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By UNTCHED Podcast
From lust to love, big time fuck-ups, late nights, and everything untched, this is the long awaited tell-all podcast from Riv and Elle. A unique perspective from two small-town girls taking it day by day in the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois.

Join us as we overshare every juicy detail of the good and the bad, the lessons and the laughs, and our favorite part; the untched stories we get to share with you.

Jump in and buckle up.

Welcome to Untched Podcast.
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Chum Bucket Adventures
Boat days are all about the company, and it took Riv and Elle a while to learn that lesson. First, they got invited on a "yacht" which was an old fishing boat, to their surprise. The cherry on top? Maybe the boat captain who had never driven a boat. They finally landed on a proper yacht, but the company was not ideal, and they contemplated calling the water authorities to take them back to shore. Learn from them and do your research before committing to a day on the water. Ask for a guest list and maybe a picture of the boat too? The girls end this week's episode with more listener questions. write-in for next week: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
March 30, 2022
We're Not Really Strangers
This week you get to know Riv and Elle on a deeper level with a game of we're not really strangers. Write-in for next week SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
March 16, 2022
Clearing the Air...
This week Riv and Elle chat about their week away and a possible new direction they want to take UNTCHED. After feeling a little burnt out, they are looking for new inspiration and want all of you to be involved. Next, the girls move into some listener questions, including another relationship with a professor, feeling uncomfortable with dirty talk, and how to break up with a high school boyfriend.
March 09, 2022
Navigating Situationships
This week Riv and Elle dive into situationships. First, they define situationships from their own experiences and land on "undefined relationships with one person wanting more than the other," much like the extended talking phase. The girls list some signs that you might be in one yourself, and the biggest sign is confusion. Next, the girls chat about the don't ask but tell policy. If you want to ask the "what are we" or "where is this going" questions stop yourself and instead tell them what you want. They aren't worth the time if they can't match your energy.  UNTCHED WEBSITE: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
February 23, 2022
We're Getting Back Together...
Riv and Elle jump right into this week's episode. First, the girls chat about how you break the news to your friends and family about getting back together with an ex. It can be awkward, especially after hours of gossip. Don't pull a 180 on your friends and keep them in the loop when you are rekindling things with an ex. It'll make the "hey, we're getting back together" conversation a little bit easier. Remember that your friends and family typically have your best interest at heart, so if the news is not received well, it's not because they don't want to see you happy. Next Riv, and Elle wonder, "should you confront a ghoster?" The answer is definitely. Ghosting is an easy way out, so why make it easy for them. Keep it classy and leave with some dignity, but stand up for yourself! Finally, the girls give some fun cheap date ideas for couples. The key is to romanticize everything you do with each other. A grocery run can be a date if you make it one.  UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @ellggraves
February 16, 2022
Infatuation vs. Love
Happy Wednesday! This week Riv and Elle have a birthday gift guide for the people who are exclusive but not dating. Don't show up empty-handed, but you can celebrate someone outside of wrapped gifts. Plan something fun, and don't stress yourself out about it! Moving into the episode, they rant about how important they think it is to keep a little mystery within your relationships. Mystery meaning don't be f***ing gross. Do you want to pig out on hot wings? Call your close girlfriends, not your man. Next, they move into infatuation vs. love, two entirely different concepts. Love shouldn't keep you on your toes and give you butterflies. The butterflies are your body's response to anxiety and nervousness. Love should feel safe, and there should be a sense of security surrounding the relationship. Finally, Riv and Elle answer a listener question about their experiences with birth control.  Burning questions? Write-in anonymously! SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
February 09, 2022
Green Flags and Intentions
Happy Wednesday! Riv and Elle kick off the episode chatting about valentines day prep. Should you get him a present or not? They mutually agree that the safe option is to show up empty-handed, especially if you're not dating. Of course, they have another movie review for you. This week they review redeeming love. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into, but they have to say 10/10.  Getting into the meat of the episode, the girls give you the code to instantly find out someone's intentions. If their words and actions don't match, RUN! The biggest red flag is big talk. They move on to talk about their green flags and what you should look for in the early stages of a relationship.  Finally, Riv and Elle chat about dating as an over thinker and the challenges that may arise. If you need consistent reassurance in your relationships, there is no shame in asking for it. Open communication is important, and if someone isn't willing to give you what you need, you're not losing anything. But, have you ever thought maybe relationships aren't for you? The girls bring up that we are programmed to desire romantic relationships even if it's not what we need in certain stages of our life. Take time to yourself and enjoy the phases! Questions for next week? SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
