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Unleash Your Inner Creative with Lauren LoGrasso

Unleash Your Inner Creative with Lauren LoGrasso

By Lauren LoGrasso Productions LLC
The goal of this show is to give you tools to take fear out of the driver’s seat & love yourself enough to go after whatever it is that is on your heart! I'm Lauren LoGrasso (a multi-passionate creative) & I believe repressed creativity causes much of the world's suffering, so I want to help you unleash! This pod lives at the intersection of creativity, spirituality, mental health & self-development. With the help of guests like Julia Cameron (The Artists' Way), Guy Raz (How I built This) & brain coach, Jim Kwik, you'll become expressed, claim your right to take up space & pursue your dream!
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Question Everything: Q’s to Spark Creative Ideas & Build Closeness w/ my Boyfriend, Timmy Blewitt
On this week's episode my boyfriend Timmy joins me to answer some deep, funny and heartfelt questions. We found these questions in my friend and fellow podcaster, Danielle Robay's Question Everything deck: which is a deck of 52 cards (featuring 52 different questions) designed to help people tap into the power of getting curious, which, as we know, is a key to creativity, empathy, compassion, self-love and basically all things that are good. On the episode, you'll hear us answer Questions Such As :  -What's the title of your memoir for THIS season of your life? -Do plants thrive or die in your care?  -What's the biggest sacrifice you've had to make on your path to achievement?  -How did you get your name? What's your nickname and who gave it to you?  -What would younger you not believe about your life today?  -What's your favorite scent -What's the best and worst you've ever gotten and why?  -What's a quote, lyric or poem you hold onto tightly?  -How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?  -What's the weirdest thing you've ever done in a car? (MY STORY IS HORRIFYING lol) -And MORE! ...Answer along with us, jot some of the questions down to ask your partner, friends, family, etc. and start building your curiosity about yourself and the world around you! It's one of the best ways to spark creativity!  Remember to Rate, Review and Follow Unleash on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your pods! Follow the show on Instagram: @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Find out what I am up to and more:
August 17, 2022
Why DO You Want What You Want + Is There a Healthier Way?
Over the past year I have been thinking a LOT about why I want what I want when it comes to my creative career. In this episode I break down some of the less-healthy parts of my why--the possible origin(s) to my why...This episode is a bit like a solo therapy session where I try to dismantle unhealthy beliefs. My hope is that in listening to me do it, you can start to unravel your own untrue or unhealthy beliefs that are keeping you from being your most authentic/joyful self and from doing work that lights you up. Here we go!  A few takeaways:  How to pinpoint the origin of your unhealthy beliefs How to start to untangle and rewire those limiting beliefs  Why if you can figure out your authentic Why- the How matters not  Why disappointment is not the same thing as failure Why the people in your life are the ultimate litmus test of success  Why the answers are always inside of us- not outside  Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
August 10, 2022
Turn Your Curiosity into a Business, Save the Earth + Tips for 20-Somethings w/ BITE’s Lindsay McCormick
On The Guest: Today’s guest is Lindsay McCormick, founder and CEO of “Bite” a brand whose goal is to help make a cleaner planet by eliminating the use of plastic in personal care products. Lindsay has been featured in Business Insider, Fast Company,, CNBC and Bloomberg to name a few. She even turned Mark Cuban Down for an investment on Shark Tank because she’s that much of a badass. She has a lot to teach us all about how to trust your gut and heart even when it’s not logical to onlookers. It always pays off in the end. BITE makes everything ranging from toothpaste to deodorants and the products are Cruelty Free, Vegan, Carbon Neutral and as someone who has used them, I can honestly say, they’re awesome! From this Episode, You'll Learn:  The benefits for a twisty path Tips for 20-somethings  How to follow your curiosity  How to build and grow and audience or customer base  How to quit the right way  Why sometimes you need to take a step backward to take a step forward  The merit of slow, sustainable growth  How to make friends with your anxiety  Leadership Tips  Why right now is the most important time for world-changing ideas And A LOT more!  Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
August 03, 2022
Approach Art Like an Entrepreneur & Activist w/ Obama-Endorsed Climate Artist, Nicole Kelner
Today’s guest is somebody whose goal is to inspire climate action with, get this, watercolors. Her name is Nicole Kelner. And in just about a year of pursuing climate art, that’s art, that teaches about climate change, she has gained a huge following, makes her whole living from art, has been recognized by publications such as The Verge, Canary Media and YES Magazine and has even caught the eye of President Barack Obama who now follows her work on Twitter. From today's chat, you'll learn:  -How to make a living from your passion -How to transition your career  -Why all your previous experiences could lend themselves to your dream job -How to combine creativity and activism -Think like an entrepreneur even when you're pursuing a traditionally creative career -How to make and sell prints, merch and build an online store - Easy and approachable tips to increase sustainability  AND MORE! Vote for Unleash for the People's Choice Podcast Awards HERE -In the ARTS category!  Follow Nicole: @MindfulNicole Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
July 27, 2022
Unleash Away Message in Italy - REMINDER: Rest is Part of the Creative Process
Hello Babes! This is the final week of the show's hiatus, as I travel back from Rome, I am also here to encourage you to not be afraid to take a break and slow down and disappear from the world for a while to get back to yourself. It is a vital part of the creative process and also, of being a human. Be sure to check out old episodes and thank you for coming with me on this journey! We'll be back next week with a full-length episode. 
July 20, 2022
Unleash Away Message in Sicily- Don't Be Afraid to Get Still and Slow Down!
Hello Babes! Today the show is on a hiatus, as I swim through the sea in my ancestral land of Sicily, but I as I take my time off, I am also here to encourage you to not be afraid to take a break and slow down. It is a vital part of the creative process. Be sure to check out old episodes and thank you for coming with me on this journey! 
