/community, Beautiful Voyager, writing for Medium and for her debut book, Get Out of My Head: Inspiration for Overthinkers in an Anxious World. I wanted to have Meredith on the show because she has so many actionable tools to help you get out of your own way. So many creatives are overthinkers...Including myself...If we get stuck in our heads, it really can keep us from meaningful opportunities to express ourselves, so I am excited to share her insight to help you stop the anxiety feedback loop! From our conversation, you’ll also learn: What anxiety REALLY is and some great ways to manage it The benefits of anxiety medication How to find your ‘audience’ Methods to shut up the inner critic The best way to let go of the illusion of control Tips to eliminate bad mental habits A brilliant tool to get someone to see you as more than just one type of creative And tons more! Get Meredith's Book HERE! Listen to "Like a Bomb" Here: Follow me: @laurenlograsso & @UnleashYourInnerCreative
July 22, 2020
Find Focus, Confidence & Embrace Being a Multi-Passionate Creative w/ D’Ana Joi
Today’s guest is D’Ana Joi of Joi Knows How she is an educator and a coach for multi-passionate creatives. She, herself, is also a multi-passionate creative specializing in writing, plant care, crafts, curating vintage clothes, singing and composing music, public speaking, community building and much more.  Joi and I first met when we were both speakers at The Pretty Thing Tour last November. We were instantly drawn to each other, as we had a similar mission and life outlook. I wanted to have her on the show because she provides invaluable tools for multi-passionate creatives to find focus and own the fullness of who they are. From this conversation you’ll learn: How to break the comparison trap Build a community Find focus Start to learn creative confidence Ground your platform in purpose How to truly see that the fact that you are a multi-passionate creative is a gift, not a burden AND MORE! For more info on Joi, Visit! Listen to "Like a Bomb" Here: Follow me: @laurenlograsso & @UnleashYourInnerCreative
July 15, 2020
Inside Writing a Song: Embrace The Messy Creative Process
Hi, Creative! If you’ve been listening for a while, you know that I’m a singer/songwriter and have been putting out a bunch a singles the past few months. My Most recent song, “Like a Bomb” was written over the course of years and has had many different iterations. So today, I want to share the full songwriting process with you. I’ll do this by taking you through step-by-step. I have voice memos from almost every songwriting session I’ve had for like a bomb. I will play them for you and also explain how I got to that moment.  From this, you’ll learn: How a messy, long creative process can still yield a beautiful product Why the extra time it takes to finish something is often God’s protection   The amazing improvements you can make through hard work  Why even if you’re almost finished,  it's better to go back to square one and do it the right way! And more!  Listen to "Like a Bomb" Here: Follow me: @laurenlograsso & @UnleashYourInnerCreative
July 8, 2020
Do What Fills You + Changing Creative Patterns
On this episode, I do a creative check in the wake of putting out my most recent single, "Like a Bomb".  Topics covered include:  Why it's better to delay a project and do it correctly than rush it Why it's necessary to change our creative patterns/ideas from time-to-time Why in the beginning of our creative careers/paths, we must take every inch toward our dreams The power of doing what fills you (and the energy that comes along with it)  I can't wait to chat with you! Enjoy :)  Listen to Like a Bomb Here:, Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso and the show, @UnleashYourInnerCreative 
July 1, 2020
Get Ballsy, Release Work You're Proud Of & Listen With Love
On today's episode I discuss the release of my third single, "Like a Bomb". I share a bit of the background behind the song and why it's so deeply personal. It seems each time I release a single it's a different feeling, and this time, I feel really excited and bold. I find myself getting ballsier and ballsier...I discuss why that is and share tips on how you can start to cultivate this in your own life. I also discuss how to listen to yourself through loving ears, Also I forgot to say this on the episode, but I am doing a live show tonight (06/26) on my instagram @LaurenLoGrasso, at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST - tune in to hear my new single and much more!  Listen to Like a Bomb Here: 
June 26, 2020
Courageous Creativity: Own The Fullness of Who You are & Use Your Voice for Change w/ Amir Levi
Amir Levi is an actor, Singer, choreographer, dancer, writer and producer.  Best known for his roles on hit shows such as: New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fresh off the Boat, The Middle,  2 Broke Girls and the Emmy Award-winning Amazon original Series, Transparent. He’s also worked at powerhouse theatres such as the Garry Marshall Theatre and Atlantic Theatre Conservatory. I first met Amir acting in my very first play in LA. I  wanted to have Amir on the show because, simply put, he has helped me become a braver, truer artist. From our conversation, you’ll learn: How to develop the strength to speak up against injustice How to overcome lack of parental support for your dreams Why your creative projects are as important as major life milestones (such as weddings) How Amir came to realize he is non binary why he/she/they isn’t tied to a specific set of pronouns How to truly make creativity the filter for your life How mediums like live theatre are pivoting during covid The importance of being honest about mental health, especially during the pandemic! And More! Watch Nathan C. Jones: A Love Story? Here: Pre-Save my single, “Like a Bomb” Here:
June 24, 2020
What's Happening Universally Is Also Happening in You
Everything that once hid beneath the surface is now being pushed to the top. That is happening Universally. And whatever is happening Universally is also happening in your own life and humanity. Meaning, that the things you’ve pushed beneath the surface (but you’ve always really, sort of known are there) are now coming to the top and demanding to be fixed. Not only will this realization help you connect more deeply to the social justice movements happening in our society, it will also bring you to a deeper knowing of yourself and hopefully (after some work) to a better place as a person. And while this show IS about Unleashing Your Inner Creative - we cannot be our truest, most creative selves if we do not know ourselves and if we are not actively working on bettering the self we know. I open up about all of the above and more on this episode. Love you. 
June 17, 2020
Inside a Creative Coaching Session: Art + Story = Purpose
On today's episode I do a creative check in about how important it is to use the gifts & skills you already have to help fight injustice. Then, you'll hear a new show format! Today I am trying out (unleashing) a new show format in which I coach someone on air who is creatively blocked and/or not fully living their passion at the moment. If it's something you like, let me know and we will continue to do it! Today's guest is Lindsey Huss, an Unleash listener who is also an incredible artist and woman. She shares her story of survival and strength and I help her tie together her story, pain, and talent to create a path that incorporates art, entrepreneurship and service. Tune into hear more and to get ideas on how you can coach yourself in a similar way! PS- this new format is not something I am trying to make an every week thing, but rather, something I pepper in every-so-often to add to the overall variety of the show! If you like it, DM me and let me know and if you want to try an on air session, mention that, as well! 