February 02, 2022
Rom Coms Are Ruining Your Love Life
TRIGGER WARNING this episode contains topics that may be sensitive to some viewers The girls had a long weekend in, which means many updates, impulse decisions, and movie reviews. Shortstop is sneaking his way back, which leads the girls into a conversation about the Megan Fox and MGK aesthetic. It can come off a little intense. Also, mystery man only has one calf? Riv and Elle are always balling on a budget and decided never to get their nails done again. They chat about this new nail adventure and attempt to justify it by channeling the Kim K natural nails. Moving into the episode, Riv and Elle talk about some movies they recently watched. The two movies in question are After and The Hating Game. Both fall under the category of romance but are quite the opposite. The girls notice little to no communication in the relationships showcased and tons of toxic energy. Maybe there's a better genre for these movies like uhhh thrillers? They close out the episode with a listener question about lo the limo driver but suspect they may have fallen victim to a little prank.  UNTCHED website: RIV YOUTUBE: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
January 26, 2022
Health and Wellness ft. Mary Mondanaro
This week Riv and Elle are joined by Mary Mondanaro, a listener and wellness coach/tiktoker. Mary shares the essentials to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and her biggest tip is to start in the morning. A positive morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day. The girls then chat about relationships. Can you get the ick if you're with the right person?  UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @marymondanaro @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
January 19, 2022
Tis the Season for Seasonal Depression
This week Riv and Elle tap into some pop culture. First, they have to address the Sex and the City reboot. All they have to say is "out of pocket." Getting into the episode, they chat about seasonal depression, which seems significantly worse this year. Can we all agree winter is a simulation? Riv and Elle share some things to brighten up the winter days. The takeaway is to go easy on yourself now more than ever. Lightening the mood, the girls are joined by meg, a fan favorite, to talk about queefing. Is it awkward? The short answer is no because hot girls queef. Farting, on the other hand, is a NO GO. The only thing worse than Disney couples is couples who fart around each other. Respectfully, stop. Your homework this week is to start Sex and the City if you haven't already, and don't forget to send UNTCHED to a friend! UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves @outgettingribs
January 12, 2022
No Strings Attached
Happy New year from UNTCHED! Riv and Elle kick off the first episode of the new year, chatting about their new year resolutions. Sometimes minor changes make the most significant impact. Moving into this week's topic, the girls talk about casual dating. Can it be done without hurting feelings? Riv and Elle think there is nothing wrong with casual relationships as long as you're not wasting anyone's time and motives are clear. Finally, the girls share some of their favorite no strings attached stories. The girls are so excited to spend this new year with all of you. UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
January 05, 2022
The DePaul Survival Guide
This week Riv and Elle are joined by Meg, the unofficial cohost, to answer all of your DePaul questions. They chat about the cost of living in Chicago, safety measures, nightlife, DePaul's greek life, and so much more. Riv and Elle are officially DePaul's hardest-working employees. Someone get them on the payroll.  Write-in questions anonymously: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @outgettingribs @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
December 22, 2021
UNTCHED Stories of the ER
This week Riv and Elle chat with Meg about her 21st birthday weekend. They started at dive bars and ended in the emergency room. Emergency room aside, meg rates the weekend a solid 11/10, and the girls share all of the details in this episode. To finish off, they answer some listener questions. Should you f**k on the first date? Meg recommends vibrating and vibe writing. Burning questions? Write-in! UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @outgettingribs @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
December 15, 2021
Roommates from Hell