July 13, 2022
Forget the Rules & Play + Why The Journey IS The Destination - w/ Hit Indie Artist, Susan Cattaneo (Pt 2/2)
Hi Babes! Here's Part 2/2 with hit indie artist and Berklee School of Music teacher, Susan Cattaneo! Thanks for your patience!! From today's conversation, you'll learn:  -Why Susan has had her greatest success post-child & why you might, too! -How a near-death experience can completely alter you creatively -How to forget the rules and play -Why over-practing can be a foe -How to dedicate yourself to joy -The power of stripping all the technique, frills and pageantry away and telling hard truths -Lessons from your younger self -The importance of asking for signs -How to start a new career in your 30s More on Susan below :) Susan Cattaneo is an award winning singer/songwriter, teacher at the prestigious Berklee School of Music and all around phenomenal human.  Her last album The Hammer and The Heart charted #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and yielded a #1 song on folk radio and a top 10 album of 2017. Her latest album, All Is Quiet, cracked open my heart in the most beautiful way, and you’ll hear that on the interview today. It’s a must-listen. Remember to Rate, Review and Follow Unleash on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your pods! Follow the show on Instagram: @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
July 07, 2022
The Pain Between Mothers & Daughters, Inner Child Work + Ageless Creativity w/ Songstress, Susan Cattaneo
On the Guest: Susan Cattaneo is an award winning singer/songwriter, teacher at the prestigious Berklee School of Music and all around phenomenal human.  Her last album The Hammer and The Heart charted #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and yielded a #1 song on folk radio and a top 10 album of 2017. Her latest album, All Is Quiet, cracked open my heart in the most beautiful way, and you’ll hear that on the interview today. It’s a must-listen.  From our conversation you’ll learn about ageism in the music industry and why it’s worth fighting, how to start healing generational pain passed from Mothers to Daughters, the importance of stillness, rest and quiet for the creative process, a writing exercise to help get you unblocked and how your inner child can inspire your next creative project. Remember to Rate, Review and Follow Unleash on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your pods! Follow the show on Instagram: @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
June 29, 2022
Speak it into Existence: Manifesting, Spirit Guides & Confident Vulnerably w/ My BF, Timmy Blewitt
On today’s episode my boyfriend, Timmy and I talk all about our recent experiences speaking a goal or a dream into existence. Timmy had something manifest quickly and I had something that just happened that was a slow burn over many years. From these experiences, we’ve learned a lot and are eager to share. From this episode you’ll learn The difference between a quick and slow burn manifestation  How to access courageous vulnerability The importance of specificity Why sometimes you need someone else in to help nudge you in the right direction of your dream The importance of removing desperation when you ask for things How to your spirit guides can assist in manifesting (inspired by Spirit Sis aka Steffi Hill) Why you literally must speak something out loud How you can start to test this out in a small way, so it’s not overwhelming And More! Remember to Rate, Review and Follow Unleash on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your pods! Follow the show on Instagram: @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Find out what I am up to and more:
June 22, 2022
Break The Trauma Cycle, Reclaim Your Pleasure & Bend Reality w/ TedX Speaker, Yemi Penn
On The Guest: Yemi Penn is a British-born Nigerian author, Engineer, TEDx speaker, and entrepreneur whose mission is to help others overcome and transform their traumas. As a true multi-passionate creative, she has managed to dip her toes into many industries. Most recently she released a short documentary titled “Did I Choose My Trauma?” that follows her experience from childhood abuse to actively healing adulthood. From this conversation you’ll learn: Healthy ways to tap into your trauma The reason matriarchal wounds run so deep The wisdom of our bodies (and the pain they hold) How to break cycle of generational trauma Traditional Eastern modalities of healing trauma How to move through transferred trauma How to get specific about what part of you needs healing The role of curiosity in empathy, tolerance, and purpose The concept of bending reality The equation for manifestation Why you might not trust your intuition How to start reclaiming your pleasure How sexuality unlocks creativity The problem with collecting and hoarding accomplishments How to recognize your “alibis” How to find your WHY The journey to a healthy mind And so much more! Check out “Did I Choose My Trauma?” Documentary Buy her book Did You Get The Memo?: Because I F**king Didn't Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
June 15, 2022
What I Learned From Slowing Down Pt. 2: I Feel Bad About Tiktok, Fear-Based Decisions + Ego Death
I am back with the second half of the lessons I learned from taking my break and also just some revelations I've had from the past few weeks of being alive/pursuing a creative path.  It turns out a I learned a lot from this time and wanted to share my findings with you. Check out this episode to learn:      -How to never make a fear-based decision again [at 2 mins]      -Why it's not the work you don't like, it's just the way you're doing it-and how to change [at 6 mins]      -The importance of taking the long way around [at 10 mins]      -The power of a good creative partnership [at 13 mins]     -Why there might be a reason that you're dragging your feet [at 16 mins]     -A big lesson I learned from a tip jar about life [at 20 mins]    -Why People only appreciate what they pay for  [at 23 mins]    -Why none of us should feel badly about tiktok (even though I kind of do)  [at 28 mins]    -The power of Ego Death [at 28 mins]    -The are consequences of building too big too fast and how to find beauty in the grind [at 30 mins]    -How to give yourself optimal places to create [at 33 mins]    -And MORE! [at the whole time mins] This episode is dedicated to my dear Uncle, Anthony Ribaudo aka Uncle Tony. He passed away last week and we celebrate his life this weekend. To learn more about him, check out his obituary at this link: -My Dad and I wrote it together and it is very special to me. Love you, Uncle T. Thank you for teaching me how to live passionately and generously.  Follow me @laurenlograsso, the show @unleashyourinnercreative and leave us a rating on Spotify and a rating and review on Apple!
June 10, 2022
What I Learned from Slowing Down & Taking a Break (Pt. 1)
I am officially back after my May *sort of* hiatus. It turns out a I learned a lot from this time and wanted to share my findings with you.  Check out this episode for great tips on: Why when you take a break you should take it all the way Lessons on how to build community Getting rid of stories about yourself/your life that don't serve you  Why making space may create an increased emphasis on your health Why taking a BIG trip might be the ultimate dream to tackle  How to come home to yourself  And MORE! Get tickets to my 06/01 show here: Follow me @laurenlograsso, the show @unleashyourinnercreative and leave us a rating on Spotify and a rating and review on Apple! 