June 10, 2020
Why Creativity is Necessary for Social Change #BlackLivesMatter
On this episode I talk about what is happening in the United States & share my support of Black Lives Matter. I talk about why creativity & Imagination are necessary tools for social change, why shame is NOT a social justice tool, how to be a better ally, tools to make a difference, the importance of talking with people you're close to and I also pose the question: why is it so hard for you to talk about race? These are all things I am working through everyday now, and they are tough conversations to have and concepts to think about, but nothing could be tougher than another black life lost to police brutality. I struggled with whether to do a show this week, I figured as a white woman, why does my voice matter and what if I say the wrong thing? But what I have found in my education thus far, is that the only thing worse than saying the wrong thing would be to look at injustice and say nothing, because then you're complicit. For black listeners, I love you, I see you, I hear you and I promise to keep fighting with and for you. For non-black listeners, I encourage you to educate yourself and speak up today and click the links below for more info on how to help our black brothers and sisters. This is the link I referenced on the show--full of great ways to write emails, texts & make calls, petitions, education:  This is an AMAZING list of 100 black-owned Etsy Shops - Support Black Creatives! Buy something from here: This article talks about what we're missing when we condemn "Violence" at protests:  This is a list of anti-racism resources for white people (lots of books, podcasts, movies, etc.):
June 3, 2020
Overcome Negativity Bias & Go Toward Your Big Idea w/ Susan Robertson
Today's episode is packed with some of the most takeaway of any show I've done to date! First you'll hear me do a creative check in about how lack of specificity can inhibit us from getting what we want. Then I dive into my interview with Susan Robertson. Susan is a Harvard Lecturer, Innovation thought leader, consultant to world-leading companies and a performing artist. She is best known for being an instructor on innovation and applied creativity at Harvard’s Professional Development Program and for working with and teaching some of the world’s largest brands about innovation including Pepsico, Clorox and Bank of America. I wanted to have Susan on because she has tangible advice on how to overcome the negativity bias, which is our tendency not only to register negative stimuli more readily but also to dwell on these events. This bias has an incredible negative effect not only on our creativity as individuals, but as leaders and when we work creatively in groups. Overcoming it is a game-changer! From this conversation, you'll learn:  -What the negativity bias & and three simple steps to overcome it! -How to start reclaiming your creative nature, if you've lost it -The danger of the phrase, “yes but” -The KEY to Great problem solving -What the status quo bias is and how to overcome it -How to get out of your golden (or rusty metal) handcuffs -How to lead as an employee and create a more creative environment  -The difference between innovation & creativity -How you can creatively pivot during the pandemic  And much more! Listen my single, "Rise" out Now: Read my People Magazine Article: Follow the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative & @LaurenLoGrasso for updates and exclusive content!
May 27, 2020
A Meditation for Manifestation, Journaling Tips & Sustainable Self-Worth W/ Lauren
On this solo episode, I delve into some deeply vulnerable topics including the importance of journaling (and some of my younger and somewhat embarrassing failed attempts at it), tips for how to keep a simple journal now to keep track of your days in quarantine, a meditation practice that will change your life, how I’m working on learning to detach from all the unhealthy and unsustainable ways I get validation (and how to recognize what yours are, the profound impact it has when someone in a position of power sees you, the importance of righteous anger and why I wish every adult (that has a non-toxic primary family) could live with their family of origin at some point.
May 20, 2020
The Science Behind Creative Brain Function, Manifesting & Creating Dopamine w/ Adaire Byerly
On this episode of Unleash, I talk with Adaire Byerly, Founder and CEO of Entertainment Mindframe, a company paving the way for the understanding the Brain function of Creatives. After working for a decade as a professional model and actress, Adaire saw the unprofessional patterns and behaviors that were considered a normality in the industry. These observations led her to dive into years of research surrounding the Brain, and transition into a space that has been long neglected in the Fashion & Entertainment.... The Mind. Today Adaire is a licensed Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programing and Neuroplasticity and also certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques & works with creative and entertainment professionals to help them optimize creativity, best business practices and individual/company growth through Cognitive Sciences. From this episode, you’ll learn: Tactics to create dopamine naturally The science behind manifesting How to increase creativity What makes the brains of creative people different (and how to increase this potential in your own brain) How to get better at hearing the word, ‘no’ The difference between fear and danger How to make a big career transition Why creative life has so many ups and downs, from a neurological perspective And much more! Listen my single, "Rise" out Now: Read my People Magazine Article: Follow the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative & @LaurenLoGrasso for updates and exclusive content!
May 13, 2020
Crashing Auditions, Never Giving Up & Tips for Multi-Hyphenates w/ Geoff Stults
Geoff Stults is an actor, writer and producer best known for his roles on TV shows such as 7th Heaven, Grace and Frankie and Little Fires Everywhere and movies such as The Break Up, Wedding Crashers, 12 Strong and Unforgettable.  Geoff is also from Michigan and he and his brother George (unknowingly) played a very important role in inspiring me to believe I could pursue a career in entertainment. From our conversation you’ll learn: · The WILD way Geoff got his start in Hollywood (Hint it has to do with crashing auditions) · Tips for people pursuing multiple creative paths · Advice for young actors · How Geoff & I originally connected Plus, we also take a VERY deep dive into his backstory, which provides some great life lessons. I hope the trip down Geoff's memory lane allows you to do the same in your life, as you trace your creative journey. Listen my single, "Rise" out Now: Read my People Magazine Article: Follow the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative & @LaurenLoGrasso for updates and exclusive content!
May 6, 2020
The Advantage of Struggle, Listening to The Universe & Britney Spears w/ Shelly Peiken!
Shelly Peiken is a Grammy Award Nominated songwriter, an artist and author, best known for writing songs for the likes of Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, Meredith Brooks, Miley Cyrus, NSYNC, Brandi, Demi Lovato and so many more. Shelly has an incredible songwriting resume, including one of my favorite songs, “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks. She had the first number 1 song of the new millennium with, “What a Girl Wants” by Christina Aguilera. Twenty years later, after a whole career of writing for other people’s voices, she finally decided it was time to step forward and put her songs out, herself. She did this by revisiting some of her most beloved hits with an album called 2.0, which will be out this summer. From our conversation you’ll learn: The backstory of how her first hit song, “Bitch” was written Why she almost gave up right before she got her first hit How songwriting has changed in the last 20 years How to know who to take creative advice from Why the universe responds when you follow what feels good Behind the scenes details of what it was like to almost work with Britney Spears (and what she's really like) Why it can be an advantage to hustle and even struggle for a while before you make it Tips for Creative Moms Pre-save Shelly’s New Song: Listen my single, "Rise" out Now: Read my People Magazine Article: Follow the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative & @LaurenLoGrasso for updates and exclusive content!
April 29, 2020
Learn Your Triggers, Inner Voice & Heal Mind/Body w/ TEDx Speaker, Megan Gallagher
On today's show, I do a creative check in about the importance of shedding labels that do not serve you and some big lessons my recent single release, "Rise" brought up. Later, I sit down with Megan Gallagher. She is an author, mental health advocate, public speaker and host, best known for her work on AfterBuzz TV, her TedX talks and for being a best-selling author on Amazon! From our conversation you’ll learn practical tools to manage anxiety, how to figure out your triggers, hear your inner voice, what a panic attack REALLY feels like, clues from your body about your mental health, the biggest misconception about therapy, how to break into public speaking, self-publish a book and so much more! Listen my single, "Rise" out Now: Read my People Magazine Article: Follow the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative & @LaurenLoGrasso for updates and exclusive content!
April 22, 2020
Find Lost Pieces of Yourself & Embrace What Really Matters
This solo episode starts with a creative challenge to help us all get a little more unleashed during this time. I also reveal a big decision I made that has greatly impacted me on a human and creative level. I walk you through how you can use often overlooked objects to reengage with pieces of yourself that have gotten lost in the shuffle of day-to-day life. I also discuss importance of reconnecting with old friends and schoolmates who truly saw you and why this is a great time to get back in touch. Finally, I talk about my upcoming release of my new single, "Rise" and why I believe this is actually one of the BEST times to release a new creation out into the world.  Pre-Save my single, "Rise" out Friday, 04/17:  Join me on Instagram (@LaurenLoGrasso) for a live concert this Friday, 04/17 at 6:30pm PST/ 9:30pm EST!  Follow the show @UnleashYourInnerCreative for updates and exclusive content! 