This week Riv and Elle chat about roommate dynamics, the friends, the civil roommates, and the roommates from hell. First, the girls take it back to when they first started living together. Then, they share some worries they had moving in with someone who at the time was a complete stranger. Riv and Elle figured out the whole roommate situation fast and share tips on avoiding becoming or living with the roommate from hell. Elle thinks she cracked the code, and it all comes back to the food in the fridge. Finally, the girls share a listener's story and wonder, "is it manipulation or love"? UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
December 08, 2021
Finally Legal
Happy Birthday, Riv! The girls keep it light-hearted this week and share some funny stories, but first throwback to the coffee man. Riv and Elle finally discover the true reason behind the rejection, and it's all full circle. Next, they share the ultimate morning poke story, and when it's time to stop trying with a guy when you aren't getting the same energy in return. Finally, to kick off Riv's birthday week, Riv and Elle share the infamous Miami story. Last year, the girls took a spontaneous birthday trip to Miami, and SURPRISE got into a screaming fight. This time it wasn't in an intimate NYC restaurant but a packed Miami club. The night ended with them back on each other's team but telling 1 hotel that their "lawyers" would shut down the establishment. Don't ask questions.  WRITE-IN on UNTCHED website: OR FIND US on SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
December 01, 2021
Home for the Holiflames
Happy Thanksgiving and happy blackout Wednesday! The girls kick off this week chatting about their Thanksgiving plans and go to hangover remedies, so you're up and ready to enjoy Thanksgiving. Next, Riv and Elle answer a listener question "My best friend got a boyfriend and won't hang out with me anymore. What should I do?" Back to regularly scheduled programming, as Riv likes to say. This week is all about going home for the holidays. It's time to get ready to see everyone from high school, even the old flames. Riv and Elle share rules you all should adopt this year on blackout Wednesday. Rule number one: don't blackout. They then chat about whether or not you should reconnect with your hometown flame.  WRITE-IN anonymous questions for next week: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
November 24, 2021
Clout Chaser Confessions
This week the girls chat about clout chasers, aka them. The girls were freshmen living in a big city but small dorm room and chowing down on dining hall food every day. Unsure of themselves, there was a desire to get recognized by the rich and famous even if the attention didn't last long. They had big dreams of becoming famous for God knows what and decided to start chasing that clout. Looking back on that phase, Riv and Elle aren't exactly proud but share a few painfully stupid but funny stories they got along the way. They almost got pulled out of school for going on a tour bus? With the stories comes major life lessons the girls think you all should hear. While fame and money can be attractive, it's not all that it seems to be. Riv and Elle explain how clout is often used in a manipulative way, and intentions aren't always pure. Lastly, the girls dissect more listener texts, and this week, we have a brutally honest guy totally dissing the nice guy act.  UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
November 17, 2021
Stop Breaking Your Own Heart
Do the nice guys in your life always finish last? Are you constantly caught up with toxic men? If so, This episode is for you. The Girls discuss toxic relationships and why some people find toxicity so attractive. First, Riv and Elle dive into the true meaning of 'toxic' and why it's not something to brag about. Let's all mutually agree to QUIT romanticizing toxicity. Next, the girls explain why so many people settle for toxic relationships. It's not them. It's you. Stop breaking your own heart. Finally, Riv and Elle answer a listener question and wonder, is love enough? Anonymously write-in! UNTCHED website: OR find us on socials: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
November 10, 2021
Can We Really Just Be Friends?
Happy Friday! This week the Riv and Elle kick off the episode sharing some of their favorite style tips to achieve a timeless wardrobe. On the topic of style, the girls touch on dressing for the "male gaze." The girls then talk about guy friends and the boundaries you should set to maintain those friendships. Finally, Riv and Elle introduce the text decipher segment where a listener sends in some confusing texts, and the girls try to find the meaning behind it all. This week Riv and Elle detect a sly booty call and a f*ck boy trying to sell the nice guy act.  Send in questions for next week on the UNTCHED website: or find us on SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
November 05, 2021
How to Be THAT Girl
Let's get our shit together! This week Riv and Elle talk about how to be THAT girl. First, the girls dive into the toxic positivity and unrealistic standards the THAT girl aesthetic creates on social media. Realistically not every day will be perfect, and your daily routine won't always check all of the boxes. Elevating your lifestyle and creating a healthy mindset is about listening to yourself and your needs rather than following someone else's daily routine. Riv and Elle share the lifestyle changes and perspectives that helped them elevate to higher versions of themselves. Remember, part of being THAT girl is not always being THAT girl. Write in questions for next week: OR find us on socials: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
October 27, 2021
What Makes A Good Friend?