June 01, 2022
Don’t Go Numb in the Face of Tragedy-DEMAND GUN REFORM NOW!
On Tuesday, 05/24/2022 another school shooting happened in Texas, killing at least 19 children and two adults. We cannot let this become normal. Do not go numb. Feel the pain and let it incite you to do something. You can start by texting the number below. Harden not your hearts. We can make a change and make it so that innocent children and people stop getting killed.  Join the millions of Americans demanding our lawmakers stand up to the gun lobby so our children don’t have to stand up to gunmen. Text ACT to 644-33.
May 25, 2022
Therapy vs. Medication + How to Build Resilience & Believe in Yourself w/ Psychiatrist, Dr. Domenick Sportelli (BEST OF UNLEASH)
Hi creative cuties- this one really inspired me- Dr. Dom got rejected from over 100 medical schools and had to apply three years in a row before finally getting into ONE and graduating with honors. That's just a small part of what makes this episode great- there's also tons of mental health and self-development tips! Before we get to the best of show, I share some BRAND NEW CONTENT at the top of this episode about what I've been up to in the past week and the creative rejuvenation tool that I have been using for the past week that has helped me finally break free from some of the fog/depression I was in. Maybe it can help you, too! Talk soon :)  OH! Also, I have a show in LA coming up on Wed, 06/01 at 8pm at Urban Press Winery in Burbank, CA. Link to get tickets here: Original Show Description: Our first episode for Mental Health Awareness Month! Dr. Domenick Sportelli is a board certified adult and child psychiatrist and well-known media expert in behavioral health. Aside from having his own medical practice & making tv appearances on shows like “The Doctors” on CBS, he hosts his own amazing podcast, called “Psych Unfiltered” which you should totally check out. And if that wasn’t enough, Dr. Dom is also an actor, producer, and brilliant musician. From this conversation you’ll learn: How to embrace the multi-hyphenate in you and let go of the labels The role culture plays in mental health The importance of resilience & perseverance in achieving your dreams How your pain points can evolve into a passion How to know if you’ve found your calling Why psychiatric meds are a tool, NOT a solution Why your age shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love What we can learn from the terminally ill How to believe in yourself when you’re surrounded by non-believers Why the grades don’t make the student Creative solutions for landing your dream job Art & the mystical experience The link between creativity & mental health Where to start if you’re struggling with your mental health The importance of talk therapy How to deal with irrational fear & why fear is useful How to find a therapist How to differentiate between psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and therapists Tried & true therapy methods that WORK Why you don’t have to be on medication forever And so much more! -- Get my new song, "Therapy" here: Follow the show @unleashYourInnerCreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Remember to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts, Follow on Spotify & tell a friend about the show! Love you!!
May 18, 2022
Manage Anxiety & Overthinking + Banish Poisonous Phrases w/ Meredith Arthur! (The BEST OF Unleash)
Hi my dear creative cutie! Today's best of episode is another amazing one. Honestly, one of my favorite conversations EVER! I think it has some of the most tangible takeaway of any show or any topic I've ever done on the pod. If you struggle with your mental health - especially anxiety, overthinking and depression, this episode and the tools Meredith offers, will be so very helpful to you. I also loved listening to it because it is a snapshot of the show at a very specific time. It was July 2020- the height of the pandemic and I think I was so far from being burnt out at the time-- I hear all this energy and polish in my voice. It makes me excited for the me I might meet again after this rest and revaluation. I hope you're doing well in this time. Enjoy this episode- even if you've already heard it, it's worth the re-listen...There was so much that I even forgot! Original title and description below. OH! Also, I have a show in LA coming up on Wed, 06/01 at 8pm at Urban Press Winery in Burbank, CA. Link to get tickets here: Original Show Description: Meredith Arthur is a mental health pioneer, author, Emmy-Nominated creative producer, and a content leader at Pinterest. She’s best known for being a founding member of the food site: Chowhound, creating the mental health wellness site/community, Beautiful Voyager, writing for Medium and for her debut book, Get Out of My Head: Inspiration for Overthinkers in an Anxious World. I wanted to have Meredith on the show because she has so many actionable tools to help you get out of your own way. So many creatives are overthinkers...Including myself...If we get stuck in our heads, it really can keep us from meaningful opportunities to express ourselves, so I am excited to share her insight to help you stop the anxiety feedback loop! From our conversation, you’ll also learn: What anxiety REALLY is and some great ways to manage it The benefits of anxiety medication How to find your ‘audience’ Methods to shut up the inner critic The best way to let go of the illusion of control Tips to eliminate bad mental habits A brilliant tool to get someone to see you as more than just one type of creative And tons more! Get Meredith's Book HERE! Listen to "Like a Bomb" Here: Follow me: @laurenlograsso & @UnleashYourInnerCreative
May 11, 2022
Inside My Mental Health Journey + An Update on My Break - The BEST of Unleash!
On this "Best of Episode" I re-air the episode where I detail every step of my mental health journey and how you can do the same for yours. BUT before I get to that, some exciting announcements about an award the show won, as well as an update on what has been happening since I took my break, plus insight on why I chose to re-share this episode with you. Original show description below!  But first, here's the link to get tickets to my show tonight (05/04) it's at 8pm at Urban Press Winery in Burbank. Tickets here:  On this episode of the pod, you guessed it: I, your host (Lauren LoGrasso) will be sharing my full mental health journey- from my family history, to childhood, to  how I got to where I am today--in a good place with and most importantly: aware that my mental health is something that needs to be tended to. My hope is that in hearing my story you’ll: 1) Be able to trace the lines of your own mental health journey and gain some new insight about yourself 2) You’ll go onto share your story with someone else so that we can all become part of the destigmatization of mental health and 3) To really share all of who I am - what I am finding is that we cannot fully appreciate the good and the light without acknowledging and owning the dark, too - you must feel it to heal it.  Please note: we (My associate producer Emily (who acts as a guide for this episode) and I) talk about some sensitive topics including anxiety and depression, body image and eating disorders and also physical abuse/violence. If any of those topics are tough for you, please keep that in mind before listening. Love you and thank you for holding space for me today as I talk through this vulnerable subject!