April 15, 2020
Lessons From Your Younger Self on Courage, Play & Who You REALLY Are W/ Jonny Manganello
On  this week's episode my best friend, Jonny Manganello and I reminisce on some of the funny and creative things that we did together and separately during our teenage and college years and early 20s.  We talk about how it might be helpful to replicate some of the things you did for fun in high school, now since there are similar barriers in place as we quarantine. We also talk about defining moments in our young lives that taught us who we really were, how to set boundaries and stand up for ourselves -we walk you through how to find similar moments in your own journey and use them as a guidebook for how to find strength when you're not feeling yourself. Finally, we talk about creative monsters and saviors and an exercise you might think about doing to banish the monster and thank the savior. Enjoy!
April 8, 2020
Revelations on Rejection, Taste + The Last of the Tuesdays!
On this quickie episode of Unleash Your Inner Creative I do a quick creative check in about a recent revelation I had about rejection and opinions and other people's taste when it comes to your creative projects. I also let you in on the fact that Unleash is now moving to Wednesdays! This is the last Tuesday episode and tomorrow (yes Wed, 04/08) there will be a brand new episode with my bestie Jonny Manganello talking all about our most awkward and hilarious audition stories + the weirdness of theatre school. Hope you're staying safe and healthy. I love you and I believe in you! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE!  Watch the “Road To Glory” music video HERE!
April 7, 2020
How To Write a Book, Overcome Rejection & The Power of Solitude
Jen is a friend, co-founder and chief creative officer of the lifestyle brand, podcaster, social media queen and the author of the newly released book, The Upside of Being Down.  Jen was my first-ever guest on Unleash just over a year ago. We first met When I produced her Podcast, Jen Gotch is Ok...Sometimes, and she has been a major creative and emotional influence in my life, ever since.I wanted to have Jen on this time to talk all about the process of writing a book: what it really takes, the ups and downs, breaking points where she almost gave up and breakthroughs that made the rollercoaster of creating all worth it. From our conversation you’ll learn tips to write and publish a book, overcome rejection, why creative timing is always perfect, the power of solitude + WTF REALLY Happened In The Dessert! While this conversation happened prior to quarantine, it has lots of tips, tricks and laughs that will help you get through the time we’re in right now. So without further adieu, here she is, Jen Gotch! Note: Interview starts at about 9 minutes in! For the first few minutes of the show, I do a creative check in about what’s going on in the world and offer up some coping tools I’ve been using to help navigate this new and, at times, unsettling territory. On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE!  Watch the “Road To Glory” music video HERE!
March 31, 2020
Spirit Sis on Protecting Your Energy, Finding Healthy Relationships & Having Fun
On today’s episode Lauren talks with one of her best friends, Steffi Hill. Steffi is an actress, writer and Psychic Medium, known as Spirit Sis. This episode contains a lot of great tips, in addition to some deep spiritual insight and some really hilarious moments. Some topics covered include: How life has changed and emotions you might feel when you go out  How this is bringing you closer to others and yourself The power of gratitude- and how to form a gratitude practice The Top meme sources to bring you joy Some of the silver linings of this difficult moment How to set boundaries with social media Tactics to protect your energy How to decompress and take care of yourself if you are working a lot during quarantine What human design is and how you can best use yours Why it’s a great time to learn something new Why this is a great time to date Our thoughts on love is blind What shadow work is How to play creative games with Netflix Insider info from the CDC The proper way to get takeout food (and the anxiety it can provoke) How to properly clean a package Candid Talk about anxiety during this time and what you can do about it What a past life regression and how one could help you Tips for people in relationships
March 24, 2020
Ease Anxiety, Find Your Wake Up Call & Get Creative During Quarantine
On this solo episode Lauren talks about what's on everyone's mind: The Coronavirus. She shares her fears and how she found a way to turn them into a wakeup call and call to action for how she'll live post-quarantine, tools she's using and recommends you use to ease your anxiety, how to support yourself and other creatives who are out of work, the reason why this is a perfect time for you to start and release your creative project and how to get creative with your quarantine and maintain sanity!  On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram, Facebook & Tik Tok and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" here: Watch the “Road To Glory” music video here:
March 17, 2020
Kathy Wakile on Turning Your Passion into a Business, Advice for Creative Moms & Being a REAL Housewife!
Kathy Wakile is a Best-Selling Cookbook Author, restaurateur, chef, Jewelry designer, reality star, Mother and Wife! Of course, we all know Kathy from her time on The New Jersey Housewives, but her creative story sparked long before she ever came into our hearts via Bravo TV. Kathy’s creative journey started in art as a child and shifted into hair styling as her first big creative gig. After she had her kids, she decided to pour her creativity into homemaking and raising her children, but the yearning in her heart, called her back to creative life. She slowly found a way to turn all of her hobbies into businesses by the way of a dessert line, cookbooks, her restaurant, Pizza Love, a culinary school and now, her podcast, Eat, Live, Love, Indulge.  She does all of this while keeping her family her top priority and often, even including or partnering with them on her creative endeavors. From the Conversation you’ll learn: Tips to overcome initial creative rejection How to recover after family trauma How doing reality TV both helped and hurt her creatively How to survive business as a sensitive person How to turn passion into a career How to use your heritage to inform your creative life Tips for working with your spouse and much more! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram, Facebook & Tik Tok and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" here: Watch the “Road To Glory” music video here:
March 10, 2020
Own Tik Tok, Block Negativity & Create Confidence w/ Brooklyn Queen
Brooklyn Queen is a musical artist, social media maven and fellow Detroiter, best known for her viral hits, “Emoji” And “Kiki Taught Me” in addition to having millions of followers across various social platforms, collaborating with legends such as Trina and being featured on SiriusXM and Fox! From our conversation, you’ll learn how to: Gain confidence Block Negativity Understand & Master Tik Tok Know when you’ve found your passion Make creativity a family affair Carve out a brand on social media Utilize social media for your creative passion Make a dedication about a business partnership Be a creative force Beat out the algorithm and grow Plus, Why you need to get on dubs mash Why Queens don’t compete What you can expect from upcoming singles A view inside her writing process How to get unblocked creatively Advice for other people who want to do music And More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram, Facebook & Tik Tok and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" here:  Watch the “Road To Glory” music video here:
March 3, 2020
Reparent Yourself, Build Self-Trust & Recover Creatively w/ Holly Whitaker
Holly Whitaker is a sobriety coach, teacher, Author speaker, co-host/co-producer of the Home Podcast, Yoga Instructor and the founder and CEO of Tempest, an online sobriety school a modern, accessible, and recovery program that’s build around you! Lauren wanted to have Holly on the show, because she can’t think of many things that are more creative than paving your own path to recovery in a world that tells you a 12 step program is the only way to do it. From the conversation you’ll learn: How to overcome having your creativity stifled as a child Re-mother yourself Start turning toward your truth Why it’s important to choose guilt over resentment What being triggered by another person means about you How to learn from your failures How to creatively forge your own path to healing. And Much More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE!  Watch the “Road To Glory” music video HERE!
February 25, 2020
Own Your Voice & Find Creative Allies + Unleash Turns 1 w/ Liz Fohl
On today’s episode Lauren chat’s with our show composer and the fantastically talented singer/songwriter, Liz Fohl! Liz is a full-time touring musician and has a unique perspective on creativity and life that includes practicality, optimism, versatility and a whole lotta love. On this episode you’ll learn the backstory of Lauren and Liz’s friendship, how to find & develop creative allies, how to enjoy a long creative process, what making your own stuff has to do with the Cheese Cake Factory, how to stop yourself from ripping apart your own work, what to do if you’re in a creative work environment that has turned toxic and reflections on the first year of this beautiful, wonderful show known as Unleash Your Inner Creative with Lauren LoGrasso! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE!  Watch the “Road To Glory” music video HERE!