The girls kick off this week's episode with a weekend recap. Chaos, to say the least. Unfortunately, there was major walking dead energy as a reappearance of someone caused a huge breakdown. With that breakdown came realizations for both Riv and Elle. So, this week the girls chat about friendship and closure. Beginning with friendship Riv and Elle discuss what makes a good friend. Remember you have to be a good friend to attract good friends. Riv and Elle then move on to talk about closure. So often, people look for closure from an outside source, but maybe it's time we realize we won't always receive that. The most valuable closure comes from within. Sometimes it's better to keep doors shut because you may not like what's on the other side. Anonymously write in HERE: OR find us on socials: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
October 20, 2021
You're Dead To Me!
This week Riv and Elle talk about funerals! Have you ever been totally f***ed over by someone and wanted to remove them from your life altogether? Time for a funeral! The girls explain the proper way to plan and execute a funeral. Girls night in or out, drinks, toasts, celebration, and finally eulogies. It's the perfect opportunity to wish that person well and then cut them off. After the funeral, that relationship is dead to you. What happens if they try to come back from the dead? Zombie alert! Riv and Elle touch on how accepting someone back into your life can sometimes leave you in an even worse situation. On Untched, we tread with caution around the paranormal. UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
October 13, 2021
Why He Isn't Posting You On Social Media
This week Riv and Elle start by talking about what everyone is talking about, couch boy! Then, they share their thoughts on the video and move into a conversation about long-distance relationships. As people who share the love languages quality time and touch the girls don't think they could make one work. On the topic of couch boy, Riv and Elle talk about sharing your relationship on social media. Do people only post about their relationship to overcompensate for something that's lacking? Is there a need to prove to others how genuine the connection is? After losing her Instagram, Riv has a different outlook on social media and what should and shouldn't get posted. Next, the girls share their thoughts on boyfriends who won't share their girlfriends on social media. Do they want to keep their personal life personal, or de they want to maintain the single guy persona? How can you tell the difference? Finally, Elle recounts the neighborhood coffee man rejecting her and how she handled that rejection.  Do you want questions answered on next week's ep? Anonymously write in! UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
October 06, 2021
911? He Ghosted Me
With Halloween right around the corner, Riv and Elle thought it was the perfect time to talk about ghosting. People who have been ghosted can attest to how awful it feels. In a frenzy to figure out what went wrong, you usually blame yourself, and questions fly. What happened? Would this have happened if I had done something differently? Unfortunately, there are usually no answers to those questions. As girls who have walked in those shoes, Riv and Elle encourage you to stray away from ghosting someone and instead leave with an explanation. The girls then move on to explain how you should respond to a ghost. Mimic their actions and no longer put any energy into that relationship, don't pull the gamebook out, and please don't post on social media in hopes they'll come running back. The best way to respond is to go MIA just like them. Ghosting is a brutal form of rejection, especially when emotions are involved, but remember, rejection is a projection. What is meant for you will never miss you!  UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
September 29, 2021
Red Flags & Love Bombers
Trigger warning: This episode may contain sensitive topics for some listeners. This week is all about red flags. First, Riv and Elle react to some listener red flags. Do they agree or disagree? Then, after hearing some of yours, the girls share their own and create the new concept of red lights. You might notice a few red flags in a guy and decide to look past them, but if you spot a red light, put it in reverse and drive the other way. Finally, Riv and Elle touch on the biggest red flag of them all, love bombing. Love bombing leaves no room to step back and think, "do I even like this guy?" It's a form of manipulation used to reel someone in during the honeymoon stage and usually ends MESSY. Hoping you all dodge the love bombers Riv and Elle share the typical traits to look out for. The girls close off the episode with a listener write in, "what do we do with the boyfriends who don't think you should have any guy friends?" UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