May 04, 2022
My BIG Break!
Learn all about my big break and how it's happening.  Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso -Leave the show a rating/review on Apple -Leave a rating on Spotify!
April 27, 2022
Human Design: Discover Yours & Learn To Live Authentically w/ DayLuna aka Shayna Cornelius & Dana Stiles
On The Guest: Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles, Human Design specialists and co-creators of DayLuna, are here on a mission to empower the collective towards self-love, personal freedom, and radical authenticity. Their wildly successful DayLuna Human Design Podcast has generated over 850k downloads worldwide. From this conversation you’ll learn: How to navigate your life in alignment with your purpose The danger of comparing yourself to your colleagues The basics of human design The blueprint of your energy Why self-awareness is freeing Strategy vs authority The 5 different energy types Energy differences in couples and how to navigate them The ideal work hours for your energy Ideal careers for different energy types What you’re designed to feel when you are in alignment The importance of focus and rest for Projectors How to use your specific creative energy The danger in confusing the love of recognition for the love of the work The collective “crumbling” and “rising” And so much more! Check out Dayluna Human Design Podcast Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
April 20, 2022
What Do YOU Value + Balancing Out Extreme Thinking & Emotions w/ Dr. DeMartini
On The Guest: Dr. John Demartini is a researcher, best selling author, international educator, and public speaker on the topic of human behavior. He founded the Demartini Institute and has trademarked certain methodologies in human development, the primary two being the Demartini Method and the Demartini Value Determination Process. He’s authored 9 internationally best-selling books, including The Breakthrough Experience, Inspired Destiny, Riches Within, and Stress to Success. From this conversation you’ll learn: How daily affirmations can shift your perspective of yourself A new definition of “genius” How to tackle shame talk The opportunities in a crisis The benefits of looking at the benefits How to become more resilient by letting go of the past The importance of having command over your perceptions The doors that trauma can open How to balance extreme positive and negative thinking The true definition of baggage Visual inspiration and how to get it Intuitive listening for homeostasis How to govern yourself from within Reflective vs Deflective Awareness Owning your hero and your villain How to know when your injecting other people’s values into yourself Signs that you’re not living authentically Questions you can ask yourself to learn your personal hierarchy of values And so much more! Check out Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
April 13, 2022
From Walking Dogs to Vogue’s Best Dressed At The SAG Awards- Let’s Talk Making It w/ Michelle Meredith
On The Guest: Michelle Meredith is an actress most known for her recurring co-star role on the Apple TV+ series, The Morning Show. She’s also appeared on shows such as I’m Dying Up Here and Black-ish. From this conversation you’ll learn: Giving credit to yourself where credit is due The importance of having creative outlets outside of your career The skill of receiving compliments Accepting what AND how the universe gives you what you want How to navigate giving and receiving help from others Surprising types of codependency Tips for new actors The role of guilt and luck in success How to appreciate the rate at which your career takes off How to be an “early-investor” in your friends’ dreams The importance of building a community of support Behind the scenes for an actor on set How to find the joy in smaller parts Tools for dealing with creative disappointment Simple ways to get out of a mental spiral The importance of being open and vulnerable about mental health And so much more! Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
April 06, 2022
Do LESS: The Benefit & Science of Subtraction + Creative Problem Solving w/ Dr. Leidy Klotz
On The Guest: From professional soccer player to scientist, Leidy Klotz is a multi-passionate creative, engineer, professor, and author. His research has appeared in major publications including Nature and Science, and he has written for popular outlets including The Washington Post, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and The Behavioral Scientist. Perhaps most notably, he’s written a fascinating book called Subtract: The Untapped Science of Less that touches on an essential tool for the creative process. From this conversation you’ll learn: The tool of subtraction in problem solving Why our first instinct is to add The biological force of displaying competence The effect of bias and neutrality in subtracting from your own work Why simplifying gives you more space for creativity How to find the courage it takes to subtract Why you should add “stop-doings” to your To Do Lists The importance and balance of reminders and rules The conceptual distinction between subtracting and “not adding” Creative parenting and changing behavior with subtraction How multi-tasking is detrimental to seeing subtraction opportunities Why subtraction is so necessary for the creative process When to break the rules Tools for consistency Proof that people value time over money And so much more! Purchase Subtract: The Untapped Science of Less Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
March 30, 2022
Inside an Identity Crisis...What DO I Want? A Diary Entry.