February 18, 2020
Seek Discomfort & Share Your Story w/ LGBTQ&A Host, Jeffrey Masters
On this week’s episode Lauren chats with actor, host writer and producer, Jeffrey Masters. Jeffrey’s best known for his hit podcast, LGBTQ&A, being the director of podcasts at Pride Media, and for being featured in outlets such as The Advocate, BuzzFeed, The New York Times, USA Today, People Magazine and many more. Jeffrey has great advice on the importance of seeking discomfort in order to grow and he’s a brilliant example of the magic that can happen when you combine creativity with activism. From this conversation you’ll learn the benefits of walking through open doors, taking the long way around, what makes compelling content, how to create flexibility for your creative pursuits within your full time job, why you MUST study your craft & do the work and the power of asking tough questions.
February 11, 2020
The Mind/Body Creative Connection + Finding Your ‘Why’
On today’s show Lauren talks with two creatives from the fitness world. One is named Mimi Benz, she’s best known for founding Sweat Cycle: which is the original heated cycling studio. The other is an interior designer, business owner and one of Sweat Cycle’s most coveted teachers, Latosha Lovell. Lauren wanted to have these women on the show to talk about what it takes to start and build a business, the difference between a boss and a leader, what makes a positive creative partnership and the connection between body/mind/spirit when it comes to creativity! We hit all of the above in addition to how to find and remember your why, keep your word to yourself and deal with recurring creative crossroads and oh ‘shit’ moments. Now here they are: Mimi Benz and Latosha Lovell! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE!  Watch the “Road To Glory” music video HERE!
February 4, 2020
Tame the Inner Critic & Embody Your Full Self
On this solo episode of Unleash, Lauren takes you through topics such as how to tame the inner critic, stay present, the creative gems you find through organization, why sometimes you need to just start over and how to start bringing your full self to the table, no matter where you go and who you're with.  On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE!  Watch the “Road To Glory” music video HERE!
January 28, 2020
How to Build Thicker Skin & Make a Film + Hollywood Double Lives w/ Gus Krieger
Gus Krieger is an actor, writer, director and producer, best known for working with names such as Nick Cannon, Chloe Sevigny and Glee’s Max Adler and getting his films featured at prestigious festivals such as Sundance. From this conversation, you’ll learn how to make your day job meaningful,  get creatively unblocked,  get back to your childhood passion, build thicker skin, make a movie, stay hopeful through failure, the importance of managing expectations, and the truth about Hollywood double lives.  If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso! 
January 21, 2020
Brain Coach, Jim Kwik on Creativity, Digital Overload & Dream Work
Jim Kwik is an International Speaker, Founder of Superhero You, Social Entrepreneur Memory & Speed-Reading Expert & hit podcaster with his show Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik—Some of his brain training clients innovators such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Oprah, Bono, Michelle Obama and many more! Jim has the ultimate story of turning adversity into purpose. A childhood head injury at age five left him struggling in school, to the point where a teacher called him, “The Boy with a Broken Brain”.  When he was 18, he finally had a breakthrough...That breakthrough was learning how to learn. With that knowledge, and a desire in his heart to help others, he found both his passion and his purpose, and has never looked back since. From this conversation you’ll learn: the importance of asking the right questions, the key to longterm memory, how to build self-awareness, why you should NEVER look at your phone first thing in the morning, the connection between your dreams and creativity, how to think more like Elon Musk and other innovators and why EVERYONE can and should access creativity! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE!  Watch the “Road To Glory” music video HERE!
January 14, 2020
Music, Mental Health & Finding Your Voice w/ Jesse Palter
About Jesse: Jesse Palter is a singer/songwriter, Jazz Vocalist, full time working musician and mental health advocate best known for playing venues such as cliff bells, Hotel Cafe, writing for publications such as Thrive Global and for speaking at The Recording Academy (aka the people who put on the Grammys) and BMI! From this conversation, you’ll learn: The benefit of not knowing how hard something is How to attack a creative path as a family The difference between contemplating with your heart and your mind How to manage expectations The Ideal partner for a true creative How to stay excited when your expectations are broken Why you need to think of your passion as a job job Her amazing connection to Eminem How to get over imposter syndrome The benefits and drawbacks to going to music school How to deal with unsolicited criticism The perils of the creative soulmate How to find your own voice How to get back to your why How to trust your gut The mental health crisis in the music industry How to find your story How to separate who your are from what I do How to get out of a hole of depression And a lot more! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE!  Watch the “Road To Glory” music video HERE!
January 7, 2020
Intention Setting, Year End Review + A HUGE Secret Reveal!
In the last podcast of the year Lauren walks you through how to effectively review your year and set intentions for 2020. She shares her top moments, lessons, pain, joy and what she is hoping to manifest in the New Year. She also opens up about a painful event that happened this fall, that changed her life significantly and offers her advice for others who might be going through a similar situation.  Thank you for all the support of the podcast this year- you have made dreams come true! Happy New Year - may you Unleash Your Inner Creative and live a life that reflects your true self!  On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend about the show! Join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE!  Watch the “Road To Glory” music video HERE!
December 30, 2019
Maximize Creativity in Free Time + Tips for Dealing w/ Family Drama
Lauren has another one of her best friend on the show. Her name is Annie (or Anne) Sorge - she is a lawyer, painter, musician and all-around amazing person. They have been BFFs since high school and frequently create things together -especially music! On the episode, Anne and Lauren discuss the merits of keeping your creativity as your hobby, how to know when it's time to move on from your day job to your creative pursuits,  some ways to make your holiday extra creative (and how to best use any time off you might have) and tips for dealing with family drama this Holiday season. Enjoy the Unleash Holiday special - it's just for you! MWAH!  On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE! 
December 24, 2019
How to Shift Careers, Build a Brand & Increase Engagement w/ Sophia Joan Short
On Sophia: Sophia Joan Short is a marketing expert, PR professional, writer and influencer, best known for her inspirational, viral Instagram page, @SophiaJoanShort. From this conversation, you’ll learn: The importance of having fun and playing! A toolbox for recent grads / those in their early 20 How to overcome social media related depression How to become better at building an aesthetic The vital importance of moving your body Why sometimes it’s best to keep creativity as your hobby How to authentically engage with brand partnerships How Instagram can bring you a job Advice on how to make a big move Tips to overcome anxiety The importance of enjoying the process and having fun! How people unfollowing you can actually be the gift that you need to help shift your content How to increase your engagement What her brand is/ how to figure out yours The toughest moment on her path so far and how she got through it How to heal from rejection Whether influencers can/should be utilized by independent creatives How hiring an influencer really works One way to secure brand partnerships How to keep the inner-child alive And a lot more! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE!  Watch the "Road to Glory" music video HERE!
December 17, 2019
Creative Break Ups, Stand Up & Asking For What You Want w/ Jordan Leer
On Jordan: Jordan Leer is an actor, stand up comedian, musician, writer and director, best known for appearing on Young Sheldon, Amazon Prime’s Secret Agent Challenge, his frequent work as a comic at the Hollywood Improv, and for being one half of the musical Duo, LoJo and The Truth. FYI, Lauren was the other half! Jordan is her musical brother, and though they perform together a lot less frequently these days, he has been a big part of her songwriting journey.  From this conversation, you’ll learn: The importance of having fun and playing! How to get your start as a stand up comedian What to do when you bomb at comedy (or in life) Why you need to practice your craft more than once or twice a week How to amicably have a creative separation Why inspiration can come from unlikely places The sacrifice you must make to achieve your dreams & how to make it through Why it’s necessary things up every now and then with your creative outlet The power of telling people what you want Why having an attitude of non-attachment might help you in your creative pursuits How what you watched as a kid affected your creative path How to make it through if you hate networking How to know which passion you should focus on A creative tip to overcome anxiety How drawing can help your creative process How to build your fear tolerance Why as you get better, life can get tougher How to get back your childlike wonder Tips for creatives from small towns And a lot more! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE! 
