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Unlock Me Today!

By Unlock Me Today
There are times when we wonder 'what next?'.
We search for something that keeps us going.
An inspiration that helps us to LEAD in life.
Allow 'UnlockMeToday' to give your desires wings to fly.
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Life @ 40 - Unlocked

Unlock Me Today!

Life @ 40 - Unlocked
How life at 40 changes. Welcome to Unlock Me Today's Season 2 where we talk about how ones life changes when they turn 40. Unlock Me Today, Visit more on our website until then stay inspired.
May 5, 2021
๐Ÿ“š- Unlocking "The Pilgrimage" by "Paulo Coelho"
This book The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho will take you along towards self-discovery and be sure the best fulfilling read. Visit for more value-driven posts.
February 20, 2021
๐Ÿ“š- Unlocking "Think and Grow Rich by "Napoleon Hill"
Hill's book Think and grow rich contains beautiful works consisting that fervid expectations are essential to improving one's life. ย most of his books were promoted as expounding principles to achieve "success". Visit for more value-driven posts.
February 17, 2021
๐Ÿ“š- Unlocking "Flow" by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Unlocking the famous book FLOW by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is a perfect example of seminal work in the modern western world on the flow state. Visit for more value-driven posts.
February 13, 2021
๐Ÿ“š- Unlocking "Thinking Fast and Slow" by "Daniel Kahneman"
Unlocking Thinking, Fast and Slow is a best-selling book, astonishingly rich book: lucid, profound, full of intellectual surprises.ย published during 2011 by Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences laureate Daniel Kahneman. Visit for more value-driven posts.
February 10, 2021
"1984" by "George Orwell"
"1984" by "George Orwell" Symbols abound in George Orwell's incredibly famous dystopian work, 1984.ย  ย And Big Brother symbolizes the Party and the dangers of totalitarian regimes. Visit for more value-driven posts.
February 5, 2021
๐Ÿ“š- Unlocking "A Little Book of Happiness by "Ruskin Bond"
Unlocking Ruskin Bond's A Little Book of Happiness filled with short verses and quotes by some of the most famous writers in the world. Visit for more value-driven posts.
January 29, 2021
๐Ÿ“š- Unlocking "The Alchemist" by Paulo "Coelho's"
This book The Alchemist has crossed the boundaries of books and has taken a life of its own, creating a movement all around the globe. Visit for more value-driven posts.
January 23, 2021
"The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by "Joseph Murphy"
The book Power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy is the answer to all your problems would not be wrong and what really requires is that you give this book a chance and might need to read it more than once to fully understand the book and once you read it. you will see life from a different perspective. Unlocking "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by "Joseph Murphy". Visit for more value-driven posts.
January 22, 2021
๐Ÿ“š- Unlocking "The Art of War" book by "Sun Tzu"
The Art Of War Written 2,500 years ago by Chinese general Sun Tzu, The Art of War is a poetic and potent treatise on military strategy still in use in war colleges around the world. Visit for more value-driven posts.
January 20, 2021
๐Ÿ“š- "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" by "Mark Manson"
In this book, Mark Manson unlocks that life's struggles give it meaning and that the mindless positivity of typical self-help books is neither practical nor helpful. It has an overall unique approach and an interesting, life-changing read. Visit for more value-driven posts.
January 15, 2021
๐Ÿ“š- Unlocking "Ikigai" "The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life" Book by Albert Liebermann & Hector Garcia
This is a diverse book, from psychology to spirituality and stoic philosophy, and is a good pick to know about the lifestyle and routine of super-centenarians and about the lifestyle which leads to longevity in general. Visit for more value-driven posts.
January 13, 2021
๐Ÿ“š- Unlocking "Robin Sharma's" "Who Will Cry When you Die?" | Life Lessons from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
This motivating book Who will cry when you die by Robin Sharma will make you question things and help you find true happiness and the right perspective in life. The best part about this book is that you can relate every chapter to your life. ROBIN SHARMA has covered topics ranging from waking up early, having a pleasant family outing, and reading a collection of amazing books. Visit for more value-driven posts.
January 9, 2021
๐Ÿ“š- Unlocking Gaur Gopal Das's "Life's Amazing Secrets" - by UnlockMeToday
The book "Life's Amazing Secrets" by "Gaur Gopal Das" is about how one can find balance and purpose in their life. It is a transformational read containing inspirational words of wisdom. Easy to understand and comprehend. Visit for more value-driven posts.ย 
January 4, 2021