Today's episode is basically a diary entry....I am asking myself all the deep existential questions. Like what is life? What is Success? What is Creativity? Do I want the path I've Chosen? If no one hears or sees your work, did it even happen? AND WHY DON'T I KNOW ANYTHING AT ALL? Light stuff. But don't worry, there definitely are some comedic moments amongst the deep honesty and hard questions. You'll also hear a guest appearance from my boyfriend, Timmy, who helps walk me/walk with me through some of this, because it's a little heavy to tackle this deep confusion alone. In the end, there are some good takeaways about how to make sense of your life and creative exploits when everything seems to be confusing and/or up-in-the-air or if you're just having a straight up identity crisis. If you're going through it or even wanting to make a change and get honest with yourself, this is for you. ENJOY!!!  Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Download my new single:
March 23, 2022
Creative Rest, Recovery, & Inventory w/Social Media Comedian, Caroline Stokes
On The Guest: Caroline Stokes is a comedian, dancer, visual artist, musician and self-expression expert who has been lighting up the internet with over 100k followers on TikTok and over 20k followers on Instagram. She’s now entering the YouTube space to bring her audience a whole new side to her comedy. From this conversation you’ll learn: How to handle burnout when it hits The challenges and cost of internet success Why losing followers can be a great thing for your brand The importance of narrowing down what part of your creative journey bring you joy How to take creative inventory Why we need to start talking about the “messy middle” The concept of “living the questions” Why asking questions isn’t the same as trying to answer them How to know when to let go of your creative venture and when to re-invent it How to engage the power of YOU and have an intimate experience with your audience The value and necessity of taking a break How to distinguish when the pressures in your life are self-made The importance of networking and mentorship for creatives How to approach trends authentically And so much more! Follow Caroline on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Download my new single:
March 16, 2022
Spark Creative Thinking w/ Cannabis + Marketing Tips & Horrible Poems w/ Former Myspace CMO, Shawn Gold
On The Guest: Shawn Gold is a marketing expert, Cannabis enthusiast and creative thinker. He has an incredible resume, including his role as the former Chief Marketing Officer for MySpace where he oversaw its growth from 25 to 110 million users worldwide. He then became the CMO of Lowell Herb Co., one of the fastest growing cannabis companies in North America. With this experience in the cannabis industry, along with advising companies like MedMen and Charlotte’s Web, Shawn founded his own company called Pilgrim Soul - an emerging lifestyle/cannabis brand focused on optimizing human creative performance both in business and everyday life. Its flagship product, The Creative Thinking Journal, is built on the belief that cannabis helps us tap into our innate creativity. From this conversation you’ll learn: Why is empathy is the secret to success in marketing How data has changed the marketing industry Cannabis and creativity Why creativity is the most important skill in an increasingly high tech future How to have fun with rejection The idea of supporting artists and art in creative digital ways Why faking it till you make it actually works The benefits of not knowing what you’re doing The 5 killers of creativity The difference between sober self-talk and self-talk on cannabis Ways to challenge default-thinking Obstacles in the cannabis industry How some of the world’s most famous writers have enhanced their creativity How drugs have been mischaracterized The difference between creativity and creative-thinking The importance of avoiding group-think Different ideation techniques The importance of the incubation period in ideation How to battle negative self-talk The type of people who will challenge your ideas in the best way And so much more! Pilgrim Soul Online Shop Follow Shawn @shawngold Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Download my new single:
March 09, 2022
Leaving Mormonism: Finding Spirituality & Yourself After Intense Religion w/ Coach, Sadie Blasucci
On The Guest: Sadie Blasucci is a former Mormon and Faith Transition Coach that helps people acclimate after leaving the church. She’s also the co-host of Missionary Podcast and co-author of a Faith Crisis Guided Journal titled My Authentic Faith. Her focus is to teach people to find faith, trust, and happiness within themselves. From this conversation you’ll learn: The origin of Mormonism Mormon lifestyles and values The process of unlearning childhood traumas The importance of finding your own path How to find happiness outside of your spiritual community and take responsibility for it How habit swapping can help in transitional phases Mormon beliefs of the afterlife The purpose of secrecy in Mormonism A deep dive into identity and religion How to tackle existential dread The difference between organized religion and finding your own spirituality Spiritual experiences through drug assisted therapy Spiritual grieving The idea of worthiness in Mormonism The importance of acknowledging your shadow self Tools for faith transitioning How to build self-trust on a daily basis And so much more! Faith Transition Coaching Services Faith Crisis Guided Journal My Authentic Faith Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Download my new single:
March 02, 2022
Make Your Wild Idea a Reality, Live Your Renaissance, & Embrace Boredom w/ Michael Jade
On The Guest: Michael Jade is a singer, songwriter, and producer, signed with Warner/Chappell. He’s written songs for huge artists including Ava Max, David Guetta, G-Eazy, Little Big Town, Andy Grammer, Bea Miller, and so many more! More recently, Mike has become an author and entrepreneur outside of the music space. His new company, Renaissance Club, is a subscription service that surprises users with unique, expansive experiences in Los Angeles every month to help them reclaim their curiosity. From this conversation you’ll learn: Why you’re limiting yourself when you’re labeling yourself How regular meditation can soften how you think of yourself The importance of becoming friends with uncertainty The company that will reinvigorate your curiosity How to see the world through the eyes of a creator How categorizing your journal entries can organize your ideas The importance of treating burn-out post-covid The question every aspiring entrepreneur should ask themselves The benefits to ignoring the big picture How to see the minutia in a new light The vulnerability you face when starting a company How to think about building your visual brand Why it’s better to trust what YOU like The importance of retaining your spiritual practice How practicing boredom can unleash your creativity The best advice for starting a new venture And so much more! Support Renaissance Club Follow Renaissance Club on Instagram Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Download my new single:
February 23, 2022
Your Love Q's Answered: Are They "The One," When to Have Sex & Breaking Dating Rules w/ My Boyfriend, Timmy
On today's episode, my Boyfriend, Timothy Blewitt (AKA Timmy) is back on the pod with me to answer all the questions you sent in about dating and relationships. We get into it all! This is a helpful episode for those who are totally single, dating or in a longterm relationship. Lots of  We hit topics such as:  How to tell if someone is into you Whether a guy should take charge and set plans for the first date  How you can tell if someone is "the one"  What sort of communication is okay post-date (and how to set communication standards)  Whether RULES even exist or Matter When the best time to sleep together is and whether it changes things early on  How the relationship has changed us both for the better  What we're looking forward to the most in our relationship  Our favorite moment together to date  And MORE!  Follow The Pod: Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Download my new single:
February 14, 2022
Manifest True Love & Build a Divine Relationship w/ my Boyfriend, Timothy Blewitt