December 10, 2019
Finish Your Project & Believe in Yourself w/ Hit Film Producer, James D. Stern
On James: James D. Stern is a prolific and award-winning writer, director, producer and storyteller. Some of his best-known projects include, The Producers, Hairspray, Stomp, Academy Award-nominated films such as An Education and Hotel Rwanda and more recently, Netflix’s Murder Mystery and coming up, Amazon Studios’ Bliss. From this conversation, you’ll learn: How James got his start as a producer and director Why sometimes your biggest break can come from your hometown The power of Genuine Curiosity & Leaning in How to talk with people who disagree with you, politically How to NEVER EVER Give Up How seeing objectively bad work can help you on your journey How to believe in Yourself when no one else does Why he never gave up on Netflix’s Murder Mystery (and how you can keep your faith in your long-stalled projects) No one knows anything, so it’s fine that you don’t either! How to recover from failure and how he has! How to finance independent films (and where the money actually comes from) Why Theatre people are special Tips for Young Filmmakers How to know if you have what it takes to become an actor Why the entertainment industry is in a way closer to the old studio model than it has been in years Why you should write a script you NEED to do How he has taken fear out of the driver’s seat of his life How to Stay present Why time is our most valuable asset And a lot more! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE! 
December 3, 2019
Rejection: How to Pick Yourself Back Up 
Today’s show is all about…you guessed it…rejection. In this raw, open and brutally honest episode, Lauren discusses a recent barrage of creative disappointment, betrayal and rejection. It has certainly been a “creative crossroads moment”. She is joined by her BFF & friend of the show, Jonny Manganello to talk through what happened, how she is managing the emotions that come along with the no’s and tactics to pick yourself back up when it feels like all the doors are closing around you. The show is a mix of laughter, tears and heartfelt advice that will help you feel less alone. You’ll even hear a little guest appearance by Lauren’s Mom, Jo Ann, who gives a hilarious (and highly biased) take on what Lauren should say to those who have rejected her! From this conversation, you’ll learn: How to pick yourself back up after creative heartbreak Why it’s important to take time to acknowledge your accomplishments The importance of setting deadlines Tips to get unblocked, creatively Why having an accountability buddy can help (and why you might need to be your own buddy) Tips to deal with your judgmental family at Thanksgiving How to know when it’s time to ask for help Plus, you’ll  even a hear a heated debate on which breakfast foods are best, and so much more! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE! 
November 26, 2019
Not Engaged & Creative AF w/ @NotEngaged's Mary McCarthy
On Mary: Mary McCarthy is an actor, writer and the face behind the left hand of the viral instagram account, @NotEngaged. Since her account’s inception, her comedy has appeared in and on media outlets such as Good Morning America, The Skimm, Rachael Ray, Huffington Post, Sunrise Australia, Elite Daily, and many more. Mary is also the creator behind the series The Goodpie Girl, which was a Network Notes selection at the HBO sponsored ITV Fest. From this conversation, you’ll learn: What pursuing a career in acting REALLY looks like and how to get through Her advice for how to get specific with your career Why rejection is important for your creative journey Why being an actor is the biggest ripoff in the world but why it’s so worth it How to keep your passion alive when the business part of it is beating you down Why you need to take your creativity into your own hands Why the word aspiring is a farce How she got the idea for @NotEngaged How to find your creative community How to barter creative skills The full story of how she created and built her viral Instagram account The failures and pain points that led to her success How to recover from rejection How making a list can help you manifest Why focus and specificity is the key to manifestation How one creative project influences another, energetically The importance and power of vulnerability How to prepare yourself for the time when your creative project gets huge! Advice on how to thicken your skin Advice for anyone with the feeling that time is passing you by Why if you’re not hitting traditional milestones, you’re doing great ! How to explain to your non-creative or entrepreneurial friends what your milestones mean Plus find out if she ever gets jealous of her left hand! How to use what’s working creatively to support your projects that need more love Whether she’s afraid of what will happen to the content if she does get engaged Whether she’s still single And More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE! 
November 19, 2019
So You Released Your Creative Project…Now What?
On today’s show Lauren reflects on what it feels like in the wake of her single release and offers up some tips on how to take care of yourself mentally and physically while in the middle of a hectic moment and/or a creative release. She weighs in on: · The guilt about some of her other projects not getting enough attention · Now the project is out, what her next move will be · Why marketing is key · Why sometimes you need to cut yourself a break · Thinking about how she can create a world where all of her creative projects can exist under one roof · How important it is to take care of yourself when you’re going through a hectic season of life · Why you shouldn’t be a drill sergeant to yourself & how to practice kindness and self-care · How beautiful it is when people support your creativity · The struggle and importance of staying in gratitude On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso You can download Lauren's debut single, "Road To Glory" HERE! 
November 14, 2019
The Difference Between Your Gut & Anxiety
On this solo episode, Lauren shares some of the thoughts, feelings and emotions, as well as the lessons she’s learning leading up to her music release this week, on Friday, November 8th! She also reveals that she is going through some significant life changes and shares some of the important revelations that those changes have brought about. From her lil monologue session, you’ll learn her take on how to: Give yourself Grace when you don’t know the answer Trust your gut The difference between gut and anxiety Tools to make a big decision How to not be in a personal fight club Why your opinion is the one that matters How to let someone go from your project Why it’s important to enjoy the process Find your own creative process (don't rely on what has already been set up)  Allow yourself freedom  Play to your strengths On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso Get Lauren's Debut Single, "Road To Glory" on November 8th! You can pre-save the song on Spotify and Apple Music HERE, so you'll be the first to get it as soon as it drops! Come see Lauren play Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood on Monday, 11/11 at 8:30pm for her single release show!