September 22, 2021
Confidence 101
Let's talk about confidence, but first prank calls! Riv and Elle put their prank call skills to the test, but is there any skill at all?  This week the girls talk about confidence. The first step is self-compassion. We are all so hard on ourselves, but why? Our self-talk should be similar to the way we speak to our closest friends. One way to build that self-compassion is building positive self-talk. Riv and Elle incorporate this in their daily routines with "I am" affirmations. The girls share some action steps you can take to become the most confident you! To finish, Riv and Elle speak on confidence in the bedroom. Is confidence the key to great sex? It's all about getting out of your head and enjoying the moment. This week remember that you are your own biggest critic.  UNTCHED website: SOCIALS @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
September 15, 2021
Lost In New York
This week the girls decided to lighten the mood with their New York storytime. Imagine everything that could go wrong on a girl's trip and then throw Riv and Elle into the middle of it. A true recipe for disaster. However, failed girl's trips provide excellent content. You could call it a sacrifice for all of you. A haunted Airbnb, trapped in a subway elevator, ran over by an escalade, a screaming fight in the middle of a restaurant, and so much more in this week's EP. Was New York rejecting them? After the storytime, the girls answer some highly requested manifestation questions. Attract everything you desire with the methods they share.  UNTCHED WEBSITE: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivers.smyth @elleggraves
September 08, 2021
He's Just Not That Into You
Ladies, maybe he's just not that into you. It's a hard truth that we all have to face sometimes, and it's a vicious cycle. First, you romanticize, then you're obsessed, and the entire time you forget to step back and ask yourself, "is any of this reciprocated?" This week, as girls who have once walked in those shoes, Riv and Elle deliver some tough love. Stop wasting your time on people who put in minimal effort, and stop holding onto that minimal effort.  How do we avoid this cycle? Well, we need to start setting boundaries! It's time to channel your inner Harry Potter because the girls share a boundaries spell that will change your life. People who don't meet the boundaries you set for yourself are never worth the time. Abracadabra! No more f*ck boys!  WRITE IN: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivsmyth @elleggraves
September 05, 2021
It's Not Your Relationship
To start, the girls recap their drunken Saturday, which included the odd combo of Martinis and Chipotle. Moving into this week's episode, Riv and Elle share a story about catching a cheater. What would you do if you caught your best friend's boyfriend cheating on her? More importantly, what would you do if she never did anything about it? They talk through how hard it is to get caught up in a friend's relationship drama and when/how to say "enough is enough". Riv and Elle share their opinions on power dynamics in relationships. Does the one who always hosts hold all of the power in the relationship?  Finally, the girls answer listener questions. What can you do if a guy threatens to share your nudes, and how to get your man to up his wardrobe game. UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivsmyth @elleggraves
September 01, 2021
The Dorm Letter
SOS justice for Riv's Instagram must be served. Can someone start thirst trapping Mark Zuckerberg?  Before getting booted out of their dorm amid covid scares, Riv and Elle decided to write a letter to the future residents of room 320. Recently, the girls found a picture of the letter they left and decided it was too great not to share on this week's episode. So, Riv and Elle read through the infamous dorm letter and break down the 20 college tips they wrote. Do they still agree with the advice or not at all?  UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivsmyth @elleggraves
August 29, 2021
All Things Leezy ft. Leezy