This week, in honor of Valentine's Day, we are celebrating love! I introduce you to my new boyfriend, Timmy, share our love story, tips on how you can build self love, and talk about how you can manifest healthy romantic relationships in 2022. So excited to let you in on this very personal and vulnerable part of my journey... Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Download my new single:
February 09, 2022
Tips For Crowdfunding & Pitching + Fighting Inequality In Entrepreneurship w/ Olivia Owens
On The Guest: Olivia Owens is the Creator & General Manager of IFundWomen of Color and a recent addition to Forbes 30 Under 30 List. IFundWomen of Color is a platform for women of color to raise capital through crowdfunding, grants, coaching, and the connections needed to launch and grow successful businesses. Thanks to her platform, women of color are now represented by 51% of the funds being raised. From this conversation you’ll learn: The importance of filtering your opportunities and goals through your purpose Why asking for help is mutually beneficial The boomerang quality of life-lessons How to support female entrepreneurs The foundation of a successful crowd-funding campaign Tips for best-practices when crowd-funding The safest way to test your business idea The importance of defining what success specifically looks like for your business Why you should figure out which funding resource is right for your goals The validation in acknowledging how the system works against you How to encourage visibility and community among women of color Financial and non-financial ways to support your friends’ pursuits Avoiding perfectionist fantasies The problem with focusing on the destination Mental health tips for entrepreneurs Hot tips for pitching your idea to investors How to get comfortable with “making the ask” Why you should map your network Identity shifts in your 20s and how to navigate them And so much more! Check out Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Download my new single:
February 02, 2022
Turn Your Hobby into a Career, Double-Down On Your Passion, & Find Your Worth As A Creative w/ Shelley Brander
On The Guest: Shelley Brander is, in short, the queen of a knitting empire. What started as a hobby turned into Loops, a local yarn shop, then a booming e-commerce business, and eventually a worldwide knitting summit and brand. Alongside her love of knitting is the love of spreading the idea that anyone can make a living doing what they love. She spreads that message as a TEDx speaker and bestselling author of her book, Move The Needle. From this conversation you’ll learn: The difference between saying you can’t and you WON’T How to tackle the stigma of changing your career The importance of creative compromises with your partner Why there is no right time to take a huge leap - just what’s right for you How to give yourself grace instead of regret The importance of slowing down to celebrate the small wins The importance of facing your ego and accepting moments of failure as an entrepreneur When it’s time to reinvent and double down on your idea Why you have to follow your gut at a creative crossroads Blue Ocean Theory The benefits of chasing your dreams AFTER having children How being a mother can empower you in other areas of your life The basics of online marketing How to tackle the seasonality of your product/service How to connect and help communities through Craftivism The issue of guilt around asking for the pay that creatives deserve The importance of mentorship in your dream industry And so much more! Purchase Shelley’s book, Move The Needle HERE Check out Shelley's site/company: and   Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Download my new single:
January 26, 2022
How To Shift Your Mindset, Rid Yourself Of Judgment, & Build A Relationship With Your Body And Your SELF w/ Dr. Dain Heer
On The Guest: Dr. Dain Heer is an internationally renowned author, speaker, YouTuber, and the co-creator of Access Consciousness - a company that teaches tools and techniques to empower you to change your mindset. Originally a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dain now hosts a radio show called “Conversations in Consciousness on Voice of America.” He’s also made worldwide TV appearances and authored more than 15 books on the topics of embodiment, healing, money, and relationships. His book “Being You, Changing The World” is now an international bestseller. From this conversation you’ll learn: Why you should stop saying you’re tired! Why your point of view IS your reality How to take control of your life and change your mindset How to identify what feels light and heavy for you The definition of consciousness What Access Consciousness does Weird words that could change your life What are clearing statements and how can they help you move past judgment How to create movement and curiosity in your point of view Practical tools for psychosomatic pain How energy manifests physically and how to get to the source of the energy The language of energy What it means to build a relationship with your body What it means to be yourself And so much more! Subscribe to Dain’s Youtube Channel Check out Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Download my new single:
January 19, 2022
Why Success Loves Failure, How To Make It On TikTok, & The Art Of Networking w/ Dulma Altan aka @iamDulma
On The Guest: Dulma Altan is an entrepreneur, writer, and creative, best known for founding the company Makelanea, a one-stop shop for online courses and community built for women to start the e-commerce brands of their dreams. Dulma was also featured in Time Magazine for starting the business baby shower movement: Startup Stork. From this conversation you’ll learn: The importance of understanding how to scale your business Why talking to others in the industry can help you get a realistic looks at your costs and profit margin Tools for networking and making real connections The art of cold messaging people The right and wrong way to find a mentor How to build a community and create value before monetizing The realities of creative heartbreak How to release your identity from a failed venture The importance of knowing your own appetite for risk Startup Stork & how you can support your friend’s dreams with business showers The benefits of trusting your intuition Why leaving your comfort zone can help your creative output How to deal with social media trolls and the psychology behind why they do it How to find success with content creation and TikTok Why successful people fail the most The importance of finding a niche for long-term follower retainment Think substance, not virality And so much more! Follow Dulma on TikTok @iamdulma Check out Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Download my new single:
January 12, 2022
Julia Cameron on The Spiritual/Creative Connection, Redefining God & Seeking Wisdom Through Prayer
On The Guest: Julia is an artist, poet, playwright, novelist, filmmaker, journalist, music composer and teacher! She’s best known for her revolutionary book on creativity: The Artists’s Way. The Artists’s Way has sold over 5 million copies, has been translated into 40 different languages and gave her the title “The Queen of Change'' for starting a movement that brought creativity into mainstream conversation. Since The Artists’s Way, she has gone on to write over 40 books, both fiction and non-fiction, in addition to music and musicals. Her brand new book: Seeking Wisdom, A Spiritual Path To Creative Connection is out now! From this conversation you’ll learn: The importance of re-defining a higher power for YOURSELF How to find answers and guidance through prayers The link between spirituality and creativity Why talking to the universe is a two way street Why we should ask for guidance and understanding instead of asking for what we think we want How to deal with disappointment and align your wants with your purpose Why accepting your feelings is the process of changing them Prayers of Petition AKA “Santa Claus Prayers” and why they don’t work Ways to communicate with the universe The power in how we respond to vulnerability How to release sadness through gratitude How to be candid with the universe and why it’s ok to be angry The questions we should be asking God Tools for getting in touch with your spirituality Julia Cameron’s personal favorite tools and tips And so much more! Pre-Order/Purchase: Seeking Wisdom: A Spiritual Path To Creative Connection Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Download my new single:
January 05, 2022
My Parents Unleashed: The Christmas Spectacular!