November 5, 2019
Just Start: The Power of Deadlines w/ Zoe Kanters
On Zoe:  Zoe Kanters is an actor, writer and producer best known for writing, executive producing and starring in her original feature film, titled, Up There. Zoe is also a friend of my bestie, Jonny Manganello aka Jonny cakes, who you know and love from his past appearance on this show! From our chat you'll learn:  The benefits of going to acting school (or art school in general)  Why clowning class was Zoe's favorite, what it is and why you should try it, too! Why you MUST take creativity into your own hands and self-generate  Tactics to take fear out of the driver's seat  The need to find complimentary creative skills Why when you’re writing it’s important to get something on the page, even if it sucks The connection between tight deadlines and success How to get a film distributed Tips for working with your romantic partner Plus why a throuple can be a huge benefit when it comes to creative life!  On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
October 29, 2019
How to Raise a Creative Child
On today's very special episode of Unleash Your Inner Creative, Lauren Talks with her parents, Jo Ann and Mike LoGrasso. They talk all about what it was like to raise a creative child, their tips for parents who are raising or hope to raise creative children and tips for people who might not have had that encouraging base as a start. They also reveal the first time they realized Lauren was creative, the dreams that they still hope to achieve and the most difficult part of raising a passionate child. Check it out!  On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
October 22, 2019
Manifest Mental Health & Find Purpose w/ Analog Girl
On The Analog Girl: The Analog Girl also known as LaToya D, is an anxiety awareness advocate, podcaster, and singer best known for her show, Analog Girl Podcast and for her instagram page @The.AnalogGirl. From our conversation, You’ll learn: The power of finding the words to describe what you’re experiencing What depersonalization is How to crack your anxiety code Tips for overcoming cultural barriers How to make affirmations work for you! Why it’s so important to think from the end in order to manifest Why repetitive, memorized prayers can be a helpful tool to manage anxiety How to pick which parts of religion work for you How to get to the bottom of your life’s purpose How to find your life’s purpose by deconstruction what’s underneath your creative pursuit How to be creative with religion How to transition one mode of creativity into another How to take your creativity off the pedestal The power of the late-bloomer How do deal with being in between Advice on how to move to New York (or make any big move in your life) How hitting rock bottom can actually release fear’s grip on your life How to baby step your way out of fear Why sometimes you shouldn’t overthink creative endeavors On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
October 15, 2019
How to Play Through Your Mistakes & Level Up w/ Jason Land
On Jason: Jason Land is an entrepreneur, music instructor, professional guitar player and wait for it, Hand model. He’s best known for founding his company, guitar ninjas, playing in a sick Led Zeppelin cover band and for hand modeling with the one and only William Shatner! Oh and he is also my guitar teacher, mentor and friend! From this conversation, You’ll learn: How to exit a toxic work relationship Baby step your way to your dreams Take fear out of the driver’s seat How to figure out what kind of learner you are How to level up The best way(s) to learn Why it’s best to always stay hungry Why being a starving artist in your youth can actually help your relationship with money down the line How to build it your self-worth His unique take on setting price! Why it’s so important to understand the struggle of the beginner How to recognize a failure and move on Tips for setting personal and professional  boundaries And more!  For more info on Jason, check out or listen to his podcast at On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you love the show, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
October 8, 2019
Beat Anxiety at It’s Own Game & Release
Today on this solo episode, Lauren shares insight into her journey to put out her very first single (which is coming out on November 8th!) , and how it might relate to your creative project. She details all of the stress, anxiety and emotional breakdowns that come along with it and how to navigate the tricky waters of doing something that is at once terrifying and life-affirming. From this episode, you’ll learn: How to deal with the fear of investing into your dreams Why it’s valid to feel a wide array of emotions when you’re putting out work Why it’s so important to take care of yourself as a creator Tips to enjoy life in the midst of a major project Why you’re always protected Why you need to ask for help from the right people How to choose who to work with HINT- it goes far beyond talent! The difference between should and want and why sometimes you need to choose what you want! The BEST advice Lauren has ever gotten & how you can use it Actionable tools to lessen anxiety On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
October 1, 2019
Why Being The Underdog Can Be Your Greatest Gift w/ Don Yaeger
On Don: Don Yaeger is an award-winning keynote speaker, business leadership coach, eleven-time New York Times best-selling author, contributor for Forbes, and longtime Associate Editor for Sports Illustrated. He’s worked with people such as Michael Jordan, Walter Peyton and basically every big name you can think of in sports and has appeared on shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Nightline, CNN and Good Morning America. From this conversation, you’ll learn: Why coincidence can also be miraculous The key to powerful storytelling Why natural gifts are less important than mindset- mindset is key Why being the underdog can be your greatest gift The power of asking questions Why curiosity might be your most important quality The 16 keys to greatness How to turn your pain into purpose How to place value in your best qualities Why IQ isn’t everything (and what IS) How to shift your focus toward your strengths Why sports are the great equalizer Tips for seamless and compassionate marketing How to strengthen your inner circle How to get comfortable selling if you’re not a natural salesperson Tips for Creative marketing How to Play to your strengths What greatness REALLY is And More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso AND For Your chance to win a FREE Journey to Greatness Course with Don, visit:
September 24, 2019
How to Innovate, Follow Your Gut & Break into Local TV w/ Maria Dasaro
On Maria: Maria Dasaro is an entrepreneur, TV Personality, and singer, best known for owning and running her clothing store, Dawood Boutique, her frequent appearances on FOX 2 Detroit as a fashion correspondent, a feature on and for being one of my best friends! From this conversation, You’ll Learn: How to Quickly Shift Career paths without overthinking How to become an innovator How to take risks How to change the family business Why content and research are key to innovation How to effectively translate your brand into your social media and website pages The merit of constant creation How to keep the voice of your business consistent How to start getting booked as an expert correspondent on local TV & Radio The BTS of LOCAL TV The power of takeaway Why being helpful is more important that “Selling” Why if you’re meant for something, you’ll always end up there, no matter what path you take! How to follow your gut The power of prayer The merit of taking an alternate route How to know whether you’re better off in a big or small pond and what type of fish (human) you are How to be a strong woman How to overcome Gender-barriers in business Why Persistence is Key And More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
September 17, 2019
The Meaning of Dreams That Don’t Come True + Finding Peace W/ Kristen Agee
On Kristen: Kristen Agee is a multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur, composer, songwriter and public speaker, best known for speaking at SXSW & ASCAP EXPO, and for founding her company, 411 Music Group, which provides tons of different musical services including custom score, music publishing, a music library, artist development and digital distribution for music rights holders. Other career highlights include learning bass from Darryl Jones of the Rolling Stones and getting one of her sound designs placed in a recent trailer for Game of Thrones! From this chat, you’ll learn: How to deal with creative criticism The benefits of creative parenting How another artist’s work can encourage you to believe in yourself The best way to seek out a mentor Why a late start is a great start The power of setting deadlines How to push through creative blocks How to let go of perfectionism Why sometimes you need a break from your creative path How to access creativity in the face of grief Tips to stay present How to get grounded How to reinvent yourself Why planning is overrated Why you need to read contracts What she learned from her near death experience How to live in light & darkness simultaneously And focusing on spiritual accomplishments And More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
September 10, 2019
How to Keep Your Word to Yourself & Let Go of Outcome
On this vulnerable solo episode, Lauren takes you through an array of creative check ins and emotions....With her big single release just around the corner, she is feeling all the emotions and wants to share her top takeaways with you.  From this show you'll learn:  How to keep your word and the promises you make yourself The importance of play  The need to set up morning rituals that reflect your creative goals  An easy way to set boundaries with your "job job"  Why focusing on outcome brings anxiety (and what to put your energy on instead) The difference between anxiety and a gut feeling The feeling you should get when you go into a creative partnership Why rejection has a lot less to do with you than the rejector  How to lovingly reject someone  Why it is a huge achievement just to create & share your project with the world  What would happen if you took the leap and allowed the Universe to support you! How to take time to envision your desires And More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
September 3, 2019
Jessica Lanyadoo on Truth, Rebellion & Asking For What You’re Worth
On Jessica: Jessica Lanyadoo is an internationally respected astrologer, Psychic Medium, Animal communicator, Author and Podcaster. She’s best known for her work on the Self-Service Podcast, being Girlboss’s resident astrologer, TLC’s Stargazing and as an astrology columnist for publications, such as The Hoodwitch, Martha Stewart's Body and Soul Magazine and Glamour Magazine. From this conversation, you’ll learn: How to redefine (not abolish) your relationship with fear To harness the rebel within Why it's so important to live for yourself How to get into astrology work The type of focus & commitment it takes to become an expert How to set your price The BEST way to build a business The difference between materialism and capitalism How to become more patient How to overcome negative beliefs attached to money What ancestral trauma is and how to begin the healing process through astrology How to develop emotional intelligence How to use your creative gifts to speak out against injustice Why it is important to be cheap and save when you're young to build the life you want down the road! Why you might have to compromise your short term happiness for long term happiness Why and when it's okay to do something for trade Why maybe the best way to "Manifest" is just to ask how you can best serve How to keep yourself from going down an instagram spiral of doom How to use astrology to enhance creativity And More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
August 27, 2019
Release Shame & Start Doing What You LOVE Today w/ Ian Maxion
On Ian Maxion:  Ian Maxion is a celebrity makeup artist and hair stylist, photographer, and advertising/branding expert. He’s best known for working with celebs and brands like Michael Costello, Jessica Lowndes, Sarah Jones, Bebe and many more!  From our Conversation, You’ll Learn: Why you need to release negative "FRIENDS"  What happens when you declare what you want  How to stop caring about other people’s opinions  How to Stop living a lie and go toward your truth How to release shame & familial boundaries How to creatively deal with death and loss How to use your creativity to honor those you lost A great hack to get your name in the ring to become whatever type of creative path you want  How to put yourself in the way of what you want How he made connections with celebrities How to start to step into Your light Just Say Yes!  The power of ASKING! How to use complimentary skillsets to achieve your creative goal Tips for working for "Big Personalities" when you're a big personality, yourself Why having the right friends is the key to your creative success How to Release Shame and Step into Your Light And More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
August 20, 2019
How to Turn Your Hobby into Income + Meet My BFF!