Trigger warning: This episode may contain sensitive topics for some listeners. This week Riv and Elle welcome Lia, aka Leezy, who is a singer-songwriter and TikTok creator. They kick off the episode talking about Lia's music career, how she got started, the inspiration behind lyrics, the music-making process, her upcoming album, and so much more. The girls then move onto Lia's sobriety. In October, Lia is two years sober and shares her struggle leading to her admittance into a treatment facility. She then shares what life is like as a sober 21-year-old living in Chicago. The girls quickly realize that being sober does not equal being boring. Are mocktails the new cocktails? Lia has found herself on a strange side of TikTok, kinktok, and Riv and Elle have QUESTIONS. How do you transition from a kinktoker to a heavily music-focused creator? Finally, the girls answer some listener questions and react to a listener storytime.  WEBSITE LINKS: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @jesuisleezy @rivsmyth @elleggraves
August 18, 2021
Dating App Dos and Don'ts
Sixty percent of people have a positive experience on dating apps? This statistic seems fishy, especially for Riv and Elle, who have had several bad but equally hilarious experiences on dating apps. As the forty percent who have had not such great experiences, the girls decide to share one of their favorite hinge stories. It was Riv's date, but Elle was, of course, along for the ride.  Don't worry! Riv and Elle have learned from their mistakes and have obtained several dating app dos and don'ts. They start by talking about what guys should NOT include in their profiles, such as Fish pictures, pimped-out cars, "here for a good time", and so much more. Then the girls drop some advice on starting conversations on the apps, the perfect bios, what photos to include, and finally, the ideal first date. Should you have a picture with your dog on your profile? Do you limit app conversation and go straight for the phone number? Does the first date HAVE to be a dinner date? How do we drop the hint that we're looking for something serious without sounding crazy? All of these questions and so many more are answered in this episode.  Remember to go into the dating app world without expectations, set your boundaries, and have fun. Also, as proud members of the forty percent, take what Riv and Elle say with a grain of salt.  UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivsmyth @elleggraves
August 15, 2021
College Boot Camp
School is back in session, so Riv and Elle decided to share some of their favorite stories from freshman year's glory days. They kick it off with the ultimate ick, swim trunks. While housesitting, the girls decided to dip in the hot tub but didn't exactly show up prepared. Next, they move into their all-star weekend adventures. Riv skipped Valentine's day dinner with her boyfriend to spend the night at a table with Elle and The Migos? Although Riv and Elle aren't huge basketball fans, they would have been stupid to pass up courtside tickets. It all sounded good in theory; however, a good night is all about good company, which wasn't exactly the case for them. Elle explains her first Bulls game experience with quite possibly the worst company. Finally, Riv and Elle get into their old TikToks and everything they would do for a couple of views. Remember, college is a time to have fun, and you have to leave with a couple of good stories, but please do not try any of this at home.  UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivsmyth @elleggraves
August 11, 2021
Attachment Styles & Love Languages
Happy Birthday, Elle! This Sunday, the girls kick off the episode with a story for Elle's Birthday about her wearing heels in kindergarten, which sums up who she is today.  Today's topic is attachment styles and love languages. Before listening, the girls encourage you all to take the quizzes linked below to follow along and learn a bit about yourself. First, Riv and Elle explain their attachment styles, secure and avoidant, and move into explaining the other two, fearful-avoidant and anxious. Can your attachment styles change? They think so. Riv and Elle then move into love languages and share theirs after taking the love language quiz. Understanding your partner's love language is very important, and sharing yours with your partner is equally important. Riv and Elle may have found a hack in the system when sharing the quiz results. Could this hack fix those gaps in your relationship? To finish the episode off, the girls answer some listener questions, including how not to compare yourself to others, maintain body confidence, and know the city life is for you. QUIZ LINKS: UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivsmyth @elleggraves
August 08, 2021
Jason Nash Hates Us?