This year on the annual Christmas Spectacular, I wrangle my two favorite humans to talk all things Christmas. Jo Ann and Mike LoGrasso answer holiday themed questions, discuss fair pay for reindeer, re-write the plot to Home Alone 2, and explore how to battle our inner-Grinch when he comes out. It’s all laughs and oodles of Christmas spirit - so sit back, chug (yes, chug) your eggnog, and enjoy!
December 23, 2021
Turn Disappointment into Excitement, Build Vulnerability & Use Your Voice w/ Emm Gryner
Are you wrestling with some disappointment in your creative journey? Wondering how to get honest about it without getting defeated? Do you wonder what your deep, true voice really even sounds like? Today’s guest has some amazing tips about how to recover from creative heartbreak, shift your perspective from disappointment to excitement and find your truest voice and self. Emm Gryner is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, voice teacher, author, speaker and creative coach. She is best known for touring with David Bowie, her successful career as an indie artist, writing her recent book, The Healing Power of Singing and for inspiring artists with her writing such as Jann Arden, Sara of Tegan and Sara and more. On today’s show we talk about a whole slew of important topics ranging from the importance of vulnerability and how to get more vulnerable, to how to put a different spin on disappointment to tips for multi-passionate creatives. We also go deep into how you can begin to recover from both present creative heartbreak and past heartbreak, that you maybe haven’t worked through yet. And most importantly: she gives tips on how to literally and figuratively find your authentic voice: your singing voice, your speaking voice and maybe, even, the voice of your soul! Follow the show: @UnleashYourInnerCreative  Download My new single, "Pretty Little Boy" Here: FFM.TO/PrettyLittleBoy Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
December 15, 2021
Just Say No to Getting Weighed At The Doctor’s!
Have you ever wanted to just say NO to something bothered or tormented you for over half your life? If you want to find the personal power to say no and set a hard and important boundary- then you’re in luck because that’s what today’s show is all about! Recently I set a boundary that was very brave: I refused to do the routine "step on the scale" at the doctor’s office.  So on today's pod I take you through my journey to muster up the courage to say no to something that had been haunting me for over 20 years - so much shame, self-hatred, sadness and feelings of not-enoughness wrapped up in that one phrase, "jump on the scale for me". In this episode, you'll gain tools that you can use to do the same (never get on a scale again) or other brave acts and you'll also learn the importance of taking a moment to feel pride in the acts of courage in your own life that may seem small, but that we're actually years in the making.  Also before listening, I will give you a little trigger warning that there will be in-depth discussion of body image and eating disorders, so if that is too hard for you to hear right now, then maybe skip the episode for the moment, but I'd encourage you to come back to it when you feel more able to hear it, because there is a really important message here for those of us that have been through eating disorders and body image issues.  ALSO- Special Treat! This week's episode will have a video component on Spotify and Youtube.  To see either follow the show:  Follow on Spotify:  Follow on Youtube: Follow on Socials: Get my Latest Single:
December 08, 2021
Inside a Creative Coaching Session: Grow, Heal & Connect Through Writing!
On today’s episode, you’ll hear me coach one of our amazing creative community members, she's a listener of the show named Nicolette. Nicolette is a writer--she has kept a journal her whole life and recently transitioned her journal entries and writing into an instagram page called @LoveOnHerHeart. Through the page she seeks to share her journey and vulnerability in order to help people feel less alone and to encourage them to share their story, as well. However, lately she has been feeling blocked. She has gotten stuck on small things that stop so many of us--like how to pair the right images with her words. That’s where this coaching session comes in!  On today’s episode, you’ll hear a bit of Nicolette’s creative journey, as well as my ideas and advice on how she can get into creative flow and grow her page, so her writing can connect with more people. I truly LOVED our time. Coaching is one of my favorite things in the world, I hope that by listening to this you’ll get some ideas for your own life and creative journey. ALSO! If you’re ever interested in doing a coaching session with me, please reach out via direct message on instagram @UnleashYourInnerCreative or by emailing It would be my honor to help you unleash and expand! Enjoy the show xoxo!  Download My new single, "Therapy" Here: FFM.TO/PrettyLittleBoy Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso
December 01, 2021
Stay Present with Pain, Joy & Hope - Unleash Thanksgiving Special w/ Lauren LoGrasso
On today's Holiday special episode, I talk about the importance of staying present with your pain and joy...AND how only when you're present with your pain, can you begin to cultivate hope for more beautiful days. I share how I came to this realization and how you can start to use this philosophy in your own life, especially over Thanksgiving and all the upcoming holidays!  Listen to my latest single: Follow Unleash: @UnleashYourInnerCreative  Follow Lauren LoGrasso: @LaurenLoGrasso
November 24, 2021
Play, Setting Your Price, & Working With Friends w/ my BFF, Jonnycakes AKA Jonny Manganello
On The Guest: Jonny Manganello is a cake artist, TikToker, host and actor best known for his viral popularity of his cake pages @JonnyCakes and for being on shows such as Food Networrk’s Holiday Wars and The Try Guys. From this conversation you’ll learn: How to start asking for what you’re worth Why we feel shame around getting paid to do what we love The idea of making money and working hard through a generational lens The importance of acknowledging revisionist history and doing what’s right for you Ways to find the going rate for your craft Why success also means giving back to those in need The psychology behind hustle culture Why we’re told not to discuss personal finances and why we SHOULD How to set boundaries for a work life balance as an entrepreneur How having more fun will generate steam for your creative projects And so much more! Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Download my new single:  
November 17, 2021
You Know Best: Learn to Start Questioning Everything & Develop Self-Trust
When we have so many political structures, religious systems, and even astrological signs telling us who we are, it's hard to take a step back and know who and what to trust. Well, the answer is simple, but somehow we always forget to trust OURSELVES. Today we talk about why we fall into the trap of blindly following something or someone and the line we walk between trying to understand ourselves and actually limiting ourselves. You'll learn how to tune into what is right for you and that it's healthy to hold space for skepticism and keep an open mind.