On today’s show Lauren has one of her best friends in the world on the show- his name is Jon Manganello. He’s an incredibly talented actor, writer, producer, director and cake baker/designer. Less than one year after creating his first cake, he turned a hobby into a legit money making side hustle.  Today we’re getting a little creative and switching things up a bit! Just for today,  we’re changing up the format from formal interview, to informal friendship chat! It’s a fun change of pace and you’ll love hearing this vulnerable, hilarious chat between two lifelong pals!  From the conversation, you’ll learn how to:  How to have a creative friendship Turn your hobby into income Keep yourself out of creative jail  Why it’s so important to know your worth and ask for what you want The power of not knowing how hard something really is  What a lack of attachment can do to bring you closer to your goal The Art of Being Bad at something  What creative stability is, and why it's a good thing to have And More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
August 13, 2019
What Do You Want to Do Before You Die? W/ Ben Nemtin
On Ben:  Ben Nemtin is a #1 New York Times Best Selling author, Public Speaker, producer and TV personality, best known for the hit MTV show, The Buried Life, his TedX Talk,  his book, What Do You Want To Do Before You Die and for being named one of Global Guru’s, Top 30 Organizational Culture Professionals in the world. From the conversation you’ll learn:  The key action steps to achieve any dream The BEST way to maintain creative control when working with a large company How creativity & mindfulness can help those dealing with depression The benefit of working with friends Why it’s important to both ask for and give help The power of the ripple effect Why being young, dumb and broke is actually a good thing!  And More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
August 6, 2019
Why Life Is Happening for You, Not to You w/ Keven Undergaro
On Keven:  Keven Undergaro is a career coach, New York Times Best Selling Author, Film & TV Producer, writer, podcast personality, and former Carny. Yes, you read that correctly. More later. He is best known for his work on MTV’s Singled Out, The Howard Stern Show, Sam Roberts’ Show, The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and Roxy Striar, AfterBuzz TV and managing his wife, Maria Menounos' career.  From This Chat You'll Learn:  Why life is happening for you, not to you The dreams you find on the way to your dreams  How to overcome lack of familial support Why you should continue an “unrealistic” path and/or career Why you should NOT suppress your feelings How to make peace with your 9 to 5 and let it feed your passion How to continue to pursue your creative goals when others are shaming them  Tips to acknowledge people and see their true talent How to gain that courage and reach out to possible mentors Why you should start working hard NOW! That your worth ethic and struggles are important for your future and career How to get back up after a creative heartbreak The different opinions on creativity from the late 70s to present day  Why you should never have a rigid mentality Why it's not all or nothing when it comes to creativity  Why your worst moments could become your greatest lessons And More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you heard, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso 
August 6, 2019
Tracing The Lines of Your Creative Lineage
On this episode, Lauren reveals what you can learn from tracing the lines of your creative lineage. She does this by sharing a short biography of her Grandmother, Elida Ribaudo, who recently passed, and what she learned about herself as a creative/human by delving into her Grandma's story. She also shares how you, the listener, can find out more about who you are, and what's possible for you, based on who and where you came from. This powerful, vulnerable and bitesized episode is is a must-listen, full of deep takeaway. 
July 30, 2019
How to Help The Underdog -- Lessons From My 3rd Grade Teacher
My guest today is a teacher, Jewelry maker, poet, writer, collage artist and the person, outside of my parents who has most profoundly changed my life. He is best known for the innumerable positive ripples his teaching has had throughout the years. His name is Mr. Rand Swansey. Up until the end of this year, he was a third grade teacher at my alma mater, Richard Elementary. I assure you, if I had never met him, you wouldn’t be listening to this podcast today. I came into his classroom after having two teachers who had decimated my self-esteem and instilled in a genuine belief in me, that I was not intelligent. He saved me with his faith in my then hurting creative soul. He saw my light and through his support, I was able to bring it out. He taught me I could work hard to be smart. And that it was safe to be my full self. These simple, profound truths have been the foundation for so much of my life and creative journey.  From our Conversation, you’ll learn:  How to spot and help the underdog Find your own voice How to release other’s negative opinions of you How to find the courage to pursue your soul’s work How to do self-therapy How to recover after a big loss How to stop giving f’s - in a good way  How to creatively approach teaching How to overcome lack of family support  On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
July 23, 2019
Why You Need a Trip Back Home
In this episode, you'll hear from host, Lauren LoGrasso as she explores the importance of taking a trip back home to heal, rejuvenate, be with the people who understand you and open yourself up to stories you might have forgotten. Learn why you, too, may need a trip back home! "If you feel blessed to be from where you're from, and you're displaced...and you're feeling overwhelmed and you're getting wrapped up in things that don't really matter, I highly recommend a trip back home to remind you that who you are is more important than what you do. And if home is painful for you, then seek out the people, places and things that remind you that you matter...and that you're a person to be believed in, loved and cherished." -Lauren LoGrasso, on going home ;) On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso 
July 9, 2019
Reinvent Your Dream & Get Creative with Cannabis w/ Whitney Beatty
On Whitney:  Whitney Beatty is an actor, director, producer, entrepreneur and leader in the Cannabis industry, who has been featured in Forbes, INC, Entrepreneur, The New York Times, The LA Times and most recently, on Trevor Noah’s podcast, which is called, “On Second Thought”. From this conversation you’ll learn: How to be a boss parent! Tips to produce your own content  How to pursue your dreams when others are holding you back  How to push through judgement and naysayers’ How to validate your own worth  Tips to accept challenges and believe in your vision  How to find joy and balance in your life Stand up and address community issues  How to overcome bias towards cannabis and embrace its healing properties and entrepreneurial opportunities  Tips to find creativity in all things that are presented to you How to pay homage to all your passions  Redirect your child self/dreams Ways to find opportunity within the “taboo” careers Statistics on African Americans within the cannabis industry Conversation on social equity and legalization  The history and reason for stigma around cannabis And More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso 
July 2, 2019
How To Rebuild Post-Breakup & Selling Sunset w/ Heather Young
On Heather:  Heather Young is a model, real estate agent, and reality star best known for her work in Playboy, Netflix’s new reality show, ‘Selling Sunset’, and one of LA’s top real estate agencies: The Oppenheim Group.  From this conversation you’ll learn: How to secure your creativity in an inflexible workplace How to remain true to yourself in demanding situations Why you should embrace the beauty that lives inside you! Why relationships are the key to business Tips and cures for a broken heart  How to beat the mind game of insecurity How to radiate inner confidence How to rebuild yourself after a downfall in a relationship Inside scoop on the Netflix show Selling Sunset How to tackle negative assumptions How to cherish your abilities and your potential  When it is time to “let go” and refocus your priorities The power of saying “no”  How to smoothly transition into veganism and an all natural lifestyle How to use kindness as your superpower How to overcome imposter syndrome And More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso 