The girls kick off this episode with some advice for people looking to start their own podcast and then move into this week's updates. First, Shortstop must be stopped! Riv recently found out some dirty details about Shortstop's life in Chicago through a very unexpected source. Second, Jason Nash hates Riv and Elle? After an encounter with Jason Nash, the girls are convinced he hates them after falling victim to their shoe rating game. This week the girls put on their therapy caps and dive into dating violence surrounding manipulation and controlling behavior. It's so important for everyone to know they are not alone, so as someone who has experienced this first hand, Elle touches on her experience. Both Riv and Elle advise on how to recognize this behavior and when to leave. On the entirely opposite end, they wonder, "how do you know you're in love?" and the answer may surprise you. With so many more questions about manifesting your dream man, Riv talks about how she manifested big into her life and a manifestation hack they found on TikTok.  UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivsmyth @elleggraves
August 04, 2021
The Real MacDonald Sisters ft. Emma and Maggie MacDonald
This week the girls are joined by Emma and Maggie MacDonald, sisters who have gained followings across social media platforms showcasing their lives. As the first podcast to ever have both Emma and Maggie on, Riv and Elle had to ask some sister questions. Do they have the same type? Has their profession brought them closer together? Do they have a hard time building their personal brands? And so much more. The girls also answer listener questions about relationships, fallouts with friends, and heartbreak.  UNTCHED website: Riv and Elle Vlogs: Emma's YouTube channel: Maggie's YouTube channel: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @emmamacdonald @maggiemacdonald @rivsmyth @elleggraves
July 28, 2021
What Would Mom Do? ft. Riv's Mom
This week Riv's mom joins the girls for a Q&A style episode filled with all of the questions you've always wanted to ask your mom. Riv and Elle start with questions around building healthy relationships with others. Riv's mom throws in some stories of when she grew up and her relationship with her husband of almost 31 years. Riv learned everything she knows about manifesting from her mom, so the girls switch directions and talk about manifesting your dream reality and staying in alignment. They always say moms know best so next time you're in a predicament, think to yourself, "what would mom do?".  UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @elleggraves @rivsmyth
July 25, 2021
Dating Older Men
After a listener write-in and several questions about dating older guys, Riv and Elle decided to dedicate an entire episode to the topic and their experiences. Of course, this leaves room for the proper introduction of dog dad and rich man. The girls dig up their past and their first relationships after their move to the city. They lived double lives, to say the least, ashamed of their ages and the age gaps with the guys they were seeing. Of course, along the way, lessons were learned specifically about the dating scene in Chicago, which is all shared in this episode. Age is relative, and if you click with someone, you click no matter the age gap. The girls note that it's important never to be naive and understand your worth entering a relationship, age aside.  UNTCHED website: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivsmyth @elleggraves
July 21, 2021
Real Life Sex and the City? ft. Megan Holt and Isabel Shorter
A promise finally fulfilled! This week the girls introduce their best friends Megan and Isabel. Megan and Isabel conveniently live in the apartment below Riv and Elle, making their friendships that much better. They start this episode with a few stories about how they met and their favorite memories. They then move into listener questions revolving mostly around living in Chicago and finding true friends. The girls finish the episode off with a listener write-in about catching feelings for her casual hookup. What she can do to avoid those feelings, and why she shouldn't avoid them at all. LINKS: UNTCHED website: Isabel's YouTube channel: Riv and Elle Vlogs: SOCIALS: @untchedpodcast @rivsmyth @megangholt @isabelshorterr
July 14, 2021
Fanny Flutters & Pro Athletes
The girls kick this week's episode off with a story that will make all of you want to run to your nearest bagel shop and grab some merch. Who knew a bagel t-shirt is a closet staple? Riv and Elle then answer all of your follow-up questions from the Pro-Athlete episode. How do you slide in their DMS, and how do you cuff one? Cuffing a pro athlete is a difficult task and trusting they'll remain loyal is even more difficult. The girls prove this with a little story a listener shared about her experience dating a pro athlete. Following last week's episode, Riv and Elle finish it off with what gives them fanny flutters. Wet hair, morning voice, all-black outfits, firm handshakes, and so much more. Socials: @untchedpodcast @elleggraves @rivsmyth
July 07, 2021
Our Biggest Icks
After this week’s updates that are nothing less than wild, Riv and Elle talk about icks, things guys do that can be a total turn-off. The girls then share their biggest icks. Finally, wrapping the episode up the girls share one of their favorite stories. Socials: @untchedpodcast @rivsmyth @elleggraves
June 30, 2021
Manifesting Your DREAM Man
This week the girls start the episode with a listener question, "What do I do if I have no guys on my roster?". No need to panic! Riv and Elle provide some tips on meeting guys out in public and an entire rundown on dating apps and how to navigate them. The girls close out this week's episode with a conversation about manifesting, manifestation methods, and how to manifest your dream man.  Socials: @untchedpodcast @elleggraves @rivsmyth
June 23, 2021
Topics UNTCHED ft. Emma Macdonald
This week the girls are excited to announce their rebranding and first guest, Emma Macdonald. Emma is a content creator who got her start on YouTube. At only 19 years old, she has created a career for herself using social media. Emma and the girls talk about getting started on social media and how to make a career out of it using the 21-day habit. They later touch on creating genuine relationships, both friendships and romantic, getting a sneak peek into Emma's current love life. Listen in to hear everything in between and all things untched with Emma Macdonald. Socials: @untchedpodcast @emmamacdonald @elleggraves @rivsmyth
June 16, 2021
Welcome To UNTCHED
In order to make the podcast feel more "Riv and Elle," the girls have done a little rebranding. Everything will remain the same, including the platform and the content. Riv and Elle are excited to start this new journey with all of you. 