November 10, 2021
Let’s Get Risky: How To Be Bold, Let Go, & Honor Your Dreams w/Sarah Fraser
On The Guest: Sarah Fraser is professional broadcaster and close friend back on the show for a second time to talk career, motherhood, and the entertainment industry. If you don’t know her from her podcast: The Sarah Fraser Show, I highly recommend you give it a listen. In her career she’s hosted and co-hosted of a multitude of radio shows with huge ratings, including the enormously popular iheartradio program, “The Kane Show” of HOT 99.5. Sarah has also written and hosted a 6-part true crime series podcast for Fox 5 and even had a weekly lifestyle segment on Fox 5’s Good Day DC show. She’s currently releasing precious content of her newborn KJ, and moving to LA to pursue her dreams of hosting a national on-camera talk show. From this conversation you’ll learn: How becoming a mother can change your career for the BETTER Why you can’t separate your career from your personal life How to let go and let the universe take the reins without feeling like you’re giving up The dangers of dieting The psychology behind natural weight loss How a problem in one area of your life shows up in every area of your life Why you need to start falling in love with the process The importance of redefining your WHY Why speaking your truth is more influential than being liked by all The process of changing your mindset Commitment to the craft vs commitment to marketing the craft Why we’re attracted to weird The importance of leaning into risk And so much more! Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Download my new single:  
November 03, 2021
A Creative Approach to Women’s Health & Motherhood w/ “The Booby Fairy” Danielle Gauss
On The Guest: Founder of Justbreastfeeding, an advanced practice private lactation team, Danielle is an IBCLC Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant, ICCE Certified Childbirth Educator,  and author of the hilarious and empowering book: Vagi-Tales: Memoirs From Down Under. Gauss is trained in Oral Tethering, specializing in the identification and treatment of lip ties, tongue ties, buccal and posterior tethering.  Above all, she’s helped educate thousands of women about the birth process and breastfeeding needs of their infants. From this conversation you’ll learn: A creative approach to the medical field and motherhood Why creativity isn’t reserved for traditionally artistic fields Tackling the stigma of bottle feeding Why thinking outside the box is a requirement for successful motherhood How theater can train you for developing connections in real life How acting can be therapeutic How to understand postpartum depression The power of consent post trauma The importance of taking the stigma out of medication for your mental health The brain chemistry behind breast feeding The importance of learning someone’s story Why you need to start embracing the conversation around your body The women’s health movement and how we can start to normalize it How to find power in knowing your own body How to build confidence in young women Why breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt and reasons why it might be The healing power of breast milk The common condition of lip ties and tongue ties How to find success in business and in parenthood at the same time The importance of trusting your “mom gut feelings” And so much more! Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Buy Vagi-Tales: Download my new single:  
October 27, 2021
Best Of Unleash: Overcoming Creative Heartbreak & Staying Present w/ Greg Holden
On The Guest: Greg Holden is a singer/songwriter and musical artist, best known for writing the hit song, “Home” by Phillip Phillips and for his song “The Lost Boy” which was featured prominently on the Hit show Sons of Anarchy. On this episode, you'll hear all about his album, World War Me! From this conversation you'll learn: How to overcome creative heartbreak The difference between Self-deprecation and mental violence Why ALL creatives need therapy Tips for young songwriters Why it’s SO important to do work that reflects who you are Whether Greg regrets giving his hit song away What to do when you’re at war with yourself How to incorporate creativity into the mundane How to stay present the importance of therapy The benefits of getting a late start to creative life How to overcome early childhood programming And so much more! Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative  Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso  Download my new single:
October 20, 2021
From Actor to Entrepreneur: Support Black-Owned Business & Create a Product w/ Britt Rowe
On The Guest: Britt Rowe is the co-founder of Hella Awkward Cards, a card game for the awkward conversations you’ve been meaning to have! She’s an advocate and voice for the Natural Hair Movement, as well as a talented actress and singer living in NYC. From this conversation you’ll learn: How to find creative power in your struggles The Natural Hair Movement The payoff of being authentic How being creative results in finding a new community Ways to self-evaluate and why Why only self-love should be unconditional The importance of recognizing the intention behind someone’s opinion How to find new ways to do the thing you’ve always loved The missing piece in education for creatives How to use your success to help your community Why calling out your vulnerability makes it less difficult to voice The process of creating a physical product Social media resources for starting a business you know nothing about How to overcome the doubt that comes with inexperience and find your value The importance of finding safe spaces to learn The importance of supporting Black businesses How to build confidence in being an entrepreneur And so much more! Follow the show @unleashyourinnercreative Follow me @LaurenLoGrasso Support Britt: Download my new single:  
October 13, 2021
The Key To Intimacy, Romantic Partnerships & Being Your Own Boss w/Dr. Viviana Coles
On The Guest: Dr. Viviana Coles is President and Lead Psychotherapist at Houston Relationship Therapy. She is also President  at the National Sex Therapy Institute, a Sex Therapy Certification program for mental health professionals. She has a doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy and exclusively focuses on her work with couples and individuals experiencing emotional and physical intimacy issues. Famous for featuring as a marriage expert on Lifetime’s hit show “Married At First Sight,” she has built a thriving private practice providing relationship therapy, sex therapy and premarital counseling. From this conversation you’ll learn: The benefits of working for yourself Steps to being an entrepreneur right off the bat The importance of having a mentor in business so you can focus on the creative The right way to network How you can get far by just saying YES Why putting your life on hold for other possibilities is a mistake The benefits of diversifying your income An insight into F* Boys and why they are the way they are The 4 Styles of Intimacy and what that means for you Tips for long-term intimacy and sexual satisfaction How you can make the traditional path a creative one Tips for authors: traditional publishing vs self-publishing The benefits of owning your creative content Where entrepreneurs can find guidance And so much more! Download &q