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Untitled Queer Podcast

Untitled Queer Podcast

By Los Harrow Staff
The mildly guffaw-inducing Mabel and Cammie talk about LGBTQ+ issues from the perspective of a well-meaning idiot (Cammie) and a passionate fangirl (Mabel)
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UQP Ep 13: Our Shortest episode??
we're back, and more anxious than ever!! this episode is strange, we're gonna be more regular next week so you can totally skip this one, no problem. 
April 3, 2019
UQP/ONE NOTE INTERVIEWS: EPISODE 3/12: Cammie Interviews Mable
in this crossover episode we find ourselves in familiar territory, but with a different palette. We've had some personal issues and haven't been able to record recently so to make up for it, we have an episode that I've (Cammie) has been holding onto for a while. it's a nice interview from the beginning of this year about Mabel, her life, and the events leading itself until then. 
March 24, 2019
Episode 11: Klaus and Pop-Punk, Feat. ERIN DAWSON OF THE BLINK-155 NATION!!
In this marvelous amazing episode we have a guest, we talk about Y’all, checking in on ourselves, Coffee, Allergies, Klaus, Support Groups, *self references*, names, emo music and so much more! Big thanks to Erin!! Links discussed: John McWhorter: Andrea Long Chu
March 6, 2019
UQP Episode 10: The Audio Quality
our friends discuss the Oscars, and our lives. BTW the audio is bad and It will be fixed next time. OOPS
February 27, 2019
UQP Episode 9: pretty brisk, regular, normal
we are normal, discuss normal things, and believe none of it, ;-)
February 20, 2019
UQP Episode 8: Another Friend! Featuring AdamFromtheSong155
Another blink-155 NATION COLLAB! this time Mabel is back! We discuss Asexuality, being trans, relationships, and the grammys. So uh, makes sense right?
February 14, 2019
UQP Episode 7: a new friend! Featuring Blink-155 Gender Studies
Steph is out this week so that leads Cammie to scramble to find a friend, can she do this? Find out in this episode about ourselves. 
February 6, 2019
UQP Episode 6: This is the new normal huh?
we live normal lives, discuss normal things, love each other, grow, laugh.
January 30, 2019
UQP Episode 5: DK, trans rights
We discuss trans rights this episode. You get it? good
January 30, 2019
UQP Episode 4: ok, this is our worst one yet
transformers, transformers, transformers, and sleep.
January 16, 2019
UQP: Episode 3: TRANSformers
In this episode our ambiguous shapes discuss, Transformers, The Olde Pete Davidson News, Cammie's band misadventure, Video Essayists. 
January 10, 2019
UQP: Episode 2: After you listen to this, it gets better I promise
In this episode our heroes talk about a variety of non topics, also the thirty seconds of pink noise around the eight minute mark is completely intentional. Enjoy!
January 3, 2019
UQP: Episode: Re:birth:;:
It's our first episode in quite a while huh? Lets catch up
December 20, 2018
FWAQ episode 5: British people? In this marvelously low energy episode for the host (she apologizes…not in the episode but in this description) we have a mysterious third chair! we discuss things, have fun and most importantly argue.
August 7, 2017