June 15, 2021
Let The Hunger Games Commence
Let the hunger games commence! After a week away, Riv and Elle decided to pull out their old playbooks and leave you all with some toxic advice. Sometimes games are necessary to keep someone on their toes, but when does it all become too much? They end the episode with some tips on how to catch a cheater in the act. This Wednesday, let’s all remember if you have to talk about how many options you have, you have none at all. 
June 09, 2021
When to Stop Romanticizing
It's human nature to romanticize people and situations, but when do we take it too far? This week Riv and Elle pass a lesson to all of you about the dangers of romanticizing people through a story about guy #1 and guy #2. It's easy always to want what you don't have, but how do you know you genuinely want it without ever having it?
May 19, 2021
City Girls
Change is hard, and every transition comes with a challenge. The transition to city life comes with exciting new adventures, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Both moving from small towns to Chicago for college, Riv and Elle explain their experience, the ups and downs, and how to navigate the adventure that awaits. 
May 12, 2021
The Morning Poke
The combination of the morning poke, remnants of last night's makeup, morning breath, and a raging hangover is a horrible start to the day. In this week's episode, Riv and Elle spill the recipe to a smooth morning after sleeping at a guy's house. The key is always to come prepared. If you don't have room for your skincare essentials and a toothbrush, buy a bigger purse.  Socials: @sexyhangover @rivsmyth @elleggraves
May 05, 2021
R.I.P. Pro Athletes
Riv shares some big news regarding her relationship with big in the week's episode. With a new relationship status, Riv decided to retire baseball season, and Elle is following her lead. The retirement of baseball season calls for a retirement party to tell all of you a few of their favorite crazy pro-athlete stories. The girls end the episode with some typical pro-athlete advice: proceed with caution. The pro-athlete book may be locked away, but Riv and Elle still have the key. Socials: @sexyhangover @rivsmyth @elleggraves
April 28, 2021
Moving to LA
In this week's episode, Riv and Elle spill everything about their trip to LA and their experience living with reality star Harry Jowsey. On this trip, the girls got their first glimpse of the fake Hollywood scene from the Hype House, paparazzi calls, saddle ranch, and everything in between. They feel that they didn't experience LA the "right way," and they can only wonder if it's time to return. 
April 21, 2021
The Complete Guide To First Dates
First dates can be scary for both parties, so in this episode, Riv and Elle provide the complete guide to first dates in hopes of easing those nerves. Beginning with the most important part, outfits, the girls describe their ideal date outfits and what they would love to see a guy wear. As two who love the first date experience, they later spill all of the tips and tricks they've picked up on how to break the ice and have a good time. Riv and Elle remind listeners to enter dates with no expectations and, like always, be themselves. Socials: @sexyhangover @elleggraves @rivsmyth
April 14, 2021
Cancel Call Her Daddy
In this episode of The Sexy Hangover, the girls discuss the Call Her Daddy army and the two behind it, Dave Portnoy and Alex Cooper. They dive into the misogynistic ideas, and terrible guy advice Call Her Daddy gives to young listeners. Once huge fans of Call Her Daddy, Rivers and Elle provide first-hand insight on the negative effects of the advice given.
March 31, 2021
Cancel The Extended Talking Stage
Rivers and Elle Discuss the extended talking stage, what it is and their adventures as they've found themselves in various situations. 
March 24, 2021