June 25, 2019
Bust Self-Doubt & Ask For What You Want w/ Emily Sklar
On Emily: Emily Sklar is a Singer, Pure Barre instructor and Radio host best known for her work on iHeart Radio in DC and Detroit.  From our conversation You’ll Learn:  Why your day job can reveal your purpose How your Day Job Can Attract your purpose  Why it’s so important to ask for what you want Why you shouldn’t be ashamed to accept help  How to pursue your side passions  Tips for making it through your 20s  Why your creative project might just change another person’s life How to deal with self-doubt The truth about moving away from everyone and everything you know How to deal with questioning if you’re on the right path How to reignite your passion for what you do when you’re feeling tapped out How to know when you’ve done enough How to get out of a creative block How to let other’s doubts drive your success Why being present is actually the most creative thing you can do How to make happiness the root of everything you do And More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso 
June 18, 2019
Disarm Fear & Build Confidence with Kurt Yaeger
On Kurt Yaeger:  Kurt Yaeger is an actor, writer, producer, inclusion advocate and former professional X-Games Athlete, best known for his work on Sons of Anarchy, NCIS: New Orleans & Los Angeles, The Village and Shameless.  From this conversation you’ll learn:  Why self discovery is important for growth How to fight through difficult obstacles and overcome them How to be more than just your own “representative” How to use fear as your motivator How to apply previously learned skills towards new goals Why it's so important to get more people with disabilities both in front of and behind the camera Why frustration as a stimulus is acceptable Why taking a step back to focus on the smaller objectives is healthy and necessary How to create a calmer environment during anxious moments  How to maintain future goals while taking care of what is present and mandatory How to come back stronger than before after adversity Why confidence is (or should become) your best friend! Why you should evaluate your emotional and physical limit Tips to win that pitch from the beginning!  How to become your best advocate Tips to make yourself seem legit in ANY industry  The BEST Way to Disarm Fear  And More!  On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso 
June 11, 2019
How To Access The Power of ‘No” with Lindsay McCormick
On Lindsay:  Lindsay McCormick is a sports broadcaster, entrepreneur and philanthropist, known for her work on Showtime, NBC, CBS, ESPN, MTVU and even doing live events for the Superbowl!  From this conversation you'll learn:  Tips for breaking into sports broadcasting How to craft the perfect creative pitch How to access your creativity in the middle of a health struggle How you can learn to let the word ‘no’ empower you Why it’s better to apologize than to ask for permission.  How to become more of a visionary  The power of surrender  How to lessen the power of creative monsters  The power of releasing a burdensome secret Why one self-produced creative project can lead to a world of other creative opportunities And More!  On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
June 11, 2019
Invent Your Dream Job & Rock Instagram with Sara Wilson
On Sara Wilson:  Sara Wilson is a social media expert, writer and storyteller, best known for her work at Instagram, The Huffington Post and her business, SW Projects. She’s worked to develop digital content for brands such as Vogue, Bumble, WeWork, the New York Times, Bustle, Playboy, The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, Nora Ephron and more!  From our conversation you’ll learn:  Why Nora Ephron excelled as a leader Why certain dreams aren’t meant to come true If the job you want doesn’t exist, invent it! (how to invent your dream job) The power of mentorship  Why Women are so AMAZING at Reinventing themselves What makes a successful creative person & Brand Why people and brands are the same What it REALLY means to be a lifestyle brand Why interviewing for a job should be like dating How she brought fashion to Instagram Her best tips for Pitching an idea  Why it’s important to set aside time to get inspired How to find out who your audience is and what they REALLY want How you can use kindness as a superpower How to make sure your instagram posts get seen! And More! On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso 
June 4, 2019
Jerico Mandybur on Self-Care, Healing & Outgrowing a Dream
About Jerico:  Jerico Mandybur is an writer, podcaster, intuitive guide and a spiritual self-care coach, best known for her work at Girlboss, The Self Service Podcast and her new book, Neo Tarot.   From our conversation you’ll learn:  Why Jerico left Girlboss  Why Healing is a lifelong process What Tarot REALLY is and Why it’s NOT part of the Dark arts, but rather, a self-care tool  The True Meaning of Self-Care How to overcome false childhood programming  How to know when you’ve outgrown your dream  How to get more in touch, spiritally What a Chakra is and how to cleanse it  Why Weird is cool  How your greatest adversity could be the very reason you are creative  How to take the good out of a bad situation! And much More!  On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
May 28, 2019
Take Off Your Golden Handcuffs & Pursue Your Passion with Dulma Altan
On Dulma:  Dulma Altan is an entrepreneur, writer and creative, best known for founding the natural fragrance company Potion Naturals!  From this conversations you’ll learn: WHY Google is such an amazingly run company (and how we can all become a little bit more like them)  How to overcome cultural norms How to honor an idea’s natural development How to overcome perfectionism  How to let go of a great opportunity for an authentic one How to know when it’s time to START your project Tips for beginning entrepreneurs  Why doing genuinely good work is what will bring you more success than any funding, publicity or influencer ever could!  And much More!  On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
May 21, 2019
How to Ask For Help & Listen To Your Body with Farrah Aviva
On Farrah:  Farrah Aviva is an actor, director and photographer, best known for her acting work on UnReal, Lucifer, Supernatural and Bates Motel and for creating the viral photography project, BITE THE BULLET Stories.  From this conversations you’ll learn: The truth about merging the business and creative ends How to ask for help How to follow yes’s, BUT ALSO, how to know when those yes’s aren’t for you  The benefit of having multiple creative passions  The truth about funding your dream How to know when a Yes isn’t really for you Why your body and health can be an indication of your happiness  And more!  On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
May 14, 2019
How to Develop Your Intuition & Embrace Your Age with Mitra Rahbar
On Mitra:  Mitra Rahbar is a healer, intuitive, singer, author, humanitarian and spiritual teacher to stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Gisele Bundchen, Sheryl Crow and Courteney Cox. From this conversation you'll learn:  How to use creativity for connection  How to embrace & enhance your intuition How to own being a creative multi-hyphenate How to embrace the power that comes with age  How to get into a creative flow state Tips for remembering your roots through your art How we can redefine the word artist to be more inclusive  The best way to honor your roots  And more!  On The Unleash Your Inner Creative: If you like what you hear, remember to rate, review, subscribe and tell a friend! And, join our creative community by following @UnleashYourInnerCreative on Instagram & Facebook and @UrInnerCreative on Twitter! Follow host @LaurenLoGrasso
May 7, 2019
Hannah Berner on How To Reinvent Yourself, Learn Self-Love & Find Happiness
On Hannah:  Hannah Berner is a podcaster, comedian, producer and reality star, best known for work on her podcast Berning in Hell, Bravo’s Summer House and Betches!